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  1. The Sadira Amar: Tea and Tavern

    Charlie's smirk fell a little when she mentioned her husband. While he wasn't new to hitting on taken women, he was more than privy to the consequences. Like the time he made a pass on a high officials wife in Hell's Gate. They wound up calling Cody Volsung, who saw to it himself that Charlie would behave and boy did he do a good job of it. Zack had to leave home and pick Charlie up from the hospital where he was in a near critical condition. He learned that day that romance was no game. It really was a matter of life and death. He also learned not to mess around with peacekeepers, which really wasn't a lesson requiring a live demonstration. Then again, the only reason things got violent was because Hell's Gate was going through a time of unrest and Cody was looking for a vent. He'd had his hands full handling angry crowds who were furious that machines had begun to take their jobs. Charlie telling him to mind his own business whilst pushing him out of the way just to look tough was all the excuse he needed to show the world just how pissed off he really was. Of course, Charlie wasn't a bull-headed idiot for no reason. He wouldn't be able to make any moves on Raveena without risking pissing off her husband, but perhaps he could swoon her over and get her to dump her man. It could still end in violence, but if the guy was as protective as she made him seem, he wouldn't attack him if she was against it. Charlie's smirk regained strength as he nodded. "Sure thing, M'lady." said Charlie with his hands out in defeat. "But the choice is yours." Zack squinted his eyes slowly before turning to look at Charlie. The tone of voice, the stupid smirk on his face, these were all indicators that Charlie would do something stupid that get them kicked out or put on another wanted poster. He wanted to speak up and tell him to not even think about it, but Raveena was still speaking. He didn't understand why she liked the danger of the job. Zack had only been a Mercenary for six years and he hated it when things got out of hand. It was just a huge pain to him. Literally. Had his wounds not healed in his slumber, he'd look like a humanoid scar from head to toe. Why someone would enjoy a life like that was beyond him, but her 'King Consort', who he assumed to be her husband, didn't want her putting her neck out there. It seemed to be a sensible decision seeing as he probably dreaded the day he got a message telling of her grizzly death by the hands of some freakish monster. Zack thought of Tracey, who was always being overprotective of him and scolding him for getting so roughed up on jobs. How does she scold him without being able to speak? She just stares at him. Angrily. Its actually kind of effective once you find out what she can do. She also mentioned other things that made various questions float to the forefront of his mind, like how she had come to be a ruler or how old she was. Then again, it was rude to ask a woman her age. Also, how had she died? Was she a zombie? She didn't look like one and she also wasn't trying to kill him, so he dismissed the notion. For now, he needed to be courteous and answer her question. "We...live in a hole in the ground." said Zack, slightly dejected. "Can't really say much more than that since my boss will beat me within an inch of my life if any information about our home gets back to him from an outside source. But aside from the stress and pain that comes with the mercenary thing, I guess we're doin' alright. We got a place to stay in, food, irrigation...the basics." "We even have a training room." said Charlie as he stretched, trying to show off as many muscles as he could. "It's how we keep in shape for-" "Training room?" said Zack in shock as he looked at Charlie. "It ain't no training room. It's a TORTURE chamber! It's almost as bad as Yh'mi. Everything in there wants to freakin' KILL you! My boss built it because he's an ***hole!" "Yeah, he is an ***hole." nodded Charlie, as if Zack had never said anything more true in his life. "But it's really not that bad. He's just a pansy." "Not that bad?!" said Zack with extreme confusion present on his face. "Remember when the simulation 'accidentally' malfunctioned? One of the androids in there yanked off your leg and tried to beat me to death with it last week! I lost a kidney and a chunk of my liver trying to keep those things off of you until the simulation was over!" "What?" said Charlie, feigning confusion. "Yeah." nodded Zack quickly. "You were on the ground like, 'Oh my god Zack my leg! My f***in leg! Help me! Please!'." "SHUTUP." growled Charlie, smoke rising from his eyes as they lit up underneath his hat. "Listen," laughed Zack, happy to have gotten a rise out of Charlie. "The moment your husband meets this guy, he's gonna know he has nothing to worry about and won't even give him the time of day. There's no competition." "Tss'! We'll see about that." grumbled Charlie stubbornly before taking another sip of his tea. "Yeah." said Zack as he mockingly patted Charlie on the back. "Anyway, you said you've died before? You don't look, act, or smell like a zombie."
  2. The Sadira Amar: Tea and Tavern

