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  1. Happily up for it! I don't have a character for it yet, but I will soon. And no worries, chief, we all have to spread our wings and get a little bit out of our comfort zone sometime!
  2. You looking for an enforcer, by any chance?
  3. God, if only I could have banned Peter Jackson's "Avatar" and disk 1 of "The Fellowship of the Ring: Extended Edition".
  4. Just sayin'; all the characters I make are 1000% more amusing than @paradigm's, for the folks who are in charge of picking teams.
  5. I can't win the tutorial match against the demon lord guy. I tried like a dozen times. Got super frustrated that the "RNG" wasn't actually random, and decided this must not be the game for me.
  6. No, but it's on my list. Mob Movies were a banned genre back when I was married, so I'm slowly working my way through the highest-rated ones (but not The Godfather; I read the book already, and feel that with so much media left to consume it would be foolish to duplicate my efforts).
  7. I'd say 8.58/10. It was only hampered by its genre; there are no "good guys" to root for. Robert DeNiro and Joe Pesci are amazing, while Ray Liotta reminded me so much of a young Leo DeCaprio that my brain in the last week has face-swapped them in my memories of the movie. It also got a little convoluted towards the end; I had to pause it and think about the plot step-by-step to answer the question "How tf did we end up HERE??", but I did ultimately understand how tf we ended up here and continued on. If you're offended by cussing, this is not the movie for you.
  8. Especially since I just watched "Goodfellas" for the first time ever about a week ago. I'm already envisioning a character who would say something like "Where'd I get my powers? Hey, guys, this mook wants ta know where I got my fuckin' powers!" *Slaps other guy upside the head* "I did a buncha fuckin' chinups!"
  9. .... Why's everyone posting cool shit that I want in on all at once? I'm hesitant to say I want a whole crime family myself, because I have a habit of overcommittment around here, but I would be totally down with making a character to be someone's right hand.
  10. No Golden Gun, and no Oddjob!! House rules! ...or is that a dated reference?
  11. I've had so many wizards and shamen and swashbucklers and spellswords blasted in the face by AK-47 analogues on Val that it's almost become a personal meme for me. I, for one, am super happy for a tech cap. πŸ˜„
  12. Mel watched the others dogpile on the giant shark man and shook her head. "Goddamnit, he was supposed to close in on his wounded prey and end up getting shanked in the roof of the mouth! Now you've all gone and distracted him. Bah." She stood up and made a show of dusting her clothes off, throwing a withering glance at a pirate who thought he might have felt his courage rising. "Not. Dealing. With. You," she snarled. Mel lifted her arm and formed an 8-foot-long trident that looked like it came straight from Poseidon's treasure room. She settled down to wait for a second, watching how the contest between the Crimson Wake and the giant metal death machine played out, keeping a careful eye out for the perfect opportunity to strike. @Fierach
  13. I like how you threw the πŸ€”in there, like you had to think about whether or not you ever wanted to be in another thread with me. πŸ˜„
  14. Imma give this a shot: Alien, Blade Runner, Escape from Los Angeles, Die Hard, Back to the Future, Beverley Hills Cop, Ghostbusters, The Road Warrior, The Empire Strikes Back, Escape from New York?, Terminator, The Running Man, Robocop, Bloodsport, Rocky 3?, Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark, Lethal Weapon, The Thing, Rambo (whichever, they were all the same), Predator, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (maybe they were all Temple of Doom? I didn't see any sequels otherwise, unless the giant gatling-gun robot was from Robocop 2, but I don't think so, and the dancing chick was absolutely from ToD). And a whole bunch I couldn't place. So if all of the above were right, I get 21 points.
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