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  1. Everyone I want to apologize about my sudden disappearance. I lost my job last month and had been job hunting until now. I'll catch up on everything.


    @Die Shize, @Rin, @jaistlyn, @Dizzy00, @AngryCacti, @TheEyeOfNight, @Melody Songs

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    2. Die Shize

      Die Shize

      Totally understand...

    3. Melody Songs

      Melody Songs

      Sorry about your job. I hope you have a good day at your new one.

    4. supernal




  3. So I'll be out hiking from Tuesday through Friday. So to all my roleplayers. @Die Shize, @jaistlyn, @Rin, and  @TheEyeOfNight. Behave yourselves, don't have too much fun without me and don't do what any of my Characters would do. 

    1. TheEyeOfNight


      I already did all the things. Have fun!

    2. Rin


      Have fun!

  4. So I was rewatching Final Fantasy XV Kingsglaive....and now I have two Kingsglaives in my roster in the Justicar Landinng. Welcome Cael'thas Argentum and Solina Amicia.

  5. That feeling when the Company IT pushes out a boatload of Updates and crashes 90% of your tools at work. 

    +F my Job

  6. Another Character arrives to the Justicar's Landing. Welcome to Kiku Kurogane! the Au Ra Pimpette and Magitech Thief. 

  7. Bored Alternating Love note to the Aether in German and French. 

    Je ne connais pas ton coeur.
    (I don't know your Heart.)
    Aber lass mich in deiner Nähe bleiben.
    (But let me stay near you.)
    Je sais, ça fait peur de faire confiance
    (I know, it's scary to trust.)
    Glaub mir, ich bin mit dir da.
    (Believe Me I'm right there with you.)
    Mais donnons-lui une chance.
    (But let's give it a chance.)
    Dieses Ding heißt Liebe.
    (This thing called love. )

  8. Jalter is great. Love the Gif.

    1. Zashiii


      Thank you! Let us bask in her greatness.

  9. That feeling when you go up in Forum title. From an Aficionado to a Roleplay Wizard. And So I put on the Wizard hat and Robe. 

    1. Aleksei


      It's a great accomplishment!!

    2. Darling König
    3. Darling König

      Darling König

      Indeed it is. Lord Bloodninja would be proud.

  10. After a long Break from all things Roleplaying. I have returned. It's sorta nice to be back. 

  11. Holy Cow it's been ages since I nce I've been here. The site looks nice and new on mobile. I need to stretch my sea legs and jot down some new characters....


    He'll I need to accquaint myself with my old Persona here. Fuuuuuuuuuu..... Time to get to work I guess.

  12. I guess this post is a it overdue. But if there's been anyone waiting for my reply and our threads are somehow still alive....I'm alive and well. 


    I'm looking at @Csl, @Mickey Flash, @Artisan of Soul, and a few who will be unnamed but know who they are.


    "Brittany back bitches!"

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    2. Darling König

      Darling König

      Thank you Wren. If you're still interested I can pick up where we left off.

    3. Wrennesi


      No problem, and I'm still interested. 

    4. Darling König

      Darling König

      Okay then I'll get into it. But my replies will be fairly slow these days.

  13. To all that I owe posts I am sorry for the delays. My lease is nearly up and the chaos of getting a new place is disturbing my life throughly. I'm sorry and hope to post soon.

    @Mickey Flash, @Melody Songs, @Wrennesi, @Aleksei, @Die Shize, @Inquisitor

    1. Mickey Flash

      Mickey Flash

      Don't worry about me.  Rl comes first.  Take your time. 

  14. Can I quit on life and just become an Artistic hermit that's fringing on the edge of insanity like the Author from the Shinning?

    1. supernal


      Can you do that and simultaneously Valucre? 

    2. Darling König

      Darling König

      Well if I was an artistic Hermit I could probably be able have more time for Valucre. But if I was Jack Nicholas from the Shinning crazy. It would be a 50/50....but in favor of Valucre 

    3. supernal


      Acceptable. Carry on 

  15. This Memorial day weekend had been....challenging in the least for my personal life. So for those waiting on me please hang in there. I know I still owe you guys a post. I ju a t need to get my head back on straight 

    1. demiSpirit


      That's perfectly fine, Richter. Personal life comes before roleplaying on this site. Hope everything is alright now and you're better soon.

