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  1. When Clive had suggested them getting off the rooftop, he'd meant everyone. Regardless, he couldn't help but develop an inkling of respect for the executor for not viewing his soldiers as meat shields who only lived to die for their superior. He hadn't expected that out of him given the circumstances and his occupation. "While I admire your sense of responsibility," grinned Clive. "I meant all of us. Any'a us stayin' up here on this roof won't do a damned thing if that piece'a s*** shows up. I ain't dishin' out no orders'er nuthin', but I must kindly insist that we at least get off this rooftop. If a fight's unavoidable, I reckon it'd be better if he didn't git' the jump on us what with us all sittin' out here like a bunch'a fish in a barrel." Mara's description of the Tin Man gave Zack mixed feelings. Everything she'd said was true, but he hated that he'd gotten that kind of reputation. To him, the Tin Man didn't even deserve infamy. He deserved to be killed and forgotten like every other genocidal maniac, but he'd become the subject of legends and myths, his heinous crimes often overshadowing the good deeds of people all over and filling them with fear. The kind of fear that would make you do anything to anyone to stay off his bad side. Of course, the Tin Man didn't have a good side. "While it's always nice to meet a fellow, Tin-Man loathing enthusiast," said Zack as he stepped up to Mara's side. "It probably isn't a good idea to spook these guys any further. We'll need them at their top game if we run into him again, especially since I don't really have much of a plan if we do. I trashed his last suit, but this new one is even worse. I mean, I set off an Atomizer Charge in the bastards face earlier and did almost nothing. He's faster too. And I might as well be a meaty punching bag without my shield and these freakin' cuffs! I can't even begin to think up a plan right now." Zack's eyes became distant as he thought about that even more. "Actually, I do have a plan." said Zack as he raised his cuffed hands to hold up two fingers. "Don't run into him. We go get the Ace-...the vessel, whatever, and use the caves to travel to or as close as we can get to where the Tin Man docked his drop-ships. Just like before, mayor." Zack nodded towards Cordoza. "Once we get there, I'll realize I don't know how to fly any of them and ask if any of you can fly a dropship. One or two of you, likely Ms. Mercer here or one of you, what I assume to be body-swapped Norkotians, will say yes and give it a shot. And then....wait, crap." Zack looked at the ground with a worried expression, beginning to pace back and forth again. "And then there'll be a very high chance that the Tin Man will become aware that we're stealing one of his ships and blow us up on sight pretty instantly. Sooooo....unless we're just banking on the ship having enough on-board weaponry to blow a superior aerial foe out of the sky...we'll have to figure out a way to disable his flight capabilities ourselves or....trick him." Zack stopped pacing and looked up to Mara. "How many Jockey's did you see? You think their airship is here?" "I'm sorry," came Delson's voice from behind them. "I just...the Vessel is real, mayor?" "No, this is all just a big prank." said Zack, his tone barely sarcastic. "All the dead folks were in on it too." "I wasn't talking to you, kid." Delson replied quickly.
  2. Clive didn't show it, but he didn't like hearing that news. The Tin Man was still at large, and apparently still just as lethal as ever. He found himself peering up at the sky now. The rain made it difficult, but not looking unnerved him a great deal. Clive knew that the Tin Man's armor was thick, maybe even too thick for his peacekeeper. Clive didn't know, and he really didn't want to find out. "Uhhh," Clive said, still peering upwards whilst trying to shield his eyes from the rain. "If he's still out there, it might be a good idea to git' indoors. The bastard can fly and we're just sittin' ducks on this roof." Although relieved to not have been shot, the tone of Cordoza's voice was strange. It seemed like she was actually happy to see him as she rushed towards him. He hadn't expected that at all given the worlds tendency to demand thankless work. It seemed that most people wouldn't thank you even if you took a bullet for them these days, so it felt alien to see someone besides Tracey that cared about him not dying. Even back in his home-world, he only got gratitude from his mother and a good friend. Other than those two, there was nothing. Quite the opposite actually. The small town Zack lived in seemed totally reliant on him to do the jobs that it'd hardened men quaked at the mere mention of. Clearing out daring predators like wolves and bears, building railroads in the sweltering summer, scouting out land in uncharted wooded areas, and gathering lumber before and during winter were just a few of the things he did to keep his mothers farm up and running, but the town hated him. He never knew why. No one, including his mother, ever explained. Zack recognized the faces of Tessa, Layla, and the Norkotian soldier he could remember calling the shots for them all. He also saw Val, who was being led by hand. He figured out why when he saw the expression on her face. Her eyes looked devoid of anything but fear, the woman looking behind her into the darkness as if something were there and waiting to reach for her. She was shaking like a scared child, and he figured that if they'd let her walk on her own, she'd bolt the first chance she got. Zack felt a weight in his chest when looking at her, realizing that it was partially his own fault. The weight got even heavier when he realized he didn't know how to make her right again. You couldn't just un-see fear. Zack shielded his eyes from the harshly contrasting flashlight when she aimed it at him. About the same time, Viera activated her luminescent abilities and exposed everyone to a warm glow. "Yeah, and they would have, too." said Zack as he pointed a thumb behind him. "Your people saved me though." "She's the one that saved them after they saved me." said Zack. He didn't bother asking if they'd heard of her because of how secluded Forthshaven's citizens seemed to be. The chances of them knowing anything about Mara were low, and Zack knew it was taboo for a mercenary to give the name of another mercenary to a stranger. It was an unwritten rule, but everyone in the business who didn't follow this rule usually wound up dead in a day or two. "Two questions for you guys, though." gestured Zack. "How'd you guys escape from that metal bastard, and how is uhh...Val, doing? She don't look too good."
