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  1. As Tharraleos continued on his way, he noticed a figure approaching from the city. From what he could distinguish at this moment, the mystery person wasn't hostile and the Griff would go forth with his nonchalant stride. As he got closer into view, Tharr noticed something on the man's visage that made the feathers on the back of his neck stand up on end though his composure remained collected. "Greetings." Responded the grand beast with much eloquence as he came to a halt, his vocals seeming to vibrate the air around him. For one with such a crude appearance, he carried himself with the utmost sophistication. His rigid golden gaze was locked on the man like a laser, not entirely sure what to make of him. Seldom did mortal men approach him without much regard. "What brings you out here?" He inquired with a raised brow, arms folding across his chest.
  2. (Open to anyone who brave enough to go up against my bird cat.) On the outskirts of a city trekked quite the peculiar creature. His white feathered head stood 6 and 3 quarter feet from the ground; complimented by a curved, goldenrod beak and short plumaged ears. Stoic gold eyes peered at the approaching civilization. The toned, bulky body of this individual was lined with khaki brown fur with large, powerful paws at the ends of his robust arms and legs. Encircling his neck much like a scarf was a mane of russet pelage with streaks of blonde and black throughout. Draped over his shoulders and strung across his back not unlike a cape was a pair of black feathered wings that were currently folded. Feathers of an identical shade covered from his waist to just below his knees. The elongated and composite tail jutted from a hole in the back which made it seem like trousers of some sort. All this formed the warrior known only to a few as Tharraleos. The amalgamation of raptor and feline attributes would lend to the idea he hailed from the mythical hybrids that were Griffins. This one in particular derived from subspecies called the Vardia that held the ability to transform. The humanoid form seen currently was merely a suppressant for the true quadruped monstrosity unleashed under certain circumstances. Even more, Tharr acted as the host for a semi sentient essence of Pride that was bestowed to him centuries ago while under the rule of a malicious sorcerer. It feeds off the warrior's inherent admiration of himself and allows him to turn his hubris into a variety of weapons. For such a remarkably capable and powerful combatant, Tharraleos was a rather lethargic fellow who preferred to avoid conflict out of sheer disinterest. Seldom did somebody provide sufficient entertainment, but still many weak fools made the attempt for whatever asinine reason. While he did thoroughly enjoy combat with the right challenge, the heraldic hybrid desired to explore the world with no real set destination just as much. Such was the case on this day as a few hours prior he had departed the mountainside that was his temporary abode to see what could be found in the distant city. While he normally took an ariel approach, a leisurely walk was the path he took as he was in no hurry. With his head held high per usual, Tharr continued forth seemingly lost in his own thoughts while his potent senses subconsciously surveyed the surrounding area.
  3. Alright. I think I'll go with 2 then
  4. @Dolor Aeternum Looks like we're at 10 posts. It's flown by with how fun it was. But did you wanna do the dice roll now? And whom of which shall do so?
  5. With a furrowed brow amd claws digging further into the dirt, this battle for physical superiority continued. While the capabilities of his foe had been most admirable, the full ferocity of the Vardia was a far off notion. This isn't to say he was having a bit more difficulty getting a significant advantage over her than anticipated. Illanya wasn't entirely alone, as it turned out. With this revelation in mind, achieving glory was all but inevitable. "Most impressive, I must admit." Piped up the warrior, tone remaining collected in the midst of his grit. As the sentient cloak surrendered its hold, Tharr's Tauric frame did indeed hunch over and a set of avain limbs were the ones to stop him from imbalance, but not quite the most expected ones. As his body leaned forth, the ends of his wings furled into makeshift fists and were sent downwards at his sides. Hitting the ground with a mildly trembling thud, they pushed back and reversed the momentum from the struggle. These imposing flight bearers were arguably the most powerful and resilient part of his makeup. With reinforced plumage and strength harbored from repeatedly sustaining lift for such a creature, the refashioned arms also boasted prehensility in the flight feathers and could strike with about the same force as an actual punch. With the quadruped body requiring 4 points of contact to retain footing, this current stance brought with it 6. The frontal raptorial legs were in immediate danger from the oncoming sword swing. While Tharr normally trusts his layered durability enough to endure a few attacks to test one's abilities, the intense glow surfacing from the veiny instrument and her astute confidence weren't assuring factors. With the heave of his wings, these front legs kicked up and folded along his underside with talons bawling up tight. The blade had missed its target by a hair, grazing his claws and narrowly passing by his wings. The grip of his paws held firm in spite of the erratic movements and had even began attempts in twisting the pointed tip away from him. He had a hold of the thing and didn't intend to let go quite yet. His talons would assist with this lunged themselves forth to wrap around whatver part they could. Anchoring himself in place with the rear paws with wings continuing to provide stability, he would apply a hefty pull with the scaly gold feet if they grabbed hold. This would be in an attempt to close the gap further. She was just barely out of range for anything but his wings, and they were currently occupied. Combating Illyana and her cloak simultaneously between his two bodies was a testament to their synchronicity and the same could sort of be said for his opposition. Reverence was certainly mutual as even in the event of defeat, it'd be a mostly welcomed loss. Something told him the conclusion to this initial round of the brackets was nearing soon. Each movement of his was fluid and precise, complimenting the others with superb finesse. It was clear he was keen on incapacitated her for good. @Dolor Aeternum
  6. Tharraleos' actions were done to test a theory he had formed. That cloak of hers was the source of abundant mystery. The brief contact his flight feathers made with the clothing confirmed some of his suspicious. Now was the matter of placing the woman in a most unfavorable situation to force her tricks out of hiding. He was successful in his attempts, but the manner of which he did so would be rather unexpected. With the sight of her exposed skin, Tharr instantly denoted he may very well be in some kind of danger. Just as the dagger wielding tendril sprung forth, the quartet of claws would cleave into the dirt as the Gryphtaur attempted to come to a screeching halt. This time both wings would unfurl themselves to create wind resistance and assist in slowing his speed. The corrosive tip continued it's path to his torso unabated, when just inches from the target it suddenly stopped in the blink of an eye. Upon coming to a stop, the beast had clamped his armored mits around the hilt of the blade, applying enough pressure to grip it and push back. Gritting his fangs in struggle, he managed to hold the weapon in place, the clear substance eating away at his illustrious mane. This sparked a fit of anger within him and with another growl, he began fighting back more against the elusive construct and pushed back even vigorously. Exchanging glances between the dagger and Illyana, the warrior would attempt to distance the space between him and the blade. Then perhaps he could learn more about this garb of trickery and find a way to victory. @Dolor Aeternum