    Raveena obviously wasn't too pleased about what Zack had pulled out of his backpack if her reaction was anything to go by. She looked around the tavern with a feeling of alertness Zack hated seeing. It usually meant a job was following him around, and by that I mean the people he pissed off during the job. Zack fearfully followed her eyes to wherever she was looking, ready to extend his shield and start blocking gunfire. Charlie looked the same as he always did. Uncaring and overconfident. Unlike Zack, he liked trouble. He enjoyed watching the flesh melt off some poor idiots bones just as much as the next psychopath. After seemingly not finding whatever it was she was looking for, Raveena said something to the other employees in a language he couldn't understand and told them to follow her. Zack was a little uneasy about doing so due to many past experiences, but he obeyed. Even if it was a trap, she was the one Mikey coined. They wouldn't be completing the job without her expertise. If she refused, he'd have to convince her, and Charlie would attempt to do so by promising her many wonderful nights in bed. He did not want it to come to that. She lead them to the back of the Tavern where she opened a trap door on the floor. Zack looked down into it and saw a staircase leading down. Remembering how much he hated magic, he followed her down the staircase to a dimly lit room filled with various jars filled with ethreal lights and tables and racks covered with tools of the trade. She lit the room up a little more when she did something with an odd crystal device and Zack flinched. Everytime someone messed with anything magical, he was afraid of something short circuiting and turning him into a frog. It's very difficult to dodge bullets and all manner of blasts when you're a small, slimy, amphibian with PTSD. Yes, he still has nightmares about that day. After throwing a few logs in the fireplace and whispering something in coherent, she told them to sit at the table they'd set the blueprints on. Zack almost shed a tear when he saw someone bring down a pitcher of sparkling apple juice. The moment the tray was within reach, Zack reached out and grabbed the pitcher. He downed about half of it in one swing before setting it down and exhaling contentedly. The tired, fearful look in his eyes was gone, replaced by his usual, unstable leer. Charlie grabbed the tea off the platter after giving the girl that had brought it a seductive wink. She couldn't see it because of his hat, but perhaps that was for the best. He took a few sips of the tea mulled the liquid around in his mouth. It wasn't just spicy. It was hot. It sent a fiery sensation through his body when he swallowed, making him yearn for the next taste. "This drinks almost as hot as you." Said Charlie, Smirking at Raveena as Zack downed the pain pills with the last of the apple juice in the pitcher. The pain wouldn't disappear, but itd be a little less distracting. "The beginning?" Said Zack as he sat back in his chair, satisfied. He figured she wanted information about the artifacts, but Zack knew little to nothing about them other than what Mikey had told him. He wouldn't be much help to her at all. So, he decided to tell her about the process of getting them. Perhaps in this, she could glean the information she wanted. He started off telling her that Mikey had given him a few leads on the location of the artifacts. The gem was thought to be hidden, but Mikey had done a bit of research and found out that it had been found by a cult of mages that doubled as ruthless assassins. They were called the Acotets, and they'd been desperate to find a real source of power to fuel their genocidal tendencies. The Hashran shard was believed to house incredible power bestowed by the soul of a mass murdering dictator who had passed eons ago. Around the time it was taken from the temple it was rumored to preside in, the Acotets went through a surge of activity, murdering people left and right. At least that was what Mikey relayed to Zack. Other than that, he was on his own. He and Charlie were sent out to find the gem and Zack figured the best way to do that was to find out where the Acotets were bunkering down. They moved around a lot, but there was always some nosy bastard that knew a thing or two about everything you could think of. One of the ones he knew had hired an Acotet to kill him and Charlie a few years back, so Zack paid him a visit. "W-Whos out there!?" came the cries of a man from the inside of an abandoned cabin in the woods. The door was locked and he hadn't bothered to look out the windows, but the screams and commotion he'd heard outside was unmistakable. "B-Bob?" called the man, afraid of the response he'd get. "Shultz? You guys out there?! Answer me danmmit! I paid you guys to protect me! Are you dead?! Did you both die!?" "They're fine." came Zacks voice from outside the cabin, much to the man's dismay. "They're just not armed right now." "You've got to be f***in kidding me." said the man under his breath as he drew his gun and took aim at the door, his hand shaking. "I thought you said it was water under the bridge you punk!" "It still is." said Zack as he stood to the side of the door and listened for any other bodyguards that could've been inside the cabin. "I just wanted to talk, but your buddies fired on me the moment they saw me." "Talk?" said the man. "I got nothing to say to you. Its your fault I'm on the run in the first place!" "MY fault?!" said Zack, furrowing his eyes in anger. "What, you expected me to LET the Acotets kill me? " "YES!" said the man as he looked around the small cabin for another way out. "You're a mercenary, so you know the rule. One man's doom is another man's salvation. You crippled one of their lieutenants, so they upped the price to something I couldn't pay!" "Then you shouldn't have called the hit, Fenton!" "You were messing up my smuggle ring. I had to!" said Fenton. "You pushed me into a corner and I had to bite back. Isn't