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  1. "Ah, I see. That makes sense." Chidi nods in understanding, rubbing his chin in thought. "In that case, it's easy enough to do. Storing the body, I mean." It's all going well and according to plan! When she asks for some OmniBead communicators, though, he smiles and shakes his head. It's akin to asking him if he had a spare smartphone to just give out, after all. "No... no I don't. Even if I did, how technologically-savvy are you? It's made to be easy to learn if you invest the time into it, but it also can only be found in my world. Plus, these aren't exactly cheap." What a beautiful and infectious grin! He finds himself grinning back, and nods once again. "Perhaps, I will! Coming to visit Raptor Island is easily doable enough, too, so there should be no trouble." As long as she doesn't spontaneously go all dragon-y and chase the locals for fun. Unfortunately, they're rudely interrupted by the rank smell of stinky cheese. "Ugh, what the hell is that?" He wrinkles his face and covers his nose, having enough discipline from his time in special forces to not immediately flee the scene. Using his powers, he creates a sonic shield to block out any unwanted scents from coming their direction. The offer to relocate to the lake is welcome, considering the unwanted circumstances. Graciously accepting Igni's hand, he rises to his feet. "I'll be delighted to." He really shouldn't, but a little more time won't hurt. Especially, given the fact that he'll be spending it with this fascinating woman.
  2. I can relate with everything here. Including... no, especially the last part.
  3. Ah @Mistyphantom I see you left the thread. I had a stressful day, couldn't do any posting. I'm busy at the moment, so might not post still for a few hours yet.
  4. I'll post tomorrow, it's late now.
  5. @Mistyphantom Welcome to Valucre! I see you've posted in the ToL. Why don't ya and @Ravenholm RP for a bit, I'll play the bartender and staff if you have any questions ICly. I was gonna send Lovelace to Raven, he's someone who'll agree with the necromancer's mindset, but I think this is an opportunity for you both to RP together. Whaddya say?
  6. At this point, the woman's lips are pursing so hard one might wonder why they aren't as flat as pancakes already. "I see." She says, obviously not wanting to talk anymore to this despicable fellow. Those who would take advantage of other people and rationalize it in that manner is something she cannot abide. "This conversation is over." She finally says, turning back to her drink. Typical, it's one way villainous sorts operate in Valucre after all. Vaddok's next words echo this sentiment. "Tsk tsk tsk... that's life in Valucre, unfortunately. Lots of conmen using the poor and destitute for their experiments. For instance, my sister's best friend knows this woman in Lagrimosa, who has a cousin that went to university with this one guy, who claims there's a scientist operating out of New Everrun doing this exact same thing! Get 'willing volunteers' contractually obligated to do your bidding for pay. Truly, a treacherous practice. New Everrun, Last Chance... they do that a lot... I'll advise you to find a better way of making money without screwing poor saps over, like this woman here does, but you won't be swayed, will you?" He shrugs and continues wiping glasses.
  7. The woman frowns visibly in disapproval. After gaining new perspective, she'd recently quit her one-woman vigilante crusade against ne'er-do-wells in favour of focusing on scientific pursuits, but people like this make her reconsider totally giving it up. "Do not, my love." A mental voice only she can hear. She looks to the side at some invisible figment in the distance, then takes a deep breath. "That is it, my princess... deep breaths." She doesn't want to know more. In fact, the more he reveals, the less she wants to know. She can't resist giving her judgement, however. "So, you would take advantage of those too desperate to think straight?" She asks in disgust, Vaddok punctuating it by clucking his tongue. They get paid, but will they even get the chance to use that money? Somee of them might have families to feed, but what about the ones that don't? "I would wish you the best of luck, but I do not." Rather, she hopes he ends up like Zengi.
  8. Editing my last post to account for the cheese. I missed that part the first time.