  3. Once Clive and Krieger arrived back at the Steel Mill, Clive made sure to go back over to the entrance. There, he found the random assortment of items that he'd dumped out of Zack's backpack. He bunched them all up and shoved them back into the soggy back-pack before zipping it back up, Zack's watch the only thing he kept on his person. The high-tech watch no longer had a flashing warning on it's front, the screen now consisting of a somewhat steady heart-monitor, and a window saying that he'd missed seventy two calls. "Hm." grunted Clive before shoving the watch in his pocket and slinging the backpack over his shoulder. He was sure he could find someone to pay top dollar for the watch and whatever was in the backpack. If Zack wanted his stuff that badly, he would have come back for it. When they reached the roof, Clive's eyes immediately locked onto the the large, two-legged walkers. They looked threatening to say the least, Clive not a fan of most technology unless it dispensed free beer or generated infinite ammunition. Knowing that Norkotia was willing to spend the money and time for specialized personnel to construct such intimidating killing machines told Clive a lot about their culture. Not that he really cared since he planned be paid and thousands of miles away by the weekend, but it seemed like something he'd be wise to keep a mental note of. Clive spotted the executor standing at a table with a few other men, conversing over what appeared to be a map. They had a tarp pitched over them to keep them and the map dry from the still pouring rain. Once Tyne's spotted them, the Executor left the group and came over. "Gotch'all a Jockey." said Clive, not seeming to care about who the question was directed to. "And the Tin Man's after some sorta artifact or somethin'. Hey, ya'll got any beer? Mighty thirsty after all that." As Mara picked Geena up, Zack couldn't help but notice the slight, almost unnoticeable change in Mara's demeanor. He expression was stoic an unchanging, but the way her eyes seemed to soften as she picked up the young girl made Zack wonder what kind of life Mara had lived. Did she have a family? Friends? Goals? Had she chosen this life, or had it crawled itself down her throat? Zack figured it was the latter due to her cybernetics, but maybe those were things she got after she started working as a mercenary. There was no way for him to know. "Sounds good to me." Zack shrugged with a yielding nod. He wasn't surprised that she didn't know anything about the ace. Not many mercenary's working the rings of the Underworld knew of it, and Zack wouldn't have known about it had the Jockey's not tortured him for information leading them to it. Once they they started running again, Zack did his best to be on the lookout. Mara was point-woman, but Zack still felt the need to stay alert. The last time he ventured into a network of long-abandoned caves and tunnels, he got the genuine, unfiltered, Indiana Jones experience. Except he was unable to avoid nearly all of the traps. By the time he'd gotten to the end of the supposed 'quick shortcut' Mikey said he should take, he had several broken bones, bites, stab wounds, a dozen or so arrow-heads lodged in his back, third-degree burns, and giant-spider-mantis-scorpion-whatever venom coursing through his veins and threatening to stop his heart. None of that happened here though. The folks that had created these passageways apparently didn't serve some pagan trap-god. The catacombs merely became more crude as they ventured further in, the stonework looking older and older. The stone relief carvings on the walls also seemed to become less convoluted and more simplistic. Zack was unsure what any of them were depicting, part of him not wanting to know. There was always a reason secretive cults were so...secretive. He found himself preparing to start seeing rooms with mass graves with each step he took. When Mara stopped, his entire body tensed. He squinted and listened hard for what the cyborg's superior senses may have picked up. Soon, he started to hear the rhythmic footfalls of a group of people. A large group of people. And when he listened closer, he could swear he heard the subtle, metallic clack of weapon magazines bumping up against each other. Zack was relieved to know that Mara's priorities were straight. After ensuring that Geena was hidden, Ted turned and ran back to his parents. Viera killed the light and plunged them all into darkness before she, her husband, and Ted became as flush with the wall as they could. Zack's mind raced. If the new arrivals were armed, they might as well be standing in the barrel of a massive gun. There was no cover and nowhere to hide. If a firefight ensued, they were likely to die. Mara was pressing herself up against the wall in anticipation of said gunfight, but Zack was sure she knew how that would end. He resisted the urge to let out a frustrated sigh as he realized how much of a difference his shield would make right now if he hadn't lost it. Just as he was wondering how many rounds he could take before getting overwhelmed and killed, he started to hear voices. He noticed Cordoza's almost immediately, and he started to put the pieces together. Still, it made little sense. He'd seen the Tin Man gas them earlier. How had they escaped? He chose not to think about it too hard since the group consisted of Meta's, and chose to instead think about how to approach them. He wasn't sure what they'd been through since he'd last seen them, so he definitely didn't want to spook them. He needed to yell something out that would immediately catch their attention and give them reason to avoid pulling the trigger when they inevitably took aim. He clenched his eyes shut as he tried to remember the names of the people that had body-switched him. Only one came to mind. "V-Val?!" called Zack, knowing he was taking a big risk. "Mayor Cordoza? That you? Friendlies! Don't shoot!"
  4. "...Attitude?" Clive muttered under his breath as Krieger waved down a fellow soldier to use his radio. Clive was of the opinion that he'd been unimaginably tame during his false employment. He was usually very disrespectful to just about any man of authority, especially those in the military. He'd fought in wars as an honest soldier and as a freelancer in his younger years, and he never got along with any of the men leading him due to their unbecoming squeamishness in the face of death and morality. Rather than suffer a loss, his superiors would often send troops on suicide missions to ensure victory. Clive was usually the only one to make it back, and each time he came back with an even deeper hatred for 'organized killers' that often referred to themselves as soldiers, freedom-fighters, rebels, or whatever people chose to call themselves to soothe their festering, perpetuating, shame. Clive was no man to judge by any means, but he didn't have to be a saint to know what was right and wrong. He was often very vocal about it too, but he wasn't drunk enough at the moment to forget that he was being paid to follow orders. Krieger eventually revealed that they'd moving back to the Ironworks a few blocks away. "Steel Mill, huh?" said Clive. "Well, that's right back down the street. I figure I can follow ya' unless you need me ta' do sum'n else. If you're worried bout' them Jockey's, they ain't the type to come back after gittin' their a**es kicked. Least...not for a fight anyway. Not usually." Zack eye twitched. He thought back to when he'd been being held prisoner on the Jockey's carrier. They'd been asking him about the Ace while they were torturing him, so, as much as he hated to admit it, he should have anticipated their arrival at some point. "I'm aware." said Zack in a monotone as he massaged his face with his hands. He had a gut feeling that Mikey knew all of this would happen and sent him anyway. Mikey always knew when hell was about to break loose. "Yeah, yeah." Zack sighed exasperatedly. "Though I would like to know where we're going." "Well..." said Viera as she stood up. "If the stories about the catacombs are true, all the entrances lead deeper underground towards the center." "The center?" repeated Zack. "Yes." nodded Viera. "And...at it's center...is the Vessel." "....The Ace in the hole?" "If that's what you outlanders wish to call it, yes." Viera nodded. "But they're just stories." "Doesn't really matter, I guess." shrugged Zack. "We can't go back and...who's the shady quiet guy?" Zack pointed at Delson, who's eyes perked up in slight alarm when Zack addressed him. "He's....my husband." said Viera, the way she looked at the floor and the tone of her voice revealing a tinge of shame in the fact. Zack caught onto it, but he figured they could see a counselor later on if they were able to have access to one in whatever place the Norkotians threw them in. "Hm. Okay." Zack responded simply. "Guess we're goin' now. You kids ready?" Geena and Ted looked up at him and nodded quickly, although Geena's nod wasn't as enthusiastic as Ned's. Her face was also a little pale, and her legs seemed to be shaking, as if they'd buckle at the slightest hint of strain. "You're not a good liar." Zack shook his head at Geena as he knelt down. "I can carry you on my back if need be. Or maybe she could." said Zack as he pointed a thumb at Mara. "In a bit of a hurry, so you gotta-" Without a word, Geena ran over to Mara. Zack resisted the urge to feel hurt, but he was covered in bleeding wounds and didn't smell all that great either if one was to put it lightly. His hands were also cuffed, so he wouldn't be able to carry her on his back without her straining her arms around his neck. "Okay then." Zack nodded cordially. "Then we should go. I'm followin' you guys."