that what you tell everyone?" "I came here to talk about getting you out of that corner." said Zack, motioning for Charlie to calm down. Waiting for the action irritated Charlie to no end. Especially when it came to women. "For what and how?" said Fenton, aware of the way of the world. "You've been on the run from the Acotetes for some years now. They keep finding you because of a shard that gives them magic or something right?" "Yeah?" agreed Fenton. "Everyone knows the shard is the source of their abilities. The problem is that no ones dumb enough to raid a camp of assassins." "So you're saying that the problem ISN'T that no one knows where they are?" "Not in my case." said Fenton. "I was led there when I put the hit on you. It's another reason they want me dead. But even if I did tell you their location. You'd just get yourself killed. You could barely handle the four that came after you." "Maybe." nodded Zack. "But it's either you tell me their location, or I come in there, break your legs, and use you as bait to draw them out." "Should've done that from the get go." mumbled Charlie. "I f***in hate you." growled Fenton as he holstered his weapon. Every fiber of his being was saying to put up a fight, but he knew how much Zack hated getting shot at and how he reacted to it. Nothing like a little gunfire and pain to set off a mercenary's PTSD and make him turn you into a pretzel. Yes, pride was the death of many men. "Glad we could compromise." said Zack with a smile. Zack went on to tell Raveena about the ritual he witnessed when he arrived at the Acotetes base camp a day later. The shard was levitating atop a sinister, thorn-like pedastal and everyone gathered around it was chanting incoherently. All but one who was more regal in attire than the others, his velvet robes covered in various gold patterns and shapes. This one was standing by the shard, a smug, evil smile on his face. Zack also noticed that he was the only one who's eyes weren't glazed over by a dark, purple, shroud. Zack was no mage, but it was easy to realize that mind control was a clear factor in whatever was happening there. To make things even creepier, a sinister, ethreal voice would occasionally come from the shard itself, promising those around it fame, power and riches beyond their wildest dreams. It also spoke of the mass genocide of the rebels, who were most likely anyone not subservient to it. Lastly, it spoke of feeling an intruders presence amongst the trees. Not wanting to wait for them to find him and make the first move, Zack bolted like a cannon and snatched the shard before putting it inside the device Mikey had given him. He was like a blur as he took off into the woods, the eyes of the followers and their leader following his quickly shrinking visage. There was a moment of silence as the head hauncho of the demented cult took the time to register what had just happened. He then yelled at the crowd before him as loud as he possibly could, "WHY ARE YOU JUST STANDING AROUND!? KILL THAT MAN! GET THE SHARD!!!" Then, almost as if a switch had been turned on somewhere in their blanked minds, the followers dawned their hoods and brandished their weapons. "DEATH TO THE INTERLOPER!" they chanted as they gave chase. Due to their ability to shoot magic willy nilly, it was quite difficult to lose them. They had time slow spells, they had fire spells, they had blade spells, they had speed spells, they had ice spells, they had acid spells, the whole nine yards. Zack lost count of the times he almost died just in the six minutes it took him to lose them. For once, he was thankful Charlie was around. It's hard to chase someone when your legs have been melted into pink, steaming, puddles. After that, it was off to find the sword fragments in a temple presiding on the outskirts of Yh'mi, a place Zack generally feared. The temple did not disappoint either. It was filled with traps that crushed, burned, stabbed, or suffocated any intruders dumb enough to venture inside. There were even traps that awoke the hundreds of dead adventures that had perished inside and incited them towards Zack. By the time Zack reached the fragments of the sword, he was half dead and bruised all over. Charlie had hung back and let him lead the spelunking, so he barely had a scratch much to Zacks irritation. Still, he'd been half-dead countless times before, so he still considered the job to not be as bad as he felt. Of course the moment he snatched the fragments the whole place started coming down. They barely made it out, Charlie being knocked unconscious by a falling rock right before they escaped. He planned to sit him down and wake him up somehow, but the leader of the Acotetes had anticipated where Zack would go next and was waiting outside for him with a small army of robed assassins. Without Charlie's help this time, it was a desperate struggle to stay alive. It took hours to shake them, and that was only because Charlie had woken up when a particularly well endowed female assassin had accidentally brushed her breast across his face when stabbing Zack in the shoulder with a poison tipped dagger. Charlie was able to set the forest ablaze and lose them in the flames, but Zacks knees felt ready to buckle from the punishment he'd endured. Now the job WAS bad. "After that," said Zack. "We set out to find your tavern because Mik-...my boss said you'd be able to put this together. I remember him saying that an you'd need to perform some kind of exorcism to render the weapon fit for its purpose and that you could use the magitech inhibitors within this metal sphere to help you with that." "You can take as long as you need." said Charlie, giving her a smarmy smile. "Why didn't I leave you at the temple?" said Zack as he shook his head in regret. "I was just pretending you know." lied Charlie in an attempt to save face in front of Raveena. "I just wanted to see if you could handle yourself without my help." "Shut up Charlie."
  3. The Sadira Amar: Tea and Tavern

