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About Me

Currently building the lore for a new floating island in Nehalen: Va Madar! (11 out of 15 planned posts completed as of 25 Jun 20)


My characters

Ana (Shapeshifter)

Anemonia (Violet slime and mystical healer)

Aloysius "Kaboomba" Pickayune (Magi-Tech call center representative, also tinkerer and wizard. Gnome.)

Brigid Fitch (Doctor, apothecary, and one of the unwitting inheritors of the ancient blood magic once belonging to a deposed king of Ursa Madeum)

Ciara Kelly (Teacher, Librarian, and beginner wizard)

Iani the Sneak (Ex-pirate captain, cursed adventurer, werepanther)

Illmeth Zaurae (Kharn outcast, drug addict and general ne'er-do-well)

K'hami Coleth (Kharn wild mage and Academy student)

Leo Manville (Bodybuilding Halfling warpriest)

Nunzio "Two-by-Four" Rossi (Mafia underboss of the Centanni family of Nu Sicily)

Shoyn Fergessen (Unwilling government guinea pig turned CEO of mysterious toy corporation)

Tianara Varsul (Valdar Seer, temporarily-banished member of The Jade Knife)

Vetiver al-Lient (Private in the Terran Army, Recon Division. diviner and Chaos mage.)

Witchdrake (Deposed royalty and rune mage)

Yurnim (Shadow Goblin bounty hunter)

Zasha Sudo (Freedom-fighting illusionist)





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