  16. Just dropping you a friendly hello and say that even with the slow response times on our other companions post with the Justicar. I did make a intro post for Jaya. If you want to follow up with it to keep the blood in the Old ship going. I'd be mighty grateful to you. But on the flip side I do hope you are fairing well 

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    2. demiSpirit


      Yeah, sadly people move on without saying so, get pulled out cause of life and all of that. But I am still very much dedicated to this rp. I was just unsure how to butt in as Jaya as well as all of the stuff going on with me. I really wish I didn't stick to Alistair's character, cause then he would've still been around, but hey, the whole point is to act as the character. But yeah. I honestly think a nice little layout for a sky pirate crew would be something like Cowboy Bebop. Just a couple folks doing what they can. That way it isn't too big and just the right amount of personalities to bounce off each other without being crowded. But this is your rp, and I'm not gonna say what you should do. I like your idea of a big ship with a lot of deckhands and fighters and commanders and stuff, and totally wanna participate in it.

    3. Darling König

      Darling König

      Thanks for the support and feedback on the current configuration. Honestly Emil I restructure her. The Justicar is still going to he a frigate class vessel. It's just going to have fewer points of Failure  (human elements) like I said I might just keep the organs crew of officers on backlog and switch the playable characters to more like friends and adventuring companions that assist the Captain

    4. demiSpirit


      Sounds like a good idea to me. I gotta be going to bed now. Hope to rp more with you soon!

  17. Real World update

     Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!! I nailed it. I got the Offer and I'm taking it. You are looking at the newest member of Dell's Client ProSupport Technical Team! Read em and weep baby! It's my time to shine!

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    2. Armade-hime <3

      Armade-hime <3

      Dancing Bear pays better, and has better benefits.

    3. Darling König

      Darling König

      Sounds like a very fun Tavern or the like. I mean a bear is Dancing...Can we say Winning?


    4. supernal


      Congratulations! That's awesome, bittersweet news lol

  18. Real world Update: Going for an interview. If I get this job, going to lose alot of time for Roleplaying. Hoping for the best.

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    2. Darling König
    3. supernal


      Good luck but also bad luck :( so bittersweet

    4. Darling König

      Darling König

      ^ Isn't life always like that? But thank you for your support. I appreciate it

  19. The Justicar is finally fully staffed and ready for sailing. All I need is to host a meeting with the Command staff and bring everyone up to speed. For Justice, Equality and Phat loot!

  20. Whelp it's done then. The Justicar is ready to take on her crew. And even if I don't get any live and kicking players. I'll just deal and make a party of NPCs. 

    1. Darling König

      Darling König

      I officially have two if NY Officers assigned to the command deck of the Justicar. This would be perhaps a tad easier to track if I wasn't on my phone. But NOTHING WILL STOP PROGRESS!

  21. Sincerely considering about posting a help wanted add for a future Sky Pirate crew. I mean who doesn't want to fly around and rob stuff?

    1. supernal
    2. Mickey Flash

      Mickey Flash

      Sounds good to me.


    3. Darling König

      Darling König

      Well I should put a qualifier on that. A robinhoodesque Pirate Crew. Robbing other Robbers, may even sell my ship to militaries at war. For prize money of course. Hmmmm....thus bodes well for my Juge

  22. @Sav, @HERO, @Dougton: The shoe Maker team

    Looks like we're about to get ininto a Mexican standoff....but we ain't got no....wait do we got one? XD

  23. Just getting done with creating my first Character. Now I just got to find a RP...where to begin?

    1. supernal


      The water cooler! It's where people go to recruit or where you can recruit people for your own storyline. Here's one I found: http://www.valucre.com/topic/31121-class-c-quest-in-dougton-the-shoe-maker/

      It has 3 people total, so you'd be the 4th. In my experience 4 person threads will have you waiting a few days between your replies which is a fine pace but I know some people either find it slow or take on multiple threads for the wait. 

    2. Darling König

      Darling König

      Thanks Supernal! I always found Forum RPing as a bit intimidating. I really do appreciate all your help.

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