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  1. In the Crossfire

    Caliben's hand gripped the whip when Renkor had mention the whip, but relaxed when he said it was okay to keep. He smiled slightly, although the weapon was new, he was growing accustomed to the weapon. It had good properties, that allowed for creative ways to fight. As well, the range was something he was very happy about it. As he heard Aelyria mentioning of coin that Valerie was supposed to pay us, he heard the jingle of coin lightly in the bag the pelt was in. He smirked, and kept silent about the money they had received. I have some owes due, I am sure Aelyria will be fine. As they continued walking towards the Edge, Aelyria had mention her interest in Union city. Caliben didn't take much thought yet in where to go, he couldn't got back to Union city just yet, with the way things were with Mr. Lyles. He would have to go somewhere a bit more remote, but he does have a bit of interest in the city. The best jobs are there for certain, but maybe somewhere close by. When Aelyria had asked where he was his going. Caliben shrugged his shoulders to the question. "I usually go where I think I can find work, but with Union City not being a option right now. I'll be heading somewhere not too far from there, but the jobs get sparse the further I go out. Maybe a escort job, or even a robbery of sorts." He looked at Aelyria and winked. "In truth, if the job pays well. I'll do it, but I usually weigh the risk versus reward." Caliben felt the rapier tap against his hip, and remembered the blade was still in his possession. "Oh, before I forget." He removed the scabbard from his side, and handed it to her with one hand. "This is yours, I thank you for training me with it. It does have great dueling potential, but I need a weapon that has longer reach." He taped his sleeves, remembering that he had left some of the knives back at the farmhouse, he sighed but continued onward. I'll see if Aelyria will have me on her journey, I am not going too far from her, and I could use a companion for the travel. "As well, it'd be nice to have a partner for part of the journey to my unknown destination. Maybe we could share ghost stories, or tales of accomplishments. It seems to me you have quite a few yourself that you could pass along." He gave her a nod. But could not help but to think he just really did not want to part ways just yet. It'll get easier the further we go, I'm sure. They could see the edge of the town he entered with the Pyromancer, he stopped to remember the trinket. With a devilish grin he took it out, and tossed it to Renkor. "I received this as a gift when I made my travels here, it will do you good where you are going." He smiled, waiting for the reaction of the Elf.
  2. In the Crossfire

    Caliben was pleased from the threat given by Renkor. She needed to have SOME consequence to this, making an enemy of this elf may be a problem later. He looked at Aelyria who talked with Valerie, and received a whisper from the woman before she turned towards her fellow outlaws. She walked past, said something inaudible, than spoke up for them both to hear. Caliben didn't have much reason to be mad at the woman, this was partly his fault. The one thing he was most upset about, was that he had no way of payment for his troubles. He looked at Renkor, the elf stood emotionless, mounted atop his monstrous beast. Caliben glanced back at Aelyria and crossed his arms while he walked towards her. "Half of this was my doing, I got my pelt. But at the cost of so much more for the rest of you." He packed the bag in which the pelt was stored, and looked at Renkor. "Do you know of a good leather worker? The one I knew of works in this town, and I don't think we will be talking to one another for quite some time." He held his chin with two fingers, looming over a thought. "Should I make the pelt into a cloak? Or just sell it to the highest bidder in Union City?" He chuckled to himself, knowing no one else participated in his own humor. After a moment of silence, he crossed his arms once more, and walked towards the outskirts of town. "So, what do you all plan to do next?"
  3. In the Crossfire

