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  1. Not for the first time, I am severely annoyed by Pinterest's distinct lack of minority character pictures. All I want is a character who:

    1) Has a skin tone darker than "Nordic",

    2) isn't a "dark elf",

    3) isn't wearing a massive feathered headdress,

    4) isn't wearing a Sari into battle, and

    5) isn't accompanied by a tiger, puma, or wolf.

    This is apparently a very high bar, and does not bode well for my characters from Va Madar.

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    2. Veloci-Rapture


      @Praetorian If you click on the spoiler tag about a quarter of the way down this post, I've put together a kind of concept board for what the Valdar are supposed to look like out of the six workable pictures I found. Feel free to go on a quest for more if you want, although I have no way to reward you.

    3. Ataraxy


      @Veloci-Rapture idk man I have quite a bit of saved Pinterest images of essentially non-white characters. The search engine/ algorithm on Pinterest is fucked up and doesn't work. You just have to work your way there by clicking on images which are closer and closer. 

      if you know where and how to look, there's a ton. I've been saving a bunch in prep for my Egyptian-based area tbd

      Just as a note, ur probably getting a lot of dark elf images because ur typing in "fantasy etc etc"

    4. Ataraxy


      These are some of my favorites

      Inclusive Medieval and Fantasy

      [10월 커미션 DM]TT en Twitter: "[Helena L. Black] 잘 다녀왔습니다😊. 해적선의 기관장입니다 ⚒️⚒️⚒️… "

      Jackel dijin, has a twin sister, he's older by  a few minutes

      Black Women Art! — Artist: Junior BeckleyPRO source:...

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