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  1. Now you might be wondering: "What exactly happened to Mason when he got separated" Well, here's the full story:
  2. "Hey, you up for splitting up? We can do some good work out of them!" It took Mason a moment to realize that Tolok was talking about him. No... that's not a good idea... can't risk anybody finding out... he looked to Amber, who seemed to have gotten the attention of Innes, and then to Eve, who was striding off with the Ebon Knight... almost... too eagerly. And there was no way he was going to try to go with Wymp, after that little fiasco with a pouch of sand. If he's that danger prone, then something bad might happen to Mason. Can't risk that somehow the pocket sand blowing off his swimsuit. Madon and Jill? Mason didn't have a death wish. There was a quiet sigh. Mason really didn't have any other choice, did he? "Alright, fine, we'll go together. Just... try not to get separated, ok? Not having someone watch your back could be fatal." And somehow Mason got separated from Tolok, though that in and of itself is a story of itself. When Mason finally found Tolok again, he found him standing in the middle of a semi-circle of six holes, palm tree posed to strike. "Tolok? What the hell are you-" Before Mason could finish his sentence, an enemy soldier popped his head out of one of the holes, and Tolok bashed the soldier back into it with the palm tree. This repeated multiple times. "-doing..." God. Damn. Wack-a-Soldier. "God damn it, what the hell is wrong with this festival?" Amber frowned at who she was dealing with... the lecherous pervert. She wasted no time unleashing venomous words against her new partner. "Listen here you pervert, I am not calling you Wanker. I don't care if you are one. Actually, you are one. But I don't care, I am not calling you that, Innes. Second off, if you make one comment about somebody sticking something up somebody's happy place, I will ragnarok you back to the stone ages, understand? Yes, I am that mage who stopped Jill some time ago, so you should know I'm fully capable of doing just that." She let out a sigh as she caught her breath and composed herself, and then noticed the soldiers that were approaching the shack. "Well, try not to fall behind. I know you perverts tend to lose focus easily." She ran past Innes, smacking him with her tuna as she did so, and performed a jumping strike against one of the soldiers. Eve was her quiet self until they were out of range of the others, before she straightened up her posture and her tone of voice quite drastically changed. "The Knight clad in ebony armor, it's so good to see you again. I was worried that I wouldn't run into you again, we never did finish our sparing session, did we?" She let out a flirtatious smile. "What, don't be so surprised I recognized you. It's plainly obvious who you are. I'm not so sure why the others couldn't... but I guess that speaks for their intelligence, no? Onto more pressing matters... I would love to continue fighting with you, but alas, these annoying insects must ruin all the fun... perhaps if we mop up our area quickly enough we can engage in a little... fun times?" There was a glint in her eyes as she said that. A few moments later, she extended her arm, stopping the Ebon Knight dead in his tracks... and saving him from an eruption of water and fish just in front of him. Eve started pouting. "Of course we'd get the mages... they don't even put up a good fight... they just go pop..." She turned to face the EK and flashed a devious grin. "With your armor, you're never going to get to them in time before they waterlog you. Let me just help with that..." She then picked up the Ebon Knight quite effortlessly, and yeeted him at the closest mage, and then ran towards another mage herself.
  3. Mason and Amber hurried back to the group, or at least, the people who were still around. "Everyone, we have a..." Amber paused as she gazed at the man in swimtrunks over armor. She couldn't recognize him at all. Just who was this mysterious man. Mason, unsure why Amber was staring so intently at the Ebon Knight, continued in her stead. "There's a problem, we were just attacked by what we believe to be a scout." Amber finally shook her stupor. "If it was indeed a scout, the festival could be in danger of being assaulted. We need to let someone-" She was cut off by the sound of an explosion, and an ominous red skull that appeared in the sky for the briefest of instances. "It was a scout..." Mason muttered. "We don't even have any weapons, and my magic isn't all that powerful without my rapier." "Where's the legate? We need to get our weapons back." "Umm... no you don't..." Amber and Mason wheeled around. "Eve? What are you doing here? I thought you were someplace else... actually... when did you get here?" "I've... I've always been here..." There was a brief pause before her voice suddenly changed. "There's no time to talk about where I've been." "Eve?" "Hush." She pointed at a nearby shack filled with all sorts of beach themed objects. "Grab one of the beach balls." "Why would I-" "NOW." Completely caught off guard by Eve's sudden change in personality, Mason submitted and grabbed one, and right as he did so, a soldier appeared, dressed just as strangely as the scout they saw, and wielding a beach umbrella. Eve's voice once again changed back to normal. "Throw it at him." "Again, why would I-" Eve sighed, grabbed the beach ball out of his hand, and threw it at the soldier. There was an explosion of blood as the beach ball hit the soldier and he fell over, dead. And disappeared just like the scout. The beach ball returned to Eve's hand and she gave it back to Mason, who was slack jawed at what he just saw. "Everything... everything in this shack... has been modified to be a weapon... so... we can use anything here..." Mason was staring at the beach ball from hell that he was holding. "I... I guess I'll take this then?" Amber, just as surprised, walked over and picked up a giant tuna. "For some reason this is calling out to me." Eve just simply picked up the nearest beach chair. "I'll... take this..." "I guess... grab your 'weapons' and split up? We'll be able to protect more of the festival this way."
