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  1. I think I remember him saying that its basically one move. Cant remember where, but I'm pretty sure I read that. Somewhere.🤔
  2. zackrobbman

    Claiming the Furthest Point

    If I were to say that Charlie was disappointed with the number of women in his group, it'd be a massive understatement. His nostrils billowed steam and smoke rose from his eyes as stared at the little boy getting all the attention from the other women. Here he was thinking that the women would flock to him without Zack there to block his vibes, and some little boy was there to do just that. He gritted his teeth and balled his fist as he observed how timid and shy the kid was acting, thinking that he was just putting on a facade to look all adorable and stuff. Sure, Challara and Kristall were in his group, but they hardly seemed interested in him. He was also wary of trying to talk to Challara because she had guns. Charlie has never had good luck with armed women. I'd tell you some stories about that, but now is not the time. "Gotta be kidding me." grunted Charlie through gritted teeth, hot steam billowing from his mouth with each word. At that moment, he wished he was ten years younger. Back then, big breasted women would hug you and not feel weird about it later. He doubted his ability to refrain from child murder if he were to see the young boy get hugged a single time, but he was also aware that killing children was frowned upon by most women. Especially armed ones with swords, magic, and guns. He'd have to think up a different way to turn the tides. So, instead of listening to Gormaric or even surveying his surroundings as they all moved further into the wretched lands of Yh'mi, he thought up ways to persuade the young boy into pretending to be his younger brother. He figured that if he could do that, he could be admired as the older, protective, noble type. It was because of this abstract thinking that he wasn't prepared at all for the charging Saevion. "AAAGH!" he yelled as he felt something hit him from the side, hard. He was sent rolling across the ground until he slammed into a tree, adding to his initial injuries. Realizing that he'd likely been attacked, he got his thoughts together and slowly rose to his feet, his head swimming and his stance wobbly. He grunted in pain again and held his side where he'd been hit, his ribs throbbing like they'd been struck with a large hammer or flicked by Zack's finger. Getting angry, he looked in front of him to see two large creatures charging into camp before stopping abruptly within the caravan. His eyes flared white hot. "Son of a B****!" he shouted, the air around his body shimmering as flames engulfed his hands in a flash. "You're TOAST, FREAKS!" He focused an even bigger amount of heat into his hands, forming large, explosive fireballs in each palm. . But this was not wise on his part. Mikey and Zack had always urged him to keep his anger in check to avoid using too much energy too fast. He was supposed to test out the enemy with much smaller blasts to estimate the minimum required energy to end the battle. This way he could reserve heat to heal himself in case he took a bad hit. Which he did. As Challara open fired on the creatures with her M60, Charlie flame-shifted into the air and slung one of his fireballs at the creatures, barely taking collateral damage into account.
  3. This dice rolling method is cool! A lot of stuff can be done with it if kept organized. I bet people could incorporate mana bars into this style of RP if they wanted. How'd they do that? I have only the faintest idea. 😅 But now I can see why everybody wants to do these. Unfortunately, if you were to read my profile and see where I'm from, I'm probably going to have a hard time with it.😄
  4. Gotcha! Read up on the dice and I think i get it now! BUT I have to ask...can explosions have an AOE effect? Like a "Flamed" condition that takes half a point of health per every enemy action for 2 actions? Also, can an explosion hurt two enemies at once or would that OP? Just curious. 😅 Post is ready, I just wanna make sure I'm not allowed to do that.
  5. zackrobbman

    The Blasted Badlands

    Zack stared at the girl in front above him, trying to think out what he was going to say next. He'd fallen asleep once out here and was being flown away when he woke up. That wasn't a bad thing per say, but it indicated how easily he could've been killed while unconscious. He wasn't too keen on doing again, even if this girl claimed that she'd be able to heal him somehow. He didn't really believe that she had bad intentions, but years fighting for his life as a mercenary had made him extremely paranoid. There was always a voice in the back of his head telling not to trust someone, and it definitely there this time. On the other hand though, he needed a cure. While the poison was working slowly, it would eventually kill him if he didn't get an antidote. His only chance of survival seemed to lie with this strange bird girl, but accepting her help would mean going under, something he just couldn't see himself doing. Even if they weren't evil cannibals that were trying to get him to ingest more poison, there was still the chance that the criminals he'd been fighting a few days ago would somehow turn up and find him unconscious. They'd surely kill him, and he wasn't too sure that this small village had the means to fend them off without him. "Not to sound rude or anything..." he said, giving the girl holding him a weak but genuine smile before looking to the other girl. "But why exactly do I have to be unconscious for this? If it's because you want to operate, it's okay. You don't gotta put me under. I've been through this before and have grown rather used to being sliced open while conscious....by criminals, but that's not the point. I'd just....rather be awake. Some bad people might be searching for me and I want to be conscious if they find me or this village."
  6. zackrobbman

