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  1. DORCHA Basic Description: A neo-retro biopunk city populated majorly by vampires, humanoid eldritch abominations, humans, elves and tieflings. Life is suited for vampires there, with fruit that bleed and can be drunk from, the vampire equivalent of vegetables. Multicultural, but inspired by the futuristic cities of 80s anime, like AKIRA. Though it is the darker mirror half of Himmelia, both literally and figuratively, not all of its population is evil, though most are definitely on the darker side of grey. Technology: Dorcha is a Retro Universe. This means that although technology is futuristic, it contains elements of the technology of the 1980s. This means that cassette tapes and vinyl turntables are used alongside flatscreen televisions, electronic cameras and iPhone expies. Most of the science is pseudo-magical. Lunarium and its derivatives are used in a number of applications, from communications and weaponry to mind control devices and power output amplifiers. The genius loci has charged the atmosphere with spirit energy which everyone can access in some form of the other, but special training is required to use it effectively. Every vampire clan has unique powers they can use in varying ways, but the Marked Ones have more unique powers. Experimentation is a favorite of the numerous unethical scientists that fill the place. It has its share of mutated and genetically-engineered beings running around. While teleportation is possible, it has a cooldown. Character Types: FodderNormal people: Humans, orcs, dwarves, gnomes, elves. These are the random people going about their day. They usually lack the ability to use spirit energy, at most being able to do basic things with it, but the access to technology more than makes up for it. Still, with the type of things that roam around this world, they can be considered the weakest. There are concerns that the widespread use of technology could get out of hand, though society has more-or-less adapted to having all this technology at their disposal. They also make excellent fodder for the stronger species. Orcs in this setting are usually purple or orange-skinned. Gnomes are shorter than dwarves, and are German-based. Beast elves also exist in this place. Tieflings: Slightly above the normal ones in the pecking order, these are the ones from the normal race with demonic blood. Uses DnD and Pathfinder lore, but tweaked to be specific to the Sky Coin. Vampyrs: This is a catch-all term for undead beings who feed on living people, sometimes to the point of killing said beings, be it their blood, energy or emotions. Though all vampires come from severe mutations, they have survived long enough to have mutated further into different distinct clans, with their traits, powers and weaknesses. Among these are: Nightwalkers Marked Ones Skinstealers Nosferatu Sanguines Highborn Eldritch-Touched: Anything from humans with eldritch abilities, to full-on humanoid abominations (both inborn or 'gifted externally' by eldritch creatures). The Dreamers and The Watchers are the two race of eldritch beings that run things from behind-the-scenes, but hardly ever show their faces. When face-to-face with a hostile one, you wouldn't even be able to run.
  2. Welcome to Valucre, Iniquity! There's much fun to be had here!
  3. Hi man.

    So, seems like Raven's made an enemy! And I can't help but think that we should throw Malik and Raven in a room and see what happens. You in?

    1. ezkiel777


      It will happen eventually, but not soon. Malik is preoccupied with growing his strength. In Aizens Kingslayer arc, which is Ravens next major step, Malik won't be involved. Rather, he has a slave army (really only a couple hundred in numbers) of half and quarter demons from Tellus Mater who will be playing their own major role in contest with Raven unbeknownst to her. 

      She and I have major plans. I won't get into it because spoilers. But just know Raven and Malik won't have any personal contact for awhile.

      Although I do want to see them solidify a powerful friendship in the future. Who knows? Maybe Raven will soften his callous heart one day.

  4. So sorry about missing the rest of the Sun Rises Again, my phone and only source of network data got spoilt.

    Now, though, I have a sorta replacement. Had replies for Raven in mind...

    If you got any other threads, I'd gladly join them... though my exams start at the 10th of next month...