  5. Although tired, Clive narrowed his eyes a bit in annoyance. He wanted to haggle with the colonel, but there'd be no point. Krieger obviously knew that the Jockey would be of more use to him as a prisoner and Clive knew it. Trying to convince Krieger other wise would likely be seen as a sign of dishonesty and aggression, which Clive wanted to avoid since he knew what was good for him. "Hm." Clive grunted, scratching his chin in thought. He immediately knew that this was one of those 'Don't look a gift horse in the mouth' type deals, so he didn't bother with questions or further demands. He was lucky to be getting paid at all since he hadn't actually been employed in the first place, let alone get extra for the Jockey's capture. Part of him actually respected Krieger for the unnecessary compensation, since Clive wasn't in any position to demand otherwise. If Krieger wanted, he could forget about paying any of the merc's that'd been hired, especially given the Tin Man's actions. "Thank ya' kindly." said Clive with a smile and a tip of his hat. "Guessin' you got a lot more ta' hand out what with that Tin Can forfeitin' his share?" "....Android?" said Zack with an arched eyebrow. "Like...like the one's from the Spire?" he added, as if to make sure he'd hear her correctly. The he figured he added more. "The same indestructible androids that can only be operational within the Spire's borders?" Zack had encountered a Spire android only once, and the only reason he survived was because Mikey happened to be in the area and got him out of harms way. He'd made a conscious effort to never take jobs anywhere near the Spires border as a result, but what he did learn from the encounter was that they were programmed not to operate outside of the spire. The idea of the Tin Man somehow reprogramming one wasn't far-fetched at all, especially with the wit and connections he had, but Zack doubted the Spire would allow it if they were aware. A part of him wanted to take the time to cognitively dissect that possibility until he came up with a way to ruin the Tin Man's life, but he was getting way ahead of himself. "So we got the Tin Man here, and an android under his control." he said as he started pacing pacing back and forth. "GREAT. What next? The freakin' Jockey's gonna show up too?" he said frantically as he looked down both directions of the tunnel. He then looked at Mara. "Which way did we come from? And you..." Zack dabbed a finger at his face. "Still have a little blood on your face."
  6. Phil took a moment to think about the answer before shakily nodding his head upwards. "Above...above the clouds." said the Jockey. "R-right above the city. Can't...*cough*...see it though. It's cloaked." The streets were filled a deafening crack and boom after another bolt of lightning arced through the skies, illuminating the city in a foul, purplish light. What Phil said was no lie, but the information would be of very little use. While most of the Jockey's themselves were cowardly, unintelligent, and lacking any sort of integral constitution, their Queen and her carrier were feared throughout the planet. Being incredibly advanced and rumored to be powered by a stolen artifact, there was little that could be done if it's commander decided to put the ships offensive capabilities to use. It was why no one in their right mind ever tried to take it on. From the outside, at least. If Krieger was planning to launch any sort of offensive against it, he'd have to be four things. Irrationally devoted, extremely crafty, extremely lucky, and very well informed. Luckily for him, he had a Jockey at his mercy. "Hey!" The sound of Clive's call was loud, but fatigued. (Fatigued McTeague) Although it was wasn't as tiring going down the building as it was going up, his legs and lungs still burned as he trudged towards Krieger and Phil. Once he was within a few yards, he stopped and placed his hands on his knees to catch his breath. "Jus'...jus' hold on a minute." he wheezed, the added weight of his soaked clothing likely making his efforts even more strained. Understanding that Krieger likely had no reason to be patient at the moment, he reared back up, placed his fists on his hips, and asked the one thing on his mind. "What...what'cha gone' do with him?" said Clive, nodding towards Phil. "...What?" Zack stared at the woman, surprised to hear her words. Not because they were coming from her, but because he was hearing them at all. He'd never heard anyone, not even his boss, utter such words. He figured it was because the Tin Man really put fear into people. Zack could understand why, but the Tin Man wasn't the kind of monster that hid under the bed and waited for you sling your feet over the edge. He was a boogey man that reached up and pulled you under whenever he felt like it. Zack learned that years ago, and it was one of the many reasons his hate for the Tin Man felt endless, like a fire that ate away at his bones. If Mara was telling the truth, perhaps she felt the same as him. He knew she was likely hired for the job, but no sum of money would justify it. She'd have other reasons, probably similar to the ones Zack had. The Tin Man was a scourge that would inevitably kill you if you just ran and hid away. It made a lot more sense to die trying to take him out. Even if it would be a painful death. Or a humiliating death. Or maybe you wouldn't die at all. Maybe you'd experience a fate worse than death, like the countless people that fell before him only to become automated killing machines later. "Not that I had a choice, but yeah." Zack nodded, his stubborn expression hinting at his lack of shame. She probably thought he was incredibly stupid, but this hadn't been the first time he and the Tin Man met. There was a reason the Tin Man considered killing Zack a form of recreation as opposed to being work. For most people, this would be a cause for constant stress and fear. For Zack, it helped him sleep at night. Zack narrowed his eyes at her, having the appearance of a stubborn, untrusting man-child. The only recognition Zack had in the business were personal vendettas that convicts and friends of convicts formed after encountering some crazy-eyed punk with a shield. Other bounty hunters paid him no heed because he stayed to himself and that was the way Zack wanted to keep it. He performed all his jobs under his boss's moniker, 'Mike's Merc's', and that was what he told people in the business when they asked his name. People didn't even know who his boss was, since Mikey never did any paying jobs himself. Anything he did do was left unknown to Zack. Mikey would gear up and say he'd be gone for a day or so and come back at some point during the following night, looking no worse for wear. He never disclosed what he did, but Zack didn't really care. Why? Because Zack doesn't like him. "...Bob." said Zack with an obviously untrusting, upwards nod. The idea of someone having the gonads to hire someone else to take out the Tin Man was as ludicrous and dumb as Charlies flirting techniques, so Zack was on the fence regarding Mara. He'd heard a few rumors about her from other mercenaries, the ones that stuck being the mentions of her being a Head-Hunter, or 'Double H' as folks were calling them. Head Hunters were just assassins in Zack's book, and he didn't trust anyone that was willing to execute someone for any sum of money. But could he trust someone that would save a life for free? According to Ted and his mother, Mara had done just that. "No," sighed Zack as he shook his head. "Sorry. It's Zack." Any murderous psycho with a grudge that cared enough to know his name had his face burned into their nightmares as well, so he figured there was no harm in telling her his name. "It's just hard to believe that someone actually hired you to take out the Tin Man." said Zack as he raised his cuffed hands to dig up his nose. Even when calm, his eyes would still look like they were screaming, as if he were constantly reliving unimaginable pain. "And uhhh....is that my blood all over your face?" he asked after snorting a clot of blood from his nose. He then resumed picking it, which grossed out Ted a bit. "You gonna wipe that off? Or are you one of those weirdo's that get off on crimson showers?"
