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  1. You can move passed people, but not monsters. Sorry to say that taunting unfortunately can't break a grab. 😅 Monster has to be killed, or the player can break free.
  2. None. Cause I always take the long way around.😉
  3. I say we grab some popcorn and watch what happens to the people on the bridge. UNLESS OF COURSE...something attacks us from behind that forces us onto the bridge or the plateau starts to crumble away. I mean think about it...why fight a flying a demon thing on a rickety bridge when we could fight them on a crowded plateau? Narratively, fighting for our lives on a rickety bridge would be awesome, but logistically, we shouldn't wanna do that. Why? Because it's scary. Bridges scare me. You're puttin' all your faith in it by crossing it, meaning that your success depends solely on something else you can't control. That's why I always take the long way around. It's harder, takes longer, but surer. 😉 (hint hint life advice)
  4. Oh, @Thotification, good news! That's zombie only had one hp! Meaning that Sera killed it with that first hit! Khaki stil has an action left as a result. What'chu gone do wit' it?
  5. .... Tyler, I forbid you from ever working anywhere near a hospital.
  6. Well you....y-you kinda scared us man. That bridge ain't gone support nobody. That thing gone snap like yandere!
  7. Easy, mate, easy.😅 You can still do cool stuff. This is literally the start of the battle. Trust me. I'll ensure you ALL get your chance to look cool! (Unless your like...ya'know...suicidal or something) Then again, battle scars and pushing on despite injury or setbacks are cool to me. Making a mistake and getting back up no matter what and all that. Course, that means you have to hurt first. I'm usually good at that!😀 Once you guys emerge out of Yh'mi, all of you will be tougher! Or mentally scarred. And most certainly physically scarred. Maybe even half dead. Or UNdead! But that doesn't matter! From then on, your characters will be able to say they ventured deep into the scariest place in Terrenus and only pissed their garments once! Or worse! Mercenary firms all over will respect them (except Charlie and maybe a few of the Norkotians) and be more willing to hire them! 😀 That means more danger, but cares about that, right? As long as you're rich! So if you get blown up, bitten, burned, poisoned, crushed, or lose nearly every non-essential limb, it wont matter as long as you come out alive! Just make sure you dont lose your fingers, toes, or your ability to speak so you can brag about it later.
  8. No, no you're right. Sorry, I forgot to reread everyone's posts specifically for their skill uses and didnt commit them all to memory. I realize that might sound snarky, but I am literally just telling the truth. No snarkiness intended. I'm just glad you said something about it.😅
  9. Yes and yes! Wait...who's injured in your group? The only injured guy is in group 1.🤔
  10. Yeah I thought so too.😅 But let me explain in an example. You hit a skeleton. The next turn shows what squares its explosion will cover, giving your character a chance to skedaddle. The turn after that? BOOM. If you're still there then, I'll probably laugh at you. A lot.
  11. *puts on safety gear* Alright....I'm ready for the hate if it has to come.
