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  1. T.C. listened to the exchange between the shopkeeper and the group she was talking with. He could've just walked away, and it seemed like that was what Alicia wanted to do, but he couldn't help himself. Something about this exchange reeked of adventure, one that could turn out another interesting artifact or weapon for his collection perhaps? And how could he say no to someone who needed help? "Excuse me, I apologize for listening in on your conversation." He finally said, stepping up to the two parties. "But you've caught my interest." "Milord..." He waved a hand, a polite gesture to let him talk. "So you're looking for magical help. Now, I wouldn't exactly call it magic myself, but I do have an interesting skill set that you could find most useful. I would offer a demonstration right now, but it would probably not be wise to do so in such a crowded environment. All I would ask in return is perhaps another collectable from your wares. Something to make it worth my while, you know? You're free to turn me down, and I will be fine with walking away forgetting this entire conversation ever happened. What do you say?" He cocked his head slightly after offering the deal.
  2. "Katie, wake up, you got mail!" The red eyes of the sleeping girl on the couch snapped open as she sat up. The movie she was watching had long ended. "Hello Kathy." She placed the letter on the counter and started digging through the fridge. "Another one of your missions?" "Most likely." Katie got up and tore open the letter and read it. Meet at the usual place at 18:00. Bring Kathy, you'll want the support. "I take it you can't tell me what it says, as usual?" Kathy popped open the microwave and started heating up a hot pocket. "It says to meet a contact, and to bring you along." Kathy turned around, wide eyed. "That's the first time you've ever told me what one of those letters says." "Yeah, well..." She tossed it into the fire place, "...this is the first time it's ever mentioned specifically to bring you along." "I guess that's true. What time do we have to meet this contact?" "Eighteen hundred hours." "That's still a couple hours away." The microwave dinged. "Tell you what, let me eat this, and then we can play some games with eachother until then." "I'm alright with that, I'll get it set up!" ---------------------------------------- "Are you Katie and Kathy?" The man asked as the duo approached. "Yes, we are. Are you the contact?" It was a pointless question for Katie. She knew this man well, he was one of her handlers from the Mint. But Kathy didn't know that, nor could she know for her own sake. The man looked back and forth, before lowering his voice to a whisper. "I got word that there's this alternate dimension that is under attack by these strange creatures. I've heard rumors that you're one of the best there is Katie, and wanted to request your help in clearing them out so we can safely travel over there." The twins looked at eachother. Katie's face remained motionless, while Kathy's had a grin on her face. It was enough for Katie, not that she had a choice anyways. "Yeah, we can do that." "Excellent. From what we gathered the place is in a land called "Weland", but aside from that, we don't know anything. You'll still have access to your magical powers, but you won't be able to access power that's stored here... not that you've ever needed it." Katie knew exactly what that meant. Her Black Coin wouldn't be able to save her if she needed it, which she hasn't yet. Kathy though, was a little more concerned. "So that means I wouldn't be able to have my Puchuu help me?" "Unfortunately no. But if you're the twin of Katie, I'm sure that won't be a problem for you." Both the twins blushed a little. "Now... I wish both of you luck... you'll need it. Come back alive." He pulled a device out of his pocket and pressed a button on it, a cliche purple swirling portal appeared next to him. Kathy grabbed Katie's hand and they leapt through the portal together. ------------------------------------ When the duo appeared in the new land, they were in an alleyway. Both transformed at the same time. Katie stood there in her frilly black dress, Kathy in her red one. Katie's VKS was floating behind her back, her two 6P9s at her side, while Kathy was holding her MG42 with her two Lugers floating by her side. The shadows of the alley clung to Katie as she walked to the end of it and peaked out into the street. Nothing like it was back at home. Kathy peeked out the other way. "So much for subtlety. I'll stick out like a sore thumb with these guns..." "No different than back at home." "I guess you're right. Well, these creatures aren't gonna eradicate themselves. I'll take point." The twins walked out of the alley and started down the street, Kathy walking ahead of Katie with her MG42 at rest, and Katie right behind her with one of her 6P9s drawn. Due to the shadows, it looked like Kathy was walking alone, but a second glance one could notice the other right behind her.
  3. Like I said... we'll see
  4. Oh, I don't know... They might be friends... at first XD
  5. I just realized my Val experience is just like my job at FedEx.

    Work: Up to an hour of waiting, followed by half the unload getting called at once and having to move it all as fast as possible.

    Val: Days of waiting, followed by every thread I'm in requiring my post at once XD

    1. Mickey Flash

      Mickey Flash

      It can definitely feel like that sometimes.

