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  1. Challenge to not-desolate

    With the Shield of Chivalry flying by its target and inevitably combusting on the ground not far away after losing momentum, Tharraleos' charge did not waver at the slightest. Minor alterations of his direction were done to remain dashing directly at Clash. Each step shook the ground and small billows of dust were kicked up from moving his large body with such force. As the Mergriff closed the remaining distance, his foe would find no loss in speed was applied. Was he planning on colliding with the swordsman head on? It wasn't quite clear until about 2 meters away where Tharr made his move. The pride embodiment would abruptly bend his feathered knees and leap upwards in a powerful bound that sent him sailing over the man's head. At the apex of this, his lofty, black feathered wings would flare out to the sides, their span quadrupling the hexaped's height. They would initiate a flurry of flaps to further propel the warrior upwards, sending him airborne and asserting his aerial superiority. He would keep a leveled altitude 30 meters above the stage, hovering in circles not unlike other birds of prey. It was as if the cunning animal was studying his opposition, seeing how he'd react to this alteration. More likely than not, Tharr needed to be wary of his ranged disadvantage here. He was aware he wasn't safe from projectile at the slightest and had no reliable ones of his own, though this was ambiguous as far as his foe was concerned. From here, the bird cat would search for an opening; his acute sense of sight allowing him to view Clash as if standing mere feet from him while also readying himself for any sudden evasive maneuvers.
  2. Challenge to not-desolate

    As Clash manifested his initial spirit orb, he'd notice the beast taking a crouched position, left leg stretched behind him and right arm extended out with elbow bent. Simultaneously, a solid, opaque construct of purple energy materialized into reality. Aptly named the Shield of Chivalry, this was one of the 8 weapons he had at his disposal should his reserves of vanity could supplement such. This took on the shape of the Greek Aspis with a 5 foot diameter and was fittingly strapped to his right arm. It's sizable nature and his hunkered stance barricaded him from the septuple of projectiles. Given the fact this barrier was at it's least powerful, even this weaker barrage left it in deplorable condition. Multiple dents and missing slivers were visible. 1 or 2 spirit bullets more and it would have likely shattered. So the question now was what to do with such a damaged shield? Surely it couldn't withstand another blow without putting the hybrid in unfavorable circumstances. With some distance created between the warriors, Tharr came to a conclusion nigh instantaneously. Clash would find he only had time to grab the pommel of his blade before he'd notice the construct had left the beast's possession and was careening towards him at dangerous speeds. This was an attempt to halt any advances and serve as a distraction of sorts. The condition it was left in meant disposing of it would be easy, and even if it did strike, the damage would be minimal. Either way, it would break apart and dematerialize into nothingness on contact. Tharraleos would dash forth like a track star, gaining more momentum one with his size could usually muster. With claws uncheathed from his robust paws, his piercing gold eyes kept a keen visual on his target. While his intentions were to unleah an onslaught of fang, claw and talon, he was more than ready to abruptly adapt to more defensive tactics should the situation call for it.
  3. Challenge to not-desolate

    "A pleasure to meet your acquaintance, Clash." Began the boastsful beast, shifting his stance ever so slightly to better ready himself. "No guidelines in particular cross my mind." He went on after a brief moment of contemplation. He instantly took note of how this man aimed his fingers, almost like those noisome firearms the mortals seem so reliant on. Was this an attempt at intimidation, or was there something much more dangerous in those fingertips. There was only one way to find out. "Take your best shot." He challenged the human, the smirk somewhat more evident now. Offering the first strike to his foe was seen as honorable to the amphibious Griffin, which is something he held great pride in. This vanity served a most hidden purpose, and for a brief moment, it revealed itself. After his comment, Tharr's eyes flashed purple momentarily, signifying he had collected what he designated as a reserve. Dwelling within him was the essence of Pride. What exactly could be done with such affinity would likely reveal itself soon. Suffice to say, to assume he was unarmed given his lack of visible weaponry or even armor for that matter would be a fatal flaw in judgement. [Pride Stack: 1]
  4. Wait, what? I'm in Valucre? WTF?

    RPing directly as myself has been in the back of my mind for a while. This seems like the perfect opportunity. Color me intrigued!
  5. Challenge to not-desolate

    Clash's foe would momentarily arrive on scene as if on cue. One glance at this competitor would let the man know he was no facing some ordinary opponent. Standing at six and two thirds feet, he stood tall over most men. Gold, taloned feet shook the ground with each thunderous step, their pitch black claws digging into the dirt. Piercing amber eyes were locked on prey with laser sighted focus. The body of this combatant was robust and lined mostly with tawny brown fur. His head, however, was white feathered and sported a bright gold rostrum. This amalgamation of bird and cat attributes lended to the idea that a creature of legend had just made their entry. Though something was peculiar about this specimen as one would quickly take note of more aquatic traits, denoting he was of an amphibious subspecies. Such would be a correct assessment. Tharraleos was this beast's name, and he indeed was the heraldic hybrid known as the Griffin; more specifically the water dwelling Aerasginero. These battle hungry variants were not only masters of land, air and sea, but there normal humanoid form could take on the guise of a much larger and dangerously powerful quadrupedal monsters at the loss of some self control. Tharr here was a frequent visitor of places such as this. Living for just over two milenia, perfecting his strength was really his only objective. It was almost as if he was preparing for something cataclysmic to fall upon the world. But for now, he was anxious to see what this new foe was capable of. "I am Tharraleos; Embodiment of Hubris and Master Combatant." He started as he got within range of Clash, voice rigid as his stoic expression. Though one with a keen eye might notice the faintest of grins tugging at the corners of his beak. "May you fight valiantly and our audience thoroughly entertained." He went on, extending a webbed paw to respectfully begin the skirmish.
  6. [Quest] Trouble in Dougton