    Charlie gave Reveena the ol' up and down look like he does with every woman he's ever met. Although she was dressed casually and not really trying to show off her womanly prowess, Charlie smirked in approval. His perversion was so concentrated within his mind that some would say it had given him special abilities, like the power to completely undress a woman in his mind in high definition. Some rumors claim that he once told a woman where her birth-mark was despite him having never seen the inside of her thighs. "Did you bathe in a tub of sugar?" asked Charlie before Zack could respond to Raveena's question. "Because you have a sweet a**!" Zack held his head down and massaged his eyes as other patrons turned to look at them. He didn't understand why Charlie was like this. He'd been using cheesy and offensive pick-up lines for years and they still had yet to relieve him of his virginity. One would think that after dozens of restraining orders and beat-downs that he'd stop barking up the tree, but if there was one thing he and Zack had in common, it was his stubbornness. "Charlie, just get out the artifact." said Zack, still looking down. Winking at Raveena, Charlie raised a hand. After a few seconds, the air around his hand began to shimmer as the heat began to build up. Then, in small flash of light, his hand was on fire. He wiggled his fingers in front of Raveena as the flames danced between them, showing off like he always does. He then reached behind him to open a small pouch on the side of his heat-resistant back-pack and took out a round, metal, sphere. It was orange hot, a barely noticeable humming noise audible from within. Charlie tossed it in the air a few times, rolling it along his arms and shoulders, doing retarded tricks and wasting time before finally siphoning the heat from the ball and rendering it room temperature. He then set it on the counter and pressed a barely visible button on the top. The top half of the ball receded backwards and revealed its contents. The inside of the ball was lined with rows of miniscule wires and tiney machinery necessary to create the gravity coils and magitech inhibitors within. Levitating inside was a clear ball encasing a glowing, purple, gem no bigger than the tips of your pinkie finger. It fidgeted and shook every now and then, the air around it getting hotter and then cooling with each movement. Zack looked at the gem and remembered what Mikey said about it essentially being a bomb. He wanted to get rid of it as soon as possible. Letting his backpack slide off his shoulder, he unzipped the top and reached his hand inside. He pulled out what appeared to be the handle of a sword, gold and engraved with various symbols he didn't care much to look into. He hated magic. He hated everything about this job. As he was about to about to show the handle to Ravenna, a dark purple arc of electricity shot from the gem and into the handle. Zack felt like he was being tasered, his body fidgeting as the dark energy coursed through him. "EUGHHHH!" he cried, the feeling of raw magical energy within him making him writhe in disgust. He let go of the handle and it fell onto the counter. Hard. The loud clang and way it shook the counter and floor gave away the impression that it was much heavier than it looked. "S-sorry!" he said before moving the handle to the side to see if the counter had been damaged. "It's got gravity manipulation thing where it gets heavier the closer it is to the gem." He then reached in his pocket and took out a folded piece of paper. As he did this, the gem shook violently as arcs of purple lightning occasionally appeared within the sphere it was encased in. "SSSSSOOOooooOOOOOONNnnnn I WILL be FREEEEEeeeeEEEeeeee!" The voice was faint and strange, as if it were omnipresent. Despite this, anyone hearing it would KNOW that it came directly from the gem. "My boss told me it has this evil warlords spirit in it or something." said Zack, giving the gem a blank look. "It's kind of the reason he made these blue-prints." Zack unfolded the paper he'd been holding and held it out to her. "Sorry if you can't read the parts stained with my blood." Zack stared at her blankly for a few seconds, feeling his open stab wounds ooze blood down his body. "...By the way, do you have some pain-killers? If so, could I get a few of them with a glass of apple juice?"
  4. InFAMOUS RP - The choice is yours

