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  1. InFAMOUS - Zero Year

    @Metty - ARASHI Hearse felt like crap. There was no better way to put it. He and the others had been running when the blast happened, his unfulfilling life flashing before his eyes as he thought about what it would feel like to get vaporized. Would it be painful? Would he feel anything at all? He thought he was about to find out, but instead of a searing hot wave of air, he was met with a shockwave that knocked the air out of him and sent him careening towards the edge of a brick building. His body bashed against it before falling to the ground, his elbow numb with pain. He thought about just laying there in pain, but a rapidly approaching shape in the sky changed his mind. He rolled to his side, narrowly avoiding a gruesome death when the truck they'd driven in slammed into the ground beside him. He shivered at his core when it landed, the vehicle skipping passed him and skidding to a halt near a broken lamppost as it pushed the ground up underneath it like a sheet. He was shaking now, trying not to imagine what would've happened. The impact when the truck landed made him feel more fragile than glass, unable to comprehend the amount of forces at play. After he was done calming down from his shock, he looked up to see that the truck was still orange hot in some spots, the armor dripping off from the intense heat. "Holy s***..." he said breathlessly. He'd been through a lot of close calls in his profession, but like many others he just couldn't get used to it. Every time it happened, he felt more and more powerless. Vulnerable. Incapable. He hated that feeling, as if it were impossible for him to meet up to the challenges he'd face. Once again, he was I over his head. He shared this feeling with the other agents as they too recovered from the shockwave and shakily got to their feet. The dust and rubble made it difficult to see, but surprisingly, none of the other agents appeared to be hurt. They checked themselves for burns or melting gear, but found none. It was unsettling though. They all felt like they should have been dead. They'd been told that if the power relay became unstable, it could wipe out a whole block. How had they survived the blast? Their armor couldn't have been that good. It was as if something dampened the explosion "On your feet! Regroup!" coughed Hearse to the other agents as he grabbed his gun off the ground. After inspecting it and seeing that it wasn't damaged, he clicked the light on below the barrel and shone it in every direction. Chunks of charred concrete and metal were strewn everywhere, embedded in the street or a nearby building. Small fires and burned black patches of ground added to the destruction, the dusty fog still settling. It reminded him of a street in Radeon he'd come to see after the DUP dealt with the woman that wielded the electric fire. It wasn't anywhere near as bad as then considering the the lack of torched and scattered body parts, but it wasn't a nice sight all the same. "What the hell was that?!" yelled an agent, causing Hearse to flinch. His helmet was built to protect his ears in situations like this, but if something was loud enough, it'd throw the noise dampeners within it out of whack and they'd become super-sensitive. Taking off his helmet, he turned to the agent that spoke. "The hell do you mean?" asked Hearse in irritation. "The f***in power relay blew up in our damn faces!" "I know that!" replied the agent as stepped over a molten pile of metal that was dripping from the truck. "I wanna know why!" "That policewoman must've f***ed up." said another agent. "She started glowing and levitating like a witch out of childrens book." "She should've burned up instantly." said Hearse as he furrowed his eyebrows in suspicion. " I saw her. Right at the center. The air around her was hot enough to turn our bullets to goop MID-AIR, but she was still there, all in one piece. "What're you getting at Hearse?" Before he could answer, the soft sound of footsteps approaching them caught their attention and they became silent. They listened closely to where it was coming from, Hearse debating whether or not he should call out. He abandoned this idea when he realized the steps were coming from the direction they ran, towards the center of the explosion. He motioned for the others to aim towards the sound of the foot-steps, sure that no one any closer than they were would've survived the blast. Was it connors? He had more armor than the rest of them, but with how close he was, there was no way he was alive enough to walk so steadily. It had to be someone else, but who? Surely the authorities hadn't arrived already. If they had, he was ready to put a bullet in them. He had a hunch about why Sato didn't immediately vaporize and he was pissed. A form became visible through the smoke, but they couldn't make out what they were looking at until the form came closer. "What-..." said one of the agents behind Hearse, his confusion shared with the others. There standing in front of them was Arashi Sato, carrying Connor's unconscious and badly injured body. Connors weighed over 340 pounds with his gear on, but even though most of it seemed to have melted off in the explosion, there was no way she should have been able to be carrying him so easily. Still, there was something else that was even stranger. "L-...look at her eyes..." said one of the agents. Sure enough, they were glowing a dark crimson-red, standing out amidst all the smoke and soot. "I knew something was fishy with this whole got damned thing!" said Hearse, aiming his gun at her head. "SHE'S A CONDUIT! FIRE!" Neither Hearse or the other agents hesitated to do so. They were trained not to.
  2. InFAMOUS - Zero Year