  5. Sarah and Kimiko continue to hug tightly and silently, neither of them so much as sobbing, the tears flowing freely as they find comfort in each other's arms. The hug ends when, as Sarah goes for a kiss, Kimiko pulls back and points out her little sister's presence. On hearing of Fumiko's presence, Sarah whirls around to face Fumiko, her features gaining some measure of happiness on finally getting to meet the younger aasimar. "This is Fumiko?" She asks, her voice a bit on the deep side, rather harsh, and smooth at the same time. "I've heard a lot about you. Once Kimi starts off about you, it's hard to get her to stop... not that I ever want to." She says, wiping her eyes of the tears. It's then that for the first time, she really looks at the table setting, realizing a bit late that she's interrupting some sisterly time. "I'm sorry, Angelbutt, I didn't--" Sarah starts to say, stepping away from the table, when Kimiko raises up a hand. "Don't worry, Orangeade. You're here now. I did want to spend quality time with my sister, but I also was just talking about you. Come, pull up a chair." Though Sarah looks about ready to leave the house and give the sisters their space, she can see it in Kimiko's eyes: now that she's here, she isn't leaving so easily. Perhaps she'd have to sleep on the couch or something, but she isn't leaving so easily. "Maybe a little while, but then I kinda need time to think." She finally replies, pulling up a chair and sitting down.
  6. The still crying Kimiko closes her eyes and deepens her breaths in an attempt to calm herself, then smiles in a delayed response to Fumiko's inquiry. "I meant after you meet her. You both would end up alone in the same room at some point tomorrow, I leave her in the house while I go out sometimes. You see?" She asks, opening her eyes and looking her sister in the eye once more. "I love her, but I want time for my sister, too. I was hoping we could spend the night just chatting. Plus, she loved our parents, and they loved her right back. I'm not sure how she'd take it." Wiping her eyes, Kimiko manages a mirthless chuckle. "As I was saying..." She begins again, in a bid to change the subject and resume their prior conversation. "About the orcs... They are, but so many of them are predisposed to physical arts that a magic user is seen as strange in their community... but no, I mean that orcs are tenacious. I always have been, I guess, and learning that could help you work at honing your focusing abil--" Interrupting the moist-eyed Kimiko's speech is the sound of the door being knocked. As the sound that follows becomes a key being used, Kimiko's eyes widen in realization as she stands up without realizing it, her chopsticks falling limply from her hand when Sarah reveals herself. The raven-haired and grey-eyed curvy orange beauty turns towards Kimmy with tear-stained eyes, marches to the dumbstruck aasimar and hugs her tightly while they cry in silence.
  7. Renji subtly inclines his ear towards Jing-Lian in anticipation of her answer, focusing his senses on her face as he does so. Even knowing her to be pondering the question, he finds it impossible not to notice her fangs piercing her bottom lips and her blood to come dribbling out for a few moments, until the puncture is unblocked and the holes healed. The smell of her blood wafts to his nostrils, and he finds himself having to suppress the urge to lean in and lick it off. The elder one's twitch breaks him out of his reverie, and it takes quite a few moments for him to regain his line of thought on the conversation, straightening out his gi and resuming his eating while he recomposed himself. Blood magic. Renji laughs to himself. Finding her a teacher would be easy, all he'd need to do is introduce her to Caesar Flynn, formerly known as Maximillian Laurentius. A reminder of Caesar's status as a serial womanizer, though, causes him to pause his eating for a few short moments, frowning. Unfortunately, Caesar Flynn is the only one he knows of that he trusts, which means he has to risk losing Mei-Lan to him. Wait, losing? They'd only just met, and already he's taken a bit of a liking to her, which is rather rare. 'Who is this woman?' He asks himself with a sense of wonder. Whoever she is, Renji nods his head as he decides that he does like this woman. At first Renji starts to open his mouth while she contemplates, but decides that she isn't done speaking and waits for her to continue, while he himself thinks. He's already decided that he'd like to see more of her, but can't deny the danger that blood magic adds to that venture. Not that it makes much of a difference, his life is already rife with danger in the first place, and he also knows something that she doesn't: finding Caesar Flynn would take days at the least and weeks at the most, which diminishes at least the time factor. His other hand still hasn't separated from Mei-Lan's. In fact, if anything, he begins stroking her palm with his thumb. Clearing his throat, Renji speaks in response, his unseeing orange eyes glinting in the candlelight and a strange smile on his face. "Mei-chan, you will not get rid of me that easily. For one, I know someone, an elder vampire who lives in the Sky Coin. The creator of a clan of vampires that call themselves the Sanguines, who specialize in blood magic. I am confident that he'd be able to put you on the right path, and finding him would take weeks, at the most. Though I'll warn you that he loves women. There don't seem to be any vampires in his harem, though." Renji realizes the last statement as he speaks it, and lets himself sigh in some relief. "Secondly, I have already expressed a desire to travel alongside you. We both have supernatural senses, you no doubt can tell that my resolve hasn't wavered. I thank you for giving me a way out, but I am not leaving you. Besides, I want to see more of you. You're a truly extraordinary woman to make me feel that way, I tell you, Mei-chan. And thirdly..." Here, Renji's face takes on a serious look as he shuffles closer to the elder of them both. "I am a half-devil. If you felt the need to drink my blood and ended up overdrinking, all I'd need to do is bite into your neck and drink the blood back. I'm no vampire, but my demonic heritage makes it so that drinking blood will do in a pinch. I try not to do it too much, it is quite like alcohol. Though, I admit to wondering how your blood tastes." At the end, he puts on the tiny smile once again, his voice taking on a rather jokey tone. Renji holds his silence after speaking for another few moments, eating his food in silence as he ponders how to put his next words. He bites his lower lip and scrapes his shark-like teeth across his bottom lip, licking off the blood from the already-healing wound. "Mei-chan, if I may say so, this date seems to be a success." Instead of relying solely on her reply, whatever it may be, he lets his curiosity get the best of him and scans her mind, trying to see if she also feels any attraction to him.
  8. We will not relent until we're no. 1 once again!
  9. My mobile phone, the only link to the outside world, has just had its screen spoilt. That means that until it's fixed, presumably sometime this week or next, I won't be able to post at all. At all I say, since I doubt I'd be able to write up all those long posts with my SIM in someone else's phone. I got a friend to give me some mobile hotspot to be able to do this...

