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  1. InFAMOUS RP - The choice is yours

    And thank you guys for understanding.
  2. InFAMOUS RP - The choice is yours

    I considered that, but figured I'd just make theses relays different, designed so that power can be extracted from them easily by receivers. This also makes it possible for any conduit to absorb the energy. The one design flaw the DUP overlooked in this universe. But yes, I figured it would make the progression easier and less complicated. But I forgot to mention that when or if you guys crack it open, to stop and leave me a chance to write in a post describing what powers they have to choose from. They'll have a choice, one power leaning towards violence and fear while the other will make it easier to keep others alive.
  3. InFAMOUS RP - The choice is yours

    @Trevor Wisegem I apologize for the wait man. No excuse for this one. Just been tired and generally unmotivated due to some stuff going on IRL. Couldn't bring myself to write until now. I sincerely apologize and thank you all for your patience.
  4. InFAMOUS - Zero Year

    @Trevor Wisegem - ALEX Bramley was a little shocked to see that the boy had avoided his concrete missile, losing sight of him briefly when he seemed to disappear and reappear in an entirely different place. What shocked him even more was that the girl was still with him. In all his years, he'd never seen a conduit manipulate the organic matter of another living thing without causing serious harm to the other party. He'd been teaching cadets for years that this was impossible. There were only two possibilities. One, the girl was a conduit too and was just transmogrifying her own matter alongside his. Or two, this conduit was a whole new class of freak-show. If it was the latter, this made him even more dangerous. With such an ability, he could kill agents and innocents with a touch. He resolved to himself that this chase simply couldn't go on any longer. The boy needed to be stopped. The old man was oblivious to what Alex had just done, far too busy scouting ahead for way to disappear. Every second they ran doomed them more. A short skirmish, he could handle. A constant onslaught was a different ball game altogether. They'd put up a fight, but once their energy reserves were drained, they'd be almost just as easy to kill as a normal person. No doubt this was Bramley's plan. He'd call in back up from within the city and the extra man power would force them back into the park where there were no sufficient sources of power. It was a tactic many had tried to use against Cole Mcgrath himself, but Cole was smart. Even without his powers, he was one hell of a fighter. That was how he stayed alive in Empire City and New Marais. The old man had tried to imitate Cole as much as possible when it came to combat, and he wasn't dead yet. Just as he was beginning to think they'd have to take the sewers just to break the line of sight, he spotted the one thing he was hoping to see. "Bingo." he muttered, the word causing his broken ribs to ache even more. The good news was that he'd spotted a power relay just ahead on the bed of a truck. Alex would be able to crack it open and get a jump-start to his powers that could help them escape. You'd think he could just absorb the power himself, but that's not how things go when you're a conduit as old as he is. Absorbing the energy from a power relay at his age would overcharge his weakened heart and possibly cause it to give out, something he'd seen a good friend learn the hard way. The old mans time had passed and he wouldn't be able to learn anymore tricks, but Alex was a clean slate. He'd be able to absorb the full potential from the relay and not break a sweat. The bad news? The only reason that the power relay was there was because the DUP had set up a checkpoint. There were over a dozen agents surrounding the power relay, their receivers active and their guns at the ready. Bramley had clearly phoned ahead of him and warned them, knowing they'd pass by. Because of this, he was able to zip away fast enouh before they spotted him. "SKY!" shouted one of the agents before aiming his weapon upwards toward the old man and pulling the trigger. "AGH!" shouted the old man when he felt a bullet burrow itself through the back of his calf and out the front. He was able to zip back before the following barrage of bullets could shred his upper half. "S***!" he cursed, his leg in great pain. He was thankful that the bullet didn't shatter his tibia, but it was still hard to move his leg. Zipping would be all he could do pretty soon. "KID!" he shouted, looking around for Alex. He spotted him running down the street with the girl in tow, but something was wrong. Alex's face was pale, and he looked to be breathing hard. He'd gone and expended too much energy. Exactly what Bramley wanted him to do. Sure enough, he spotted Bramley hopping from building to building behind him, firing his gun at Alex and erecting stone pillars to get in his way. Memories flooded the old mans mind. He'd seen Bramley kill far too many conduits this way. Realizing he had very few options at the moment, he looked to the left of the building he was hiding behind. Sitting on the side of the road with a few bullet holes in it was a car. Mustering all the strength he could, he held out his hand concentrated. Arcs of lightning branched from his hand to the car as he charged the car with electricity he'd been collecting as he zipped. He wished Alex had remembered to do that while running, but he was scared and running for his life. Being a little absent-minded was understandable. "BOY!" shouted the old man through gritted teeth. The car he'd been charging was now glowing and arcing everywhere with electricity as it slowly began to levitate off the ground. "GET ON TOP OF THE CAR!" the old man shouted again. "I'M GONNA THROW IT TOWARDS THE CHECKPOINT! CHARGE YOURSELF FROM IT AND HOP OFF BEFORE IT LANDS!" He hoped this plan wasn't crazy enough to ensure Alex's death, but he didn't have any other ideas. He just hoped he'd be able to handle the agents at the checkpoint while he diverted Bramley away from the checkpoint. If they both succeeded, he could meet back up with Alex and tell him how to absorb the energy within the power relay before anyone could stop him.
  5. InFAMOUS - Zero Year