    Caliben froze with the body over his shoulder as Valerie and her rangers approached, but luckily for him, they didn't approach with caution or drawn swords. As they drew nearer, Valerie, with a bit of effort, unmounted her horse and approached the three with the other rangers tending to Mammoth. Ysgrid ran to her mother and embraced her, as the others were awaiting judgement. To Caliben's surprise, there was attempt to take their lives as a scapegoat to these murders. Well, he wasn't fully wrong. Caliben nodded to himself when he heard of the plan Valerie put into action as using them for her agenda, and making them be the ones to put Bailey out of power, so she could put herself in control. Caliben tried to imagine the town under Valerie's control, he could see it flourshing, but the real threat darkened the future. Well, now since Valerie put herself in this role. As he waited for her to finish what she had to say, he wasn't really shocked or stunned. Almost relieved to know that he now had almost no ties to this town, and was free to leave with no responsibility held to him. Before anyone could say anything, Caliben stepped forward, and shifted Bailey's body on his shoulder. "Now that it has come to this, I think I can finally tell the person in charge here my actual purpose." He looked at the bag and, than back to Valerie. "Thank you for the help with the pelt, at the time it was needed, but something has come up that needs me to be elsewhere before trouble finds me once more. For you see, I was told to tell Bailey that a certain merchant leader by the name of Mr. Lyles, is planning on coming to Valjer for business purposes. And he plans to use Valjer as a foundation for his future endeavors, and. How to put this lightly. Be rid of any opposition for what he may need." Caliben moved the body over to the other shoulder, but than finally realizing no need of hiding the body, he just dropped it to the floor. "and from my own personal experience, he has no plan on keeping you in town, when you could undermine his work." Caliben furrowed his eyes, looking to Valerie, to be sure understood the meaning. He relaxed than rubbed his hands together, than snapping his fingers when a thought entered his head. "Oh, and yes. I do apologize in advance, but I have a friend coming to town. He doesn't play well with others, but he will be looking for me under the alias of 'Caliben'. So, when he arrives, I suggest you be clear that I am no longer here, and I am heading.." He looked around, spotting the tallest mountain in the area. "Over there, to achieve the next pinnacle of strength to my power." He smiled, and nodded to himself. That should be enough to get him off of me for a bit. Thunder masters are great fighters, but lack actual brain strength.
  4. In the Crossfire

    Caliben turned to see Renkor walk past him reaching out for Ysgrid. He was glad to to see her come toward her with no opposition from the fanatics or Bailey, as they approached the entrance, he glanced to see the soldier come charging at Aelyria. With his arc he swung and nearly missed the woman, but she responded promptly with a swing from her.. Was it claws? Or just a swipe of her magic from her fingertips? Caliben took a moment to study her, trying to decipher her abilities with just momentary vision of her capability. Well, she does have talent. Thought Caliben, as she landed from her kick flip. He grimaced at the sight of her finishing the soldier, slicing him from chest to throat. Wait, slice? She isn't holding a blade, but she is cutting and not burning. Caliben shivered at what that could possibly mean, and looked back to Renkor to be sure he was okay. Ysgrid and him are beside the entrance of the farmhouse, and no one seemed to be coming to aid Bailey from the outside, so this should be every person loyal to him.. Besides Astrid.. He contemplated on what to do with the snitch, but he could only shake off any action that would harm the poor girl. Not enough information to even assume she's one of THEM. Someone had screamed, and he looked back to Aelyria palming his boot knife, but was glad to see it was just her ending another life, and not being overtaken by the rest of the group. She's attacking like a cornered animal, it seems she lacks fighting experience. He looked at the rapier on the floor near the entrance. Or just not trained with the weapon she is currently wielding. Caliben started to walk back into the farmhouse, making sure Bailey or anyone else does not make a sudden move on Aelyria from her blind spot. As she clawed the back of the last fanatic, she knocked him to the floor and finished the job with a swift stab into the man's temple. Caliben looked around at the scene before him. People would might think this was a massacre. He looked over the rest of the farmhouse, and frowned. No, they WILL think this was. He turned to Aelyria when he overheard her talking to Bailey, with sword point at his throat. He wanted to intervene, to stop her before she hurt the man. But the voice that echoed over the low cries of pain, was that of a executioner, not a woman of mercy. He overheard her past, almost wide eyed in amazement of what she had accomplished. The shadow? He had many questions, but he had to stop her befo- Oh no.. Caliben saw Bailey grasp the blade at his neck, trying to remove the blade that had ended the last chapter of the main's life. He noticed the darkness from Aelyria wash over the man, as he went limp. Aelyria turned towards Caliben, looking not at Caliben, but at the action she had just made. She dropped the weapon, and stood there shaking. Caliben walked towards Bailey past Aelyria, his face full of grim. He looked to the side, seeing Renkor from his peripheral, still holding on to Ysgrid who stood shaking. "We need to fix this place, any person not knowing what happened could assume this was murder." Or simply a massacre of some religious group. He stood in front of Bailey, eyes wide from the shock of his own death. He knelt down, and examined the man. Nothing seems out of place, why did the shadows envelope him than? He wanted answers from Aelyria, but knew now was not the time. He pointed at the entrance, and said. "Let's remove Bailey's body first, we need to be sure his death is recognized as a passing, not a killing. Than, we can burn the rest of evidence down." He moved to pick up the frail man, grunting at the unexpected weight, and pushed passed Aelyria who stood lost in her own thoughts. If we don't act quick enough, we'll be ran out of this town as wanted criminals. Which gives us no chance to fight back against Mr. Lyles in the upcoming future. He carried him past the front door, crimson blood dripping on the path made from continuous wear. He turned towards the house, and made sure no one was watching.
  5. In the Crossfire

