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  1. Sad to see your hopes and dreams got extinguished. You were really smoking it hate to see the embers go cold
  2. Someone definitely got their balls combusted here.
  3. Either that or we'll just be put to the torch
  4. Either that or they're just trying to say that you're burning the candle at both ends too much.
  5. Kirakushi

    Bi'le'ah - The Plunge for Perennials

    It was unfortunate that his prediction thus far had been spot on, the girl was using tactics that worked on people without a brain and couldn't rationally understand that size wasn't everything. Advancing his position by rotating his stance on the forward pivot earned him a clod of loose dirt to the side of the head instead of full in the face as he reacted to the wind up motion of the throw. Her lunge was somewhat okay, she had timed it in the moment someone would have been covering their eyes or wiping dirt off their face; unfortunately her timing against an opponent trained against such tactics was off enough that she lunged past where he had rotated to in the split second. Hearing her shout at him in challenge felt, well he wasn't sure if he appreciated her enthusiasm to take on what should have been impossible or frustrated that she wasn't using her brain. She had basically answered a lot of his concerns in all regards with her displays. She was used to contending with thugs and nothing more; she was going to be a liability unless she actually had some sense of improvisation or thought in situations that put her in more danger than what she felt now. His right hand balled up, chakra flowing and adjusting with the motion before snapped his hand open to shove his palm forward and slammed a barrel sized air bullet into the girl's backside with the same amount of force he'd have used to kick someone's knees out from under them. "That spoke volumes." His stoic expression seemed more grim as he stared at the girl, he had his work cut out for him and was going to need to prioritize; rationally and as a mercenary he shouldn't have cared. Jen wasn't part of his assignment and Brant only cared if the girl was taking things from her; but in contrast he felt obligated to point out that Jen could do better. Be better. That all of the time she was spending just picking pockets or robbing market stalls was fleeing and petty compared to what would actually benefit her. His stance didn't relax, but he brought his right hand to his face to grind the palm over his brow and exhale a frustrated sigh. "Unfortunate. I suppose that's enough." It was all he could really say, the towering man wasn't in a position to be able to dedicate time to teaching the girl how to take on someone like him in a way that tactically and strategically benefited her. His standing as a mercenary also couldn't provide her any sort of assurance that she would be able to stick with him, let alone be a good role model. This, he supposed, was the dilemma he was going to have to contend with: you can't save everyone. Were they in the Village, he would have been able to hand her supplies and texts as well as provide good tutors to aid her in growth; but this wasn't his home nor was a job any place to be trying to teach someone such concepts beyond basic understanding. Frankly, Ryu couldn't come up with anything to say, let alone come up with a solution to the conflict of interest. Instead he relaxed his stance, standing up and glowered at the fire as he made the determination to just see how things progressed. He could only hope that it didn't come down to a situation where he needed to make the choice, not really relishing the idea that he would have to sacrifice a child's life to make sure his pocket got filled.
  6. The best and worst possible scenario happened all at once, a thundering voice gave warning but there was nothing that could really be done on Raean's part to avoid the repercussions of the magical artillery being fired off. Both hands gripped the blazing staff at this point and focus so dedicated to lining up the last bit of hope she had with the dragon's neck, her delicate work could have come undone with the slightest metaphorical nudge of her elbow as it was but it could be acceptable. Raean had the area coiled in waiting and lined up so that as the dragon loomed over her, the weaves of distrupted mana would go haywire when they came undone and create the distortion needed to tear apart the fabric of reality for but a moment. In the space between the dragon's leg being sundered from its body, the arcane warrior managed to finish her last gambit and was ready to launch. Following a breath after the dragon's pained roar having been bereft of a limb was the deafening and blinding shock wave that created the chain reaction that would bring all of the chaos and destruction to a close. Stunned and blinded completely, Raean lost control over the delicate weaves and the area devoid of magic suddenly went from a small coil to a space that could have held three men side by side. Her work had come undone not in reverse, but in the same order she had constructed everything! The diverted mana sought escape and conflicted with other parts of the weave that sent it even further away from the space. Everything went wild from there, struggling even before the shock wave, her numbed mind worked in slow motion as she attempted to shock just the very end of the ice covering her staff. Fumbling both mentally and physically, the mage adjusted her grip and finally channeled lightning through her hands in a short, conical burst around the charged staff. Not even able to really see the results, she was blown backwards as the unstable focus was launched and shot at the massive dragon. As the distorted area came crashing down, the mana acting as though it were a sea with a massive boulder plunging into it, Raean's staff shot into the firm scales of the dragon's neck and fractured. Unleashing the torrent of arcane energy bound within all at once and conflicting with the negative space, the Veil separating reality from the fade tore open from the force of the magical assault. The same golden hues flared to life in a broad plane and divided the dragon's neck into two segments in that instance. Physically existing on either side of the rend but a quantity of flesh between had been sucked into the rend upon the expansion and messily deposited who knows where before the following concussion of the rend slammed, for the most part, shut. It was a tendril in appearance compared to the massive string in the distance, but still Raean had managed to some how come up with a way to tear into the fabric of reality and earned them a victory against a foe that needed military armaments to pull down. Among her belongings, the only thing that had even survived was the sword lodged in the flesh of the dragon's hind leg that hadn't been blown off. All the time spent coated in Dragon's Blood and the massive fluxuation of mana had altered and distorted the magic that already existed in the weapon. Arcane energy pulsed from the weapon as though it were alive and mocking it's owner's slowed heartbeat, just as immobile as she for the time being. Perhaps, through all the madness, something good had come of the woman throwing around what was paramount to the life of the world; then again there was nothing 'good' about the destruction of a city and the astronomical amount of lives lost. Not even the creation of a powerful new weapon could rationalize, in a sane mine, what had happened to Ballard Bay and the innocent thousands. Just as broken as her armor and staff, the woman simply lay among the ruins, the result of her entry into this world. Sadly, she wasn't even aware of her own success; her mind and body having taken so much abuse and the side effects of her Lyrium potion no longer able to be staved off, the woman stared blankly at the sky. Covered in gore from the splattering of the dragon's neck as the working heart still pumped, the mage didn't even realize she was still breathing let alone alive. Even if she could still function after this, it was not a victory the woman would be able to take pride in; the fact that she had to tear into the Veil like a madwoman bespoke of desperation more than ingenuity. Had she not tried some insane tactic in the first place trying to take the dragon out of the sky, perhaps they wouldn't have even crashed down upon the unsuspecting city, let alone opened a hole in reality.The repercussions of not one, but two tears between this world and another could let unknown horrors through for years to come if they weren't closed; of course assuming that the could be shut the area would never really be quite the same again. As it stood, the magic in the area seethed and roiled furiously threatening to unleash further chaos in the form of a Magestorm that might just deal the final blow to any hope of rebuilding the area up. Perhaps, if she lived through the night Raean would come to regret her actions this day and maybe work towards doing something that would lessen the burden the thousands of lives lost to her actions. That was if she could even recover from the amount of trauma she suffered, of course.
  7. Kirakushi