    @Pink Fluffy Cutiefly - ARASHI The chief raked his mind for a possible solution. He'd planned for this, but getting Arashi to where she needed to be wouldn't be easy. In fact, now that the DUP were on full alert, it'd be nigh impossible. He gripped the phone tightly and let out a pained sigh. He did not like what he was about to say next, but it was necessary. If she stayed in one spot for too long, the DUP would corner and kill her. She needed to reach him so that he could use a few contacts to smuggle her out of the city, but the DUP presence around the station and the fact that she was a fresh conduit made the thought of her traveling such a great distance completely terrifying. She'd needed a boon, a leg-up on the enemy, and he knew precisely where to get that. "You need to meet up with me." came the chief's nervous voice. "Get out of the city. If you stay here too long, they WILL eventually kill you. I'm sorry." The chief massaged the bridge of his nose. He was asking her to abandon the life she'd built. She'd worked tirelessly to get to where she was, being one of his top agents. She was tenacious and he saw a future for her, but now, it was gone. In one night. "I have a friend that can smuggle you out of the city, but you need to get to me first. I know you were able to get to your house, but getting here is different. The DUP are condensed around the station and if I leave, they'll suspect something. If you try to get here now, I am certain that you wont make it. So...I need you to find a power relay. The concentrated energy within should give your genes a jolt, making you more powerful. It's risky I know, but if you're going to get out of here, you'll need to get stronger." The sound of DUP agents forcing their way into the station could be heard a floor below him. He'd need to wrap this call up. "Here." he said before typing a few commands on his wrist communicator. "I'm sending an upgrade to your phone that'll enable you to lock onto the unique frequencies that power relays give off. You'll be able to find one easily. Once you do, just crack it open and wait for the raw energy to merge with yours. It might take a while for the change to take effect, so you'll have to hold out for a while after absorbing the energy. You'll know when the change has happened. Now get a move on before they catch up with you. And Arashi..." The chief paused, thinking of what kind of people her parents were. "I know this is all very scary...but if you can avoid taking a life...please do. Don't forget what kind of person your parents wanted you to be."
  6. InFAMOUS - Zero Year

