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  1. The Maid

    "I guess I just had a lot to think about in terms of my life in general. I have lived such a dull and small life. I suppose it has me thinking of being a bit more adventurous." Dull and small? The fact that she'd want anything else baffled Silas. His life was abnormal and adventurous for as long as he could remember, but unlike most would think, he did not enjoy it. Maybe things would be different if he had his abilities without his blood-thirst, but for now, he'd do almost anything to rid himself of his adventurous life. He envied those that got to live as normal human beings, not having to move from place to place to escape prying eyes and detectives keen on the existence of a super-human killer. They could settle down, start a family, attain their dreams together. Although life for them wasn't perfect and outlaws and bandits made a habit of making it painfully short, they had freedom over their own minds. As long as they stayed away from substances that took that away from them, they were always themselves. If they chose to do something, it was because they wanted to. "Well" said Elizabeth. "We see where that got me.... beat up and bruised. No more adventures for this young lady here. Next time I want to walk.... I will just have to take you with me!" "Sure." said Silas with a curt nod. "If it'll keep you out of trouble young lady." She was just beginning to lay back down when Sir Redding entered the room, still looking a little flustered. He called out for Nina, another one of the maids, and asked her to take Elizabeth to get washed up. Elizabeth cooperated with her once she got there and left the room, Nina being extra careful to keep her off her leg. Silas didn't see much of Nina due to their differing schedules, but as far as Elizabeth had told him during their mornings, she was a good girl. She was a little shy whenever he did speak with her, perhaps due the fates of the other maids. Silas hoped she didn't fear him. He DID care for those of his household, only doing what was necessary to protect them. Contrary to popular belief, law enforcement wasn't as kind or scrupulous as they should've been. Some detectives and deputies were worse than criminals when they were on the hunt for someone. They did anything to get their man. That would include harming innocents, but that was rare. They usually just shot anyone they didn't have the time or patience to question and it was often just to feel the rush of killing another person. Not all officers of the law were this way, but he didn't want to take his chances. He wished he could explain this to Nina and the other maids, but he was worried it'd make them even more skeptical and afraid. He'd basically have to explain that if any of them tried to leak his secrets to anyone, he'd need to kill them to protect the others. It sounded horrible, but it was better than having a search party raid the estate and kill anyone that they felt had a hand in Silas's crimes. Even if he chose to give himself over to the law, there was no guarantee that Elizabeth and the others wouldn't be killed or imprisoned. Plus, he was certain James wouldn't allow it. He'd once told Silas that if he ever tried to do something stupid, he'd blow a hole in his head and lock him in the cellar downstairs. Not that it'd work, but Red figured it would give Silas time to think over his decision once his brain matter had fully grown back. "I am glad you found her safe Silas...." said James as he leaned against a dresser, exhaling to steady his nerves. "I was sure we had lost her but when you came through that door I could not have been happier to see only a few cuts and bumps." "Believe me, Red," said Silas. "I was too." There was a long pause after that, an unspoken question hanging in the air. Silas had a few ideas as to what it could be considering Elizabeth's fresh cuts. Now that he thought of it, he could feel that pressure in his mind and his mouth, the same pressure he felt before he fed on someone. Elizabeth's scent was burned into his brain now. He wanted to forget the scent to avoid the stress, but he also REALLY didn't want to forget it because the of rush of pleasure it brought along with it. It was a horrible a feeling. Imagine there being two hooks in your head, yanking in both directions. No matter which direction you're yanked into, it hurts. You don't want to go either way. Both directions harbor a different kind of reward, but both also harbor consequences you don't like. So you just sit there, trying to figure out who you are until the chains eventually wear away and break, giving you an easy choice in the matter. Only issue with Silas's case is that the chain yanking him towards the 'Kill everyone and feed off of them' option never wears away.The pull just becomes less taught at times. "Do you have feelings for the girl?" said James, pulling him out of his perpetual thoughts. "Feelings?" repeated Silas. "You mean of the romantic kind?" "What else?" asked Red with a shrug. "We've already been through this Red." said silas with an exasperated tone. "It can't happen. Why bother teasing myself with a future that can't happen?" "Would it really be so bad, Silas?" said James with a anxious expression. "People take risks all the time with their lives. There's no other way to live life. Listen to me Silas." Silas rolled his yes, preparing for another lecture about life despite his age far exceeding James. "Once you think up a goal in life," continued james. "You understand that there will be hurtles, obstacles, pits...all of these are risks you have to take to reach it. Think about it. We've both been deputies before. I can't think of a more risky job than that. Although you could take a bullet to the stomach and keep right on goin', I woke up everyday knowing that there was a very HIGH possibility that it would be my last. My reflexes are second only to yours, but I wasn't invincible. One mistake, one lucky shot from a trigger happy gunman...and I'd be gone. Despite these risks to my very life, I didn't quit. Do you know why?" "Because the ladies love deputies?" Silas mused with a stoic expression. "Well...yes and no. Most of them girls were tryin' to get me to sleep with em' just to shove a knife in my eye, courtesy of their outlaw lover I'd gunned down. I seldom got to spend time with an honest woman, but that's not the point. I did it because someone had to. Outlaws and criminals were everywhere back then and served as the main reason the economy couldn't flourish. I'd watched family members starve to death because a food shipment due for our town had been raided. Others died slow and painful deaths because criminals came and robbed the doctors office, taking all the medicine and giving the doctor a bullet for his trouble. Then they'd come back every once in a while just to stir things up and scare people. Lawmen would try to stop them, but they weren't good enough and