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  1. NightlyWriter

    A chance encounter.

    "Let's walk and talk then" Adrian started walking towards the hot springs, continuing in the direction they were headed to a short while ago. He glanced back making sure the others were following before he continued what he was talking about earlier. "From what I've been able to gather from varying books and some of my contacts around here. The Drow are a sub-race of elves, known as Dark Elves, and they generally all live underground in a place they refer to as the Underdark. Although, some have been reported to be seen on the surface." He paused for a brief moment letting all that little bit of information sink in before he continued. While explaining he looked around rather casually, or seemingly, at least, making sure that they were headed in the right direction, which they were, but also to make sure that no one would get any funny ideas trying to get the jump on them. He sighed a bit letting himself continue after a few more moments. "Drow have a tremendous resistance to magic, and like all elves very long life spans. Generally speaking, they have dark-obsidian colored skin and pure white hair. They also have a range of unnatural eye colors ranging almost anywhere from red to blue to even amber or lavender." He paused, again this time, looking up at the signs in the street way that were all pointing towards an approaching and rather lavish building at the end of the street. 'We're almost there' he thought. Glancing back, again, he wanted to make sure that they were getting all of what he was saying. "Lastly, the Drow are slender, but muscular weighing lighter than your average human. However, many drow are very mistrusting and selfish easy to betray one's own 'brothers-in-arms' even if it means weakening their own defense. Not only that have almost-perfect vision in near-absolute darkness. This can be exploited because as a trade back they are very photosensitive to sudden bursts of bright light but no pushovers when it comes to fighting in the day, preferring to fight in the dark. The very last thing is that they have a complex matriarchal society with different houses each lead by a matron or female family head." He exhaled finally done with his explanation, but thanks to that it made the walk to the hot springs less awkward and somewhat enjoyable. "And that ladies is all that I was able to gather about them." he smiled, proud of himself. "And to answer any fleeting thoughts I have met, talked to, and am friends to a few dark elves that choose to live here on the surface." he added, quite slightly.
  2. NightlyWriter

    A chance encounter.

    Darius glanced around the streets paying no attention to the setting sun. Sunsets reminded him of too many unpleasant things, so he preferred to not even acknowledge them and just move on with his daily struggles. While looking around scanning the area it was obvious that they had drawn attention to themselves. He expected this much, however, he was drawn away from his thoughts by Ciqala and Sakuro and then by a third unknown person that just seemed to pop in his view, seemingly from nowhere. Darius removed his hood and pulled down the facial cloth covering the lower half of his face. His hair was again messy and sprawled, somewhat, everywhere and there was visible stubble covering his face. This was an obvious indicator that he, at least, had traveled days, but it only seemed to add to his handsome looks giving him a more rugged look. His sharp,forest green eyes locked on immediately to the woman that had again approached them from seemingly nowhere. He made sure not to show his surprise and instead greeted the new woman first. "Haha. Hello, yes we are travellers and thank you for the warm welcome." Darius smiled warmly making sure to come off as friendly as possible. He didn't know who this woman was but something in his gut was just telling him that this was someone he shouldn't even think about trying to mess with or fight. He took that gut feeling into account making sure to tread carefully with how he acted. He took that moment to pause and collect all his thoughts. "Well to answer your question miss, my companions and I are here to take up a quest that I heard about recently, it will involve us going underneath the city itself to investigate reports of possible Drow activity among other things." He said just loud enough for their small group and no one else to hear. "If you want to talk more about it then you can join us at the hot springs that Weland is famous for." he smiled warmly again making sure it was known that his words were genuine too. His gut was still telling him she was dangerous, but at the same time he could tell her words were genuine so he saw no harm in inviting her. Whether she would actually accept the words or not was up to her. "Oh and where are my manners my name is Darius Wakefield and these two behind my are Ciqala and Sakuro" he chuckled a bit for reasons he didn't have. The crowd around them stayed focus on the group for a bit as they still seemed strange and all. Soon, though, the prying eyes of the crowd soon began to dwindle and dissipate as their conversation continued. This made Darius and probably the other two as well relax a little.
  3. NightlyWriter

    Athentha RP OOC/Interest Checks

    I'm down for it and so is my Half-orc/ Dragon character
  4. NightlyWriter

    Down Underground. Class B quest under Weland. interested?

    yes but, I replied in a manner that you would be able to jump in easily, we just arrived in Weland. Here is link:
  5. NightlyWriter

    A chance encounter.

    The group had taken their gingerly time arriving in Weiland within a few hours just as the sun was setting. Currently Darius and the others were in the Southern part of the city surrounded by fairly tall tower like buildings and other modern structures. From what Darius could tell it seemed to be a nicer part of time then the east or west sides. Darius had been here once before so he knew where to go, "Well Ciqala we'll spend the night at the Saezaeshita Hot Spring and Onsen, and then go see about that quest tomorrow" Darius said. He began to walk forward passing from street to street growing closer to the Hot springs. "Keep up Ciqala" he said warily. Still as always Darius kept a close eye on his surroundings, afterall he didn't care for this city for a reason.
  6. NightlyWriter

    A chance encounter.