  7. Had he not been in mind-blanking pain or been at the mercy of such an unsettling individual, Phil might have made some sort of snide remark to insult Krieger's lack of knowledge. It wouldn't be deserved since the Ace was really only a known topic amongst go-getters in the Underground, but Jockey's never really needed a good reason to make fun of someone. Needless to say, Phil choose not to essentially commit suicide and gave Krieger the straightest answer he could. "D-Don't know...exactly." Phil uttered through his restrained yells. "M-Maybe an...artifact...or something. A-All the big shots...are gunnin' for it. Queen thought it might...be here." Viera and Ted nodded, Delson's attention now centered on Zack. His gaze was one of confusion and inner turmoil as he watched Mara jab the syringe into Zack's chest. She was a mercenary, yet she was taking the time to save another mercenary's life. Why? Wasn't money the only thing they cared about? Geena merely nodded, moving her hands to the area where Mara was syphoning out the blood. She watched the red liquid slowly fill up the syringe, hoping that Mara knew what she was doing. Her hopes would soon have reason to be well founded Right before the syringe could reach it's limit, Zack shuddered and coughed. Well, it was much more akin to a hack, but a very hearty one that caused a fair amount of blood and small pieces of rib to come spewing out of Zack's mouth and into Mara's face. Turning over on his stomach, Zack continued hacking up the remainder of the blood in his lungs, his eyes bloodshot with the effort he was putting forth not and asphyxiate and conk back out. Delson tensed in preparation for a fight. Viera sat stock still and watched in bewildered denial. Ted and Geena's eyes lit up in surprise before their mouths stretched into small smiles. After a full fifteen seconds of coughing and throwing up, there was sizeable puddle on the ground beneath Zack with small bits of bone, teeth, and flesh dotting it here and there. Zack was breathing now, although each breath was a wet wheeze and looked to be very painful. His eyes still bloodshot, he looked up and around him. He regarded Mara and the others with a wild and fierce expression, his eyes scanning the darkness between them as if looking for an incoming threat. He fixed his manic eyes on Mara, furrowing his eyebrows as he flicked his gaze between her eyes and her arm. "You're Mara Mercer." he said, his eyes not leaving hers as he got to his feet. He winced as he felt the fractured bones in his legs and chest shift and grind against each other, but nothing more than that. His look of recognition turned into that of bitter rage as he kept looking at her. "You with the Tin Man?" he asked with a hateful iciness, balling his bloody fists in anticipation of her answer. His pinprick eyes seemed to shake with a dark explosiveness, something just not quite right with them. "She's good, mister!" Zack cocked his head slightly to the right in acknowledgement of Ted's voice, but he didn't take his eyes off Mara. "What?" asked Zack as Ted ran up to his side where he could be seen. "She saved us, mister!" said Ted, gesturing to Mara with a smile. "She's good! She helped us carry you!" The deep, bitter, hatred present on Zack's face almost instantly changed to one of confusion. He examined Mara again, seeing the copious amount of blood stains that ran from her right shoulder down to her waist. Zack looked down at himself and put two and two together, noticing that he was covered in bleeding cuts and abrasions. He then looked back at the others, taking note of how un-alarmed they appeared in Mara's presence. "My son saved you." said Viera, Zack turning his confused gaze to her. "Whisked you away before that...metal man could do you in." Zack squinted as he stared at Viera, realizing that he recognized them. "You all were there." said Zack, bobbing a finger at her. "Back at the warehouse." "Yup!" said Ted. "You saved us from that big jerk!" Zack sighed and shook his head, trying to make sense of what could have happened. Just then, Geena approached him and hovered her hands over his knee, attempting to heal it. Given Zack's phobia and hatred for the abilities Meta's had, (and their tendency cause him to spontaneously combust) he didn't respond well. "WHOA!" yelped Zack, the young mercenary hopping back on one foot. "What're you doing?!" "Trying to heal you." said Viera. "My daughter and son are, as you people would call them, Meta's. They're the only reason you were able to be saved and live through your...injuries. " "O-Okay." said Zack, gesturing for everyone to hold it. "What...what the hell is goin' on? Who are you guys? Where are we, and," he pointed at Mara. "Why are you here?"
