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  1. Tuck saw the girl that had just walked in glance at him briefly, but she didn't seem at all alarmed as usual. She just went about her business. Still one could wonder if her disinterest was ill founded or not. There were plenty of students that feared or despised him, and when they weren't making fun of him or attempting to prank him, they were all-out ignoring him. Speeding up when they walked passed him. Not holding the door for him when he was carrying something heavy through the door they were walking through. Bumping into him by accident, but then not saying sorry or excuse me. Never asking if he was okay when he sipped on a banana peel and fell down a flight of stone stairs. Never saying hello. Little ignorant things like this would make most people wonder if they'd prefer being picked on. No one likes to be shunned. But Tuck wasn't your average guy. Although he noticed when he was being mistreated, no one in town could ever attest to seeing it bother him. This was probably because no one ever asked him how he was doing. He was trying to peel a wad of gum off a shelf when he started hearing the girl talk to herself again. He glanced up to see if she was talking to the other two in the library, but it didn't appear so. She was mentioning someone named Paul. One might wonder if the girl was insane, but Tuck was well aware of the magical practices in Terrenus as a whole. The thought of someone conjuring up invisible beings to chat with wasn't unheard of. In fact, it was a normal practice for those who craved attention, but couldn't get any. Kind of like people that are always talking on their phone at any given moment in time. Sometimes i wonder what people like that do when their phone is dead. Do they just stand there staring at a wall, thinking of what person they'll call once their phone is on again? They're like zombies. Tuck could vividly remember the day he saw a student walking down the hallway with his hair on fire, but he was too engrossed in some stupid text conversation to notice, even when Tuck tried to tell him about it. Tuck felt he'd never have to worry about this girl walking into the library with her hair on fire though. If she wanted to chat with invisible beings she'd conjured up with magic or her own imagination, that was perfectly fine with him. It was the magic he could see that bothered him. He didn't know why, but whenever he was around, spells would miss-cast or fizzle out mid-way, causing all sorts of ruckus. Like the time he almost fell victim to a spell that was supposed to create metal out of thin air. A student was trying to cast it in a hallway, but when tucked walked passed, the student had accidentally turned his eyes and teeth into iron. Thankfully it was able to be remedied by one of the minks in the monastery, but you can understand why he'd want to steer clear of it. It's all fun and games until someone eventually gets turned into a green chicken with a head of ham for the rest of their life. "Pssssstttt!" Tuck turned his head to see the new girl trying to get the students attention. Did they know each other? Or was she just trying to figure out why the student was talking to herself? Well that was nice. People never asked Tuck why he didn't have any eyes and was so quiet. They usually skipped that part and immediately started running away from him or picking with him. Maybe it was because this girl didn't have bottomless holes for eyes.
  2. Bruh, I KNOW how that feels and totally understand why you don't want to rewrite it. XD Seriously, it's the worst thing ever. BUT...have you considered switching to chrome? It happened to me a while ago, but when I restarted my PC, there was a notification on the RP type box telling me it had saved what I had wrote! I nearly cried with joy since it took me three days to write what I did. I think Valucre does it automatically now, but maybe only on chrome? Not entirely sure.
  3. Oki-doki! BUT...I don't want your RP to end up like my highschool RP, so if he doesn't respond to the heads up in the next day or so, I'd consider moving on so as not to let the RP die. He can always join back in whenever he gets the chance, so it's not like he's been kicked out. You readin' this @Alex Kimchi? It's nuthin' personal, (really bro, it's not) but it'd SUCK if this RP died all of a sudden. If you're unable to post due to life and circumstances, just let us know man. That way we can keep things moving until you're ready to post. No one's gonna jump down your throat for whatever reason. We're all doing this for fun.
  4. Aye! Just your average friendly neighborhood RP'er here! Everyone all right? Are we waiting for @Alex Kimchi or is there no order for now?
