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  1. Ok guys! Things should be calming down IRL for me; I've got a nice stable job with a nice schedule and I've postponed some life-changing choices until New Year's so I can have some cash saved up first. My panic is slowly ebbing away and I will be ready to finish off this thread with a bang probably on Sunday afternoon. I know @jaistlyn said ya'll's deadline was today, but if there are any people who want one last bit of input, I'm giving you an extra day for it (because I'm DMing a D&D campaign all day Saturday).
  2. Yup! Just waiting on people to enact their final plan! One way or another, the next round will be the end!
  3. With a grunt and sheer force of will, Leo dragged himself out of the nightmare visions caused by the banshee screams. He took in the situation; everyone was in a grim place, but none so grim as the one facing the Norkortian SQUAAAD. They were the only people capable of securing the path away from the horrible buzzsaw monster, yet they were surrounded by disgusting flaming corpses. A quick calculation ran through his mind as he determined how he could best aid his compatriots in their survival. The answer, of course, was to take his shirt off. Nothing else really occurred to him. "Friends!" he called out to the Norkortians, "Let the beauty of Gaia inspire you!" He struck a pose, intending to let his rippling muscles escape the bounds of his vest and bring hopefulness to the embattled soldiers. Sadly, his muscles had cooled off during his lengthy period of inaction, and he hadn't properly stretched again. What is this, you ask? Stretching? Does the mighty lion of the savanna take time to do stretches before it chases and pounces upon the tasty gazelle? Of course not. That's why the incidence of back and groin sprains in lions is so high. A hot, tearing sensation laced its way across Leo's shoulder. "OW! FUCK! Seriously??" he groaned. Alas, he didn't have time to dig out his ice pack. The SQUAAD was doomed if he couldn't pull through. Gritting his teeth against the pain, he tried again. He flexed like his life depended on it -- ignoring the searing agony in his deltoid -- and his vest shredded under the pressure of his expanding muscles. He posed, his face a stoic mask in spite of his injury, and he could see the light in the Squaaad's eyes as they beheld such an awe-inspiring spectacle and lifted their weapons with renewed vigor. They'd be fine.
  4. After much debate, rolling a d10 to Buff the Squaad a second time!
  5. Throwing a buff to the SQUAAAAAD with a d10!
  6. Shaking off the stun with a d10!
  7. [OOC: The harpies are just watching y'all real close until someone does something that affects them; I'm having a hard time coming up with an IC post which reflects that and still sounds cool and literary. This round, I'll hold their response until it's dramatically appropriate. Commence what will probably be the last round of the nightmare!] [ @jaistlyn I thought this was the OOC too]
  8. I'd love to, but last I saw I was still stunned. I don't know how to fix that from my end, unless someone killed the thing while I was busy trying to reassemble and reanimate my dismembered real life. Plus, parrot erotica. Hot, right? Very distracting. Edit: "Oh yes, Polly, tell me what you want. What does Polly want? Beg for it, Polly!"
  9. Yeah, there's time for a quick round of conversation, they'll hold their (winged) horses for a moment. 😄
  10. The harpies eyed Fidelitas warily, the child-like faces variously displaying grief and rage. Kana and Kyla approached the anchor ropes, but stayed their claws, waiting for someone else to speak. "Eight of ours have fed the jungle to save our chicks," growled Kiernan. Her pixie-cut black hair shifted in the wind and her green eyes narrowed. "We're going to have eight fewer clutches next season, even if we can find mates for all of us. So if you want three to cross, you must also offer three to stay and be our mates. The rest go to the jungle. They can either jump, be pushed, or simply live alone on their barren rock until the jungle comes and takes them. Don't take too long to think on it, walker."
  11. Ok, ok, sorry for the delay, I'll have something up later tonight or tomorrow. Over the last three weeks I've lost a girlfriend and a job, and had another job for exactly (-1) days before they decided my Nefarious Criminal Past was actually, now that they had a chance to sit down and think about it, disqualifying. I've got a couple of interviews next week, along with some other stuff, and it's just been a shitty month. I beg forgiveness, and will atone post haste!
  12. Cool beans! I'll hold onto my post until Tuesday evening then. @jaistlyn Woah, Fidelitas gettin savage! I love it!
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