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  1. Rohan walks up to the Tavern, he has been away for almost a year. After he fell ill and lost most of his will to live he one day decided he will return to the Tavern before he dies, even if only to see if it is still standing. He has healed from his illness and has never felt better. He is staring at the door to afraid of what he might find inside. He thinks to himself, none of my friends are inside they have most probably moved on with their lives and found adventure elsewhere. He promised them after his last quest he would return to the tavern in a weeks time. He never came back. He was on his way to return his nephew Dronin to the house of his uncle after his last quest. He fell ill and has stayed at his uncle's for the past year. He decided to train the young Dronin as his uncle was a farmer and had no desire to fight. Dronin however, possesses great potential and a hunger for fighting. He has returned to follow where he left off. He ties up his horse, and puts away his shield his blade by his side and walks into the Tavern...
  2. I want to rejoin the tavern if possible even though ive joined a year ago i have only done one quest. Would like to do a few more, can someone please tel me what to do
  3. Rohan is Back for questing !

  4. Hi all! Im back and hope to be more active this time around! wanna do a quest Im your man!!
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