  5. Thanks. Eager to see how this rolls out.
  6. The front doors of the Abbey opened up and students began piling out, most of them eager to go home and slack off on their homework before coming to school the next day to copy off of someone else at lunch or breakfast. One of the students stopped and turned when he heard a noise to his right, a few other students behind him doing the same. They saw the janitor throwing several large trash bags into the dumpster by the corner of the building, seemingly oblivious to their presence. He was wearing his usual black baseball cap with a grey T-shirt and blue jeans. "Go HOME, stalker!" shouted one of the students, eliciting a few chuckles out of his friends. The janitor, or "Tuck" as the people of the town called him, turned to look at them briefly before throwing the last bag in the dumpster and walking around to the back of the building and out of sight. When the student's laughing finally calmed down, one of them put on a worried look. "Man, maybe we shouldn't hound that guy as much as we do." said the worried student. the others looked at him with mildly annoyed and confused expressions. "Why?" asked one of the larger students, a boy that was considered one of the Abbey's jocks. "You scared of him?" "I mean," thought the worried student as he rubbed the back of his head. "We don't know anything about the guy. For all we know, Garth's mutilated remains might've been in one of those bags." "Garth transferred you yellow belly!" laughed the jock. "You don't believe that stupid rumor do you? Come on Richard, you can't be that dumb." "I'm just accepting it as a possibility." shrugged Richard. "Garth DID turn up missing after he threw a bucket of paint on him. That's all I'm saying." "Dude, you're thinking too hard. Garth's mom told me he transferred a week ago because the Abbey didn't like his antics. He ain't dead." "Have you spoke to him?" asked richard as they began walking home. "You tried calling him?" The jock opened his mouth to answer, but stopped himself and looked away. "...He...hasn't picked up his phone since he transferred." said the jock. "My point exactly." smiled Richard. "Man, shut up." laughed the jock as they all continued their walk home. The cafeteria? Check. The classrooms? Check. The bathrooms? Check. The hallways? Check. The trashcans throughout the building? Check. Tuck was almost done with his work-day at the Abbey. All that was left was to clean the library and it usually wasn't that big of a mess since the librarian was threatening enough to keep the students in check. The worst he'd have to ever worry about were students putting gum underneath the tables or books that had been left out. He felt lucky to be the janitor at the Blackwell Abbey, seeing as most other schools needed much more cleaning to be kept up properly and in extension much longer shifts. He'd applied for the job a year ago in order to find a way to fill his time during the week since the Junkyard and lumber yard wouldn't let him come on full-time without a year of experience. The Abbey wasn't his first choice since it was filled with monks that he suspected to dabble in magic, but no other place in town would hire him because he was so off-putting to the customers. Always wearing a baseball cap low over your nonexistent eyes will do that, and the no-hat policy most stores had didn't make it any easier. The monks in the Abbey were different though, not being nearly as judgemental save a few cases. They let him on and agreed to pay him well, saying that it was wrong to deny someone work because of such quirks. That, and the monks were getting stretched thin teaching AND cleaning. So then his new pattern of life was set. He worked for the Abbey during the week as the only real member of the janitorial staff, and he worked at the scarp and lumber yard on weekends. The money was good, but he didn't spend enough to put a dent in his earnings. Some in town theorize that he's saving up to buy weapons to kill everyone, but most of said citizens are only joking, since they also say he could do that without a weapon. To most of them, he's like that fat ogre from that one movie, only he doesn't talk much at all and instead of taking mud-baths and eating snails, he spends his free time in the park, sleeping in trees and reading sci-fi novels. An hour or two had passed since the monastery's students had left, so it was extremely quiet now. The monks here weren't noisy and Tuck admired that. The place was weird and a little cryptic, but it was peaceful. As he made his way to the library, he spotted girl slowly creeping her way in. He didn't recognize her, but it wasn't his job to kick students out after school hours. It was his job to clean stuff after school hours. His broom and dustpan in hand and a roll of trash-bags in his pocket, he walked into the library and started looking for any sign of a mess. The girl didn't seem to notice him, and neither did the man that was also there. He seemed to be examining a book he'd taken off the shelf, but it seemed like something was bothering him. Did he think he was being watched? Because Tuck wasn't. He'd merely glanced at him before making his rounds at the other end of the library, picking up fallen books along the way. In fact, the girl also seemed to be agitated with something as well, looking expectant, as if waiting on someone. Tuck shrugged, hoping that they were enthralled enough not to notice him. He was almost done, and if he could avoid people making fun of him or having a heart attack at the sight of him, he would. It wasn't until he started making his way back down to their end that he heard the footsteps on the stairs. The only person that visited the library after school hours was a young girl who actually lived in the Abbey. He wasn't sure whether or not she was related to one of the monks or the Abbot himself, but she often visited the library to study after school. She seemed like a pretty normal girl, but he'd caught her talking to herself a few times in the past, as if there were actually some imaginary being next to her. As a guy that didn't say much at all, it was just a little bit strange to him. Not in the bad way though. He was just curious as to why.
