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  1. I stayed at the stern of the boat looking over the water, letting Olivia's stinging words sit in. She wouldn't have to make good on her threat at least... there was no way in hell I'd ever be doing this again. And I'd definitely warn Amber about this so it never comes to it. Why my entire reason for staying hidden may not have been entirely sound... she lived with a guy who does what I'm doing for a living... I wish she'd considered the fact I'd probably be a laughing stock if anybody else found out. I... "H-Hey..." Eve's voice caught me off guard, though I had a sneaking suspicion she was somewhere nearby. "Oh, hi Eve. Were you waiting for me to be alone?" "Umm... yeah... I wanted to talk to you." "Talk to me? What about? Something on your mind?" "Oh... no. Umm... actually... I just wanted to talk about anything... really." "Anything? Well, then I'll let you pick the topic then." "Me? Well... I umm... I wanted to know a little bit more about you... and... I never got to tell you you did a great job dealing with the assassin... which... I hope that makes up for being stuck like this for now." I cracked a small smile. "Yeah... that does somewhat make up for this, hearing it from someone else." I glanced towards where Olivia had left and then back at Eve. "At least someone acknowledges it." "Oh... she hasn't?" "Not that I'm aware of. But... I found the whole thing odd, if you must know Eve." "Odd? How so?" "I've never used anything more than a dagger and my rifle for melee encounters before... yet I wielded that sword like I was training with it all my life." I saw Eve's eyes open slightly. "That's... that's really strange... maybe you're... what is it... a born natural?" "That could be it... or I could just be lucky..." "Or you're the one..." It was quiet, but I definitely heard Eve say something... and it didn't sound like her normal timid voice. "Did you just say something Eve?" This provoked a gasp from her as her face turned a light shade of red and she covered her mouth. "No! Nothing! I was... just thinking to myself... I must've mumbled out loud..." I quizzically raised my eyebrow, and then shrugged. It wasn't my place to pry. "Lost in thought huh? I don't really think it's worth that much thought. An odd phenomenon more than anything." I looked back over the water and then returned my gaze to Eve. "Speaking of swords... that one that lit up when I grabbed it... did you really mean it when you said I could have it after this all blows over?" Eve quickly regained her composure and nodded. "Yes... I did mean it..." "Are you sure? It seems like it's a really rare and special sword... why else would you have something like that?" "I'm... I'm sure... Mason... I want you to have it... it... I think it would... suit you really well... and help you blend in a little more." I wasn't going to argue or turn down a gift. I didn't want to ruin my relationship with one of my allies, so I just shrugged. "If you say so." "Whatever happens Orsola... I think we're all prepared to try and prevent this bad future from happening, no matter the cost." Even if we have to go behind everyone's backs to do so. Amber thought to herself. "Orsola, you said Mason was different in the future." Amber hesitated before she continued. She knew she was venturing into territory she'd best not explore, but it didn't hurt to be wary. "I shouldn't probe into his life like this... but I want to know: how different was he? What was he like?" Amber found it hard to believe that Mason would be any different than what he was now... but then... if he could be different... "And what about me?"
  2. I let out a little sigh. I didn't know how to best describe it. Like many other things that I knew of, it was just so natural that there really wasn't any other explanation other than that's how it was. "Olivia, if you want the honest truth, there really is no proper way to answer your questions." I spoke as I turned my attention back to her. "Any answer I give you would just be riddled with more questions... I guess I can start at the basics. We had freedom, but being male carried a status, as did being a female. It was generally accepted among the populace what those statuses were, and that they shouldn't be intermixed. And if you want the honest truth, that's just how our society was. Just like how your city is a woman's paradise. It's odd looking at it from an outside perspective, but having grown up and lived with it, it's so natural I don't know how to explain it." A thought crossed my mind, which I made verbal. "To some extent, that lifestyle does come from passages of the bible... but believe me, I really do not want to get into the discussion of religion. Religion and politics, standard social etiquette to never discuss them. Not that I'm any good at discussing them anyways." I paused and once again looked out over the water, mulling my words. "You mentioned what I thought about Anselm... and then you mentioned you were destined to be princesses... I'll tell you what I told Anselm: I don't believe in the whole destiny thing. I believe everyone has a God-given right to live the life they want to live." I then met Olivia's smile and chuckled. "And to be honest, I don't know what sense to make of Anselm. He's crazy, I will admit that. But I'm also hoping he really took the words I told him to heart. He's got potential that he's not utilizing." Amber pondered Orsola's words. She had considered that the toxin had to come from someone on the ship, that someone was paid off to do so. But Orsola's certainty that the vial came from Mason's possessions? That didn't add up. Mason had nothing against Madon or anyone else in the group, and in fact doing something to him would be detrimental to their goals. Was someone setting him up? Amber concluded that she needed to bring this up with Mason as soon as she could, for both of their sakes. "A festival in Onstade, huh?" Amber rubbed her chin. "If it is what I'm thinking of... hmm... you're right, at most it should be embarrassing... I'm not looking forward to it myself." "And Mason is going to kill me" she thought to herself. "Nevertheless... I'm wary of everyone. You don't have to worry about that. You live the life I did roaming around and you know full well to watch your back. I'll extend the same warning to you: just because you have some knowledge of what happens in Dodon does not mean you should bank on it happening. It's entirely possible what'll happen there is completely different than what bits you remember." Amber paused, as if she remembered something, and then continued. "And Orsola, whenever you see Mason again, could you possibly apologize for invoking the name of Candace? He told me the story behind that name, and it would mean a lot to him with an apology." For what Amber knew Mason didn't really care if Orsola apologized or not. But still, a chance for an olive branch to be shared between the two would help smooth any future conflicts.