  8. The Jockey, who'd been nicknamed 'Filly Phil' by his less than reputable peers and an writer that doesn't know how to write scenes involving people without names, was growling in agony as he tried to recover from the excruciating pain caused when his legs were wrapped with a tourniquet. Once again, he almost didn't hear Krieger. Had Krieger not been as imposing and scary as he was, he might have feigned a loss of consciousness. But since Krieger was that scary, he didn't bother. He didn't want to think about what the man would do if he caught on to the act. For a similar reason, he didn't want to chance lying to him. There was little way of knowing what Krieger already knew. He could've already known the answer to the question and was just checking to see if he could be relied on for info later on. Phil fervently nodded his head, still quivering in pain. "O-O-Okay, okay." he rasped, still nodding. "W-We're here to....find two of our own." Phil stopped to steady his breathing and catch his breath, swallowing before continuing. "Runaways. Q-Queen wanted to...make a point." Phil paused again, but this time just to think about what he was about to say next. It was against Jockey code to talk about their interest, and the queen had a thing for making examples out of those that broke the code, but it seemed like every other Jockey around Phil was dead. Even if any were alive enough to rat him out, he got the feeling the man before him would give him a similar fate if he got the feeling that he was lying. "And....a-a-and....we're lookin' for the Ace." Phil kept his eyes on the ground as the weight of his confession suddenly bore down on him. No turning back now. "The Ace....i-in the hole." "That's...quite true, Ms. Mara." Viera said with a nod and a distant look in her eyes. Before the attack, Delson was going to take them all to see a play. It wasn't anything special since they did it once a month when ends met spot-on, but now they'd likely never get to go to the playhouse again. It made her realize just how special her simple and mundane life really was. "Not quite, Ms. Mara." said Viera as she watched her daughter resume her efforts with Zack. She was just a young girl, yet she stayed true to her values despite the strain on both her mind and body. Why couldn't her husband do the same? Geena wasn't ignorant of the death and destruction, but it didn't seem to so-much-as graze her resolve to make the world an easier place to live in. Viera felt comforted that her children had such integrity, her fear of dying or losing them becoming manageable. Geena didn't respond to Mara at first, appearing to be in determined, meditative, trance as she deftly hovered her glowing palms over Zack's broken and bleeding body. Despite her focus, there was something frustrating her deep down. She was usually able to heal peoples injuries with relative ease, her longest attempt being just under a minute. She'd been at it with Zack for more than ten and had been trying harder than she ever had in the past, but his wounds were healing excruciatingly slow. Too slow to keep him alive without her support. The familiar connection she felt with someone's vitals when she worked on them was barely there with Zack. It was as if his body were resisting her somehow, blocking out her powers and whisking away the energy into oblivion. Even stranger, whenever she'd feel something mending, it didn't feel like it was her. It felt like something else was doing it, while she just edged it on. She didn't know how to explain it and knew Mara wouldn't understand, but to her, progress was progress. Zack was healing and wasn't in any danger of dying as long as she kept at it. It would be a very slow heal, but it would happen. "...Yes." said Geena, still focusing hard. "But...I need...help." "With what, dear?" said Viera, unable to remember any time her daughter needed help healing someone. Ted turned his head too, wondering what his sister wanted. "I-I can...fix the tears and breaks." said Geena, not knowing the proper terminology for several dozen types of injuries Zack had. "But I think his lungs are filled with...blood. And...pieces of bone." "Oh, my..." said Viera, her eyebrows furrowing in astonishment. "How is he...still alive?" "I need to get the blood out!" said Geena with a fearful urgency in her voice as she looked up at Mara and the others. "Or he might....he might..." Geena was unable to finish the sentence, not wanting to even entertain the possibility. But Zack's breathing was shallow, strained, and unstable. Without the proper oxygen, his brain (or whatever was up there these days) would eventually overtax itself and die. He was conscious enough to cough it up, so the blood would need to be extracted somehow. Had Mara possessed any experience with medical treatments, she'd know that a syringe was all that was needed. But did any of them even have a syringe? "U-ummm..." panicked Viera as she frantically took off the small back-pack she was wearing. She unzipepd it and rummaged around it's contents until she produced a small, white box with a red cross on the front. She quickly opened it up, holding it out to Mara after realizing she didn't really know how any of it could help. "W-Would any of this help?" Viera sked Mara, Delson turned away and leaning up against a wall. Mara would see the usual disinfectant, bandages, and sutures that would come with any typical med-kit, but this one had a small syringe. "We had a bigger one back home," said Viera. "But I only had the time and space to grab this one."
  9. @Kingofgames12 -LEO ULT CHARGES AVAILABLE: ___ ___ ___ The show of power Leo displayed not only took down every thug in the area, but it also left them fearful and confused. One second they were running towards the burning warehouse, and literally one second later, they al got the wind knocked out of them and were lying on the ground, wrapped up in glowing, neon, restraints. Many of them cursed and struggled against their bindings, but it was no use. It felt like they were trying to break steel, which none of them were strong enough to do. "What the F***!?" shouted one of the thugs as writhed around on the ground like a dying worm, his arms and legs bound in bright-orange neon constraints. More continued to shout out in confusion, fear, and anger as Chris gazed out the window of the building he'd been hiding in. It'd been too fast even for him to comprehend, his wonder almost causing him not to notice the thugs that were rapidly ascending the stairs and searching the building for him. "Well, then!" he said to himself with a brief chuckle as he placed his fists on his hips. Shortly afterwards, he heard the thugs finally reach his floor, their heavy breathing indicating how out of breath they were after their nonstop search. A normal person would be would have been worried, but building interiors were like a playground for Chris. It forced attackers to get up close and personal most times, a range at which he thrived. The sound of gunfire would reach Leo's ears as Chris began to engage them within the building. Accompanying the gunfire and often stopping it would be cries of pain and surprise, all of it ceasing in less than ten seconds. Soon after, Leo would spot him walking out of the building, clapping his hands as if cleaning them. "Now THAT'S a show I'd pay for!" said Chris as he stepped over the bound thugs on the ground. Some of them tried to bite his ankles, which he deftly dodged in comical, exaggerated, flurries. "And it looks like you didn't even kill anybody!" Chris knelt down next to a restrained thug that was practically growling with rage. "Aren't you all glad about that?" said Chris with a wide, mocking, smile. "F-F*** YOU!" rebutted the angry gang member, spittle flying from his mouth and almost reaching Chris's face. "You're workin' with a...a f***in' BIO-TERRORIST!" Chris gasped in mock surprise, placing a hand on his chest. "A bio-terrorist!? " Chris looked at Leo in mock shock. "That was a rather rude thing to call you, isn't Mista' Orange?" "When we get loose," growled the thug. "We're gonna tell the DUP! Then your a**es'll be graaAAAAAGGGHH!" The thug screamed as Chris pulled up his head by one of the piercings on his ear. "The door." Chris said, his threatening tone betraying his friendly smile. "A-A-A-AGGH! I a-a-aint't t-tellin you s-" Chris turned his hand, twisting the metal piercing and causing it to start tearing the skin produce blood. "AAAAAAAAAAGGGH! IN THE TRUCK!" he shouted as he shook with pain. Chris looked around until he saw an old, broken down truck that looked like it'd been over a dozen gunfights. "Thanks pal!" Chris said in a chipper tone before letting go of the criminal's ear. The thug continued to grit his teeth and groan in pain as blood trickled from his throbbing ear. Footsteps comign from their right caused Chris to turn and see Eliza walking towards them. Her eyes were darting in every direction nervously, her entire body still shaking with fear as she aimed her rifle in every direction she looked. Chris held his hands up defensively. "Easy, easy!" he said, gesturing for her to lower her weapon. "It's all good now, Mister Orange took em' all down! See?" Eliza donned a confused expression as she surveyed the mass of writhing gang members all tied up on the ground. Their neon bindings reflected in her pupils, this being the first time she'd gotten to see the aftermath of a conduits handiwork. Even still, her amazement wasn't enough to cloud the fact that these gang members, the bane of her suffering throughout her entire life, were now helpless. Completely at her mercy. Her bewildered expression slowly changed into one of deep, bitter, anger. Her bones itched with fury, her hands gripping the rifle tighter as memories of the gang's torture and cruelty assaulted her. She grit her teeth as tears began to well up in her eyes. Hands still shaking with rage, she slowly took aim at the thugs on the ground. Chris's smile vanished as his alarm came to a peak. "H-hey, now," said Chris still gesturing for her to lower her weapon. "You don't have to-" "MOVE." Eliza commanded, her eyes and gun still focused on the now begging gang members. The ones closest to her were squirming away as quickly as they could in an attempt to get behind Leo and Chris. "Killing them won't-" "I SAID MOVE!!!" Eliza shouted, her voice cracking as the tears began to slide down her face. Despite the anger he knew she was feeling and the high probability that she'd gun him down if he continued to stand her way, Chris didn't move. Instead, he let his hands fall to his side and stared at her. Eliza shifted her gaze from the thugs to him, her eyes narrowing with determination. "It's not worth it." said Chris as he calmly shook his head. Eliza didn't show any sign of backing off, but she also didn't fire. Leo would have to figure out what to do next. Would he try to talk her down? Or would he use force to stop her from even having the ability to make the choice? Chris didn't look like he was going to move either way, apparently putting a lot of faith in the wrathful woman's good nature. If Leo planned to talk her down, he needed to be smart and think ahead. There was no guarantee that he'd say the right thing and there was no guarantee that she wouldn't shoot as a result.
