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  1. I am quite interested. Both in the vampire concept and the love tragedy like story embedded into it. Seeing that is it also good if I play as Either Enoch or Emmaline for this one. You know incorporate them into a story if it is possible ofcourse.
  2. Still here! Just give me a pm and link to the thread you created. I will be either Emmaline Halloran or Kieran Lindequist (Links below for their character profile.) Hopefully I will soon have a decision. Hmmm choosing between a sexy femme fatale or a wicked gentleman is too hard. XD
  3. (Can I join the roleplay ? Wondering if there are enough still spots left.)
  4. Hello? Is this still available? I would love to join if it's still continuing and more specifically if there are available spots left?
  5. Oh my mischievous little pets. It's been a while. It's quite a monicker to say that I was very crazy to leaving all of you hugbugs all alone in a tiny satchel in a broken oh so scandalous reformist site called Valucre. Though pay with dee respects from thy patronage for all those days a while back. But do promise me you will understand that this Morgan Seal isn't as free as he used to be. He means that even though his profile is reminiscent of a book flying into the white cosmos (never heard of it but made it up) soaring into the sky of Valucre but pray tell. He is well as though rigorous depute of my quite excessive introduction. But let's get serious for a moment, I am terribly sorry for not answering any replies or participating in any roleplays these past few months. Not as crazy as I used to be but still the fact remains that I was very busy in my real life status and etcetera embezzled and all that Praia. I am quite stoked to return by a day most probably for an hour or two to just be here as a presence in the site. Though not as much of an improvement way back where I literally stay online for a few delicate hours. But let me just say, I do miss this site and all these people I met and soon to be roleplayed with. But as a way to commemorate my arrival or should I say my extravagant madman hilarity and critical backstage bonsai, I do have a small favor to ask of all of you. Can someone roleplay with me? or should someone invite me to a roleplay? I will do what I can to be active or post something good. With no empty promises, just a backbone of immense confidence to at least give a nudge to the plot. And I do miss roleplaying with all of my beautiful and hilarious characters (No bragging here intended). But with jokes aside, I am happy to be back! Madness and Hilarity ensues! (Don't mind what's below, just testing to see if these pictures still work. Do note it's mine and not plagiarized for I certainly made it long ago. XD)
  6. "Darling, Welcome to the site!" The curvy woman embezzled in the most statuesque figure that adorned a beautiful silky and rather promiscuous red outfit. The hair so blisteringly red, the posture seems fickle almost the sun caressed the long slender legs this woman has. The revealing breasts apprehends the seductive femme fatale. The heels clinking on the floor as she noticed a rather interesting blue-haired girl. Was it fate that she is bound to meet her here? Or is it just another ploy or distraction for her daily life as a world-class assassin. Though suspicious, it is quite a heartwarming to welcome someone new to the site. Her curvy hips folded as she smiles at the girl above. "Do you want to have some fun? An interesting story or plot is what I can offer? Do you?" She waves and she quickly flips her hair to show she is serious and with that. "I will be waiting for your reply soon! I will be busy attending to some business after? So wait for me!" And with that she walked in the most risque manner even blowing kisses out of nowhere to random guys. (So sorry can't help it! Lol! I hope you can roleplay with me soon after some business I need to attend to in real life. Furthermore, Let me congratulate you again. "WELCOME TO THE SITE!" and Also I am a guy if you noticed. Hehehe! XD Also the woman is actually my own character named Emmaline Halloran if you are curious of it.)
  7. Warnings: "Serial killer" "Mentions of different kinds of gruesome subjects terrifying song and a very spine tingling secret" You have been warned, leave now and you can't suffer the horror! Then onto the show! Darlings, I may have not been active in this site for atleast 3 weeks right now. But I promised I didn't want to happen this way, so sorry to the people who had waited for me to reply. If you got classes soon which is literally next freaking week. I had to seriously balance my time here and the real world. So sorry! Now that's out of the way, I have a question. Do you like horror? I will count the impenetrable silence that crept on the air as a yes. Well my hardcore horror brothers and sisters, I have a particularly interesting song to you. Note that I am just trying to spread the love of this particular song, this came out last year and all credits to the original owner. Have you ever heard of Albert Fish? Well atleast some of you heard of him. I will make the whole history lesson for him brief and short since there's a LOT which I MEAN A LOT of quite gruesome things that happen in his background seeing he is a serial killer and a very grave person at that. Let's cut to the chase: Here his brief info. I will link the wikipedia for those who are interested on what primary motivation is and probably his interesting view upon things. (heheheh) So sorry if that creeps you out! But really darlings if you are it's purely intentional, I want this discussion to be as mildly disturbing and interesting topic to discuss. And I know if you don't want to, you may not post in the thread. I am just here to spread some love on the song. Now onwards to the song, so firstly. I will now reveal to you the song! Tada! You might be curious! Like you're questioning say "Morgan, Why did you mention that bastard here in the