    Yeah, but I'm guessing the old man can just teach him that. The powers you get from power relays are karmic abilities that make your style of fighting easier.
  5. InFAMOUS - Zero Year

    @Pink Fluffy Cutiefly - ARASHI "I'll have some officers pick them up and bring them someplace safe after you're gone." said the chief, remembering the connection she had with her pets. He'd swear they were no different to her than children. "But you need to leave. You need to leave, NOW." He could hear the agents approaching his door now. He didn't know if they suspected him, but one thing was for sure. He needed to end this call. "I have to go. Remember your training and for your parents sakes, BE CAREFUL!" With that the call was ended, leaving Arashi little time to vacate her home and track down the nearest power relay. If she chose to sneak through town, she'd need to avoid using her powers as much as possible. They were bright and unstable. If she didn't accidentally kill someone, the light they gave off would give away her position for sure. Thankfully he stamina and strength were increased and sneaking would be a little easier. But maybe she didn't have to sneak through town. These men were trying to kill her and she had patch of clothing missing from her side from when Hearse had blasted a hole through her. If it weren't for her faster healing, she'd be in a fetal position from renal colic and blood loss, hanging on to her life and waiting for death at the same time. They made their intentions clear and weren't willing to compromise. If she so chose to kill any agents in her way, would it even be bad? Or did being more powerful mean that she had to abide by stricter rules when it came to self defense and the taking of another's life? She'd have to figure it out soon. She could hear the reving engine of a DUP transport truck heading straight for her house. Whatever she did, she needed to do it outside of her home. Her pets were still inside and there was a hefty chance they'd just blow the whole house to hell if they thought she was inside.
  6. InFAMOUS RP - The choice is yours

    Yo @Trevor Wisegem, when or if Alex pops the relay open, leave a post for me to write out which powers you get to choose from. Same for you @Pink Fluffy Cutiefly.
  7. InFAMOUS - Zero Year

    @Trevor Wisegem - ALEX "S***!" yelled an agent as he and the other agents around him stopped shooting at Alex and began to flee from the falling car. Some weren't fast enough and got hit by the resulting explosion when it hit the ground. Flaming pieces of debris slammed into their armor, almost killing any who weren't quick enough to get away. Alex was kneeling from his own landing, and that was the only thing that saved him when a car door flew spinning over his head and hit an agent that was about open fire on him. The agent flew backwards when the door hit his chest, sending him careening into a wall before he fell to the ground, unconscious and possibly crippled. When Alex looked around him, he'd see that the number of agents previously occupying the space by the power relay were drastically decreased to something he could manage. Only a few were left that he'd need to take care of and they were a little discombobulated. But not for long. Alex would have to act fast. The old man wouldn't be able to hold Bramley off forever and there were more agents on the way for certain. He needed to get the power relay cracked open asap or his story would come to an end before it even began.
  8. InFAMOUS RP - The choice is yours

    Should have another one up tomorrow.
  9. InFAMOUS RP - The choice is yours

    Ok, post was up hours ago. Forgot to tell you guys.
  10. InFAMOUS RP - The choice is yours

    AND some brainstorming matched with some epic music has helped me dredge up some new killer ideas! I'm looking forward to this. >:D
  11. InFAMOUS - Zero Year