    As Caliben stared at the farmhouse, he could only guess how many people would be inside. 7? 8? He could only hope he was close enough, as he picked up rocks around him as Renkor moved forward to destroy the barred doors. Caliben was sure to grab only rocks that was big as his palm, but not too small that they wouldn't have "impact". As he picked up his 4th rock, he felt pressure to his side, pushing him away from Renkor. I guess we get to see the man's real strength. Caliben stopped picking up rocks, and focused on what the man was doing. He couldn't SEE anything different, but he felt as though the wind was pushing him into the side. Caliben changed his posture so that the air would not blow him away from them both. Air Magic? You don't see that everyday, but I wonder how well he can manipulate it. Caliben wanted to test the man's magic potential more, but the the pressure left him in an instant and shot towards the doors, shattering them inwards. Caliben blinked, and nodded. Adequate. But it lacks precision in my opinion. Caliben heard Renkor give the go ahead to his Aelyria as she flexed her wrists, forming what seems to be shadow like figures around her hands. And that is Aelyria's. I should just ask her later what her magic does, no point in focusing too hard on her. Caliben followed behind Aelyria no more than 3 steps behind her, scanning the room as soon as he could see clearly through. He flared his eyes, counting the amount of men, weapons, Bailey, even Ygrid. 10 Men, not including Bailey. 6 of them hoodlums, 4 of them soldiers. A few knives and blades, but it seems no magic is a threat here. He looked over Ygrid once more. She seems unhurt, so we aren't too late. It looks like we interrupted the ceremony. Caliben saw soldier beside Aelyria raise his weapon. I guess it's time to get to work. Caliben sighed, and looked over important targets. She did say NOT to kill Bailey. But, if he does anything. Caliben stared at the soldier coming for Aelyria, and noticing SHE didn't notice him. Caliben threw one of the rocks left in his palm at the man's forearm, moving his arm away from his mark, giving a moment for Aelyria to jump backwards away from the front. Caliben rested his eyes as he brandished another rock, and knife into his palms as he walked past her. Flaring them again, he gauged each person by threat. Let the show begin. Caliben parried a knife throw from an attacker in the back of the farmhouse with his own knife, letting it fall backwards into the air, looking over the soldier from before who yelled as he climbed over chairs to reach them. The other soldiers yelled as they approached from opposite sides, raising their swords in the air as they charged past the hood men. Caliben eyed the hoodlums as they made no approach, but most seemed to be in shock from the wind blast prior before Aelyria made her entrance. As his first step finally touched the ground, he turned to throw the rock at the soldier a row behind the soldier who attacked Aelyira, hitting him in the knuckles, watching him let loose his weapon. That should buy me a moment. The action he made, gave the soldier closest to him enough time to clear the distance past the chairs, and swing with ferocity as Caliben smirked. He blade swung mere inches away from Caliben as he used the momentum to push down his arms towards the the floor and connect the man's face into Caliben's knee with a delight crunch as the man's nose broke. Caliben saw another knife gleam as it raced towards him, and caught it in the air and swung it back to the hooded attacker near the table beside Ygrid, hitting him square in the neck, grasping for it as he fell. I hope that was the only adequate knife thrower, they are such a pain. He looked to his right, seeing the other soldiers making headway toward him, pushing benches and chairs over as they stampeded. Caliben blinked, giving his eyes a second to relax, and eased the magic back as he looked for any dangers needed to be taken care of. The soldiers got closer, and some hood men are now moving. But Bailey is still maintaining his regal pose. Caliben shrugged in his thoughts, as the solders were now close enough to be dealt with. Both swordsmen, let's test this rapier. Caliben grabbed the rapier from its scabbard letting it drop to the floor as he moved to his stance. I'll do this, just to show Aelyria I learned something. With right leg forward, and dagger at his side with sword pointed upwards toward his attacker, he was ready. The first soldier came with a overhead slash, that was quickly parried to the side with the tip of the blade, and aimed it slightly downward, as the force of the slash aided in the piercing of the soldier's own throat. The other soldier stopped in his tracks as the other soldier grabbed the blade while Caliben moved his blade back out of the man's neck. The soldier grabbed his neck as he fell down eyes wide of realization of his oncoming death, and Caliben aimed the blade at the next target. Who was the soldier that dropped his sword, and recovered to find himself with a blade in his heart as he dropped the sword from his hand once more. Thought I forgot about you? Caliben gave the man a smirk, and looked back towards the last soldier. The man shook where he stood, wanting to drop and run from Caliben, but was pushed forward by the fanatics behind him. As he approached with caution, Caliben walked up with his blade poised to strike. The soldier screamed as he swiped with his sword in a low arc, missing Caliben by a hair, but was kicked in the face by Caliben's boot. Let's leave one alive, I can't be branded as a brute. The hooded men ran past the seemingly unconscious soldier holding knives, some swords. And I have 6 left. Caliben took a step back as he dropped the rapier back to the floor, grabbing the whip from his hip. He flung the whip outward, and brought it back. Igniting a man's robe as he caught the neck of an assailant, who clutched it with his hands, the smell of flesh filled the air as he forced the whip back, and throwing his knife at the fanatic's face beside him. Caliben felt a tugging on his eyes, as he felt the magic drain slowly from him. I guess that's my limit. Caliben stepped back, being glad he heard the footsteps coming from behind him. And now for the closing act.
  6. In the Crossfire

