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  1. “Oh, Marcus, so evil,” Gwen huffed as she flung her forearm over her face, right over her eyes. But, like the flip of a switch, she sat back up on her bum and rested her elbows on your knees, her chin placed upon her knuckles. She looked toward her musical companion and chuckled to herself. “That shirt...” She trailed off into a content sigh, smiling cheerfully at Marcus and his attire.
  2. Gwen looked up from her phone, slamming it down--ever so gently--onto the armrest of the couch. She sighed dramatically and glared at him, waving her hand in a circle beside her head before pointing her fingers toward him with her palm facing upward. “Why do you always do this so me, Marcus?” She began. “Why do you treat me so poorly? Oh, Marcus, why can't you wake up before 4 in the PM for once? You can't do it for me, and-” Queue the fake muffled sobs, “-and I am truly hurt.” She flung her body to the side as she flipped onto her back. “Why, Marcus? Why?”
  3. yes, sir! i am. im doing fantastic! how about yourself?
  4. i am interested in playing a role on one of the teams!
  5. Gwendolyn's home, a teal blue-sided, white window-paned house, was the hangout of both Mister Marcus the singer and guitarist and the drummer, herself. Bubbly and inviting as the house may have seemed, inside that house there were two punks having out their political views through vocal and instrumental massacre of the church and state. A drum set kept its position in the living room as always and the placement of the furniture wrapped around it, making it the centerpiece. Gwen had just woken up on that rainy Saturday morning, well, afternoon (it was one in the PM), and she began her morning routine. Brush teeth, tea, shower jam session, get dressed, more tea, and maybe just one more cup of greatly caffeinated tea after that. At around three, she was waiting on the couch by the door for her musical counterpart.
  6. Cowboy Cavalry. --- Marcus - Singer/Guitarist played by christians168, Gwen - Drummer played by kittenkisses --- Please comment here if you're interested in joining.
  7. Name: Moonbeam Gwendolyn Surname: Rowan Preferred name: Gwendolyn Nickname: Gwen Gender: Female Age: 24 Height: 5 Ft 5 In Weight: 105 Lbs Martial status: Single Sexual orientation: Bisexual, although she has never dated a boy Appearance: Body type: Large breasts, defined waistline, average hip width with slightly bulky shoulders Preferred attire: Something laid back and not too flashy, a band or other graphic tee and/or hoodie or sweater, tight jeans, combat boots with gold accents, usually wears a black leather belt with gold studs, typically has a backpack on her person Instrument: Pearl Vision Birch Artisan II Personality: As outgoing and kind as she was, she was friends with everyone in high school. She had at least one friend in every clique and loved to get to know everyone. She was, and still is, very chilled out and calm. She doesn't let any one or anything really shake her or her happiness. She always has a calm head but also doesn't stuff her emotions down. Instead of letting them bottle up, she either expresses them through smooth sailing conversation or, mainly for anger, agitation, and confusion, though beating on her drums. History: Born to two "hippies," she grew up in a very calm and loving household. She listened to a lot of psychedelic and garage bands and spent a lot of time following her parents to projects set around town to better the community. She has never had her own friend group, but rather kept her fingers in all of them at once. As a result of this, she went from feeling like an outcast in middle school to feeling connected to everyone in high school. She realized how much everyone is connected and they just don't know it. Freshman year of high school, she picked up drumsticks for the first time when she joined concert band and marching band. She understood rhythms and easily tapped her way through them in her head or on her instrument. Sophomore year, see asked her parents to purchase her a drum set. Sure, it was a old, dinky kit, but it helped her learn the fundamentals and helped her get her foot into the world of drumming. She has been beating away to her heart's content ever since.
  8. if you could make a post under the profile data base with some information like name, personality, appearance, a brief background, etc., that would be awesome.
  9. no problem, just get me a character sheet (even if it is brief) and just tell me if you need any help. i can help you with lyrics and things for when the band plays as i am a musician, myself.
  10. hey, @christians168, would you like to go ahead and start and play the role of both singer and lead guitarist? we can have the band searching for a bassist, but still playing shows with just the two of them. when we find a bassist, we can add him/her to the rp.
  11. i may have to back out. ive got myself in quite a tizzy in real life and am working on quite a few projects.
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