  9. Vaddok raises a prying eyebrow, already having a few guesses. Before he can inquire further, the woman starts to respond to the necromancer. "... this says Odin Haze led a religious crusade to wipe out the Desecrators. Thus, if there are any left - and I assume there will be - they will not be as easy to find as they would have been a few years ago. Apparently, the Desecrators visit Dead Peak in secret, though with the risk involved, they would likely take greater measures to ensure their secrecy." Once she's done, the bartender takes the opportunity to interject. "What is this usual business you speak of? I might have some advice and pointers. I used to be an alchemist, you know!"
  10. A necromancer! That would certainly explain the odd air this man has about him. Those who would use their abilities to create undead, desecrating their bodies, denying them rest. Before she can respond, the green-eyed bartener pipes up. "That explains the aura of death around you... I had my suspicions! You'll want to know about Zengi the witch-king, one of the most dangerous devils to set foot in Lagrimosa! That old scoundrel is arguably one of the strongest necromancers of all time." The woman continues where the bartender left off. There's a holographic screen floating in front of her face, and she reads off of it. "Born to a harlot and a psychopath on the brightest day of summer, the stories say. Responsible for centuries worth of loss of life on Lagrimosa, his main concern was the annihilation of all things. The witch-king was finally destroyed by the Lions. Today, he is worshipped by The Desecrators... or rather, what is left of them." Vaddok nods as the woman speaks, as if to confirm that everything she says is correct. "Those who live to destroy usually end up getting destroyed, themselves." He drops a little bit of wisdom, advice he's sure this man will ignore. Assuming, of course, his sort of necromancy's the dangerous and forbidden sort. "May I ask what you plan to do with this information?"
  11. The woman notices the confused look her features are getting, indeed she's been getting those a lot since she visited these worlds. First, Trog's Tavern elsewhere, and now this Tavern of Legend. Although she prefers hanging out in the lounge, she has taken it upon herself to stay in this main tavern proper in order to help any newcomers with the information she possesses. That is, when she's not outside exploring the world of Valucre. Lagrimosa in particular, her tech would stop working if she dared enter Genesaris! When he laughs at his own joke, the woman simply smiles. "This one in particular, obviously. I have been in this planet for a month and several days, now. The planet Valucre, that is. This tavern can only be found here, from what I have surmised. It seems to be a constant: visit a planet via portal, end up in a tavern designed to introduce newcomers to the planet. It is a function this Tavern of Legend serves for the planet Valucre." She sits with her legs folded, and she unfurls her legs so the leg formerly at the bottom of the other comes on top. Of the other, that is. Valdok Fantore, alchemist extraordinaire turned bartender, serves the man a glass of water as he wishes and palms the coins. "It is as the lady says, all valuables are welcome at the Tavern of Legend!" The accommodating bartender booms in his dignified voice. "I must say, sir, you look like a man who has seen more than his fair share of things. What can I get you? Perhaps some herbal tea, the sort guaranteed to cure you of whatever ails you?" Meanwhile, the lady continues speaking. "I can provide some basic information as to just where you are and where to go from here. I am no Prognosticator, but I have downloaded enough information from them that I feel comfortable providing a little help concerning this planet and its locations." She explains, taking a sip of her drink. "You are new here, yes?" Obviously, he'd just walked into the bar and she'd never met him before. In fact, many new entrants don't seem to stay here long... asides those that choose to help out with the newcomers. She'd chalked it up to narrative issues, the worlds outside her home world seemed to run on narrative rules.
  12. Welcome to Val, dude! I will be replying soon once I peruse the ToL staff NPC style guide. Meanwhile, have you seen the chatbox? It's in the front page, and can also be found here.

