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  1. Tavern of Legend: Season 2

    Rohan walks up to the Tavern, he has been away for almost a year. After he fell ill and lost most of his will to live he one day decided he will return to the Tavern before he dies, even if only to see if it is still standing. He has healed from his illness and has never felt better. He is staring at the door to afraid of what he might find inside. He thinks to himself, none of my friends are inside they have most probably moved on with their lives and found adventure elsewhere. He promised them after his last quest he would return to the tavern in a weeks time. He never came back. He was on his way to return his nephew Dronin to the house of his uncle after his last quest. He fell ill and has stayed at his uncle's for the past year. He decided to train the young Dronin as his uncle was a farmer and had no desire to fight. Dronin however, possesses great potential and a hunger for fighting. He has returned to follow where he left off. He ties up his horse, and puts away his shield his blade by his side and walks into the Tavern...
  2. Tavern of Legend OOC

    I want to rejoin the tavern if possible even though ive joined a year ago i have only done one quest. Would like to do a few more, can someone please tel me what to do
  3. Rohan is Back for questing !

  4. Back for more

    Hi all! Im back and hope to be more active this time around! wanna do a quest Im your man!!
  5. Hide and Seek [ToL Quest]

    As morning came our heroes woke up happy that it's the final day. "Dronin wake up lad let's get moving!" Rohan gave him a lite kick in the ribs. Mira and Kalin woke as the sun started to crawl over the horizon. They all grabbed a torch went inside the house to see all the traps but 4 have gone off. The carried the last of the cats outside. "I only set about fifteen traps last night which mean we have a total of about 11 cats it seems" Rohan said surprised "thought that there would be more." Rohan and Kalin went back inside to see if they had gotten all the cats. "Looks like that's all of them Kalin" he said with a look of accomplishment on his face. It took them all day to deliver the last of the cats since the last few farms were the furthest away. But they finally did it. They finally captured 36 cats in a week's time. At the final farm Rohan took the time to thank his companions. "Thank you all for helping me, I shall return the traps to Dronins father and relieve him of his debt to his father. There after I shall fetch our coin from the property owner. I will see you Kalin and you as well Mira in 4 days at the tavern. You take care now." Rohan and Betsy took Dronin and his asses back to his Uncle and rode off into the sunset.
  6. Hide and Seek [ToL Quest]

    Rohan's mouth dropped at the sight of the food! He was so hungry he could eat all of it. "Thank you Mira I appreciate your thoughtfulness." He said rather charmingly and looked back to the food, piled as much as he could into his arms sat down in front of the fire, and ate as much as he could as fast as he could without stopping. Just when we was done he heard Mira give a little giggle. He felt embarrassed, he usually does not behave like this. "Im sorry Mira I had forgotten my manners, its just I, I, I was so hungry." "Its quite alright. Wheres Dronin and Kalin." She said taking a seat next to him after she finished unloading betsy and allowed her to graze on the nearby grass. "Aaah Kalin has been gone for a few hours. He should be back soon. I hope hes okay." Rohan said with concern all over his face. "And Dronin you know I had to keep him active so I sent him to Deliver almost 23 cats earlier today should also be back by now." Just as Rohan utterd these words Dronin sat next to them at the camp fire. "What are you guys talking about" Dronin asked curiously looking exhausted. "Oh Mira here just returned and was wondering where you were, so I told her you should be back in an hour or two. All we have to do tonight is wait for you and Kalin to return then we can get on with our quest!" Rohan said punching the air in front of him with a smirk on his face. " The we can go back to the Tavern of Legend so we may feast in our victory." Rohan laughed aloud. "Ughhmmm .. " Mira cleared her throat and pointed to Dronin. "What is it Mira? " Rohan said confused. And again looked at Dronin straight in the face. "Oh, OH , OooooHHHH!!!!!! DRONIN YOU HAVE RETURNED." Rohan cried out in joy. The sound of a few more traps being triggered echoed in the night. Rohan's face grew concerned as he stared into the fire, Mira handing Dronin some food. "You were here and I didnt notice? What is happening to me, AM I GOING MAD??!!" he cried out in fear while the other two couldn't stop laughing. He noticed their giggling and let out a laugh aswell, he might be going mad with this quest but atleast he made some new friends. All the traps seemed to go off through the night tommorow the quest will be over and they can finally go back to the tavern.
  7. Hide and Seek [ToL Quest]

