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  1. I swear every time I say when my Job is on fire everyone takes me literally. Is that not a common turn of phrase?
  2. Reinhardt would pull alongside the Iron Maiden, he could hear the clash of steel on steel and screams of the crewmen. He was grateful whoever had shot him had made sure their shot was strong enough to go through him completely. His Vampiric regeneration had sealed his wounds and he leapt aboard the vessel. He saw the bedlam around him. The Fisherman were battling with Roht to gain a foothold while Tana danced a Steel laced Waltz. He smiled as he drew out his Steampowered pistol and angled it towards the Secretive woman. He pulled the trigger twice and killed two cutthroats that sought to flank her. He drew his blade yelling, "Fear not Comrade Roht! I have arrived!" He rushed into the fray slashing and firing his pistol off as he aimed to mitigate the loss of Civilian lives.
  3. The feeling when you were about to put your finishing touches on your post and the entire day your job is on fire. -_-
  4. @AngryCactiThanks for the check in. Im slowly building my Post. Things at work got complicated. My Virtual machine I usually work off went off line, and just haven't had a chance to finish my Post. Im so sorry for holding you guys up
  5. Koltira smiled at the young Human as he said, "As you Wish Young Master. It's a habit I have from before I met the Captain to call those I work under Younger Master or Mistress. But It'll be Cadence from now on. As for how long I've served on the Justiciar. It's been years since I signed on. But I've fought with the Good Captain for a few years prior to him acquiring the Justiciar. I've seen the command staff come and go. Even no command staff have left and been replaced. But the Captain remains the same. As for the Adventures I've had I've had a few. One such the Captain, Lady Amelia and the Captain worked with a group of Mercenaries to defend a Kingdom from a Dragon. Twas a Mighty battle. And if I may be bold to say even in the everyday life there are a myriad of Dangers you face. Especially as a Freighter Pilot. Especially on such a small but nimble Airship. Sky Corsairs plunder innocent traders and Freighters all too frequently. One of the Justiciar's primary function is an Escort for Vessel like yours. One shouldn't be afraid to follow their dreams. That is something the Captain tells us constantly." The Ground team cut their way Northwest, the Steady hum of Cadence's Airship never too far away as Amelia fired off the flares guiding Cadence and Koltira forth. They would Trek until sundown. Richter would motion for the ground crew to halt and said, "Let's make a camp here and clear an area for Cadence's Airship to land." Richter began tracing runes on the ground to create a Protective ward around their Camping Grounds. Amelia began to set out to knock down some trees for a landing zone for Cadence and Koltira
  6. Ugh sorry for the wait everyone. Im trying to catch up with all my Posts
  7. Love the scenes but Ive been buried. Ill post as soon as I can!
  8. The Trio would weave the alleyways until they found the best place to hold their ground. It was on actually an Alleyway, Richter was in the Center with Amelia in front of him blocking the entrance and Koltira bring up the rear so he could guard Richter's rear and harass anyone who came through and hammering them with a salvo of magic. Richter knelt down and began tracing runes into the ground in preparation of their on coming guests. The trio looked at their avenues expectantly for the arrival for their foes. Several minutes pass and nothing came.
  9. Koltira easily evaded the flying striking bag as he said, "Well I'll just have to get someone to put that thing back up." He continued with Cadence onto the Lad's airship. He stood there watching the Youth going through his preflight check. It was completely different from the Justiciar's process. The Justiciar was powered by magicians and had very few mechanical parts. but Cadence's airship required many more mechanical parts and had to be checked to ensure optimal flight. As the Vessel took off he pulled out his communication stone as he said, "Hold steady Young Master." Koltira relayed Cadence's question down below. Richter heard the question and said, "I'll be sending routine magic flares. It'll make it easier for Cadence to track us. But for now we make for the Northwest." Richter reviewed his crew and nodded. Himself, Manah, Amelia and the ever elusive Certos were adequate enough for the ground crew. He stalked out from the Fortified camp and into the Thick forest.
  10. Amelia paid the the Innkeeper and turned to join her peers in running out of the Tavern. This had become such an obnoxious reoccurring theme since they had come to Blairville. The Shield Knight wasn't used to fleeing from danger she had always faced it head on when it came and time and time again it had saved her and her peers. But this was different those who they were trying to help were the very same people attacking them. The Trio wove between the Alleyways. Koltira was continuously chanting and using his magic to mask their flight and disguise their Manas. Richter let out a long sigh as they ran, he said, "Okay this can't carry on. I know we barely know what or who we're going up against but it looks like before we can finish this job we need to take care of these Guests of ours. After tonight we will hunt instead of being hunted." Koltira chuckled as he said, "I was wondering when you'd get tired of this charade." amelia piped up, "Seriously! I'm tired of running! We can easily take on whoever these two are even with their Gypsy friends! Let's claw back gang!"
  11. UGH gang Im sorry this week has been hectic and im going on a 4day weekend. Next week I promise. ❤️
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