forums, well darling. This song explains that! This song is inspired from his supposed killings, murders, and of course victims! All packed in a terrifying lyrics sung by a Vocaloid named Oliver. As much I don't want to explain what a Vocaloid is. But I digress, So let's see. A Vocaloid means a singing voice synthesizer meaning, that human voice you hear in the video came from a computer, how they do that? Well they input such audibles from the original singer. The producers then mix them up and completely changed the owner's voice. The most popular Vocaloid is the green-haired robotic soprano herself which is Hatsune Miku. Now darlings, as much I want to dive into the intricacies on the makings of the Vocaloid and Oliver here which is an English Vocaloid that is specifically used for English lyrics. All in all, the Vocaloid software are intended for professional musicians as well as light computer music users and has so far sold on the idea that the only limits are the users' own skills. And you might question, "Morgan, if they are computers why do they sing in different languages and had appearances?" Well you see, the Vocaloids caters to the demographics of users for their expertise on creating music but aren't able to hire a singer for the song. That brings the concept seeing, there are different nationalities naturally we have Vocaloids that are intended for English songs, Japanese songs (because in this country lies the origin of the software) and many more. Now to why they have appearance well according to my knowledge and research. It was not intended that way, they didn't know it will be so popular until they decided to create an appearance to that voice. Seeing as there are various voices and Crypton (a famous company in Japan) are the people behind the success of popular Japanese Vocaloids. Naturally it escalates to Vocaloids singing in concerts then having their own games, merchandise and of course fans. Lastly, to better understand there are amounts of info on the Vocaloid Wiki and particular videos in YouTube explaining more on the Vocaloid. Now that's done! Finally I can talk on the song! According to Steampianist (one of the producers of the song), it is a song composed for Halloween. Secrets of Wysteria was the first original of Steam's to have riddles accompanying it that, when solved, made the VSQX and the Off-vocal available. The Off-vocal riddle was solved first by TSUtauseries. This confirmed that was song was, indeed, about Albert Fish, an American serial killer, and his string of murders. The VSQX riddle was solved after by milkyflandre. The answer turned out to be an image of Albert Fish hidden in the audio of the song. And how did TSUtauseries solved the riddle of the song? the user learns a particularly spine- tingling secret and he/she did it in reverse. It is such a horrifying way to solve a riddle! The first time I heard it I was so grossed out! And even creepier, the quotes you heard in the beginning are the exact same quotes of Albert Fish when he actually sent a letter to his victim's parents, (Grace Budd's parents). The letter details how he killed Grace and when he did the murder. Ain't that terrifying! So let's leave at a lighter note from delving into this scary song. All the videos and song belong to their owners, I am just a person that wants to share this fine piece of artistry to everyone even though it's terrifying. The producers that made it and the person behind the pv put a lot of effort into it. I want to promote their work because it touched me deeply for it informs me so much from the past on how many suffered before and now. I am very thankful on my current state from having loving parents, great friends and a wonderful education. And of course, dear in my heart the Vocaloids. These so called robots had helped me pull through from ups and downs. On how much meaning is poured from the pores of the creators that made the Vocaloid come into life that helps make them popular. To me, I want these Vocaloids to stay longer and in the future, I can actually make a song for one of them. That's one of my dreams! I am just doing these a way to give awareness to Vocaloids to be accepted in the world and also the artists behind the scenes to just make the world set on fire from their expertise and skill. Some may don't know how I can love a software but think of it as something like fictional. Think of it as that, you can understand a bit. I am a writer inside and out. And just writing something I love for everyone makes me happy. I made a discussion for that. I just hope that at least some of you can understand of what I want to achieve. Heheheh! I am the self- proclaimed madman afterall. Hahahah! Now I sign off once more because it's almost my first day of school! This is Morgan Seal signing off once again, PEACE!
  8. Darling, I'm sorry to everyone if I am not as active as people want to be. I'm terribly sorry if it unnerves you! But you should know, these reasons are out of my control for the moment. I have these dramatic internet fickles every now and then and they seem to last a day. Which means, I will have no internet connection. Thankfully, I still have electricity. Imagine the horrors what would happen, flashlight blaring into the midst of the dark-skinned sky. The millions of stars dazzling almost like a furnace catching on fire and millions of people endlessly screaming and panicking for the whole FREAKING WORLD TO END FOREVERRR!!! MWAHAHAH!. Which I mean is just you know some slip-ups there and there, nothing of an issue really, sarcastically. And there's also the freaking climate change. Sometimes it's very hot then suddenly it becomes such a storm, I have to freaking sing a water song to keep my house not be succumbed to the inevitable flood the masses. Perish the thought! Darlings, I do hope you all understand. Hopefully you are enlightened by this post and possibly chuckle a bit. I am still your self-entitled madman after all. Cheers along with tea cups everybody!.

