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  1. @Trevor Wisegem @danzilla3 Working on your posts! Got some of it done, but the library closes in like four minutes, so I'll have to continue it all at home. Just an FYI for courteousness sake.
  2. As Krieger and Tynes led him to what could easily be his grave in the near future, he got to thinking again about the story he’d tell them. He was already certain that he’d pin it all on the Tin Man and that it’d be easy to do so given the mercenaries background and penchant for cruelty, but that still left the matter of the filler. He couldn’t just tell them that it was the Tin Man because he was and enigmatic, bottomless evil. He doubted they’d believe even that considering the fact that they’d hired him. He was certain they wouldn’t have if they’d known all this, but maybe the Tin Man had pulled another lie out of his anus and somehow convinced them that the rumors were all false. He was led into a building that was in tact enough to render the coming conversation unheard and unseen. Krieger and Tynes were now looking at him expectantly. He cleared his throat and straightened his hat, something he always did when he was about to do some serious fibbing. “Alright,” started Clive, composing his expression to not show a hint of nervousness. “Just gonna be straight with you. I think the Tin Man kidnapped her and blew the place up to fake’er death and get ya’ll off her trail.” Once the words were out, Clive’s heart-rate increased a little. The words just came out, improv’ style. Now he had to make them stick somehow. From experience, he knew that the best way to do that was by putting pieces of truth in it. Lying was like making dough, after all. At least, that’s what his old gang leader used to tell him when he was younger and trying to swoon his way into some rich woman's house. “See, I don’t know if ya’ll were aware, but the Tin Man is about as bad as it gets when it comes to bein’ a human being. He’s known all over for killin’ folk in cold blood just to scare em’ or make a point, and he usually has some sorta’ hidden agenda.” There was the bit of truth. Now it was time to bake. “I think this time is no different.” said Clive, shaking his head. “I mean, if what I done seen means anythin’, he done poured a lotta’ money into this job. Hired a bunch’a crazed killers, gave em’ weapons, equipment, the whole nine yards. I doubt what yer’ payin’ him is gone come close to what he done already spent, so it don’t make sense fer’ him to be here. I highly doubt he’s here fa’ money.” Clive rubbed the side of his face with a hand as he looked out a nearby window, appearing to be checking to make sure no one outside the building could hear when he was really just biding time to create more of the same web. He could see some of the Tin Man's men giving the Norkotian soldiers a hard time, probably arguing about something. One of them even through down his gun and held up his fists, as if to challenge one of the soldiers. Had it been any other time, Clive would've walked out and instigated the fight, coaxing people into making bets on who'd win to make some extra cash. “I was thinkin’ maybe he was fixin’ to gain ya’ll as an ally, but he ain’t ever done that before. Only time he makes friends with his clients is when he’s plannin’ to kill em’ later.” Clive furrowed his eyebrows at his own words. Even though he was making all of this up, it was starting to make some sense. “So if he ain’t here to do that, he probably just wanted an in. Some easy way to get into the city without puttin’ too much work into it.” Clive was in deep thought now. His lie was definitely making a lot of sense. “And…if that’s the case…” he said, looking at no one in particular. “There’s likely somethin’ in this here city he wants. Somethin’ worth hirin’ a small army to get. Somethin’ it’s mayor would likely know about. I ain’t sure how he’d get her out of there without bein’ seen, but he’s real smart. Probably got some kinda tech that turns you invisible or somethin’. And if things went way south and one’a ya’ll caught on ta’ him, he’d already have tons of his men around to sile-” In that moment, something in the far corner of the room behind Tyne's shoulder caused Clive to go on high alert. While there was nothing there but a mop and a bucket, something in the air appeared to shimmer. It was a familiar shimmer though, something he’d seen more than a few times during his years as a bounty hunter. Clive’s eyes grew fierce, focusing on that corner like a hungry animal. Time slowed for him as he realized he didn’t have much of it. A second? Less than a second? He couldn’t tell. He’d have to be fast. Faster than usual this time. His hand unfurled atop the peacemaker at his side as he strained