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  2. Bohemian Eagle

    AFV: No time for serious RP

    Thanks, bud. You're awesome. I'll just go ahead and tag people here: @jaistlyn @Mickey Flash@Fierach @Tyler @PandaHat @Deus Ex Aizen @Ataraxy @The Alexandrian @Earl of Purple Y'all are awesome! Keep RPing and enjoying it, y'all. Lead happy lives. Hug those you love for me. EXCELSIOR!
  3. Bohemian Eagle

    AFV: No time for serious RP

    So my friends convinced me to stay, and I did. But what am I doing here? I started some RPs but realized there's lots of things I'd rather be doing, things I prioritize more than responding to posts. Like school, work, gaming and life. One thing I'll miss here, that's confining me to Chatbox and maybe the General Chat thread, are the people. @jaistlyn, @Deus Ex Aizen among others. I'll always say hi once in a while. But as far as RP is concerned, I'm done.
  4. I'm sorry. You were just trying to help. It's just that any whiff of 'tough love' (man I hate that word) reminds me of the childhood abuse it was used to justify.

    Thank you.

  5. Bohemian Eagle

    General chat thread

    Does the character have to be non-evil?
  6. Bohemian Eagle

    The Unnaturally Gifted Children

    I'm interested, so much so that I'll age down my new upcoming character to fit. I always wanted a child character, and now I can also make a robotic lifeform that grows with time. EDIT: Meet Daisuke Gutierrez, 9-year old in appearance.
  7. Abruptly destroying something, just throwing it away, can seem like the only control we can exert over a situation we don’t like. Unfortunately, at some point you'd have to stop running and face the fact that your self-sabotage is doing more harm than good, most of all to yourself.


    1. zackrobbman


      These are wise words. It is a struggle to defy our emotions, especially when the world teaches everyone to blindly follow their hearts. That every emotion is right. The reality is that 90% of the time, the heart is evil and desperate. The only thing keeping the world safe from the evil within it...is you. Me. Us. Sometimes we gotta claim our weapons and go to war with it. Put it in its place. However, no war is painless. It demands sacrifice, blood, sweat, and tears, but the victory is worth it. Even if we only stand victorious for only a little while more, it's worth it. I'm glad you decided to win just a little longer. That's all it takes.


      Our hearts may act as uppity and demanding gods, but a God is not a God if it can be beaten. If it can lose a single battle, it is NOT our God. And we are NOT its slaves.

      Keep up the good fight, soldier.😉

  8. Let us commemorate the good times with an RP, zack

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    2. zackrobbman


      This does seem pretty cool, and I've got a character cooking in my head as I type this. If he let's us on, sure thing! 

      But if not, I DID try to start something like this a year ago. It was a high-school/college rp where the pitch was pretty much the same. Tons of gifted students attending a college with a possible secret agenda for "certain" students. People that were in the RP sort of went AFV on me though. Really let me down. I put HELLA' work into it and tried to keep everyone together, but my efforts were wasted. Perhaps we could...I dunno...continue it if this didnt work out?😶

    3. Bohemian Eagle

      Bohemian Eagle

      He'll let you on, because why not? Head over to Chatbox and say hi.

      If it doesn't pan out, then of course, man!

    4. zackrobbman


      Sweet! I'll ask im'.

  9. Holy shit I fucking blacked out yesterday

  10. Bohemian Eagle

    AFV: I'm leaving for good?

    You're right. I'm sorry for being a nuisance. Yesterday was a... a meltdown. I know because I can't remember most of last night. Sorry for making a scene. And thank you guys.
  11. Thank God for friends like @jaistlyn

  12. Bohemian Eagle

    AFV: I'm leaving for good?

    Wow jaist you know the right stuff to say. So I logged off and immediately felt much better. I did some thinking and decided I'd get SWTOR and do all my RPing there. I'm here to see if there's more structured DnD like stuff and I see this. Thank you, friend. You're right. Ming-Yue is still needed in Abbadon (or will be when I play her for the first time, and that's the mind-changing fact. I can't just leave now. Add me back in the chat, then...
  13. Bohemian Eagle

    AFV: I'm leaving for good?

    Jaistlyn saves the day I've recently realized the only desire I have to be here is to chat with you guys. See, I'm a fuck-up who couldn't even get his own thread off the ground, so I left. I was persuaded to come back with the belief that I'd get to do something, but instead I'm reminded of what an unwanted screw-up I am. So I'm leaving and getting this account deleted. Drastic? Maybe, but this isn't a spur of the moment decision. @jaistlyn @Mickey Flash@Fierach @Tyler @PandaHat @Deus Ex Aizen @Ataraxy @The Alexandrian @Earl of Purple There's so many more of you, but it's difficult to type through teary eyes. I just want to say that you've all made an impact on my life and I'm glad I met all of you. I'm sorry, but I don't feel like I belong here anymore. If I'm still alive tomorrow, my Discord is available. Assuming I don't move to Gaia, I know many of you are also on there.
  14. Bohemian Eagle

    General chat thread

    I got limited hotspotting too. Missed ya, Rin-Rin.
  15. Bohemian Eagle

    General chat thread

    I love you both. It's hunting time.