    Whispernight Ragnarok

    I'm working on my final post to close out the topic Fae and I are doing in Ballard Bay. What is the form/What do you need for the application to make a new Relic?
  8. Kirakushi

    Stress test the Terrenus dice system

    So what you're saying is that I'm incorrect in my opinion and thoughts. I compared it to a more combat orientated system, yes. Do I want to make it super complex and a pain in the ass to manage like the system I know? No. Because it took too long and ended up in just as much ego-dick swinging whineassery as the T1 here. I'm sharing my thoughts and opnions at the behest of someone who wants to make it a bit better. So there's no 'missing the point' of a system that is in development when it's up to the developer how to take the suggestions provided. Personally, I'd rather just write in failures and success with the people I write with, and the 'randomness' comes from brainstorming and bouncing ideas off one another. Do we sometimes need to flip a coin or roll a dice to make a decision? Yeah. But I do not require this system nor would I recommend it to a new person as it stands. SO! Be that as the case, if you're going to gripe about the fact that I'd actually like to see improvements I'll kindly ask you to stop telling me 'you think wrong' in so many words. Do I know all? No. I won't ever pretend to, but I will do as I've been asked and critique something that is in work and provide what I can, even if it's limited. That being the case, perhaps you should try providing supplemental information based on the thoughts and ideas provided so that maybe the one actually working on this can have a more broad platform of ideas to base on.
  9. Kirakushi

