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  1. My turn. Sci-Fi Action Grimdark scenes Horror Emotional drama scenes Sci-Fi kinky torture unkinky torture (in the place of the sadist) Sci-fi Hey, did I mention Sci-Fi?
  2. "Oh, Fumi!" Kimiko responds to the darndest thing her sister just said. Why would she have yesterday's newspaper on today's table? And she's apparently forgotten that most newspapers these days are made of e-paper, which allows the pictures to move. "Well, the information is still there, but the pictures won't move as good where you cut them." She expatiates, still not sounding crossed. In a bid to make up for lost time, listening to Fumiko, she's eaten to the point that the contents of her bowl is less than Fumiko's. "There are rules, Fumi. In order to do that, you'd need... oh my word!" Kimiko smacks her forehead in realization. "You can practice with lightmetal! You know, the stuff Jinkei - I mean, Dr. Masters is famous for finding out how to create in the lab? Sarah works with her sometimes, she has a massive crush on the lady." She doesn't sound jealous when she says that, mainly because she knows that the crush is one-sided. "I'll text her to bring some tomorrow. Just grab it and practice brightening or dimming the natural glow it has. That should exercise your concentration muscles some. It would also let you do what Yvilda thinks, to some extent, you'd only be able to make the part of it not blocked by something to solidify, trick someone into gripping a still-sharp and solid part, something like that." Kimiko sighs in relief when Fumiko replies fully. "Thank the Light. That makes things less awkward." Though, her face falls as she once again thinks of their recently-deceased parents. "They're in a better place now, aren't they?" She whispers, wiping the tears that had begun to form in her eyes. "Dad always pushed us to be the best we could be without being overbearing or controlling, and Mum always had encouragement to give. They were both people who fought for what they believed in, and never gave up on us. I love them so much."
  3. Kimiko pays attention as her sister explains just what makes her sword tricky to do, as well as providing a visual demonstration, just as she'd hoped. She notes how easily the sword construct cuts through the newspaper. "I was going to read that, Fumi." She notes, not sounding the least bit cross. In fact, she sounds quite impressed, and even nods in agreement when told how hard using existing light is for Fumiko. "There're two reasons for that, lil' sis. One comes down to individual abilities. Using existing sources was easier for me, but you know how driven I am, I wanted to learn the hard one, didn't want to limit myself. Second reason is the difference in elements. Existing light is harder to bend than existing fire, since in its natural state, light travels in a straight line." Kimiko explains, noting how slightly her fire dims, no doubt Fumiko's work. "Time for me to show off a bit." Kimiko says, focusing a bit as her flaming lady turns itself into a flaming sword. "Concentration exercises would make it easier to use while keeping it steady. I don't want to burn down the house or damage my table, so you'll have to take my word for it. I'm keeping the heat contained in the sword, which is why you're not feeling the heat. But whoever gets this in them..." She trails off as she dispels the construct and looks down at her food, suddenly wondering how her sister would take her next words. "Before I continue, I have to confess something to you. I hope you don't think differently of me, it'd kill me if I did something to make you think I wasn't safe to be around, but... I've taken lives before, in a bid to defend myself and others. And you might have to do the same in future." It's at this point that she looks up, searching her sister's eyes for her reaction.
  4. Races seen in both sides: (under construction) -Humans -Numans/Neohumans: Majorly comprising of black and asian ethnicities, these brand of humans have, in the stead of magical ability, an inborn nanosystem that both enhances biomechanical interface ability and provides extranormal abilities. -Dwarves -Orcs -Beast Elves: These are elves which have the ability to transform as an inborn animal and take on their characteristics. More than two-thirds of the ones in Himmelia are foxborn. Dorcha-only Races -Vampyrs -Marked Vampyrs -Eldritch-touched -Nightborn (tieflings) Himmelia-only Races -Dhampyr -Skyfox Beast Elves -Gnomes (winged) -Angelborn (aasimar)
  5. Mirror-person Concept Simply put, Himmelia and Dorcha could be said to be mirror images of each other, and that concept extends to the characters to be found within it. For instance, any one person born in Himmelia has a mirror image in Dorcha. They could look anything from identical duplicates to fraternal twins, and have differing life histories, often due to a butterfly effect situation where one different path leads to a wildly different life. They are mostly unaware of each other's existences, though when they meet, there is bound to be conflict of differing forms. However, it is very difficult for one to kill their mirror images without suffering consequences. This occurrence is also not often seen due to the fact that knowledge of one's mirror image's existence is often hard to come by. The mirror images are different in fundamental ways, but despite being on opposite ends of the moral spectrum, are not so different in others. These mirror images also always have an affinity for the extranormal, being able to manifest abilities as early as during their childhood. Examples: Kirsi Ranta and Renji Raitake (see my sig), or Dr. Kat Masters and Agony.
