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  1. Meanwhile, while all the intense fighting and the intense showdown were happening far away, Mason and Eve were in the middle of a very intense... conversation. "I swear Eve, we don't know what you're talking about." "You... don't want to attack them... which... corresponds with... umm... you talking with the Ebon Knight..." Amber and Mason both blinked. "If... you don't tell me... I'll... umm... tell everyone else..." "How did you know?" After a few seconds, Eve giggled with a small smile. "Because... you just told me..." Mason smacked the floor of the fighting compartment. "Dammit... very clever Eve. Guess there's no point hiding it now." "You can tell me... I won't tell anyone... you two have been super nice to me... nicer than most people usually." "Are you sure?" Eve nodded. Mason shrugged. "What do we have to lose? We have an artillery gun." Mason and Amber then went into discussion on what they were told by the Ebon Knight.
  2. Mason and his company had taken awhile to drive to their firing spot, well away from the fight. "Elevate the cannon, I'll start getting the distance for fine adjustments." He grabbed his sniper and used the ballistic computer to figure the distance... and then saw some of the members of the Byrn forces through the scope. "Oh... crap..." "Mason... what's wrong?" "Oh... uhh... I actually don't know the muzzle velocity of this cannon, which would affect the firing arc. Which is problematic. Aim wrong, we either miss and waste ammo... or hit our allies. And waste ammo on friendly fire." The fireball went up and the charge started. "Great... now I really don't want to fire. You don't lay down artillery fire on your allies unless they call for it. Fire Mission Broken Arrow. All we can do now is watch." "I don't like this..." "Believe me, I don't either. But if Mason is right... then we can't be hitting our allies. You saw what these shells can do." Mason pulled Amber close after a few moments, and whispered: "Amber, Jill and Innes were there... not to mention that I don't feel comfortable firing on Byrn soldiers anyways." "Sooner or later you're going to have to again... you know that right?" "It would be nice to know if they were extremists." "You know... I can hear your whispers... what's going on?"
  3. "My only objection is: how do we know the bandits won't backstab us as soon as we drive off Byrn?" "Amber's right. We could turn the tide for the bandits... but come on, bandits. They don't exactly play fair to begin with." Mason paused. "I'll position our cannon at the rear, facing both Byrn and the bandits. That way if things turn south I can start sending shells towards the bandits with minor adjustments of fire. Just... be aware of the shell fire. They're called High Explosive shells for a reason, and indirect fire takes some time between firing and impact." Mason rode with Amber and Eve, Amber keeping lookout, and Eve manning the machine gun for now. "I'm so jealous of Madon... he's going to be tangling with the Ebon Knight... if only there weren't so many people around..."
  4. "Honestly, I'm not sure how it worked either, killing whatever that was. I took a shot in the dark and it somehow did what it was supposed to do." He chuckled. "Bet he's pissed in the after-afterlife." Though Mason did nod upon hearing about inevitable conflict. "Have you ever noticed that so far, conflict is inevitable wherever we go? I'm hardly surprised. Still, this thing can provide indirect... and direct fire support." He patted the breach of the cannon. "Just don't rely on us, it's an artillery unit, not a frontline tank. Though I guess here things are different than where I'm from." "So we're after the bandit king himself? Are you all sure you want to get into a three way skirmish?" Mason looked at Amber, and then back at the group. "Amber's right, while we could use the skirmish to our advantage... we could also end up fighting a war on two fronts. Last thing we need to do is get pinched." "Umm... suggestion?" "What's on your mind Eve?" "Well... umm... if the king has it... then what if we attack his base?" "Attack his base... draw him back... and ambush him?" "Yes... that's what I was thinking..." Mason looked at the others, leaning on the framework of the SPG. "It's a sound plan. This thing can literally blow their doors open. What's your call? Are we wading into the fight, or are we going to stage an ambush? Unless anyone has any other ideas?" He glanced at others, Tolok being one of them, to see if they had anything to say.