  3. I listened to Olivia talk about her and her sisters for a brief time, and then she spoke the last thing any undercover agent would want to hear. “On that note, I have to ask why you’re still keeping up semblances.” She touched a finger to her lips. Her voice dipped into a gentle murmur. “Who knows? Committed to the bit? Or perhaps you find yourself enjoying it, Mason?” The words caused my blood to instantly freeze. She knew. Thank God she was an ally... though that did little to stem the embarrassment of the whole thing. "And another thing - it does make one wonder, when allies deceive, omit, and lie to one another. Don't you think?" She laughed. "Not that we are greatly bothered by something so harmless." I guess there was no point in hiding it from her. I could try to play my cover harder... but that would only blow back on me worse. I let out a defeated sigh and leaned against the railing, looking out at the water. "I'm going to be clear up front: I absolutely hate this. I'm pretty sure that gives you some insight as to why I continue to hide behind this facade. And if that's still not enough... well... red isn't my natural eye color, not to mention I'm blind in my left eye anyways, this hair isn't my natural color or length... not to mention quite heavy, and... well... the tone of my voice should be evidence enough. Men don't naturally have women's voices. To help with the assassination attempt against you, I went undercover, against my will mind you, as Crystal. Minute traces of magic was cast on me to alter my voice, eyes, and hair. The problem is, and what I wasn't told, was that the magic has to run it's course. In layman's terms, I'm stuck like this until it wears off, and it's humiliating enough as it is with two people knowing about it. I'd rather I keep my dignity than have it torn to shreds with everyone knowing. I'd never live it down." A pause to catch my breath. "And besides... it's frowned upon where I'm from to crossdress. It's seen as unmanly. Call that line of thinking whatever you want... it's already rubbed off on me and I don't feel comfortable like this." I then glanced towards Olivia. "So you'll have to forgive me for wanting to keep this all under wraps until it blows over... and having saved your life, I would at least ask that you would do the same as well... and hopefully have Anselm keep his mouth shut about it too." Amber shielded her eyes as she climbed up onto the deck of the ship, until her eyes adjusted to the light. She was already feeling a little bored and looking for anything to do to pass the time. She couldn't find Eve, and she was giving Mason some space after his angered reaction to finding out the magic she used had to wear off naturally. She couldn't really blame him for that, she didn't know it would happen, and she did force him into it to begin with. Looking back at the stern, she saw him with Olivia anyways, and frowned. She wouldn't be comfortable talking to him with her around anyways. Instead, she made her way in the opposite direction, towards the bow, unknowingly walking right past Eve as the latter descended back into the ship. Amber soon bumped into Orsola. "Oh, hello Orsola." She glanced around for a second before continuing. "I've been meaning to talk to you, and haven't had a chance until now. You said you're from the future, right? Is there anything you can share about it that might assist us in the upcoming days, or anything that we should be on guard for?" Amber figured it wouldn't hurt to ask, anything to further their cause. "Of course, we can't discount the fact that the future has possibly already been changed... remember when I turned violent after that meal back in Glia? I found out that it was because of some kind of toxin. It could've been meant for Madon and by dumb luck I happened to get it. If you didn't happen to know about it, then the future might be changed enough that things are going differently than what you know."
