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  1. Please don't make me bring out my self-consciousness XD
  2. I was mentioned and freaked out thinking it was my turn XD Yeah, I'm after Logan
  3. I offered for Slank to go ahead and post but... well... I don't know. I've been really busy these last couple days. Still am. I could go last this round because it won't really affect much with my post
  4. He is risen!

    He is risen indeed!

    Happy Easter everyone!

  5. Cheesus Crackers seven months? ... I had to go back and verify. Geez. And yet this will still probably be the first roleplay on Val I've been in that'll actually finish...
  6. @Slank44 I'm gonna be at comic con today so go ahead and post. I keep thinking of something to post this round but since my post won't really be affecting much (provided you all don't catch up to the dragon this round XD) Then going out of order this one time won't be a big deal. I really have to apologize though, last week was the first time I've been my busiest since I started college, surprising since I'm graduating in four weeks.
  7. I was gonna post, but I came home with a bum knee I had to take care of. And a headache. And them my new friend started throwing diamonds at me in Story of Seasons. So... yeah... -.- Sorry, couldn't squeeze it in. I didn't even realize it was almost 2:00 until literally just now
  8. Sorry, I didn't have time to get to this yesterday, and I barely have time now before I go to work XD Since you're limiting his powers Kruggles, you're good to go. And same with you Xyflame, you're good to go as well. Now, I gotta go to work. I'll be posting once I get back so... yeah. Get them in now
  9. @XyFlame I take it that's who your avatar is? I can't really tell, I'm sorry. @ezkiel777 I put the source video in a link right underneath it. It's from the iDOLM@STER anime by the way.
  10. interest check

    @XyFlame Yeah you still are. It is open after all. Just mosey over to the OOC and introduce who the person in your avatar is and get some more details.
  11. Ah bugger I keep forgetting to address this. My bad! @ezkiel777 Sure you're welcome to join in. Just remember that the real you is your character, and that you're starting fresh in the world. As in, your initial appearance will start with you waking up there for the first time. You're more than welcome to start with the waking up, or if you wish you can post the "before I woke up" like the rest of us did, which you can sample at the beginning of the thread. I can hold off on my post if you want to go ahead and squeeze in one.
  12. Ah Supernal what I mean by "It never happened" was how I was interested in doing it, though in the end, ultimately nothing came up from it and, since I'm once again back where I started (Not part of the military), it's like I had never joined it to begin with. Sorry I'm terrible at trying to explain things
  13. Well when you get home from work at 10 (on average) and you save your gaming habits for at night, it happens. Of course, there's also the fact I start snacking for an hour And keep telling myself "Just one more iDOLM@STER song/video", but I never listen to myself XD
  14. I know it's my turn. However, I had a really long day, so that's why I wasn't able to post. I was up at nine and didn't have a chance to relax until almost 11:00 last night, only stopping for a half hour to eat lunch. So yeah, I'll get my post up sometime today hopefully. Today is, of course, relative since it's half past midnight XD
  15. Yeah you can go ahead and prune me from it. It... never went the way I thought it would. So... yeah. I'm alright with that. Like it never even happened, yes?