  10. My fixed-battery phone's charging port has problems, so i won't be online for a while once it dies

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  11. In just a few words, previously-held plans go down like a house of cards.

    1. Earl of Purple

      Earl of Purple

      Sorry to hear that, Eagle. I hope everything turns out well for you.

    2. Eagle-77


      I somehow doubt it possibly can. :hurt: I can't decide if I feel upset or stupid.

  12. ZO'BWA [PLACEHOLDER LOGO] The Island below the Coin Geography It is located aside the Sky Coin itself. The city is built on an artificial island built on the water itself, kept afloat by both technology, magic and the will of the genius loci itself. Topography Cityscape Climate Flora and Fauna Demographics Culture Economy Major Companies and Institutions Parks and Recreation Landmarks and monuments Government Local government Federal government Education Transportation Roads and Highways: Rails/Subways: Riverways: Cab (mounted horse, etc?): Private: Notable Residents History Canon Past
  13. ZO'BWA ISLAND CITY - THE ISLAND BELOW THE COIN Basic Description: A futuristic, highly-technological world where nanotechnology is seeing widespread use. It is the distant future, and after the main superpowers of the world succeeded in destroying the earth and causing a mini-apocalypse, a shift in balance put the region as the most technologically-advanced region: dubbed Africasia. Mix of Black Africa and the Orient. Technology: Space-travel is possible, but not time-travel. That's a can of worms I'd rather not open. Spirit energy is everywhere; everyone has harness it in their very being. It can power technology, even. Effective usage, however, require training and honing of skills. Everyone has the ability to use spirit energy, but special training is required to use it effectively. Even without spirit energy buffs, technology is powered by nanobots, allowing little devices to have a wide array of functions. Digital construction nanotech is available, but requires spirit energy to use. With it, anything can be created or simulated, think 'advanced 3D printing'. Teleportation is possible, but only to skilled Spirit Energy users. Other lesser forms use teleportation by object switching, among others. Character Types: Normal people: These are the random people going about their day. They usually lack the ability to use spirit energy, at most being able to do basic things with it, but the access to technology more than makes up for it. Still, with the type of things that roam around this world, they can be considered the weakest. There are concerns that the widespread use of technology could get out of hand, though society has more-or-less adapted to having all this technology at their disposal. Ninja is a catch-all term for the various mercenary black-ops units that exist all around the world. When a more delicate touch is needed, jobs are outsourced to these ninja. Their methods, equipment, M.O. etc. differ by clan. For ninja, it's standard protocol to use a pseudonym when off-world. Nano-enhanced soldiers are soldiers that have undergone heavy nano-augmentation in order to become faster, stronger and more formidable. They are basically one-man armies, and they are brought out when shit goes down. Protonumans like Ilyona and Lyov, two volunteers who underwent extensive experimental surgery, turning them into half-human machine hybrids. What is left of their real body is in their head, spine and torso, the others have been replaced. Lyov specializes in assassinations, Ilyona specializes in super-augmentative surgery. Sentient Robots and AI: Felicity is of the AI variety, while the nanobot mass is of the robot variety. Sentient AI are robots that are basically self-aware, though they can still be controlled by humans. In this world, they exist to serve humans, and are usually glad to do their job. A mass of nanobots that is basically the robot's soul, these masses break down metals and use it to replicate new parts, or create new versions of themselves, though that takes time and has a cooldown.