  7. There we go! This is the guy I'll be using. I'll write up a post when i wake up...hopefully. I got caught up playing FE: Shadows of Valentia and now it's like...7:22 AM. I gotta be at work art 6:30 and I'll be there till 2 in the morning, so it might be a little difficult to write something up on the fly.
  8. *Thinking of drawing up a pic* BASIC INFO: Name: Tuck. Maybe. That's just what everyone calls him and no one knows why. Nicknames: Tucker, Chuck, Buck, Puck, Duck, Lucky-Tuck, The janitor, Grim Race: Rumored to be an alien, but he says he's a human. I think people call him an alien just to pick with him. Age: 22 Gender: Male Main Occupation: Janitor in the Abbey Secular Occupation: Works in a lumber yard and scrap-yard on weekends Past Occupations: Unknown. Kid's joke about him being a retired "Grim Reaper" Moral Standing: Seemingly good PHYSICAL INFO: Eyes: Doesn't have any. Pitch black holes, like a skeleton's Complexion: Pale Height: 5'6 Build: Jobs keep him fit as a fiddle Hair: Dark Brown ATTRIBUTES/SKILLS: *Always wears a worn, black, baseball cap that usually overshadows his eyes so as not to freak out the more skittish folks. *Doesn't talk much at all, but folks say he's a great listener. *Known to be very kind to others whenever the opportunity presents itself, but people are usually too afraid of him to acknowledge this. *Has a frightening habit of sneaking up on people without making a sound and vanishing just as easily. Rumors say that he can teleport, but this has never been seen in action. *Whenever he's off, he can usually be found at the park, sleeping in a tree with a sci-fi novel laying on his chest. *Next to nothing is known about his past before he suddenly, "appeared" in town one day. He tells folks that he hails from a farm, but he never tells them where or anything else after that. *Lives in a cabin just outside of town. It's not the biggest cabin in the world, but it's comfortable and has running water and electricity. *Dislikes loud noises. *Students in the Abbey steer clear of him since he always seems to turn up whenever a student is trying to do something mischievous. When he's on the clock that is. *Upon catching such a student in the act, he never interferes or tries to stop them. He just advises them not to do what they're planning and carries on. *Hardest working employee in both the lumber yard and scrap-yard. *Seldom smiles, but when he does it's creepy, which is why he doesn't do it much. *Seems to enjoy the simple life *Favorite foods are Apples, Apple Pie, Apple Turnovers, Apple Sauce, anything cinnamon flavored, and beef Teriyaki. If you really want him to smile, give him a bottle of cold, cinnamon apple sauce. *May abhor violence seeing as he never engages in it, even when attacked. He just blocks or dodges the attacker until he or she gets tired or accidentally knocks themselves out. If the latter happens, he'll even take the attacker to the nearest hospital or infirmary. *May hate magic since he seems to avoid it whenever possible. He says it gives him the willies. *Made fun of by some students and adults. Doesn't seem to bother him much.
  9. Sorry for the wait! Just finished my post in my other RP. Gonna work up that profile and post for THIS RP real soon.
  10. Zack backed away as Vargas inched closer, the look on her face becoming more animal than human. Consume him? What did she mean by that? Was she going to eat him? Was she also a cannibal now? "...The hell are you talkin' about lady?" asked Zack as he flicked his eyes between her and the unstable liquid on the ground. He winced when he noticed that he'd forgotten to pick up Iedomee's pistols. He wanted to go for them, but Vargas was too close. Although she seemed weaker now, it still made him feel like he was dying to be anywhere near her. He'd have to find another way to cause the explosion. He was once again reminded of the fact that he was missing his shield. "If I consume you, he'll go away." said Vargas, more to herself than anyone else. " need help lady." Without warning, she lashed out with her tendrils, Zack narrowly avoiding them as he ducked and jumped while holding on to Iedomee's body. In doing so, he accidentally spilled what was left in the flask. Grimacing in irritation, he just kept playing keep away until he could think of something. He consider grabbing an arrow out of Edmee's quiver and trying to throw it at the glowing puddle below Vargas, but he was no where near good enough to do that. The arrow would have to hit straight on as if shot from a bow, and although he was strong enough to match the speed, he would be skilled enough to keep the arrow straight so that it would hit the puddle with the pointy end and spark. "OW!" shouted Zack as he felt a tendril slam into his side. The blow sent him into a nearby wall, cracking it. He was careful to make sure Iedomee wasn't his cushion, having held him out front and hitting the all with his back. The wind was knocked out of him and his side was numb with pain, but he was able to land on his feet nonetheless. When he looked up, he moved his head to the side to narrowly avoid a tendril through the eye. It speared the wall and Zack grabbed it with his free hand in an attempt to swing her