  12. https://docs.google.com/drawings/d/1nlcjPTghpnjLEsbcNlxixSV4ljXk6P7_CqM3OzIZ26s/edit?usp=sharing Group 1 Although beset with a surprise attack the moment the darkness faded, the defenders managed to handle their suffering, fiery adversaries with relative ease. All but one of the shambling monstrosities was either bludgeoned, shot, or cut down to a diminutive size not fit for living as. The remaining foe however, took what little strength it had left from the Blackspears assault and lashed out at Sera with ethereal, feral, moan. It’s hands grabbed onto her arms with a grip like iron. It’s hands immediately began to sear and burn whatever they came into contact with and is squeezed harder and harder. The flames covering it’s mostly burned away body began to trickle forward and spread to Sera’s arms, intensifying the burning she was feeling. If she didn’t get away and quick, she would covered in flames just like her attacker. The burning skeleton that had been about to advance into the room was violently halted when Ed fired a barrage of shots into its body with a kind of reckless and confident abandon that most daring adventurers used to combat fear when they felt it clawing at the doors of their resolve. The first two bursts from his weapon easily punched through the skeleton, tearing through its ribs and joints before rendering the animosity filled monster immobile. It would’ve began to shake and glow even brighter as it felt its end come, signaling its coming demise, but this did not happen. For Ed had fired a third barrage at it. The added damage only heightened its agony and despair, making the fires within its bosom become even more violent and hot. Streams of light shot out from its chest as the pressure within became far too great for it to hold in any longer. It’s bright eyes bored into Ed’s with a hatred it was all too happy to give. Had its hatred not been so great, it would’ve felt thankful for its brutal, relentless, release.. The force of the explosion shook the world violently and ferociously, the echo of the boom loud enough to be heard all throughout the fiery hell-scape. The rapid expanse of the flames seared Ed’s skin and sent him rocketing backwards, his body colliding with one of the Norkotian mercenaries behind him and slamming them into the wall. Leo had also been pushed back, but the hardy man had not been close enough to be hurt by the explosion. The area directly ahead of them where the skeleton had once stood was now engulfed in roaring flames, blocking their path up. As if to make things worse, more shambling, burning, undead rose from the floor in a pool of magma that shrank out of existence once they’d fully emerged. @Tyler @Veloci-Rapture @Thotification @Akiris GROUP 2 The searing blades came down upon them like a downpour of fiery retribution and judgement for their past actions. Although initially struck by one of these blades, Frederick and his Subversors were able to narrowly avoid the second wave of debris. Gormaric and Selena however, were not as fortunate. Gormaric had tried to run, but one of the blades caught him anyway, slicing a jagged gash right down his left arm and nearly pinning his faithful, winged, escort to the ground. Nim’Ruin, who appeared to be frozen with fear, received long cut down her back when a heated shard slammed into the ground behind her. Lord Kingston had managed to avoid the blades, but had unfortunately come face to face with fiery skeleton that had come running when it heard the ruckus. He wailed in agony as it clambered towards him, twitching with the pain and pressure it felt. It raised one of its fidgety, glowing hot arms and slammed it down into the crook of Kingston’s neck and shoulder. Although it appeared flimsy, the blow would feel as if a 200 pound weight had been quickly swung down on him. The fact that it’s appendage was orange-hot wouldn’t do anything to aid with tanking the impact either. Cynthia had been the only one who had mangaged to escape harm, but now, with two flaming skeletons coming into the room from the north and a long hall-way to her left, she and the rest of her team would need to think on their feet and work together to come out of this nightmare in one piece. The skeletons continued to call to her in Belladona’s voice, saying horrible things that dredged up surreal, aching, memories. @Grubbistch @EpicRome23 @SelenaNichole @vielle Group 3 As more flames jutted out of the floor from the back of the room, the defenders wisely ventured up and away from them. This however, did not mean that they were out of danger. The burning undead that had been previously makng their way towards them had found their marks. The one to the north had managed to cut them off and lash out at the group of Hensch Men who’ been heading the group. It quickly reached out to grab one of them, but missed, its orange hot, vice-like hands merely grazing them instead. The same however, could not be said of Vlad. The suffering undead creature that had been to his right reached out to grab him and wrapped its powerful arms around his mid-section. It squeezed, its molten face only inches from his own. It’s open breathed out screams that filled Vlad’s nostrils with the smell of burning flesh. It tightened its grip around him, as if trying to snap him in half as the flames covering his body began to catch onto him. As if sensing their fear, more creatures appeared from the floor and walls, including a burning skeleton far to the east. With little room to maneuver and many threats, they’d have to plan their movements accordingly to avoid making the room they stood in their grave. @Fierach @P.N.See @bfc @Thotification @ChaosLord @notmuch_23
  13. Oh yeah. I drew that picture guys! Just gotta upload it on the net so you can see it.
  14. Alrighty mates! My post is finished, maps updated, I'm well prepared for the hate I'm about to receive and priming a mocking laugh for when I get it, and all I need to do is post it. Today. 😁 Hopefully, unless something stupid happens. I'm also laughing now in expectation. Like this: @SelenaNichole I know you been AFV for a few days, but I'm putting this here in case you get a chance to post Nimruins action this round.
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