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  1. Svetlana pointedly ignores Dia's less-than-polite attempt to tell her to 'shut up' as she walks towards Daichi and has her conversation with him. That done, she walks to her workshop and activates the automatic glass frost setting, making it harder to see into her space... but not quickly enough that Dia won't get to see her weapon workbench. Daichi studies her some more as she speaks and generally acts like she owns the place. In some ways, this lady reminds him of someone he knows all too well, that someone being Cass. Only thing is, Cass is loud and boisterous, while this Dia seems quieter... but the energy is still there. From what he understands of her request, she's asking for a huge hunk of metal in the vague shape of a sword, that can store evil spiritual energy? He can do that, but it's a shame: surrounded by perfectly good katanas, and she requests for a bludgeon. 'Oh my stars... kids today', he thinks, even though he's younger than she is. "Gotcha. I assume ya can pay for it? Won't be cheap, especially considerin' all that metal needed to make it big enough for ya. In addition, it'll require a special type of metal that can channel spiritual energy, including the unholy sort." Obtaining more is easy enough, but the amount needed to make this sword... compensation is required. "I'll need that demon soul, but you gotta wait till it's almost done." He adds in his southern drawl. He pauses for a moment, able to sense the spiritual energy inside her current sword. "Pull it out for a moment, why don't ya? The demon soul, I mean. Mah senses pick up spiritual energy." Svetlana is away from the room. If she can hear, she makes no indication that she did, but Daichi picks up on it. "She, ah, makes energy weapons for her own personal use. I do declare, ya don't seem like the kinda girl who has much use for energy weapons, unless they shoot demon energy that is."
  2. While Svetlana agrees with Dia's words, she can't help but purse her lips a little bit. It does come off as a bit insulting to assume that the person you speak with is the sort to talk tactlessly. A master of social situations, Dia obviously is not. She doesn't miss Dia's use of the word 'humans', however, which implies she isn't one. "I take it you are not a human? I find that to be true for everyone, regardless of race, though you can be rest assured that I and Daichi-kun are the sort to choose our words carefully." Something Dia herself could stand to learn. "I am Dr Svetlana Tanaka, 'Just Dia-san'." The Polish-Japanese cyborg introduces herself in turn. She nods when Dia asks her question, and walks in behind the unbeknownst-to-her succubus. Ignoring her crass shout, she walks past Dia towards the area where Daichi currently is sitting. After a short conversation in Japanese, she points towards Dia. "She requires weapons, Daichi-kun." The place is a huge space divided in two by a reinforced glass wall. One side is Daichi's, and looks like a futuristic smithy, with weapons on display and the tools to make them to perfection. The other end, which Svetlana walks into, looks more like a cyberneticist's workshop, with parts for making and upgrading cybertech, as well as a workstation for building and repairing tech weapons. The young man gets up and bows to Dia in greeting. "Howdy Dia, this sure is the right place. I am Daichi Tanaka. Hime-chan - er, I mean Dr Tanaka - has told me ya need some weapons? What can I do you for, then?" He asks in a friendly manner, seemingly studying her despite his blindness.
  3. Malediction looks around the area some more, indulging his habit of examining the area for the quickest exit points, should something go down. He returns his gaze to Riha, and soon their eyes meet. Ah, so she's noticed him, good! Stoically, he nods to her in greeting as he continues their little staring contest, neither unflinching. It's only when she starts coming over that he's satisfied for the time being, and thus averts his gaze. By this time, Ruby's finished snacking on her portion of the food. "Good girl." He says, loud enough for only her to hear, upon noticing the meager amount she's eaten. He starts eating himself, nodding almost imperceptibly at the deliciousness of this meal. It's almost as delicious as the meals back home. All shadar-kai are known for seeing life as fleeting, and back home, one way it manifests as a love for parties. Why else would a sourpuss like himself be here? His gaze finds Riha once more as she arrives. He watches her in silence as she struggles with her clothing before addresing him. "No, you don't." He simply responds to her, then bows as much as he's able to without standing up. "You are the host of this gathering, aren't you? I thought it best to get acquainted with the one in charge of this grand party. I am new in the area, and am looking to learn as much as I can, for work purposes." He continues, noting how she totally ignores Ruby to focus on him. It's likely obvious as to her status in relation to him, but he introduces her to keep up appearances, along with himself. "You may call me Malediction, and her Ruby. She is my... personal assistant." He gestures to Ruby, bidding her to speak.