to leap to the side for a clear shot. The shimmer was moving up, almost level with Krieger’s and Tyne’s heads. He couldn’t afford to miss. He couldn’t afford to pick the wrong targets. His head throbbed with the rhythm of his rapidly beating heart, several seconds seeming to pass with each beat. His hand was in position now, tensed and ready. There was no time left. He needed to make up his mind now. Once again, he’d have to gamble. BANGBANGBANGBANGBANGBANG Clive seamlessly emptied his gun before he was halfway to the ground, the force of his lunge sending him a few yards to the side of where he’d been. Sparks and arc’s of electricity erupted from a now violently shimmering form in the corner of the room. The shimmers began to fade, slowly revealing something humanoid. “Oh, hell…” breathed Clive as time began to speed up again. The thing standing there was shaking violently and sparking from the five holes he had put in it’s chest and head. One hole, the first shot, was in the elbow joint, likely the only thing stopping it from firing the high-tech rifle it was aiming at Krieger and Tynes. The elite android stood there, still shaking as it’s core systems began to shut down. After a few more seconds, it slumped to the ground in a smoking heap. “Oh, damn…” said Clive, breathing hard and slinging his peacekeeper to the side to let the loading chamber cool. His head was throbbing with a massive headache like he hadn’t had in years. It’d been a long time sense he’d had to be that fast. He could barely think through the pain, but there was a thought that he couldn’t ignore. His fib seemed to have hit the bullseye, and that meant the Tin Man would be after them soon. Or at least he would, if the Tin Man was still inside his ship, watching the surveillance monitors… *** Cordoza stopped Zack from exiting the building via the door, and drew his attention to hidden panel she’d located. She tried to open herself, but it seemed to be rusted shut. She couldn’t open it, but Zack was able to pry it open with notable ease. It led to a dark tunnel, which neither of them had anything to illuminate during their trek through it. This was torture for Zack, who was a nervous wreck even when he was sleeping in his room. He was tensed the entire time, his ears, nose, and sense of touch heightened to ludicrous levels. He tried to think back to what he’d learned the times his boss forced him to train while blindfolded, but it did nothing to calm his nerves. When the finally exited the tunnel into an old house, he started breathing normally, happy to know he’d at least see his death coming if it were to come to that. And he felt it would, like always. His whole life just felt like he was falling into a pit that was too dark for him to see the bottom. Calamity could be miles away, or instantly upon him. Cordoza explained that the way to the catacombs, the underground walkway leading to where the ace was located, wouldn’t be easy to get to. Both the ramp and lift leading down to the lower city were caught up in heavy fighting. . “This is ridiculous.” sighed Zack, not certain how he’d get himself and Cordoza to the catacombs without being seen. They’d just have to sneak by some how, using the buildings as cover. He preferred a distraction in situations like this, but the Norkotians were already quite distracted with the fighting. Any further distractions would only curtail the Norkotians up the path while the ones in the thick of the fighting would be ordered to stay put lest they be overrun and lose their foothold. Zack felt there was a chance he could sneak passed on his own, but that optimism left him when he thought of doing so with Cordoza. While she seemed to be somewhat smarter than your average politician, she definitely didn't seem to have any combat training. If she was spotted at any point on the way down, the Norkotians would be on them like a dog with it's teeth in their leg and the Tin Man would likely follow. Then they would die. Well, maybe not Cordoza since they wanted her prisoner, but the Tin Man would definitely kill him. The slow, gruesome, and painful way. “Alright,” whispered Zack, eyeing one of the soldiers guarding the path. There were only two visible this far away from the fighting, but he wasn't sure how long it would stay that way. Two was definitely not sufficient, so he knew there were likely more on the way. They needed to act now. “I'm gonna to get you a disguise. Stay put.” Before she could say anything, Zack was gone, sprinting towards a group of buildings and vanishing among them. What happened next was almost comical, given her vantage point. Less than a minute after Zack ran off, she saw something that looked like an empty beer bottle get chucked high into the sky from where Zack might've