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  1. Vespin rubbed his eyes a little when Kenshin's glamour wore off. An actual fae? The progenitors of glamour magics? Anything he could do that was glamour-based would probably easily be seen through by her, and would seem elementary in comparison. He blushed at the thought of being around something so skilled in such a respect. Not that anyone would really notice, since his face still looked composed thanks to his glamour. "I've never met a fae in person before," he mumbled. "Only seen a few from a distance. It's an honor, honestly." He winced the moment he saw the trajectory Craxus was thrown. Maybe he wouldn't need to bother with glamours, since everyone was being incredibly distracting on their own. He felt more comfortable with them on, so he left them as is, but it was starting to become a relief that this Xylex fellow showed up. No one cared about little Vespin anymore, since he was being quiet and not planning to con the people in his immediate vicinity. Even so, he braced himself for the tirade that Lady Orlouge would probably begin. The likelihood that she would spare them any mercy seemed unlikely and he felt around for some magic to pool in his body and where it would be best suited. Maybe his feet in case their best chance was to run from her?
  2. The screeching insisted on staying n his ears, and he felt his sight dimming a little. He just needed to get into the room. His fingers clutched onto the walls and he crept forward as if he was being blown back by a heavy wind. He could still feel the sensation of his skin shredding and reforming, or something that made him think he felt that, but it had come to a point that he was becoming numb. He gritted his teeth and threw himself through the door, falling forward and landing onto the ground in the room. "Who are you?" his lips asked, though the words hadn't fully formed in his head. "Do you honestly think you can do anything with this body?" Tannin licked his lips and tried to push himself from the floor. It felt like a hundred pound weight was sitting on his back though and it took more than a little energy to even lift his chest more than an inch. So, despite his effort, he dropped back onto his stomach and peered around the room. He could sense it, the source of the dark energy. It was almost palpable in fact, and it made his stomach churn a little. His eyes scanned the room and found a chalice that made his eyes water to look at. It must've been what he were looking for. "You heard my question. Show yourself, wretched thing," his voice growled out. Tannin wasn't sure if he should've said that. His normal self certainly wouldn't have said that, but his mind had almost been lost anyways. He focused again on something else. Anything else. His past life, the elf girl, anything that would keep him from giving himself up.
  3. The instant the dark mist burst open the door, the whispers became screams in his head. As it tried to consume him, a new shouting was beginning in his head. A familiar voice that tried to shout at him above the din. The same one from the time he fought Esben. He doubled over in pain; the dark magic felt like it was ripping his skin from his body, and the dragon's energy was regenerating it faster than he knew was possible. Tears welled in the corners of his eyes and it was all he could do to bite his lip so he would not cry out in agony. The voices yelled and yelled at each other in turn, as he slowly fell to his knees. All of his skin was now a luminescent gold, but not from any sort of great surge in power but merely because of the damage the magic was trying to do to him. "What do you think you'll accomplish by trying to take this body?" The words did not sound like him, though they were spoken with his voice and he felt them on his tongue. "This vessel is not yours to take, and there is nary a thing you can do to it that I will not repair, Wretched One!" In his head, he tried to reach out for the comfort of this shouting voice that used his mouth to speak, but he felt like a mouse within his own head. The words were the ancient tongue, but he'd become so well versed in it now. It yelled and shouted at the other voices, which were hissing curses at the golden voice inside of his head. The more the thousand voices shrieked at one another, the more the inside of his mind felt like a cavern full of echoes. Combined with the suffering his body was going through, it was becoming a little much for him to handle. Through gritted teeth, he pleaded, his words coming out in the ancient tongue. "Stop, please. Be quiet!" The insides of his body felt cold, while his skin felt like burning paper. He put a hand on the wall to steady himself, but the skin had become so tender that it was as though a hundred needles pricked at each of his fingertips and his palms. His stomach wrenched and sudden wave of nausea attacked him for a moment. "Would you try to push me away now?" he replied to himself in his voice with words he shouldn't know. "Even if my energy would allow such a thing, you would die in an instant, Jianlong." Jianlong. It had been a long time since that named had passed his lips. My, how it tasted so bittersweet on his tongue. Memories of a beautiful life that had passed so many decades ago. Those tiny little memories that helped him grab onto the little shreds of his consciousness remaining. "But I am not Jianlong, right now. And nor are you really Jinshui. We are Tannin, the Fabled Golden Dragon. Are we not?" His lips were forcibly curled into a smirk, and another surge of energy through his veins pushed him back onto his feet. The voice grunted in agreement, almost pleased at the silly name that humans had given Tannin. He could feel the pulse of the energy in his veins. Warmth spreading inside of him. The voices still cracked and screamed in his head, but his mind had come onto a new track. He had to retain his focus, or he would lose himself then and there. His body pushed forward and over towards the room, his tunnel vision directed on the door. That was where he needed to go. It was the only thought of his own left right now.
