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  1. @Akako Akari @Fierach @Twitterpated Something you guys would be interested in/want to have happen in PK lore?
  2. Honestly doesn't matter much to me. I will probably drop Fie and Akako a message later and ask them if it's something they would like to have done within PK territory, since both of them know and have had IC interactions with the character before. I'll get a rough write-up of everything some time later today/tonight and go ahead and post a full interest check for it.
  3. I mean, at the very least, I want it to be canon for my character and anyone who participates in it, but having it canonized site wide and added into the lore would be better; it leaves a mark and footprint saying that Vince's end was here and how it happened. As far as the tower itself becoming a landmark, that would be up to you guys; I could care less either way. Off the top of my head I can think of 4-5 different ways that I could destroy or remove the tower at the end of the event, or if people like the idea/feel of it, leave it around. I'm aware that there would need to be post counts met during something like this to have it officially canonized, which is fine because if I get the go ahead and everything sorted, I'm hoping to get several people to participate. Also for what I have planned, it would have to be a fairly meaty and lengthy thread/event to begin with. It's early and I've barely slept, but hopefully that answers your questions and concerns. @Praetorian
  4. I'm popping back up on here at least temporarily. Have some stuff that I want to get done writing/roleplay wise, pending Carlos' response to my proposed idea in the water cooler. Give it a read over, think about participating, or bring up any comments or concerns. It's nice to be back, albeit temporarily. Most of you are good people, despite the amount of shit I give to most of you.
  5. U suk Rocco

  6. @supernal I want to have an event of sorts as a send off for my 14 year old OC. I haven't been able to write much lately due to a bad mental stigma associated with it, but recently I was given an idea and its been churning in my mind for weeks. Basically, need to make sure this would be approved (You have given me permission to state in my posts before that my character possessed a means with which to cross universes/worlds using portals created by his goddess), But essentially I would like to have a massive, cursed clocktower be ripped from its normal location of Gaia Prime and dumped out somewhere in the Terrenus wilds or near Predator's Keep. The tower itself recreates events and memories for anyone standing upon the moving gears at the tower's highest level, behind the clock's face. My character, tormented by his past, returned to the tower to try and relive memories he had long buried, but the goddess who torments him twists the magic of the clocktower and forces Vince and whoever else may be in the vicinity to physically relive those events, the events themselves being corrupted recreations of Vince's actual memories in order to drive him further off the edge. I have another OC who is related to Vince, which I would use to kickstart the thread/event and lead people into the clocktower after its sudden appearance, his goal/intent to find out why the clocktower was now in Valucre [having also been familiar with the clocktower.], and why his adopted father was using his [suspected] innate magic to twist the cursed sorcery even farther. The event would have participants relive moments that I find important/of signifcant history to the character, culminating with a send-off of sorts. Is this something that you would allow me to do? Willing to work with you on the details some to fit in with Valucre lores/rules if any of that bends them.
  7. Yeah yeah, Carlos. Continue to flash your personal bias around, it isn't blinding enough yet. I make one silly ass statement and you decide to throw your imaginary weight around and basically tell my girlfriend not to include me in something -- Based on what? One dumb comment? Yeah, I think not.
  8. Considering I was in the bed next to her and this entire idea came to fruition because we were both laughing our asses off about what silly shit we would turn people's threads into, you should be thanking me. From my trolling, her sweet and kind-hearted nature birthed an actually solid idea that seems to have community praise. You're welcome.
