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  1. Amber rode Mason to the camp, where he and Eve decided to help with setup and give Mason more time to rest. Afterwards, she rode her way to the village to survey the locals and see what kind of trouble Madon and the crew were getting themselves into... and upon finding them could already tell things were going to get interesting. "I leave you all alone for ten minutes and you're already finding old men to talk to... can't you stay out of trouble?" She listened as what was told to Madon and the others was relayed to her, and she sighed. "So going to see a bunch of wizards... can't see anything wrong going there. Very well, I'll tag along... if only to ensure that you don't make any brash or abrupt decisions without thinking them through. Last thing we need is to piss off even more people or make a deal you can't possibly uphold. And there's no way I'm going to bail you out of that if that happens."
  2. Meanwhile, the trio of misfits traveled just out of earshot behind the gang ahead of them. Despite carrying Mason's bags, Eve was keeping up just fine on foot. "Hey... Amber?" Mason finally spoke up. "What is it Deadeye?" "I never got to properly thank you for saving my life." "It's nothing... you got blindsided by magic, and from what you've said you had no idea what was coming for you." "Yeah... back home magic doesn't exist... we got around it by other means... like-" "Like what you used to kill the bandit leader, correct?" "Yes, correct. While supposedly you use magic... we used technology." "Technology... perhaps you'll have to teach me more about that. By the way Deadeye, I have a question for you. What happened to your left eye?" Mason let out a small gasp. "What? How did you know?" "Deadeye, when I was mending your wounds, I could sense the damage you took through the ether... it picked up the damage to you eye as well, though I could do nothing about it." Mason removed his sunglasses, revealing an eyepatch. "Well... if you really have to know... I lost it in a torture session a couple months ago." "Torture session? What did you even do to warrant that? And receive torture that bad?" "No offense Amber... but that's still a little too soon for me to share. Too much has happened to me recently... and I just don't mean here." There was a pause. "I understand... I won't pry Deadeye." "That said Amber... if you want to learn about my technology, maybe you can help me as well?" "Help out how?" "Well... I was blindsided by magic... and I don't want that to happen again. Perhaps you can teach me about different kinds of magic that I'll could face and maybe help with dealing with being hit by them?" "Are you sure Deadeye? With your resistance... or lack thereof, magic can really do a number on you if you get hit by it." "That's why I want to learn about it... and if possible, build up a... resistance to it? That's what you call it? I don't want to get killed by it if I can help it. I want to be prepared for anything." "Well... if you insist... I guess I can help you out. I don't know how well you can build up resistance, but I can show you a couple spells that you might face." "Thanks Amber... I really do appreciate it." "Of course. It's nice to see someone showing some initiative and common sense in our group Deadeye." Mason paused before quietly saying. "My name's Mason." Amber glanced back at him. "Mason? You said you wanted to keep your name quiet for safety. Why are you telling me this?" He thought over what to say. "Well... given that I know I'm nowhere near my own country... or even world anymore... it should be alright for you to know... and... well... you saved my life. I can trust you." After a brief moment, Amber let out a small smile and looked forward towards the path ahead. "Thanks Mason. That means a lot."
  3. "With no debriefing in the immediate future... I don't see any problems coming along, just give me a minute. I don't want to leave my stuff behind." Mason started walking off towards the bushes he hid his bags in, stumbling on occasion. Amber stayed behind Amber let out a little laugh. "You know, maybe I would like that Judas. Anyone with common sense to want to ditch a beacon sounds alright in my book. But a girl just fainting into your arms? Not to call me paranoid but that sounds a little... you know what, nevermind. I'm going to go grab Shadow and keep an eye on Deadeye. Those wounds of his... they were pretty bad if you can't tell by him stumbling. I've never seen anyone with absolutely no resistance whatsoever." Without another word, she turned and made way to her horse. "So... umm... Deadeye?" "Hmm? What is it... I don't think I ever got your name." "Umm... my name is Eve... I'm sorry we weren't introduced earlier..." "Hey, it's fine. We never really had the time to talk. Now is the time... what did you want to ask?" "You... created thunder... how did you do it?" "That... well..." He pulled out his 1911. "It was this little thing... my ears should still be ringing... I guess Amber fixed that up too." "That little thing... made that much noise?" Eve looked shocked. "Yeah... gunpowder is a hell of a thing." "Gun... powder?" "Umm... yeah... not something you have here, do you? Ah, here they are." Mason tried to pull the bags out of the bushes... but to no avail. "Damn... I guess I'm weaker than I thought... great, I got all my personal effects in these bags." "Umm... I can help with that..." Eve started reaching for the bags. "Eve, those bags easily weigh up to-" His jaw slightly dropped when Eve effortlessly hoisted them up. "How... what... how... you know what? I'd rather not know." Amber rode up next to the duo. "Are you two done? We need to catch up with the others." "Yeah... we're done." "Just so you know, Shadow can't carry all three of us plus your baggage." "It's alright... Amber... I'll walk." She started walking in the general direction the rest of the group went. "With your injuries, you should probably ride with me anyways Deadeye." Amber offered him her hand. Mason hesitated and then took it, struggling to get onto the horse. "Thanks... I feel bad for making Eve carry my stuff." "You're hurt, and it looks like Eve has got it handled. And hey, I doubt she'll run off, but I can stop her if she tries to." "I mean... I'm more worried about chivalry..." "Well, I guess chivalry isn't dead." She spurred the horse next to Eve as the three made their way to the group.