  4. "Mason" My heart skipped a beat. I recognized the voice as Olivia's... but how would she know? Did Anselm tell her? Tch... this is why I don't trust secrets with others... Wait. I don't think I told Anselm my real name. What kind of trickery is this? I refused to respond. I'm not blowing my cover over a name. Even though I shouldn't be undercover anymore... "Crystal." That was better. I started to turn to face Olivia. "No need to turn around. I’m not so interesting, in comparison, I don’t get to leave the palace often. Less than you might think. So don’t think I’m joking, I do love being able to get out. See a little of the things we don’t have as much of in the city. So long as it’s not quite familiar, it’s endless fun. Speaking of things that are rare, I don’t think we’ve had the pleasure of meeting, unlike as with my sister and yourself.” I disregarded Olivia's words that I shouldn't turn around to face her, instead leaning against the railing of the ship as I focused my attention on her. "Don't say you're not interesting just because you don't get to leave the palace that often. Quite the contrary, to someone like me your experiences would be wildly different than the ones I've seen in my travels. But you are right, we haven't formally met. My name's Crystal, and I'm a bit of a traveler like Amber is." I paused to take a breath, remembering Anselm's words about the merits of free speech, or lack thereof here. "You'll have to forgive me for not knowing any proper etiquette for talking to a princess like you. I've never had to before in all my travels, so please note that if I say something that offends you, it is merely because of a different upbringing and I offer my apologies up front."
  5. Our journey north to... Onasted? Ontario? All these names are so confusing to me... it's left me some time to think. The fresh air as I stood at the stern of the boat helped clear my head. We were inducted into Gila's... no, Glia's military force... as far as they know anyways. Amber, Eve, and I still have our allegiances to solely ourselves and the Ebon Knight. As long as everyone keeps thinking we're with them, we can try and acquire more of these dragon shards and save this world. For now it's best to keep a low profile while we help out these other places torn by war. Speaking of low profile... my disguise worked out well, as embarrassing as it was. Somehow we even convinced Madon and the others that not only was I Amber's sister, but that I personally had went away. It went somewhat like that essentially. I think anyways. And speaking of my disguise... I'm still a little peeved at Amber at forcing it upon me. Supposedly a simple cloak is the ultimate disguise in this world and she had to go the full nine yards... and then it got worse. I wish she wouldn't tempt fate like that, that's just asking for trouble. This outfit is uncomfortable... and I had severely underestimated how heavy long hair would be. Hopefully, with whatever lies in Austria or wherever we're going up ahead, I won't have to do much more than menial labor and can let this nightmare end in peace. ... why do I have the oddest feeling that someone is reading my thoughts? @EpicRome23@The Fire Heart@saga juliet
  6. "Thought is all I can ask that you can give it. But if you really are so dead set on believing that it's foretold you will not survive... well... at least twist that notion into the ferocity in which you fight to the last." Crystal!Mason turned and began to make his way for the door. "As for me, nothing, not even a prophet, can dissuade my thoughts that fate can be fought. It's in our very nature, our very core as people, to fight, be it the enemy, the unfair, or even the impossible. While it may come from another world's values, I do believe it applies here as well." Crystal!Mason remained certain in that fact, as the very future they were fighting to prevent was mentioned to come from a prophet. He opened the door to Anselm's chambers and Eve fell into the room. "Trying to listen in on our conversation?" "N... no?" "Yes." "Well, did you at least hear anything?" "No." "I guess we'll fill you in on what you need to know, if anything. You are welcome back in." The foursome remained in discussion for a very brief time until there were three knocks reverberating through the room.