    @kingofgames - LEO Carver licked his lips as he signaled with his hand. 3... He hadn't shoved his knife into anyone's skull for a while now. How long had it been? 3 days maybe? The cities he was sent to usually got quiet when criminals figured out he was there. 2... He thought about what powers this one would have. According to the call they got, he could shoot stuff. Hot stuff. Carver had been hit before by a conduits powers. It was only once, but he remembered it well. A conduit he was hunting decided to stop running and tried to off him while he was drinking at a strip club. He could remember the feeling of a red hot bowling ball hitting him square in the back, almost like a localized explosion. He was wearing a vest underneath his shirt, but all that did was the bare minimum. The blast didn't kill him, but it caused severe burns and and nearly snapped his spine in two. 1... He'd never forget the feeling of waking up on an operating table with doctors putting a cybernetic spine in him. He'd believed he knew pain up to that point, but man was he wrong. His heart felt like it was going to explode, so a doctor conked him out with a second shot. Ever since, hes had a bit more spring in his step. Carver slammed the his foot into the door, kicking it so hard that it broke its hinges and flew a few yards into the room. Everything seemed to move in slow motion as he entered, his finger ready to pull the trigger of his silenced MP5. He wouldn't shoot him in the head. That'd make it too quick. He'd go for the knees and finish him with his knife. His heart raced as he searched the room, his eyes darting from left to right like a possessed animal. The only thing that felt better than hunting people was hunting conduits. By the time the door clattered to the floor, he was certain there was no one in the room. Without signaling that the room was clear, he took aim at the small hallway to his right. He must have realized the living room was far too open to engage a squad of DUP. He'd try to find a place more enclosed to get the drop on them, give the enemy less room to dodge whatever he was gonna shoot at them. Carver smiled. Overconfidence was the tenderizer to the kill. Not only did it make his target stupid, but he'd get to watch it pour out of him as he watched blood spurt from his slit throat. Some would wonder if Carver ever thought he was being cruel, but that'd be like asking a lion if it was being cruel before a kill. He wasted no time in kicking down both doors in the hallway, checking them thoroughly for any signs of life. But he found none. "F***!" he shouted before slamming his fist down on the ceramic sink in the bathroom, shattering one side to pieces. He stormed back into the living room and passed the men that were still checking it. He pushed one of them to the ground on his way out of the door, grabbing his com unit and putting it to his ear. "What the f*** is this colonel?!" he shouted as he made his way down the hall-way and to the stairs. "What are you talking about Carver?" said the colonel. "He's not HERE dammit!" he shouted again, slamming his fist into a wall. "Calm down, boy." said the colonel calmly. "He might've seen us coming somehow and fled. Maybe someone tipped him off." "Then WHERE is he?!" "We've got a guy checking the hall cameras of the building right now. We'll know if he was here soon enough. Just...take it easy and hang tight for further orders. Out." Carver stopped midway down the stairs, his communicator still gripped tightly by his ear. His eyes were wide and blood-shot, his heart still beating a mile a minute. He was beginning to sweat now. Dropping his communicator to the ground, he frantically reached behind him and into a satchel on the side of his back-pack. He grabbed the pill-bottle inside and brought it out in front of him, relieved to see some still there. Almost ripping the top off, he shakily poured a few of them into the palm of his hand and downed them on the pot. Leaning against the railing, he closed his eyes and took a few deep breaths, waiting for his heart-rate to go back down. The slums were crowded and filled with desperate people looking for their next meal or fix. The streets were run down, most of the buildings were falling apart and abandoned, trash littered the streets, and homeless families could be seen huddling together in alley-ways, eating a sandwich they got out of a dumpster in the city. It's odd thinking this place used to be high end before the DUP became a thing. They had to get their money from somewhere. Guns, armor, payroll, and top-secret experiments weren't cheap. The government considered it a necessary expense for the greater good, even though many of the men and women made homeless by the monopoly turned to crime and formed gangs. It was easy to disappear here, but that wasn't just because the DUP rarely came through. "Who's he?" said a buff looking guy as he took a swig of his beer and eyed Leo as he walked passed them. The man was covered in tattoos and cuts from his initiation into one of the more prominent gangs in the slums. The men standing next to him looked no different, eagerly watching Leo as he made a turn into an alley. "A dumb***." replied one of the men before cocking his neck to the side and cracking it. He reached his hand into his pocket and took out a small, but sharp knife he'd made from a broken lawn-mover blade. It was still stained with the blood of the last city-dweller that took a stroll through their territory. He started walking towards the alley Leo had went into, the men with him brandishing their own weapons as they followed him. People disappeared in the slums. They worked hard to make sure that it stayed that way.
  7. InFAMOUS - Zero Year