    @Kingofgames12 - LEO The beating Leo had given the thugs was done in a way a superhero would be proud of if any were still left alive. He defended himself and avoided taking any lives in the process. Whether they'd be able to sit on a toilet the correct way for the next few weeks wasn't something he could be faulted for. But with his survival came the cost of retribution. The thugs he'd beaten were part of a gang called The Forefathers, a criminal sect born out of the slums poverty. They worked under the radar using tech they hocked off of dirty DUP agents and used it to enforce their own rules and laws on the streets. In exchange for the tech, they gave a cut of the money they made with drugs to the DUP to keep the agents wealthy and corrupt. What, you didn't honestly believe the city's taxes generated enough money to supply their gadgets did you? No, no. As long as selfish people exist, crime exists. No matter what happens, crime adapts. It finds a way to evolve and remain in the loop of time while still gaining a pretty penny in the process. The Forefathers did this through drugs, human trafficking, assassinations, kidnappings, anything that meant a little extra cash to spend on weapons, booze, and women. They'd been a major part of the world for years, forming a few years after the blast in Radeon City. Rebels formed against the DUP but soon realized that without their tech, knowledge, and money, it would be impossible to bring them down. So you remember that saying about what you can do if you can't beat them? They started working with the DUP, becoming informants and street toughs to keep the people in line and the DUP up to date on what was happening to the people. The original plan that the founders of The Forefathers layed out was to get trusted, gain an IN with the DUP so they could be less suspect. They'd stockpile as many weapons as possible and raise hell when the time was right. The only problem with this plan was what they needed to do to get on the DUP's good side. The people suffered greatly, eventually deeming them even worse than the DUP itself. Remember what I said about selfish people and crime? As the Forefathers grew in numbers, so did the corruption within. People realized that they could benefit from the money and power that was being generated from them and started doing their own thing with it. They realized that they didn't have to be a hero and dismantle the DUP. They assumed it wasn't their responsibility. Next thing you know, robberies and murders are rampant in the streets, the police having their hands full with weak men and women who'd gotten their hands on a little power. Authorities appealed to the DUP to put an end to the madness, noting that it was THEIR weapons the Forefathers were using to reign supreme on the streets. Of course the dUP lied and said they'd handle it. To them, the Forefathers were in their pocket and relied on them for both their weapons and money. They were like dogs to them, and they could sic'em on whoever the hell they wanted. That was how you got places like the slums. Impoverished people far too afraid to leave their homes struggle to get by off what the Forefathers will allow. There's actually a curfew they made up for the sake of control. Get caught outside on their turf at the wrong time, and they'd make an example out of you. Didn't matter how old you were. That was the routine for years, but today, that changed. Someone made an example out of them. "I'm tellin' ya, it was conduit!" "A conduit?" Said Reagan, the current lieutenant of the Forefathers in the south side of the slums. He took a hit of his weed and exhaled, the smoke billowing around his greased, black, hair and steely eyes. He was sitting in chair by a table spilling over with the money from the day's racquets, a cladly dressed woman all over one of his genetically enhanced, muscular arms. He'd planned to visit the city and go out clubbing with one of the DUP's chiefs, dressed in black, short-sleeved, dress shirt with matching black, suit pants and shoes. His shirt was unbuttoned, leaving his chiseled body and golden necklace visible to any onlooker. Hanging from the necklace was what looked like a wendigo skull. He ran his cold eyes over the group of men that had asked to see him. They were in bad shape, looking like they'd been run over by a car. "You sure about this?" said Raegan, leaning forward in his chair. "Yeah." said one of the men, his face swollen and red on one side. "Had to be. The kid wasn't big at all, and he was strong as hell." "Fast too!" said another one of the men. Raegan blinked slowly before taking another hit and leaning back into his chair. He hadn't dealt with any conduits for a long time, but he'd learned from the few times he did. "Alright." said Raegan before taking a stack of thousands from the table and tossing it to the floor in front of the men. "Here's a few mil' for ya trouble." "Aw, gee..." said the man at the front, his hands shaking as he picked up the money. "T-Thanks Raeg'! I'll pay ya back, I swear-" "Don't have to." said Raegan with a toothy grin. "Just make sure of two things." "Anything, man! Just say it." "One, get the word out on the streets about the conduit. Get the boys out and lookin' about and tell them I need him alive. Two, the DUP? They don't learn s*** about this. Nothing. If they start askin' around about any commotion, you tell em' there's been some in-fighting. I'm certain they're gonna offer big sum cash for his capture and I wanna make sure I'M the one that gets that money. You get me?" "Sure thing boss!" said the man in front before turning around. "You eard' im'! Get the word out. The streets are HOT. The DUP come askin' around, we ain't heard s***! Let's go!" As the men filed out of the room, Ragean exhaled the hit from his blunt happily. If there really was a conduit in the slums, he was here because he knew it was a good place to hide. There were too many cameras in the city and the DUP were probably on alert. If he knew what was good for him, he'd have to stay here. It was only a matter of time before his boys found him and brought him in for ransom. Then he could start talking BIG favors with the DUP. "What'cha gonna do baby?" asked the woman who'd been feeling up his biceps as if they were the most perfect thing in the world. She was tan skinned like him with silky black hair and even colder eyes. Raegan smiled as he reached behind him to caress her face. "Soon, Jasmine." said Raegan. "Soon this whole damned city is gonna answer to RAEGAN ROWE." A man clad in climbing gear stoop atop a nearby roof, overhearing the discussion Raegan had with his men. He was eating a chocolate bar and wearing all black to remain less visible during the night. "Hm." he said as he chewed his food, his black mask pulled up over his mouth but still completely obscuring the rest of his face. "A conduit huh?"
  12. InFAMOUS RP - The choice is yours

    Yeah, I'm cool. Sorry for the long wait again. Been writing this other story for this weird group I was involuntarily assimilated into and its taken quite a bit of my time. I also decided to become part of a seperate RP just yesterday and was planning to get back to you guys. Today actually. Cause i'm off. Again, sorry for the wait. Post will be up today.
  13. The Sadira Amar: Tea and Tavern