  4. It seems Svetlana was right about the demon hunter part, and she seems rather excited once that is confirmed. It's a subdued sort of excitement, for she is not the sort to just wantonly express outward giddiness. It's unbecoming, for one such as her who carries herself with the air of nobility. "If it was not worth a visit, would I have brought it up?" She simply responds to Dia wondering out loud whether or not to visit the place. When the offer of a cybernetic arm is turned down, she nods. "That is too bad, indeed, but I understand why. My skill at being a cyberneticist lends itself to weapon creation, however, so I could help you enhance my friend's weapons with technology." She leads the way, pointing down the street when asked about distance. "Not too far from here, oneesan... might I inquire as to your name?" She finally asks as she leads Dia down the street, turning a corner. They'll arrive at the location next post, but she points it out now: a one-story building with a neon sign in the background, letters written in Common/English, Japanese and Polish. The sign reads: "Tanaka's Smithy"
  5. Supernatural, she can get, but 'demonic, evil and unholy'? Svetlana's eyes narrow a little as she wonders just what use this woman has for such things. Another glance at the sword, and she puts two-and-two together. "A demon hunter, then?" Like Dante! Wait, is the sword humming? It stopped when this lady hit it on something. Perhaps the sword is alive, brimming with such energies? "Fascinating." She says, not just of the sword, but of the demon hunting. "My friend is a weaponsmith, yes. Though he specializes in katanas, he also has an array of weapons for purchase. They do conduct spiritual energy, so perhaps that is to your liking? At any rate, oneesan, I can take you to him so you can speak with him yourself." She gives the blue-eyed young lady another once-over. "If you wish to be more like Nero and gain a cybernetic arm, I can help on that front."
  6. Svetlana walks alongside the younger woman with the comically large sword, a small smile on her lips. "Coincidentally, so do I. Working alone, that is." If they're both going for the same bounty, they'll have to share the take. While Svetlana doesn't mind sharing, it means there'll be less for her and Daichi to split for their shared shop space. Dia obviously wants to be left alone. As anti-social as Karasu, Svetlana thinks. No, even more so, this one won't be warming up to her anytime soon. She'd be content to leave Dia be and go her own way, but she's curious about the weapons the girl has on her, particularly that sword. "May I ask about that sword, oneesan? The one on your back that makes you look like Cloud Strife?" Her heterochromic electronic eyes study the weapon as she smiles at her own otaku joke. "My friend runs a weapon shop, and he can assist you with any repairs, if necessary."
  7. Svetlana turns to look at the woman beside her as she snaps away at the bounty board. Her eyes drift to the comically large sword strapped to the back of the other lady, and it's all she can do to keep from shaking her head. She'll never get used to how some people can wield off-balance weapons like it's the most natural thing in the world. "Going for Ichi's head too, oneesan?" She asks, turning back to face the board. A reasonable guess, considering his bounty's the most expensive one on the board, followed by Mr B's and Blood Professor's. "I hope you do not mind company." She adds, her sword materializing in her hand. It's a well-made katana with a dark violet hilt, a weapon she's affectionately named 'Kurenai-hime'. Since Cassie's on her way back from a courier job at the moment, or so she said in the reply message she just sent to Svetlana, it just might fall to the cyborg woman to go hunting.
  8. @Houndy Poochykins The afternoon sun shines bright over Chesterfield as a certain woman walks around Chesterfield in search of some good tea. A number of her friends from Raptor Island (Cassie and Daichi, specifically) had chosen this location as a sort of home-away-from-home, finding it much like the Nexus in many ways. After some bounty-hunting and the money from this, one had set up a weaponsmithing shop and the other had taken to bounty-hunting. Dr. Tanaka - Svetlana as she's known to most- on the other hand, sets up shop beside Daichi as a cybernetics specialist. Any one who needed cyborg parts, replacements or repairs could come to her and get serviced, for a fee. With a 'closed' sign on the door of her shop, Svetlana feels free to tour this area a bit more, greeting any new friends she'd made during her short time here. The Polish-Japanese woman is essentially a gynoid covered in skin lined in Cyberpunk-like circuit seams. She's wearing a blue sleeveless dress today, under a white labcoat. Her hair is tied up in a topknot, and her electronic heterochromic eyes roam the area as she walks. And that's when she notices it: the bounty board, on which certain bounties have been pinned. One of them catches her eye: a 'Wanted Dead' bounty for some guy called 'Ichi the Demon'. This calls for calling Cassie, but the more of the guy's crimes she reads, the more she feels like taking it on herself. And so she stands there, trying to decide. Just in case, she sends the poster image to Cassie.
  9. That's too bad, supes. However, it makes this a good time for me to pull out of the thread, count my scene with Houndy above as a test-run and do something in a closed thread. I am grateful for the interactions I've had in this thread, discovering RPers such as @Venus Sprite and @DarkHorse. I hope I get more chances to RP with y'all in the future, you both especially. Sprite mainly, cos something's started with Chidi and Igni and I want to see where it goes, though that'll have to be after a certain slow-moving thread off-Val he's involved in. I'd just plotclone, but this thread involves faeries, who knows what could happen? I could leave one of my charries behind to interact with Sprite (or anyone else remaining), though I'm not sure who yet.
