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  1. zackrobbman

    Dark hearted, open ended, no rules RP [Closed]

    I should be posting tomorrow, but it's just gonna be Clive reacting to recent events and being turned into a dog.😅 Maybe some off the scene stuff with Lavernius too. I got some funny ideas for that guy.😎 Oh, and a few world ending ones as well.
  2. zackrobbman

    Highway to Hell

    Zack couldn't help but notice the injured states of the scouts when they returned with Sebastion. He furrowed his eyes in worry when he saw the numerous bleeding cuts through their shredded clothes. Sebastion seemed to be unharmed, but he was covered in head to toe in blood. He remembered what the scout had told him earlier about 'Salamanders'. Did salamanders even have claws or sharp teeth? Why call these undoubtedly ferocious beasts one of the most harmless reptiles in the animal kingdom? Why not call them raptors or something? It'd make a lot more sense considering the state of the scouts. The medics in the camp wasted no time in attending to the injured while Sebastion waltzed over to Thurgood to have a chat with him. Zack noticed that he was carrying a sword and guessed he must have been skilled with it to be one of the few that came out unharmed. Or the sword was imbued with some sort of magic or technology. That was usually the case with swords nowadays seeing as the weapons produced by Hell's Gate would have surely revolutionized the arms industry and made close-combat arms out-dated. Most of the psychos Zack fought during his daily grind were equipped with some manner of laser rifle or a saber. The ones that carried swords, maces, flails, and bows always had some freakish enchantment that could turn an unskilled combatant into a serious threat. It served as yet another reason why Zack hated magic. It wasn't much longer till Thurgood gave the order to set up camp and food was provided. Zack had expected food that was inexpensive and unfulfilling, but Sebastion had apparently pulled some strings and managed to get the whole camp a full banquet. The smell, the taste, and even the look of each entree nearly brought tears to Zack's eyes. He hadn't eaten food like this in ages. Why? Because he was in debt and constantly being badgered by collectors whenever he was in public. Sometimes they'd just tell him that legal action would be taken if he didn't pay what he owed. Other times the collectors sent by the more shady organizations would try to behead him or blow him up just to send a message to any other debtors. The latter happened a lot whenever he stayed in public for too long, so fast food and quick snacks from "Da' Stow" was all he could usually eat. True, it was unhealthy, but being beheaded or gutted from grin to groin was much less healthy. He was cautious to scan any of the food he ate to make sure none of it was poisoned, but it was but a minor hindrance to his feast. He ate as much food as he could, knowing that mercenaries like himself should not take the opportunity for granted. He was good at staying alive and was a generally reliable merc', true, but that merely increased his chance of not dying. There was always the possibility of death no matter how skilled a mercenary was. Something going horribly wrong or even horribly right could change things in an instant, making all possibilities of survival fade like a father having a son out of wedlock. Zack knew that he could drop dead on any day, so he appreciated things like this. After he was done eating to the point where he felt like he was a few months into pregnancy, he elected to try and get some rest. Well, he'd planned to, but there was something he had to do first. Other workers and guards would've seen him walking around the camp for the next few hours, seemingly checking out all the work equipment and supplies like some sort of inspector. He was one of the last people to pitch his tent before climbing inside to rest, sleeping with "One eye open" like they usually say. The following morning was fairly uneventful. Zack rose early due to his poor sleeping habits and immediately got to work helping the others with preparations for the day ahead. Most of the help he offered was just heavy lifting and making sure nothing important was left behind, but it was enough work to make the time move along to when the caravan got moving again. Zack had an axe perched over his shoulder as they traveled, knowing that he'd be cutting down a lot of