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  1. Black And Red (OOC)

    I have exams this week, I will not be posting. Also, Daichi prefers not to kill. I wasn't aware of there being any killing when I chose him. I might change my character.
  2. There needs to be a thumbs-up reaction
  3. Black And Red (OOC)

    I'll be using Daichi.
  4. You're a producer too? 

    1. Ichi


      Not professionally, but yeah. I take stuff and make it different. My original stuff sounds really bad =-)

    2. Afro Punk

      Afro Punk

      Nice! I semi-professionally make music, perhaps we could have a listen to each other's stuff. You use SoundCloud? 

    3. Ichi


      Nope, I stay away from any form of site like that on principal.:smile: But I'll give your stuff a listen if you want.

  5. The Sadira Amar: Tea and Tavern

    @FirePenguinDiscoPanda Fyedahlia's so cute! Daichi finds everything about Fye cute, and one thing he can add to that increasingly lengthy list is how her face turns red, as well as the manner in which she defends herself. "It's okay, Fye, it's okay." He responds, taking her cute furry hand in his and enjoying the feel of her fur against his dark skin. His already bright and easygoing smile grows even brighter as she admits to their mutual like of each other, followed by that cute laughter of hers. "Dat makes two of us, den!" He responds in an indirectly complimentary way, joining in her laughter with a chuckle of his own! Daichi, his senses continuing to roam round her face, study it and get used to it, listens intently as the quirky cat starts to chatter away about herself and where she's from. The mention of places off-continent he found interesting, immediately contemplating his scout return reports. When she mentioned being a witch, however, Daichi immediately stops laughing, his facial expression turning into a worried one. He's been away from home long enough to learn that the word 'witch' doesn't mean 'demon worshipping kidnapper' everywhere, but he could be forgiven for still having a kneejerk reaction after what he's experienced at home. Plus, Fye doesn't seem to have a mean bone in her body. Mischievous, perhaps? Yes, but not meanness. So, eventually Daichi manages a smile, an act made easier by her sudden decision to jump up and spin around excitedly. "Indeed you're excitable dhough I must admit I find it cute... dat doesn't mean you should do it in public, of course." He responds to her next apology, blushing at her pout. And as is only fair, she's asking now about where he comes from? He's certainly going to oblige! "Well, I come from Yikashima, an island in Ponkapoag Lake. It's here in Terrenus, an island-city with technology that would be considered advanced to many people here. Everyone dere is dark-skinned with black sclera and 'asian-eyes' like me." He uses the quote sign as he says 'asian-eyes', indicating that it's something he's heard himself be called by others. "We're isolationist, but on de road to changing dat. I'll say dat everywhere else seems to be colder dan it is back home, so I suppose it's hot..." He probably wouldn't sound as increasingly excited as he does at the moment were he not still under the effects of catnip oil in his hot tea, which he pauses to take a gulp out of. "... ooh, and de food! De food is awesome. I could cook for you one of dese days, my mumi made me learn how to cook. I stay close-by, perhaps I could cook a dish from Yikashima sometime? And den you could cook a dish from Hyde." s
  6. Fear not! It doesn't taste like sugar water, if memory serves. Don't you dare harm my penguins! See my response to Becky.
  7. Turns out I have exams next week... Then, my 6 months of Industrial Training work starts May 2nd.

    I'll post some this week though, just a heads up. 

  8. I have. It's sold here in Nigeria, the hard outer covering chopped off and the rest cut into chunks. You chew it to get at the juice and spit out the dried fleshy husks. Yummy. Hence my sadness at @Deus Ex Aizen. Like I say, half of your life is gone! :tongue:
  9. I don't understand, does the juice taste worse than sugar cane itself?
  10. Imperfect Reunion [Anima Imperium]

