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  1. Not like anyone asked, but here's how I got my screenname. We had a custom of naming our favorite pieces of equipment at work, and someone named this jack "RAPTURE". I added "Veloci-" on a whim. For about six weeks, he'd scrub out my addition and I'd find the jack in a shift or two and add it back. Eventually he either got fired or gave up. I was going to post this in "Pictures of Us" as a joke, but that thread seems to be long gone. Oh well.
  2. Hey guys, had some ugly stuff come up in my personal life; I'm out of commission until probably Thursday or so. If I can get up a post tomorrow, I will, but no promises. This is just a brief pause, and I'll be back up and running in a jiffy, but my concentration right now is down the tubes.
  3. I'm giving you a look. It's a unique look, that all my friends get to see at one time or another, which defies description but, I promise, coveys exactly what I'm feeling right now. Un-un-re-un-edited.
  4. Re-un-edited so the critter can die already! 😄
  5. The ones attacking the plateau have all been eliminated; the ones attacking Dan and the the bridge are still currently alive and at full health pending the actions of Fidelitas and the SQUAAAAD, and more are coming next round. As a note, the latecomers are definitely going to be learning from the failures of their predecessors.
  6. @Tyler They're going after the gunman, but red shirts have a bad habit of stumbling in between MCs and danger. I have no problem with the Squad taking casualties in Murray's place.
  7. @bfc Goddamn! That's the ass-kickingest flintlock ever! 😄 Not bitching, just thought it was funny. 😋
  8. Yeah, that's no problem. Back forward up down, have a ball!
  9. They'll all tell you they're 82, but if you check their pilot's licenses they'll say between 100 and 120.
  10. They're flying, so they move considerably faster. I was mostly spitballing that so you didn't have 24 different aggressive actions all raining down on you all at once, but if I have to put a number on it, I'd say one move is 20 lateral feet in the air. That'll apply to Dan too. @HollowCipher As for the plateau, I'm kind of winging it (HAH!). It seems reasonable that the edge of the plateau should be scary now, but I didn't come up with a mechanic to represent that.
  11. Oh there's more where that came from. By the way, watch out for Kathy. She's a real bitch.
  12. Red blood splattered on Fidelitas' s armor and the child-bird tumbled into the abyss, a look of hurt and confusion on her face that followed the knight until she was swallowed up by the fog. The giggles from the fog turned into gasps. "They... they hurt Kesha!" "Why would you do that!" "You killed her!" "It was a joke!" "She LIKED you, you bastard!" "I HATE YOU! YOU KILLED HER! I HATE YOU!" Shapes flew out of the fog; five, ten, twelve winged children, as varied in appearance as an eighth-grade classroom, each face a unique mix of fiery rage and deep sadness. A redhead with tears flowing freely down her cheeks dove close to Fidelitas and let out an anguished wail inches from his ear, loud enough to make the world spin spin around him. Meanwhile, two blondes, their wings spread wide, swooped at Murray; the wind from their passing was forceful and lopsided, threatening to knock him off his balance. Three others spied Dan floating serenely over the bridge; they shouted challenges at him as they charged, their talons glinting like knives in the hot sun and murderous intent flaring in their eyes; in just a second, they'd be upon him. The other five went high before closing their wings and rocketing past the bridge, aiming at the troops still clustered on the plateau, crying and cursing and heedless of the danger to themselves as they set out to swarm the closely-gathered invaders, packed in so tightly that it would be impossible to fail to draw blood once they arrived. More flapping and shouted declarations of hate and grief could be heard from inside the fog; their true numbers would be impossible to accurately determine. Stats: ACTIONS:
  13. @zackrobbman @Tyler Edited, but stayed in the same spot so nobody has to do any more editing than absolutely necessary!
  14. Well, ok, sure, but what can they do with that? Is it just like, for aggregating "big data" purposes, or is there something directly and personally nefarious that could come of it? I've been on the fence on the broader "online privacy" issue -- maybe because I come from the older generation who was trained to be constantly suspicious of strangers on the Wild WIld Web (and therefore never ever tell someone your name, where you are, and have them come pick you up in their personal vehicle) -- and I don't really, truly understand.
  15. Sure! Have at it! I've pretty severely underestimated the action economy arrayed against me anyway, one more action isn't going to make this any more of a chicken roast than it's already shaping into.
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