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  1. Happy new year, how're you doing?

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    2. Purple Eagle

      Purple Eagle

      Thanks! Well, I'm learning to code C++ specifically so I can do audio DSP stuff, which I can use to both get work and make music production plugins. I still make music, y'know! Gotta do National Service, and then I plan to join a music school in Miami. So many plans!

      You're married? I'm so happy for you, I wish you both happiness! And that's awesome, I hope it all goes well!

      I turned the location lore I repeatedly tried and failed to make in Valucre, into lore for an entire universe. The world's basically My Hero Academia, made before I read that manga, I swear! I currently have 6 characters from that world, and 2 more who I call 'background PCs' i.e. PCs that are more like NPCs but not (one from One Piece and the other from DnD).

      What's up with Raven?

    3. Malintzin


      I do not miss learning C++. My boyfriend at the time taught me to code my own game of rock paper scissors. Music is good! Miami's got swag. Everything in Florida is crazy. Florida is USA's Australia. Florida Man is legendary. Which school in Miami are you going for?

      Not married yet. It's not really feasible right now since his construction job can take him in and out of the country for months on end. He is trying to slowly introduce me to more shows and our time is spent either watching the Boys or Doom Patrol. His old room mate is yelling at him to be more romantic and find something wholesome to watch where a body doesn't explode so much, but I don't mind.

      This is the coin world where it was flat but there were civilizations on both sides? It's been a couple years--which weirdly enough--today is my five year anniversary on Val. <.> Lawd. But I do recall you trying it a few times. I know how you feel--Hyperion is basically the world of Avatar the Last Airbender before I had even watched that show. I don't know why I avoided it for so long, but I did finally sit and watch it. A week after I finished it I started to rewatch it. Now I am hip to all the memes I see.

      Rae's flitting about as usual. She has three adopted children--two refugees and an orphan from a late friend, a step son, and just recently gave birth to her son. Her husband was in a coma for a little over two years and recently woke up so they are getting reacquainted with one another and adjusting to the weirdness of their lives. They are due for a visit from Corvus soon. :think:

    4. Purple Eagle

      Purple Eagle

      Florida Man, I recognize that reference! Mainly because there's a Florida Man in Hitman 2. I like C++, but then I like coding. School's called Frost School Of Music, in the University of Miami.

      Hmm... cool! I don't really do shows anymore, I read manga and play lots of vidya games... and RP, obviously. 😛 Also, yes, but no longer a coin world, now just a futuristic world like ours where everyone has powers they have to train. I never got to see Avatar though, but I'm sure I'd like it... so no, I'm not yet hip to the memes!

      None of my characters I played on Val exist anymore (at least not in the form you know them as), and over yonder I have two characters I've been playing for ages still existing, along with some new ones, and all but two of them are from Thepes (The Purple Eagle Setting, because I decided to copy Dragon Age. Thedas: The Dragon Age Setting!)

      I'm glad to hear it's all going well, though. My only Val charrie is related to The Alexandrian's Nines, and is also quite evil, so any meeting with Rae will go south quickly :C

  2. remembers You might know me as Iwajira, or Raijin
  3. Not sure, from you I think. And I dunno
  4. I might do some RPing though, a closed one with @The Alexandrian. Hence Malediction in my sig, the only one I'll port over from the other place. Any site-wide changes I've missed, supes? For instance, I heard wordcount limit has been lowered. Even if my posts do tend to the longer side as a result of spending some time here RPing, it'd be nice to feel less pressured to deliver wordcount-wise.
  5. Gabi it's me, Eagle! We did more chatting than RPing admittedly... I was in that discord server, you're one of the few who's seen me! I was playing a character known as Daichi (now repurposed to be an underboss for a shapeshifting mob boss character I'm playing) How are the kids?
  6. Oop, my bad. I totally forgot I'd said something like that in the past. I wasn't in a good place mentally the last time I was here, but that's all in the past and things are improved! Hi, y'all! Good to hear things are going well, jaist! Mickey, Rin-rin, I hope you both are doing awesome as well!
  7. Hello everyone, I hope you're having a pleasant day, and more importantly, staying safe. I'm not back to RP, got a lot on my plate in the other place I'm RPing. Came to renew contact with a friend, so I just thought I'd say hi to you all. @supernal I finally got all that worldbuilding done, in GDocs! But then it's never fully done, amirite? So... hi, y'all @zackrobbman @TheElementHunter @Malintzin @jaistlyn @Rin @Mickey Flash @Tyler @Pasion Pasiva
  8. Happy Steam Summer Sale everyone

    1. supernal


      So that’s what it was!

  9. Bye bye.

    1. TheElementHunter


      No, don't go.

      *reaches out*

    2. Purple Eagle

      Purple Eagle

      Nothing here for me, it turns out.

      It's been fun though.

    3. supernal


      Take care! 

  10. Happy New Year

    1. TheElementHunter


      Happy New Year!!

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