been. It was thrown so high, that the two soldiers guarding the path didn’t even see it soar far over their heads and towards the opposite end of the road. The bottle shattered on impact when it landed somewhere amid the buildings on the other side, getting the two soldiers attention. They both turned and pointed their guns in the direction of the sound, the one closest to the where the glass had broken slowly inching forward off the road and into the buildings beyond. The other guard was standing by the side of the road from where the glass was thrown, a little too close to an open window on a nearby building. A pair of cuffed fist jutted out of the window and slammed into the side of the guards head, knocking him unconscious. Before his knees could buckle halfway, he was yanked through the window without a sound, his gun thankfully hanging onto his shoulders by a leather strap. The other guard was no longer on the road, now searching in between the nearby buildings where the bottle had shattered. Right as he was he was coming upon the scattered remains of the bottle, he heard something behind him from across the road. “Come quick!” came a gargled, over-exaggerated, Norkotian, drawl. “I found somethin’!” “What!?” asked the guard, turning on a heel to run back to the road. “Just hurry on’ up!” came the voice again. The guard double timed it across the road, not taking a moment to wonder why his brother in arms wasn’t still on the road and why he would venture in a direction opposite of the noise. *** “Didn’t expect that to go so well, if I’m being honest.” said Zack, he and Cordoza now standing over the bodies of two unconscious guards in a building along the road. One of them was lying face down, the other lying face up with what appeared to be a broken nose and a few missing teeth. Zack knelt down and began stripping the clothes off the one who was lying face down. “Had to clothesline that other one.” said Zack as he pulled off the soldiers boots and pants. “Wanted to just conk him over the head like this guy, but he came runnin’ into the alley outside a lot faster than I’d expected and I sorta panicked. Anyway, here.” Zack tossed her the now near-naked guard’s clothes as well as his rifle. The clothes weren't too big, but they'd be baggy enough to hide her chest and curves. "I know you might not be too keen on getting into some other dudes sweaty clothes, but trying to sneak past all that fighting with you in tow is insanely risky to put it nicely." Zack unzipped both of the guard's backpacks, emptying them on the ground. Amid the extra clips, medical equipment and some unsavory pictures of one of their wives, he spotted two, black, balaclavas. Making a triumphant fist, he grabbed them up and tossed one to Cordoza. "That and the cap this guy was wearing should disguise you pretty good." said Zack as he pulled the other balaclava over his head. He wanted to strip the other guard and get a disguise for himself, but due to his cuffed hands, he wouldn't be able to put on the shirt. The cloak was his best bet for the time being. "You know the streets better than me," whispered Zack, looking out the open window nervously. "So you probably know the quickest and safest route. We should avoid any and all fighting if we can, especially since your militia will think you're a Norkie' at first. Still, try to put on your best soldier impersonation. If we happen to get stopped and questioned, our lives and likely many more will hinge on what you say, so be convincing." He was going to turn around to see if she had any questions, but instead quickly whipped his head to look at the nearest wall. Cordoza was a bit on the elderly side and they were in a life threatening situation, but that was no reason to be rude. He knew his mother would agree. "You uh, you can change right there or find a nearby room." said Zack, pointing behind him as he faced the wall. "I promise I won't look at nothin', but please try to be quick. I got a feeling that more of them will be comin' down that road any second now." ( @Fierach, I'll post your part later on. Ran out of time.)
  3. Post is about done! Just gotta get to a library, so....Tuesday! Tuesday I’m gonna have a lot coming in.
  4. Sorry! I got no excuse for you man. I’ve just had more threads than I can handle and didn’t get around to continuing your arc. I’ve been having a bad week, but I’ll try to get you and Danny’s arc back on track tomorrow. I owe you a lot more than that, but I’m afraid it’s all I can do. I’ll try to get it all posted on Sunday. Again, sorry for the massive gap.
  5. Sorry bud. Been having a pretty bad week and haven’t really had the mental energy or time to write. Getting over it a bit though. I’ll try to get to writing tomorrow if not tonight.