    @Trevor Wisegem - ALEX Bramley had been certain he would rid the world of another bioterrorist scumbag as he prepared to fire at the young boy, not a single hint of remorse existing in his mind. A conduit was a conduit. Age didn't matter. But then, just as he was about fire, the boy tackled his girlfriend and shot a bolt out of his hand. It was fired too quick for Bramley to react, but his experience with conduits and the old man himself helped him to see that the bolt the boy had fired wouldn't be another pulse rocket like the old man had fired at him earlier. A singular rocket isn't powerful enough to punch through his armor, but multiple ones could do some damage. Thankfully, a single rocket usually drained the old man of half his power. Years ago he could hold more, but his old age was beginning to take effect. Bramley was old too, but he had cybernetic enhancements to negate times wear and tear on his body. Usually when firing a rocket, there was a wind up. The old man would have to charge the energy into his hand before slinging it forward, as if the energy had weight. The boy didn't do this, so Bramley figured he wouldn't have to worry about a second rocket coming his way. To make matters even better, the boy missed. Or so he thought. Seemingly out of no-where, a massive electrical shockwave blew Bramley and the soldiers near him off their feet, his minigun firing into the air. "The hell?" grunted the sergeant as he fell to the ground, his 400 pound armor skidding to a sparky halt on the ground. The lights around him had short circuited and fizzled out with the blast. What had the boy shot at him? It just looked like a normal bolt. Not wanting to waste time and risk the targets getting away, he batted the question out of his mind and got back to his feet. His visor was a little on the fritz, but he could just make out the boy running through the park exit with the girl, entering the city. He could see the old man atop a building far in the distance, beckoning the boy to hurry along. Angered, he grabbed an grabbed a dazed agent that had been rolling around on the ground and set him back on his feet as if he weighed nothing at all. "OFF YOUR A**ES!" yelled Bramley as he pointed in the direction the boy was running. "MOVE!" Not waiting for his team, he bounded forward with harrowing speed, his cybernetics making him much faster than any conduit that wasn't relying on their powers. Each step he took hit the pavement with a dull boom that cracked the concrete and shook the earth. He took aim at the boy with his arm-mounted gun, but he turned a corner just before he could start firing. Angered once again, he erected a huge stone pillar beneath his feet and launched himself into the air to give himself a proper vantage point. As he soared above the building the boy turned around, he looked down and spotted them. "Gotcha." said Bramley as he gathered glowing remnants of stone around his gauntlet, the air shimmering between them. He then slung his arm forward, launching a whirring ring of stone just ahead of where Alex was running. If it impacted with the ground, it'd explode with countless pieces of sharp debris. If the shockwave didn't get him, Alex would be torn apart by the shards of stone. While it might not kill him, it'd surely cripple him and leave him open for a final blow. That's all Bramley needed. Just to get close, get his hands on him. Killing conduits from afar was always hard, but Bramley's implants made hims tronger than any conduit he'd ever faced. Even when they were powered up, he could snap one in half like a twig. While he wasn't the very best the DUP had to offer, the old man new that if they didn't lose Bramley and fast, they were both dead. Even with their powers, taking them head on was suicide. Unless....they found a power relay. The energy inside could super charge Alex, giving him new abilities that he was too old to contain himself. They just needed to find one, break it open, and have Alex absorb it. He was thinking about where he could find the next DUP checkpoint when he saw Bramley hurl one of his spinning rock's of death at Alex from way above a nearby building. "LOOK OUT BOY!" shouted the old man, too old to jump in and save him.
  8. InFAMOUS - Zero Year

    @Metty - ARASHI The chief waited anxiously in his office as he held the phone to his ear. He felt conflicted, knowing she wouldn't pick uo because she was already dead, but also knowing that she wasn't trained to be killed so easily. The DUP would give it their best shot, but in every scenario he thought of, he could see Arashi possibly getting out it alive. And if she was a conduit, her chances would only go up. If she got shot, she could heal. The only thing he needed to worry about was her over-confidence. Being as talented and well-trained as she was, she sometimes forgot that she was human, that she still needed to follow the rules of survival. Sometimes this over-confidence was so great that she'd barely notice if she was injured. She'd tell herself that she was simply that tough and ignore the injury as if it never happened. He thought back tot he time she was sparring with an instructor and took a sharp strike to the ribs as a result of lowering her defence to sock the instructor in the jaw. It looked incredibly painful from afar, but she stayed focused and kept attacking. Focus. She always had a great amount even at a young age. Perhaps it was because she was a conduit? But that couldn't be. That would mean it was possible for the gene to be in effect before existing. Maybe that was just the way Arashi was, perhaps a result of her parents being killed. Trauma always had that effect on people causing them to take a trait to the extreme. The ringing on the phone ended abruptly and his heart jumped. He half expected a DUP agent to pick it up and demand who he was. "Hello?" came Arashi's voice on the other end, making it feel as if a large block of ice had suddenly melted in his body. "Hello? Is that you chief?" "ARASHI!" yelled the chief, chastising himself for being so loud. "Arashi...thank god. Report! Are you alright?! What happened?!"
  9. InFAMOUS RP - The choice is yours

    Good to hear, pal!
  10. InFAMOUS RP - The choice is yours

    Alrighty! It's been a while. Everything ok @Kingofgames12? Would it be ok to skip ya for now? @Metty @Trevor Wisegem You guys still interested? Sorry for the insane wait.
  11. I'll admit, I noticed you because of your pic. You have great taste in entertainment!:bigsmile: Welcome to Valucre!

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      Thank you! Good to be here!

