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  1. Koltira easily evaded the flying striking bag as he said, "Well I'll just have to get someone to put that thing back up." He continued with Cadence onto the Lad's airship. He stood there watching the Youth going through his preflight check. It was completely different from the Justiciar's process. The Justiciar was powered by magicians and had very few mechanical parts. but Cadence's airship required many more mechanical parts and had to be checked to ensure optimal flight. As the Vessel took off he pulled out his communication stone as he said, "Hold steady Young Master." Koltira relayed Cadence's question down below. Richter heard the question and said, "I'll be sending routine magic flares. It'll make it easier for Cadence to track us. But for now we make for the Northwest." Richter reviewed his crew and nodded. Himself, Manah, Amelia and the ever elusive Certos were adequate enough for the ground crew. He stalked out from the Fortified camp and into the Thick forest.
  2. Amelia paid the the Innkeeper and turned to join her peers in running out of the Tavern. This had become such an obnoxious reoccurring theme since they had come to Blairville. The Shield Knight wasn't used to fleeing from danger she had always faced it head on when it came and time and time again it had saved her and her peers. But this was different those who they were trying to help were the very same people attacking them. The Trio wove between the Alleyways. Koltira was continuously chanting and using his magic to mask their flight and disguise their Manas. Richter let out a long sigh as they ran, he said, "Okay this can't carry on. I know we barely know what or who we're going up against but it looks like before we can finish this job we need to take care of these Guests of ours. After tonight we will hunt instead of being hunted." Koltira chuckled as he said, "I was wondering when you'd get tired of this charade." amelia piped up, "Seriously! I'm tired of running! We can easily take on whoever these two are even with their Gypsy friends! Let's claw back gang!"
  3. UGH gang Im sorry this week has been hectic and im going on a 4day weekend. Next week I promise. ❤️
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  5. Koltira rushed down the streets, turning and weaving between the main streets and side alleyways. He knew once he got a certain distance away his frozen barrier would collapse and would allow his assailants to pursue him. He would need to get to the tavern before the mob caught up. Whoever was behind this confrontation really didn't wish the trio to make further progress. First the attempted midnight assassination and now an open confrontation on Koltira's way back to the Tavern. Whoever was interfering with their Investigation was surely showcasing that they were always two steps ahead of the Sky Pirates. Koltira slammed through the tavern entrance, sure enough Richter and Amelia were sitting at a booth waiting for him. The Usually unflappable Sylvari's face was flushed and his chest was rapidly rising and falling as he called out, "We must depart. Our foes have found us and is certainly sending their forces to this location to drive us out again!" Amelia arched her eyebrow as she asked, "Koltira, what are you on about?" Richter rose as he made his way to his Spymaster's side asking, "I agree with Amelia. What's the matter?" Koltira looked at His Captain and said, "The Marksman from before. She confronted me. But instead of openly striking me she called on a mob of Paupers. They must be following us." Richter sighed as he said, "Amelia! time to move out. Pay the Good Keeper and let's be on our way!" Amelia growled saying, "I'm so over us constantly moving places!" She got out of her seat and made her way to the Innkeeper..
  6. Done! Was bit long winded but I was trying to fit quiet a bit in a condensed fashion. I feel good with this post. Cheers gang!
  7. The Evening came Quicker than Reinhardt recalled it did. But he wasn't complaining, he was very eager for the Moonlit festivities to commence. He had been watching the Ships' arrivals with keen interest and saw the Moon rising as the Smugglers began unloading their illicit gains. He commandeered his row boat and began making his way out. he would leave his Breadcrumbs back to the waters nearest to the Iron Queen but out of her eyes. He made it half way to the Red Venom. There he threw down a makeshift anchor and climbed out of the boat and gracefully leapt into the water. He submerged himself beneath the waves, ahhh the benefits of being, as the Folks back in France called him, The Living Dead. Rather the Contradiction and Oxymoron. How could one be both alive and dead at the same time. Humans...he'll never understand them. he had many bandoleers of Remote explosives that he would tether to the Hull of the Red Venom. Once he was one lacing the Unwitting victim with his midnight special he breached the Surface with a loud gasp imitating as if he had been desperately longing for the fresh air. He had a metal cylinder that very well could've been a O2 re-breather of his own design. He looked up to see several firearms angled at him as he said, "Wooooaaahhh. Hold there friends. I din't know where I'm at or what's going on. I'm just an Inventor trying out my new Oxygen breathing tool. I got caught up swimming around earlier this evening and I guess I ran into you lot. Can we talk this out? I mean you lot no harm. Not like I could harm you all." He was hoisted out of the