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  1. I'm still here, I'm working on it. I have a lot of other projects and stuff going that keeps dragging my attention, but I'll have a post up this week, promise.
  2. Vetiver was a dog-walker for Zengi's third cousin's brother-in-law's great-granddaughter's best friend's real estate agent. (Hey supernal, can I make that canon? 😄 )
  3. I would ideally run the IPP for the airship battle, if only so it's not a weird battle where Lilith has all the advantages and is still like "run away!" even though there's only two airships and a kid on a moped rolling up on her. For the capture group, I'd want Vetiver there as an IPP representative, but not necessarily like all the IPP there. Maybe with a couple of redshirt NPCs who may or may not get turned inside out to show how much of a badass Lilith is. Y'all can wrangle "who gets to put the cuffs on her" and "who gets to provide three hots and a cot" amongst y'all; I have no dog in that fight.
  4. Ah, finally! Yes, Vetiver will be in this. I've got a hell of a lot going on, but this is one of those previously-agreed-to obligations that I kept back a little bit of space for. If it can be arranged, I'd like Vetiver to be on the capture team. @supernal: Pending amenities' interest level (which didn't seem super high by the end of the last thread), since you're not into running the IPP's part of this adventure, could I do it?
  5. Veloci-Rapture

    Love Again

    I guess I just can't imagine holding a grudge for that long.
  6. So far, so good. I have a few readers, and one person who's finished it so far. The person who finished it had rave reviews, which makes me happy. 😄 There's no time limit, and the more eyes I can get on this thing, the better it's going to be!
  7. On the theory of "The worst they can do is ignore me", I'm pushing aside my anxiety and asking for beta readers. Improvisational Jazz is an urban fantasy/mystery and is about 90,000 words long. There's a lot of cussing, some blood, and some moderate violence. Story details below, for anyone who's interested: After three revisions, it's finally come to the point where I need other people to read it so I can answer the following questions: 1) Is this garbage? 2) Is the mystery too easy? 3) Is the mystery impossibly complicated? 4) Will anyone like the characters? 5) This is garbage, isn't it? Anyone who wants to help me answer those questions, let me know. If I know you, and have written with you before, be assured that you can ignore this and I won't take it personally. Reading some n00b's unpublished manuscript is often at least as painful as finding someone to read some n00b's unpublished manuscript is.
  8. I have finished editing my book. I have completed a book. I wrote a fucking book!!

    Anyway, now that I'm done deleting close to a hundred unnecessary "just"s (and about 15 unnecessary "actually"s), I have time for other things. I owe a couple of posts that I promise I will be getting to here in the next week or so, probably closer to wednesday than friday. I also have some lore to finish up. It shall be done!

  9. Brigid pursed her lips in annoyance. She gestured at her cane. "Do you have any idea how hard it is for me to clean blood from the floor? You really are a caveman, aren't you?" Well, he'd pushed the issue, and apparently did in fact believe he could kill the entire city guard single-handedly. And if she didn't let him try, she'd have to explain two dead bodies in the doorway of her shop. There was really only one other option. "Fine, you win," she said. She raised her hands to show they were empty, and, leaving her cane propped up against the counter, she hobbled slowly backwards away from the safe. "Come take your prize, caveman. And whatever other shiny things your tribe values." She limped her way back to the farthest corner of the shop and leaned on her workbench, making no sudden movements and keeping her hands in the air. Her facial expression was more irked than afraid, which irked her further; she recognized that appearing afraid could have significant benefits when facing an unpredictable man who only thought in power/submission paradigms. Afraid was submissive. Exasperated was not. Fortunately, her indignation would be resolved in a few moments. Watching this so-called "black knight" run screaming down the main street of town after he'd made even incidental contact with the invisible monofilament blood threads criss-crossing the safe opening would be a perfect balm for her current ills.
  10. It'd be awesome if he could time it to coincide with one of my bipolar upswings, but the only person who has a chance of being able to pull that off is our lord and savior, RNGesus. And unless shit goes super downhill in the world at large, I still plan to be putting around here in 2025. I may need a recap if it takes that long tho.
  11. I'm just over here watching this discussion like "Why does this concept seem so confusing to some people?" So, for the record, I have no complaints and need no clarification at this time. I'm just here to roll along with Raxy's story, happy to be invited, fine to follow the narrative and thrilled if I can create a few moments of character growth for Vetiver along the way. I don't care so much what happens as long as it happens, ya know? Carry on!
  12. Well, social media has finally broken me. I no longer have the energy to debate unsubstantiated or poorly-substantiated claims. Going forward, my only response to such claims will be: "lol, nah. Proof or gtfo."

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      Write your lengthier responses to recurring topics into a blog post that you can then link every time you come across the argument. Update it as needed 

    4. squid peanut

      squid peanut

      I often get the inverse of this where I get my information from people who go digging through tons of evidence themselves so I know a bunch of things but don't ever have sources on hand.  That and then there's the people who flood in with circumstantial evidence and paper thin sources.  *sigh*

  13. Who knew Tunisia had a metal scene? I certainly didn't.
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