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  1. It's Jotz vs Stumbler, then. In your opinion, are any of them outcast enough to be immune to her aura? You too, @Stumbler
  2. Ah, I see. Don't get anything wrong, I specify a straight relationship because more than half of my rps so far are lesbian relationships, and I want something different. Actually, I've had very few straight rp relationships... And... Okay, straight up, friendship to romance scene. Tell me about half-ghost though?
  3. CONTESTANTS @zackrobbman - Charlie @Deus Ex Aizen - Pending @Jotnotes - Half-ghost/Klepto kobold (I like half-ghost best) @Stumbler. - Roman Who will be the lucky winner?
  4. General Chatter [18+] Violence always permitted!

    In other news, I have been playing Danganronpa 2. I like what I'm seeing, it went dark fast
  5. I don't want her uncursed, so his attempts won't work. Ie I'd make up reasons why it wouldn't Otherwise, I appreciate it! I'll check out all these soon! Just got back to the university, so I'll do it in a few hours (its 5am now)
  6. General Chatter [18+] Violence always permitted!

    My lord I mistakenly posted an rp here I'm so embarrassed @Metty. Post is where it belongs, your turn. And I was wondering why no one had replied... >°<
  7. Shadows, Reunited

    Shenhua the Edgelord merely smiles evilly at Arashi's attempt to threaten him, the smile dropping for a moment when he's indeed called a half-demon scum. But then the fear touch begins doing its work, causing the smile to return, especially as he notices the half-dragon trying and failing to hide her fear. "Half-demon scum? Well, now we can't have that, can we?" Removing his hand, a bit of his aura seems to flow from his hand in the shape of a Spawn of Fear, a blue-skinned creature small enough to sit comfortably on her shoulder, latching itself onto her and inducing more waking nightmares. The creature also feeds on her fear, transferring the delicious nutrients back to its master. Shenhua gets up from the log and turns to face the new arrival, his long-lost brother. "At last, my mission is complete. Welcome, dear brother." His smile momentarily becomes less evil and more fond as he looks his brother up and down. Each twin seems to miss a part of themselves, Matthias being somewhat frail and hunched over, and Shenhua being slightly see-through if you really looked at him. He moves to his brother's side, providing his body to be leaned on as Matthias wheezes in pain, and points to Arashi with one hand. "Our true father told me you took more after our mother, hungering for pain. My inborn gift is of fear, of nightmares, of hopelessness and despair. Her screams will sate us both... let us draw this out for as long as possible." Out of the log he was sitting on, two more Spawns of Fear emerge to attack Arashi and amplify her fear, while the other three crawl over to Matthias, attempting to transfer their negative energy to him. "I was raised in darkness and you in light, but now we are one, we can bring darkness to this land, brother."
  8. Any male characters, Jots? I specified male characters. Personal preference, for her especially.
  9. I would like to consider all options first. So far we have you both and @Jotnotes Zack, tell me about Charlie
  10. General Chatter [18+] Violence always permitted!

    The way I played her, she was mourning her brother, but still had a desire to get to know her new step-brother. I used the last chapter as a means to finally say goodbye, rather than be 'stay with me dagnabbit'. In other news, I am planning to name one of my present characters Edgelord, as an alias. He heard it somewhere and thought it sounded cool. He's a nightmare half-demon. Wow, I can't type that with a straight face. Edgelord, pffhahahaha
  11. Home, Sweet Home

    Hadiza follows Natalie's line of sight to Natalie's family picture, placed side-by-side with her own, consisting of she, her sister, Zither and Vaylith. It would be nice if everything were all together, the black girl thinks as she glances back at her girlfriend and smiles, holding on to the hug. Natalie's excitement is rather contagious, and causes Hadiza herself to start laughing. "I have a better idea. We could have some good morning curtain time, and then get prepared. We were too tired last night to do anything." Hadiza's already started leaning in to neck her girlfriend, reaching to pull the curtain close. She has no fear of Natalie refusing, curtain time is always good for the two horny teens, plus they are going to go out soon. "Just a quickie." She whispers as she reaches to pull the curtain closed. Open curtain, and Hadiza enjoys some time cuddling her girlfriend, once more enjoying the sight of the contrast of their skin colors. But as Natalie said, they can't stay in bed forever. "The bathroom is big enough for the both of us, which would make it faster. I got lots to show you, a lot to tell you about. You helped me understand the Nexus, now it's my turn to help you understand this place!" She declares as she starts to get up from the bed. "After bathing and eating, I'll show you around this place, then I plan to take you to Cloudstone Park. We can start our city tour from there."
  12. General Chatter [18+] Violence always permitted!

    My laptop is pretty new... but not that new. Eh, I guess I'll keep the more awesome games on hold and focus on finally playing Hyper Light Drifter. My old laptop can play Ghost Recon Wildlands and Nier Automata, but the poor thing is on its last legs. Right now, my fan sounds like a grinder. The one where Yes. To be fair, I watched it on youtube. My ending was that the step-siblings became a lot closer, and the guy friend too.
  13. General Chatter [18+] Violence always permitted!

    I like Ms Fortune and Beowulf myself. Funny story about Beowulf: he turned out to be one of my favorite styles of play as a rushdown grappler, but I originally picked him up because: ARO ARO AROOOO! (The dash move you can chain up to 3 times) I wouldn't mind playing it again. And the ending! The... resurrection ending! I really hope there's a sequel. Unfortunately not... T_T
  14. General Chatter [18+] Violence always permitted!

    I played it, and my mind was equally as blown. I had to scrape brain parts and skull fragments from my laptop screen. LET US BE FRIENDS! I play Skullgirls and MKX. And since the laptop they got for me fit all the requirements I requested APART FROM HAVING A DISCRETE GPU , even MKX isn't as sure. I cast CHANGE MIND: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bkn1aQr6T4U
  15. I have a character called Dread, a straight cursed octopus mermaid (or cecaelian if you prefer) with a 'Dread Aura' that causes people to enter a fight-or-flight state, the dread and unease giving way to terror the closer they get. Being underwater lessens and mitigates the potency of the effect, an effect that is outright absent to outcast people. She's a good person, a total pacifist, who finds her situation inconvenient to her quest to make friends. To learn more, I highly recommend reading the below thread. So, my request is this: help me find a male character of yours who is immune to her eldritch aura (by that I mean 'is used to being treated as an outcast in some form', it would make relating better than 'this character is immune to eldritch brown-notes') who would be willing to be her friend, and possibly eventually lover. The scene can either take place above water or underwater, depending, and will hold in my board, The Bastion of Ash'eh. University has started today, so posting rate could be anything from 3 days to 1.5 weeks, and I'd prefer if your posts came at the same frequency. I should also mention that I like making long posts averaging about 200 words, and would appreciate it if your posts were the same length (at least 150 words). Who's interested? Possible interested parties: