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  1. @Walk Among The Abyss A chortle emerged from the humanoid animal at Baltrex's initial statement. For a moment his gaze would cease its lock while he stared off somewhat to the side as if he were processing it. It seemed even his steely composure could be cracked by the man's charismatic prowess. While Tharr didn't have a notepad, he was doing his own jotting down of information in his seemingly boundless cranium. It was quite the seldom occurrence he would have so many inquires to contemplate about an individual. As soon as the enjoyment of gloating about himself peaked perhaps he'd get in a few questions of his own. "I suppose when one harbors the essence of Pride within their being it is only natural." The Griff replied as his eyes returned to the giant. The chuckling grin appeared to subtly twist into something more conceited. Throughout this interaction his maw was toothless as one would expect beaks to be. But at this point a set of teeth would reveal themselves akin to how his claws would unsheathe a set of claws. They were feline in nature complete with carnassials, incisors and fangs. The latter of which would appear to be half the length as normal, which was a feature used to convey expressions. They had the ability to extend fully for more predatory purposes. "As for what I do." he started once more after a brief pause, his visage returning to its normal indifference and his chompers hiding themselves once more. "You can consider me a nomad of sorts. I am an adventurer with no foreseeable destination in mind basking in the beauty this world has to offer. Other times I find ways to hone my combat capabilities by competing in tournaments or perhaps I'll seek bounties if I desire the hunt." he explained with a few nods of his feathered head. "Tell me about yourself, Baltrex." he inquired, his focus lasering on the man even further, adjusting himself in his seat while his composite tail swayed about. "How does a human such as yourself come into being?" he went on to ask.
  2. @Walk Among The Abyss "No worries at all, my human ally." the beast assured, his tone softening ever so slightly. "It is a profound pleasure to meet you, Batrex." he continued. It would normally be at this point he would extend a paw as a social custom, but the man's hands seemed occupied, so he instead nodded affirmatively. Tharraleos comprehended every last syllable uttered by the giant humanoid with an almost unblinking gaze. The few times he did so one might notice his eyelids swept upwards instead of down; a common avian trait. To think a mere fleshling could be so engaging was quite the treat for Tharr. He was abundantly enjoying the company of this individual and found his fascination humorously flattering. "There are many in this world with attributes very similar to my own, but as for the particular race of Griffins I hail from, I have not seen another in centuries. There are certain things that differentiate the Metallaxi from normal Griffins. For example." he began to explain, his beak no longer being able to resist the tug of a grin. He knew what he would say next would only intrigue the man further. and it was an entertaining thought to say the least "What you currently see before you is merely a suppressed form. Under certain circumstances, these inhibitors can be relinquished and I have access to even greater strength. At that point, however, not only am a danger to myself but everyone around me as well since my animalistic ferocity overtakes me entirely." he went on with some subtle solemnness. It appeared he didn't speak about this side of him with the highest regard, but he wasn't ashamed of it either. The barbarous nature of his Rampant form simply wasn't his preferred way of doing things. But he had only been pushed to that breaking point a handful of times in his extensive life, so he didn't take much issue with it. He found himself being uncharacteristically chatty with Baltrex and he could see himself going over the countless experiences throughout his lifetime in crystal clear detail the potent processing power of his brain allowed. This person was undoubtedly one to remember and perhaps he'd leave him with a parting gift at some point.
  3. @Walk Among The Abyss After ordering his drink, Tharraleos let out a silent exhaustive sigh through the nares of his beak and rested his elbows on the table, his sizable body lurching forward somewhat. Now at a a state of rest he began to realize just how much he perhaps overworked himself. It had been nearly two days since he took off for the skies. Even he had limits, which reaching the ceiling of was a frequent hobby of his. But just as he began to get lost in his own thoughts while patiently awaiting his beverage, something relatively unexpected happened. While he was accustomed to being quite the head turner since he was, well, a creature of legend who nonchalantly paraded himself around, this man's particular acknowledgment was equally amusing and flattering. He was often met with fear or curiosity, but such blatant admiration was seldom. The Griff's usually unbreakable stoic gaze showed a few cracks in it as he sat upright and turned to face the bearded man. Had his maw not been attached to his face it might have dropped on the floor. Tharr wasn't the only one to react though as Baltex's words were pretty much a buffet for the sinful energy within. The gold of the warrior's eyes would momentarily flash a vibrant purple color numerous times reminiscent of a strobe light with how much and how frequent it was. This would likely create even more questions then he already had. Brining a bawled up paw to his rostrum, the beast cleared his throat in an attempt to regain his composure before returning it to the table "I am designated as Tharraleos of the Metallaxi Griffins." he began, the feintest of smiles tugging at the corner of his beak; the name drop of his kin causing his eyes to light up once more. "Your assumptions are indeed correct. I harbor an abundance of inherent abilities that allow me to dismantle my foes in a variety of ways." he continued. For one with such a ferocious exterior, his inflections and articulation indicated he was a creature of vast intellect as well as physical prowess "To whom do I have the privilege of speaking with?" he inquired, studying the man just as much as he was him and seemingly locked in his silvery irises.
  4. A peculiar creature made their entrance into the tavern next. One swift glance would give one the distinction he was no mere man, but a humanoid beast. A white feathered head stood atop a primarily feline frame. Lined with khaki brown fur on a robust physique, it was quite evident this was the warrior type. Beige portions were outlined on his torso, his pawed hands and feet as well as the underside of his composite tail, of which replaced the usual tuft of pelage with a series of white tail feathers and a dark brown covert at the base. Draped along his back not unlike a cape of sorts was a set of dark brown wings. In keeping with that motif was the similarly colored plumage covering half his legs like a pair of shorts. Lastly was the mane of russet fur wrapped around his neck like a scarf with black and golden yellow streaks. While the rest of his makeup was undoubtedly very well groomed, this mane appeared to be the focal point of his endeavors. With this amalgamation of feline and raptor attributes, there was no denying he hailed from the heraldic hybrids known as the Griffins. Tharraleos was this adventurer's designation. The roaring downpour had impeded his travels and he opted to seek shelter. His coat had become soaked and began to weigh him down far too much. After all, he had already been airborne for a rather extended amount of time. After standing at the doorway for a few moments attempting to dry himself off as best as he could, he decided to scope the place out. Rigid golden eyes surveyed the interior of this establishment as well as the other patrons. While the outside gave a twinge of nostalgia for the centuries old combatant with its old timey appearance, the inside was rather lavish and quite fitting for a specimen of his caliber. The pads of his feet pressed against the ground as he began to make his way forward. His footsteps were surprisingly lithe in spite of his sizable stature; his soft paws and digitigrade locomotion contributing to such. Fancying himself a drink, his first destination was bar. "A glass of your finest Mavroudi, please." Tharr requested upon situating himself at one of the barstools. The words emerging from him, while poised and polite, was borderline baritone and appeared to vibrate the air around his yellow beak. The way he carried himself from his posture to his mannerisms denoted a potent sense of pride. He was the type to die by his hubris then to experience humility. The semi sentient construct of sinful energy dwelling dormant within certainly attested that.
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