  6. Been working on how to merge and implement one of my favorite conworlds into the Sky Coin all week. I'm making progress.

  7. Kimiko smiles at her sister's reply regarding the chopsticks, remembering her own experiences teaching people how to use them, just the sight of her using them had even made her a few friends. The sadness that comes up when their parents are mentioned is reflected on her own face, and she stretches her free hand forward to pat her sister's own hand in comfort, before drawing it back to her side. "They always made sure we were in touch with our heritage, didn't they?" She says wistfully. When she's complimented about her cooking, Kimiko smiles brightly at Fumiko, like her opinion mattered the most. It kind of does, in a way, if she'll be feeding her sister, she has to bring her A-game to the kitchen. No sister of hers will eat bad food under her roof! "Oh, Fumi!" The elder sibling shakes her head at Fumiko's words. She lets the girl finish speaking, then leans forward and stretches out her hand, conjuring a flame in the form of a dancing girl. "Fire is heat and light, dear. You can draw from it to practice. While bettering my pyrokinesis, I practiced with open flames until I could shape it very well, then applied the knowledge to self-generated flames. Now I can turn myself into a flaming eagle girl, for a short time. I'd suggest that you practice with light sources, and work your way up from a dagger to a sword." Kimiko can simply not help but be very excited at the prospect of training with her sister and only family, and it shows in her speech, her body language and the fact that she's temporarily stopped eating to say all of that, letting out an uncharacteristically girly scream at the thought. "It'll be fun, training everyday. Tomorrow we'll get started... But first, show me what you can make with your light."
  8. Hi Nuclear? How's it hanging? 

  9. There was always a dark version? Wow, I prefer it this way! Totally sticking with it. Methinks this is kinda a blessing in disguise, serving to educate those of us who prefer dark themes that the site has such a thing!
  10. Kimiko giggles as she watches her little sister sit down eagerly to eat her meal, noting with some interest how skillful Fumiko is at using chopsticks. "I sorta assumed you'd be more used to Western cutlery, like in school." She says, rather thoughtfully, as she fetches two tumblers and fills them with water from the dispenser. One glass is placed beside Fumiko, and the other she downs in a few gulps, repeating the process of 'fill and then drink' two more times, for the alcohol she's consumed, despite her physiology inhibiting the full drunkenness effect. She wouldn't want to wake up with a headache, after all. That done, she sits down gracefully, cup beside her bowl, and begins eating her meal, just as adroit with the chopsticks. She can't help but just admire her sister as she eats, temporarily flashing back to when she was little and held a baby Fumiko in her arms. "So, how's it? Can you tell I've been trying to improve? One of my goals is to become the best cook I can be. It's a useful application of pyrokinesis." She comments between bites, flicking a flame at her sister's top that dissipates just before contact. She'll laugh if Fumiko flinches, then quickly apologize for doing so. "You should know I'd never hurt you." She'd add in an admonishing tone.
  11. This is Valucre, we shouldn't have any problem doing it again. Lord knows it deserves the top spot.
  12. Despite his anger at the Mistress and her lover, the demeanor change clues him into Jennifer's emergence, and he is quick to wrap his arms around her, holding her in his arms until she passes, the smile she has on her face for the first time since he's known her warming his own heart. It greatly helps soften the blow of the knowledge that he was forced to kill her to save her. Unwilling to let Jennifer die alone on the floor, Renji summons a hand construct, created for the purpose of pulling the grimoire out of the robe and dropping it beside him. All the while, he focuses most of his senses on her, cradling her head against his chest as she whispers for forgiveness. Unable to find anything to say, he just listens and strokes her hair, his eyes moistening. Just as she passes away, the first teardrops fall on her face. Such a waste of a life, tainted by evil and only cured by death. This wasn't his first time time, nor would it be the last, that he had to end lives, be it one or a thousand, for similar reasons. But this one was sure to stick with him for the rest of his long life. "Walk free, Jennifer." Renji whispers, finding his voice only after giving the dead lady a final kiss. Despite the happiness he and Mei-Lan had found in each other, he couldn't deny that he still felt something for Jennifer. Indeed, his murder of her could be called an act of love, borne out of a desire to end her suffering. After all is said and done, Renji retrieves the grimoire, finding the spell after a bit of scanning with his 'seer vision'. After reciting the spell out loud, generating a portal to preferably outside Tazarek, he drapes Jennifer's lifeless body over his shoulder and walks through the portal. If anything, she deserves to be buried. As for Ronin? He should probably start looking into a merge of sorts...
  13. I'm honestly not sure if I should, between a busy life and pending threads... Perhaps I'd try and make time in the future, if you'd still have me. Though if you're more than 5 at this point, consider me out. I have trouble keeping up with ensemble threads.
  14. Okies