  4. I realize that I do have quite and handful of characters. I love it though! Thanks so much!
  5. Vespin had caught the strong scent of lavender and rosemary long before Xylex made himself known. While everyone else seemed rather interested, he kept himself closer to Dolcevita. It wasn't that he was uninterested in this Xylex fellow, because he smelled so heavily of mana that it almost made his eyes water and that intrigued Vespin greatly. It was that his presence made him unreasonably nervous. He'd spent many years wandering the wilds of Genesaris and should've been used to all sort of things by now. After all, he'd managed to outwit drakes, slip by a pack of dread wolves unnoticed, and even coerced a banshee to let him keep his life. But, it made him nervous nonetheless. Maybe it was the fact that he'd never been around such a large number of sapient wolf-like creatures, or maybe it was the fact that massive amounts of energy streamed through their veins as if it was their blood. Maybe he was just worried he would offend one of them and get eaten. Either way, it was growing more and more worrisome for Vespin's predicament. If he hadn't already planned out what he'd do with his earnings, he might've just disappeared right then. Instead, he decided on a course of action that hopefully wouldn't offend and might ease things on him a little. It took a little time to properly think of how to form it, but he tapped a pair of glamour runes onto his body. One was to make him appear far less concerned than he did; he'd practiced his poker face meticulously, but there were always little things that would show through that a glamour rune could disguise. The second was a glamour that would hopefully mask his scent a little. Not in an excessive way, but in a more subtle manner that would keep him from reeking of fear. Of course, that was if he'd manage to do it correctly, since he hadn't exactly had practice with scent-based glamouring.
  6. Tannin followed her diligently, preoccupied with the thoughts in his mind. He wondered how much this Vynessa girl even knew of the temple. She seemed fairly unaware of what was going on, otherwise she might not have even led him down here. He wondered how he might save this Vynessa girl without any harm coming to her. He wondered about the man that helped, and what he was still doing around. Clearly he had no idea of what was going on, because he'd likely have considered leaving. He wondered if Esben had actually returned. Wouldn't he be at the temple by now if it was true? Esben didn't strike him as the sort that would dilly-dally around when he had business to attend. He was snapped out of his thoughts when one of the ambient whispers of the temple became closer to a shout in his head. The energy surging through his body barely had time to react, but it instantly made his ears throb and face glow gold for a moment when it did respond. "He's back!" it hissed sharply in his ears. An almost excited chant that died down within a few moments of it beginning. "Who's back?" he mumbled without thinking. It was a question that didn't really need an answer, since he was sure he knew. But, what did they mean? Was he back, as in within the confines of the the temple or back in the context of them feeling his energy? He quietly prayed that it wasn't the former. He hadn't had enough time. He could tell that he was growing close to finding whatever it was that was tainting this temple, but he hadn't found it yet. Just a little more time. In a quick motion, he grabbed Vynessa by the wrist and pulled her back towards him. What tactic he was trying he couldn't be sure himself, but it would hopefully work. He stared down at her with his golden eyes almost aglow, then flicked them around to assure himself no one was looking. "Allow me to get closer to my point," he said to her in a whisper that he hoped was audible over the many ambient ones. "Where's the room that no one is allowed to go? The room down here that stays hidden behind a locked door, no questions asked?" His eyes wouldn't tear away from her until she answered.