    As Ferris began to get a closer view of the stranger, he would find it boasted avian and feline traits. The white feathered head stood tall at 6 and 2 thirds feet. His body was much more akin to a lion's with a rather sizable physique. He walked on two taloned feet colored in gold, denoting he was a humanoid monster; a Griffin as legend have named them. Though there was something particular about this certain hybrid. From the axe-wielding man's rear view perspective, a majority of the animal's tawny furred body was covered by a set of wings folded against his backside almost like a cape. Pitch as the midnight sky, these feathered appendages had an impressive span once outstretched and harbored strength capable of lifting his immense weight for mostly successful flight. Aside from that, there was nothing too striking to take note of. There were some fins on his head, 3 to be exact. Aquatic, perhaps? He wore no armor, or clothing for that matter. No weapons to speak of either. Of course, to assume he was unarmed would be a fatal error in judgement. Aside from inherent tooth, claw and beak coupled with centuries of battle experience, Tharraleos holds within the essence of Pride. Granted by a malicious sorcerer early in his so far 2 millennia lifetime, the Griff retained the power after gaining freedom from his enslaver's defeat. Though since no subconscious acts of vanity have occurred, this power lay dormant.
  7. [Quest] Trouble in Dougton

    Though the hybrid continued forth, his array of other enhanced senses were hard at work assessing the vicinity for some inherent caution. It was very much like a hunter of his caliber. He knew all to well the concept of predator as well as prey and the former is what let him know he had an admirer. Though the distance let alone overall direction was as familiar as these surroundings slowly passing by. As such, it was best to study this new friend of his for as long as he could and keep a medium distance. As far as this follower was concerned, this was just some mindless animal roaming about. Might as well keep it at that. With that in mind, Tharraleos retained a consistent speed; ears, nostrils and wavering crest all giving him near omnidirectional awareness of any immediate danger.
  8. Here Come the Orks

    Assuming the character restrictions are mild, I'd love to join and contribute to the mayhem. My bird cat would be very much fond of some dark green, durable chew toys.
  9. Muscle for hire?

    Anyone in the vast world of Valucre need some extra muscle to throw around? I just so happen to have a beast who can provide a multitude of services. Whether it's transportation or protection, my majestic mutant is more than capable.
  10. [Quest] Trouble in Dougton

    It had been about a week since his emersion from Barnstable Coast. After a night of rest, he was able to take to the skies once more to head north. For a few days straight he soared through the air with only the occasional flap from his titanic wings. Though even an animal with his level of endurance needed a break after some time. Besides, he needed to figure out exactly where he was and how far he's travelled. He needed to stretch his arms and legs out. With that in mind, the beast began to descend towards the rural farming town far below. Before long his talons touched on the ground with a loud thud and slight indentation on the ground from his immense weight. Getting a quick grasp of his surroundings, this was perhaps the best location to accidentally stumble upon. The threat level seemed low, but his ever present predatory instincts kept him perpetually on guard.
  11. Character Power Survey.

    Well that was short and sweet. Didn't notice the text at top first, so I made a boo boo, like a few others I see lol.
  12. Alrighty. I am fully back into RP/writing mode and there's much less hindering my progress this time around. Adulthood is just the worst when it comes to hobbies and free time

  13. So looks like things turned out a bit more crappy than I thought. First the laptop I was using gets sent halfway across the country, then my keyboard at home stopped working, so my TV's Internet browser isn't usable. This only leaves my phone, which while doable, I don't prefer for RPing. What to do, what to do?


    @ODSTDRAGON: Pardon the delay on the boss fight. Right before we officially started our match, I gave Tharr his amphibious traits back and an undersea skirmish sounds fun haha. I'll do what I can to get a reply in if you're still interested

    @lovelylilmii: Now it seems we both have our reasons for delays lol. Not that I don't mind. Continue, as you were

    @Metty: That thread in Terrenus is open if you wanted to post there. I'll get to a reply promptly



      Yea I'm still game



      Although I had a technical error so are messages are lost to me

  14. Is your recent thread still open?

    1. True Lycalo

      True Lycalo

      Yeah. That one's open. If you wanna introduce a character there, that'd actually be awesome. More chances to test my new concept

  15. The mystical traveller

    As Tharr awaited the delivery of his drink, his naturally alert eyes took quick notice of the most recent customer secluded in the corner. His head continued to stare forward, but the lone female was not free from his sight. She seemed to be taking notes of sorts, but it didn't matter to him even if he was the subject of said notes much like he deduced. What did catch his intrigue was the small creature that accompanied her. But before he could delve further into his thoughts, an approaching presence was brought to his attention. It was the same man he spoke with moments later now armed with Tharr's beverage of choice. The mortal had retained his uneasy smile, though to lesser extents. "There's that for you." He stated, setting the glass in front of the octoped. "If you need anything else, feel free to let us know." He said with glee, hoping kindness would prevent any ill intent. "Your services are much obliged. That will be all for now." The beast replied with a nod, bringing a webbed paw to the cup. Luckily its shape didn't bring hindrance to his lack of thumbs and he was able to hoist it easily from the bottom. Bringing it to his silver tipped beak, the red liquid poured down his throat. Emptying a quarter of the drink into his stomach, it was set back down and the taste was analyzed. Wasn't the best he had, but it was nevertheless satisfactory. There wasn't anything particularly interesting going on around him, so perhaps he would make his departure to seek out what other sights awaited him. Bringing the glass to his hooked protrusion, another sip was taken.