  10. Aaaaaaand I feel like a hypocrite, because I was right about to post a status update apologizing for my absence on the site.πŸ˜‘ Do as I say, not as I do?
  11. Again, this is just a hobby, OF which I'm sure we have many others. Reply at your leisure! That's the only way to enjoy a hobby.😁
  12. Hey, thanks for all the likes!

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      No! Thank you for the good content and effort! I'd ask if I could jump into a RP with ya'll at some point, but I'm struggling to be motivated enough to keep up with four I'm currently in. They're fun, but my desire share my imagination is in the gutter these days.πŸ˜…Β Still, if I get more motivated or less busy, It'd be fun to RP with ya'll!

  13. I'm genuinely interested in your style of writing (no lie, you write good stuff) and would love to take a look at your manuscript! Doing so might remind me of how bad I've gotten and discourage me from ever finishing that 'One novel I started writing when I was twelve', but I'd be happy just to have something new to delve into. So uhhhh....how we gonna do dis'? Pm'n me a link or do I gotta prove my worthiness by going to some mythical mountain and defeating their finest warrior? I hope it's not the latter, cause I'm definitely too unmotivated fight for my life. πŸ˜…
  14. As Clive was watching the Norkotians move onto the scene, he noticed Krieger look up at him and give him a nod. It didn't seem to mean much more than an acknowledgement, given the colonel's lack of facial expression, but Clive figured that was the closest thing he'd ever get to a thank-you from the hardened soldier. It kind of reminded him of his old man from back in his gang days as a kid. It wasn't his real father, but he certainly acted like one to Clive. He never said thank you or good job. He'd just give him a monotone nod, most times without even looking at Clive. "Damn." grunted Clive before turning to head back down the steps of the building. They knew what value the Jockey's held, meaning that there was a good chance they wouldn't release any into Clive's custody. It'd be a loss for them really, given the information your typical run-of-the-mill Jockey had from their travels and dealings. Krieger would probably question the Jockey about their immediate dealings in Forthshaven before doctoring him up and taking custody of him for later interrogation. That meant Clive would be out of a lot of money, something he'd need since he'd been picked clean by the Jockey's back on their airship. He was barely able to make it out of there with his gun, Stetson, and the clothes on his back. He entertained the idea of falsifying leverage on Krieger to let him cash in the Jockey, but that would likely be a very stupid idea. Krieger was no idiot from Clive had seen, and he didn't like the idea of talking to the soldier, let alone lying to him. Well, anymore than he had anyway. Krieger still likely thought that Clive was a hired gun and that he owed him a check regardless. Maybe he'd pay him a little more for his outstanding services? The pain the Jockey was feeling was so great that he almost didn't hear Krieger. He felt like a giant, tenth-degree burn from head to toe. His legs were burning cinders and his back was was a smoking mess of debris. He wanted to pass out and let death take him, but a Jockey's desire to live was always the number one thing in their minds. So when he heard Krieger, although the ringing in his ears muffled it, he shakily raised his head to meet the soldiers eyes. Krieger's cold gaze was lightyears from those of a savior, harboring no concern, no compassion, and no mercy. The only thing that seemed to be left was determination and a bitter emptiness. Not hearing what Krieger had said and trying not to seize up with pain and fear, he tensed his neck and jaw and uttered the one thing Jockey's always did when in a pickle. They knew their value. "P-Please!" he struggled through gritted teeth. "H-H-HELP me! I-I'll...tell you...anything you wanna know!" Bounty hunters weren't well liked anywhere. Their loyalties often swayed in whatever direction the bigger flow of money came, making them privy to foul reputations and the general peoples ire. Delson especially didn't like them, but he wasn't about to let that cause him to do something stupid that would put his family in danger. Bounty hunters often had the walk to back up the talk, and he didn't want to provoke Mara in any way. She addressed his children, seemingly trying to put them at ease. Geena and Ned looked at her, surprised that she'd heard their loud whispering. Geena focused on her healing while Ned seemed to weigh the mercenary's words, hesitant to trust her. She looked scary and more than capable of taking them all out, but maybe she was trying to put them at ease because she wanted something. Ned could only imagine what a mercenary might want from them, the horror stories his father had drilled into him fueling his imagination. Delson swallowed and continued to stare at her, still holding up the 2x4 and trying to shield his family. Given that he didn't know she was being chased, there was still a question that needed to be answered. "You came busting through the window!" said Delson. "Why?" She didn't give him a response though, proceeding to examine the interior of the powerhouse. Her eyes darted from one thing to another, taking note of the hanging wires and their alarming proximity to the water coating the floor "Hey!" Delson shouted. "I said why did you-" "Evacuated?!" said Delson, his glare intensifying as he cocked his head to the side a little. "WHAT evacuation!? They've just been killing anyone they found! You with them? Huh?!" Mara again seemed to ignore Delson's questions, here eyes following the current of water and fixating on something behind them. Every hair on Delson's body stood on end as Mara began walking towards them. "H-HEY!" Delson shouted as he made it seem like he was going to swing his 2x4. But he couldn't bring himself to as she walked passed, far too afraid of provoking her into killing him and his family. His wife and kids circled behind him and out of her way as she walked passed, the mother still eyeing Mara cautiously. They watched her walk up to a large hole in the floor next to a control console. A large slab of debris seemed to have punched straight through the grated floor, leading down to something below. They heard her mutter 'Last resort' before they started to hear something. Something big. And loud. "W-what?" said Delson, his mind still at war with the possibility of her being an enemy. Mara then pointed at the back door and shouted at them to go there. Delson was still filled with uncertainty, but he obliged. "C'mon everyone!" he said to his family as he ussurred them towards the door, still keeping his eyes on Mara as he backed away with them. "Get to the back-" He was just turning his head to check on his wife and kids when he saw what looked like a small jet of flame coming out of the metal doors seams. Someone was welding it shut. Not too long after, they started to hear what sounded like dozens of high-pitched hums. Like jets of water or raging flames. I finally dawned on Delson why she was looking around the room so much. She was being chased. By something even she didn't want to tango with. "A-Alright!" shouted Delson. "Let's go!" He started off towards the hole and expected his family to come with him, but when he turned to see if they were following, his