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    With all the force of a great, typhoon! BE A MAN! Get it? No?....I'm a guy.
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    Nothing I'd fight too hard for, and that is very depressing.
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    Quality Control Auto Body Technician....I'm a detailer....I clean cars.

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  1. @OctoberSkys @danzilla3 @Kingofgames12 @Higuu @Flame Hero: Endeavor 

    Hey'ya guys! Just letting ya'll know that this week has been pretty bad for me post-wise. ? Been sick with headaches and nausea on top of this persistent, EXCRUCIATING toothache that is akin to the sensation you'd get if you chewed aluminum foil all day and gotten your jaw broken on that side by Mike Tyson. I've had my jaw broken before, so I'm not kidding. Sky, I'm 70% done with my post in our thread, but I haven't even started with the rest of you. Headed to the dentist now to get these teeth looked at...or pulled out on the spot. Either way, I apologize for the inconvenience and want you guys to know that it may still be a few days before I'm caught up. I'm just giving the heads up because I HATE it when people drop off the face of the earth when involved in an RP without so much as an explanation. I just think its courteous to communicate you know?

    Hope ya'll are brushing and flossing! ?I GUARANTEE that you will regret it if you aren't. ☠️

    1. Kingofgames12


      No problem man. I’m thankful you let us know. See you when you get better. 

    2. Higuu
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