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  1. It was at this moment that a hint of Tharraleos' own hidden abilities would reveal themselves, albeit very brief and cryptically. Successfully landing his attack caused the yellow of his eyes to flash purple for a moment accompanied by a smirk. This was the essence of Pride dwelling within reacting to the warrior's subconscious hubris. A second would occur upon allowing Clash to regain footing, something he deemed as noble. For now this color change didn't harbor any effects, but it did add to his weapon forging resources should they be necessary. With the man no longer in a disadvantageous state, Tharr would make his next move. In keeping with his deceptive agility, he'd dash forward with robust leg muscles, leaving a small indentation in the ground from the sheer force of his movements. He'd close the gap in seconds to initiate a flurry of swift, low powered strikes aiming for various pressure points on Clash's bare torso in an attempt to demobilize him. [Pride Reserves = 2]
  2. With his rooted stance held firm, Tharraleos watched his adversary like the apex predator he was. His tail was the only thing that moved as it swayed side to side in anticipation. The sinister energy engulfing the man was something to take note of. It confirmed his theory this individual may be harboring some hidden abilities and caution was necessary. As the kick threatened to strike his midsection, Tharr's reaction was swift and precise. One would likely assume such a sizable warrior would suffer from lumbering speed, but his agility was average by most standards. Certainly not the quickest of combatants, but his maneuverability would be quite deceptive. First he'd meet Clash's foot with a weak strike from his right palm, hoping to redirect it and cause the limb to fly harmlessly passed him. As he reared the arm back, his other paw would attempt to strike its palm against the chest of Clash with moderate force. It wasn't enough to inflict notable damage, but the wind would certainly be knocked out of him should it connect and his balance could likely be hindered. It seemed Tharraleos was merely testing the resilience of this man and it didn't seem he was taking things entirely serious quite yet. Such was often the case during the initial moments of a battle for the heraldic hybrid.
  3. The man's response seemed to spark a somewhat surprised reaction from the hybrid for a brief moment. "While not my initial intention on this day, honing my combat prowess is a favored hobby of mine.." The Griff replied, the faintest of grins tucking at the corners of his rostrum. It had been a while since his last skirmish, and even if this individual proved to be of little challenge, it'd still likely be enough to at least stretch his muscles a bit. The inevitable feeling of boredom began brewing within him from the lack of recent conflict. His left arm dangled at his side while the other placed its brown padded palm on his chest. "I am Tharraleos, and I would gladly assist with your endeavors." He went on to say with a subtle bow before placing himself in a more readied and defensive stance. His knees bent slightly while his feet planted themselves against the dirt and his paws raised themselves beak level in bawled up fists. "Show me your might." He astutely finished
  4. As Tharraleos continued on his way, he noticed a figure approaching from the city. From what he could distinguish at this moment, the mystery person wasn't hostile and the Griff would go forth with his nonchalant stride. As he got closer into view, Tharr noticed something on the man's visage that made the feathers on the back of his neck stand up on end though his composure remained collected. "Greetings." Responded the grand beast with much eloquence as he came to a halt, his vocals seeming to vibrate the air around him. For one with such a crude appearance, he carried himself with the utmost sophistication. His rigid golden gaze was locked on the man like a laser, not entirely sure what to make of him. Seldom did mortal men approach him without much regard. "What brings you out here?" He inquired with a raised brow, arms folding across his chest.
  5. (Open to anyone who brave enough to go up against my bird cat.) On the outskirts of a city trekked quite the peculiar creature. His white feathered head stood 6 and 3 quarter feet from the ground; complimented by a curved, goldenrod beak and short plumaged ears. Stoic gold eyes peered at the approaching civilization. The toned, bulky body of this individual was lined with khaki brown fur with large, powerful paws at the ends of his robust arms and legs. Encircling his neck much like a scarf was a mane of russet pelage with streaks of blonde and black throughout. Draped over his shoulders and strung across his back not unlike a cape was a pair of black feathered wings that were currently folded. Feathers of an identical shade covered from his waist to just below his knees. The elongated and composite tail jutted from a hole in the back which made it seem like trousers of some sort. All this formed the warrior known only to a few as Tharraleos. The amalgamation of raptor and feline attributes would lend to the idea he hailed from the mythical hybrids that were Griffins. This one in particular derived from subspecies called the Vardia that held the ability to transform. The humanoid form seen currently was merely a suppressant for the true quadruped monstrosity unleashed under certain circumstances. Even more, Tharr acted as the host for a semi sentient essence of Pride that was bestowed to him centuries ago while under the rule of a malicious sorcerer. It feeds off the warrior's inherent admiration of himself and allows him to turn his hubris into a variety of weapons. For such a remarkably capable and powerful combatant, Tharraleos was a rather lethargic fellow who preferred to avoid conflict out of sheer disinterest. Seldom did somebody provide sufficient entertainment, but still many weak fools made the attempt for whatever asinine reason. While he did thoroughly enjoy combat with the right challenge, the heraldic hybrid desired to explore the world with no real set destination just as much. Such was the case on this day as a few hours prior he had departed the mountainside that was his temporary abode to see what could be found in the distant city. While he normally took an ariel approach, a leisurely walk was the path he took as he was in no hurry. With his head held high per usual, Tharr continued forth seemingly lost in his own thoughts while his potent senses subconsciously surveyed the surrounding area.
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