    Rohan and Dronin waited for Kalin's return. He was taking awfully long to fetch some water and food for the night. "Im getting real tired of this shit." complained Dronin as he fell ons his back with his hands behind his head staring at the clouds. "I hear ya, If only .. " Rohan was interrupted with the sound of traps being triggered. Finally some of the traps are being set of. Rohan's face lit up as he heard the sound of the traps going off one after the other. he heard about 20 atleast. "Lets go check it out," he said excitedly as Dronin sat up straight after hearing the noise. Rohan and Dronin found that all 23 traps where set off. They gathered the cats in their cages and brought them outside, so used to the stench and the house that they did it with ease. "Rohan grab the big cage my father sent. I assembled it over there. Rohan brought the big cage closer they could barely fir all the cats comfortably inside. "Dont worry kitties its almost over. Dronin take the asses and deliver these cats to the neighbour farms on this list. Bring the big cage back as quick as possible Im getting tired of these cats taking my Tavern time. GO!" Dronin loads the cage on a small wagon thats being pulled by the asses and walked beside the ass t=on his way to deliver the cats. Rohan reset all the traps noticing theres still about 8 cats left that he can see probably more. "Now to wait for the others to return so we can wrap this up. Its getting late." Rohan went back to his campsite and layed on the ground looking up at the clouds, its going to be dark soon and Kalin is still missing. And Mira has'nt been seen in a few days he is getting quite worried. As the sun set and his eyes close for a moment hoping Kalin would return soon with some food he heard the traps once again trigger one after the other.
  8. Tavern of Legend OOC

    Hey do you know what would be cool A book called The Tavern of legend composed of the stories us people tell, rewritten by a profesional of course Or a youtube animated series where all these characters talk in the tavern never seeing their quests only the tavern part. Atleast thats how it plays out in my head
  9. Hide and Seek [ToL Quest]

    After a few days of working and waiting the three men sat outside the house around the camp fire. Rohan sharing tales of wonder and conquest, tales of treasure and adventure. He knew all to well those tales where lies. As he himself have not had many tales to tell but he saw the way they looked at him as he told them and he could not stop himself. As the night came Rohan wondered when Mira might return it has been a while now. "Men I think it would be wise to start setting those traps in the morning, get this quest over with so we may have another." The men agreed. Dronin looked happy that his punishment might be over. Working in this filth for days was unbearable. The smell the cats he could not stand it any longer. They each turn to rest for tomorrow was going to be a long day. Morning came and with it new hope for Dronin. "Rohan wake up you lazy fool, we shall be getting on with our task come on Rohan wake up. " Rohan was dazed its barely morning even the roosters are still sleeping, well those the cats havent gotten to yet. Kalin was sleeping a few feet away. "Come on Kalin lets get this over with. I best be getting back to the tavern to get some ale for my hard work as a reward, a drink is what I seek come on we dont want to prolong the inevitable." The men got to work setting the traps with fresh bait this time they were active ready to catch a feline or two all 23 were set. If Mira returns with the rest they will be catching some deranged cats safely before the week is done. "Fweh wasnt that hard now was it Dronin my boy. Good job Kalin now we wait for the cats to get hungry and feast!" It wasnt even noon yet and the men went back outside to hear some mre of Rohan's Tales of fortune and ADVENTURE!
  10. Hide and Seek [ToL Quest]