  5. As Mason drove the SPG back, he talked with Amber and Eve a little more about his homeworld, or rather, the kind of weapons used. Like the M7 Priest. Discussing how it worked, what it was used for, and the massive difference in technology levels compared to what was in their world. Until... "Hold up..." "What is it Mason?" "Looks like trouble up ahead, take a look." Amber and Eve both stood up and looked out in front as Mason brought the Priest to a stop. "It's Madon... and Wymp... and Orsola..." "Yeah but they rushed..." He quickly hopped out of the driver's seat as he saw the specter rise up. "We got hostiles! Load the cannon!" Amber and Eve fumbled with what to do, with Mason helping them along the way. Once the cannon was loaded, he began adjusting the aim. "This is going to be one hell of a shot... time to put my name on the line." Once he had laid it on target, and after a very brief one sentence prayer, he pulled the trigger. The cannon recoiled, releasing a shell that careened through the air, whistling just inches over Mason and his friends... and landed right at the feet of the specter, detonating the high explosive round. The misty apparition had vanished. Mason stood straight, a little in shock. "To be honest... I had no idea that would work... supposedly HE is super effective against... whatever that was."
  6. "Mason, you know what that is? What is it?" "That... is a weapon of my world... a M7 artillery gun... codename Priest." "Priest? That doesn't... why?" Mason walked around and patted the side by the machine gun. "It's called that because of this 'pulpit', as the British called it." He climbed up the side and looked in the compartment. "It's still got about half it's ammo too." He climbed inside. "I have no idea what this is doing here... or how it could've even gotten here to begin with." "Maybe it got here the same way you did?" "If that's the case, where's the crew?" "Crew?" "Yeah, crew, it took multiple people to operate this thing. It's not a simple weapon like my guns. Here, climb on up, I'll show you." Mason helped Amber and Eve up into the fighting compartment. "This... seems interesting... how does it work?" "Interested in becoming an artillery woman Eve? Well... we got the driver's seat right there, where he can drive this thing." "Drive?" "You're telling me this thing can move on it's own?" "Oh right, you don't have engines here, that's right. Yeah, this thing has the capability to move on it's own. Driven from that seat right there. There's also the machine gun in the 'pulpit', for anti-infantry defense. As for the main artillery gun..." Mason spent the next fifteen minutes explaining how it all worked, how to load it and aim it and all that, before climbing into the driver's seat. "Now then... let's see if this still works." After a few seconds, the engine came to life. "Holy... it still works... then why was it abandoned?" "Whatever the reason... it had to have been abandoned for awhile for it to be covered by a dune of sand." "Right... well, where should we take it?" "Umm... why don't we start driving back to the others?" "First into the open desert, and now head back? Why Eve?" "Well... it would probably... be best... while we still knew the way back." "She makes a good point Mason. I don't think any of us are prepared for a long stay in the desert." "Valid point. Let's go then, sit back and relax." He coaxed the treaded vehicle forward, making sure everything was still working properly before opening up the throttle.
  7. Mason, Amber, and Eve had broke off together, since none of them had any issues traversing the sands on foot. Mason said it was his training, Amber her magic. But Eve... she didn't reveal her secret... if she even had one to begin with. While Owend and Tolok supposedly made their way to the skirmish, and Madon and his companions towards some ruins, Mason and co. made their way into the open desert away from the skirmish, based off a theory from Eve: if it's something important, why don't you hide it in plain sight where nobody would look for it? "Remind me again on how exactly we're going to find this shard in the sand?" "Supposedly... in deserts... things just barely poke out... and that's how... you can find things..." "Yeah, I've heard these rumors too. It's like the desert is filled with treasure... though I don't know why it would be in the first place." "Sand would erode so much... I don't know why either. Unless you kept it well protected... or if Madon is right and this sand really is different... though I haven't noticed anything yet." The three continued their comb for some time without coming across anything... until... "Umm... Amber... Mason?" "What is it Eve? Find anything?" "What's that?" Mason turned to look at Eve and then in the direction of where she was pointing. It looked like... a sand dune... with a tube poking out of it. "I've never seen anything like that before..." Mason cautiously approached it and looked it over. "I think... no... it can't be... Amber?" "Yes Mason?" "Do you have any magic that can clear away this sand dune?" "Well... I can call upon the winds... but why?" "Just blow it away... trust me on this." With a puzzled look, Amber approached the dune and pulled out her rapier. With some flourishing, sharp winds gusted past her and the sand was quickly blown away... revealing... "How the hell did this get here?"