  4. "Magic... as in..." Mason shook his head. "I don't want to answer that question... because right now I'm still processing everything." Glancing around, the surroundings reflecting off his sunglasses, and then looked back at Wymp and Amber. "I... see the battle is already over? Did it really end that quickly?" Amber nodded. "After you killed their leader... they all just surrendered." Even behind the sunglasses the look of surprise was clear on Mason's face. "They just... surrendered? Just like that? Just as soon as I killed him?" "Yep... right at that crack of thunder." After a second, Mason let out a little chuckle. "That is so incredibly stupid. They still had a fighting chance." "You're telling me. Bandits are idiots... though I can think of some other people who make questionable decisions too..." Amber smirked. "Hopefully they're not people that you know personally." Mason picked up his handgun he dropped and slid it back into his holster, and glanced around for the ejected cartridge, picking it up too. "Can't leave spent brass lying around here... can I?" He then stumbled to his feet. "Easy..." Amber steadied Mason. "The magic I worked on you healed you... but you still had your energy drained. It's going to take some time for that to naturally come back." "Worked your magic... you mean that literally or figuratively? Actually... don't answer that... not yet anyways." He sighed and started stumbling down the hill himself, spotting Madon. "Now what Madon? What's the gameplan?" he called out.
  5. Lincium Conventions? Really? That's a 'law?' in this war? I call bull... if you're in a battle and you just casually chat with the enemy in front of you and they have a gun to your head, you deserve to get shot. I hopped to my feet and aimed my pistol at this obviously senile idiot when I saw the purple orb above me. What the hell? Instinct told me to jump to the side, but it was all for naught. Whatever that orb was, it shot out tendrils at me that pierced through my skin, unleashing pain I've never once experienced in my life before. I screamed in pain, and fell limp after they retracted, no longer having the strength to stand. What the hell was that? The gunshot report had Amber focusing on the people on the hill. Figuring she could make herself useful there... and curiosity getting the better of her as to what that was, she made her way towards the hill, blasting a nearby bandit in the process. From what she gathered, the new guy to their group took out the bandit leader all by himself, if that thunderclap was to be believed. Did he have some hidden magic within him? ... the screams of pain and falling limp from the tendrils immediately told her otherwise... he had absolutely no resistance to magic... or the mage was just that powerful. Either way... an ally was down. She broke into a sprint and pushed past Wymp's horse. "Out of the way!" She closed her eyes and focused her rapier on Mason... her view of him in the ether showed wounds all over his body, no doubt from the tendrils... but his life force was weak. She needed to rectify that... now. In less than a minute but what felt like ten... her work was done. She undid most of the damage, though he'd still need to take time to recover naturally. Mason groaned and sat up, rubbing his head. "Ok... what the hell just happened? First there were tendrils... then I was unable to move... and now I feel refreshed. None of that is normal. Seriously, what the hell happened?"