  6. Gotcha. I didn’t mean start one immediately though. Or even soon.😅 Whenever you get time and want a thread, I’ll be itchin’ to take part. But okie dokie! Just gotta make sure they get the ace before the thread ends so it’d be a different arc rather than continuing the same one. Nokotia has clearly beaten the city into submission.😃
  7. Hearthstone is still a bit of a ways off beyond the wal and there will still be dangers outside of it, but it does represent an unofficial end to ravager territory, one of the gangs Hearthstone has to worry about. And he may not have to kill anyone if he plays his cards right.😉 The power he’s gonna get from that relay is a big one, and his current good karma will dictate whether or not it kills anyone when being used. The danger of being spotted is still there if he chooses not to use the relay, but yes, the other option is to slip in, get that remote, and open the door.
  8. Writing it out when I get home! Might be able to get it in by tomorrow. If it’s easier for you, we could put this story arc on hold for now and continue the thread in a second part whenever you feel like it. How’s that sound?🤔
  9. @Kingofgames12 - LEO Although he seemed to be resting, Chris was paying close attention to the the way Leo spoke with the woman. Although the young man seemed nervous, he was sure to remind the woman that the two of them were not like the gangs she was used to living with. She likely had plenty of trust issues if his thoughts about her lifestyle before he’d rescued her were true, so it was wise on Leo’s part to reassure her. Chris already new what sort of answer she’d give when Leo asked her if she had a home. The gangs in the slums had been pretty adept at uprooting family’s and separating them. Especially the women. The often had it the worse. Before they’d be violently forced into a life of sexual slavery and poverty, they’d often have to witness their family’s being murdered either out of consequence, or just to make a point to other families. Sometmes Chris got lucky and would be able to prevent this, but most times, he was far too late. When Leo mentioned Hearthstone and how he could take her there, her head slowly reered up to look him in the eyes. Her expression was blank and downtrodden, her eyes still red from possibly years of crying. “H-Hearthstone?” she repeated in a quiet, strained tone. She then slowly began to shake her head. “No. No, no, no. No one can get to Hearthstone. No one.” “Really?” said Chris, who was now stretching his arms as he walked over. “Why’s that?” “They’re…everywhere now.” said the woman, her brow beginning to furrow with anguish. “No way out. None. They’ve killed…they’ve…killed…every, last, person that’s tried to escape.” “Yep.” Chris signed and shook his head, his eyes closed. “Yep, that’s what I figured.” “Please…just…leave me be.” pleaded the woman. “When they catch those who try to escape…it’s…it’s horrible. They always make an…example out of those who run.” Fresh tears slid down the womans cheeks as her expression turned to one of anger. “I WATCHED them burn a little boy and girl alive! I wanted to stop them! I did! I really did! I wanted to stop them but…” The woman looked down and began to sob, her pain and regret getting the better of her. “I’M PATHETIC!” she shouted, causing Chris to jump back a little before trying to gesture for her to calm down. “I’M WEAK!” “Shhh!” shushed Chris before placing a consoling hand on her shoulder. “Not being able to take on an entire gang of murderers doesn’t make you-” “You don’t understand!” said the woman with a pointed glare. “I was too afraid! Afraid of…taking her place. I was selfish!” Chris didn’t say anything. He knew the way she felt, and he figured Leo might have felt the same way as well. At some point in everyone’s lives, they were selfish. They were afraid. They were weak. Chris thought back to some things he’d done in the past. He knew that there were no perfect heroes. In fact, he knew that one of the main reasons people valiantly stood up for what was right was because they had a demented and personal understanding of what was wrong. At some point in their lives, they realized just how much harm selfish acts brought onto the world and decided to stop ignoring it. And when one cannot ignore something, they eventually decide to do something about it. “We’re all afraid sometimes.” said Chris, staring at some point in the distance as he rubbed the woman’s back. “We all make mistakes, and the reality is that some of those mistakes are in fact…irreversible.” Chris closed his eyes and sighed, thinking back to some things he’d done before getting arrested and sent to the Superior program. Then some things during his time there. Then some things after, when he decided to help others. “A lot of the time…I fail to save someone.” said Chris, his voice suddenly tired and forlorn. “I’m either not fast enough, strong enough, smart enough…or brave enough. And