  7. Vespin looked down at himself subconsciously. It was hardly fair to him. This Kenshin girl was absolute sunshine and rainbows, and Craxus was wolf-like in a manner like Ben and Dolcevita. He almost felt like a scoundrel around them, even though it was apparent that he was. But, he was never one to think of himself in such a way, as such negative thoughts made it hard to maintain an air of charisma and confidence. "All right, follow instructions to the letter, got it. I'll keep a pen and paper with me to make sure I don't miss one," he joked. Hopefully, they took that as he meant it, though he was concerned that Lord Ben and Dolcevita weren't much for a little humor. He mentally tuned out when she began talking about the council and tasks. Politics, to him, was bothersome when he didn't get himself personally involved and downright time-consuming when he did. Politicians were worse than he was about hiding their faces; at least he had the decency to pretend he had a different name. However, when Dolcevita began "tapping into the Ancestral Pattern" he was suddenly very curious. Magic was utterly fascinating thing to him, so any display of magic he'd never heard of or seen before was quick to draw his attention. The sky was dyed an amaranth color and he felt a small tremble inside of him. Amazement was what he was feeling right now. Very infrequently did he ever see magic that had this scale of effect, and simply to summon a tailor and seamstress? He kept his neck craned up, half-expecting them to drop out of the sky in front of them.
  8. He grinned and brushed his knuckles over his collarbone with a swell of pride. As if telling three hundred pounds of muscle to take chems from a strung out junkie was something of an accomplishment. But, it was nice to be appreciated for something. He smiled and thought about his decision. Part of him wanted to get his hands on one of those rayguns, but he was far too fond of his laser rifle. He didn't tell anyone, but when he had trouble going to sleep, he liked to tinker around with it. He'd even managed to make it so the beam was blue instead of red, through some clever manipulation of the lenses inside of it. Now a custom robot, that was more up his alley. Maybe a Protectron to help when Jim wasn't paying attention? No! An Eyebot! He loved those little floating suckers. Seeing them always made him wish he'd taken some of those robotics lessons back in the Follower's University. He could call the little guy Cyclops and have some good audio quality on his speakers. Maybe program an old British voice on it. Yeah. "Can you fix me up an Eyebot? Maybe paint him with some desert camo and get a quality radio in him? If you could, that'd be swell." He was grinning like an idiot. His own Eyebot to float around, play music, and zap morons. "Well, I'm gonna hit up the bar. Gonna see if Kim's singing tonight. Take a break tonight so I don't have to see you at my stall tomorrow from overworking." He tipped his hat and walked the five steps it took to get to the bar. He gave her a little wave and stepped inside to the sound of a guitar twang. It definitely wasn't Kimberly onstage. This guy wasn't from around here. Heck, he looked like someone straight out of those worn out posters advertising cowboy-related things. So, he was probably from New Vegas. He leaned up against the wall next to the door; it was nice to hear some fresh sounds in the stale old bar.
  9. The sun was dipping into the horizon when Ekkehardt decided to close up his stall. Usually when it was dark enough that he could take his goggles off, that meant no more customers or morons crawling in with their leg blown off. Usually. Besides the junkie that tried to steal the confiscated chems, no one had seemed to have anymore need for his help that day. He strode over from the stall across from his and patted Jim on one of his muscular arms with a smile. "Closin' up for the day, Jimbo," he told the big oaf warmly. Jim nodded and headed towards the little home he shared with his girlfriend, Kimberly. She was nice, served drinks at the local bar in the evenings and was halfway decent singer when the bartender asked her to sing. With his thoughts on the bar, he licked his lips at the thought of some whiskey and hurriedly packed up his stall. He snapped shut the little safe in his stall that he stored his stimpacks and FIxer and Addictol and other meds in, then grabbed the box of confiscated chems. His feet carried him over to Tina's workshop. She was working diligently on polishing the defunct power armor sitting in the workshop, even though it was more ornamental than anything. A bell sat on her counter, in case she was busy when a customer arrived, so he picked it up and rang it before setting the box down on her counter. He paused a moment to make sure no junkies were around; didn't want them finding out he was dropping the chems off here. He'd gone through a great amount of effort to make them believe he locked it away with the stimpacks and other stuff. "Hey, here's the confiscated stuff, Tina, " he announced. "I don't recommend doing it all at once." He chuckled a little but stayed put, deciding it might be best if he waited for her to come pick it up than to leave it. He'd have to deal with the consequences, and he was sure he wouldn't be in the mood for that in the morning.