    @Kingofgames12 - Leo Leo has started down the path to becoming a True Hero
  3. Ok! Sorry for the late response but these ten hour shifts leave me mentally drained. Anyway, I'm sorry, but you can mark me down as a loser in this lottery. An RP I'd thought was dead literally just started back up and I'm part of another one that requires responses for each character respectively, and that gets to be a a lot at times. If I got picked to join you in this promising venture, I don't think my anxiety could take it. I'd be running myself rugged trying to keep up with all three on top of my busy, unfulfilling, life. I'm not the kind of guy that fleshes out a five second post just to post. That's borderline insulting if ya ask me. So yeah, I'm sorry man. STILL, I feel like elaborating on Charlie anyway for some reason. He's a cruel, immature, inexperienced, perverted bounty hunter who can manipulate fire as if it's second nature to him. His only acquaintances, Zack, Mikey, and Tracey, can't stand him because of his temper, ego, and generally scalding disposition. He might seem confident and happy on the outside, considering himself the greatest bounty hunter in all of existence as well as the universes "Hottest" ladies man, but underneath that hat, he's quite the opposite. His abilities are sci-fi based, meaning that he has no real connection with magic or an ability to negate it. But if what I read in Dread's profile is true, his desperately covered-up self hatred would probably help him fight off the magical effects Dread emits. Just enough so that he doesn't randomly lose control of his powers and spontaneously combust while near her. XD Heck, if it goes well, he might reveal a bit of info about the real reason he hates himself. If you want some details, he's in my sig, but i'll post a link here just incase you're on a phone, where the sig doesn't appear for some reason. Dang I've got myself all inspired to take part. XD Well, if you roll the dice and I happen to get lucky, I'll try my best to keep up. Hell, it might not even be an issue. Only one way to find out.
  4. InFAMOUS RP - The choice is yours

    It's because I wanted to giuve you a trophy bro.XD Post was WELL WORTH the time. Great job! I'd rather wait on a quality post that I know is coming than one whipped up in five seconds. Its more emtertaining that way where the reader actually has something to look forward to. So thanks for the effort man.
  5. InFAMOUS RP - The choice is yours

    @Kingofgames12 @Metty @Trevor Wisegem and @ODSTDRAGON welcome to the OFFICIAL OOC Thread. XD
  6. InFAMOUS RP - The choice is yours

    And @ODSTDRAGON I guesa you could join back in, since each character has their own respective stories goin on.
  7. InFAMOUS RP - The choice is yours

    You can lock it and I'll move it to save ya the trouble. Thanks. I completely forgot. XD
  8. Already part of a second RP that I serve as the narrator for on three different levels, but given the reasonable post rate and the fact that I enjoy trying new things, I'd be interested in taking part with Charlie. If'n ya don't mind or find someone else that is. By the way, thanks for remembering me pal!
  9. InFAMOUS RP - The choice is yours

    Aye, push a mouse into a corner and see what happens.
  10. InFAMOUS RP - The choice is yours

    Haven't played First Light, but I assume her neon is more powerful since it's her main ability. So yeah, that'd be fine! And who says it has to be only her powers? You COULD take from both of em if you want. :) Just remember that each of you will be getting your abilities progressively. So you won't start off with everything.
  11. InFAMOUS RP - The choice is yours

  12. InFAMOUS - Zero Year

    @Trevor Wisegem - ALEX Even though they complied, the DUP kept their weapons trained on Alex and Marissa. They had a hunch they were being led into a trap, so they suspected that someone in the park could be a bio-terrorist sympathizer helping the old man set up the trap or diversion. There were plenty sympathizers out there and the DUP dealt with them all the same way. With lethal force. Didn't matter if it was father, a mother, or even their kids. A sympathizer was a sympathizer. Any agent that didn't carry out that logic to the fullest was demoted or killed. Most of the time, anyway. "Scan them." said an agent as he and two others walked ahead of them to search the surrounding area. Another agent took out his scanner and ran it over Marissa quickly. "Clean." said the agent before moving over to Alex. "You kids shouldn't be out here. There's an old bio-terrorist roaming around and the city's on high alert." Time seemed to slow as the agent moved the scanner towards Alex. The moment the agent got the results, there was no doubt as to what would happen next. He needed to think fast. Suddenly, he remembered the zap he got from that older homeless man. Could he have been the conduit they were looking for? None of this was happening before he passed by him. The old bastard must have known Alex was a conduit and led the DUP to the park so that he could get away. If only he knew where the old guy was, he could rat him out and maybe get out of this situation. He heard a small beep as the scanner turned on, the agent waving it down his body. They waited with baited breath for the results. "...W-what?" said the agent as he looked at the scanner in disbelief. Then he looked at Alex. "RUN!" came a mans voice from somewhere above before a jolt of electricity hit the agent holding the scanner, causing him to shake uncontrollably before falling to the ground. The other agents immediately turned and aimed their weapons at the source of the voice. "TARGET SIGHTED!" was all on of the agents could say before an electric current passed over them all, causing their headsets to go haywire. They couldn't see anything but static. The old man from earlier, now cleanly shaven and wearing different clothes landed beside Alex with a ground shaking thump, ushering him up. "MOVE!" he shouted before taking off, beckoning Alex to follow. Alex immediately noticed the strange feeling in the back of his head, like a buzz. He'd been feeling it all day, but now that the old man was nearby, it had gotten much stronger. Like he could sense him. The ump wave he'd used to mess with the agents headsets was beginning to wear off. One of them blindly fired off a short burst, a bullet impacting the ground next to Alex. His first instinct was to run alongside his rescuer, but an option came up that eh couldn't ignore. He looked to the ground where the one agent had fallen. His scanner was fried. You can sense the old man when he's near. Use that to help the DUP find him, and maybe they'll let you off. No one but Marissa will know you were the conduit. He just saved your life. You can't just rat him out now. Run before the DUP get their bearings!
  13. InFAMOUS RP - The choice is yours

