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  1. Looks like I have to eat my words, after all... I'm going to give PGRP another shot. So many people I enjoy RPing with are doing the same.

    To be very honest, I like the idea of the site, but my main worry is overwhelm. Learning all the new stuff, the syntax for the wiki, acclimatizing to the new area... it made me decide it wasn't for me. As big of a sign as my account getting deleted for inactivity was, an even bigger sign as come in the form of my favourite RP partners of Val deciding to give PGRP a shot, so...

    I guess I'll see y'all in the new site, then!

    1. ticklefarte


      That's great. If it helps, I actually find PGRP to be less overwhelming than Valucre was. Especially on dark mode haha. For me it's as simple as: find a story, and just write. At the fundamentals, that's all it is, even if it's a new site.

      Of course, make sure you're not just crashing in on random threads lmao. If it gets that confusing I'm sure you can ask questions. 

      See you there!

  2. Looks like I'll be going to the new site, after all. Too many people I enjoy RPing with are giving the place a shot... I guess I'll see you in PGRP after all!
  3. I suppose I should say something, now that Val is going bye-bye.

    It's been fun RPing with y'all, making friends and stories... memories I'll keep with me for a long time. I'm unsure whether or not I'll be coming, but signs point to no (EDIT: they now point to yes). To those who don't come along, I'll miss ya all!