    At first, Malla's smirk remains plastered on his face as Nines comes to realize just who she's speaking with. Of course, the bitch's first response is to blame what he'd become squarely on him, he can hear it in her tone. As she laughs, though, all trace of malice evaporates, quickly replaced by mirth mixed with disappointment. The next time she speaks is a clear explosion of anger, her disappointment more apparent and focused at everything, not just he. As she rails at him, another emotion floats to the surface: fear. Fear. Follower of Lolth or not, she doesn't like the current state of things in the Underdark, and has thus been excommunicated for her progressive ideas. Her attempts to insult him for being so much of a zealot he got martyred while she faces the abyss don't faze him, rather they highlight her pragmatism for him to see plainly. Malla, who'd been standing in a confrontational posture, drops his little drow arms down to his sides, the hatred focused on her evaporating from his eyes. He smiles at her once again, starting to laugh mirthfully and happily. "Well, at least you're starting to speak what you really feel, aren't you, Ruvi?" He asks, using his old pet name for her as he morphs up into his vhaerath form, an older version of him with obsidian black skin. "Let me be clear, Ruvi: I didn't hate you for what you did to me. I understand why you had to. I can't hold it against you, I died loving you! Even when you took everything from me, I died loving YOU! Nine hells, I tried to check on you at times because of that love! What you grew up to become... you appeared to wholeheartedly embrace everything I'd come to hate, and that's when the hatred came in." Malla shakes his head, scratching the top of it with two fingers. "I can't hate you anymore, not after what I just heard. I still want to, you've become such a bitch, but I can't. And you apparently still have that good heart, below all that posturing." Perhaps this is why his Master approved of his plans to make contact with the Triumvirate, he muses as he continues to scratch his head. Reuniting with his sister has been illuminating. "You're scared, Ruvi." That is said matter-of-fact, there's nothing smug about the way the statement is said. "You'd rather remain a slave to Lolth because she's the one with all the power, even though you don't believe in her one bit. You want to help drow society improve and evolve, and the ass you serve won't let you. But let me ask you this: what do you actually know about Vhaeraun worship? Because I think you'd make an excellent Vhaerite." Lifting his arms up in surrender, he continues. "Now hear me out, please. Worshippers of Vhaeraun are made up of rebels, drow males, and drow (male and female) who rebebl against the matriarchy, drow who want a united society rather than a squabbling lot of rival houses and clans, drow who can together take over the surface. Yes, the Shadowlord is proud and vain, but he also values cooperation and protects his followers. We know he's too weak to fight Lolth frontally, but we've rebelled successfully in secret to the point that she actually considers us a real threat, instructing her people to purge us. And, even though you've been one of said purgers, you're a rebel at heart." "I've visited drow enclaves on the surface, where drow of all sexes are equal, a society united, no Lolth worship in sight. Drow men and women can become anything they want to without worrying about an early death due to being in someone else's way. There, everyone matters." Dropping his arms back to his sides, Malla averts his eyes, struggling with his next words. "Ruvallah... I'm sorry I... said you had no heart, or for trying to make you go crazy. As funny as that would have been, just losing your mind and all, I'm sorry. I think I have a better plan now." He makes a show of taking a cartoonishly deep breath, even if he doesn't need to breathe. "The way I see it, if you started worshipping Vhaeraun instead, gained a desire to try out a society where all drow were equal but changed nothing else, you'd make a great Vhaerite already, and my job is to protect Vhaerites on the surface. You'd be under my full protection if you considered it, I'd destroy any and all assassins that came after you. Even if for starters, all you did was cut ties to the underground without converting, I have your back. I warn you that I hate Lolth priestesses, so if you have any friends there you want alive you'd need to point them out. You have no reason to believe me after the turn our conversation has taken, but considering all I've just heard, I'm thinking I don't want to part ways anymore, Ruvi. I'm thinking we can do something good for drowkind on the surface, together." As his final concluding action, he offers her a hug. "Please, Ruvi? Consider it. We could return back to a semblance of times long gone."
  11. Foreigners Wanted! [Norkotian Missions] [FULL!]

    Well joining in this would certainly give me ideas to make my own more concrete...
  12. Yikashima Lore

    YIKAN PEOPLE Skin tone range: From 4 to 6. Numans: Centuries of interracial breeding and genetic engineering has led to the creation of numans (short for new-humans) with nanite cells which act like nanomachines and give the user dormant powers. They typically have black sclera, bright-colored irises and black pupils. Their hair is usually more wooly than spiky, and their teeth are opalescent. Naming system: <Yoruba First Name><Japanese Last Name> OR <Japanese First Name><Yoruba Last Name> Adze: A viral disease caused by an attempt to eat blood fruits led to a subset of the population to mutate metallic fangs and claws, gaining a horrific thirst for blood, both the juice of blood fruits and the lifeblood of living things. Sufferers feed with their claws, able to walk the land from afternoon to midnight.
  13. When I was doing my medical registration, I got asked my age. The guy was shocked when I told him I was 25 (back then). My most-heard age assumption quotes are: -"You look like a married man." -"You look like you have about 3 kids." And -"You act more immature than you look." I can only imagine how it must seem to others looking at a balding/skinheaded black guy in his late 20s that looks like he's almost 35 acting like he's either 18 or 35 (mostly 18&...
  14. Custom user title raffle

    How did I miss this? Count me in!