  14. Even with the earbuds blasting dubstep music in her ears, Raven H can still hear the wind rustling in her ears as she traverses the forests via jumping from treetop to treetop in a bid to explore her new surroundings. After quite the long absence from her hometown in Terrenus, she'd recently returned. Ever the adventurer, she'd soon set about adventuring as usual, expanding her reach to the rest of the world she found herself in, now she was more in control of her fate. Within two weeks, she'd found herself here in Predator's Keep, peddling her skills as a stealthy ninja warrior. The 14-year old former child soldier bears a happy smile on her face as the peacefulness brought to mind the fact that she was back home where she belonged, on Valucre soil, though she's not so taken in by happy memories that she loses all sense of her surroundings. One mistake and she could find herself heading for solid ground, and in a bad way. So it's not much of a surprise when her eyes suddenly pick up movement in the surrounding area. Curious, Raven H heads in the direction that both her void senses and her inbuilt HUD indicate. A cool-looking dragon lady is the first thing she notices, and her attention is sufficiently arrested by that simple fact that it's no longer a matter of if, but when she'll make her entrance. Keeping fully in mind the other people present around the lake, the African girl jumps down from a tree and lands skillfully on her feet, revealing herself to be a 14-year old with vaugely asian-looking eyes, short black hair, black sclera, silver eyes and dressed in navy blue ninja garb, including the mask and the ninjato across her back. She could have hung back, but she has the feeling her presence would be sensed by one of the members. Valucre always was weird and varied like that. It's when her ears pick up the words that she suddenly wishes she'd at least tried to stay hidden a bit. Though, she did pick up the words 'Ms Kanzaki' while she had been approaching, just seconds ago. Raven Kanzaki, she'd found out about the bounty. She'd rejected it, feeling a strange sort of kinship with this lady who shares her name. A glance in her direction confirms it is indeed her. Sensing the tension as soon as she lands, she immediately ventures a guess, addressing her namesake. "Is your life in danger at the moment, Miss?" She asks with a scowl hidden by her facemask, and a not-at-all-hidden suspicious glare at the men in the area, particularly at Malik. He sounded the most suspicious, from the little she picked up.
  15. Or perhaps since she recently woke up, she hasn't realized that the day hasn't ended yet. "It's not as pretty as you. Or Sarah. Cliche, but true." Kimiko responds, winking playfully at her sister. "Though I didn't tell you all my plans regarding lightmetal. When Orangeade - I mean Sarah, it's my nickname for her - gets the stuff, I'd planned to get you to focus on the brightness as a way to improve your concentration. Then, I'd make it harder on you by getting you to focus on something else while doing that. Based on the results of that, we'd take it from there. Being orcish has its perks, so Sarah can help you there." If Fumiko has a smartphone or equivalent communication device, then she's used something that utilizes lightmetal. On the subject of their very recently dead parents, Kimiko is sure they're in a better place, hence the question asked being rhetorical. "I was being rhetorical, Fumi." She says, sounding rather weak. "Though they were, weren't they?" Her reminiscing is cut short, though, by a sudden realization. "Oh my... I haven't told Sarah yet. She's my best friend, she has to know... though she'd likely insist on coming over tonight... I think I should tell her tomorrow. Promise me you won't tell her until I do, Fumi?" Kimiko asks, rather pleadingly. Not knowing what to do next, or perhaps not able to trust herself to speak more without being overwhelmed with emotion, Kimi focuses on her meal, eating slowly while she tries to get herself together. There'll be time to mourn later, right now it's time to just spend time with her sister. It's also why she decided not to tell Sarah yet, as much as she loves her, tonight is sisters' time. She does note how much better Fumiko appears to be taking things.