  8. "Well, this really shouldn't be a problem... and if you're having trouble with desert sands you really should be training more on sandy terrain. But really, am I going to point out the only elephant in the clearing here about 'improved mobility'?" "Could use an elephant, would catch Byrn off-guard at the least. ... I know that's metaphorical. So anyways, I'll bite. Point it out, I'm not quite catching your drift here." Madon replied. "Your armor." "Mason's right, your armor would really slow you down. You should ditch it for the time being if you really want to speed things along." "..." Madon sighed deeply. "There was a time when I would have dismissed such a thing as foolish. It's not a suggestion I like. But it's one that I can't deny the sense of." "Ditch the heavier stuff. Even back at my world our men could run in the desert with full pack and body armor. It's not like you need to wear a miniature tank all the time." "You'd be surprised how well it works out. But I suppose you're right. I'll be back in a moment." As Madon left, Mason and Amber looked at each other. "That went surprisingly well. I figured he'd argue more." Mason shrugged. "Sometimes you can teach old dogs new tricks." "I HEARD THAT!" Madon yelled, causing Amber to chuckle. "I cannot help but feel... strangely naked." Madon said as he returned in much lighter armor. "How long have you worn that armor without taking it off anyways?" Mason asked. "Since my flight from Isore." "That long? How did you go-" Mason quickly turned Amber around and began to push her away. "Ok time to go."
  9. Mason stirred and woke. He was still sitting with Amber in their little hideaway that Mason had made, arms over each other's shoulders. He had been accustomed to sleeping sitting up like he was, but didn't think Amber would have been as well. Power of love? No... no... it's too soon... was it? Mason shrugged it off and gently nudged Amber. "Amber... wake up." "I didn't know... you felt the same..." "Huh? What? Feel the same about what?" Amber's eyes immediately shot open and her face went red. "Nothing! It was a dream!" Mason let out a light chuckle. "Nah, don't worry about it. I know I've said some weird things in my dreams before. We should probably make our way off the ship before people start getting ideas about us. "Yeah... you're right. How long have we been down here?" "Who knows. I could use some fresh air though." He stood up and helped Amber up. "Oh... and Amber? Thank you for understanding and being so supportive. I'm so used to death... but what I went through is hard to live with." "I understand Mason. Everyone needs someone to help them through things... to be alone... I can't imagine..." "Yeah... come on. Let's go." Mason lead them up out of the hold and off the ship... and the first thing they saw was the decapitated body. "Well... that's gruesome." Mason said in a completely flat tone. Amber expressed some horror. "How are you not grossed out?" "I've seen heads popped like grapes with bullets I've fired. This is nothing." "I... suppose that makes sense. In the... morbid sense."
  10. After listening to what Orsola had to say, Amber quietly dismissed herself and made her way into the hold, after some searching, she came face to face with a gun, before it dropped. "Oh... sorry Amber. I'm... kind of on edge after what happened. Can't be too cautious." Mason then slumped against the wall in the little hiding hole he had found. "What happened after I made myself scarce?" "Orsola... she started talking. She mentioned that she was here from the future to prevent the calamity, that she doesn't recognize Eve or Tolok... that you and I would survive the calamity... and that you have bad blood with her in the future." "So... Eve and Tolok probably die... but it's good to know we survive... that means we will end up doing something right. As for the bad blood... yeah. If Orsola keeps pulling crap like she did today... of course there's going to be bad blood. It'd be a self-fulfilling future." "Mason... why did you go off like that? And pardon me for asking, but who is this Candace anyways. Orsola said she was a lover?" Mason twitched slightly, but then sighed. "You got that right at least... was a lover of mine." "I take it things didn't go well between you two?" "No, everything went well... it's just..." Mason sighed. "We fought together... in a war in my world. We spent a lot of time together because of that... and we started developing feelings for each other. And it was all swell and dandy... until she died." "Mason..." Mason hung his head. "She died in my arms... she said she was happy... for the time we got to spend together... but... she died... right there... right in front of me... and there wasn't a damn thing I could do about it!" He slammed his fist on to ground, and then quietly added: "I didn't even get a chance to bury her... I had to leave her body there..." He then fell coldly silent. Amber said nothing. What could she say? What he said did justify his outburst earlier... she wouldn't like it if someone talked crap like that about anyone she loved... but now knowing the truth... being much darker than she thought it'd be... she was left speechless. And here Mason was in front of her, in the middle of a breakdown. So she did the only thing she could think of. She knelt in front of him and pulled him into a hug. After a few minutes, she started to gently hum a quiet, soothing tune. The two stayed like that for a long time... as long as it took for Mason to compose himself and recover, Amber was there for him.