    Stress test the Terrenus dice system

    I've got plenty, actually. Might be a bit different from what Fae has to say but I'll toss muh piece out there. Classes are horrid. You state that ya want a "1-In-5" Chance, but rolling that D% is just going to have people not even bothering with wanting to utilize that for how little it gives. As an 'activated passive' it's shoddy simply because of the low chance of turning on when more than likely someone could just prep up from the intermediate rules and out-do someone who's relying only on class. Suggestion: Instead of % based activation or even a roll to determine, you allow people to make and modify classes based off a standarized chart providing the bonuses and negatives that go along with them. (+1 Damage, -1 Acc as example). It makes it more adaptable to characters more than players, especially when someone is porting over a character that's highly skilled in one degree or another, they don't just cirtically screw up when they've been doing the same thing for 15+ years. This just leads to frustrated players, as can be seen when nat 1's are rolled in deep D&D sessions and aren't made to be amusing as hell by the DM. TL;DR: Remove % activation for classes, have them character actives that can be mixed and matched to suit their capabilities or specialization. 1d10? More like one done tanked. In the fight between Fae and myself, RN-Jesus played more heavily in my favor. Especially when Fae's character dealt more damage to herself than mine did, and mine did more damage to himself than she had. Thus far, again, the 1d10 style you're looking to use is poorly constructed for competent characters. You'd may as well just have them flip coins to see if they succeeded in connecting or parrying/dodging; combat is all about dynamic flow so the problem is where to really put into play that roll. Back on the site where Ryu came from, all player characters had a rack of stats, 6 in total and the max was 600. Once you hit cap, all your secondaries were flat maxed, and what created the difference between players and what they wanted to do was how they set up their custom class. So this made certain accuracies go up or down and the only thing you COULDN'T touch was the defense/evasion. To represent dynamic flow of combat, there was a roll from the aggressor and a roll from the defender on a 1:1 ratio, even for multi-hit attacks. This represented the aggressor's capability to assault AND the defending individual's ability to say 'nop' and either soak or avoid an attack. There was more behind it, but ultimately it boiled down to a d20 roll and a range, not of the dice but of the conflicting pair of numbers 1 or more (20 defender, 19 attacker) less than defending number: miss Matching: 25% partial effect 1 more than defender: 50% partial effect 2 more than defender: 75% Partial effect 3+ more: Full hit so instead of favoring one or another, there could be an ebb and flow in the feel of the combat for what was written. You don't just stand there and eat a pile of punches that come your way just because your opponent rolled a full crit. No, each roll represented the ability to get out of the way of each blow. However, that was a built up system regulated by admin and a team of mods (which I was a part of for a time) to not only oversee players battling as impartial parties but to ROLL AND DO ALL THE MATH which...took up so much time it wasn't funny. Especially because when two capped players fought, there was a lot of action in a 6 to 10 second time stack that constituted 1 round of action between characters. (and I'm talking stuff that could put massive holes in people or the ground) Suggestion: For the sake of simplicity, if you choose to stick with a d10 exploding, make it more dynamic. When one person is making a roll, their opponent gets a counter roll and based off the difference between the two is just how effective the aggressor is. This can also still play a part with the use of preps, however those are honestly not a versatile as having a range of actions you can make within a post. Instead of "You choose to prep or attack" which is super linear and a little overly rigid, certain preps would take up a number of rolls. Ex: High Teir: 6 rolls per post, certain preps would take 1 or more of those rolls to denote time taken to set themselves up. Further more, I don't really have a problem with that "HP" stuff you have going and how low the numbering is. Specifically, with the suggestion of changing the dice adding in partial effects so you're not either doing 0, .5, or 1 to yourself or your opponent but you instead have a range: .25, .5, .75, and 1 Sometimes chipping away at an opponent .25 at a time will lead you to the win >_>" The same goes for the prep effects, don't have a problem with your idea of them just need to flush out the rules and wording. Don't really have a suggestion for that aside from go over them, be VERY clear and concise about what you mean for something. Example: "tough" provides .5 damage mitigation. When? Do you need to specify? Is it the next damage you take? Does this mean if you screw up and roll a 2 you take no damage because that is the damage mitigated by your Tough prep? If so isn't it just the most beneficial to stack up double Tough so you can either basically ignore the results of a 2 and most of the effect of a 1? Admittedly, I greatly dislike the current system because it is not dynamic NOR does it flex or fit well with different characters despite what people might see superficially. I was playing around with base d10 fighting systems on another site and ultimately it was just more frustrating than interesting, especially when one player was just getting nothing but high rolls and the other getting absolute crap. I'll have more suggestions and feedback the more thought I put into this and the more I stare hatefully at it, but for now I've muddled and will be able to come up with more constructive criticism at a later point.
  10. Kirakushi

