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  1. Yep, had spring break last week. Lots of fun, went to a tank museum and just slacked off on everything. Really bit me in the butt XD
  2. Sorry to see you go Jack, I wish you well in your roleplaying adventures! I'll get to work on a post asap, sorry I've been busy. I ran away from my responsibilities during Spring Break and it swamped me as soon as it ended XD
  3. Name: Jack Spade Alias: Nomad Race: Human Age: 28 Gender: Male Marital Status: Single ------------------------ Physical Characteristics Height: 6'0" Weight: 210lbs Build: Built Hair Color: Brown Hair Length: medium-long Eye Color: Brown Skin Tone: White Distinguishing Marks: His pilot gear and jump kit, the hatchet he always carries, a circular disk on his left hip, robot arm attached on his left shoulder blade Appearance: ------------------------ Abilities As a pilot, he has a jump kit linked to him which allows him to double jump, slide, wall run, and hover/descend slowly. He is also the sole person who is capable of piloting his titan due to the neural link it requires. He is fast and agile, graceful yet devastating, perceptive, resourceful, and relentless. He has a grapple that allows him to quickly pull himself to walls/roofs or to slingshot him around corners. Because he has been cybernetically enhanced and also because of the jump kit, high speed impacts (like being thrown at walls, falling at terminal velocity, ejecting straight into a roof) do not cause harm to him. He is a crack shot with his sniper and prefers long range engagements, but his wingman and tomahawk ensure he'll put up a fight at close range as well. The robotic arm on his shoulder assists him in slinging his Kraber, and can also be used for menial tasks. The disk he carries is a modified Tick. When deployed, it pops from the disk shape to the bubble shape, and is about knee height. The explosives have been removed, and instead it is used as a remote camera/recon drone. Its only defense is a very weak electric contact shock. ------------------------ Weapons Name: Kraber Type: Straight-Pull Bolt-Action Anti-Materiel Sniper Image Image 2 About: A heavy Anti-Materiel sniper firing 14.5x114mm (.57cal) bullets, it can literally blow holes through people and armor and almost literally kill buildings, but it is crippled by a slow rate of fire, it's unwieldliness, it's loud when fired, and it has a small magazine size of four plus one in the chamber. Name: B-3 Wingman Elite Type: Revolver Image Image (Mid Reload) About: The B3 Wingman Elite is a high powered revolver for when things get "hairy". However, it can also be used out to mid-range due to its accuracy. Six shots with a match trigger bringing trigger pull down to 1.5lbs and an ergonomic grip to ease the recoil. It's reload is odd, as the front moves forward and the rail raises up to eject the hexagonal cylinder and replace it with a new one. Name: Data Knife Type: Knife Image It's a knife, but has circuitry in it that can hack into other devices by inserting the blade into a data slot. However, it's only geared for technology on the frontier that have these slots. The data knife can also be used as a normal knife since the hacking circuitry recedes into the handle to protect it when not in use. Name: Tomahawk Type: Utility/Bladed Image A utility item he uses for survival, but also uses it for melee combat and can throw it as well. E-smoke grenades Type: Defensive smoke grenades Quickly releases a cloud of smoke upon impact that, after a few seconds, electricity starts arcing through it, deterring entrance to smoke. Arcing lasts for half a minute, the smoke a little longer. ------------------------ Short Bio: A nomadic pilot who rejoined the Angel City Elites (ACES) to be with his brother. He is the older of the two, and used to work for ACES. However, he had trouble coping with the frontline work, and left to go on his own to journey and live off the land, hence earning him the title of "Nomad". Upon returning to Angel City one year, he found out his brother had joined ACES and decided to join again, since he hadn't seen his brother since he left. This time he joined up as a heavy sniper/recon man, and pilots a Northstar titan to supplement that. His time out in the wilderness made him adept at his job of reconnaissance, and he prefers working alone or in small groups due to this. He's not as much of his drinker as his brother, quitting after he went off on his own, but he won't say no to a drink either. He's a friendly guy, always willing to offer advice, help, and his input on situations. His past as a frontline soldier still haunts his dreams, which is why he took to the long range job of a sniper so he wouldn't have to get face to face with an enemy unless it was an emergency. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Custom "Angel" class titan. This titan has been upgraded from the normal Northstar Prime titan It still has its dual missile pods, enhanced Viper Thrusters that allow flight, and the Plasma Railgun. In addition to this, changes have been made so that it also has an electrified broadsword taken from a Ronin titan, and an energy Shield emitter on its left arm (giving the appearance of an angel with a sword and shield). Alongside armor upgrades, this titan is still very nimble at a low weight of 35 tons. It's paint job is dull white and greyish-brown camouflage. This, along with the upgrades, has earned the custom chassis the name of "Angel". Specs: 21 ft tall, weighs about 35 tons Weapons: Plasma Railgun Electrifiable Broadsword Missile pods Energy Shield emitter Smoke Canisters Fists
  4. Discord is having server issues
  5. I'll probably go with a heavy sniper/recon pilot of the faction ACEs Armed with a 14.5x114mm caliber Kraber straight-pull bolt-action anti-materiel sniper and a sidearm, he's great for long range engagements, scoping out positions/doing recon, blowing holes through people and armor (literally) and killing buildings (almost literally) He's paired with a Northstar sniper titan to assist his recon (though his titan is MIA at the moment due to the accident that brought him and his fellow pilots here)
