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  1. I have returned completely. The Holidays have once again failed to Kill me. I am eager to see this story reach it's climax.
  2. Amelia smiled as she watched the Small and young Hume child scamper off to assist Koltira. She was hard on the child because while yes she has a pre-existing prejudice against humes like him and it was justly earned. But also because she knew he would need to be strong if he was to survive out in the world. She looked up at the Screaming Generalissimo and rolled her eyes. She couldn't fathom what Richter saw in that man. Amelia met and knew men like him, they were all smoke and mirrors, but when the pressure comes they are the first ones to balk and run. She didn't trust him and couldn't care less for his theatrics. Especially since they were in a Forest supposedly hunted by a great beast. She simply glared at the Generalissimo's directions before she settleed down next to Richter and snuggled against him. She was spent from punching down the Campsite and the Landing Zone for Cadence. Koltira looked over tot he Screaming Generalissimo and smiled; while exceptionally unorthodox and sometimes a greater hassle than a help. He couldn't deny the man had spirit and seemed to have the Justiciar's best intentions in heart. He finished the food as he said, "Keep making those Confections Young Master. They will make a Lovely Dessert. But come soon. Dinner is made." Koltira laid out a spread of Cooked traveling meat, a warm soup to invigorate the body and soul and had made a berry water that was both sweet and much like the Drinks of the Tavern but without the alcohol. He prayed to the divines and began eating. The Captain woke Amelia and the woman nodded as she went with him to the campfire. She sat deep in his lap humming happily as she took her meal and began eating. Richter ate silently as his eyes scanned the Forest. Everyone was happy and content as they ate. But his mind was pre-occupied with his crew he left behind. He honestly wished they could've all came but that would've been impractical and too slow. Still whatever was out there...he would put it down. To Protect his crew. Amelia felt the captain's unease and smiled as she would help calm his mind this night. Hopefully Cadence wasn't unlearned of the Sounds of a Man and Woman sharing their passions in the privacy of their quarters. Amelia spoke, "Manah, come sit and rest Darling. Even the most dutiful warriors must rest and recline in the company of their comrades."
  3. I have returned my lovelies. I apologize about my sudden disappearance. But I'll be catching up and posting as soon as possible.
  4. Everyone I want to apologize about my sudden disappearance. I lost my job last month and had been job hunting until now. I'll catch up on everything.


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      Sorry about your job. I hope you have a good day at your new one.

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  5. Koltira smiled at the Spunky human, Amelia may despise them given her past but He had always admired how brilliantly their Flame burned for such a short life spans. He looked down as he heard Cadence remark about Amelia as he said, "Aye she has temper that matches her actual strength. Luckily she only gets upset when things try to mess with the Captain. And then her focus isn't on us but on the Nuisance. " Kotlria nodded as the Airship landed and he joined Cadence on the ground. Amelia smirked at Koltira as pointed at the Campfire as she said, "You two get to prepare dinner tonight. I hope you know some Homemaking Skills Hume. Because If you make the Captain sick I'll make sure you have a Very long night~" Koltira glared at Amelia as he said, "Leave the lad be Amelia. And Dinner will be fine as I'll do the cooking. Cadence if you have any issues in what must be done let me know." The Red mage turned to lead the human lad to the Campfire to prepare their meal.
  6. Sorry everyone this month and endof the Quarter has been a flaming traaaaash pile of a quarter and month. I'll post as soon as I can.
  7. I swear every time I say when my Job is on fire everyone takes me literally. Is that not a common turn of phrase?
  8. Reinhardt would pull alongside the Iron Maiden, he could hear the clash of steel on steel and screams of the crewmen. He was grateful whoever had shot him had made sure their shot was strong enough to go through him completely. His Vampiric regeneration had sealed his wounds and he leapt aboard the vessel. He saw the bedlam around him. The Fisherman were battling with Roht to gain a foothold while Tana danced a Steel laced Waltz. He smiled as he drew out his Steampowered pistol and angled it towards the Secretive woman. He pulled the trigger twice and killed two cutthroats that sought to flank her. He drew his blade yelling, "Fear not Comrade Roht! I have arrived!" He rushed into the fray slashing and firing his pistol off as he aimed to mitigate the loss of Civilian lives.
  9. The feeling when you were about to put your finishing touches on your post and the entire day your job is on fire. -_-
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