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  1. Darling König

    Justicar Redeemed: Emerald Butterfly Down OOC

    Good news gang our Friendly Forest Battling Generalissimo has decided to continue and stay with us on this thread. Three Shouts for @Die Shize and Certos!
  2. Darling König

    Justicar Redeemed: Emerald Butterfly Down OOC

    So I just spoke with Die and they will come to a decision as to how they want to proceed in this thread. So I'll check in with Die on my Saturday Shift.
  3. Darling König

    Justicar Redeemed: Emerald Butterfly Down OOC

    An excellent question. I may simply DM Die and see what they want to do. I completely understand and I may reopen Die's slot should Die wants to Exit the Stage to focus on their Business.
  4. So I was rewatching Final Fantasy XV Kingsglaive....and now I have two Kingsglaives in my roster in the Justicar Landinng. Welcome Cael'thas Argentum and Solina Amicia.

  5. Richter and nodded as he waved farewell to his comrade. He looked towards Amelia who arched her eyebrow at him. She crossed her arms over her chest as she said "I still haven't forgiven you. You can sleep on your own bed tonight." Richter shook his head as he got up, He was glad he had planned ahead for this possibility. He heard Amelia rising behind him and followed him up the stairwell to their Bedroom. Richter yawned softly as he was exhausted from their trek to Blairville and their search in the City for clues. Richter undid his tie and vest. He tossed the articles onto the floor by the foot of his bed. He unbuttoned his white oxford shirt as he jumped into his bed. he closed his eyes as he said 'Good Night Amelia. Don't let the bed bugs bite." Amelia simply grumbled her good nights and clambered into her bed. She silently glared at Richter as she watched the Sylvari falls asleep peacefully. She wished she could forget about their argument. But this time it was different. She had meant every word of it. But she noticed something in Richter she hadn't noticed before. Fear, what was he so afraid of? She eventually passed out, in the dead of the night their door silently swung open. Richter's eyes flicked open as it had been nearly fours since he went to sleep. He saw a shadow creep across the dim hall light. He silently flexed his mailed fist, he didn't know who was s invading his room at night but he was certain he would make them regret their decision should they be a foe. The Shadow slithered forth towards his bed. He closed his eye closest to the side the Shadow approached. He felt a hand covering his mouth. His hand snapped up and grabbed at the figure looming over him. He felt a handful of cloth get captured in his gauntlet. He sat up while shoving back on his opponent. the Shadow stumbled back as he barked a Arcane command. A wisp of brilliant light illuminated in the palm of his unarmored hand. On the floor was was a lad in a Hooded robe, he had shaggy, Ashen hair, Peaked ears, Serpent slit Pupils, and wore glasses. Amelia shot up in surprise from the sound of the Boy getting tossed back onto the floor and the flash of light from Richter's hand. The Lad shot up silently and dashed for the door. Amelia groggy with just waking up suddenly but she had enough wherewithal to try and tackle the fleeing boy. She slammed him into the Wall by the door. He grunted and turned on her, Though Amelia was only three inches shorter than the Lad he had strength belied his thin build. He slammed both his palms into her shoulders catapulting her backwards and he turned to flee out of the bedroom. Richter turned and opened up the window of their room. He threw himself outside. He tucked into a ball and rolled as he slammed into the ground. He growled as the shock rocked his frame. He sprang up as he spotted the Hooded boy running down the road towards the river-ways. Richter sprang up and gave chase. He sprinted headlong at the boy but slid to a stop as he heard the crack of gunshot. He pivoted on the ball of his feet and snapped his Cestus wearing arm up. There was a loud ringing noise and he felt the shock of of impact as he deflected a bullet off the metal plating of his Cestus. On a roof of a building across the river-way was a Crimson haired person. He saw a long rifle in their hands. Richter cursed as he swiftly traced runes around him racing against the reloading marksman. As he finished his Ward the second shot echoed out directly at him. But instead of hitting him head on the bullet disappeared and came from the shadows in a Alley adjacent to him. His ward blocked the shot but he glared at the marksman. The Boy had hopped the rail and escaped to the River-Way. He growled before slowly walking away as the marksman rose while still aiming their weapon at the Richter. Finally they turned began hopping between roofttops.
  6. Darling König

    Family First - A Valucre Announcement

    As I always say, real life is first. The Justicar will always be waiting for the return of the (in)Famous Generalissimo Certos. Here's to the Best for you and your family.
  7. Darling König

    The Dark Horse, A Steampunk Adventure

    Reinhardt nodded as he was informed it would only be so much further. He was silently grateful to be finally getting off the bike, he would have to make sure the next model he made was more better cushioned for longer range cruising. He mused over Rin's sentiments, It was good she was prone to predisposed prejudices of others. As they came to a halt he heard her warning as they dismounted the Steambike after he powered it down. He snorted derisively before saying "I am a man of Noble birth. I won't let some ruffian distress me.. But I won't let him to harm myself you. So I can't promise I won't end up throwing a person across the Trail should he threaten our well being." He readjusted to conceal his Steam Revolver. He began to walk the Trail and silently taken in the environment.
  8. That feeling when the Company IT pushes out a boatload of Updates and crashes 90% of your tools at work. 