eyes furrowed with anger. His daughter and son were trying to pick Zack up and carry him with them, his wife seeming just as surprised as he was. "LEAVE HIM!" Delson shouted, possibly louder than he ever had in his life. Ned jolted and looked up at his father as he was trying to drag Zack with them by his legs. The boy merely glared at his father and didn't say a thing before resuming his efforts, his sister still focused on healing. Fed up, Delson began to sprint over to tear his kids away from Zack, but Mara got there first. Still unsure of Mara's motives, Ned nodded and sped off towards the hole whilst holding his sister's hand. Geena (his sister) yanked against him, reaching her hand back out towards Zack. "But I need to heal h-" "You can start right back up when we're safe!" shouted Ned as he passed his mother and bewildered father. Viera (Delson's wife) ran passed him next and safely guided her children into the hole, giving Delson a glare right before she jumped down herself. He stood there for a few seconds, the only thing bringing him back to his senses being the noise of the Jockey's shouts and jetpacks getting closer to the building. Shaking his head to clear his mind, he darted off towards the hole and jumped in after his family. Not soon after, the Jockey's entered the powerhouse through the hole in the ceiling and shined their lights on Mara. It seemed that Mara's actions had cemented her death, the Jockeys having her right where they wanted. They were about to fire when something put a fist sized dent in the back door they'd welded shut, the deafening clang reverberating throughout the building like a gong of death. The Jockey's paid Mara no mind as she sped off down into the hole, their attention focused on the hulking, muscular, man standing in what remained of the door. They shuddered when they noticed that he was covered in and standing in the ferociously mutilated remains of the Jockeys who'd welded the door shut from the other side. Blood, bits of bone, and chunks of flesh dripped from Korzuc's balled fists. "What THE F*** IS THAT!?" one of them shouted before they all took aim and let loose with their guns. The room echoed with a stream of gunfire as Korzuc was assaulted with a hail of lead. Despite entire magazines being dumped into him, he didn't even flinch. Each round would impact against his body as it would a metal wall, blasting off a chunk of nanites before more came to close up the hole. He might have completely ignored them had so many bullets not hit his head and legs. Having to regrow his optical sensors and joints would prove detrimental to his mandate, so that meant he needed to prevent that. "HE AIN'T GOIN' DOWN MAN!" shouted a Jockey toting an LMG. His eyes having been blasted out and in a constant state of regrowth, Korzuc zeroed in on the Jockey's voice with his ears. 'LMG's blood turned into ice-water when he saw Korzuc turn his head to look up at him. Then he bent his knees and jumped up towards him. The wide-eyed Jockey had no time to react. at the speed Korzuc closed the distance. Back in the hole, Delson and his family were getting themselves in order, the drop being a bit longer than they'd anticipated. Mara dropped down behind them with a large splash in the ankle-deep water, her cybernetic appendages making the long fall nigh unnoticeable. Delson grunted as his wife and daughter helped him to his feet, he being the only one who jumped down without checking the distance. As a result, he'd landed on the debris at the bottom rather awkwardly, twisting his ankle and making it numb with pain. His daughter was quick to place her glowing hands on it, focusing as she used her powers to mend the fractured bone and busted muscle. Within seconds, his foot was back to normal. "T-thank you." Delson breathed. Geena merely nodded with a smile before Viera grabbed her hand and starting running deeper into the catacombs. Delson looked up at them and saw Ned glaring back as he ran. Delson sighed and shook his head before getting to his feet and taking off after them. The noises they heard from above caused them tp put a pep in their step though. Screams like they'd never heard seemed sound louder than the gunfire, the Jockey's above clearly in a panic. "Cover your ears children!" shouted Viera as the sound of flesh and bone being torn apart started to fill to cavern. Ned, being fearful of something giving chase, turned his head behind him. His eyes widened when he saw the mangled remains of a mans upper half fall down through the hole. He turned his head away before he could discern any details, but he they were already burned into his memory. An arm was missing, and only the man's lower jaw was visible atop his neck. After running in the pitch black until they could no longer hear the noises behind them, Viera raised a hand out in front of her. Her hand began to shine brightly with a golden glow, illuminating the cavern so that the rest of them could see. Upon doing so, she saw that it was even bigger than she'd thought. The walls had obviously been carved out, even some stone reliefs being visible on them as they ran. She recognized the art, since she'd seen it scribbled down in old stories that were popular when she was a child. "These are the catacombs." she breathed, nearly out of breath. "They're....real." "No, that can't be." breathed Delson in response, shaking his head even as he looked at the branching paths and expert stone work. "Mommy, I'm tired!" said Geena, tripping over herself as he mother pulled her along. "Can we just...stop for a little." Viera looked down to her daughter in the light coming from her hand. Her eyes were half-open, her arms and legs looking like little more than jelly attempting animation. "I'm sorry honey." said Delson. "But we need to-" Viera stopped running and walked over to the side of the tunnel, letting her daughter sit down against the wall. Ned stopped too, bending over on his knees to catch his breath. Delson stopped just short of them, a confused and frustrated look on his face. "W-what are you doing, Viera?" Delson asked, still breathing heavily. "We can't stop! We have to-" "The children are TIRED Delson!" Viera spat back coldly, giving Delson an unloving, withdrawn look. Delson was taken aback, not used to his wife's ire. "...Viera...I-" "What?" his wife interrupted. "You going to leave our children behind too?" "No!" Delson shook his head. "I'd never abandon any of you!" "Could have fooled me." Viera shrugged. "Good thing Mrs. Cyborg was here. Apparently even bounty hunters have more integrity than the man I loved." Delson's frustrated expression softened as he stood there, the strength seeming to leave him. "...Loved?" he uttered, wincing as if hurt. "By the way, thank you." Viera said to Mara. "I believe you saved our lives." "I have to...heal..." breathed Geena as she shakily got to her feet and made her way towards Mara. "Geena, what are you-" Viera stopped when she saw her daughter place a glowing hand on one of Zack's hanging hands. "Geena....you need to rest." "I have to mom!" Geena said faintly. Viera stared at her daughter, mouth agape. Then she smiled and shook her head. "Where do you get that stubbornness from?" said Viera as her daughter's expression grew increasingly determined. Viera then looked up to Mara, who didn't seem to be tired at all even with her near-dead weight. "You really are a cyborg." Viera nodded. with a pensive look. "Good thing you kept your heart. What's your name?"