  4. Away from the festivities and other people, the sounds of cheer were faint as Crystal!Mason and Amber sat alone on a towel by the waves, watching them roll in and out. It was quiet, and peaceful. With how awkward things were for them both at the moment, they preferred it that way. The sooner the festival was over and they could get out of their ridiculous swimsuits, the better. "Sorry I ruined the festival for you Mason. I know you're wishing to not have to be wearing a swimsuit like that." "Amber, it's me who should be apologizing. I'm stuck like this, but I didn't have to pick out a swimsuit like that for you. Though... deep down it felt satisfying getting some revenge." Amber let out a chuckle. "Revenge for what? It took very little convincing for me to get you into a disguise like this in the first place." Mason just waved his hand, flustered. "But... You... well... what can I say? You put up such a halfhearted argument I felt a little bad. Besides, we didn't really have much time and I couldn't think of anything else. And, well... screw Glia and their hatred of men." "You gotta admit though... you look good dressed like that." He couldn't make eye contact in response as he bashfully pushed her. "S-Shut up." There was silence between the two for a moment. "Embarrassment aside, this is kinda nice. It's been a long time since I could just... sit down and relax. Makes me with I was in a boat with a fishing pole." "You're a fisherman?" "Yeah. My old home had quite the lake behind it. I can't tell you the hours I spent there casting away while on leave." "Do you miss your old home at all?" "I miss my brother. But... I don't really miss my home. Call me crazy, but this world is already growing on me. I feel right at home here." He then mused, "At least here I don't have an entire nation out for my head." "Hopefully they don't figure out where you've gone. I'd hate to see yet another nation here vying for power." "You and me both." He paused. "You know... I think I'm starting to get over this whole swimsuit fiasco. Why don't we go enjoy the festivities? Sitting here is nice and all but... well... we can sit on a beach any old day of the week." "Yes, I agree. What would you like to do?" "Heck if I know, I've never been to this festival before. Here, let me help you up." Mason stood up, and right as he did so an arrow came flying in and impacting the back of his knee, causing him to let out a cry of pain and drop to the sands. Had he not stood up, the arrow surely would have impacted where his heart was. "MASON!" Amber quickly wheeled around and saw the culprit of the attack: A man in some odd looking clothes, ones she's never seen before, holding a bow. Without her rapier, her magic was unfocused, but she still unleashed a quick bolt of fire, striking the man and knocking him over, dead. He then vanished in a flash of light. With Mason hurt, she didn't have time to question this. She instead turned her attention over to him. "Bastard got me in the back of the knee... can you still use your healing magic without your rapier?" "I mean..." She hesitated. "I... I can but I have to make physical contact in order to do so." "I don't care, this hurts like hell... just get ready to after I..." He yanked the arrow out. "A seashell?" He said through gritted teeth. Indeed. The arrow was not a typical arrow. Instead the tip had been replaced by a seashell. "How does... nevermind." She then placed her hands on his wound and closed her eyes. Physical healing was always painful for her because she could feel the deeper feelings of the target. Usually, the pain they endured was pain she now had to endure. But this time, it was a bit different. While she still felt the pain, she felt soothing waves wash over her mentally as well. A first, she could never recall anyone like this before. Perhaps it was because he had very little magical resistance? Before long, the bleeding had stopped and the wound was closed, nary a trace to be found of it. The arrow, somehow, disappeared as well. "Thank you Amber... you keep helping me like this and I'll never be able to owe you back all the favors I do." "Think nothing of it. But... that man... and that arrow..." "Yeah, it has me bugged too. A scout, perhaps?" "If it's a scout, then the festival may be targeted for an attack. We should warn somebody." "Agreed. Let's go." The duo clambered to their feet and started making their way back to the others.