  10. He frowned a little when she sighed at him, but Tannin brought the smile back to his lips quickly. He followed Vynessa diligently, being careful as he trotted down the steps. How would he play this off? Once down there, he couldn't just abandon her and wander around searching for the source of the darkness that was gnawing at the occupants of the temple. He had come to believe it had to be down here, as it felt stronger the further he descended. "It's rather dark down here, isn't it?" he commented idly, grabbing a lantern hanging from one of the walls. "It might be a bit difficult to tidy up. Should we start in this room, or might there be a room down here that would need our attention more urgently?" His eyes flitted around as he held the lantern to inspect. His head was filled with buzzing as the voices continued trying to whisper to him. In the corner of his eyes, the shadows looked like figures trying to taunt him, but when he'd turn they'd be normal shadows. It started to put him on edge and he could barely help his hand from settling on his hip above his sword.
  11. Vespin frowned a little at the sight of yet another canid joining their party. This one seemed a little more eager, which hopefully meant he was friendlier. He smelled like grass on rolling hills, and something sharp. Like freshly cut cilantro. It wasn't a bad smell and certainly boded well for him, he felt. His ears perked up at the words 'Future Prince'. He liked the idea of helping a future prince. Princes were the sort of people that made life a little easier when they were friendly, or at least didn't blatantly hate you. If he could leave a good impression, he might not have to worry about getting in trouble around these parts. Although, this wasn't the sort of place he'd risk it anyways. However, he felt the frown return to his face at the commentary he'd given the two members joinging their party. Vespin was a man who prided himself on leaving a good first impression, or at least trying. With a daichon around, it seemed that would not be a simple feat. And the word snitch? He felt almost insulted. "I'll have you know I'm not a snitch. That sort of thing in my line of work would have me lying in a gutter before the sun could even set," he commented immediately, without giving his mouth a single moment to rethink itself. Hopefully that didn't offend. "I am Vespin Lamplight. And yes, I am a hustler, con-artist, a vagabond to some, and an illusionary artist." Maybe it wasn't his usual introduction, but he made sure it came out with as much grandiose as he could manage.
  12. Tannin narrowed his eyes again. Not ready yet? Precisely what preparations needed to be made for this Esben? He watched her scurry away and decided he'd go find that Vynessa girl. His feet moved at a quicker pace than usual through the upper floor, glancing around. The dark energy didn't feel quite as heavy up here, so he was able to breathe a little more easily. Unfortunately, that meant whatever he was seeking was not up here. No surprise, but still rather bothersome. When he arrived at what he assumed to be the North Wing, he started poking his head into each room. There were bedrooms and sitting rooms and even a prayer room, the last of which he imagined went unused after Manah's occupation. Vynessa was in one of the bedrooms, carefully making a bed with fine-looking linen sheets. He grinned, glad that she hadn't gone to another wing while he'd been talking with Manah. "Pardon, I hope I'm not intruding. I was just speaking with Manah, and we thought it might be a good idea for me to help around a little," he told her. He held a smirk on his face, hoping she might believe his fib if he played it smoothly enough. "I haven't any idea of what I should be doing, so I was wondering if you'd want me to help you out?" He felt a shiver up his spine as he stood there. Whispers in the old tongue were pervading his ears, half-drowned by the buzzing they were causing in his ears. It seemed he was more receptive to the ancient speak, though it only caused an old voice to reply to them in turn. His eyes glanced out of a window for a moment, hoping it would clear his head. Tannin hadn't gotten a glimpse of the outdoors in a little while and a part of him yearned for it. There was a man outside that he recognized vaguely. The man who'd saved him? What was he still doing in Lyonesse? He wanted to call to him, but he knew it would attract attention. He needed to find the source of the darkness, and he needed to do so without anyone noticing immediately. "I recall Manah saying that the basement would need to be tidied up, so maybe we ought to go down there? I mean, unless you want the two of us to stay up here." He gave her an eager smile, hoping that, plus his comment, would keep her from noticing that he'd been staring at the man outside. Though, admittedly, he hoped she'd fall for the first bit, because it was seeming ever more likely that the source was hidden in the basement.