people die. Sometimes far away, sometimes right in front of me. But I learned a long time ago that we can never be perfect. We can’t win every battle. We can’t save everyone either. Sometimes, we can’t even save ourselves.” Chris turned to look at Leo, his smile returning to full strength. “But that’s just the thing. We can’t just shut down to spite our failures. Cause if we keep trying…something…some one good can come from our efforts. But…that can never happen if we give up. Ya’ gotta leave that door open, ya’ know?” The woman merely stared at the ground, tears still flowing. She took a few deep breaths before wiping away some of her tears with a scraped and dirty hand as she shook her head. “I gave up a long time ago.” said the woman. “You wasted your time saving me.” “Mama always told me it’s never a waste of time to help somebody out.” said Chris, holding up a finger. Then that finger drooped a little. “Well…unless the person is like…a murderer or…a thief or…you know, someone who cheats at poker.” The woman let out laugh that lost it’s strength the moment it started, shaking her head once again. “You remind me of a book I read a few years ago.” said the woman. “Bout’ some man who was cursed to roll a boulder up a hill for the rest of his life only for it to roll back down every time he got near the top. Only you still laugh about it.” “I think I read that book once.” said Chris, standing up and scratching his chin in thought. “Or maybe I read something about a book like that. What was it called? Sissy-Fuss?” “Sisyphus.” chuckled the woman, cracking a small smile. She then looked up at Chris, one eyebrow cocked up in intrigue. “Who are you two?” “I’m Mista’ Black!” said Chris in a New Yorker accent whilst pointing at himself. “And this…” he said while gesturing to Leo like an announcer welcoming the star of the show. “Is Mista’ Orange!” “And…you two think of yourselves as heroes’r somethin’?” said the woman whilst pointing at the two of them. Chris chuckled. “I dunno’.” shrugged Chris. “But I know one thing though. It makes a hell of a lot more sense feels a whole lot better getting beaten up or killed for doing the right thing than it does for doin’ the wrong thing.” “Hmph.” chuckled the woman, shaking her head once more. “You sure you not on drugs? If so, you mind tellin’ me where I can get what you got?” “Ha!” laughed Chris. “That’s the spirit! But back to the matter at hand though! We can’t just leave you here since those scum-buckets down there are fixin’ to kill ya’. SO…how would you feel about finding a new home?” “Where?” asked the woman, standing up and wiping her face. “Hearthstone!” said Chris confidently. “Tch!” chuckled the woman. “You really are crazy. Ain’t no way we’re gettin’ anywhere near there. We’ll probably die before we even leave Ravager territory.” “Buuuuuuut?” said Chris, leaning towards her with a suggestive ear. The woman chuckled and shook her head once again before throwing her arms out and letting them fall to her sides. “...But I guess it’s better than sittin’ around here waiting to be skinned alive.” “That’s what I’m talkin’ about!” exclaimed Chris with a breif thumbs up. “So…you gonna carry me all the way there?” asked the woman. Chris laughed at this, shaking his own head this time. “No, no.” he looked at Leo. “He is.” The woman looked Leo up and down, doubt already creeping into her expression. “No offense to him but…he don’t look like he can do that.” “Looks can be deceiving.” said Chris as he put his arm around Leo’s shoulder. “Ain’t that right Mr. Orange? Plus, this’ll be good practice since he’ll probably be doing this a whole lot in the future.” “Future?” questioned the woman. “Yeah.” said Chris, taking his arm off of Leo’s shoulder and stretching. “Cause if we don’t get killed today, saving you will be the start of something good.” After what could have easily been over an hour of hopping from rooftops, scaling walls, and avoiding detection, they arrived at one of the main checkpoints leading to Hearthstone. Or at least one would think given all the armed men patrolling massive warehouse that took up over five blocks. There were some out in front, some on top, some at the back, and many more just walking around the streets around it. There were wooden watchtowers flanking all four sides of the warehouse, the men stationed within them thankfully not looking too interested in doing what they were supposed to be doing. If they had, they might’ve spotted Chris and Leo overlooking the compound from the abandoned church they were atop. On the other side of the warehouse appeared to be a massive wall made from pieces of aluminum and other junk you’d strip from a car or junkyard. It seemed to stretch for miles in either direction, a rather impressive sight given what little the gangs would have to work with. Leo would be able to see all manner of bullet holes and months old blood splatters along the bottom of the wall where people undoubtedly