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    With all the force of a great, typhoon! BE A MAN! Get it? No?....I'm a guy.
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    Nothing I'd fight too hard for, and that is very depressing.
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    Quality Control Auto Body Technician....I'm a detailer....I clean cars.

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  1. Just gonna put out there that I may be super insecure about my writing before I ask this but...

    What are some things I do when I write that irritate you a bit, or a lot?

    1. jaistlyn


      I always enjoy reading your posts! They are funny, and they always catch me by surprise, lol. But just one minor peeve, is there's sooo much content in one post that it takes more than usual effort to reply! ?

    2. Ataraxy


      ^ that's the best job interview response to "what are you're weaknesses?"

      "I work too much!"


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