trees throughout the day. He was hoping no one would get crushed in the process. There were a lot of trees ahead of them, and they'd all have to fall somewhere. If someone wasn't paying attention when one buckled, this could easily be their last job. He figured Thurgood would keep an eye out, but he wouldn't be able to watch everyone. At some point, maybe because someone had drank too much the night before, something stupid would happen. Hopefully it wouldn't involve him. He raised an eyebrow in confusion and surprise when they reached the spot they'd stopped at the day before. He could remember a hefty stretch of woods there just the other day, but now the area was clear of trees. Zack guessed it had something to do with the large group of people standing in their path and tensed up. They were being led by some muscular guy with a tan that would've made him jealous had he any insecurities associated with his masculinity. He watched with full attention as the man walked up to Sebastian relaxed when Sebastion shook hands with him. They exchanged greetings and he found out that the muscular guys name was Markovic. His sandy blonde hair and muscular appearance reminded him of a barbaric psychopath he'd had the pleasure of meeting in the past. After a few more brief sentences, Markovic's men joined up with them. Zack recalled Thurgood mentioning a group of people that would join up with them, but he expected people with bull-dozers and what not. These were just extra hands and backs. Sebastion was planning on finishing the job today, but Thurgood disagreed. They had a lot of work to do, so his skepticism was expected. Then, much to Zack's utter shock, Sebastion unsheathed his sword and sent out a swarm of ethereal serpents that turned any trees still in their path to splinters. Zack was primed and ready to bolt the moment one of them decided to become a maverick and go for the crew, but this thankfully didn't happen. Once the sepents did their part, Sebastion raised his sword up into the air. Zack squinted and saw the sword shimmer and glow, the metal suddenly having the appearance of a dragons skin. Sebastion then swung the sword downwards and sent out a massive shockwave that shook the ground completely obliterated anything the serpents didn't destroy. It also cleared away a good section of the earth in front of them, creating a trench in the dirt so that they wouldn't have to dig too much. Zack's furrowed eyes panned over to sebastion. He could understand why he wasn't able to do the whole job himself since he wouldn't be able to build the actual road with his sword, but Zack couldn't help but think that Sebastion could've saved them hours of work yesterday if he'd stuck around with the work crew instead heading off with the scouts. Then again, had he done that, they would've needed someone to take his place with the scouts. Had that someone been him, Zack wouldn't have been happy about it. Zack also wondered how a guy with a sword like that wasn't able to immediately vaporize the salamanders they'd fought yesterday and save the other scouts a date with a medic. Had he been holding back? Was he afraid that he'd injure one of his own by accident? Did using the sword drain him or something? He would've asked Sebastion these questions, but the answer would've likely been steeped in magic, a topic Zack often went out of his way to avoid. To him, whenever magic was involved, there was no point in trying to find reason or sense. Magic was magic because magic. Nothing else needed to be said. Once Thurgood left to go wake up the rest of the work crew, Zack stood in silence with Markovic and Sebastion, idly rocking on his heels. He hoped Sebastion didn't keep a record of the people he hired. He was a governor, so it wouldn't be surprising if he had some way to gather information. How else could he amass such a large work force without hiring a traitor? If this was the case he remembered that Zack was a mercenary, he might switch him from the work crew and put him on scout duty or something else that could be potentially dangerous and painful. He didn't look like a mercenary, but that wouldn't matter if he had a photo of him somewhere. He wanted to walk away, but he was standing right in front of them and it would look weird and suspicious. So he elected to keep their thoughts on something else. "So," he said, breaking the silence and turning to Markovic. "You guys run into any trouble on the way to meet us?"
  3. zackrobbman