    [TDS] Fae Vs Kirakushi - Test Fights

    Dice Rolls HP Preps: Wrinkling his nose at her for her silly request, ultimately they were here for a fight and since he was correcting his mistake he was willing to give her a freebie; the request to avert his attention was not part of that. Snorting and shaking his head as the woman readied herself, he sensed the fighting spirit rekindled after she congratulated him in his attempts to keep the crowd content. "Thanks, I've been doing this sort of thing a while. And here we go!" His lunge forward accompanied the spin of his weapon off his back, keeping a mind on the direction of the edges as he covered the ground, his position landed him right where the woman had been standing, apparently she had taken advantage of the gust of sand from his movements to change her location. Which was fine, Ragan spun in a tight circle as he took a deep breath, focused his Ki in a tight knot at the flat of the weapon and launched a huge blast of force several inches in diameter at her exposed backside with a massive swing of the weapon. Unfortunately as chance would have it the grand blow carried a bit too much power and as his own weapon continued the momentum, not just keeping in his grip but bending his wrist enough that the flat of the blade clocked him in the back of the head. It was quite the amateur mistake, and as he stood there rubbing the back of his head and clearing his vision, he took a moment to admire the effects of the massive hammer of force could have taken on the severely unlucky woman. Between getting carved up and hammered down, Ragan had a feeling that this isn't quite the challenge this woman had in mind for today.
  11. Through the entire situation, the Elven mage's attention had been so focused and intent on the ebb and flow of magic in the area she never noticed the precursor signs to the worst possible situation. When the dragon initially rolled, it's bulk hadn't dislodged anything or really disrupted the woman's attempts at concentration. However with the violent, constant rolls that scattered debris everywhere as well as caused continued vibrations in the ground the set up she had constructed shifted and collapsed. Down her body went, a strange sitting position toppled into a sprawl in the further ruined spot and back her mind came to the call of intense pain in her ribs and the sensation of being unable to breathe. Dire circumstances had a bit of hope, however, as a light flared up over the ruined area from a magical artillery strike raining down; a huge missile fit to obliterate a dragon, except that as it came crashing down the dragon had paused rolling about and was at an off angle. For the most part, the intense magic that only scored a blow along the side and hindquarters of the creature, leaving it raw and further exposed with the scales and hide in the area blasted away by the intense magical radiation. She couldn't see well once things went dim, but a sense of horror came over her knowing that now it was a race against time, the creature now focusing its attention the direction the blow came, and no way the Chromillia girl would still be able to be a distraction. Hissing and wheezing, Raean scrambled to roll over and cast herself back into the flows around her, foregoing the logical approach any longer and just acting. The temperature dropped exponentially as she took on as much magic as she could, trying to reinforce her will with the raw power. Twisting and turning flows, the rippling distortions would never be grasped by a firm hand but would need to be directed by shunts and dams, Raean's will acting upon the living mana in the area beginning to redirect and turn it aside. Even this was difficult, the damage caused to the place disturbing everything, even the natural order disrupted by the existence of the dragon, herself, and the rend in reality that had deposited them here. Despite the distance everything was so disrupted it was like putting a wooden plank in a rushing river. Of course, the arcane warrior refused to be deterred; instead working at using the chaos of the area to her advantage, averting flows from where the dragon was and would be going to where she sat and further saturate herself. Steeped in mana, focused entirely on her task at hand, the woman stopped feeling the pain of every breath and the aching throb of her temples. Along with that, her nose had begun to run with blood and this time her eyes and ears dribbled with it as well; a result from the intense pressure of working with so much magic. Chromillia may well have been crushed and turned to paste by the rolling and likely the other girl was going to worry about being a snack, but those facts only further steeled the veteran's will. Their sacrifices, her pain, it wouldn't be for naught; she'd make this count. While the mana swirled thick around and through her existence, the woman's form began to flicker in and out of the fade, punctuated with dazzling cracks of golden lightning; even the crystal at the top of her staff became so heavily saturated that it too began to blaze with light. In the depths of the currents her will began to manifest, a small pocket of nothingness opening up around her. It was a point where she could start but she would still need a place for all the mana to go. Adjusting and diverting, the mage channeled the flows to the area she sensed with more magical force. The area around Aisha grew thick and just as saturated with crackling magic as the area around Raean, and as the mana flowed in both directions out of the region she worked, the tiny area grew a slight bit larger; from the size of the tip of her small finger to roughly that of her palm. This was an even better starting point, her will isolating and tying the flows around the point so that it would be able to remain untouched the moment her will detached from the flowing power. It wasn't unlike weaving a basket together, strands of the flows twisted and turned over and around one another, not only sustaining but widening the void where the Veil was being shaved away. As her efforts came to fruition, the flows of magic didn't just simply enter the spot, but