didn't live long enough to learn. I decided that someone needed to do something and that someone was ME. Since I was a boy, I've practiced my gunslingin' to a point. I swore I'd do all I could to put the fear of death into all them damned outlaws even if it meant death. It was a risk I was WILLING to take Silas. To me, NOT taking that risk was-" "The equivalent of shoving your colt into your mouth and pulling the trigger." finished Silas. "I know. You've told me this before. But I've told you that this isn't the same. This isn't MY life that's put at risk. It's someone else's." "Not quite." James shook his head. "YOU aren't the one putting her life in danger. Elizabeth's feelings for you are her own choice and she knows you live a dangerous life-style. She's a smart girl. I'm sure she's aware of the risks after what she's seen. Despite this, she still harbors feelings for you. She's willing to take that risk, knowing it could mean death." "But it's an unnecessary risk, Red. I'm sure there are better men out there that'll give her a much better life than me." "I used to think the same thing while I was learnin' to shoot." said James. "'There's someone out there that could do the job better' I'd say to myself. My mother would say the same thing, saying that it was pointless for me to put my life on the line when there would be someone out there better than me. But then I started to wonder...what if this guy that's supposedly better than me was thinking the same thing? Would if all the lawmen gave up early on because they weren't the best? What if everyone just stopped trying altogether? Where would we be? Where would you be Silas?" Silas didn't say anything because he didn't like the answer. If James hadn't showed up in his life, one could only imagine how many more people would be dead. He imagined whole towns filled with slaughtered bodies as far as the eye could see. Little did he know that if Red hadn't shown up, that image would've been a reality. "I'm not trying to twist your wrist old friend," said James. "But Elizabeth has feelings for you and I KNOW you've got feelings for her. Why else wouldn't you have fed on her when you found her? She was covered in fresh cuts." "But it's not like I found a bottle of her blood sitting there next to her body, Red." said Silas, sitting up in his chair. "I was scared and worried that she might've been...dead. Those little cuts didn't faze me with all that going through my head, but I imagine if they'd been bigger that I...might not have acted the same." "You fear that YOU pose a larger threat to her than the world itself?" "I have to consider it, Red." said Silas. "I'm not THAT confident in my own strength." "It's been four years." Said James. "Not once have I seen you feed on someone that didn't have it coming." "Perhaps." noded Silas. "But think of how bad it will be if that strength is inconsistent in the future." "Think about how GOOD it will be if you remain stead-fast and give the poor girl a chance to live her life the way she wants. Think about how happy YOU will be." "I'm getting the feeling I'm not getting through to you." "I'm old and stubborn." said James with confident smile. "You should give up." Silas was about argue with him further but closed his mouth when he heard Elizabeth and Nina approaching the room. Deciding to discuss this further when she wasn't around. He couldn't help but notice the fact that Elizabeth was wearing one of his shirts. It was far too big for her, almost giving her the appearance of a toddler. A few years ago, Sials would've laughed at her or at least let out a hearty chuckle. Silas watched as James fixed her up, scolding nearly the entire time. It was heard to believe James didn't have any children. Silas felt he would've made a great father. Even in his old age, he was a skilled doctor. He did everything a normal doctor would have done, checking her body for possible complications caused by her injuries. Elizabeth was barely able to give a warning when he lifted up her shirt, exposing her underwear and causing Silas to turn his head so fast that he threatened to snap his own neck. "Well your not bleeding out but you are bruised. No heavy lifting for a while...." said James as he pulled her shirt back down and gathered his medical supplies. "Rest up Liz. I will be back to check on you in a bit. Silas, you can help her to her room in about an hour." "An hour?" said Elizabeth with a shocked expression that matched Silas's. "What am I suppose to do for an hour?" But Sir Redding was already on his way out of the room, heading back down to his office to finish writing out an agreement Silas had arranged with a contractor. Silas looked over to Elizabeth, noticing the rosy color in her cheeks. "I am so sorry for all the trouble." said Elizabeth. "I did not mean to be this much of a burden. I am sure your sleepy and probably wanting to turn in for the night. I am sure if you like we could pass time with maybe a card game or even if you had a board game... that is if you would like to play something like that with me...." "Don't worry," said Silas with a dismissive wave. "I don't tire easily. I barely get any sleep even when I try. As for what we're going to do to pass the time..." he reached beneath the bed and pulled out an orange rectangular box. The name on the front read 'Who did it?'. Silas hadn't played the game with anyone for years, but he could always remember thoroughly enjoying it. And losing. He used to play with the other maids, Elizabeth winning every time. It was a simple mystery game, each person taking turns creating mysteries from a random assortment of cards they drew from a deck. They'd make up names for perpetrators and scenery, almost telling a story. They could make up whatever mystery they wanted as long as it contained something from the cards. Silas was good, but Elizabeth was so good that it was scary. He was certain that if she wanted to kill someone and get away with it, she could. She was always able to crack whatever mystery he and the others made up, but he could never crack hers. Each player got three guesses to who did the crime mentioned in the player's mystery and if they guessed right, they had to tell everyone how the prep had done it. Back then when he faced Elizabeth, he'd be reduced to picking a perp at random and conjuring up a ridiculous strings event leading to the murder. This was always fun in itself since the explanations Silas came up with were so ridiculous that they were downright hilarious. Regardless, he always lost. You'd think a man with his penchant for murder would be an expert, but somehow, Elizabeth was better than him. He'd always accuse her of cheating, saying that she had a secret collection of mystery novels she read when no one was around. "I guess we could play this." said Silas as he wiped the dust of the top and opened it. "It's been years and a lot has happened, but my desire to beat you still hasn't changed. Shall we then?"