  6. I took a glace around and saw that the only enemies around were the four on the hilltop. Madon and his aid took on the two in armor, so I began a run around the hill to flank the one in the fur coat. It took a lot to ignore my training of blindly running into the open... but seeing as how the enemies didn't have firearms here, I didn't really need to worry about getting eviscerated by machine gun fire, now did I? My approach was swift and silent, but even I'm not a complete ghost in daylight. The one in the furs turned towards me. I stopped my approach near him, waiting for him to make the first move so I could counter that nasty axe of his... and he did. By... talking? "Fools, the lot of you, thinking you can take me on! Once we're done with you all, we'll burn this village to the ground! And afterwards..." He was just... rambling on? What the heck? Did he have a death wish? No matter, I took this opportunity to slash at him with my machete... and my swing hit it's mark, a slice diagonally down his chest... and he seemed to be legitimately caught off guard by what I just did. "What the fuck did you just do? I was talking!" Since he seemed to have no intention of swinging that axe at me yet, I took advantage of his stupidity and struck him again. "What is wrong with you you asshole!? You're supposed to listen to my-" Idiot. I swung again... but I seemed to have pissed him off, he managed to bring his axe around and struck my machete, knocking it out of my hands and me to the ground from the stagger. Damn... I didn't want to do this... "You're worse than scum, interrupting a bandit leader like you just did. Now you shall pay with-" He failed to realize I was far from harmless. I had taken advantage of his stupidity once again to unzip my jacket, and in one swift motion I pulled out my backup weapon from it's shoulder holster... a two tone silver and black weapon with beautiful rosewood grips, the sound of it's slide being racked, and followed by what could best be described as the sound of thunder. My aimed shot with my M1911 hit true. It took the wounds I inflicted on that bandit leader and blew them open from the impact with a small burst of blood. The aftermath had him crumple to the ground without fanfare... no doubt about it: he was dead. At least he was spared from his ears ringing from the report of the gunshot.
  7. So... pegasi... the horses of myths... are real? Either I'm somehow on a really bad trip or... I honestly don't know. Just gotta play it by ear for now. Though with... Nodite? Interesting name... Nodite sniffing my bag, I let out a chuckle. "Well... if he's hungry... he's not going to find anything in there to eat... anything nutritious and safe to eat anyways." Madon dropped an interesting name in his following conversation: Erasmia. Either that's what they call Europe, and I should be safe from extradition... or something seriously messed up happened and I'm far, far, far away from home. No matter, now was not the time... if what they say is true people are going to need their help... my help as well I guess. "We get this done... maybe we can talk a little more." Soon we had approached the village. I stashed my gear in a nearby bush for safe keeping, and advanced with the others. "Madon... I just want to be clear before I go charging in there: I'm not used to fighting people with axes or swords... but I'm still decent in hand to hand... let me make my own moves, for I'm pretty sure my training and tactics are much different than what you follow... and are less likely to get me killed." I had drew my machete... normally not my primary but desperate times call for desperate measures... and because nobody has hearing protection... joy. I had split off from the main group and hopped a fence behind some buildings. All my training, running out into the open would get me killed. Instead, I skulked through the shadows and around the boxes behind those buildings... ambushing a few bandits with swift and lethal strikes. After slaying a couple, had the gall to ambush me... but quick thinking and situational awareness meant his initial swing missed with my dodge and I dueled him with my machete. Compared to the other dullards I had slain this one had some smarts. The clang of steel against steel echoed through the air... until the bandit suddenly had an arrow sticking out of his neck and slumped to the ground. With the bandit dead, I quickly glanced around to check for more... and saw the lady with the red and black hair, holding her bow. "Are... are you alright?" "Yeah, I'm fine miss. I probably could've handled it... but thank you... thank God you didn't hit me." "That's why... I waited for a clear shot..." "So a deadeye like me then... good to have you around then." "Umm... thank you... there's more bandits nearby..." She made her way down some buildings back towards the center of the village. Agreeing with her, I decided to head down another one and stopped near the exit to the main roads, observing the battle going on and planning my next move.
  8. Now that I had gotten a closer look at the group... they looked like a group fresh out of one of those renaissance festivals... and was that a flying horse? God... now I've seen everything. I sheathed my machete as the one who called himself Madon spoke to me, requesting my help and my name. "Well Madon... I'll have to apologize, but names can be a very powerful... and very dangerous... node of information. And with bad things that have happened to me not too long ago, you'll have to make do with my nickname... I go by Deadeye. I hope that'll suffice for now. Now... bandits overtaking a village?" I returned my backpack to my shoulders and hoisted my duffel bag. "Yeah sure... I was making my way there when I got... sidetracked. If there's more of those idiots there then having someone watch my back would be much appreciated. Now... I couldn't help but notice... flying horses? I've never seen anything like that before where I'm from. If the saying was "when horses fly" instead of "when pigs fly" I'd be finding myself a very rich man right now." I extended my hand out towards Madon for a handshake. "Anyways... glad to see a friendly face out here Madon."
