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  1. Darling König

    Recruiting: Raid on the Iron Queen

    Welcome to the madness that is I, Darling König, but fear not all will make sense in due time.
  2. Darling König

    Justicar Redeemed: Emerald Butterfly Down OOC

    Perhaps the Flirty Princess may need to visit the Orisia. Such Colorful comrades are always welcome on this ship. XD
  3. Darling König

    Justicar Redeemed: Emerald Butterfly Down OOC

    Serenity had me choked up at the end. Such a great movie. I really want to make a Story line that for the Justicar.
  4. Darling König

    Justicar Redeemed: Emerald Butterfly Down OOC

    This is actually the Justicar's Graduation Song. I really miss a good Space western.
  5. Darling König

    Recruiting: Raid on the Iron Queen

    How dare you, I am offended by your attention to detail. The nerve. XD
  6. Darling König

    Justicar Redeemed: Emerald Butterfly Down OOC

    I wholeheartedly Agree. Richter is a patient man by nature. But something about Certos just makes him cringe and die slightly inside every time they meet. But he can't disrespect the overly formal and noble Generalissimo. Though if left up to Amelia she might actually ram her Kite shield up where the Sun doesn't shine XD
  7. Darling König

    Justicar Redeemed: Emerald Butterfly Down OOC

    I find Certos an infuriatingly fascinating Character. I enjoy working with him even though He Vexes Amelia, and Richter politely suffers his existence. I genuinely believe Koltira is the only one who stands him. But I can't deny the fact Certos certainly mixes thing up in a party.
  8. Darling König

    Recruiting: Raid on the Iron Queen

    XD I'm trying to give you wiggle room Shize. Please Wiggle. :3
  9. Darling König

    Recruiting: Raid on the Iron Queen

    Tis all god Shize. Life occurs and we must adapt to it.
  10. Darling König

    The Dark Horse, A Steampunk Adventure

    Reinhardt nodded as he answered her back "I've been learning that with every year with each new city and kingdom I visit. It seems for the most part this Realm is nothing alike to my Realm. In my realm by now a Local Hunter's clan would've at least attempted to drive me away from the Lands. There is no doubt Religious Zealots as I've seen but none of them are overtly concerned about a single Wandering Dhampir. Perhaps I can be a bit more open at least of what I am...if not about where I'm from...." He fell silent for several minutes before asking "How much further until we arrive to these trails?" He wasn't complaining about riding with Rin but he hadn't ridden for any length of time and his legs were slightly chafing.
  11. Darling König

    Recruiting: Raid on the Iron Queen

    As a Wise Man once asked "Explosions?!" I shall make Mister Torgue proud.
  12. Darling König

    [Silver Harbor] Iron Queen

    Reinhardt watched as the remaining members arrived and Tana's words brought a slight smile to the Dhampir's lips. Humans never fail to disappoint and impress him. Tana's actions were a reflection of countless others that thought the same thing. As he would say, If they didn't want to kill him. They would want to bed him. Nevertheless he had came here for Avarice and the Job. Perhaps there would be time later after they put these dastardly Smugglers to bed into Davy Jones' locker he could mingle. He saw the tension in Avarice's body as he spoke. He had lived long enough to know when a man was lying. And Avarice...well he wasn't saying everything about his plan. But it couldn't be worse than what His Fellow Marquises of Murder schemed back in Paris. He listened to the end goals and the complications. He reached into his jacket and pulled out a trinket. He placed it on the table he said "I think I have a plan for the Red Venom and it can serve as a signal for the Assault on the Main vessel. You see I'm an inventor of sorts of Myriad Items. This lovely little toy is a personal favorite of mine. Steam powered Explosives. As I don't actually need to breathe and I'm a rather adept swimmer. I could approach the Red Venom. Strap enough of these little guys onto the belly of the Red Venom and remotely detonate them. Once the belly of the beast is ripped open it'll take no time for her to Sink to Davy Jones' Locker. I can swim and join you lot on the Iron Queen later." Reinhardt knew that none of the others were truly equipped to take on a the Red Venom single-handedly, nor could such a small team spare enough people to properly trounce the Gunship. But with the power of Explosions, they wouldn't need to. He looked at the Gathered faces as he asked "Any opposition to my plan? "
  13. Darling König

    Recruiting: Raid on the Iron Queen

    Sounds solid Chief.
  14. Richter and Amelia turned and headed towards the riverways. Though everyone was exhausted from their foot trek to Blairvile they had to at least get some groundwork built up into their Investigation. The Couple hailed a boat and asked about when the Local gypsy merchants would normally come upstream to trade. Meanwhile Koltira talked the streets to eventually find his way int he Bazaar. The entire time he felt like somebody had been following him. Given the delicate nature of their work he wouldn't be surprised if there were third parties that would want their Negotiations between the gypsies and the Citizens of Blairville to fall through. He had to keep his wits about him. And the petty romantic squabbling of the other two weren't helping. The Red mage tucked his hair behind his peaked ear as he located the Bazaar, the moon was ascendant and the Night lamps began to illuminate the streets. If there wasn't a palpable aura of tension hanging about the city it would be almost romantic. He marked out the path he took on a map for his record keeping. It would certainly be easier if he just bought a map. But for him this was relaxing his mind. Tomorrow he would comeback here and begin combing the area for clues as to why the people were suspicious of the Gypsies. What could these people be doing to invoke their fear and anger? Richter and Amelia simply sat in their boat and watched the Sun fade and give way to her nocturnal sibling. Richter silently reached across and laced his fingers with Amelia's The Kitsune looked down at Richter's hand and sighed. She really should let it be. But how could she? Given all things that had happened in Primum Mundus and now on Valucre? She knew they would eventually find closure. But why couldn't it be sooner? She sighed once more before leaning into Richter's side. The Sylvari smiled as he shook his head. Yes they quarreled and it was infuriating for everyone. But he was glad to have her by his side and she never failed him. This was just one more trial for them to overcome. And they'll make money while sorting their relationship out. A Win-Win in his mind.