    Rohan heard Kalin talking to himself, as he got closer he realized that Kalin was talking to him but he didnt respond as it seemed that Kalin already accepted that he didnt hear him. The Trio have already set most of the traps, and they have already one cat that can be relocated. Rohan went outside and pulled of his scarf to get some fresh air. His scarf was stuffy and he did not like it. He stood outside the house looking into the distance hoping to see someone who responded to his notice that he had displayed outside the tavern. He looks over to his horse, he smiles and walks closer. "Betsy my dear how are you holding up darling." he stroke Betsy's face as he looked into the horses eyes. "We have been through so much havent we" "Rohan!!!!" He hears a scream of excitement in the distance. Who could that be? As he turns around he sees Mira running towards him slowing down and walking the last few steps. "It's Mira... Remember me?" "Mira! How good to see you." He gave a little bow. "You have arrived just in time! I have the perfect job for you! Your little friend isnt around is he? " Rohan's eyes searched Mira for her little friend waiting to see his little head pop out somewhere between her hair, but he does not see anything. "As you can see we already caught one cat. Even though that was not the plan I laid out we managed to safely catch the little critter and cage him." Dronin walked out of the house. His face red with scratches, his clothes torn and his spirit broken. "I got two more." He said miserably holding two kittens in his hands. As he stood there slouching he stared at Mira, convinced he had never seen such beauty. He proceeded to adjust his collar as he gave a big smile with his eyes closed. Completely forgetting about the vicious cat in his hands who gave a loud his before it jumped on his face. Dronin fell to the ground trying to fight for his life. He thought it was over, this is how he dies. The vicious cat jumped of his face and right back into the house. Dronin stood up. His face bleeding his spirit broken even more. Asoon as he saw Mira he began to smile again. "Look Rohan." He said not taking his eyes of Mira. " I got one." He takes a trap and puts the cat inside. "Now Dronin I told you not to mess with the cats." Dronin thought this was hypocritical he heard the noise Rohan was making when he fought the cat, he sees the scratch on Rohans cheek. "Forgive me for being attacked by a vicious animal!!" Dronin turned around and walked backed into the house. "Bloody worst day of my life" He said mumbling under his breath. Rohan shaked his head at Dronin. "Forgive the boy young Mira. He dishonored his father, how I did not ask. As his punishment he has to help. Now back to your task if you choose to accept it theirs a farm a days walk from here. I need you to take these two kittens, and deliver them to the farm owner. He will set them free on his farm to control his rat infestation. If you want you can borrow Betsy and make the trip before the dusk." He couldn't figure out what Mira's response would be so he quickly said " Or you can help clear out the filth inside the house, I dont have another scarf you can borrow mine?"
  11. Tavern of Legend OOC

    i just searched midieval noticeboard lol have no idea
  12. Tavern of Legend: Season 2

    The notice reads: Help Wanted Need someone to help clear a house from a cat investation No killing allowed. Traps will be used Directions to the house is below. Follow them if interested more info to be supplied at the house. Starts in three days. On the day when the moon is full Ask for Rohan. Reward will be given.
  13. Tavern of Legend: Season 2

  14. Tavern of Legend: Season 2

    "Im actually on my way out. But if you are interested in earning some coin take a look at the flyer outside the tavern. It has all the quest information. If you decide to come you might want to keep the little guy safe from all the danger. " "Goodbye Mira hope to see you again sometime." Rohan winked at he little creature inside her hair poking his face out between the strands, and walked out of the tavern. Outside he quickly writes a note and posts it onto a nearby notice board
  15. Tavern of Legend: Season 2

    Rohan greeted Kalin as he left for the quest. He looked at the strange girl entering the tavern clutching her brown old travel bag. He sees her talking to the bag. Strange he thought maybe she would like to help him on his quest. He stands up and walks to the strange girl. "Hello, I am Rohan." He gives a little bow as he looked up his long hair was in his face he stroked it away with his hand and asks, "May I sit here?"