    "Why are we going here again?" asked Charlie, one hand in his pocket and his other doing tricks with his butterfly knife. "You forgot?" said Zack, holding the side of his head with one hand. His right eye was swollen and so was that side of his jaw where caked blood could be seen at the edge of his mouth. "No, ***hole." said Charlie before pocketing the knife. "I meant why come all the way out here when we could just get it done at a spot back home?" "The streets are still too hot from last weeks bust." said Zack before spitting a glob of blood out to the side of the road. He watched his mangled tooth clatter and skid across the ground, the sight of it making his head hurt even more. How many did that make it? 8? 9? He'd been hit a lot harder than he thought. "I just went through hell to get the artifact and these blue-prints. I'm sure as sugar is sweet not gonna risk either of them getting broke or ripped apart in some but-hurt thugs ambush." "Ambush?" laughed Charlie. "With what? I think I left like six guys alive during their last ambush and I only let them live so the feds could get info out of them." "No." said Zack, furrowing his good eye at Charlie as they walked. "You came into the building blasting away like an ***hole and scared half their numbers away. Then you chased a few of them WAY away from the fight and I was alone in a building filled with armed thugs. Armed thugs hopped up on the same drug that turns you into a miniature hulk. You're HELL'A lucky I was alive when you got back from playing around!" "You're telling me YOU beat up over thirty guys hopped up on Diablo?" asked Charlie, the doubt in his eyes not visible behind his hat. "Man you probably just fought the few left from my grand entrance. No need to lie. " "Please stop talking."said Zack as he waved a hand dismissively. Zack hated liars. Zack hated braggarts. Charlie was both. The walk to the Sadira Amar felt like a mission in itself just having to hear his mouth the whole way. Everything would be better once they got to the tavern though. It was off the radar to most of the trigger-happy psychopaths that wanted him and Charlie dead, so he felt a little less worried than usual about waking up to a guy sawing through his neck with a rusty butter knife in the dead of night. He also heard that they served great drinks there, although he wasn't sure what kind. As long as it wasn't tea. Zack hated tea. "Frick." Zack narrowed his eyes at the sign on the front of the Tavern. 'The Sadira Amar: Tea and Tavern' was spelled out in lavish letters atop the entrance. It was late out, but he could hear the sounds of the patrons inside chatting and ordering drinks. He looked through a few of the open windows just to get a feel for what he'd be walking into and saw that the atmosphere was like nothing he'd ever seen. Most taverns he'd been to were worn down, filthy, and rowdy. This one was pristine, homely, and filled with guests that didn't seem like they were there just to whack some poor sap for something he did years ago. "Ooooh." said Charlie, spotting all the good looking women inside. The only thing Charlie enjoyed more than turning peoples bodies into ash stains on a wall was a shapely woman with good legs. Despite constantly wearing a hat that covered his eyes, he could practically spot a nice pair of legs through a ten inch thick, steel wall. "Maybe this isn't a waste of my time. They're...everywhere!" "Charlie..." said Zack with a calm voice, putting a firm hand on Charlie's shoulder. "This is the ONLY place where we can get this done right. DON'T get us thrown out." "Easy, kill-joy." said Charlie, trying and failing to yank his shoulder free. "Don't get mad just because the ladies aren't into you." "I'm VERY serious Charlie." said Zack, releasing his shoulder and looking at the spot where Charlie's eyes would be behind his hat. "I've got medical bills and repair costs up to my eyeballs and this job could make a good chunk of that go away." "It's not my fault you keep winding up in the hospital." Zack grabbed Charlie by the shirt and pulled him close. His eyes weren't visible, but he could feel Zack's unstable, pin-pricked, eyes staring holes into his soul. Zack already looked unstable when he wasn't pissed, like some PTSD war vet that had seen and done more than his fair share of horror. Seeing him angry at all was an experience you didn't forget, especially if you knew what horrible things he could do to you with his bare hands. Like that time he shoved a mans own legs so far up his anus that till this day, the doctors still can't remove them. Can you imagine watching that? I ddin't have to, and the image is burned into my mind for eternity. "What?" said Zack in a hushed tone. Charlie gritted his teeth and swallowed, trying not to look afraid. Sure, he could control fire and blow stuff up with his mind, but that meant nothing when Zack was this close. He'd learned that during training more times than he'd ever admit. "I mean..." began Charlie, not wanting to test whether not Zack would cripple him for the remainder of the job just shut him up. "Ok..ok, so I MIGHT be responsible for most of those visits since you're always in front of stuff when I blow it up, SO...I'll...take it easy on the lady-wooing." "You'd better." said Zack, letting go and pushing him away. "I've obviously already had a bad day. I'm just...not in the mood for it getting worse." "I GET it." "Then in we go." Not wasting another moment, Zack and Charlie entered the tavern. Zack