  4. Thanks, @Mickey Flash, it's been fun RPing with ya! I'm always open to Discord RPs, or just chatting! We're friends on Discord, right?
  5. Sorry @Rembrandtt, but once I read the news of Valucre's departure and the new site, I lost all interest in my Valucre scenes, cos.... what's the point of continuing with something you know is going tits up? That I was going through a rough time didn't help matters. Sorry we couldn't complete that RP, Tez is a very interesting character.
  6. Cass nods in understanding of what Tez is saying. "The real fucking uptight ones are the worst, really. They totally believe doing things their way is the right thing, and all that fucking nonsense." She makes a dismissive wave, treating that worldview with the ridicule she feels it deserves. "Ah, so a talented tinkerer/inventor!" She concludes with a grin. "That's really fucking cool." She laughs out loud as Tez admits to stubbornness being their best trait, but it's not at them, oh no! "That makes two of us then, xuxu! I also consider it my best trait." With what she's experienced, she's had to be stubborn - and sharp - to survive the harshness of her world. Tez turns down the offer to help, and Cass raises an eyebrow, almost imperceptibly. Taking a puff of her cigarette, she finally nods as she exhales, her understanding being that Tez wants to be able to say they dealt with her all by themself. "I get it, xuxu... when you finally do it, I'd like to see a fucking trophy and hear the story behind it, ey?" She flashes her trademark grin and gives them a friendly pat on the back. As for the wardrobe, her eyes flicker away from Tez for a short moment, scanning the Tavern. "Hope you brought a change of clothes... if so then you can use the bath area to change. If not..." She turns back to Tez. "... then you're shit outta luck, xuxu." That question was bound to come up sooner or later. She's been asked it a lot ever since arriving here, and thus has had an answer prepared. "Basically, it means 'dear' in my language. It's a term of endearment and shit, you know? I'm used to it, so don't pay it any mind, ey?"
  7. Cass doesn't seem fazed by Tez pulling out a backpack from thin air, such technology isn't new to her. She laughs loudly once Tez mistakenly assumes she actually got stoned. "Nono, xuxu... that's not why I'm here. Let's just say an associate of mine suggested this as a place to sate my newfound wanderlust. Totally fucking disappointing, I know..." She takes a drag out of her cigarette. "... but sure, I can tell a story afterwards." She watches them with interest as they do all that, finishing her current cigarette and starting another one. Having gills to filter out all the tar when one gets into the water sure is a plus! She'll need to go swimming soon, speaking of which. Sipping out of her beer, she grins at Tez's half-joke. "You're definitely an interesting person, xuxu. I like interesting. Better than fucking boring, eh?" "You too? That's awesome, man!" She exclaims, reaching over to pat Tez's shoulder - the less painful one, that is. "You'd love the lounge then, it's less fucking... archaic... than this place... but this tavern has its charm, y'know?" She says, taking the picture from them and scanning it. "Big city person, eh?" She stops interjecting so much in order to allow Tez to finish their story-slash-rant, thinking about all she's hearing. She's decided she'd keep the picture, and so an inventory screen appears in front of her. She puts the picture in and it disappears, along with the holo-screen shortly afterwards. "I hate those fucking types, can't just live and let live. They have no idea what one has been through, instead they go about forcing their ideals on everyone." Says Miss swears-a-lot, frowning and nodding. There's quite the dangerous undercurrent to her voice. "I'm what some would call a 'criminal' or 'villain', from a city some refer to as a 'wretched hive of scum and villainy' - vice city, if you prefer - so I definitely understand where you're coming from, xuxu." "So, you're some sorta genius type? Cool. I left my gang to go independent, so if you ever need a heavy-for-hire, I'm your girl, xuxu. Could even help put this Veronica out of commission... permanently, if you know what I mean. Assuming you can go back, that is." She says in hushed tones, leaning in closer so the others don't hear. "And that's a question I'm yet to find the answer to, xuxu."
  8. Millie doesn't respond, for it's an inanimate object, so Cass presses the horn twice in her stead. "She says hello back, chefe... and I'm totally not waitress material anyway, so that's fine." She adds, in response to Dia's waitress comment. She requested specifically to be a bartending bouncer because she knows where her strengths lie: mixing drinks and kicking ass. Daichi, meanwhile, nods from the inside. "I intend to try mah very best, don't ya worry Dia." Comes his reply, then silence punctuated by clanging of tools, and hastily spoken back-and-forth Japanese between he and Svetlana. Cass climbs on her chopper with a practiced motion and waits for Dia to climb on. When she refuses, the tattooed sea orc simply shrugs. "Hah... suit yourself then, chefe." She pulls out a pen and paper from seemingly nowhere, jots down an address and hands the paper over to Dia. "There's the location, chefe. See you there." After a final drag of her cigarette, she tosses it downwards and kills the stick with her boot. She glances at Dia's wallet, and catches an eyeful of the picture before it's retrieved. "Humble beginnings, huh? Nothing to be ashamed of, chefe. You shoulda seen me a decade ago! HAHAHAHAHA!" She laughs loudly, then takes a swig of her canteen. Despite her jolly words, a dark cloud passes over her face and eyes as she mentions 'a decade ago'.
  9. @Noko "Hmm... yes, it does have a certain... hmm... allure to it, does it not?" Malediction responds with a single nod. "An organization working from the shadows to shape the world... hmm... yes, one can only hope it's real, but... such an organization finds you... rather than the other way around." He smiles a little as she talks of old myths, and takes a sip of his drink before speaking. "Truer than one would think... hmm, yes... much truer than one would think." He seems to be speaking from experience, but doesn't elaborate further. After all, he's done jobs involving some of those things, usually involving stopping such things. Thus, people like this woman could go about their happy lives, thinking of those stories as little more than myths. Perhaps they do it just to feel safer, but this woman seems to have a taste for danger, the way she seems interested in his trade. That isn't so much different from any other woman of the world, however. "Hmm... yes, I'm more into the first two... though I'm capable of protecting, should it be... necessary." He responds to her question, then thinks for a moment about a suitable story sure to pique her interest. "Never been fortunate to slay a dragon, but... hmm... yes, I could share that." "Recently... Ruby and I were hired by a band of... undead soldiers who died together. The mission was... to get some runestones off a wizard, so we needed to... beseige a tower filled with... legions of guards." He pauses for effect, wanting to build interest, before continuing. "We split into two groups, one to distract and another to... sneak in. I was in the former group... needless to say, we demolished the enemy. Wizard was trickier, but in the end... we got our prize" Once he's done with his tale, he punctuates it by sipping out of his wine once more.