    Dark hearted, open ended, no rules RP [Closed]

    Lol Yeah buddy. I was counting on him showing up again.
  4. Charlie's greed (and superhuman libido) ensures that hes gonna stick around.😅😐 So...if I'm not mistaken, anyones hp that reaches zero this round are knocked out for good then? I ask because of the permadamage and/or death thing. And I'm interested in creating a nightmare!😀
  5. Hey, I know its been a while, but I'm trying to get back into Zero Year. What happened to the Old Guy? 

    1. zackrobbman


      He's out cold and close to dying. He needs a recharge to stay alive.😅

      And I planned to post on HTH this week, but I got this jaw infection that's been making my life a living hell. Cant sleep, cant chew food, the whole nine yards. Been surviving off of pain meds, penicillin, and protein drinks. 😞 

      But SOON as this infection clears up, your thread will be first on my to-do list!

    2. danzilla3


      Did he get carried away, or is he still on the scene?

    3. zackrobbman


      According to Trevor's post, hes been carried to safety directly out of harm's way.

  6. zackrobbman

    Dark hearted, open ended, no rules RP [Closed]

    Yeah I'm definitely itchin' to get back to this.🤣
  7. zackrobbman

    Dark hearted, open ended, no rules RP [Closed]

    Planning to, but I'm still having issues with my teeth. Pain hasn't gone down even a little, and I haven't been able to sleep well for the passed five days because I keep waking up in the middle of the night with the entire right side of my face throbbing in searing pain after the pain meds wear off. All from a toothache. On top of that, I havent been eating since its extremely painful to do so. Tried to eat a few slices of pizza yesterday while the pain meds were still active, but it STILL hurt like I was biting down on aluminum foil and I think it made the pain worse later on when the meds wore off. So I'm not even sure I'm gonna have the energy to post anything man.😞 WAY too physically and mentally exhausted. Likely won't be doing anything but attempting to sleep till I get this freaking tooth-jaw-head ache to stop. Gotta bear it till Sunday when the dentist that did my fillings says she can see me. Dude on the phone told me that it's normal to experience some minor discomfort after a filling and I think I got close to snapping. Instead I just laughed. I got a bad feeling about Sunday. Figured I had an infection and went to get an antibiotic prescription, but the woman that did it misunderstood me and thought I was...I dont know. Went in asking for a prescription for antibiotics, she did something on a computer, and told me I was all good. I thought it was weird that I got no documented confirmation or got to see a nurse, but it was my first time getting one so I ignored it. I go to the pharmacy today, and they say they never got me in the system. So I cant get those yet.😑 I swear...I SWEAR If the genocide of dentists weren't a crime. The lady that did my fillings gave me a 2nd degree burn on my lip and neglected to TELL me for Pete's sake! I'm worried about what else she "forgot" to tell me. Sorry. I'm a little delerious and my lunch break is almost up. Drank a single nutrient shake. Just wanted to keep you guys informed.
  8. Echoes had the BEST voice acting of any Fire Emblem game. Anyone that disagrees can fite me.
  9. zackrobbman