    Yo, @Robbie Rotten. Would it be ok if one of us spotted Elenwen somewhere?

    @DmitriNoir Nice post pal!

    Noice' of ya to tag @DmitriNoir. Hope he/she's still with us.

    Ah, magic....sweet, sweet magic...I've always HATED IT! *points to sig"

    Hm. I was kinda hoping we could find her first. Perhaps she'll reveal herself in Rob's next post? Or give us a hint on how we can locate her? I LOVE hints in RP's. It's like playing The Curse of Monkey Island, only I can make up my own completely unrealistic and wacky solutions to problems. I mean, at one point in that game, you find this guy bathing in the sun and when he turns over, you see a map to a island you're trying to get to written on his back. You'd think, "I'll just find a paper and pen and copy it down." but that kind of thinking is preposterous. No, obviously the only logical way to get that map is to find some cooking oil, put it in a pitcher you've stolen from a young boy, and pour it on the mans back, therefore causing his skin to get sunburn. Then you peel it off and shove it in your bottomless pants along with the handful of lice and other random things you've stolen or found. I mean, I could technically DO that in an RP, so I LOVE hints. ...And uh...I kinda WANT her to keep attacking us. Keeps the interaction goin' ya know? Gives us the impression of being in an RP with consequences and not just a lone story. I guess I'm saying I don't want the fight to end as quickly as my attention span. I was kinda hoping our characters would group up and decide on a plan as a unit, revealing Elenwen and diverting her forces while someone moves in for a decisive strike while she ain't lookin'. That way we could interact with each other and have even more fun. BUT...if your dragon-borne is getting antsy and wants some action, perhaps she could jump in and do something to reveal Elenwen's position IF @Robbie Rotten's cool with that. ...Wait...did you say molest? Dang. This RP's takin' a turn for the weird. I'd rather kill a woman than sexually assault her as sick as that sounds. But yeah, don't worry. We're gonna make some progress. It's just a matter of how well we interact and whether or not I decide to make up some retarded solution involving a broken toy, a plunger, and an idiot with a shield and vengeance issues....and other issues as well.