  13. Vespin hurried along behind Dolcevita. She moved a lot more quickly than he'd initially expected, though he didn't know why he had expected something else. From a glance, these were creatures built of lean muscle. He was athletic, which he had to be to get away with half the things he did, but probably not nearly so as they. "I've been known to be quite helpful when my assistance was needed," he responded quickly. Better to get out his first thought than linger on any precise wording. "I can prove to be quite skilled and quick-witted when my services need to be rendered." He chewed a little on the inside of his lip. He sounded like a salesman right there, or at least to himself he did. It was a force of habit, and hopefully wouldn't come off the wrong way. People tended to avoid salesmen if they weren't selling anything. And some even if they were selling something. He shrugged it off, as there was no use over thinking it. It didn't matter too much if they weren't fond of him, so long as that didn't lead to them shredding him, drowning him, bleaching him, cremating him, and evaporating him. Along with anything else they decided to tack onto it. He saw the flash of red hair in his periphery before he saw anything else. The smell of ripe fruit and sandalwood wafted from her aura and he smiled a bit. It was nice that everyone around him smelled so pleasant for once. His head quickly turned to her and saw the invitation she held out in her hand, then saw the shimmering outfit she wore. It reminded him of something he saw distantly in the forest ages ago during his travels. His head swiveled more to see how Benaires would respond to her. Part of him hoped it would be positively; it would do Vespin well to not be the only one accompanying him.
  14. Tannin paused for a moment, debating on what he should do. What real information would he get if he sought out that Vynessa girl immediately? There was the ever present possibility that whatever he was looking for was in the South Wing, although it was just as likely to not be there as well. Well, statistically speaking, there was actually less of a chance of it being there than not, but the idea that he wouldn't look and it would be there annoyed him. As he mused on that, he heard Manah speak again. She didn't speak the name, but she knew the 'he' she was referring to. Obviously she'd heard the whisper too. He wondered what went through her mind at the thought of Esben. Was there any fury deep down inside? Deep down in the part that was still Manah? "Who knows for sure? It sounds to be more of a rumor than a fact, but we will see. I might relish getting to look at him again," he told her with a grin. That wasn't a complete lie; he would very much enjoy seeing Esben with his sword through his chest again. The whispers hissed at him, causing a loud buzz in his ears that almost made him wince in pain. Manah seemed curious right now, watching him. It didn't please him very much, as he feared she might try to follow him if he continued going about on his own. Maybe if he followed Vynessa as she worked? Surely she wouldn't be bothered if he continued with this Vynessa ruse. And if the girl worked around the temple, then she'd have access to all sorts of places Tannin didn't know. "I can get to the North Wing from here, can't I? I believe there's a large connecting room up here, isn't there?"
  15. He narrowed his eyes. Manah was becoming a little pushy about this Vynessa girl. He wasn't fond of it. Maybe she'd figured out that he'd been hoping to use this girl to solve this riddle. Either way, it was slightly disconcerting. He had every intention of trying to get the girl out of the temple, but he didn't know whether the darkness was going to affect her while she was outside. "I was only meaning to ask if you minded my looking around. But, you seem to have answered my question already," he tried to give a smile, but it felt disingenuous. "Where am I at the moment? North Wing? South?" Honestly, he wasn't too concerned about where he was. He'd search the whole temple if he must to find the source of the darkness. The whispers still buzzed in his ears and he felt a slight cough trying to eek out. They'd gotten louder, or maybe he wasn't resisting them as much. He held back the cough and climbed the steps. No matter what she said, he would be upstairs anyways. His eyes peeked down a hallway as he waited for her reply. A few servants skittered by, and he heard one of them say the name Esben in a hushed tone Maybe it was a servant, or one of the temple's ambient whispers. Had he already come back to Yral? If he did, he'd meet Tannin's blade again. If he was going to speak with that Vynessa girl again, he knew the topic he'd be bringing up. Might as well take the bait while he plotted a trap in return.
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