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    With all the force of a great, typhoon! BE A MAN! Get it? No?....I'm a guy.
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    Nothing I'd fight too hard for, and that is very depressing.
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    Quality Control Auto Body Technician....I'm a detailer....I clean cars.

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  1. Good news! I've...figured out...this internet thing! @Tyler @jaistlyn @Higuu

    If all is as I think it is, I should definitely be much more active. Not that I think you guys were sitting at home constantly wondering "Man, I wonder what that Zack guy's doin'." as if I'm that big a factor in your life, but I like to keep folks informed because its polite.😀

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    2. Metty


      What happened to your internet?

    3. zackrobbman


      Got rid of it a while back.

    4. Metty
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