down into the ground, but she pulled first. He was yanked off his feet and swung to the side, making him let go and roll before skidding to a halt on the ground. He was given little time to get his footing before he saw one of Varags's creatures powering up to shoot one of its' powerful blasts. Then it came to him, much like the smirk on his face. Ducking to dodge the blast and back-flipping to avoid the following tendril swipe, he tightened his grip on Iedomee and began running to the side. "Missed me FREAK!" taunted Zack loudly, much to Vargas's irritation. She then rushed forward angrily with several of her tentacles at the ready to turn him into a shishkebab. He feinted to directions to coax her strikes into being more predictable and easier to dodge. Every time she missed, he'd move further to the side. What she didn't realize was that her stabbing and slamming was cracking the ground up. This made the next part of his plan even easier. The liquid was seeping into the cracks int eh ground, appearing to become more unstable the longer it was exposed to the air. "I WON'T LET HIM!" screamed Vargas as images of the dark man flashed before her eyes. "I WON'T LET YOU TAKE ME!" "You're actually bonkers right now." said Zack, leaning back to avoid a dark spike through the neck. His head felt like it was actually about to explode, but it wouldn't be much longer now. Not much longer at all actually. Vargas had been so caught up in trying to kill him that she hadn't noticed how he was circling her. Eventually he was standing almost directly over the puddle of unstable liquid, close to the screeching shadowy monkey that had been shooting at him earlier. It attempted to bite him but Zack hopped back to build some distance, beckoning it with a taunting grin. "C'mon, shoot me!" said Zack as he gestured to himself. "You know you want to." And so it did. It opened it's hellish maw and began charging up another blast, Zack sliding under a swiping tendril and cartwheeling back to his feet whilst grabbing up a chunk of the ground with his free hand. It was already cracked due ti Vargas's angry swinging, so it was a cinch to grab it up even while holding Iedomee under his arm. As soon as he was on his feet, he twisted and hurled the chunk of concrete at Vargas, the radiant glow of the unstable chemicals coming from the cracks within it. He'd seen Vargas tank an explosion from a nearby rocket that would've liquidated the insides of any normal person, obviously due to her abilities. Still, it affected her. He wondered what would happen if she'd taken a direct hit. "You need to lighten up lady!" said Zack with a soulless smile before backhanding her minion and grabbing it. Vargas morphed to avoid chunk of ground, but she failed to notice that Zack was aiming the creatures maw at her. The blast let loose and hit the unstable chunk of concrete just as it was passing through her shadowy body, effectively blowing it up while inside her. "So when do send in our forces?" asked a pilot aboard one of the airships hovering over the haven. Vein, the Tin Man's third in command took a long swig of his cigar before exhaling a plume of the cancerous smoke. He looked out the window to see haven sprinkled with flames and destruction. The girls protectors were being smart to stay indoors, the Tin Man ready to blast them to bits from the sky. He looked at the Tin Man's second in command to see him still messing around with his rifle, checking it for imperfections. The guy never said a word to anybody. No one knew what his voice sounded like and he often wondered what was underneath that tactical mask he was always wearing. Vein felt that as the second in command, he should be worrying about mobilizing the men and getting them ready. Instead, he just sat there playing with his rifle. "Whenever the Tin Man says so." answered Vein as he scratched his beard. "But if those other two freaks do their job, we might not need to." "You mean that creepy lady and the weirdo in the armour?" asked the pilot. Vein chuckled. "No. I I'm talking about you and Mr. Strong-Silent-Type over here." He looked at the second in command to see his reaction, but there was none. He just kept playing with his rifle, much to Vein's irritation. "Haha." said the pilot in a monotone. "I just figured he'd want to get this over with as fast as possible so we can all get paid and go home." "Yeah, I thought so too." agreed Vein before taking another swig and exhaling. "My guess is he wants them all to himself or he doesn't want to waste ammunition and resources on what they should be able to do themselves." "He's that confident?" "He's upgraded his suit and has a total of three small armies at his disposal if you count the things the shadow b**** and medieval guy can make. There's no reason we should have any trou-" A blast from the haven sent out a massive shockwave that shook the ship, causing it's power to short out briefly before the pilot was able to get it steady again. A shrill, nightmarish cry rang out along with it for what seemed like miles, sounding like a demonic siren that just gave birth. Vein covered his ears as the pilot screamed out in pain, biting down so hard on his cigar that it split in half. Even with his ears