    InFAMOUS - Zero Year

    @Kingofgames12 - LEO Happy to know that Leo was willing to go through with the plan rather than run away, he grinned and nodded at K. The conduit canine nodded back before vanishing in a dull flash. "Distracting these idiots is easy." said Chris as he peered over the roof. He could see K standing to the side of the store in an alley. "And...kinda fun." Soon after he said this, K ran out of the alley straight at one of the thugs standing on the street. The dog was moving much faster than any normal canine could move, so the thug had very little time to react when he turned around to see what the noise was. "AGH!" yelled the thug after K latched onto the side of his gun with his jaws, pulling and yanking at it. The thug tried to pull against him, but it no use. K eventually yanked the gun right out of his hands and took off. "MUTHERF***ER!" yelled the thug as the others began to laugh at him. He started to run after K but topped and turned around once he heard the laughter. He glared at them. "Don't just sit there laughing at me you pieces of s***!" yelled the now unarmed thug. "Help me catch this f***er!" Their laughter only beginning to die down, a few of the other thugs broke away to give aid. The unarmed one pointed at where he saw the dog last and they began jogging in that direction, eventually turning a corner and moving out of sight. Chris could hear the thugs firing their guns in the air and laughing, saying that it'd been a long time since they got to chow down on a dog for dinner. A long time ago Chris would've been worried for his friends safety, but not anymore. This was how K liked to spend his time, and he'd grown quite adept at it over the years. A few minutes later the sound of rapid gunfire echoed out into the slums, drowning out the screams and yelps of pain that had come with it. Chris snickered as he watched the thugs standing in front of the store turn their heads to the direction of the sounds, only laughing in response. "Guess they found it." said one of the thugs before taking a swig of the beer he was holding. "Yeah." said another. "After we eat it, I wanna keep it's skull." "That's our cue." whispered Chris before stepping away from the ledge. "C'mon." Motioning for Leo to follow him, Chris made his way to the opposite side of the building and began hopping a few buildings back the way they came until they were a decent distance from the store. He then dropped down to a lower windowsill and repeated this until he was back on the ground. Once he was sure Leo was with him, he walked over to a boarded up window in the alley, lightly pushing at the wooden boards as if to test how sturdy they were. He then looked to Leo and held up three fingers. Then two... Then one... He slammed the butt of his fist into the wooden boards, smashing them apart with a loud crack that could probably be heard hundreds of feet away. As the the pieces of the wood clattered to the floor inside the building, Chris held a hand up to his mouth and let out a loud scream that made it sound like he was being mauled by a bear. He even started kicking old bottles on the ground and slamming his hand on a nearby dumpster to generate more noise as he screamed. He ended the scream with gurgle that made him sound like he was gargling his own blood and finally dying. Once he was done with his act, he looked at Leo with a toothy grin, as if he was giddy about pranking someone. "How was I?" he whispered before beginning to climb the nearest building. He beckoned for Leo to follow and made his way to the roof, listening closely to sounds of the thugs by the store. Their voices were quiet, and he could hear them cocking their weapons and making sure they had a full magazine. "T-the f*** was that?!" said one of the thugs. None answered him for a while, and Chris seemed to be fighting the urge to laugh. After another minute or so, another thug spoke up. "Well?" he said, his voice a little shaky. "Go check it out!" "You got me legitimately F***ED up if you think I'm going out there on my own!" said another in reply. "P***ies." said another, this one sounding more gruff than the others, no hint of fear in his voice. "Come on. We'll all go." Without further adieu, the sounds of footsteps could be heard approaching Chris and Leo. The thugs didn't seem to be in any hurry, probably because they thought something was going to jump out at them. Chris held up a fist to signify to Leo that he should hold his position, listening closely to the thugs footsteps. They were close