whirled around it as though it were a boulder in a river's current. With attention and care, Raean found she could move the zone slightly, and shape it to an extent, though it stayed generally the same size. If she were to do anything of value with it the gap needed to be much greater. Interposing an even finer weave of mana between the empty spot and the redirected ambient mana, she used the rushing energy around her to force the gap wider, expanding its influence. As she worked, the place where the mana no longer touched seemed to ripple and flicker with golden motes, along with that of the changes to the woman's form. As it expanded and moved it left glittering trails of ethereal sparks that faded in and out. Against the darkness this looked like nothing in particular, but viewed against the radiant light generated by a saturation of mana it was a void that distorted the vision into a mind bending spiral. So many woven threads and twisted knots had turned the spot into what could be considered the eye of a maelstrom or whirlpool, and as Raean's will tugged one way or another on the smaller weaves it drifted. To be particular, as the woman pulled on the weaves of the left it drifted to the right, adjusting her weaves around the bottom of the zone it would pull towards the sky and visa versa. An interesting concept, it felt more like she was squeezing an object through a very viscous liquid as her will tightened to direct the zone towards the dragon. Being that it wasn't something solid or even really made of matter, the zone went right through the creature. What Raean was having troubles with was orientation and where to place the spot so it would be effective. Other than that, she had no clue how to utilize what she had done. She had just gone with the flow and acted without any real forethought. Raean had finished focusing on her initial goal and now needed to work on what came next. Her concentration lapsed slightly, easing back from the depths she had gone through enough that she could now sense the outside world around her and instantly regretted her decision. The white light around attracted the attention of the dragon and it was listing towards her with palpable fury, with the sensation that her head was about ready to explode nearly mading her drop her weaves entirely. With how much attention she had invested in her work, the arcane warrior didn't even have enough mental faculties to make a noise of distress, instead just staring at the hulk lumbering towards her. Scaled death was coming for her, and it wouldn't take long to reach where she was sprawled; instead of distress, her stubbornness flared up and she began working to put the zone right between herself and the dragon. Not only had she manage to create a singularity that warped and twisted the natural flow of magic in the area, she had figured out just how to have it cause havoc, all she had to do was create an instance where there was an explosion of mana right in that spot that disrupted the weaves. By itself, it would do nothing more than fill the zone with a flood of mana, but as she got the spot into place Raean directed mana from around herself to the area where the spot existed. With so much in one location the strain of her work and will, made her see stars, the sensation of something like an anvil being set on her head. From this point her time was running out, she worked numbly and with almost mechanical motions to fumble her staff up before her; the very butt of it wrapped in numbed fingers and the blazing crystal focused on the point she had made. Green eyes narrowed as her will twisted the flows even more, bending and putting as much strain on the pocket and stretching it into a thin line between herself and the dragon, parallel to the ruined ground. It ended up increasing the strain and making her target smaller but it would hopefully have a better effect when it was detonated. Now, though, she had the greatest dilemma as the dragon drew near; how would she detonate it? A huge explosion of raw magic was needed to collapse and cause a shock to the area, bigger than she could muster while maintaining the concentration of keeping her work holding together. Eyes crossed as she looked at her staff shaking in her grasp. That might just do it. Not able to move, the Elven mage wasn't going to be shoving her staff into anything, so with a bit of the pent up power remaining from the saturation she piled up layers of frost up on the butt end of the staff. Her hopes rested in the thing being able to be a projectile long enough that her awkward plan would be pulled off; even as ice layered up beneath her numb fingers she pulled strands of mana out of the saturated area to fill the magical focus to the brim and beyond with power. Wrapping and twisting even more of the flows around the staff in the hopes that her work of directing and disrupting the natural flow would cause the catastrophic event that had brought her to this place in small scale. If all this failed, she would just end up another corpse among the destruction and the dragon would be free to savage the land after it dug in to recover. Failure wasn't an option, however, and the dismal thought served to bolster her resolve. She refused to let this fail, just on account of her own stubbornness and the fact that the lives of so many lost rested upon the fact that she and the dragon had landed here. Raean would make things right, she would kill this beast even if it meant she died to do so. The ruminations did little to help the pain her amount of concentration brought, but they solidified her will and reasoning, making the effort she put in more effective; the staff looked like an undulating bar of light in her grasp and all she needed now was the dragon to limp its way into the interposed line of space the mana spiraled and twisted around. Of course, best case scenario the dragon would stop coming at her for a few more moments and give her the ability to adjust to make a better shot; as it was, her position the beast would basically have to be right on top of her for her to do anything. At that point though, she would just be a corpse anyway.
  12. Kirakushi

