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  1. Hi I'm incredibly new. About an hour new. How long does it take for someone to reply to you? I'm on the tavern of legends chat

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    2. Paroxysm


      It varies between members. Some people will churn out several posts back to back, and others take multiple days to get something out. To circumvent the wait, a lot of members join multiple threads; I'd recommend giving a look at the Water Cooler and seeing if there's anything that interests you. Alternatively, you can start your own thread and try to recruit people capable of multiple posts a day.

    3. Ghuji


      Are there any public role plays in the water cooler? Something oracle could join?

    4. Paroxysm


      The Water Cooler section is where members go to recruit for their threads and plots, so technically all of the threads in the main forum of the WC are open so long as they haven't yet filled up. @RicoOfTheSkies posted recently looking for someone to write with.

  2. Hi.

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    2. trash
    3. witness


      I found treasure, I shall cherish.

    4. trash


      Haha, thanks

      I will cherish back then

  3. Do you have a Grouch residing in you? Is my reference dated?