  10. Cass definitely doesn't look like she finds being here tiring! A place to unwind and get a drink that not many are privy to, there's a lot to like here! It does have its demerits: while she likes Vaddok, he keeps trying to sell her something, or so she feels. "Hey there, handsome!" She flashes a big grin at Gabriel for the moment, then returns to facing Tez. She smiles at Tez's suddenly playful demeanour: at first glance, they seemed like they'd turn out to be the serious, sourpuss type. "Ha! I wish... no, in my case, I came here willingly." She takes a drag out of her cigarette as Tez makes their request, after that judging stare. Weird request, but she won't say no to some physical violence. "Okay! Point out the shoulder and I'll try not to dislocate that shit in the other direction! Waa-hahahahaha!" She responds, exhaling the smoke as she speaks. The story Tez speaks of sounds super interesting, however, and she leans in to catch what's being said. "Hey, don't fucking stop now, Tez! I love a good story, so spill!" By the time Tez is done dropping that bomb on Gabriel, they'll turn to see Cass looking at them with new eyes, nodding in agreement. "This person knows what's up, for sure, because that is exactly correct, xuxu!" It's clear that on some level, she relates to Tez's words. "Now, brace yourself while you tell me that story. I don't care how far-fetched it sounds, if it'd make most people think you're a fucking loony... just spill the beans already!" As promised, she winds back and follows through with a hard punch to Tez's dislocated shoulder. "That help?" @Rembrandtt
  11. Sorry about that, I've been going through quite a bit as of late, which has affected my posting rate. At first I was waiting for rembrandt, however, but after the post I just ended up putting it off in favour of other stuff I had to get to. I plan to try and post today, after I get done with this bit of lore for another scene I'm running off-site.
  12. Cass arrives in the Motosporta complex in her custom chopper - a monster reminiscent of a Harley-Davidson - just minutes after her boss Dia. She'd started working for the long-haired brunette as a bartender and bouncer at her newest nightclub, a job she moonlighted as when not either building bikes or going 'hunting'. She'd heard of this event and decided to come have a little fun whilst testing her skills, hoping to meet new people. The lack of any prize money, while a bummer, was no big deal, for she had enough money from recent jobs anyway. After visiting the gift shop to browse their wares, she makes her way to a food stall and buys a shawarma, which she eats as she heads towards her pit. "Eyyyy everyone! Let's get this shit started!" She declares in her trademark uprarious voice, announcing her presence to those within earshot. Finishing her snack, she begins to detail her desires: VEHICLE: Motorcycle NUMBER: 224 COLOURS: light green jumpsuit, black accents
  13. Mal nods in agreement at Riha's words. Would that everyone did as this woman did, and minded their own business instead of enforcing their moral code upon others! They'd claim it was for a just cause, but it's usually just because they personally don't like it, nor can they fathom that one would be free to do something they found abhorrent. Live and let live! They're joined by Kimiko, a blind woman who, despite claiming to have come greet them all, ignores both he and Ruby... and rather pointedly so, too. There's no doubt in his mind that she's not the 'live and let live' type. He ignores her in turn, focusing on eating the rest of his meal and saying nothing... at least, until Kimiko's last statement. "I hope not." He mutters under his breath, so low as to be inaudible to all but those with supernatural hearing. Once all of the nonsense is done and the three are once again alone, he looks towards Riha, their eyes catching the other's. His facial expression has hardly changed, he appears unfazed... or one could think, for he's had that scowl on his face all day. "Back to our discussion..." He says, his way of verbally waving away whatever it was that just happened. A tiny smile crosses Mal's lips in response to Riha's snarky comment. "Hmph... I happen to think so, in fact." He shakes his head once Riha points towards Ruby. "Yes, and no. Not what you're thinking, however." Not in this case. "There are rumours of a shadowy organization made up of 'The Dead'." He says in a manner that'd be cryptic to anyone who had no idea what 'The Dead' was. "Suffice it to say that this organization interests me greatly, assuming it's even real. I am something of a 'dead man', myself..." He continues to be cryptic in his words. Dead man? What does that even mean? "Until I can confirm the existence of such an organization... I seek work of the mercenary kind... for both of us." He gestures to Ruby. "Isn't that right, little kitten?" He adds, continuing to pretend she's more than a slave to him, even though he knows he's not fooling anyone.
  14. I'll go first, because I suspect those still interested are waiting for someone else to start... much like I was, I confess.
  15. "That's fair..." Daichi reacts like she's just confirmed his suspicions. But then, why can't both of those things be true? "Let sleepin' dogs lie, then." Dia's words give Daichi a small measure of comfort, but the fact that he needs to not let it talk to him means he could be deceived into letting that happen. "I see... a society where the strong eat the weak... still hold on to it - er, Sabbath - for now, seein' as you're the expert." As he switches his focus to what to do next in order to start work, Cass walks in blowing smoke all over the place. Dia obviously takes that as a sign she can start smoking too, which makes him frown. Nonetheless he says nothing, it's not like smoking isn't allowed; and it's a big enough space that it doesn't matter much. Cass stands up straight, pushing her chest out and making her B-cups look slightly bigger. "Well, Dia: you've found her, cos I'm committed to my work." She starts to reply to each thing Dia says, laughing out loud when she says she never begs. "A-hah! That's the spirit... strong women are sexy. I don't beg, either." Second is a threat, and she brandishes her shotgun. "They'll be too busy being dead to try, don't you worry." Third implies she's already gotten the job, assuming the other statements didn't already. She catches the bartending book and flips through it, skimming it's contents before pocketing it. "Not even a little? I'm a good cook, you know! My stuff will blow your mind!" She sheathes her weapon and raises up her free hand briefly. "... but you're the boss." On the topic of Dia getting a monster of her own, Cass gets a huge smile on her face. "I might know one such place... I'll take you there, boss. Come with me." As she puffs on her cigarette, she leads Dia outside and gets on her chopper. Her chopper is a custom-made number, painted black with green tentacle decals all over it. "Say hi to Millie, boss."
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