  5. Eve waited for a moment before reaching into her bag and briefly revealing the shard that was mentioned, before putting it back. "Of course... I have the shard... I wouldn't give it... to anyone..." Eve's words were directed at Orsola, before turning to look at Olivia. "But... uhh... what's wrong with the trebuchet? I... I think it would be... a good plan... I could... even help set it up..." "You just want to build another weapon, don't you?" "I... I think we could make it work... we... launch ourselves... or... maybe launch just me..." She then frowned. "But... materials..." She sighed. "I... understand you... want to use... a pegasus... but animals... don't really like me. I don't think... it'll like me... riding on it's back..." Eve then approached the pillar itself, then gazed upwards. The rock face was unforgiving, but she stared at it with great interest. She was unresponsive for a few minutes before speaking, her eyes locked to the pillar. "I think... I can climb it. You... you go ahead and fly up... I'll... meet you up there." Before a word of protest could be spoken, she was already gripping the rock face, making quick, careful calculations. Grabbing a rock here, putting a foothold there. Her motions were fluid, and despite the dangers the pillar's face represented, Eve showed no hesitation as she clambered up the rock pillar at a decent pace.
  6. Eve sat on the beach, just out of reach of the waves that rolled against the sand. She sat alone, with just herself as company. For her, it was peaceful, yet discomforting. "I never understood the beauty of beaches... even being at one now, I don't see the appeal." "Believe me, I don't either. Who likes to immerse themselves in seawater?" "I know. And this sand... it's killing me." "I hate it too. It's coarse and rough and it's getting everywhere. And this is what people call ideal vacation spots?" "Thank goodness we never lived near one. But..." "But what Eve?" "I feel like this would be more enjoyable with people we knew." "Eve, you know that's physically impossible. Though I do agree with your sentiment. Perhaps the beach would have charm with others to enjoy it with." "Yeah... like him..." Eve physically let out a sly smile as she mentally responded to herself. "Maybe one day we'll get to enjoy that then. But for right now, didn't you agree to help... what's her face?" "Orsola? Yeah, I did. I guess we shouldn't keep her waiting." Eve patted her handbag. "She did say she'd need this." Eve got up and dusted the sand off herself, thankful that it was easy to clean off, and set off. After some walking, Eve saw two figures in the distance. "You know Eve, I'm so glad you decided to wear this swimsuit. It really accents our body and... oh, is that them?" "It looks like it... they don't see us. Like usual." Eve approached behind them, as they were looking off into the distance. After a moment of not being notice, she suddenly spoke out. "Hello there."
  7. With the crack of dawn the day after, the festival was due to begin shortly. The party slowly filtered out from their rooms. Crystal was one of the first ones to emerge, fully uncomfortable in a two piece swimsuit. Amber shortly followed afterwards, even more uncomfortable. "I hate this." Amber quietly whispered to Crystal. "At least we're both uncomfortable." Crystal paused, glancing over Amber once again. "You look good by the way." "Shut up." After a few minutes, the rest of the party was out of their rooms, including Eve... who was not only the last one out, but wearing the exact same swimsuit as Amber. "Oh... Amber... you chose... this swimsuit too?" "Unfortunately so." "Well... umm... I thought it looked good... so I chose it... if you're wearing it too... I guess I made the right choice...?" Eve's face was a tad red. "See? Told you Eve. It's a good swimsuit." "You... think it looks good?" Eve didn't get a chance to reply before the legate came and fetched the group, leading them towards the opening ceremony on the beach. They arrived at the same time as three very familiar figures, each clad in their own swimsuit: Innes, Jill, and the Ebon Knight (who, contrary to everyone else, was wearing his armor under his swimsuit). Tensions immediately rose, but the legate quickly interposed herself between the two parties. "Before you get any ideas, this is a time of peace so we may all celebrate this festival. Fighting is strictly illegal, so much so that your weapons were all confiscated while you slept." "How did you do that? We would've heard you." "It was quite simple really. I didn't stop moving while I was in your rooms, so you had no chance to detect me." "So you were the one who woke me up last night?" Crystal said in shock. "I have no idea what you're talking about." The legate quickly brushed Crystal off. "Anyways, now that everyone has gathered, we may begin the festivities. The beach is yours to engage in various summer activities, while there is an area set up to eat to your heart's content." And with that, the legate wandered off, leaving the groups to themselves. Crystal let out a sigh. "Well Amber, let's go see what's on the beach. Might as well make the most of things while we're here." "Very well. What are you hoping for?" "Anything to pass the time quicker." The two headed off towards the beach, while Eve silently followed as well, but headed in her own direction.
