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  1. General Chatter [18+] Violence always permitted!

    I played it, and my mind was equally as blown. I had to scrape brain parts and skull fragments from my laptop screen. LET US BE FRIENDS! I play Skullgirls and MKX. And since the laptop they got for me fit all the requirements I requested APART FROM HAVING A DISCRETE GPU , even MKX isn't as sure. I cast CHANGE MIND: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bkn1aQr6T4U
  2. I have a character called Dread, a straight cursed octopus mermaid (or cecaelian if you prefer) with a 'Dread Aura' that causes people to enter a fight-or-flight state, the dread and unease giving way to terror the closer they get. Being underwater lessens and mitigates the potency of the effect, an effect that is outright absent to outcast people. She's a good person, a total pacifist, who finds her situation inconvenient to her quest to make friends. To learn more, I highly recommend reading the below thread. So, my request is this: help me find a male character of yours who is immune to her eldritch aura (by that I mean 'is used to being treated as an outcast in some form', it would make relating better than 'this character is immune to eldritch brown-notes') who would be willing to be her friend, and possibly eventually lover. The scene can either take place above water or underwater, depending, and will hold in my board, The Bastion of Ash'eh. University has started today, so posting rate could be anything from 3 days to 1.5 weeks, and I'd prefer if your posts came at the same frequency. I should also mention that I like making long posts averaging about 200 words, and would appreciate it if your posts were the same length (at least 150 words). Who's interested? Possible interested parties:
  3. Shadows, Reunited

    Footsteps approach him, but not the feeling that would lead to the impending reunion. From the sound, it's as though the owner of those footsteps was running away from something. Eventually, the approaching footsteps slow, their owner taking a seat beside him, not bothering to look in his direction. "I hope you're not implying that all half-demons are idiots. I find it offensive." The scowling half-demon turns to the heterochromatic-eyed girl beside him. Even at a glance, it's evident that the 18-year old before her is essentially Matthias with white hair, purple eyes, olive skin and an upright posture, which will probably warrant a double-take from the hybrid. It's then she'll notice the miasma leaking from his aura, a purplish glow that is equal parts attractive and unsettling to look at. Being this close to him actually feels rather nice, rather like catnip is for cats, a feeling that also elicits a feeling of dull-mindedness. The feeling gets stronger as Matthias approaches Shenhua, which causes the white-haired twin to smirk, even though he decides not to say anything. Matthias. A perfect reunion, sharing one prey. Shenhua audibly sniffs at the air. "I smell dragon, some demon... and your fear. Would you like me to ease your troubles, miss?" Even with his cultured tone of voice, there's something unsettling in his eyes. Being forward, the half-demon places his sweaty palm on her shoulder. "Sweet, delicious fear. Let's make more. What do you fear the most, I wonder?" He asks, his powers causing her to see just what that thing is try to attack her, with her only able to sit and scream. Hear her screams, brother, come and join in the fun.
  4. General Chatter [18+] Violence always permitted!

    Play Clash Royale! I play it! :3
  5. General Chatter [18+] Violence always permitted!

    Look what I found: Well, I found it before... and I found it again! :P
  6. General Chatter [18+] Violence always permitted!

    Quick, hide the evidence! -tosses weapon at Metty- Wasn't me.
  7. General Chatter [18+] Violence always permitted!

    Shall we fix that? We could even do silly General Chatter RP and have it devolve into something else. For instance... -fires rocket of motivation at Avilon-
  8. A Sapient Solvent -or- A Clone's Conundrum