    [TDS] Fae Vs Kirakushi - Test Fights

    Dice Rolls Giving a pleasant smile and wave to the woman, Ragan met the glare with unwavering joviality; in all honesty he was more familiar with a certain tiny woman's stares that was actually more dangerous. What did concern him was the turn of the crowd from excitement at the drawing of blood to the distaste that he was dawdling about when there was carnage to be had; the monster-like man focused and swept his double bladed axe around his body to kick up a thin spiral of sand riding the current of the Ki escaping his body. Holding a dramatic, exciting pose with his weapon clutched in both hands diagonally across his back and gripped with both hands near the heads he unleashed a burst that cast away the floating grains and caused those on the ground around him to begin flowing away from the epicenter of his stance. To the crowd, it looked as though he were getting ready for a final blow, the reality of it was that he was both getting ready to give the woman a good fair match to test her skills. The Ki flowing out of him doubled as a bit of a shield, adding a bit of layer of protection to his already durable, muscular body. "No, no. Take your time! Was my bad, after all! I'll only hit ya with the flats this time, promise!" Still beaming pleasantly, his stance shifted and weapon twisted at his back so he could keep it steadily in the cup of his thumbs and palms, ready and raring to go whenever she was set. This place seemed so very different from home, but even back on Vulaer this instance would have been corrected by stand-by healers to knit the wound shut and corrections made; however since magic was repelled from the ore his weapon was made from he had to use hard wooden guards in events like these to keep from tearing opponents apart. Sadly, he had left them back home in the sudden rush with Ela to be off on this vacation. "Besides, Ela is probably gonna have my hide for that slip." Laughing heartily, the bubbling sound quickly turned into a resigned sigh; she was probably watching and chomping at the bit and wanting to hop in the arena herself to give him the what for as it was. Oh well, hopefully no more misfortune would befall his opponent and they could have a better match without such slips in luck being the downfall of their fun. [Prep: Tough, -.5 Damage]
  13. Kirakushi

    Bi'le'ah - The Plunge for Perennials

    An eyebrow twitched at Brandt's statements, one was supposed to view this as a job most definitely so he had to wonder just who her words were really aimed at. The woman was usually composed despite her moments of complete observational failure, so in the instance that she lost her temper in a way had the man wondering. "Hm." It was more common to see interactions like that when someone was dealing with an internal conflict or dispute, usually about the situation or task at hand; which begged the question what was bothering Brandt enough that she would lose her cool. All he could really do for the time being was finish his ration and file it away for conversation at a later time; the woman had walled herself off and it'd likely be a while before he could prod at the barriers. However, as he finished off his portion of meal, the man did keep his eyes on the scrappy girl, enough that he noted the drop of her hand and challenging posture. "That would be adequate to answer my question, yes." Standing up, he dusted himself off with his right hand before stepping away from the fire a pace or so and shifted his stance. center of gravity dropped and his form centered over his spread legs, both the hand of flesh and stone hovered around the midpoint of his stomach with his right hand half extended towards the girl and the left tucked closer to his body. "Show me." His palms facing downward the normal 'come on' wave of his fingers might have looked more like polite calling rather than obliquely challenging. Inherently defensive, the towering man's trained stance had been ground and hammered into his muscles for decades. He didn't have to so much as think about how or where his body needed to be outside his training. The floating pivot that was his center of gravity allowed him to rotate on either leg even, making multiple opponent fights just a bit easier and giving him close to a 360 range on just shifting alone; though it wasn't perfect sight it allowed him to at least keep an eye on motion. He had been raised as a living weapon and the confident stillness was a heavy as a mountain and just as deep, eyes didn't focus completely on her but his attention was trained upon her. "Do the best you can. Don't hold back." For him, this test was of her competence and to see just how much he would have to divide attention to keep his employer safe; but for her, it was likely going to be a test of ego and determination. It was hard decades of martial training pit against someone who fought to survive at night; they both walked a path to fight or die but in different ways. Were his daughter here, he could pit the two against one another and it would be a better test for the both of them; for Shizuko it would be about restraint and pulling power out of her blows selectively. Even when he'd be making contact with Jen, despite reflexes he could pull his blows to about ten percent of his nominal power; enough to inflict jarring impact and blow her over, but he'd not be crushing bone or rupturing organs. Then again, he expected her to try to blind him in some way by throwing any substance she could at his eyes and the efforts for that would be rewarded with a full rotation of his body and advancement of his position to be right upon her. But then, maybe she would surprise him with a less stereotypical response to their size disparity?
  14. Kirakushi