  8. Mason and Amber were holed away in one of the inn's rooms, arguing back and forth over Mason's current predicament. It was already bad enough Mason had to maintain his disguise longer than necessary, but now he had to go to the extreme? No matter how he tried to figure out how to get out of it, Amber sorrowfully pointed out how it wouldn't work. Mason had to participate, and he had to do it in a two piece swimsuit, much to his chagrin. Though he finally conceded on the grounds he got to pick Amber's as well. Much to her chagrin. Nothing more needs to be said on that topic. Meanwhile, with everyone heading off in their own directions, Eve went off on her own. She drifted through town, checking out all the stalls, weaving between people who didn't even cast her a second glance. Shopkeepers who saw her one minute would find her gone as soon just as swiftly and mysteriously as she appeared. "I've never seen anything like this before." Eve mused to herself. "To think something like this existed." "I must admit, seeing such trinkets crafted out of seashells is... unique, to say the least. But knowing you, these mere trinkets are nothing compared to what you can make." Eve gave a little nod to herself. "I'm already coming up with ideas... not just with shells, but with some of these other oddities as well." "Oh? Now you've piqued my interest." Eveline realize Eve was staring at a mounted swordfish. "One of your ideas?" "Maybe." Eve continued her walk through the market place until she came across a booth at the end, selling mysterious multi-colored orbs. "Welcome! Are you interested in purchasing one of these?" The shopkeeper said after he realized Eve was there. "Umm... what... what are these?" "These, young lass, are called beach balls!" "Beach... balls? Beaches... have balls?" "What an amusing name. Didn't know beaches had balls." The shopkeeper let out an amused chuckle. "No, that's not what that is. A beach ball is a ball you pass back and forth at the beach with friends." "Oh... with... friends..." Eve paused. "I'll... take one..." She placed two gold on the counter and the shopkeeper handed her the ball, and almost immediately afterwards she just disappeared, leaving the shopkeeper confused. Eve continued through the marketplace, holding the beach ball in front of her. "Oh Eve... I know you have no intention of using that ball for playing." Eve smiled to herself. "No... I'm not... but it is for friends."
  9. Upon arrival in Onstade, the group were greeted by the legate, who guided them through the city into a nearby inn. Their path took them through streets in the final processes of being decorated for the upcoming festival. In the lobby of the inn, the legate addressed the group. "As you have royalty among yourselves, this inn is yours and yours alone, you may divvy up your rooms as you see fit. As you could see on your way here, the festival is in it's final preparations and will be ready for tomorrow. You may use the rest of this day as you please, and to pick out a swimsuit for tomorrow if you don't already have one. Crystal!Mason's blood ran cold. "Swimsuit?" "Yes, swimsuit. It is the summer festival after all. Everyone is required to wear one. Crystal!Mason gave a slight glare to Amber as Eve spoke up. "Umm... what if we don't... have one?" "Lucky for you, we have already taken care of that issue. Each room has a wide variety of swimsuits to choose from, in all kinds of styles to suit your needs. Whatever you choose is yours to keep. If there are no other questions you are free to go about your business. Shops are still open if you wish to purchase our wares or have dinner at a restaurant." Crystal!Mason quickly broke off from the group, muttering something about swimsuits, and was soon followed by Amber, disappearing into one of the rooms. Eve, meanwhile, watched them leave, but decided it was best to stay with the group for a bit. Meanwhile, far outside the city limits... "You're back." The man in black armor said to a woman who had just landed her six legged dragon mount. "What's the situation?" "All of them arrived safe and sound, though he's still wearing that ridiculous outfit." "He is? Interesting. Well, if he's still disguised then perhaps it'll buy him more time without suspicion." The woman had climbed off the dragon and pat it's head, before sitting next to the man by the small campfire. "I don't know how well it'll hold up at the festival though." "We'll have to watch and see. It's all up to him and how he acts." "I know... I wish we could go to the festival too." "Perhaps next time. You know we can't risk it." She sighed. "I know, as much as I don't like it." "Just be on standby in case anything happens."
  10. Our journey north to... Onasted? Ontario? All these names are so confusing to me... it's left me some time to think. The fresh air as I stood at the stern of the boat helped clear my head. We were inducted into Gila's... no, Glia's military force... as far as they know anyways. Amber, Eve, and I still have our allegiances to solely ourselves and the Ebon Knight. As long as everyone keeps thinking we're with them, we can try and acquire more of these dragon shards and save this world. For now it's best to keep a low profile while we help out these other places torn by war. Speaking of low profile... my disguise worked out well, as embarrassing as it was. Somehow we even convinced Madon and the others that not only was I Amber's sister, but that I personally had went away. It went somewhat like that essentially. I think anyways. And speaking of my disguise... I'm still a little peeved at Amber at forcing it upon me. Supposedly a simple cloak is the ultimate disguise in this world and she had to go the full nine yards... and then it got worse. I wish she wouldn't tempt fate like that, that's just asking for trouble. This outfit is uncomfortable... and I had severely underestimated how heavy long hair would be. Hopefully, with whatever lies in Austria or wherever we're going up ahead, I won't have to do much more than menial labor and can let this nightmare end in peace. ... why do I have the oddest feeling that someone is reading my thoughts? @EpicRome23@The Fire Heart@saga juliet
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