now, but he didn't want to peek over the building and risk getting spotted. If he or Leo were seen before they began their assault, things could easily spiral out of control. They could radio for backup or start blowing things up. There were innocent people hiding in the buildings they'd been climbing , so he wanted to avoid that very much. He hadn't gotten an innocent killed yet, and he intended to keep it that way. They were right below them now, possibly looking into the alley they'd previously been in. Chris could hear them stepping on the broken glass of the bottles he'd kicked. He held out three fingers again... Then two... Then one... Taking what appeared to be two batons out of his right pocket, he quietly made his way to the edge of the building and slung himself over it, hanging onto the building with one hand as he surveyed the group below. There were six of them, the biggest one being one of the gangs lieutenants. Chris had run into him before and could distinctly remember how sore he'd been afterwards. The streets referred to him as 'Brick' due to his bulky, large, stature and his thick-headed mindset. He was covered in scars due to a lifetime of violence and murder, the expression on his face the spitting image of a man that's been waiting to kill something since he got up that morning. Affter grabbing a black mask out of his left coat pocket and putting it on his head, he let go of the ledge and fell down to the armed men below. He slung both of his batons down ahead of him, hitting two men square in the head and knocking them out cold before landing on top of Brick hard enough to make the seven foot gang lieutenant buckled and fall to the ground face first. "Not again!" shouted one of the other thugs before they took aim. Chris back flipped high above their spray of bullets and kicked both of them in the face before landing near them. They were sent sprawling to the ground with loose teeth and fractured noses, but it wasn't enough to knock them out. As they began to get back to their feet, the last thug pointed his gun at Chris and pulled the trigger. Chris ducked and rolled out of the way whilst grabbing one of his batons and flinging it towards the thug. It hit him square in the hand and knocked the gun out of his grasp, giving Chris a chance to go in for the K.O. Or at least he would have, had Brick not tackled him. The massive degenerate let out a guttural yell as he took Chris off his feet and slammed him into the side of a brick building, leaving a nice 'Chris-Sized' crack in it before hurling his body towards a nearby car. Chris's body dented the side of the the totaled vehicle and shattered the glass in one of the doors before he fell to the ground in a heap. "...Ow." he grunted as he slowly pushed himself off the ground. He looked up and almost pissed himself when he saw the sole of Brick's boot right above him. He rolled out of the way before his head could be squashed like a plump tomato, Brick's foot leaving boot-print in the concrete. Chris lunged for cover behind another car just as the remaining four thugs fired upon him. Their bullets pelted the side of the car, sending sparks and bits of metal into the air. "Don't...remember him being that strong." Chris grunted to himself, shaking his head to make the stars go away. Despite the throbbing pain emanating from his rib-cage, he was still smiling. "OK!" he shouted over the sound of gunfire. "DONE SHOWING OFF! YOU CAN HELP NOW!" Chris wasn't expecting to get pinned like this, but he was also didn't expect Brick to have gotten so tough and strong over the passed few weeks since they'd last fought. Chris was certain he'd knocked the big guy out when he landed on him. Not even Brick could have got up from that. Something strange was going on, but he'd have to think about it later. Now, unless Leo thought of a way to help, he was probably going to die. As if to compliment such thoughts, the gunfire stopped and he could feel the ground shaking as Brick approached the car. Chris wondered if he would've preferred the gunfire. "HAHAA!" Brick laughed, sounding more unhinged than usual. "GONNA RIP YOU IN HALF WITH MY BARE HANDS B****!"
  7. Oh, boy. A lot sure can happen when you're sleep! 😅 And I'm not even gonna pretend like I understand the dice thing. Boy have I got some studyin' ta do.
  8. zackrobbman

    The Unnaturally Gifted Children

    Here we go! Sorry it took so long. Wanted to draw him. I'll try to have a post up as soon as I can. Kinda swamped in RP's at the moment.😅
  9. zackrobbman