  10. Malediction can sense very much the reactions that he and his slave have. Despite his best efforts to make her look like a 'girlfriend' of his, her submissive demeanour makes it clear what she actually is. He sees no need to either confirm or deny their thoughts. Or perhaps, it's because he's shadar-kai? When he was a drow in his past life, he'd have drawn similar looks. After all this time, he's grown used to such reactions, and simply reacts in turn with an air of indifference. He remains silent, scanning the entire area, pointedly looking into any staring eyes until they look away. Soon enough, they're served food. Finally. "Thank you." His voice is a deep baritone, the likes of which most won't expect from his kind. "Eat, Ruby." He says, gesturing for his pet to start eating first, trusting her to know her place and how much to eat before risking later punishment. "And then we will leave, as soon as I get what I came for. Perhaps, even sooner." He says, looking directly at the host in the distance.
  11. If this was an anime, Cassie's eyes would be sparkling right about now. In fact, they do light up when Dia brings that up. "Really? That's so cool! I think I could help, I went to military school, and I've helped hunt some monsters ever since I left my home world." She raises up her free hand, and hot blue flames appear around it. "Maybe not demons, but monsters, see?" She re-absorbs the flames and downs the rest of the mug. "Beer before liquor, never fear. I'll have some of what you're havin'!" When the topic of singing is broached, she grins and nods. "Not sure I wanna sing, but hey, it's fun right? Plus, I was in the school choir for a spell, so it should be easy enough." She turns to look at the group, people talking to each other while getting food, with Daichi in the corner eating while looking in Kimiko's general direction. "So, what weapons do ya use?"
  12. Prior to her going to meet Dia, Cassie's replied to by Kimiko in a language she doesn't recognize in any way. Her head tilts to one side, puzzled. "That sounds like no *hic* no language I ever heard. Aren't ya Japanese?" She stares at the woman for a bit, then waves her hand dismissively. "Whatevs, Daichi's saying hi, that's the point. Now if you'll 'scuse me, I spot a hot girl in the distance." "Dia... nice to meetcha, Dia." Cassie flashes a big grin and offers her a hand for shaking. "And I'll hafta say it simply means you haven't had good ramen. Try some of theirs and see for yourself. If not, then try some of mine. I'm a damn good cook." But then Dia mentions hunting, and Cassie refocuses on the other woman, her head perking up as her black-sclera eyes fixate on Dia. "A hunter! Thas'so cool! I'm a courier myself, for now, but I could become a hunter too! So, whaddya hunt, exactly?"
  13. "Not a fan of large groups, huh? No matter, we can party without those squares, if you'd prefer." Cassie says, grinning as she sips out of her mug of beer, a thumb pointed at the large group of people in the distance. "I prefer liquor myself, but dis beer's well-made. Goes well with the ramen, too." The blasian girl waves to one of the servers, drunk enough to openly display the fact that she finds Dia attractive. "Ayyyy waiter! Some booze for this cutie here!" Cassie's a hardcore party girl who gets around in general, so perhaps it's inaccurate to say she's being this way just because she's under the influence. "So, I'm Cassie Chun, and that there's Daichi Tanaka." She points towards the blind Japanese young man, his eyes blindfolded by a red cloth. Nonetheless, he seems to move like his lack of sight doesn't hamper him at all. "He doesn't like to party much, so we can leave him out. How about ya, whassya name?"
  14. Malediction enjoys his drink whilst watching Raisa's actions closely. Once it's time for her to lead him to the woman he seeks, he downs the rest of his drink and follows her. "Nines...?" Is that what she calls herself now? That name had come up during his investigation, but now he makes the connection to his long-lost twin. It makes sense, too, for he doesn't go around calling himself Ryril Rav'naggaath, or Xadal Drinn. "Nines..." He says again, testing the nickname. She's obviously taking him to see this Nines she speaks of, meaning he's about to be face-to-face with his long-lost sister. As he approaches the unmarked door, he takes a deep breath before it is opened. He soon finds himself face-to-face with her indeed: a mutated adult version of the person he once shared a bunk bed with, watching something of the sort they once enjoyed together, an age ago. However, he can foresee that she'll pay no direct attention to him unless she has reason to, and thus chooses the direct route. "Nines? You are Ruvallah Rav'naggaath?" A pause, perhaps for effect. "I am Malediction, a shadar-kai who wasn't always one. I started life as a male drow, until unfortunate circumstances led to the loss of my life. The Raven Queen granted me a new life, away from the Underdark, and thus I was resurrected as a shadar-kai. I had no intention of returning to my old life, until I saw the House's heraldry and got curious about what my long-lost twin sister might be up to. The kind of woman she might have become." Another pause for effect. "That's right, Ruvi. It's me, Ryril. Ryril Rav'naggaath." Indeed, if she looks closely at his face, she'll be able to see the resemblance. He got to keep his original facial structure (among other things), just not his race.
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