  7. Crystal!Mason sighed. "It honestly concerns me that your sisters would be so quick to kill over someone having a different political viewpoint than someone else. There's a history behind why we fight, or fought, for it. Just to list off a few things, we fight for freedom because we had a nation that was built with slavery as an economy... human slavery... we had a nation engage in facism and tried to exterminate an entire race, we fought for freedom to give people a choice in how they live their lives... and humorously yet seriously enough, we fought for freedom because a nation was gouging ours with taxes on tea of all things." He chuckled at the last thing. "All of these things were before my time, but the fact of the matter remains in it's why we fought. For my country, and many other countries in my world... we value freedom because it allows us to treat each other as equals. We value it because it gives everyone a voice. We value it because we see it as a basic human right. We still have laws, mind you. Otherwise, as you said, people will go without punishment for things like murder, stealing, etc." Crystal!Mason then sighed once more. "Politics really isn't my cup of tea, I just call it how I see it. And of course... politics is not without it's flaws... I will admit. But that's reaching into personal territory, and I've gone on about this topic long enough." He then shook his head and looked at Anselm. "Look, pushing that topic aside and getting back to the crux of the issue... yes, I do think you are making a mistake. Just because we are in war, you don't have to let your engineering talent gather dust. From my world, we've had many ground-breaking inventions that were created only because we were at war. Technology that was made out of necessity, that became staples in our lives. Computers to store information, canned food to preserve food for long periods of time, walkie-talkies to communicate over long distance, night vision to see in the dark, and even duct tape for... everything, really. Heck, radar to detect planes coming from far away became microwave ovens to cook food quickly. The fact of the matter is you shouldn't let war prevent you from creating your inventions. You'll never know how useful an application would be until it's out there. And sometimes, distributing something to the public at large can be a huge morale boost to the public. And if you're so worried about dying before the war ends... then it's going to happen. Sometimes being fatalistic about your chances actually improves your odds, because you come to think you're going to die and will fight more ferociously. There's a reason the saying is 'There is nothing more dangerous than a man with nothing to lose.' And now I'm getting off topic with the Arts of War... apologies." Crystal!Mason took a moment to catch his breath. "Look, with that... fatalistic topic behind us... you shouldn't let the fact you're a princess shut off your own life. You're you. There's never going to be someone else with your talents, your skills, your mind set. Forget what other people say about destiny, about fate, it's junk. You have a choice on how to live your life. You're in command of your own reins. But it's up to you to take that initiative. If you're content to live in a gilded cage like this, and live life as just a princess, keeping your engineering passion on the side, that's your choice. But I think that's a waste of your talent, and by extension, a waste of what you can impact in life."
  8. Once Anselm had finished, Mason stood up and moved to lean on the table, staring at the picture, thinking about how to best respond. Finally, he did. "You're crazy, you know that? I don't get how anyone can wear stuff like this. Or live this lifestyle." There was an awkward silence. "Then again... it never really was the lifestyle for me to begin with. You're still crazy on the dresses and stuff. I'm still not used to being essentially forced into these outfits. It's not comfortable in the slightest. I feel... wrong." Mason looked up from the photo to look directly at Anselm. "And you're also crazy for not realizing there's an elephant in the room, too. Multiple ones, at that. Now, forgive me for being frank with how I see it... but I've found beating around the bush just complicates things. And before you go off on telling me you hire people to be critical of you... stop. Freedom of speech is a God given right. Everyone has a right to speak their mind. Whether they should or not is another story, but I digress. Your engineering gift... you say you still tinker in your workshop. But... what comes of it in the end? Your engineering talent has a capability to change things in the world... not just sit around on a shelf like a model kit. Granted, I know it takes some time for engineered marvels to catch on... but sometimes it can catch on immediately. Let me guess: you confine anything you make to your chambers? Honestly, if that's true, I think that's a waste of your talent. Engineers have a gift... it's because of them the world where I'm from is far more advanced than this one..." He paused. "Yes, I'm from another world. Another history. Call it crazy, but I've learned to accept the fact, for better or worse. Back on topic... you have a chance to introduce things to this world, and locking it up in your room just because of your role in politics is a waste of talent. You shouldn't let that stop you." Mason stopped to take a breath. "Look, Anselm, I'm not good with politics. I never was. I spent my time as a soldier, fighting battles. It's what I did best. But this... even I can see you're making at least some kind of mistake. Maybe you can't leave. Maybe you can. But I can tell you right now from what I'm hearing and from what I'm thinking, you've settled into a place of content that doesn't let you manifest your true potential."
  9. Mason's gaze kept jumping between the picture and Anselm, both to compare the features and to better study the man known as Severus for future reference. Upon finishing, Crystal!Mason cleared his throat. "Well... with enough study with the picture... I can partially see the similarities between you and the picture. Of course, I doubt the common people know that." He paused, mulling his words. "Anselm, you're right in that I am going to ask why you have not chosen to leave. But you mentioned you were an aspiring engineer. Whatever happened to that talent?" He paused, and then narrowed his eyes slightly. "No... don't tell me you willingly gave that up."
  10. Crystal!Mason glanced at Amber and then Eve, and then walked up to the chair across from Anselm, turned it around, and sat down backwards on the chair, facing Anselm. "Why?" Was the simple, one worded question he asked. "Why what?" Came the response. "Why would you choose this kind of life? Or... did you not even have a choice to begin with? Before you try and counter by asking me the same question, I had a mission. And it wasn't my idea, nor did I have a choice in the matter anyways. Logically, I can assume you did not as well. So that all just loops around to the initial question: why?" After he asked this singular question, Amber and Eve moved to take seats on the sides of the table, opposite of each other, but Crystal!Mason raised a hand to stop them. "Go wait outside." "What? Why?" "I want... to hear this story..." Crystal!Mason shook his head. "It's his history, his past. If it's dark and troubled... I don't want him burdened with him sharing it with three people. Just one can be difficult enough. Please, for his sake, let it just be the two of us." "But-" "Amber, please don't argue. Surely you must realize there's some truth in my words." After a pause, Amber sighed. "Yeah... you're right. Come on Eve, we'll wait outside." The two disappeared out of the chambers. After a few seconds, Crystal!Mason turned his head. "Eve, I'm serious. Leave us be." The not too surprised Eve finally left the room, her powers to hide in plain sight useless here. With that, the two oddly dressed men were alone. "Now then, where were we?"