    DEX - Mute Genius

    BASIC INFO - Full Name: Dex. Just Dex. Nicknames: D, Two Eyes, Muto, Creep, Holes Race: Human Age: 11 Gender: Male Occupation: Boy genius. Doesn't actually get paid yet. Moral Standing: Good, but there's no real way to tell. Build: Slim and athletic. Hair: Dark Grey PHYSICAL INFO - Eyes: None. Look at the picture man Complexion: Fair, to extremely pale Height: 4' 9 ATTRIBUTES/SKILLS - *Mute. Says he's incapable of speech. *Genius level intellect *Capable of building complex and often extremely dangerous equipment *Highly cognisant *Able to open black "portals" at will - Once one portal is opened, another opens simultaneously. He cannot control this or create an odd number of portals. Yet. -Highly skilled with them, able to open and control several pairs before it begins to take a toll on him. -If he opens too many, both his mind and body begin to suffer from something doctors call temporal decomposition. His body will begin to wither and fade as his sanity decreases. -During Temporal decomposition, his body becomes enveloped in his own portals, making it difficult for him to interact with the world or be harmed. -Can move his portals around once they're created. -Cannot create portals more than 127 feet away from him. -Cannot make portals touch one another since they repel each other. -Able to see temporal abnormalities. *Very agile and fast, all those years of running from the nuns and bullies in the orphanage, giving him much experience in parkour. *Wears a watch that embodies a highly advanced AI. It is also highly cynical, morbid, and hateful. Despite this, its the closest thing he has ever had to a parent or guardian, always putting his safety first. *Ai is capable of backing itself up into just about any computer, making it virtually immortal. OTHER FACTS - *Only fears fear itself, making both his experiments and ventures pretty dangerous *Obsessed with making his portals intertwine to become 3-D and create a portal to a place he coins "The Void". *Believes this "Void" is the answer to how he got his abilities and what happened to his parents. *Can become so involved in his research that he'll block out the world around him. *Not a stranger to using other people as test subjects, but he values life highly, going out of his way to make sure no one is harmed in his experiments or just in general if he's nearby. *Not used to having friends. *Can never pass up a chance to get involved in a good mystery, no matter how perilous. *Will sometimes take on odd-jobs for money when he needs the cash to buy a component for one of his many inventions. *Is always wearing a pair of goggles left to him by a scientist he looked up to as a child. Aside from the AI in his watch, it is is his most valued possession. *The scientists that gave him the watch doesn't exist anymore nor had he ever, but Dex can remember him and everything he did. He often gets angry when people deny his existence, so may believe him to be a little loony in the head. *Hates magic and doesn't believe in it. Believes all magic is merely a shortcut through science.
  10. zackrobbman

    The Unnaturally Gifted Children

    Okidoke! I'll get to making that kid profile and post it soon as I can.😀
  11. zackrobbman

    The Unnaturally Gifted Children

    Heya, pal! Got any room left for a fifth kid? Still making up the character, but to give you an idea of what to expect, he's gonna basically be mute brainiac thats obsessed with temporal alignment. Aside from his mind, his special ability is creating tiny black holes that both suck things up and alter spacing. The latter means that he can make two holes and when he sticks his arm through one, it comes out the other. I really hate that I have a perverted character on here and that i'm aware how he would bust out laughing if he ever heard me say that.
  12. Let us commemorate the good times with an RP, zack

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      This does seem pretty cool, and I've got a character cooking in my head as I type this. If he let's us on, sure thing! 

      But if not, I DID try to start something like this a year ago. It was a high-school/college rp where the pitch was pretty much the same. Tons of gifted students attending a college with a possible secret agenda for "certain" students. People that were in the RP sort of went AFV on me though. Really let me down. I put HELLA' work into it and tried to keep everyone together, but my efforts were wasted. Perhaps we could...I dunno...continue it if this didnt work out?😶

    3. Bohemian Eagle

      Bohemian Eagle

      He'll let you on, because why not? Head over to Chatbox and say hi.

      If it doesn't pan out, then of course, man!

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      Sweet! I'll ask im'.

  13. Yup....still here. Loyal end to the friend!



    Wait no, that's wrong...

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      Bohemian Eagle

      He's not here. That makes me so sad.