covered, the scream felt like it was permeating through his skin and rattling his bones. He caught a glimpse of ethereal shadowy streaks shooting up passed the window at the front of the ship, the sky seeming to darken briefly before regaining it's normal hue. The shriek continued to echo for what seemed like hours before it died down, Vein and the pilot uncovering their ears only when they were sure it was over. Vein breathed heavily, not even realizing that he'd been holding his breath. He looked over to the first in command. The masked man was only looking out of the window, seemingly unaffected by the scream. "The...the f***?" heaved Vein before getting up and walking over to the pilot, leaning on his chair as he looked down at the haven through the glass. Smoke and flames billowed from a large crater that hadn't been there at first. Activating his communications unit, Vein contacted the Tin Man. "Boss?" spoke Vein, waiting for an answer. It took a while and there was plenty of static, but he eventually got one. "That...n't.....e." came the Tin man's voice. Vein furrowed his eyebrows in confusion. "What was that?" asked Vein. "Your connections bad." "I SAID..." came the Tin Man's voice over what sounded like flames and falling debris. "That wasn't ME. I think they just offed the shadow b****." "...Seriously?" said Vein in a monotone. "Are you sure?" "I'm checking the debris now." said the Tin Man, his metal suit of armor visible from the ship. He lifted the broken slabs of stone with relative ease, tossing them to the side in search of Vargas's body. He kept his auto-targeting shoulder turrets at the ready in case her attacker was in hiding and waiting for a chance to strike. Even woth his upgrades, he didn't want to chance it. Both Zack and those with him were still alive for a reaosn as much as he hated to admit it. After a few minutes of searching and calling her on her com unit only to get static, he gave up. The only thing left that he could associate with her were black splotches of liquid that radiated shadowy smoke. He assumed it was her blood and shrugged. At least now he wouldn't have to off her himself and take her cut. Maybe, if he was lucky, Maudegan would be dead too. The Tin Man only lived by one slogan: The more money the merrier. "No body." said the Tin Man. "Normally that means the perp' is still alive, but from what I saw, it looked like she was the source of the explosion. Probably got her shadowy ** blown to bits." Vein grimaced in worry. Not that he wanted her to live for his pay-check's sake, but he'd thought Vargas would put up a better fight. Then again, he'd expected that of any person that tried to snuff out the punk. Getting more annoyed the more he thought about it, he shook the thoughts away and focused on the matter at hand. One of the main three had seemingly been taken out. Someone needed to fill her shoes. "...You want me to send some men in?" asked Vein. "Yeah." replied the Tin Man quickly. "And I want you leading them. Specifically the ones you trained. You've tango'd with the kid almost as much as I have, so you know how to deal with him better than most." "Whatever you say, boss." said Vein as he rolled his eyes. "And send in a few of the androids as well. I'm gettin' sick of these f***ers playing hide and seek with me. We flush em out, lure them into open, get the girl, waste the others." "Gotcha." affirmed Vein. "I'm gonna keep searching for the punk and the others. Keep me updated if you get a visual, and don't f*** up this time. Pay-day's right around the corner." Vein scowled before turning off his comm. He had a flashback of last time he fought with the kid. He could still remember the other kid in the hat blowing his legs clean off before the punk splattered his brains across the jungle floor with a solid punch he wouldn't give to any other guy that didn't' deserve it. Vein's healing factor had him up and about in the next three days, but dying was never pleasant. Especially when the punk used his healing factor as an excuse to be as brutal as he wanted. It pained him that he'd run the risk of fighting him again, but thoughts of his paycheck and the cigar's he constantly smoked blotted out any fears he'd been holding about the encounter. If only he could heal from psychological scars as well. "I'm going to gather the men." said Vein before leaving the pilot's side. "The ones you didn't shoot?" asked the pilot. "Yeah." " WAKE UP!" Iedomee's eyes shot open in alarm. His vision was blurry and the side of his head felt like it'd been struck with decent sized piece of rock. He attempted to blink the fuzziness away as he sat up, holding the side of his head. It felt wet and he could tell he was bleeding. What had happened? He could remember fighting Vargas alongside Zack, but that was it. "T-Thank goodness!" came a girls voice from his side. He turned his head to see who it was, making out someone's blurry form standing close to him. She was too short to be Tara, and she didn't sound like the woman from his dreams either. Once his vision cleared enough, he was able to discern that it was a young girl he'd never met before. She was dressed in a purple long-sleeve shirt and blue jeans, both articles of clothing looking