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  1. There was a clacking of High heels behind Koltira making the Red Mage's hand twitch towards his sabre. He looked behind him. A woman in a hood was trailing him several paces behind him. There was no one about. But he could feel countless eyes on him. He stopped walking knowing if he did he would reveal where his Captain and Comrades were bunking at. He said, "My Name is Koltira Amakiir, Lieutenant Commander of the Sky Pirate Vessel The Justicar, Declare your business with me Madame." The woman paused and smiled under her hood. She had a soft musical voice as she said, "The Justiciar huh? Well at least i have a name of the crew I'm hunting." Koltira's hand gripped his sabre as he said, "So it's as I suspected. Someone or some people don't wish for our intervention to succeed." He drew his blade as he said, "Then I guess I'll have to take you in for Interrogation." The woman said, "No thanks on the dinner invite. I already got a beau. But I got some friends who'll keep you busy tonight Mister Amakiir." Out of the shadows a small mob of bodies pooled out. Koltira cursed as he suspected these were some gypsies working for this woman to slow down their Investigation. He quickly inctanted a Ice spell and formed into the shape of a wall. It blocked the rushing mob of Gypsies and gave Koltira the room he needed to retreat back to the Inn and warn the others about the new development.
  2. Amelia raised her eyebrow at Cadence's words. She quipped politely, "You think this sweet? I'm simply claiming what's mine. Isn't that right Richter~" She leaned her head back and kissed his chin while wiggling her rump in his lap. Richter chuckled and gently cupped her hips as he reprimanded her, "Now Amelia. Behave yourself in front of the guests. No need to be so showy about it." She puffed her cheeks as she said, "Whatever Captain." Richter kissed the top of her head and began spooning them soup. First to her. Then to himself. Before long they finished their meal. He saw the eager youth waiting at the doorway heading out. Koltira faithfully by his side. Richter and Amelia joined him walking toward the rope system to lead them to the forest floor. He said, "Koltira will be your Mouth and ears to the ground team. He has a communication device directly to me. So you will know where to fly as we traverse the forest floor."
  3. I am floating between here and the aether. I'm still here. Roll call? @Die Shize, @Rin, @jaistlyn
  4. Reinhardt had come up with some last minute ideas for his ambush for the Red Venom. If it was to be dark outside when his explosions would bury the saucy lass into the briny deep he would need guides back to the dock. Since time of the essence he would need to make a path of hasty egress available. Much like the Tale of Hansel and Gretel Reinhardt had devised a series of "Bread crumbs" for him to use to trace back his way to the dock and act as spring points for him to leap to and fro on his way back. He would have to lay them out as he went towards the Red Venom. Meanwhile he had to make a convincing tale as to why a lone soul was so close to a Smuggler's Gunship. So he designed a Re-breather unit that a swimmer could use to recycle the water in the Ocean with the Exhalation of their breath. He would weave a tale of him swimming all the way from the port of Silver Port and distract them as the Bombs he would've tie to the hull of the Ship had time to settle properly to maximize the explosive force the depth charge would unleash. As the Inventor wrapped up his inventions a pair of cloaked strangers rolled into town. One carried a Lute on their back and a long rifle. While the other carried only a book and blade. The gunner looked at their partner. The Book bearer flashed a swift sequence of gestures and the other person nodded knowingly. They had strict orders for tonight. Their prey would be frolicking on the ocean blue and while he was away from the shore the two would reap their mark. The Two swiftly melted into the shadows to find good positions to set up their Sniper's nest. Reinhardt came out of his his shop singing jovially in German, He swayed from side to side with a jaunty saunter as he sang, "Heute wollen wir marschier'n, einen neuen Marsch probier'n. In den schönen Westerwald, ja da pfeift der Wind so kalt. In den schönen Westerwald, ja da pfeift der Wind so kalt. O du schöner Westerwald, über deine Höhen pfeift der Wind so kalt, jedoch der kleinste Sonnenschein dringt tief in's Herz hinein." (Translated: https://lyricstranslate.com/en/westerwaldlied-westerwald-song.html "Today we want to march To try out a new march (In the lovely Westerwald Yes, there the wind whistles so cold)x2 *Oh, you lovely Westerwald Over your heights the wind whistles so cold However, the smallest sunshine Thrusts deep into the heart"
  5. The explosions I assure you good sir will be in Reinhardt's trousers as he plays these filthy Smugglers like the Used Kazoos they are.
  6. Okay thanks. I'll be posting on Saturday. But the Red Venom is in for a rude awakening. Also since Reinhardt proposed to use the Red Venom as the signal for the attack could I make my post rather long winded and theatrical?
  7. Okay thanks for the interest re-check gang. I know Die has things going on. I think next week would be more than enough time of waiting on them before skipping.
  8. The three Sky Pirates once again retire to their rooms, The remainder passes without incident, Richter wakes up with a loud yawn and a warmth on his side. Amelia had crawled into his bed and cuddled against his side as they slept. He shook her awake and the Kitsune groggily woke up with one of the worst case of bed head he had seen in months. They washed up together and enjoyed the privacy to it's fullest and went downstairs after spending a solid hour in the shower together. Koltira was sitting there with a bemused grin as he saw Amelia in high spirits and a satisfied smirk on his lips. Yes their world was back to normal again. They discussed the plan for the day and split up to hound down more clues. The trio would spend the next two weeks hounding for leads and coming up with nothing. It was as if the city was conspiring against them to ensure they didn't catch on. Koltira was walking back to the new Tavern they took residence in this week. It was late at night and the spymaster was looking over his shoulder frequently. His paranoia was at an all time high since the ambush in the tavern on Richter. They hadn't seen the assailants since then. But he was certain they were watching the trio. He wouldn't let them get the drop on him.
  9. So I posted for @Rin since they okayed the skip. The post order will resume properly with @Die Shize
  10. Richter watched Manah taking a seat with Koltira with a plate full of food to restore her waning strength. She had been faithful in her vigil over the Crew and Richter would have to properly compensate her after they make it back to port. Amelia watched Certos with deep reservations as the peculiar man joined Cadence as well in the galley. She huffed softly to herself, "I was so relieved when he disappeared when we were taking on new recruits. But the Gods above must hate me to make him come back." She shrugged as she settled in Richter's lap territorial fashion. She leaned back into him as she closed her eyes savoring the warmth.
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