got cornered while trying to escape. Another thing that would prove to be a problem was that they were now in a residential area where the homes and stores barely reached the height of the wall. Using the rooftops wouldn’t be as covert as one would think, especially since the top of the makeshift wall seemed to be covered in barbed wire coils. There appeared to be old, decayed, bodies tangled within the coils, some of them just starting to decay. “Now would be a good time to let her off you.” said Chris, looking over the area and taking stock of what they’d have to deal with. “I hope you’re not too tired, cause we’re about to get real busy. You see that there?” Chris pointed to a section of the wall that appeared to be a large door. “That door is sealed by an electric locking mechanism that only one of their lieutenants have the remote for. If we wanna go through there we’ll have to…wait a second.” Chris reached into his pocket and pulled out the relay sensor he’d showed Leo back at the base. The tiny light on it was flashing red very rapidly now, indicating that a power relay was close by. “I knew it.” he said, putting the sensor back in his pocket. “There’s power relay in the warehouse somewhere. If we were able to sneak in there, you might be able to juice up and take this checkpoint out. It’d save the rebels a lot of trouble if you did, but it’s also a gamble. I doubt you’ll be able to absorb that things power silently and I’m not even sure how it really works. For all I know, it might just give you the ability to write in the air or something.” “Wait, what’re you talkin’ about?” asked the woman, who looked visibly concerned. “Besides his mask, there’s another reason I call him Mr. Orange.” winked Chris, something she couldn’t see because of his mask. “Anyway, be mindful that if you do that and it gives you the powers you need to wipe this spot off the map, word about you being a conduit will inevitably spread throughout all the slums.” “The kid’s a conduit!?” said the woman, looking very worried now. “It means a lot to me that you didn’t try to correct me into sayin ‘bio-terrorist’ .” Chris remarked with a smile before turning back to Leo. “But yeah, that happens? People’ll start targeting you and be out in force. Could make things a lot harder for you later on. But it’s your call. If you don’t want to do that, I might have a plan that can get all of us through that gate undetected. Might.” “Might don’t make right, Mr. Black.” said the woman. “This is true.” nodded Chris thoughtfully. “But this whole thing is just a big might in my humble opinion.”
  10. Charlie braced himself for the harpy’s banshee-like scream, fully aware of what’d happened the last time he heard it. “No!” he shouted, turning to run as he covered his ears and clenched his eyes shut as tightly as he could. His efforts were in vain though. As if his ears weren’t covered at all, the harpy’s shrill, haunting, screech pierced his mind and soul with such great intensity that it felt like his muscle sinews were whipping at his bone. He screamed in agony and fell to his knees, desperately waiting for the screams to stop. It felt as if the blood coursing through his veins was being replaced with the sound of nails dragging across a chalkboard, rattling his very being. Agony became his reality, and his conscience soon followed. BANG! “AGH!” Charlie yelped, letting the the revolver he’d been holding to the side of his head fall from his grasp and clatter to the ground. He held his shaking arm where the bullet had gone through, gritting his teeth as he leaned forward. His vision was hazy and swirled about an obsidian room he had not previously been in. He tried to get to his feet, but fell back to his knees due to a sickening feeling in his gut. He had no idea what was going on now, the pain in his arm not making it any easier to figure that out. As his vision became clearer, he began to see the others in the room. He recognized most of them as being the intrepid explorers he’d ventured into Yh’Mi with. He sniffed and whipped the tears from his eyes. “Not real.” he said to himself as he attempted to get to his feet again. This time was a success, but there was another pressing matter in his mind. His eyes fell on the gun he’d dropped. He recognized it as one of the revolvers the Norkotians carried. He walked over to it and nudged it with his foot. It was real. His mouth hung open slightly as he came to the realization that he was less than half a second away from killing himself. He was certain he would have, but someone had shot him before he could. He looked to his left and saw Scoot Deckel holding a smoking revolver in his hand. The expression on his face was one of shock, like a man that’d just seen a ghost. Charlie stared at Deckel, not moving, not speaking, not even frowning. He just looked at him with a blank expression, holding his bleeding arm. Then, without a word or any sign of acknowledgment, Charlie