ragged and torn. Her black boots didn't look any different. Her unkempt, black, hair was cut at her shoulders and her face looked extremely familiar. Actually, she looked a lot like Vargas, only much younger. As Iedomee rose to his feet, he noticed just how young she looked, maybe at the age of ten or less. She looked terrified and on the verge of crying. "I...I can't find my mom!" cried the little girl as Iedomee steadied himself. "Huh?" asked Iedomee as he winced from his head injury. "I can't find her! I...I think I'm lost!" "Whoa, whoa, calm down." said Iedomee as he stepped over to her. "We'll find" Iedomee came to understand why she looked so afraid when he looked around him. It was unnaturally dark, not a single star in the pitch black sky when he looked up. In fact, the only reason he was able to see the girl and some of the crumbled buildings around him was because they were standing in a dome of light. It was through this dome of light that he was able to make out the destroyed city they were standing in the middle of. As he stared down the blackened street at the remains of the dark buildings and cars, he couldn't help but wonder what had happened. Had the city been nuked? What city was this? Where was this city? Where was he? "Is...that your friend?" said the little girl as she pointed to the ground at his feet. Confused, he looked down. He could tell by his face and hair that it was Zack, but a few things confused him. For starters, he appeared to be younger, dressed in clothes fit for the coldest of winters. He was also covered in deep cuts, bruises, and what appeared to be bite wounds. He was just lying on the ground, motionless. Iedomee got down on his knees to check his pulse and sighed in relief. He was still alive, but was obviously in bad shape. Even when Iedomee shook him and called his name, he wouldn't wake up. It was like he was in a coma. Once he realized waking him up wasn't going to happen, he got up and exhaled, trying not to panic. They weren't at the haven anymore and he couldn't see Ina anywhere. Worrisome questions plagued his mind every time he tried to think. He hoped he was dreaming and that this was just another sight of the future the woman was showing him, but he couldn't see her anywhere either. Also, he had this...empty feeling, as if he wasn't connected to the world anymore. He felt separated, like anything could happen to him here. He also noticed the complete and utter lack of noise, much like when he'd teleported back into the haven after finding Mei Lei. It was like they were inside a big, black, box that stretched on forever with no exit. "Ain't been here in awhile." Iedomee turned around in alarm to see someone leaning against a snapped utility-pole with his arms crossed in front of him, just outside the dome. He could've sworn there'd been no one there seconds ago. Iedomee squinted to get a better look at him the darkness, becoming even more confused once he did. "...Zac-" "NOT EVEN CLOSE." said the look-alike with a sinister echo, not even looking towards him. True, he looked to be the spitting image of Zack, but there's was definitely something off about him. Most notable were his eyes. Zack's eyes always looked a little unstable, like a string ready to snap, but this Zack's eyes looked calm despite the scowl he wore. It wasn't the nice kind of calm though. It was the calm look someone had when they stopped trying to hold it together, choosing to give up. In short, these weren't eyes of someone that was trying not to snap, these were the eyes of someone that had snapped. And Iedomee didn't like it. Although he looked like his friend, this Zack seemed to harbor great cruelty and bitterness, not a drop of kindness or pity in his heart. Another way he was able to tell the difference was his attire. He was dressed the same as the Zack he knew, only his shirt was red with a black stripe and he was wearing a tattered jacket over it. Lastly, although it was hard to see, he could swear that there were scars on his face. The scars on Zack's face were always bandaged up, but it seemed that this look-alike didn't care enough for them. Iedomee drew his bow. "...Who are you then?" he asked, motioning for the young girl to get behind him. The look alike stepped away from the pole and walked over to the dome before putting his hands in his coat pockets. "Not Zack." "Where are we?" asked Iedomee, getting angry. "I call it the void." said the look alike as he began slowly walking around the dome. "Every time I..."visit" a place along the fabric, I guess it ends up here when I'm done." "What's...the void?" "Nothing. Literally nothing." he said as he gestured to the sky. "You're existing in a place that's never existed." "...How do we get out?" asked Iedomee, trying to stay focused and ignore the questions begging to be asked. For all he knew, Ina and the others were still in danger. He didn't have time to be sitting around in the void. "Not sure." shrugged the look-alike. "But, I guess there is one way to escape." "And that is?" asked Iedomee. The look-alike stopped walking and looked at him, still scowling. "Why dont'cha step outta that dome and I'll show ya?" he said as he beckoned him to come closer. "Promise I'll make it