  6. Take your time @EpicRome23 Things happen, I eagerly await your post whenever you get it done!
  7. *Dragonkin meets shrimp goddess* *Adventure ends right there due to shrimp goddess being digested* I'll be surprisingly ok with it if that happens XD Anyways Now you mentioned that someone will take her to a pub or someplace to meet a band of adventurers. Is one of us going to be that "someone" who takes her, or are well all at the pub to begin with?
  8. You got my interest, but whether I use "Blackjack" or a shotgunning Stim or sniper phase I'm still deciding. I still got time so I'll think about it, but the only difference between them will be appearance, and weapons they use, and ability they have (Holo can send out holos, stim can jack up speed temporary, etc)
  9. T.C. couldn't help but smirk at the comment the shopkeeper made about the sack of armor, and then nodded when she gave him the price. "You Miss, belong in the category of people I appreciate doing business with. You don't joke around, and you drive a fair bargain." He reached into his cloak and pulled out a small sack. "You do not mind if I pay you in gold coins, do you? I refined these myself, 100% pure gold. It's all I brought with me." As she leaned forward to talk to another customer, he took out what he thought was the proper equivalent (if not a little more) of coin for the price she offered. Each one was about an inch and a half in diameter, and each had the same symbol embossed on it: a pair of crossed lightning bolts. Once she returned to her former posture, he withheld the coins in his hand. He just realized that the other customer was talking about magic. "Your customer mentioned that those crystals were fire crystals. I would guess that fire crystals are magic, correct? It is only logical to assume, given that this customer has also said something about not selling anything, that the box I am interested in buying is at least somewhat magical. Now, as a man who collects many things, I do my research before I accidentally bring home something that could cause the end of my life or my maid's life. Tell me, this box: what's its gimmick? What sort of magic will be released by it if something doesn't go right?" The thoughts of the man who couldn't do business drifted from him as T.C. went into full on collector mode.
  10. @Slank44 you know how horror movies and games go though. Monsters don't go through the door. >.> <.< They come through the wall and get you XD Anyways It's alright @Eagle-77, sometimes things happen that keep you from posting. If you can't post, well, you'll always have a slot available for you when you can finally post again!
  11. @EpicRome23 @Slank44 Throwing random ideas out here But, what if my fears came true? Like it is some horror game shenanigans and something does bust through the wall and drags me back through it before anyone can react? XD It's up to you Black Knight, since you have the idea of what's behind the wall. But I'm down for that if you wanna do that.
  12. I'll get my post up tonight after work!
  13. The question certainly caught me off guard. Honestly, even I didn't know the answer. I was scared out of my wits, walking with the black knight and... this guy who I've only seen in a gif before. Odds are they were just people like me, trapped in another body, but not only did they have weapons, they were probably guys trapped in a guys body. Me? No weapon, no knife, no gun, and trapped in a girl's body and probably would put up a pathetic defense of protecting myself if the situation came to it. Factor in my quiet-at-first behavior and heck, I would make the perfect Sylvie. ... That's... actually kind of a scary thought honestly. ... Right, answer the man's question. "What are you talking about?" I said in a quiet voice. "I'm trapped in a nightmare and the first thing you do is judge me... My M-Master always taught me that you shouldn't judge someone based on first impressions..." Now, I can't tell a full on lie. It's always obvious when I do. But because of that I've become good at being economical with the truth. I deflected the question with a lifelong lesson I painfully had to learn. Plus, if this guy had any idea who Sylvie was, well, he'd know full well she is most comfortable around "Master" Really... the more I think about it the more scary I find it how I'm completely capable of acting like Sylvie. No wonder I could draw parallels so easily between me and her. Thankfully, our conversation was interrupted by a loud creak, and I felt a chill down my spine. We're in the middle of an empty hotel, and there was a loud creak, and there was the potential of something being up ahead. OhGodOhGodOhGodOhGod I was not born with the capability to survive in Silent Hill or Resident Evil like situations. The terror on my face betrayed the fact that I was afraid of something breaking through the wall to grab me. My luck, that was probably gonna be the situation... hopefully whatever it is doesn't eat me right away so I can be scarred for life... what a time for sarcasm. Thankfully I was wearing Mary Janes instead of heels, so my footsteps were quieter than the hunk of armor in front of me. I got a little closer to the Black Knight. Right now, as he was my literal sword and figurative shield, he was my best bet of getting out of this nightmare alive. I then found myself hoping that our other companion was capable of surviving as well... the last thing I need right now is to see a lot of blood flowing from his dying body... ...or from mine. @Slank44 @EpicRome23
  14. Now that Val is finally back up I'll get to work on a post in a couple minutes as soon as I finish up this online midterm!