thought about trying to remain inconspicuous but his injuries and the matted blood all over the white wraps surrounding his hands were dag giveaways that he could be bad for business. He could feel some of the patrons staring at him, judging him for looking like a quite literal bum. He would've looked worse too had his clothes not been black. There was blood all over them. A lot of it wasn't his, but there was still a lot of his own seeping through the bandages underneath his shirt. One could see them through the jagged, symmetrical cuts all over his shirt. The wounds beneath them were still bleeding and trickling down his body in little streams. He'd need to replace them soon lest the staff throw him out for bleeding all over the place. Charlie, aside from a small cut on his cheek didn't seem to have a mark on him. This was mainly due to Zack's over-protective and self-sacrificing nature, but Charlie would never admit that more than half of Zack's injuries were meant for him. He never did admit it. Said it turned off the ladies or something dumb like that. The smell of a countless varieties of teas and expertly cooked meals assaulted Zacks senses, giving the place a busier feel than he thought. The walls and floors were made of lacquered mahogany, something his mom had told him only the best restaurants had. Fresh baked goods lined the counter that barred the kitchen from the dining area. The smell of the bread caught his attention much like his scent caught Tracey's whenever she hadn't seen him for a long time. Of course, he didn't know that. The girl was mute. He spotted the fireplace at the far wall and immediately got a sense of deja-vu he didn't like. The flames flickering within lit up the tavern, making him remember the fireplace at his mother home. He didn't like places that made him feel like he was home. Home was not here. Home was not anywhere. Home was gone, and he needed to get used to it and stop looking for excuses to deny it. Walking over to the counter and ignoring the pain from his bruised ribs,he sat down on one of the chairs and un-slung his backpack. He unzipped one of the pockets on the side before producing a photograph with a picture of woman he could vaguely remember. The name under the picture read 'Raveena'. Had he heard that name before? He hoped she didn't know him. As nice of a guy as he was, Zack was still a mercenary. A cruel one at that. Piss him off enough and you stop becoming a job and start becoming recreation. The criminals and outlaws he didn't kill in self-defense were crippled beyond healing in both the physical and mental senses. He tried to keep himself low profile, but word gets around when some random kid breaks both your legs so bad that they look like pretzels and you're alive enough to talk to people about it. That kind of talk usually attracts trouble, and trouble is what gets your business shot to hell or blown up by a man with pretzel legs. It's for this reason that Zack isn't allowed in most taverns and if you ask me, he's better off for it. Not much is worse than some jerk throwing a live grenade into your stall when you're taking a dump. It's a horrible, low down thing to make an attempt on a mans life before he has a chance to wipe. "Um, e-excuse me." said Zack as he held out a hand for a passing waitress. "Rum and Cola." said Charlie, taking a seat next to Zack and putting his feet up on the counter. "Check his ID." said Zack, pointing to Charlie with an irritated look. "***hole." Charlie cursed before crossing his arms. "I was hoping I could speak to a woman named...Raveena?" Zack said whilst holding up a picture of her. "I've got a work order for a weapon?" Mikey was the one that had tipped them off to the Tavern, coining Raveena himself. Mikey didn't have any friends that Zack knew of, but he just seemed to know who people were. He said he was too busy to work on the weapon, but he was certain Raveena could have it fixed up in two-days tops. He didn't want anyone any less skilled because the artifact they had acquired was highly unstable and the blueprint for the weapon was far too complicated for anyone that wasn't an expert in magi-tech. They were being paid a ton to get this weapon delivered to their client, so he didn't want it getting blown up in someones face, especially since no one knew the location of another artifact. The only reason Zack was able to track the one he had down was because a cult of assassins flagged it as their medium of worship. He thought he'd be able to sneak in and get it without a fight, but that obviously didn't work out. It seldom did. "Also," Zack said as he felt his ribs grind and pop with every movement his arm made. "If you guys have it, could I get some apple juice? And some pain-killers?"
  14. InFAMOUS RP - The choice is yours

    And thank you guys for understanding.
  15. InFAMOUS RP - The choice is yours

    I considered that, but figured I'd just make theses relays different, designed so that power can be extracted from them easily by receivers. This also makes it possible for any conduit to absorb the energy. The one design flaw the DUP overlooked in this universe. But yes, I figured it would make the progression easier and less complicated. But I forgot to mention that when or if you guys crack it open, to stop and leave me a chance to write in a post describing what powers they have to choose from. They'll have a choice, one power leaning towards violence and fear while the other will make it easier to keep others alive.