quick." "STEP...BACK." Iedomme looked to his right and nearly jumped when he saw a shining, blue, specter standing beside him. He was tempted to aim his bow at it and let fly, but the moment he set eyes on it, he knew it was friendly. In fact, he could feel the wound on his head beginning to heal as weird as it sounded. It was in the shape of a girl with fluorescent, white eyes. She was a little shorter than him, her hair flowing in some invisible wind. "Don't get'cher panties in a bunch." said the look-alike before stepping away and walking back over to the broken utility pole to lean on it. "I kill you or Mr. Goody-Two-Shoes on the floor there and we're BOTH screwed. Just figured I'd grant the hunter guy's request is all." "....Why?" said the specter, her balled fists trembling at her sides. "Why are you doing this?" The look-alike's scowl deepened. His bitterness was so pungent that one could practically feel it on their skin like burning sunlight. "Why the hell not?" "You used to be JUST LIKE HIM!" shouted the specter as she pointed at the Zack on the ground. "AND LOOK WHAT IT GOT ME!" shouted the look-alike, his pupils flaring a bright, nightmarish red. "This WAR is ENDLESS! I'm doing the only thing that matters. I'M ENDING IT! Ending it ALL!" "You selfish LIAR!" "W-what's that?" said the little girl as she pointed to the sky. Everyone looked up to see what she was pointing at and Iedomee shuddered. There was a huge shape in the sky that was so dark that one could tell it apart from the rest of the blackened sky. It looked to be the shape of a man's upper body with his hands folded behind him. Two, beady, white eyes stared down at them from what looked like the man's head. "Oh, no." "Yep." mocked the look-alike. "Looks like your shouting caught the attention of the good doctor." "Since you want to kill so bad," seethed the specter. "Why don't you kill him?" "Can't kill what doesn't exist." said the look-alike before vanishing in flash of red. The specter let out a frustrated grunt before vanishing as well, leaving a confused Iedomee and younger Vargas to face the silhouetted entity. The ground began to shake, getting worse with every second, eventually, the ground began to crack and break apart, No, not break apart. It was caving in, as if some black hole had opened up underground and began sucking in what was above. He realized that this wasn't too far from the truth when he looked down into a nearby fissure. A shimmering darkness could be seen, sucking in anything that got too close to the fissure. Also, he could swear that he saw the silhouetted man staring up at him. His heart dropped when he saw a crack trailing it's way into the bubble. "I'm opening a rift!" came the specter's voice from somewhere unknown. Sure enough, Iedomee saw a bright light flash into existence far off down the street, the way to it becoming more perilous by the second as the ground cracked, broke, and split apart. It was hard to make out, but he could see the haven through the circle of light. Was that Artyom? It was hard to tell because he seemed to be glowing, but he was fighting with a man in dark armor, and he appeared to be winning. "I'll keep the light on you as you run!" said the specter. "But you can't leave it for even a SECOND, and you have to hurry! I can't hold the rift forever!" Not about to look a gift horse in the mouth, he picked Zack up and hung him over his shoulder before holding his hand out to the little girl. "C'mon!" shouted Iedomee over the sounds of the destruction around them. The little girl hesitated. The last time she trusted someone, her life had taken a turn for the worst. But then she looked behind her. There was nothing there anymore. The ground, the city, it was all gone. Nothing remained but the silhouetted man, moving towards her with the wave of darkness in tow. She felt like the expanse of space was right in front of her, but there weren't any stars. Only the blackness between them remained, and she could feel it hungering for her. Hating her, even. If her mother was anywhere out there, she was gone. Gone forever, like she didn't even exist. She turned and took Iedomee's hand. The explosion blew Maudegan off his feet and away from Artyom, nearly knocking him unconscious and breaking a rib when a piece of debris slammed into his side. He rolled across the ground until he hit a wall, a heavy piece of concrete nearly squashing him when it landed near him. His ears were ringing from the blast, but he could still hear the blood-curdling scream echoing throughout the haven. It made him want to curl up into a ball, but now was not the time for that. "Egh!" he grunted as he pushed himself up, his side in immense pain. Charred rock was strewn about everywhere, making it easy for him to ascertain that something had blown up. The question was what had blown up. Had the soldier he'd been about to behead done something at the last second? He didn't seem like he had such abilities at the start of the fight, mainly relying on his sword and his flimsy gun. He dismissed the notion that he'd messed up his spell. He was too good for that in his own mind. When he saw the Tin Man flying overhead, his face flushed with anger. "I THOUGHT I SAID NOT TO BLOW ANYTHING