waters and was held and blade and gun point. He smiled nervously, even if they all stabbed him and shot him at the same time they wouldn't have killed him. This is what scared the people from his home Realm. He couldn't be killed like them and he didn't die of old age like them. He strung them along with a outlandish tale of his invention work and how it led him to creating a re breather, one he honestly didn't need, to go deep water diving. Reinhardt noted that the men were getting less and less interested in his tale. he chuckled sheepishly as he said, "I guess I couldn't keep the wool pulled over your eyes forever. You're a clever lot for a bunch of Smugglers." He suddenly spun in place using only the edges of his nails to slash the throats of the nearby Smugglers. Before they could react he leapt backwards. he pulled out a waterproof trigger. He clicked the detonator button as soon as he landed on his first breadcrumb. a larger upheaval of water launched up from beneath the Red Venom. The Smuggler's Gunship had it's underbelly literally blown out from underneath it. His explosives providing the Sufficient firepower to efficiently dispatch the Smuggler's Gunship. The Survivors of the gunship launched a flare serving as a Distress signal to the Smuggler vessel and as the Signal for the Ground Crew of the Assault on the Iron Queen. he began leap frogging between his bread crumbs. Back on the Shore Reinhardt's assailants had been waiting in their sniper's nest. The Flare serving as their point of reference for their prey and their limited window to take their shot to pick up their mark. The Flaming haired female smiled as she said, "I see him Thirteen. Time to prove ourselves to the Captain~" She had activated her magical sight and locked onto Reinhardt. She blew a kiss as she said, "die for me Blood drinker~" There was a single crack of her rifle and her magically enchanted bullet launched out at her target. Reinhardt saw the bullet before he heard it. but the speed it was travelling at him against his own rate of speed to try and get back to the Iron Queen before a bloodbath ensued was too quick. He barely twisted his torso enough so the bullet struck his shoulder instead of his heart. Shit, whoever gunning after him knew where to hit him to make it hurt. He growled as he spun in the air and crashed into the water. The Flaming hair woman clicked her tongue in annoyance. She said, "Damn Vampires are so fast. I know I didn't kill him. But I missed our single shot. Now we have to go back to the Captain empty-handed. Sorry Thirteen." The Man waved his hands in odd signals and the Woman smiled saying, "You're too sweet Thirteen." The duo disappeared into the Night as Reinhardt breached the surface gasping in agony. Fucking hell this would slow him down. But at least he made good time and distance before he ate the bullet. He swam the rest of the way to his boat and recovered his sword and gun. he would be a tad sluggish still would be more than enough for these Damned smugglers. He began rowing rapidly towards the Iron Queen desperate to protect the Fishermen.
  8. Im already signed out for the day. I'll post on saturday.
  9. There was a clacking of High heels behind Koltira making the Red Mage's hand twitch towards his sabre. He looked behind him. A woman in a hood was trailing him several paces behind him. There was no one about. But he could feel countless eyes on him. He stopped walking knowing if he did he would reveal where his Captain and Comrades were bunking at. He said, "My Name is Koltira Amakiir, Lieutenant Commander of the Sky Pirate Vessel The Justicar, Declare your business with me Madame." The woman paused and smiled under her hood. She had a soft musical voice as she said, "The Justiciar huh? Well at least i have a name of the crew I'm hunting." Koltira's hand gripped his sabre as he said, "So it's as I suspected. Someone or some people don't wish for our intervention to succeed." He drew his blade as he said, "Then I guess I'll have to take you in for Interrogation." The woman said, "No thanks on the dinner invite. I already got a beau. But I got some friends who'll keep you busy tonight Mister Amakiir." Out of the shadows a small mob of bodies pooled out. Koltira cursed as he suspected these were some gypsies working for this woman to slow down their Investigation. He quickly inctanted a Ice spell and formed into the shape of a wall. It blocked the rushing mob of Gypsies and gave Koltira the room he needed to retreat back to the Inn and warn the others about the new development.
  10. Amelia raised her eyebrow at Cadence's words. She quipped politely, "You think this sweet? I'm simply claiming what's mine. Isn't that right Richter~" She leaned her head back and kissed his chin while wiggling her rump in his lap. Richter chuckled and gently cupped her hips as he reprimanded her, "Now Amelia. Behave yourself in front of the guests. No need to be so showy about it." She puffed her cheeks as she said, "Whatever Captain." Richter kissed the top of her head and began spooning them soup. First to her. Then to himself. Before long they finished their meal. He saw the eager youth waiting at the doorway heading out. Koltira faithfully by his side. Richter and Amelia joined him walking toward the rope system to lead them to the forest floor. He said, "Koltira will be your Mouth and ears to the ground team. He has a communication device directly to me. So you will know where to fly as we traverse the forest floor."
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