  9. The commotion on the road that the group had seen involved three bandits and a man who was dressed in, what you could say, clothes that were completely out of place. Cargo pants, t-shirt and a jacket with the words "Caterpillar" for the company of the same name going down the right sleeve, and not to mention a baseball cap with that logo. His eyes were blocked by a pair of sunglasses, and had both a backpack and duffel bag with him. One thing after another... and I can't just seem to catch a break... just trying to get to the nearest town and of course these three blockheads have to harass me. "Hey! Quit your daydreaming and pay attention!" one of them shouted at me, pointing his axe towards me. "Look man, I don't care who you are-" I tried to explain again. "You should. We own these roads. If you're passing by here, you need to pay a toll. And the toll is everything in those bags of yours, or your life." Rude. "Look, for the last time... I don't care. I'm not paying a damn toll. Let me be on my way or it will end badly." "You're right, it will end badly. Because this is your last chance. Pay up. Now." I sighed. I didn't want it to come to this. "Alright... fine." I dropped my duffel bag to the ground and took off my backpack... and took a deep breath. The moment had to be right... and... I tossed it at this so-called bandit in front of me, catching him off guard and knocking him to the ground from the unexpected weight. The bandit on his left charged me with an overhead swing of his axe, I sidestepped it and in one swift stroke drew my machete and razed him right across the throat, killing him. I grabbed his axe and used it to block the swing of the third bandit, and with a twist of motion I had the axe in my hand swinging around and nailing him in the back. Two down, one to go. The first had heaved the bag off him and was getting up, a quick kick to the upper chest had him flat on his back again, and my boot was now to his neck. "I guess I am paying your toll with life... your lives." With a twist of my ankle and a sickening crunch... that made three dead bandits. I let out a sigh and looked around... great... a group of witnesses in the distance. Maybe I can explain this was all self defense?
  10. Amber and Eve likewise gave Owend silent, judging stares. However, Amber being Amber, she spoke her mind. "Owend, that must be the most inane and illogical thing ever. How would someone even come back from the future without messing things up and erasing themselves from existence?"
  11. Amber and Eve took up the rear echelon of the merry little band of Madon's, at Eve's request. Which suited Amber fine, she acknowledged she pissed off Madon, but in her defense, she was testing the waters of her new compatriots. The two spent the ride in small talk, getting to know each other. And then the javelin came flying by. Amber immediately began scouting the area for where it came from. Eve thought she saw someone, but it was a fleeting glance and thus she didn't bring it up. And upon hearing that Madon was a father... well... "Seriously? A father? Nothing in my knowledge of Isore said... oh... oh hell no! You didn't... not last night! If you did, I swear to God there will be unending hell..." She blinked. "Wait a minute... how would that even work? Nothing could've happened in less than twelve hours to make him a father... or me a mother..." Her eyes glanced downwards. "Me as a mother... could I even do that? Would I even be a good one?"