  12. InFAMOUS - Zero Year

    @Trevor Wisegem - ALEX The old man dodged a burst of gunfire to the face as he zipped over to the last agent and delivered a non-lethal shock to his head. The agent shuddered and fell to the ground, unconscious, but very much alive. He then turned around to see what Alex had been doing. He wanted to watch him during the scuffle, but dodging bullets and supervising a minor were something beyond his range of multi-tasking. Because of this, he half expected to see several burnt corpses lying lifelessly on the ground. This was all so new to the boy. It would only be normal for someone to get scared and overreact as several people started trying to kill him and the girl he was with. To his surprise, not a single agent was dead. Even more surprising, Alex appeared in front of him in a flash of electricity. After making sure neither he or the girl suffered any wounds from the gunfight, the old man gave Alex a small smile and a nod of approval. "You kept your nerves in check pretty well for such a young lad." said the old man, putting an approving hand on Alex's shoulder as he walked passed him. "And I see you've learned how to zip too. It took me a good few years to learn that, so I'm a bit surprised." Taking a deep breath and closing his eyes, the old man focused the charge in his body to his mind, sending out an electric pulse. When he opened his eyes, the locations of the people and machines within a mile radius became visible to him, their unique electro-magnetic fields showing up as a blue-outline around them through his. He was able to see far and through walls, but it only lasted for a few seconds. But that was all he needed to see how screwed they were about to get. "Hope you've gotten the hang of it!" said the old man as he hopped onto the pipe of a nearby building and began vaulting it to the rooftop. "We have to move now!" He neglected to tell Alex what had him so spooked. That he'd seen sergeant Bramley quickly approaching. The old man always recognized the haggard agent. His electromagnetic field was always twice as thick as a normal persons due to the cybernetic implants his body had. The old man was no match for him at his age, and the kid was far too inexperienced to last more than five seconds in a fight with him. Not only that, but Bramley's implants were fitted with jamming technology that messed around with the old man's abilities when at close range. Even being near him made him feel weaker. Once he was on the roof, he turned around and his heart skipped a beat when he saw Bramley jump high into the air using a large stone pillar, clearing the tree-tops easily. Almost as soon as he'd seen the old man, Bramley raised his arm and a flurry of small rockets fired from his gauntlet. "S***!" cursed the old man before erecting an electric barrier. He would've zipped away, but he'd gone up against Bramley before. He knew the rockets were heat-seeking, something that was confirmed when he tried to jump back. The rockets exploded on contact with the barrier, shattering it and blasting the old man off the building at a harrowing speed. His body slammed into the edge of a nearby brick building before he fell all the way to the ground, grunting in pain as he felt a few broken ribs get nudged even further out of place. Deja-vu washed over his mind. "R-Run!" stuttered the old man as he quickly got to his feet, his chest in unbearable pain. Just as he began to take off, Bramley landed on the ground a dozen yards in front of Alex, sending out a shock-wave of force that made the ground shake, crack, and split apart. Without a word, the lumbering, cybernetic, conduit killer raised his right arm at Alex, the minigun on the top of the gauntlet spinning up. When Alex looked into Bramley's visor and saw his old, battled hardened eyes, he saw nothing. Just old, stubborn, bitterness. "NO!" shouted the old man, gritting his teeth and slinging his arm forward, a large electric blast rocketing from his hand. It just barely missed Alex's head before hitting Bramley square in the chest, blowing the haggard sergeant back in burst of electrical energy. Alex could feel the energy emanating from the blast. He could easily tell that it was more than enough to kill, but he got the feeling that it wouldn't even dent the agent's armor, let alone his resolve. The old man nearly falls from the rapid expense of energy, but he catches himself and begins to run, zipping away in flashes of electrical current whilst beckoning Alex to follow. "C'MON BOY!" said the old man. "ZIP!" The old man had barely had a chance to finish that sentence before alex heard the whirring of Bramley's minigun through the smoke. To make matters worse, he could see agents ahead of him jumping high into the air using pillars of stone. The chase was on.
  13. InFAMOUS RP - The choice is yours

    Not exactly. He used his Neon run by accident in your first post right? He'd DEFINITELY die if he tried to fight them all with the powers he has, but if he were to simply try to escape, I'm certain there'd be a way for him to succeed. Its just a matter of using ones head before some psychotic killer has a chance to cut it off. It'd be a close shave, but isn't that what makes daring escapes so cool? To escape death's maw by the hairs of your chinny-chin-chin and live to laugh and learn from it? Reading that would be awesome. But if you want the easy way out...weeeelllllrrrrrnnngghhhyaknow...
  14. InFAMOUS RP - The choice is yours

    Oh he ain't there yet? Oh! XD Guess he can just slyly nope his way outta there when he sees them.
  15. InFAMOUS RP - The choice is yours

    Yeah sorry for the delay. Work has not been fair to me. People keep calling off, showing up late, quitting, man it sucks.