    Demmy stares at the blabbering and laughing girl, her head starting to tilt to the left in confusion, returning back upright when the other girl opens her eyes, gazing back in some pain and anger. Insane as she is, Demmy can't help but feel some empathy for her clone sister, inwardly resolving to cut down and/or torture anyone who dared hurt this girl again. And then she speaks. She doesn't know her name? That can not stand! Demmy resolves to name this girl herself as soon as possible, just like her caretaker named her when she was nameless and simply called by whatever her former master felt like addressing her as. Demetria, the name tasted nice! She took it gratefully, and has worn the name with pride ever since! This girl needs a name that's just as cool! She needs some language lessons as well, it turns out, as the white-haired Filipino-looking clone realizes she's struggling to understand the girl before her. At least, at first. Far as she can surmise at the ending, Siwr was cloned in order to replace their abused daughter, but the father didn't want her. She was sold and subjected to bad experiments and deemed a failure, delegated to eating garbage. Hmm, garbage clones are yellow, and this plain but cute girl has yellow bits. "Blaine! I'll call you Blaaaaaine! Seeee? Now you have a naaaaame! Blaine!" Demmy declares happily, jumping up and down and clapping, proud of herself for coming up with that one. She read it in a book. "Cos you're yellow and plaaaaain! Blaaaaaine! I'm Demetriaaaaa, you can call me Demmyyyyy!" She immediately stops with an 'oh' once she realizes how mad Blaine is getting at the prospect that she might be getting sold. "Nooooo! No sellinnnng! I'm taking you hoooome! I'm a cloooone too! Biiiig Sister rescued me from maaaaster, I didn't have a naaaame tooo!" She starts to calm the other girl down, raising both hands up in order to placate Blaine. "You know clearheaaaads? I waaaaas one, until soooome scientists diiiid somethiiiing to make me awakeeeeen! Seeeee?" Moving her white bangs aside, she shows Blaine a faded brand just below her hairline, covered by hair. "I'm taking you to a plaaaace wiiiith other cloooones, we'll be siiiisters!" To show how serious she is, Demmy pops the bubble, letting Blaine land on the floor. "I proooomiseeee, I'll kill anyone who tries to sell you uuu agaiiiiiin!" And she sounds darn serious, even with that smile on her face. "I'll protect youuuuu, Blaine, cos now we're siiiiisters!" What a nice sounding name, for a pretty girl. @The Alexandrian
  9. Shadows, Reunited

    It has been a few months since Tatewaki Mollins was released from his section of the Dark Realm, raised by the demon Giulguthep, with the aid of spectres who he came to recognize as a reflection of his parents' evil sides. After spending a very brief childhood with his brother, the twins were split apart and raised in isolation, being trained as to how to use their powers and weapons of their choice, with Tatewaki learning how to use a sword. Above all, though his nature always was inherently evil, the nurture he received cemented that aspect of his nature for good. And boy, did Tatewaki enjoy being evil and merciless! The olive-skinned white-haired and purple-iris-on-black-sclera eyed eighteen year old shifts his thoughts to what had happened after it was time to leave. After saying his goodbyes and promising to find a way to bring his mother back into the world, doing her will if that wasn't possible, the boy ended up in Terrenus. Finding a home in his father's hometown of Ash'eh, the boy never got to meet Renji, as he was busy traipsing around with his new vampire lover. Using the name 'Shenhua', he did find a job under Madame Agony, torturing hapless victims with nightmares and anguish for Skycoins. Oh, how he loved his job! There was always something satisfying for the trenchcoat-wearing half-demon when he witnessed the suffering of others, by his own hand. Of course, the boy soon grew restless, and with permission, began his journey around Valucre, with the singular aim of finding his long-lost brother. Back in the present, Shenhua is staring at the campfire he'd made partially out of dead bodies, killed by the fear he'd instilled in them. The night sky is starry, a sight that doesn't move the teen much. No, the main thing on his mind is the unshakable feeling that his twin brother is nearby, waiting to be found. To that end, this white-haired twin sits on a log, staring at the fire, hoping for his brother to come to him before daybreak. His folding sword lies on his lap, his longcoat still covering his body despite his 'resting' position. No telling when he'll need to start moving, especially if that unshakable feeling of his gets stronger. @Warlock @Metty
  10. General Chatter [18+] Violence always permitted!

    Yay! So I'll add you to PM so you can tell me who could have a bounty on Ninja Arashi.
  11. General Chatter [18+] Violence always permitted!

    If you want, more like, it's your charrie. Shenhua is a torturer for hire, so one of those people could have hired him?
  12. Please help me by making my life miserable

    Since you put it that way... I'm on mobile atm. I'll PM you the links, but for now, check my character sheet in my sig. Either Farah, Akira, or (on the evil side) Demmy
  13. General Chatter [18+] Violence always permitted!

    Wow! What luck! It's like bad luck took one look at her and decided it needed to be around her, no matter the cost to her. Which gives me an idea.... @Warlock, Imma Watercooler our scene with the reuniting brothers, looking for anyone willing to play my twin's torture victim Metty could even help. All Shenhua needs to do to make you feel like your skull is being drilled is to touch you.
  14. General Chatter [18+] Violence always permitted!

    Enslavement RP. It's been a while!
  15. Please help me by making my life miserable

    Internet expired. Recently repaid. I'd have liked to partake, but oh well. Too busy, anyways. Have fun, people!