  12. Amber listened in bemusement at Madon's orders, and upon Wymp calling her Sophia, she interjected with her monologue. And she really put on the theatrics. "Oh, forget about the whole Sophie thing Wymp. That's just my drinking name. Now, everyone! Since I have now been conscripted into your forces, you might as well get to know me! There should be no secrets between comrades after all! My name is Amber, and I am a mage and a cleric, all bundled up into one." She was announcing as she waltzed through the room, clearly because Madon gave her the "I'm done with your shit" look. "And since we're being honest, let me just say that I was going to come along with you all anyways! After all, Madon here had gotten himself fatally injured, and had I not come across him when I did, he would've died! That would have been terrible, so it's a sure good thing that didn't happen." She looked at Madon with a playfully evil grin on her face. "So I traveled with him in case something disastrous like that happened again. I guess now I'll have to keep my eye on all of you in case any of you decide to try and die like he did." Upon finishing that sentence she found herself right up next to Madon, and lowered her voice. "Oh, and by the way Madon... since you're 'conscripting' me, let me just be clear on something. I may be a cleric... but I know how to make recover hurt like a bitch. So you might want to consider how you treat your only cleric, mmkay? Now then, since everyone is getting their horses, I'll just go and get mine since it's farther away! And while I'm at it, I'll look for Eve in the process." She then yanked Eve's cloak off Madon and bolted for the door. "She'll probably want this back. Do svidaniya!" And with that she was gone. Wymp, upon the end of the theatrics, started a small prayer. "God... would it be alright for me to commit just one murder in cold blood?" He paused for a minute. "What do you mean no!? You see how she's acting! Seriously, just let me take Madon's lance and impale her through the-" He fell silent again like he was cut off. "Ok... fine... I won't..." It didn't take Amber long to find Eve, she was literally standing outside the exit of the building, and with a single hand motion was following Amber to her horse. "Hey Eve, did you have a good night? By the way, here's your cloak back." She passed the cloak over to Eve. Eve took the cloak and put it on. "Thanks Amber... was the Exarch done with it?" "You could say he was." Amber chuckled. "He was mad at me though and I don't know why." "What did you do?" Amber shrugged with a playful smile. "I didn't do anything. He was just mad at me. So I got your cloak and ran." Eve giggled, knowing Amber wasn't telling the truth. "Whatever you did... must've been funny." "You know it was." She laughed. "Apparently I've been 'conscripted', according to him... not that I care anyways. I'm still gonna do what I want." "Good for you... I... wouldn't let him tie me down either..." The two walked and talked for a short distance as they approached a shady corner of town. Not that it was a dangerous place or anything... but it was literally a shady area at the corner of the town. It was there Amber had her horse tied up. "I thought... umm... you were putting him up in a stable?" "I had planned on it, but the stables were full, so I found this nice spot and left him here. A little fresh air never hurts him. He's used to it." She mounted her horse and helped Eve up, and the two rode off and out of the town to wait for the rest of the Grey Knights.
  13. "Yeah, I have one. Why must you be so loud?" Amber called out from the corner where she was sitting. "Don't you know it's rude to be loud when someone has a hangover? And another question, where am I? This doesn't look like the luxury inn I supposedly rented last night." She loved feigning this stupidity, got her information when nobody was the wiser. "Oh, and one more question: you just planned an important strategy meeting in front of a stranger... do I get to come along?" She said with a smirk. "After all, the Valley is dangerous... never know who might come along with a lance and try to impale you." She then got to her feet and stretched, eyeing the room for potential hostilites now that she wasn't 'drunk'.
  14. While everyone partied in the room below, Eve sat alone on the rooftop above, gazing up at the stars. People tended not to look up, and even if they did, Eve wasn't exactly making herself visible to the people below. "The stars sure are beautiful tonight." "They sure are Eve... no matter how many times I see them, it's still a breathtaking view." "Sometimes I wish I could just fly up to one and bring it home with us so we can see one whenever." Eveline chuckled. "Yeah... I wish it were that easy... but there's already so many complications as it is..." "I know... but... I know. I wonder if one day we'll ever be able to venture up there to the stars... and even beyond them. There is that great void to explore past them." "Maybe one day we will Eve. You know as much as anyone I'd love to do that with you. But one day... if we live to see the day... I bet we will." There was silence between the two. "Hey Eve? What do you think of that Amber girl?" "I think she's peculiar. Like us. Makes me think we can get along. What about you Eve?" "I was thinking the same thing... I also think she's hiding something like us. I doubt she's a dragon girl as well... but what a scene that would be if she was!" It was Eve's turn to chuckle. "That would be a scene indeed. Still... I want to be careful... I don't want to befriend everyone just because of a good first impression." "Yeah yeah, I know. I wouldn't expect anything of less." "...I feel like singing Eve... you mind singing our duet?" "Is that even a question? Of course I wouldn't mind singing it with you." Eve and Eveline spent most of the night in their little duet... even though it was all in their head.
  15. With a laugh and a sly smirk as she watched Owend stumble away and collapse on Wymp, she looked at Madon head on and loudly proclaimed "Plans? Who makes plans? I just drink... and drink... and... and... You got owned! Hail to the queen, baby!" She then winked at Madon and stumbled her way over to the corner of the room, and slumped down to the floor. She more or less passed out at that... or so she lead people to believe. She instead starting thinking. Owend started stammering out a name familiar to her. Obviously, Owend was hammered and couldn't even say Amber's drinking name right... but it still invoked some memories of Amber's past... Memories she wasn't exactly thrilled to be remembering.
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