  7. The projectiles of Illyana were successful in piercing the coat of the Vardia, though not exactly where she intended. With his attack failing to land, the tail had placed itself in the path of the needles and endured the puncturing. With a brief growl of what seemed to mainly be irritation from the new protrusions jutting from his rectrices, Tharraleos would turn to face his opponent with a short hop after getting himself situated. The snarl would form into a smirk as he stared her down for a brief moment. Assuming his appendages were the only hazzard would be a slightl misconception. While naturally a crude bruiser, a handful of ranged options were at his disposal. He'd suddenly rear up and support himself on his rearmost paws; the bipedal torso leaning forward to remain upright. Using gravity to his advantage and pushing his near half ton of weight down, his frontal talons would impact the arena floor with an alarming amount of force. The earth around him would shake violently and even the most nimble of fighters would have trouble retaining balance. Even more, the ground began to split and sent a very precise tremor towards Illyana to deter her movement further. As rumbling as it was, it's duration was only a few moments. Directly afterwards, the hybrid would dash forward. The acceleration was rather lacking, but once sufficient momentum was gathered, he'd begin moving with deceptive quickness. The way he seemed to gallop in his stride with upper body rocking back and forth made the two separate portions nearly resemble rider and steed. With heavy steps and watchful eyes, he'd charge forth with a spirited shout escaping his toothed beak. No plan of attack seemed to be observable even as the distance closed, possibly leading to the idea of his intention to use his sizable mass as a battering ram. This was a risky maneuver with many ways it can go against his favor. But with the finesse demonstrated thus far, the avian feline would be more than ready for such complications. @Dolor Aeternum
  8. The grand beast watched with a raised brow as Illyana drew her weapons. It was an instant deduction these weren't your run of the mill blades and there was something sinister about them. As robust as his physical prowess was his mental capacity. While very much animalistic, Tharr was as keenly clever as they came. The first part of this fight would be studying this woman and her method of combat. Once this was discovered, he'd retort with unrelenting ferocity. His eyes watched her every move, following her as she strafed along. In an abrupt burst of speed, the Tauroid braced himself as the gap dwindled in mere seconds. A brief glint seemed to distract him for a moment's time, one that surfaced from that peculiar garb of hers. His keen awareness took instant note of the needle-like projectile. Her continuing advancement didn't stray far from his perception either despite this sudden factor. Showcasing his potent dexterity, the mutant made 2 separate movements simultaneously. As his biped torso leaned sideways to the left, his right wing outstretched itself in a swift hefty motion. The sheer force of such kicked up a billow of dirt from the ground below and stirred a decent amount of wind in each direction. This flight appendage would bend itself almost in half as the flying object barely grazed the fluff on the sides of his cranium. This severed a small patch of pale follicles that scattered about in the ensuing gust. The swordswoman would find her blade colliding with the flight bearing limb as it was folded in front of him for protection. She'd oddly find carving through it felt similar to chain mail if that was something she encountered. The sword as pitch as the night sky sliced through a layer of the reinforced plumage and even the uppermost surface of skin. A most insignificant wound, but he denoted damage perhaps wasn't the main intention. The much smaller combatant would capitalize on her superior mobility and flanked his right side. Normally the wings draped over the sides of his major body and provide a natural shield, though at this moment his tawny brown fur was currently exposed from the one side. While just as sturdy as the feathers, breaking through the pelage alone was a much more doable task. As Tharr began to regain his composure, he sent forth the only available tool. His feet were planted into the ground to keep himself leveled after his lateral heave, the wing was recovering and all other options were out of range. This left the versatility of his tail, which had whipped around and attempted a downward diagonal slash of its own with the razored rectrices at her general mass. While they looked soft to the touch, being on the receiving end of this would prove most gruesome. It could even cleave her in half entirely, or render her severely mangled. The force of which was also notable with the momentum gathered and the strength of the appendage. Deflecting it could very lead to some imbalance. Illyana would find this much slower opponent compensated such with absurd resourcefulness. The awareness of his surroundings and coordination of his numerous limbs was indeed an impressive feat. That hubris and curiosity of one's limits is what usually lands him in some dicey predicaments, however. @Dolor Aeternum
  9. No problem at all. Just wanted to make sure my response was accurate. Should be having that up tonight, if not early tomorrow.
  10. @Dolor Aeternum Which blade is she slicing at the tauri boi with? It's coming from the left, so my assumptions are the corrosive dagger. Correct me if I'm mistaken, please and thank you.