  6. Now our characters could be best of friends. That is If you want Arashi to be friends with a bloodthirsty maniac XD
  7. Metty Metty Metty, this is why you plan ahead. And why my Manakete is disguised as an Archer when I introduce her XD
  8. Thud. Thud. Thud. His footsteps shook the ground with each step. Not that he noticed, not that he cared. He's been like this for as long as he could remember. People steered clear of him. Why would they not? A 7' tall walking diving suit is nothing to scoff at, especially when your right forearm was replaced with a drill. Not that it mattered to him, he couldn't remember a time before he even had it. It would also help if he could think coherently as well, something he was not created to do. He was looking for someone actually. He had seen a woman who was looking for help earlier, but wasn't able to communicate with her before she vanished. It was kinda hard to communicate too, when all you can do is emit whale like moans. It was all but impossible. In fact... It stopped. Ahead of him was a man and a little girl. The man was chastising the girl for something, and then he hit her. He hit her. Hehitherhehitherhehitherhehitherhehitherhehitherhehitherhehitherhehitherhehitherhehitherhehitherhehitherhehitherhehitherhehitherhehitherhehitherhehitherhehitherhehitherhehitherhehitherhehitherhehitherhehitherhehitherhehitherhehitherhehitherhehitherhehitherhehitherhehitherhehitherhehitherhehitherhehitherhehitherhehither- UNACCEPTABLE The lights on his mask turned from yellow to red. With a mighty roar that certainly caught everyone's attention, he began a charge at the man. Despite his size and weight, he got moving at a good clip. The man what was coming to him and could only throw his hands up in defense by the time the Bouncer had approached him. It did little to defend him though as he was backhanded by the drill and sent flying into a wall. Adjusting his direction of charge, the lumbering dive suit shoulder tackled the man, sending both of them through the wall. BD stood up, revved his drill up to speed, and impaled the man as he laid there. After a few seconds of drilling, he stopped his drill and removed it, letting out a victorious roar. The monster had been defeated. But as he turned around, he saw that the little girl was gone. He let out a sorrowful moan. Every time he saved a girl, any girl, they always ran away, and he could never figure out why. He glanced back into the building he was in one last time, and there he saw the woman he had seen earlier. Was it chance? Or was it just blind luck he would meet her again here? He stomped his way over to her, the lights on his mask turning green, and let out a gentle moan. He was hoping this one would be accepting of his help.
  9. Got my sheet done!
  10. Name: Bouncer Alias: Big Daddy Race: Big Daddy Age: Unknown Gender: Presumably Male Marital Status: Single ------------------------ Physical Characteristics Height: 7' Weight: Very heavy Build: Large Hair Color: None Hair Length: None Hair Style: No Hair to speak of Eye (Port) Color: Shifts between red, yellow, and green Skin Tone: Metal Dive Suit Distinguishing Marks: Basically a Big Daddy Bouncer, but his own custom paint job of all black. Appearance: ------------------------ Personality Basically a walking diving suit, the Big Daddy was designed to be a protector of a little sister, but on this particular Big Daddy something different happened. It still retained free will, but it still had a severely low IQ, basically dumb muscle. It cannot talk, only emit moaning noises like a whale. The quickest way to enrage it is to threaten a little girl. In combat, it will do everything to get close and wreck someones insides with twisted steel, but is also capable of some basic thought, such as using plasmids to it's advantage or grappling to another ledge to flank. ------------------------ Abilities As a Big Daddy, the suit provides many benefits. It can withstand very high pressures and cold due to being a diving suit, and despite looking (and being) heavy, it can move at a good pace and can pack a wallop with enhanced strength. The metal provides great protection from attacks too. A very rare Big Daddy that is not of the Alpha Series to have access to plasmids, which are explained below. ------------------------ Weapons Name: Drill Type: Twisted Steel Other: High speed twisted steel that can wreck someone's insides. It also has a high strength steel cable stored inside it, allowing it to be used as a grapple for the BD. Name: Plasmids Type: Elemental 'magic', really just genetic rewriting to allow power use Kinds of plasmids: Incinerate - Can shoot fire from it's hands, or deliver a flaming punch Electro bolt - Can shoot out a lightning bolt Winter Blast - Can freeze ground or shoot a ball of ice that can freeze what it contacts Insect Swarm - When sufficiently raged, it can unleash a swarm of bees to disorient and attack a target. However, the swarm will target everything but him so friendly fire is an issue, and he's smart enough to avoid that.
  11. I'm an Fairchild Republic A-10 Thunderbolt II I can do what I want BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRT XD
  12. I'll get to it either tonight or tomorrow, I got things to do, Rapture to explore, another thread to reply to too
  13. I'm insulted you didn't include me in all the tags. You know I'm waiting until the next round. Hmph XD
  14. Hello everyone! With Panda's permission I'm gonna be joining into this story once the split takes place. I'll be using my twinned Magical Girls, Katie and Kathy. Sheet here: Since they have their own lore (Katie especially, there's more to her than meets the eye, though neither of them know it), they're a little different than the other magical girls. Not needing relics but can still benefit them, and being supportive of the hososhi.
  15. TFW you want to change your avatar but you've already cemented yourself in a roleplay called "You are now your avatar" so you have to keep it as it is otherwise you'll change from an anime girl to something else XD