  11. I was so filled with anger and focused on Orsola that I didn't even hear any of Tolok's words. I had to be told it after the fact. Instead I rolled my shoulder to loose his hand the first time, letting out an angry "Let go!". When he did it again, and it was once again one of those moments that just happen on autopilot in seconds. I twisted my body, yelling "I said let go!" and delivered a harsh blow to Tolok's face with my revolver before once again slotting it under Orsola's throat. "Orsola... three pounds of pressure on this trigger will end it all right now. Give me a reason to do it. I dare you." I growled through angry teeth. Several tense minutes went by, but it felt like an eternity staring at this smug woman. Until she wasn't anymore. Her smugness slowly turned to fear, and it was plainly painted on her face. Fear that I was actually going to do it. And that fear... it brought me back to reality... and made me realize what I was doing. "No... she wouldn't be proud... if I squeezed the trigger right now." I finally said to her, but didn't move a muscle. "But know this Orsola: if you even dare speak of or spit on her name again, or even think about doing so... on her honor I will kill you, and nothing will stop me from doing so." I stood up, keeping my revolver trained on her as I stepped back and disappeared into the ship's hold. While I didn't see it at the time, supposedly Eve had her bow drawn and was staring down everyone, ready to shoot whoever struck first. Amber, however, was just frozen in shock at my behavior. Not that I'd blame her.
  12. Silence befell everyone as all eyes turned to both Orsola, and then me. Clear as day... she used my name. And now I could very well be in danger if by chance I was actually followed here. "How... the fuck... do you know my name?" I could feel the anger welling inside me, and the air started turning tense with the malice my words carried. Orsola let out a smirk. "Oh, it's easy really. You told me. I also know you have a lover... Candace. I bet she's so proud of you right now with how you're flirting with women like Amber." Candace. She just... Something within me snapped. All I knew was that one second I was near Madon, and the next I had Orsola wrestled to the ground, straddled over her with my revolver square underneath her chin. "If you say ONE more fucking word... I will blow your GODDAMN HEAD OFF!"
  13. Eve frowned, and then muttered "If I didn't... grapple with the Ebon Knight... then... I wouldn't have fired an arrow at her... because... the arrow and the person grappling... were the same person... why would I... have to deny it then?" Mason walked over to the map and examined it closely. "So a desert op, huh? Shouldn't be too difficult. I don't know what you're smoking Madon, but mobility shouldn't be too hampered in the desert if you know what you're doing. Now, do we have any ideas as to where these shards are located and where we start searching? Or are we going to ask this bandit king for "help"? Or are we literally just going to comb every inch of that desert until we find them and possibly die of thirst and heat exhaustion in the process? I feel like the threat of Byrn soldiers are the least of our issues at the moment."
  14. Amber, Mason, and Eve all just stared at Orsola with a mixture of confusion and bemusement. "Umm... it's rude to point... and... I didn't do that either... why would... why would I face him like that anyways? I shoot arrows..." "Hehehe... I'm the one who did it and they can't prove anything." "I've had some time to get to know Eve and none of what you just accused her of seems remotely possible for her. She's too quiet and reserved... no offense." "Oh, uh... none taken." "Anyways, she's too quiet and reserved for her to do that." "I have to concur with Amber. Straddling someone like they're the dominant in a dom/sub relationship? Look at her! Her size alone proves that shouldn't be possible. Have you seen the Ebon Knight? All that armor surely would make it impossible for her to throw him down like that. No offense Eve, I'm not calling you weak, just... thinking logically here." "Again... umm... no offense taken..." "The apple doesn't fall far from the tree... but at least Madon doesn't make wild accusations like that."
  15. "Hold up, that thing is powered by your magic, is it not? What happens when it gets out of range or runs out? I can guarantee you this right now: there is not a chance in hell that I'm going to provide the magic for it." Amber questioned, before putting on a "screw it" face. "You know what, that's not my problem. Forget it, I'm getting on that airship. Come on Shadow." Mason watched her walk towards where the ship was, and Mason started to follow. "I'm just... gonna go too. Might as well get in some exercises during this downtime." Eve just silently followed behind them.
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