    Come say hi!

    1. Ravenholm


      Ah, I didn’t know about it! Yeah!

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      I got a character that does the exact same thing as your man in ToL. He's the one Vaddok is speaking of.

  13. "I have found that the tavern accepts all forms of currency, onii-san. Taverns of this nature usually do." The man in the duster will find he's happened to sit close to a tall, pale-skinned lady with a lean frame, heterochromic eyes (hazel-green and brown) and a drink in her hand. She appears to be of Euroasian ancestry - specifically Japanese and Polish - with short black hair styled into a topknot and bangs. She's dressed in a pink sleeveless dress that reaches up to her knees; and stylish white shoes. On closer inspection, this lady appears to be some sort of cyborg, the only outward indication being her electronic eyes and the lines that separate patches of the skin on her body. Given that it makes her look futuristic, that appears to have been an aesthetic choice. "Welcome to Valucre, onii-san." The lady studies him after she's finished speaking, noting the odd energy he has about him. Something... supernatural, is her best guess. Perhaps, a bounty hunter? "I am a recent visitor, myself, a 'newbie' as they say. I have learnt enough that I could be of some help to you, however." Another use for this body of hers, she can interface with PROGNOSTICATOR over at the lounge and get the relevant information downloaded to her memory banks. In some ways, the accident was a blessing in disguise.
  14. @Venus Sprite "Ah, I see!" Chidi had obviously thought the gold would be used to build him a new dragon body. Learning that it's not the case certainly makes things easier. "I should be able to afford a body, then!" Had that been the only issue he had with what Igni was saying, he'd gladly shell out any valuables necessary to fulfill his wish. She mentions having his Storage Bead linked to his soul, causing him to brighten once more. Not all is lost, then! The thought of having a dragon body on standby, waiting for him to decide to swap bodies, appeals to him greatly. Thus, he begins to think of all the ways such a thing could be made possible. "Linking a Storage Bead to my life force, that is, my soul... is that possible? I'd have to get a special one partially made of Regium for the purpose, it stores soul energy." He decides to make an appointment later, and says as much. "Is there any way I could contact you? It would have to be later, rather than now." Perhaps, when he's not on a scouting mission, like he is now. His time's been up since Cassie got here, after all! He grins back when she declares him 'a good specimen', as she put it. "You're not so bad, yourself." He responds when she adds that he's so charming. The next questions are inevitable, and he answers as best he can. "Our island recently discovered the portal to Valucre. Rediscovered, I should say, for it seems one of us has made it here before, a blind young man called Daichi?" He waits to see if Igni recognizes the name, because you never know! "Portal technology's advanced both in my homeworld and in the island I'm from, and considering that portals tend to be two-way, you see the importance of finding out how safe this side is. I didn't plan on staying this long - or returning, for that matter - but after meeting you, I have a reason to return from time to time." And that's not just because of the promise of getting a sweet dragon bod! @The Alexandrian Cassie watches on in continued fascination, gasping when the other woman (thing?) disappears such. Did she turn into something? The stirring within her poncho confirms that theory. What'd she turn into, then? It's a... cute widdle tiny tiger! D'awwww! Before she can reach forward to hold and pet the now-cute creature, she disappears into the poncho and returns as a massive-sized version of her former self! Though spooked by the sudden change, she recovers quickly. After all, Cammy seems really friendly. As long as Cassie doesn't antagonize her - which she doesn't plan on doing anyway - it should be okay! "I dunno what I was expecting, but it wasn't this... you're so cute, Cammy! All of your forms are cute!" Even the catgirl form, that was attractive. Especially the catgirl form... rawr. It's definitely a good thing she didn't turn out to be some ooze monster, that would've been decidedly not cute at all! But then, neither was Zabbaiel's true celestial form, and he did turn into a cute little bear cub for her to play with... as if his little boy form wasn't cute enough! Wait, could it be that it's the same for Cammy? Could she be some sort of divine servant, as well? She starts to speak, but gets rudely interrupted by the rotten, rancid stench of stinky cheese. "Eww, what the damn hell!" The girl exclaims and quickly covers her nose with one hand, shooting a glare at the direction of the malodorous substance. She generates some fire and is this close to blasting it at Pablo, but realizes that could just make it worse. Lots of things that stink end up smelling worse after being set on fire. Dispelling the flames, she obeys her next instinct, which is to put herself as far away as possible from the military-grade malodorant. Studying at a high school that prepared its students in a possible career in law enforcement didn't prepare her for this! Thus, she pulls out her hoverboard, grabs a couple plates of food and gets the hell outta there. It wouldn't do to waste all this delicious food, after all! "Wait for me, Cammy!" She yells upon noticing that the weretiger had already put some distance between them, and follows her.
  15. If anyone requires staff interaction in the Lounge, just holler. I'd like a shot at finally getting to play PROGNOSTICATOR.
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