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  1. I tried, but damn it, I'm just broke. I'm so emotionally screwed-up that I caught myself on Reddit arguing about climate change (talk about Quixotic pursuits). 

    So for anyone who cares, a rundown: I got my heart horribly, terribly unquestionably shredded. Best part --  it was completely by accident and at least 80% my own fault.

    It's a master class in the difference between "existence" and "validity": The pain exists, but I was the one who said "Hold my beer." Everyone around me is expressing concern and skepticism, and I'm all "No, really guys, I can totally get to the window from this branch! See, it'll hold me, no problem! Look, I'm almost there, I can kind of touch the windowsill!"

    Then Mothman flew in and bodyslammed my ass straight out of the tree. Let's be honest, we all saw that ending coming. 

    So yes, I'm in a lot of pain, but no, it's not exactly "valid" to whine too much about it. Good news is, I feel a bit better today, so maybe I'll be back to writing a little later this week. Thanks for bearing with me. 

    1. Mickey Flash

      Mickey Flash

      Sorry you're in pain, but glad you feel a little better today.  I hope things continue to get better.  

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