    Darius simply laughed at Ciqala's smart remark. The two had been trading insults and playful banter the entire way so far. "Yea sounds good Sakuro, and since you're on foot and it's not too much further we'll just walk with you" it was obvious he wanted to say more, probably involving Ciqala but he held his tongue. His forest Green eyes scanned Sakuro's body once again for any sign of malice or ill intent but just as he had thought there was no sign of such a thing. Now he could relax, obviously he would keep a knife or two ready as a just in case but he doubted he needed that for her. Plus she seemed pretty formidable with the blades as she had stated. "Oh and before I forget, I'm a rogue of many different talents, I just felt that you should know at least that much" he smiled reassuringly. Normally he wouldn't be so open, but times change and he needed to be more trusting and understanding to people as well as more forthcoming with information.
  7. NightlyWriter

    A chance encounter.

    Darius dropped all his suspicions for the moment after he watched the short interaction. "Darius Wakefield at your service" he smiled again dismounting from the horse and gently patting the side of its face just underneath its mouth and on it's cheek. "Thanks buddy" he said to the horse before returning his attention to Ciqala for a moment. "Ha! I told you we were close Ms. worrywart" he joked, looking back at Sakuro. "Well it's nice to meet you miss" he said giving another warm smile. Normally Darius would be more cautious but he felt no need or sense of danger coming from her, so he decided to drop any cautious thoughts he had and approach the situation and honestly. "In that case why don't we travel together, since you seem to know the way now?" he offered. He patted the horse again. "plus miss GRUMPY! behind me here might feel better if we actually knew where we were going." he laughed a little obviously making a jab at Ciqala.
  8. NightlyWriter

    A chance encounter.

    Darius sighed heavily, he didn't know if they were lost or not. He could have sworn they took the correct path at the junction 10 miles back, but Ciqala was correct it's been too long they should have been in the city by now or at least seeing th outlines of it. "Damn it....you're right I think we are lost" he begrudgingly stated. First, the info about Tia was a bust and now they were hopelessly lost in the middle of god knows where. However in the middle of his self, loathing he looked up at about the same time as Ciqala noticing a figure in the distance. He carefully listened to what Ciqala was saying, and began to smile underneath the cloth that concealed the lower half of his face. "Good about time we saw another person" he joyfully said, while he was saying this he took up Ciqala's request and commanded the horse into a slow trot closing the distance between him and an increasingly visible figure. Driu stopped the horse once he was just a few feet apart from the woman. In the momentary silence he was sizing her up trying to get as much information as he could. After that moment he removed his hood, and facial masked that concealed the lower half of his face. It revealed glistening bronzed skin with very defined facial features that were strong looking. "HI there, I don't mean to intrude but it seems me and my companion back there have gotten ourselves lost. With his hand he brushed it through his light brown hair. He pointed back to Ciqala. "Also do you know where we are exactly, I don't recognize the area" he kept up the welcoming smile. However in his mind he was still observing her carefully his eyes going back to her swords.
  9. NightlyWriter

    The not-so-lovely giant inn and tavern.

    It had taken Darius and Ciqala roughly 4 days to reach Tia. It had taken them 3 days to get to Ignatz where shortly after Darius found transportation to reach Tia within a day. However when they got there, to ask more about the quest they were going to take, it was unavailable. "Well....curse me this was a dead end" he sighed, and began to rummage through his satchel. "Oh come on where is that book!?" he said in a frustrated tone. 4 days of travel all to be wasted like this and worst of all it made him truly look incompetent, which he absolutely hated. Eventually, after about a minute or so he found it and began to flip through the small, brown leather notebook. From a glance each page was filled to the brim with a wealth of knowledge and notes. "Sorry about this Ciqala looks like we will have to travel a long distance again once I can confirm this other quest" he looked over to her with an apologetic expression. He put the notebook back in the satchel and began to look around, scouting the general area. He supposed since they were in Tia he could make a little cash and stock up on some much-needed ingredients. "Since this will take me a bit how about we go look for a place to eat and sleep for the night?"
  10. NightlyWriter

    Down Underground. Class B quest under Weland. interested?

    okay so I trimmed it down to a group of 4 seeing as a group of 6 would just be too big and 4 is big enough for a quest like this. So I apologize to those who couldn't particpate. Abigail666 and CloudControl were chosen btw. just look in the characters section of the first post.
  11. NightlyWriter

    Down Underground. Class B quest under Weland. interested?

    Please PM me what characters you each will be using and the 4 of you are accepted for this.
  12. Class B: Down Underground - Catacombs have opened beneath the city, guarded by ancient undead who let no one pass. The recent events of the Lightning Rail attack and the assassination of the previous regent have seemed to have caused some unrest from some being underneath Weland. Local legend has it that a society of drow live beneath Weland’s surface guarding treasures that are linked to the Old Welander god of retribution, Meibatsu. The regent is looking for a small expedition to one of the entries to the underground society to secure the items before Meibatsu finds out about their presence. It is a race against time as the god is also hunting for the same items. Destroy the undead and investigate the rumors of the presence of the drow society. So yeah Doing this rad awesome quest under Weland but me and the other person doing this Strayaa need one to two more people to join us on this epic quest of RAD AWESOMENESS!!! Character Count: 4 Also, whoever joins we need to decide whether we want a Story Teller or not But anyway yeah that about covers this little Shindig here and the characters will be listed below. Characters/participants:
  13. NightlyWriter

    Paladin's Quest for Atonement (Tia)

    you guys still accepting cause me and a friend wanted to do this quest but saw it was already taken