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  1. She went to BYU, which, oddly enough, as a world-renown dance program. This has been your daily fun fact.
  2. That's actually great, because I've been told I even look like Conan O'Brien (admittedly, that was back when I had more hair).
  3. @Tyler (and now that CSL has broken spades on this kinda joke) @supernal
  4. @Praetorian @Raptor (what I think of every time you go "blelelele" in the chat box)
  5. Veloci-Rapture

    Limited GM

    Dude, watch it with that. You leaked lawyer all over my monitor. 😂
  6. Veloci-Rapture

    Limited GM

    I think this is great for things like board canon quests, board events, or other such things related to a region created by someone else. For example, if someone just wanted to take a character and explore the jungles of Va Madar, but didn't feel like poring over the lore to create a detailed list of everything that happens in this exploration, a third-party GM would be super helpful. Any time a person wants to do a thing, but doesn't necessarily want to know all the bumps and details of the adventure they could encounter, in a place that's got a lot of lore describing it, this would be handy.
  7. It's July! Time to buckle down on finishing the editing of my book! 

    My brain: "...yeah, absolutely, after we're done logically renaming and organizing all 500 photos in the Cute Animal Pictures folder." 

    1. Ataraxy


      I hate editing. By far the most annoying part of any literary project lol

  8. Not much to add except that I feel the same way. This paragraph also describes my own beliefs when it comes to forum RP. Yes, I can ignore-list someone or withdraw from a scene, but it's never not going to feel like dirty pool to me.
  9. I WAS JUST ABOUT TO MENTION BAKUGO! And I was just talking to someone about how on-the-ball you are around here. I think now that this can be explained: you're a freakin' mind-reader!
  10. These are all great points. The Thrown Boulder Test is incredibly simplistic, no doubt. I'm just trying to compare "things that Val characters routinely survive" to "things we don't see happen to Val characters as much" in a quantifiable way (even if that quantifiability is rudimentary). The typical problem with explosions (and other forms of damage-dealing that have real-world counterparts, like guns) is that there's an inherent bias in a lot of people to those effects being less survivable than magical effects (especially in terms of effects with magical hyperbole, like throwing large boulders). I haven't done the Thrown Boulder Test against things like a gunshot wound to the head yet (because it hasn't come up, but boy, I'm chomping at the bit), but my hypothesis is that the gunshot wound to the head is less deadly than a flying 2-ton boulder, but a character walking-it-off from a gunshot wound to the head would make more people upset than the same response to a 2-ton boulder. I'm simply trying to introduce a (perhaps insufficient) quantitative analysis to preempt such mismatches of expectation vs narrated result.
  11. While I'm aware your jimmies are incredibly easy to rustle, I really didn't expect a bunch of math to trigger your unnecessarily-edgy mean-guy schitck. Sorry, I guess?
  12. I'mma draaaaag this off-topic for a second. I figure the real test as to whether explosions fit into MP is less about the inanimate amount of space they can ka-boom, but more about how much leeway other characters have in taking a full-force blast and shrugging it off. I'm going to call this The Thrown Boulder Test. Let's look at a sample explosion, based on the Kingery-Bulmash blast parameter calculator. For this test, I assumed we're using a more-or-less standardly-defined pipe bomb (force equivalent to 5lbs, or 2.27kg, of TNT, chosen because that's the blast force trash cans in US airport terminals are designed to be able to contain. And that should serve as your Fun Fact for the day) at a distance of 3m (roughly 15ft, which is a fine size for a "room"). TNT Weight for Pressure (kg):. 2.25 TNT Weight for Impulse (kg): 2.25 Incident Pressure (kPa): 208.71 Incident Impulse (kPa-ms): 155.14 Reflected Pressure (kPa): 706.53 Reflected Impulse (kPa-ms): 404.70 Time of Arrival (ms): 2.85 Positive Phase Duration (ms): 0.00 Shock Front Velocity (m/s): 565.51 For this comparison, we're primarily going to be looking at the Incident Pressure (the Reflected Pressure is the pressure that bounces off the walls back towards the central point of the explosion, also known as the "chunky salsa effect", and I'll be excluding it for the moment). It's crude, but I need the simplification in order to make a comparison in the following steps. So the incident pressure at ground zero is 208.71 kPa. Keep that number in mind. Now, let's see if we can calculate the force of a more common MP power: the power to throw giant boulders at people. I've picked this, because I see it happen reasonably often, and I also see characters tank the damage (either by reducing it to a glancing blow, or by falling down then painfully standing up and shaking it off, or whatever). Also, because I already did a bunch of that math a while back in this post over here. I assumed a 2-ton sandstone boulder measuring 3x3x3 feet (not enormous). The mass of such a thing is 1959.51kg; just picking it up to begin with requires exerting 3950 kilogram-force (I used the wrong unit in my original post, calling this just "kg" instead of denoting that it was "kg-force"). I assume throwing it requires even more, but since I have a haircut appointment in 30 minutes, I'm going to skip that. Instead, I'm just going to make an assumption of the airspeed velocity of this thrown boulder based on some handy reference points. The distances thrown boulders cover in the timespan of a single post vary greatly all across Valucre, so I'm just going to have to pick a number. I'm going to assume that this boulder isn't been thrown at Nolan Ryan fastball speeds; rather, I'm going to assume it's being thrown at the average speed of an American football pass. While the NFL record is currently held by Colin Kaepernick at 59mph, we're going to go with the more average speed of 40mph (64.3kph), and I'm going to also assume the Physics Phantasy World state of "constant speed" rather than try to deal with acceleration (again, for time constraints; if this makes me totally dead wrong in my end conclusions, I'll happily accept correction, but please show your work). So we have 1959.51kg travelling at 64.3kph. This gives us a force of 34,999 N, with the force applied over a .75m^2 (roughly) surface area (the surface area of the rock is 1m^2, but most people aren't three feet wide; I'm a big guy and my shoulder spread is only just at 2 ft, so I'm using that). That gives us a total pressure of 457.63kPa. So yes, a character who can shrug off a strike from a 2-ton boulder can also shrug off the effect of an explosion of 5lbs of TNT, since the TNT has half the pressure strength of the boulder. So it should fit well within MP, as long as you don't get mad at someone tanking it and continuing to fight. (including reflected pressure in the calculation, however, gives us over 900kPa for the explosion, which is twice as strong as the boulder. Logically, it would be twice as hard to survive taking that in the face, so it may not fit under MP since the assumption could reasonably be "this is immediately lethal to any character", thus violating the spirit of the MP rule).
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