    +F my Job

  9. Another Character arrives to the Justicar's Landing. Welcome to Kiku Kurogane! the Au Ra Pimpette and Magitech Thief. 

  10. Darling König

    Justicar Redeemed: Emerald Butterfly Down OOC

    Oh Jaistlyn, you are giving me the best early Birthday present ever. XD Though I'll have to write up a story for his induction into the the Justicar. Also I forgot to mention, Richter is a heart breaker. So +f for Cadence's mum. Luckily he has Amelia to keep him in check.
  11. Darling König

    Justicar Redeemed: Emerald Butterfly Down OOC

    Now the question is how do I sedu....I mean convince Good Boi Cadence to Join the Justicar XD I need an Innocent boi like Cadence Hanging around. No one would suspect my Vessel if he was on Board. It's not that I enjoying Corrupting, Young and Impressionable youths. That is MOST Definitely not my reasoning. Nope, Nuh Uh... I don't think @jaistlyn Is going to buy it XD
  12. Darling König

    Justicar Redeemed: Emerald Butterfly Down OOC

    AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnndddddddddddddddddd posted!
  13. Darling König

    Justicar Redeemed: Emerald Butterfly Down

    Richter turned to Manah and clasped her shoulder as he said "We should be able to leave tonight or tomorrow morning. Unless our guests here need a Rest from their trek in finding us?" He raised an appraising eyebrow to Cadence and Certos. His questioning gaze was replaced by a relieved smile by the Exuberant words of Cadence. His eagerness was infectious and the Sylvari suspected there was a slight yearning for more than being a Freighter pilot. He walked over to Cadence and placed his hand on the head of Cadence as he said "You will have Koltira, my Loyal Spymaster and Red Mage, as your Communication officer. The Rest of the Team will be on the Ground. We must find this supposed beast. Kill it and then we can safely transport the needed materials to the Justicar." Amelia watched Richter and he explained his intent and was relieved she wasn't going to be stuck on an Airship with a Hume-child...but then again she would be stuck on the ground with that womanizing fool Certos...perhaps she had drawn the short straw between herself and Koltira. But if Richter intended to hunt this Beast he would need a Shield more than Koltira's magic. She smiled at Cadence politely as she said "You are in good hand Hume-Captain, Koltira may be an unbearable stiff. But his magic is second only to My Captain~." she gently nuzzled Richter's shoulder bringing a slight blush to Richter's cheek as he cleared his throat. Koltira hopped down from his seat on a barrel and walked over to Cadence as he bowed to him with a sweep of his hand that removed his wide brimmed hat. He rose and replaced his hat as he said "Koltira Amakiir, Red mage formerly of the Red Mage Inquisitorial Squad Leviathan of the Dalmian Empire, Current Spymaster of the Justicar of Genesaris. It is my deepest pleasure to work with you Captain." Koltira wore a friendly smile as he continued "And don't worry. Not everyone of Captain König's crew is a Human hater. That would only be Lady Beaumont. But she has her reasons. So just bear with her." Amelia's face scrunched up and a fox like growl emitted from her lips as she stared daggers at the Red mage. The Red mage smirked as he turned and joined Cadence's side. Amelia's growling was interrupted by the explosive outburst from Certos making her arch her eyebrow. The strange and infuriating Hume was offering her a strange colored stick. She huffed and looked away ignoring his offer. Richter was watching Amelia and Certos. The Man's pledge of his weapons reassuring but his offer of these Crayons, were strange. He politely held up his hand and said "Thank you for the offer Certos. But I will respectfully decline." He turned back to the Map as he said "Before we leave ensure your packs are ready. Stop by the Galley and get some Dried meats and fruits for the trek. Other than that you all are dismissed." Richter slapped the table energetically, it was the first time in Thirteen days he felt hope and most likely his crew would sense it too.
  14. Darling König

    Justicar Redeemed: Emerald Butterfly Down OOC

    My entire last week was a mighty blaze in the call center. But I will get a post up ASAP.
  15. Darling König

    Recruiting: Raid on the Iron Queen

    Don't worry Chief. I'll cameo with Reinhardt. It's all part of my Plans Within Plans That Already Have a Plan Inside of That Plans Plan of Plans built on the Schemes I've made in the dark Corridors of a hidden base. With A lever to a Moat with Alligators that somehow my Henchmen always pulls whenever I'm next to them to slide into my Secret Laboratory.