  9. This idea is a free pass to ultralulz. Just troll the shit out of people who duck threads
  10. I have turned this into the Alliance of international shitheads. 8D Shitheads and a few pretty ladies, of course. <3
  11. You... what? English, do you speak it?
  12. I'm in ur thred typin to ur dudes <3
  13. The Baroness had sent out her summons the night of the storm that shook the core of Predator's Keep, lightning rumbling and rain pelting any who were so unfortunate as to have been caught outside by it. The storm dissipated as suddenly as it appeared, bringing with it flooded roads and downed trees surround the keep. Still... Some swore that the night of the storm, they saw a spectral image of five massive serpentine heads, lashing out at something within the forest, concealed by the noise of the storm and the darkness of the night. Those people were unfortunately correct, though none of them would have ever guessed just how sinister that image truly was Especially to the man that it appeared for. The five heads of Tiamat struck as violently as the storm shook the heavens above, rending and tearing wherever those massive fangs managed to land upon the unfortunate soul who had called her wrath to fruition. Blood soaked the tops of trees and was quickly washed away by the torrential downpour, though the damage done would not be ignored as easily. Roars and otherworldly shrieks were released into the heavens above, concealed by the percussive bass of the thunder. Just as the sounds were covered, so too was the actual sight of anyone who may have seen more than just the five-headed ghost, striking out into the dark night's sky. Though the tree-tops periodically flashed a bright neon teal, the flash of the lightning drowned out all; drowned all but the pain of the subject of his Queen's torment. "You disobeyed...", The central of the five heads; the largest and brightest of them all, a massive green wedge with teeth as large as people themselves, hissed "My son.. my sweet Vincentius... Long have I groomed you to bring glory to my name... And yet...", Another wave of torment was dished out, blood and gore flying from the opened maw as it reared it's ugly head to the heavens and roared, shaking everything for miles with an intensity that most had never felt. "You were brought here for a reason... I brought you here personally... and you decide to go back to that worthless world from which you came..." The lightning flashed, the thunder boomed, and five lines of brightly colored liquid blended seamlessly with the colors of the storm. Toxic green, Fiery Red, Noxious black, Icy white, and lightning itself. All five struck their mark, leaving deep gouges down the length of the hundred and sixty foot dragon that the spectral maws held aloft as easily as a child holds a rattle. "All for a slip of a human girl..." The broken and scarred form of the dragon held aloft in his deadly queen's grasp finally slumped in defeat, no longer trying to hold up his defenses. "You are dead to me... and so too will be everyone and everything you hold dear." As soon as the words were spat out, the five heads reared back for one final calling into the night, and as quickly as they and the storm that shrouded them had appeared, they vaporized into nothing, leaving nothing but a half moon in the night's sky. Almost similar to a falling star, the green dragon that had been the target of his horrific Queen's ire was discarded from her spectral grasp and left to plummet the rest of the way to earth. The tree tops and the branches did naught to halt the fall of the several thousand tons of muscle and scale, and although his hide had already been beaten and battered, broken and torn, the splintering branches and tree tops stuck where they could, using the only defense they had for themselves. Surely people heard the commotion, because by time the dragon had managed to muster enough strength to call to his innate regenerative curse and return to his guise of a man, he heard guards and soldiers blocking the exit from the forest, likely holding back any curious Keeps' people who believed they had witnessed something in that terrible storm. The amount of time that passed from when Vince's scaled form touched down unceremoniously to earth and his emergence from the forest was something that he had no way of telling, though the guards were obviously impatient as the bloodied and bruised image of an eight foot tall behemoth of a man slowly and painfully carried himself towards them, helped along by a massive obsidian blade, nearly as tall as he was. The soldiers nervously approached, knowing full well who it was they had accidentally stumbled upon. The bravest of them stood tall as he stepped before the bloodied drake, exclaiming with an air of importance that his grace, the Baroness, had been nervously searching the area surrounding Predator's Keep for months, looking for Vince. Red's impatience was heavily due to the amount of time it took Vince's massive form to slowly work his way up the muddied roads and into her keep; a keep that he was also supposed to have known as home. Unbeknownst to Red, nor to Vince, a chain reaction was set into motion as the massive man finally stumbled his way into Red's office. His sword scraped the floor, gouging marks into it as easily as the spectral form of Tiamat had ripped the bloodied and bruised tears and gouges into the massive man's muscled frame. Though the wounds looked grievous, they were nothing in comparison to the wounds that he'd had when he first hit the forest floor, nor were those as bad as the wounds that Tiamat had initially doled out. Even as he stepped closer to Red's lithe form staring intently at a map of Terrenus and Genesaris, the runic tattoos upon his form flashed brightly and the wounds slowly began to close, though the pain never lessened. With a ragged cough, Vince drove the point of his sword into the stone floor, burying it nearly to the hilt. Slowly and painfully, he lowered his bloodied form before the blade, taking a knee and bowing his head before the woman that he had decided to follow. "My apologies, Red... I've had some business to attend to and I was unable to contact you before I departed..." There was no hint of sarcasm in his deep voice as he rumbled his apologies to the Baroness. "Based on the look of the guards and soldiers you sent to retrieve me.. something important has come up... What is it that you and the rest of your advisor's could not fig--" The breath caught in Vince's throat as he raised his eyes to look upon Red, and to finally lay his eyes upon what lie bundled safely in the chest. Vince's emerald eyes narrowed, the pupils immediately being replaced by serpentine slits as he registered what it was exactly that was of such import. "What.... WHAT HAVE YOU DONE? " Vince wasn't even quick enough to move before a bright light flashed and the sound of glass breaking filled the Baroness' chambers.
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