UP!" shouted Maudegan at the top of his voice. The Tin Man looked down and noticed him, a little disappointed to see that he wasn't dead. "Wasn't me." said The Tin Man as he hovered down to get closer to him. He was still wary to check his surroundings though. He didn't like being near the ground when the punk was around. "What?" breathed Maudegan as he got to his feet, wincing in pain. There was definitely something wrong with his ankle, seeing as how it was numb with pain much like his side. "I think the shadow b**** exploded or something." said the Tin Man, pointing to the site of the blast. "Completely disintegrated by the looks of it. I scanned the whole area and couldn't find any signs of life. I'm hoping she took whoever she was fighting out with her. It'd make my job a whole lot easier." "...Oh." said Maudegan with a small shrug. Maybe her death was a good thing. Now he wouldn't have to worry about her completely losing it and gutting him in his sleep. It still didn't take all the worry away though, seeing as he was certain the Tin Man would do the same to get his cut of the pay. The Tin Man looked around him and noticed a few bullets holes in the ground as well as what appeared to be sword marks. "Who were you fighting?" asked the mercenary as he scanned the area for any other life-signs. "The soldier." sighed Maudegan. "I was about to cut off his head when the blast went off." "Hm." wondered the Tin Man when he couldn't find any other signs of life. Had the blast incinerated the soldier as well? It seemed unlikely since Maudegan appeared to be fine minus some bruising and bleeding, but there was no one else there. His bio-scanner was top notch by his standards, able to pick up any biological masses within a fifty yard radius without overheating his visor's optic systems. He could even pick up large clusters of germs if he wanted to. A smarter man would've used such an invention to benefit mankind and make a living, but the Tin Man felt more comfortable making a killing. "I'm not picking up any other life-signs." said the mercenary before beginning his ascent. "Either the explosion sent him sky-high and far away, or he was disintegrated." "Oh. Good." smiled Maudegan. "A real shame I didn't get to keep his head." "DON'T...let your guard down." said the Tin Man pointedly. "This job ain't done till we've got the girl." With that, the Tin Man rocketed off to some other distant part of the haven. Maudegan wondered if it was dumb of him to think the mercenary would give him a ride. Now he'd have go the rest of the way on foot. If he knew where the way was that is. Although it may have costed them their lives, the girls protectors had done a good job of making them lose track of her. It didn't matter though. They'd planned this attack well in advance. The Tin Man had soldiers stationed all around the outside of the haven, meaning there was no escape. The moment one of them stepped outside the haven, they'd be filled with lead. And even if they somehow made it past the perimeter, they'd give chase. He smiled. In the next hour or so, the girl would be theirs. Maudegan saw his shadow on the ground when the light source appeared. That was the only reason he was able to dodge the sword swipe meant to give him the closest of shaves. He twisted around when he did so and jumped to avoid Artyom's sweep-kick, but the soldier had anticipated such a move and simply turned around with another kick to the demon caster's chest while he was airborne. "GAGH!" yelped Maudegan when the kick hit him like a wrecking ball, sending backwards and sprawling across the floor. "Hehe!" laughed Artyom as he began walking towards him, his sword drawn with his healing orbs in tow. "You almost got me comrade! " Aryom lurched forward with surprising speed for a downwards strike, Maudegan narrowly avoiding it with a roll. The sword smashed the ground to pieces where the caster had been. "Wha-...b-but how?!" asked Maudegan as he quickly got to his feet. Artyom yanked his sword out of the ground and began walking towards him again. "Big explosion not only keep you from killing me, but it also wake me up, hahaa!" laughed Artyom, banging a fist onto his breastplate. "How did he not see you!?" "What can I say?" shrugged Artyom as he pointed to his orbs. "Magic. Or is it science? This, I do not know. Orbs conceal me from metal man's tech." "Fine!" shouted Maudegan in anger before forming a shadowy sword out of thin air. "I guess I DO get to keep your head!" "You know, I am not like the other Mercenary." said Artyom as his orbs came together and became one. "You and the others call him punk, or runt. He is great guy. Really. Even when faced with people like you, he avoids killing whenever he can." The single orb, now glowing brighter than ever, slowly moved into Artyom's body. He closed his eyes briefly as he felt the power surge through his body. When he opened them again, they were glowing a radiant white, just like his sword. Maudegan could practically feel the power radiating off of him, backing away as Artyom kept walking towards him. "Me?" said Artyom, placing both hands on his sword just as his commander had taught him. "I am...NOT so nice."
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