    And that is good!

    Oh yeah, @danzilla3 have you been keeping up with this ooc thread? I thought you we're MIA for a second there.

    "Hm." said Zack from atop a house a nice distance from his team, a hand on his chin. "Boy...it sure is a good thing I didn't go over there. Ain't that right bob?" Zack looked down and addressed a clambering zombie that was attempting and failing to climb the building. But it wasn't because they couldn't. By simply piling on top of one another, they could have easily scaled a building. The reason "Bob" and many others like him couldn't was because all their legs were broken. It was quite easy to do since none of them ever tried to dodge his attacks. The decayed flesh didn't make it any more difficult either. The mage had managed to burn away most of the yellow mist before any of it could reach Zack, but now the team was sitting in the middle of an inferno, a horde of zombies, and a falling tree. Sure, Zack had planned to tell the mage to spread fire to the zombies and the mist to keep it at bay, but that was after they REGROUPED a great distance away from the fat-lady zone and he didn't intend to stick around even after that. Perhaps he wasn't clear enough with that advice? He wondered why they ignored him and decided to start fighting them when they were surrounded. Wouldn't it have been better if they fought their way out and built up some distance first to avoid killing each other or being overrun? Zack shrugged. Maybe he was thinking about this all wrong. Maybe one of them had somehow sensed Elenwen nearby and thought then was a good time to attack, which he doubted. Even atop his building, he couldn't see her anywhere. Regardless, they'd gotten themselves into a pickle. One he wasn't fast or equipped enough to get them out of. "Dang," he said to himself as he watched the massive tree fall. "They're really gonna die in there." But, just before the tree could squish them, he heard a series of shots and something exploded out the back of the tree, effectively blowing it in half. Relieved, Zack watched the tree fall down in two separate pieces, neither of which landing on their intended targets. Zack let out baited breath before jumping down off the building, accidentally crushing a zombies skull and spraying spores and greenish blood all over his shoes. "EGH!" yelled Zack as he hopped away, shaking his foot to get it off. While they were doing their thing in the "Pit" so to speak, he'd been busy disabling and luring a crowd of the zombies away to make an opening for his team to escape. He looked towards them and noticed the green, wet, mist being excreted by the mushrooms that were on fire. Squinting, he noticed the odd puffs of green react to a zombies flesh in a way he really hoped it wouldn't. "Yeesh..." said Zack under his breath as he watched the zombie slowly dissolve into a pile of guts. It was like acid, and it was spreading very quickly. Like he'd thought, this Elenwen lady was no joke. The worst part? He felt like she hadn't even got started. Taking her down would be more complicated than simply going full-force at her. They needed to find her, get her to reveal herself, and take her out before they got overrun and quite literally torn limb from limb. But first thing was first. The trees had crushed some of the zombies crowding them, so he knew they'd be able to hear him this time. "HEY!" shouted Zack, noticing that zombies were beginning to crowd his location again. He hoped they'd listen this time, cause Elenwen would not give him another chance to clear more of them out. "I've made an opening, so quit jokin' around and get OUT of there! You are SURROUNDED! We need to build some distance or we WILL be OVERRUN!"

    Uh...alrighty then.

    Wait...i just realized something. Are we saying that this sinister yellow mist is explosive? Or can it just be burned away.

    I agree. The same has happened to a buddy of mines RP that's spanned nearly four chapters now, but i'm not sure if he's coming back, is disinterested in it, or he just has too much work on his plate.

    Canonize? You mean like make this a part of the official Valucre lore? I can't think of any reason I'd say no to that to be honest. XD

    Boom! Only two hours over my predicted post time! Forgive me for not charging in to start the carnage, but I value interaction in RP's pretty darn high. It's nearly where all the fun is right? My character would also generally not unnecessarily fight an army. He DOES hate his job after all, and that would just be a hassle.