  15. Charlie had a deep hatred for the world. A hate so deep that it was like a fire in his very bones. Literally. It seemed like at every turn, the world was doing two things. Firstly, always firstly, it was reminding him of his own failures, singling him out as a particularly strong example of what not to be in life. Whenever his name came up in most places, people called him a pervert. A mass murderer. Immature. Useless, good-for-nothing, volatile, emotional, dishonest, unloving, apathetic, arrogant, and generally prone to failure. He knew they'd say a lot more if they knew about his past, but all evidence of that was ashes now. The second thing the world did, was let him down. For as long as he could remember, whenever he tried to do something right, act normal, or be there for those around him, he was rewarded with hate. Violence. Death. He was never given anything, and what he had been given was taken away by the very people he looked out for. The world never seemed to have his back. Sure, Zack always seemed to be in his corner, but he knew that wouldn't last. If he didn't change his mind, someone or something would kill him. It was very hard to kill Zack, but Charlie was sure that his own company would become too much for him one day. Maybe then, after Zack was dead and gone, he could let go completely. He could finally put an earnest effort into returning all that hate. He'd force feed it down their throats with his bare, fiery, hands. Right in front of their loved ones. Then he'd let them run so he could hunt them down to do the same. Just like they did to him. Had the Hive-Queen been able to feel this, maybe she'd see how similar they were, and also how vastly different. Charlie likely hated the world more than anyone and often wished to prove it. But Zack wasn't dead yet. And neither was he. While he was lying there, on the ground and dying, his mind was still active. As usual, whenever he took nap brought on by physical trauma, he dreamt of women. Many of them. Which women he dreamt of and whether or not they wore any clothes are things you shouldn't even be trying to think about. If you are, you disappoint me. The main reason I mentioned this wasn't to shame you though. You see, whenever he thinks about women, as per the norm with most immature boys a year away from legal adulthood, his blood-pressure begins to increase. This of course causes Charlie's body to heat up. His real body. Right now, this heat was the only thing keeping the metaphorical frost forming all over his body from killing him. Yes. His superhuman libido was saving his life. Unfortunately, this wouldn't be enough to wake him up. The only reason he does awake is because his dream takes a sudden turn. While it started out with him chasing a naked and laughing Sheryl, Melanie, and Challara, (course he was also naked) it ended when he started levitating in the air, making it it impossible for him to catch up. He just kept floating higher and higher, cursing and screaming in displeasure. A cold, icy, feminine voice came down upon him with an overwhelming sense of dread. Sorry, but you can't have them. You're dead. You'll never get laid now! AAAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA! "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Charlie's shout would sound so loud upon his awakening that one would wonder if he were human. He was sitting up right now, shaking with fright, his heart like a piston within a car peeing sped over three-hundred miles an hour. He almost didn't feel the frost still covering his body, the shock numbing the pain to manageable levels, and making the sounds around him seem muffled. He felt around his body to make sure he wasn't dead, his head swiveling in every direction to understand where he was. The area seemed to be blanketed in a deep layer of snow, and there was clearly a battle going on. It would've taken him a bit longer to remember where he was , but the sinister mass of larvae wriggling through the snowy barrier in front of him deprived him of time. Charlie immediately got to his feet, his anger boiling from yet another near-death experience. The icy layers on his body began to rapidly vanish, his determination to make it out of there and get laid filling him with power. One of the larvae made it through the icy wall and lunged for him with an awful screech. Charlie's now flaming hand smacked it away with an imperceivably fast blur, incinerating it in an instant. "N-NO!" shouted Charlie, pointing at the Hive Queen with an indignant expression. A large area around his body was shimmering with heat, his eyes white and smoking. With a slight, blue tinge. "You better let me go, lady! I'm not dyin' here just so you can black-widow my a** and create some more weird...things!" Turning his attention back to the swarm, which was now breaking through all together, he balled a fist and channeled a large amount of fire into it in a spinning vortex. He then open his hand and thrusted it towards the writhing swarm just as they were about to come down on him. Charlie expected a massive blast of scorching heat that would immediately incinerate anything in front of him. He expected to be temporarily blinded from the sheer energy projection. What he saw fell in line with this, but there was something he immediately noticed. The fires he shot out were not the typical, white-orange he was used to. The blast was a bright blue. The ground shook with the blast as the blue flames cascaded over everything within a wide, hundred foot cone. The larvae caught in the cone were engulfed completely, but they did not burn, as Charlie would soon find out. No, their physical bodies were completely unharmed, not a single scorch mark visible on them. But they weren't moving either. Over a hundred of them were less than a foot away, but they weren't advancing. He stepped back, confused as to why they weren't dead. He looked at his hands. Blue flames rose from them, similar to the ones he'd seen back in the previous nightmare. "Y-yo'!" he shouted, trying to figure out what was gong on. He thrusted out his hand again, but only more blue flames came out. Again, they had no effect on the larvae. "YO'! Yo' what the F***!?" As he stood there attempting to switch his flame colors somehow, movement in front of him made him look up. He saw the larvae receding, going back the way they came. They started out slowly, but began to pick up speed as they writhed more and more aggressively. "What the..." breathe Charlie as he watched the larvae wriggle out towards the rest of the swarm. He watched as the ones he'd shot with his blue flames proceeded to attack their brethren whom he hadn't shot. "....Cool!" Charlie said as he looked down at his hands. He then looked up to their queen with a smirk. Gathering some fire into a hand, he slung it out, hurling several blue fireballs in the queens direction. As expected, they'd have no impact on her physically, and, to Charlie's disappointment, none mental either. She was far too sentient for that. He figured there was no harm in checking though. "HEY!" he shouted out over the chaos. "LET ME-" he paused, irritably thinking about the others with him. "US, GO! TAKE YOUR KIDS AND GO HOME!" Thinking about good fortune wasn't Charlie's strong suit given his horrible luck and skill with relationships, so he didn't spend much time trying to figure out why he was able to turn the larvae against each other. Perhaps this was for the best, since the world they were currently locked in was all in their heads.
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