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  1. What are you playing? [Video Game Edition]

    I've recently gotten a recording device so I've been cracking open old retro games to play them all over again and record them. Current retro ones right now are Blast Corps for recording, and Gex 64 for fun. Also some Idolmaster Platinum Stars
  2. For those I RP with.

    If things ever get back in control for both of us Mickey I'd want to get the Were-witch thread started up again. I had high hopes for that one and really regretted having to drop out of it. That's if you'd still be interested in doing it in the future.
  3. Body Switch 2

    I've had my reply planned since... How many years has it been since the last posts were made? XD
  4. OOC You are now your avatar

    I guess I should've brought this up when I did my formal post... sorry. It was my turn, but long story short, I no longer have time for Val writing anymore. New job eats up too much of my time and with what's left I can't get motivated to post anymore. I'm so sorry.
  5. Circumstances force my withdrawal...

    *Salutes back* I'm glad you understand. And here I was looking forward to the many adventures of T.C. and Alicia with a were-witch. Oh well. Such is life It is your turn in the body switch thread by the way XD
  6. Circumstances force my withdrawal...

    I've mentioned it in the discord, I'm making it official here. Due to my lack of free time, I am unable to continue roleplaying. With only four hours of free time a day at the most, and it can take me up to that long to write a post, I cannot find the means or the motivation to continue writing. As much as I would love to do so, I just don't have it in me. If I had known I was going to be working 60+ hours a week not too long ago, I would not have jumped into so many threads. I've already made it clear to @Warlock and @Robbie Rotten about how to proceed with the removal of Big Daddy, and @EpicRome23 I will PM you later on how I want Eve written out of the Emblem thread. If you want you can take over the YANYA thread as well. @Mickey Flash If Body Switch ever gets around to finishing, I'll squeeze in posts for that, just because I want to see it end after what, a year? Too much commitment into that. Unfortunately I won't be able to continue the Were-Witch thread @PandaHat, I really want to do the magical girl thread with you, but I can't make any promises on that either. I'm so sorry everyone, but unfortunately this is a decision I have to make with a very heavy heart.
  7. Legend of the Emblem (OOC)

    I should have a post today or tomorrow. Then again, the Idolmaster game just barged into my life. Anyone know where I can get Hong Kong PSN cards? XD
  8. Legend of the Emblem (OOC)

    I've been super busy with work. First time working twelve hour shifts so I've been out of it. Sorry
  9. Legend of the Emblem (OOC)

    I like the open turn order, but again, common courtesy is why I haven't posted. I was waiting for one other post from someone else before posting again, so there was a two post buffer between my two. While Eve may be attempting to S-rank the Exarch, I'm not gonna have her steal the spotlight by posting every other post.
  10. Legend of the Emblem (OOC)

    Honestly, like I said, I didn't want to post right away because I've kinda been following that "post after every x people" rule even though nobody else is. So I've been waiting for anyone else to post because I kinda thought we had more people here...
  11. Legend of the Emblem (OOC)

    I think we got Mag on a post after this Sunday And Rome has talked with me about getting supports up, but he's waiting on Mag's post as well
  12. Legend of the Emblem (OOC)

    The only reason I suggested it was because nobody else was going to be doing anything XD I really didn't want to post twice in a row pretty much -.-
  13. Legend of the Emblem (OOC)

    Well Vile, In Fire Emblem lore, Bows are super effective against flying units The boss is a flying unit Ergo, it is not unfeasible for the bow to one shot the boss
  14. Legend of the Emblem (OOC)

    I'll send the arrows on their way in the next post. I'll have you write the boss's (anti)-climatic death XD
  15. Legend of the Emblem (OOC)

    I mean, if I go next, I'm going to one shot the boss... and I really don't want to do that -.-