    @Trevor Wisegem Sorry it took so long. Was literally taking forever figuring out how I'd draw the electricity without obstructing half his frame.
  14. InFAMOUS RP - The choice is yours

    XDXD Making the right choice ain't always easy. Ya gotta be willing to put yourself on the line for someone else. Only that's easier cause you're nigh-invulnerable meta-human. XD
  15. InFAMOUS - Zero Year

    @Trevor Wisegem - ALEX The DUP took no time to secure the park, blocking off every exit. It didn't matter where they were, by the lake, the playground, the fountain, the forest...no one was getting out of the park without running into the DUP. People within started getting scared when they realized that they couldn't leave. Anyone that tried or complained was met with fierce resistance. Then they grabbed their scanners and started screening anyone they could find. "Remain calm." said a DUP commander as his forces rounded up everyone into groups. "We have reports of a runaway conduit that might be in the area. We're running test on all of you just for the sake of protocol. Please do not resist, or we will probably shoot you. Just a heads up." Of course no one dared disobey them. That stood still and allowed themselves to be screened for the conduit gene so that they could leave. Once they were done with one group, they moved on to the next and so on. It didn't take more than a swipe with their devices to check someone so nearly everyone in the park was screened in less than an hour. The only section that hadn't been searched yet was the forest, the best place to hide in the park by default. Private Goodman had just finished screening a group of people by the lake when his communicator buzzed to life. "Private Goodman?" came sergeant Bramley's voice. "Yes sir?" said Goodman, sending a few troops into the forest. "You didn't find him?" "No sir. But we're about to check the forest." "That the last place you haven't checked?" "Yes sir." "Alright." said Bramley with sigh. "Our target has to be inside. I'm goin' in with a few squads to search from my end. I want snipers on your end ready to shoot in case anyone runs out." "Yes sir." "And remember, Goodman, we're looking for an old man with electricity shooting out of him. Shoot an innocent, and it's your job." "Yes sir." The forest in the park was a pretty good size, about six square miles with a valley running through it to the lake in the park. Many people visited each day just to exercise or enjoy the sights and sounds without a care in the world. Others, mainly the more rebellious types, came to take a dip in the river, something authorities insisted they not do because of the unstable ground beneath in it. People had died from stepping on a sinkhole in the riverbed and drowning with no way to swim up. Thankfully, because of the city-wide alert, no one was dumb enough to be swimming in the river with the DUP patrolling the area. The only people that were there were folks who couldn't get out in time before they locked the park down and one runaway conduit whose day was about get a lot worse. Little did he know that he was trapped, the DUP closing off every way out of the forest. To make matters worse, sergeant Bramley was there himself. Although kind and not corrupt like the agents around, he was one of the most brutal and ruthless of the bunch. Due to old age and an injury he sustained many years ago, Bramley had been pumped up with all manner of super-soldier serums to keep himself in shape. After years of taking these serums, he was strong enough to pick a car up and toss it, his bionic arm making such a task even easier. If he got his hands on you and thought you were a conduit, you were a goner. If he didn't snap you in half like a twig, he'd quite literally just squeeze your head until it popped like a watermelon. Conduits like the old man he was hunting were afraid of him and avoided contact whenever possible, something Alex would need to do if he was going to make it out of this one. If he was spotted, it'd attract Bramley. He needed to get out of there. And he needed to be quick about it. A patrolling group of agents spotted him and Marissa and hurried towards them, guns drawn and ready to fire. "YOU TWO!" shouted one of the agents. "ON YOUR KNEES! NOW!"