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  1. Looks like I have to eat my words, after all... I'm going to give PGRP another shot. So many people I enjoy RPing with are doing the same.

    To be very honest, I like the idea of the site, but my main worry is overwhelm. Learning all the new stuff, the syntax for the wiki, acclimatizing to the new area... it made me decide it wasn't for me. As big of a sign as my account getting deleted for inactivity was, an even bigger sign as come in the form of my favourite RP partners of Val deciding to give PGRP a shot, so...

    I guess I'll see y'all in the new site, then!

    1. ticklefarte


      That's great. If it helps, I actually find PGRP to be less overwhelming than Valucre was. Especially on dark mode haha. For me it's as simple as: find a story, and just write. At the fundamentals, that's all it is, even if it's a new site.

      Of course, make sure you're not just crashing in on random threads lmao. If it gets that confusing I'm sure you can ask questions. 

      See you there!

  2. I suppose I should say something, now that Val is going bye-bye.

    It's been fun RPing with y'all, making friends and stories... memories I'll keep with me for a long time. I'm unsure whether or not I'll be coming, but signs point to no (EDIT: they now point to yes). To those who don't come along, I'll miss ya all!

  3. Sorry @Rembrandtt, but once I read the news of Valucre's departure and the new site, I lost all interest in my Valucre scenes, cos.... what's the point of continuing with something you know is going tits up? That I was going through a rough time didn't help matters. Sorry we couldn't complete that RP, Tez is a very interesting character.
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