  11. To the opposing end of the female, a towering steel door began to open vertically as rackety mechanisms creaked and banged. Posterior paws and frontal talons shook the ground ever so slightly with each heavy step as an unorthodox creature made its entrance into the battlefield. In vein of a Centaur, this warrior boasted a dual-bodied frame. In place of the amalgamation of animal and man, this particular specimen was full beast. With avian and feline traits aplenty, one could make the assumption this was some sort of mutated Griffin. An ivory plumaged head rested 9 feet from the ground from his conjoined height. Similarly, a pair feathered protrusions were seen jutting from the sides of his head that resembled horns and seemed to have a gleam about their pointed tips. This head of an eagle was fittingly complimented by a powerful golden yellow beak with a pronounced hook at the tip. A dense and overly tufted mane of russet fur was lined around the bottom of his neck that was streaked with blonde and black. Ending at a point near his lower stomach, it was rather evident a great deal of grooming was dedicated to this. On both sections was tawny brown pelage that made up a majority of the well muscled lion body. Large paws concealing a deathly set of claws not only sat on the ends of the aforementioned hindquarters, but the humanoid arms of this portion as well. The anterior third of the lower frame was coated in black feathers. Also covering the upper half of the raptorial front legs, plumage of an identical shade formed a sizable set of wings sprouting from the shoulder blades of this much larger body. These were currently folded and draped along most of the sides and front of him, otherwise their outstretched mass would be most obstructive. The bottoms extended down next to white feathered rectricies that acted as the tip of a lengthy feline tail; a black covert seemingly diving them. Tharraleos was the designation belonging to this array of lims and fluff. A mutated Griffin he was, one belonging to the Varida Griffins. These combat hunters normally roam about in suppressed bipedal forms, though these inhibitors can be relinquished under certain circumstances that would unveil the quadruped monstrosities that was their true selves. A somewhat rare and elusive mutation binded the 2 and nullified their ability to transform. Often creating Tauric variations, they were seen an vastly capable in their own right with strength fittingly between the two forms. Tharr here lived a normal life for 2 and a half centuries before painfully becoming the beast in current day after a grueling 100 year metamorphosis. It wasn't too long ago this was completed and the Griff was still accustoming himself to this Tauric way of life. What better way to hone his prowess than to enlist in competitions? This is served as most of the motivation that brought him to the colosseum he currently stood in. The peculiar beast would halt his movements a respectable distance from his opponent. “I am Tharraleos.” He proudly announced, piercing gold gaze peering down at the cloaked woman. His words were released with such vigor the air around him seemed to tremble, yet there was an heir of sophistication to his mannerisms. His tail would sway laterally, the feathers at the end seeming to gleam in the sun. To assume they were normal flight feathers would be a grave misunderstanding. Such a notion could extend to the fluff surrounding the rest of him. While plush and downy in appearance, his coat had gone through extensive reinforcement growth over many years; a natural contribution of his mutated physiology. This bestowed it a steely disposition with the tail acting as a favorable tool for slicing or blunt force attacks. This resting upon skin reminiscent of stone and no external weapons or defenses were needed. This was so long as the upkeep maintained and half the reason behind his extended grooming sessions. “Your fight is against me on this day. May our battle be grandiose and these spectators thoroughly entertained.” He would continue to say. In the blink of an eye his somewhat relaxed posture abruptly changed. The quadruped would hunker down not unlike a house cat ready to catch a mouse, ebony claws at the ready. The upper torso would lean forward marginally, the paws unsheathing their flesh tearing tools and out at the ready. His tail would lash out to the side and flare open the plumaged edge into the shape of a semicircle. The beast would inhale and seconds later, the ear splitting screech of an eagle would resonate through the stands. This would transition into the booming bellow of a lion that seemed to erupt from his maw like a bomb. What appeared to be a deathly set of feline chompers appeared to sprout from the mandibles of his rostrum. Those with weak spirits would likely need a change of drawers after such a ferocious display. To say he enjoyed hyping up the crowd would be an understatement, even in this false reality. With that, this skirmish was at an official start and the hybrid was rather curious of the abilities pertaining to this foe of his. Caution was certainly a must as he couldn't help but anticipate some form of trickery. With his sizable mass, a more defensive path was taken in combat and his unmoving stare never strayed from the opposition. With many inherent armaments and an array of limbs as well as centuries of experience, this would be no easy victory to achieve for those faced against him. With the formalities done on this part, Tharr awaited his moment to strike and unleashed a primal barrage not many have seen the likes of. @Dolor Aeternum
  12. Not really anything particular on my end. I'd probably go with some basic colosseum or something.
  13. Tharraleos will be returning to the MOBS, though this time a much more twisted variant
  14. I'd be down to have another go at this. Last time was thoroughly entertaining, and this time around I think I'd be using the Tauric version of my bird kitty. Color me intrigued.
  15. And that tourney is officially finished! That really was a blast though and I'm glad we were able to reach a conclusion in spite of a couple minor hiccups. Well fought to everyone! We're all winners in the end hehe
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