    [TDS] Fae Vs Kirakushi - Test Fights

    Dice Rolls Ragan HP The crunching would have reverberated through a less dense material, but as it was when the small figure went flying away all he could do was stare in surprise and look at the spatters of red denoting that his blade had bitten in quite a bit. What actually had him pausing was the secondary crunch he heard as the woman bounced off the pillar and flopped to the sand. "Oh! Oh, dear." It wasn't quite what he had intended, thinking back on it he should have twisted his wrist a bit more to catch her with the flat side of the axe; now he was thankful that he wasn't nearly as strong as at home, the blow would have ended up sending two parts flying instead of a whole person. "Hey! This will stop the bleeding for a while!" Digging into his potion case, Ragan grabbed a small, hefty vial filled with clear, viscous fluid and several flecks of blue inside. Giving an underhand toss at a low trajectory, the vial sailed over the sand and scattered debris and though he didn't mean to, it would likely end up landing right on the back of her head. Sure, it was bad to 'help' someone out, but the mistake had sort of been his, so it was only fair to at least provide a way that his opponent didn't just have to end up forfeit due to a more severe injury by a complete accident. After all, he was sure she was quite the skilled opponent and really wanted to see a good return; not just shut down the hopes and dreams due to some fluke.
  15. Kirakushi

    [TDS] Fae Vs Kirakushi - Test Fights

    Dice Rolls Ragan HP Nostalgia washed over Ragan, faceless masses screaming in excitement for the event about to unfold for them; how many times had he done this walk? On Vulaer, his entry into tournaments was often met with a redoubled roar of anticipation for a good match. The warrior's beaming smile remained in place as he surveyed the bleak location; it wasn't really what he was used to but the atmosphere still felt the same as he reached the center of the Arena. However, the biggest difference from this and the usual tournaments he was in was the fact there was no announcement of names, no pleasant exchange between contenders. Instead, what he got was a clip across his skin, the burning sting of injury lashing across the right side of his body and his movement was more reactionary to the bang of the weapon than to being injured. Attention narrowed, and locked onto the figure that was now bolting across and apparently trying to keep low. Nothing personal indeed, however this wasn't exactly meant to be something unfriendly from what he was to understand. Whirling the double ended axe before him switching his grip from left to right, both as a ward for any oncoming magic that could have been slung his way and to shift his stance; Ki pumped into his motions and the monstrous man launched across the arena in an arc to intercept the running person. At the last second, his feet pivoted in the sand to create circular momentum and the long handled weapon adjusted so the broad side of his blade was perpendicular to the sand below; he'd seem to suddenly have appeared before her from thin air in a puff of swirling sand. With his placement and footing, he was spinning at an off angle, the broad side of the axe slamming into the running figure at the shoulder. Combination of strength and momentum would be leaving a nasty bit of pain, were he on his home world he was certain that the force he put into this would have smashed the person against the distant wall of their arena. "No problem! Name of the game, after all." Although he smiled happily at her, it did little to diminish the intent focus and determined look on his face; the man was going to give this woman the best challenge he could muster. And she was going to have to deal with it.