    1. zackrobbman


      XD Yeah, I totally understand pal. It's not like your obligated to post on this website as if it were your sole purpose in life. :bigsmile: Again, this is just a casual thing we all do to blow off creative steam. If you can't post, no Valcurian cops are going to bust through your door and chain you to your computer, threatening to shoot you if you don't post. :laugh: Post at your leisure pal!

    2. supernal


      Remember two things my good man. One, if you have a laptop or a tablet then you can make use of Valucre almost anywhere! Libraries! Coffee shops! And two, if you ever use public wifi always try to use something to encrypt your connection because you never know. Chrome has VPN extensions for example.

  9. As I said unfortunately, I wouldn't be able to participate in the thread.
  10. Sorry fellas' it appears I will not be able to participate in the quest since school is going start for me soon. I will be very busy in this month, sorting through supplies, you know all that jazz. All the enrollments and stuff I had to take care of. Hope you all don't mind!
  11. Hmmm... Interesting. As much as no one can definitely tell. I am a student currently on summer vacation. Next month, I will be a 3rd year high school, suffice to say I am also one of the top students in the campus. I also managed and finally able to get a scholarship from the many sponsors. As much as you can tell, I am very much an introvert. I am frequently a loner, can't speak in beautiful conversations since I am very awkward trying to fit in with the "hip group". Gawd! I sound like a grandfather, but in my utmost efforts. I studied psychology on the side. I became heavily interested in murder cases. investigation, paranormal mysteries and lovingly, mystery. That's when it affects my characters, my characters are very grey. Their loyalties lie deep and sometimes unknown to me. I created these characters as funny enough from famous psychopaths, damsels in distress and femme fatales. I tried experimenting each of their abilities to better suit to my whims and unsurprisingly, to try to break the fourth wall. I am also the Vice-President in our Newspaper club, so I had produced articles regarding Editorials and Literature which I found quite stressful and fun. Something about me tiring out and do everything I can do to make that job is very relaxing to me. Speaking of being a workaholic, I also a assistant counselor in the guidance office, more like a volunteered one. So you can know that I am getting much progress in life. But right now during summer vacation, I try to relax and not stress myself. Eleonore is a perfect representation of that, she is a peaceful character that brings my creative side come to life. There's also Emmaline, who I talked previously are people who I feel inspired and referenced about. There's Kieran which is my workaholic side, the character who will do everything for the basis of maintaining his family's prestige at any cost. And there's two of the grayest of all characters who are Cecil and Enoch who I swear I can't predict about. They are like the fun characters we all like to play. Come on! At some point, you would love to do a sociopath character! or a morally ambiguous killer? Right? So that's all what I assume my influences lie.
  12. I'll post before Rin. If people don't mind!
  13. I'm going to roleplay as Enoch Darwin Wolstenholme. Hope you don't mind his/her character (The robot's unisex). Heheheh! Also I read the first post. I have a minor question. I thought Aldin the grandmother lives with her grandaughter, and then when I scan it. Out pop "grandon" Is it a typo or a curious curious word? XD
  14. Hmmm I'll be using either Enoch Darwin Wolsteholme or Emmaline Halloran for this quest. I will wait for what other roleplayers going to be their characters for the rp. I want to balance things out. So hopefully you don't mind me thinking it up until the quest is finally started. So the links! Enoch Darwin Wolstenholme Emmaline Halloran
  15. Can I join? I am itching to use my characters for a while now and plus this thread is more active than what I have participated in before.
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