  11. Crystal folded his arms at the first question. "No, it wasn't exactly my plan to go like this. It's just how it all worked out." He shut his eyes. When he opened his eyes, he continued. "And as for your next question..." "We can't answer that. You have your spies that answer solely to you. We have our sources that will only report to us. Surely you understand that." Mason nodded. "Sorry. We don't want to put our sources in danger. Sometimes you can't catch everything. Anyways... you asked if we caught onto your act beforehand... well... Eve did. Kinda." "Yeah. She noticed something off about you. Well... you were the assassin at that point, but I guess it still means the same thing in the end anyways." "And... I... um... still felt like something was off when we were following you... it was just a feeling... nothing more..." "Woman's intuition is a heck of a thing, I'll give her that." But aside from that... no. We didn't suspect anything."
  12. Anselm's antics had drawn Amber's attention, and she was shocked at the revelation. "Did Anselm just... no... it can't be... can it?" "It looks like we were right... both Anselms were off." "Yeah... at least we got the right one." Crystal had locked eyes with Anselm. "It would appear so, it looks like I don't have much of a choice." Eve made her way up next to Crystal. "If Crystal goes... I'm going too." "I think we all should. If you know about Crystal... then we already know about you." The sound of Crystal's sword being sheathed echoed. "Truth's already revealed. I don't think it'd hurt."
  13. Crystal and the assassin were locked into what could be described as a wordless, elegant dance. Whenever one got the upper hand, the other eventually managed to turn it around. This back and forth lasted for what seemed like an eternity, but after four minutes, Crystal had managed to disarm the dagger from the assassin and locked blades with his scimitar. It was at that moment Crystal made her move. She pushed her weight forward into the blade, breaking the lock and knocking the assassin off balance and into a back pedal. It was the opening she needed. Both hands gripping her sword, she charged forward, and aimed a thrust towards the assassins gut. And struck true. The blade pierced through the assassin and burst out his back, causing him to scream out in pain. His scimitar clattered to the ground, drowned out by his screams. Crystal's look of determination did not fade as the blade rested in the body temporarily. Finally, Crystal stepped back, pulling the sword out of the assassin's gut in the process, and the assassin dropped to the floor clutching his gut. "It's over." Amber had just finished triaging Olivia and caught the very end of the fight, her face showing only slight surprise at what happened before returning her focus to helping Olivia recover. Eve, meanwhile, was smiling from the sidelines. She was entranced by the sword fight, and quite pleased by the outcome.
  14. "Oh God... Amber!" Amber shut her eyes and drew her rapier. "She's still alive! I got her!" She let loose her healing magic. "Hey! You!" Crystal stepped forward, having to do something to distract the assassin. "Look at you. I've heard all about you. Sent to assassinate the princess. But look at you. Disguised as a woman. Using magic to make you immune to their attacks. What kind of man are you? You're not one. You're a coward." "One whose name will live forever in infamy, the killer of Princess Olivia of Glia, of Sorrow." The words Crystal spoke didn't have an immediate effect, but obviously the assassin was trying to hide it. "Stand aside, you can do nothing but try and use your words as a weapon against me, the dull knife as they are." Crystal pulled her sword out of her sheath. "Your name will live in infamy... as the man who dressed in drag. I know how history goes, and all that will be brought up with your 'accomplishment'. When they speak of you, they will remember what you have done... and they will laugh at your name, for they will better remember you for how you did it. You wish to prove them wrong? Face me in a duel. At least earn your right to your claim to fame." Crystal struck a nerve with that line. "I... what does it matter if I did the deed while in drag? They will never know if I don't leave any witnesses!" He pulled the dagger out of the wall and brandished a scimitar. Crystal struck a fighting pose and waited for the assassin to make the first move, and the two locked into an intense duel, blades clashing and the sound echoing through the chamber.
  15. "Trust me, that information alone is enough to help us." "And if what you said is true... you would've needed our help regardless. We got a friend who's hunting the assassin... and they would be the only one who could stop them." "I doubt being alert would've helped you anyways, based off the information that was shared with me."
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