turned away and began walking towards the double doors. He wasn't sure why. Something was drawing him towards them. It was like that feeling you might get when you're near the edge of a massive cliff. You get that urge to just step over the edge let gravity decide your fate one final time. The doors were like a hole that sloped off into a massive pit, and he a ball rolling down towards it's edge. He wanted oblivion. Annihilation. Both were things he desired for many years, but this time was different. He no longer wanted these things for the world. He wanted them for himself. He wanted a release from his life, but something was holding him back from doing it. He stopped walking and looked down, putting his hands in his pockets. He could venture no further, for he knew that if he took one more step, that would be it. He'd finish what he'd been about to do. So he started thinking about things. Anything, really. Most of his thoughts consisted of people he savagely murdered, but in between those were other memories that stood out like a sore thumb. What the woman had told him earlier were not things he could ignore, but he also couldn't ignore these other thoughts. A little girl with a crutch giving him an arts and crafts present from school. A woman taking him to see a play. An old man struggling to teach him how to play a guitar. A family thanking him for saving their lives by inviting him over for dinner. A crazy-eyed punk taking him to the hospital after beating him within an inch of his life. A crazy-eyed punk taking a point-blank shotgun blast in his stead. A crazy-eyed punk teaching him how to tie a tie. A crazy-eyed punk sharing his meal with him. A crazy-eyed punk angrily chasing him after an explosive outhouse prank. Yes...that one was funny. Charlie wiped the tears that were starting to drip down his face and looked up. "One day at a time, alright?" came the distant echo of a crazy-eyed punks voice. "Just take it one day at a time." "One day...at a time." repeated Charlie. He then took another deep breath and held a hand over his wounded arm. He could feel warmth within him again. It wasn't a lot, but it was there. It was not gone. He focused to try and heal his arm, but something strange happened. Some kind blackish good trailed up his leg and to the wound, causing him to grit his teeth in pain as it began to slowly fill the wound. He could feel it solidifying inside his arm, like a serrated rock pinching and cutting its way through the bullet hole. Then, almost as quickly as the pain came, it was gone. Now where there was once a gaping bullet hole, there was a hard, obsidian substance. Freaked out and thinking that he had just been infected by some new horror of Yh'Mi, he held his hand over the former-wound and focused as much heat into it as he could to expunge it. But this didn't happen. Instead, his body became surrounded in revolving flurry of cyan fire. But this fire was not hot, as the many onlookers would notice. The flames twirled and circled his body, becoming brighter and bigger as he focused. The flames lit up the room in a calming, blue light, moving faster and faster until finally, they exploded outward. The cyan flames collided with many of the people around him, hitting them all like a refreshing gust of wind on a hot day. The fires seeped into their wounds, sending waves of relief through their bodies as their wounds glowed a fluorescent blue and healed. Charlie stood there, blinking with a look of bewilderment on his face. He looked around him expecting to see a bunch of smoldering corpses, but everyone seemed to be fine. In fact, they looked slightly less roughed up than he remembered. Figuring that he must have just had a lapse in memory, he looked back down at his arm. "Really!?" he shouted, the obsidian substance still within his arm. He then started picking at it with his fingers, but the material wouldn't budge an inch. "What is this stuff?!" He looked around to see if anyone would answer, but averted his gaze to Soryn when he saw him opening the door to the right. Charlie expected something sharp and jagged to jut out and impale him, but Soryn was unharmed. The door opened into another room much like the one they were in, only the floor wasn't cracked and about to give way. Charlie felt a sense of great unease at the thought of traversing into this new room, but he didn't really have the option of sticking around. "Really...getting tired of this place." said the young mercenary nervously before adjusting his backpack and following Soryn.
  11. Now i'm gonna roll for mass heal! Let's see...what am I gonna get... Walkin' on sunshine baby.😉
  12. Rolling to meditate again! Good!
  13. Rolling For Charlie's first action: Meditate.... Bastard
  14. Well, the post is finished, just gotta make my rolls for my actions due to the sanity loss, and get to a library.👍 Appreciate the brevity, my guy.
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