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  1. I miss you, man. Let's RP.

  2. Good to see you! How's it been?

    1. Bohemian Eagle

      Bohemian Eagle

      it's been awesome, thank you. I'm thinkng of delegating my time between both sites, even.

  3. I miss you people. *hugs everyone*
  4. I've been on holiday for a while, but I've spent my time gaming and juggling several RP places. I mostly check here now for the people, I returned to my old RP community and we're all better-ish people.

    My ToL blind aquakinetic bartender still exists, though, and if you want interaction I have to be PM'd or mentioned, higher likelihood that I'll see it.

    I miss you people though.

    1. supernal


      I'm glad you've found your way back to old friends and that everyone involved is doing well

      As an FYI I've removed you as a TOL mentor 

    2. Bohemian Eagle

      Bohemian Eagle

      That's fair, but it gives me no reason to RP here... >.< But there's still awesome people I met here, so...

      Knew I should have made Shuyoru (new Skarlet-from-MK-like-char) more like Dayo Tanaka...

    3. supernal


      You can come for the ooc if you like you wouldn't be the only one who just checks in now and again 

  5. Ah, I see. In that case, count me out, I have exams till the 8th. I wish I could take part, though....
  6. Sorry, my exams got shifted forward, and I'm at a low mood point of my cycle. @Syxanthie @Kelenon The original arrangement is that my character'd come with and serve as NPC/whatnot, yet it appears that things have turned into both characters taking care of themselves while both playing Zell. Am I still in or no? I need a definite answer.
  7. Whose turn is it? I assume it's supernal's
  8. I just want to know the kind of information that Dayo would have access to as a bartender/info broker at the ToL.
  9. ((With his skill set, @supernal, Dayo Tanaka doubles as an info broker. To facilitate that IRL, I'll need information. ?)) A man steps out from a portal from his homeworld to this one, one foot stepping on grass and the other on the wooden floor of the Tavern of Legend. Stepping through the back door, he reveals himself as a dark-skinned muscular man, seemingly human with blindfolded eyes. The full natural-haired blind man appears to stand still, taking stock of his surroundings, one hand in his business pants pockets and the other scratching his full beard. Without turning in their direction, he 'sees' the pair currently conversing with that old and bitter drunk in the corner. 'Poor man.' Dayo thinks to himself as he starts to walk forward, smoothening his waistcoat and formal clothing. A man has to look his best, after all. Zell's seen their fair share of the darkness life offers, and Dayo is no different, being an ex-marine of the Yikashiman army who's seen his fair share of death and loss. Though not to the degree of Zell's experiences, it's enough that Dayo can relate with the man, even though they'd not had much chance at a discussion since he started work three days ago Pushing that thought out of his mind, the calm and subdued man calls out to Otto and waves in greeting, smiling at the giant of a man while making his way to the bar. One would notice that even though he appears to be blind, he moves as though his eyes function perfectly. In truth, they do, for what he lacks in physical sight he makes up for with his other senses - physical and spiritual - as well as his liquid manipulation powers. Air contains water vapour, a fact which he uses to his advantage, greatly increasing his detection range. Combine that with 30 years of training and you have one who has no need for eyes in most situations. "Happy New Year, friend. I'll take it from here." He says to the bartender currently on duty, himself picking up a napkin and starting to wipe the bar countertop. "Zell has takers?" He asks, gesturing towards the duo sitting at the old drunk's table. @Kelenon @Syxanthie
  10. Hi, everyone. My character is a PC, which means no, you can't control him for me. Let's have fun together!
  11. @supernal I have no idea how to start ToL things. Do I have him walk in, or...? And can I help with outreach?
  12. Happy New Year, Rin-Rin!
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