    Claiming the Furthest Point

    The concern any normal human being would have had for his fellow defenders was lost on Charlie. Instead of halting his pillage to assist the defenders he'd practically used as bait for the skittering monstrosities behind him, he continued on-wards to the spoil that had spilled from the Magnus's body. He didn't even look back. He didn't take notice of the last, fleeing Twistling that would doubtlessly return to exact revenge for its missing eye and dead brethren. Or maybe it'd return just because it was evil like that. He paid no heed to the commotion behind him. He figured that if everyone behind him got killed, he'd get to score a much larger haul. The only part about that scenario that bothered him was that the hot women he'd been planning to swoon would also be dead. He shrugged the thought off. It wasn't like he was committed to them or anything. If they died, they died. People always died. It was a mantra in Charlie's mind. He knew that someway, somehow, he would die one day too. In his mind though, his death would be legendary. He'd obviously go out with a bang. Or surrounded by large breasted women who couldn't keep their hands off of him. Either one seemed cool to him. The moment he reached the magnus's body, he began scooping up as much loot as he could, cramming smaller items into his backpack and slinging larger ones over his shoulders. The chest-plate he'd had his sights on beforehand was a little heavier than he'd expected, but he latched it to his back-pack nonetheless. He had absolutely no regard for the wise words of Fidelitas, choosing riches over a greater chance of surviving long enough to claim such riches. He thought to himself that if things got ugly, he'd just drop the pack someplace secure and get to the fighting unhindered. If someone stole it...well...you can probably guess what hell he'd raise. If he raised enough hell, the others might nip the issue in a bud and kill him, which I honestly believe would be a service to the rest of Terrenus. The only problem with that outcome would be explaining it to Zack. Charlie elected to stop looting after the chest-plate, figuring that he'd just steal loot off the others if he wanted more. He was walking back towards the others when he caught sight of a woman he'd seen earlier at the start of the expedition. Her name was Sera, and he was liking what he was seeing. She was walking over to pick up a shield from the spilled loot, and Charlie eyed her backside the entire time. Because of this, he wasn't looking where he was going and almost tripped over something again. Looking down, he spotted a pistol. He didn't hesitate in picking it up and examining it, the thought of looking around to see who had dropped it not even briefly crossing his mind. Charlie quickly stashed the weapon away with a deft quickness and pretended to notice Vlad's outburst. He then pretended to look for the weapon and eventually shrugged at Vlad. "No dice, man!" Charlie shouted back. He gave Vlad a resigned grin before continuing on his way, whistling a tune. He planned to find an unoccupied spot in order to case out the others for anything he could "borrow" when he spotted the woman he'd been healed by earlier when he got cut up by the Twsitling pretending to be doctor Warren. She appeared to tending to the injured. Taking a gander at her body for a few seconds, Charlie put on his best smile and practically sauntered over to her. "Yo!" he said as he approached her, all his loot and stolen items clanking against one another on his person. "You're one that fixed me up out there right?" Charlie's grin grew. "Back there when I was hallucinating? I saw you for a split second and thought I was dead, cause you looked like an angel!" Charlie waited with baited breath for her response, seemingly unaware that the last thing he'd ever see after death would be an angel. It be quite the opposite really, but he probably wouldn't even care if he was being stabbed by a being of torment as long as she was hot. @P.N.See @Thotification @Fierach
  10. zackrobbman

    The Crescent Hammer // Fight Club

    Of this, Zack was aware. The dense ball of mystery metal his armor had previously been didn't seem to be physically taxing when she was handling it. In fact, she didn't seem to be exerting herself when doing anything back at the shop. He'd assumed it was because she was black-smith and had likely been doing this her whole life, but there was always room for more unorthodox reasoning's. He'd already seen her super-heat her own hands to mold the armor, so perhaps she had enhanced strength as well. It wouldn't surprise him. More than half the people he met had some kind of boon than enabled them to be unusually strong or fast. It made life as a mercenary hell. After telling him that she was all for bad ideas, something he would've nodded his head at had he generally been more disrespectful, she put on her smithing gloves and charged him. Having heard her little remark about the gloves being capable of surviving a meteor strike, Zack wondered if it would have been safer if she used a sword. He figured that her gloves were either enchanted or made of the toughest leather known to man. And woman if you're sensitive like that. Not wanting to test the waters of his armor with a full-on punch from her deceivingly normal looking gloves, Zack side-stepped her. In any normal fight where he couldn't care less about his opponent, Zack would've gave her a deadpan look and bashed her with his shield right before she could punch. Charging someone with defensive capabilities was dangerous, Zack especially. The only time it was wise to charge someone was if you caught them off guard, had really fast reflexes and were only looking to bait or observe an opponents reaction. Any other time could result in instant death or an extremely painful, permanent disability. A lot of psycho's that charged Zack learned that the heard way. The ones that didn't die or wind up brain dead, that is. "Try not to charge anyone like that unless you know they won't see it coming." said Zack. He pointed to his shield. "Especially when they have a defensive advantage. Trust me. A good defense usually wins out against a good offense ninety-nine percent of the time, so try to find other ways to close distance if you can. Or maybe you're just feeling me out." Zack gave her a thoughtful look. "Are you?"
  11. zackrobbman

    Family First - A Valucre Announcement

    Family DOES come first pardner'. Good on ya. Try to keep your spirits high while you're doing what you gotta do. Remember to laugh. A simple laugh can really improve someones else mood, which in turn can improve yours. I'll be here if and when you get back!😉