    Caliben looked around, trying to avoid getting himself involved in another quarrel between Renkor and Aelyria. He looked over towards the Valjer Farmhouse, wondering if there was anything between him and his destination that could be of use. Caliben gave it some thought, but was too distracted from the argument of those two to keep a focused mind. If they could only focus on what they had in common, but each one is so thick headed. Caliben was just about to intervene, but Aelyria closed the door on the conversation as she turned away from Renkor and looked to Caliben as a visual sign of "let's go". Well, let's hope that's the end of it till after our fight with death. Caliben rolled his eyes, and followed behind Aelyria as she full ran into the treeline towards the south side of town. As he caught up with her slowly, Caliben tried to find words in between breaths. "I-If.. T-There was a p-plan.. What is it?" He looked towards her, noticing her look of discomfort. I guess that last goodbye really got to her, but there is no time to rampart her emotions. Caliben kept running, seeing the farmhouse coming closer. But he saw no spies or watchers among the trees. I do hope his following is a small group. I only have so many knives per person to share. He gripped his whip, it was a good fighting weapon, but nothing to slay a horde of people. Caliben felt the rapier bounce off his hip. There's this weapon too, but the same problem as the whip. If only there was a way to combine both strengths. Caliben's mind raced as he thought of possible combinations with blade and scourge. The possibility will present itself I'm sure in time. He kept up with Aelyria, but his strength started to wear thin.
  7. In the Crossfire

    Caliben was frozen in the mender's hut, not from the cruel deed done by Bailey and his men. But by his own stupidity of allowing Astrid to get close enough to eavesdrop on their conversation. Is there is no one that I can trust? He gripped his own palms as Val continued with what she had to say. Dragons? Caliben wanted to shake his head at the thought of confronting such a thing. His skill is indeed useful, but he don't know of anyone of skill that can single handedly take down a dragon. But what choice do we have? Our only option would be to find her quickly, before the threat arrives. Caliben clicked his tongue at the lack of choices, which the only choice felt like it was suicide. Caliben looked at Renkor and Aelyria, both deep in thought. As he was about to say something, Aelyria took action and prepped medicine for Svein and Kjell, looked to Caliben and said. "Stay or come with me, it's your choice." Stay or come with me? I don't think I have much of a choice. Caliben turned towards Aeylria as she walked out the front door, and cursed as he followed behind her. "I think you still owe me some truths Aelyria." Caliben stepped towards her, stopping her in her tracks. "I don't believe we balanced out my truths for yours. It seems so unfair to go to the grave with you knowing my skeletons in the closet, and not yours." Caliben caught up with her and crossed his arms. "Besides, I need someone to bear witness to my amazing feat of saving this damsel in distress." He started to walk towards the direction she was heading, and looked back to her. "And I am in need of a damsel, the other girl will be fine." Caliben gripped the whip, and felt the daggers hidden within his jerkin and boots. Only 3 knives, and a whip. Against an Ice Dragon. Let's hope she has something up HER sleeve.
  8. In the Crossfire

    Caliben got off his horse and turned to assist Kjell off of the saddle. He looked to see some other rangers turning towards the Tavern or heading back to the stables to drop off their supplies. He looked at Kjell, and moved his head toward the infirmary. "No drinking just yet, before we make sure you are better." Kjell smiled, as he accepted Caliben's shoulder as support, and moved towards the infirmary. As they got closer, Caliben could sense a ominous aura around. Something didn't seem right. Caliben looked around the outside, noticing that the town was rather quieter than usual to the north of him. He looked around, trying to find any sign that supported his fear, but he did not need to look long. He heard a cry from the inside. "Someone! Please! Come in here quick!" Screamed Aelyria. Caliben ran inside with a few others, noticing the disarray the house was in. The obvious signs of struggle, and Lady Valmer on the floor with Aelyria. Caliben bent down to help her up, moving her with another ranger. "What's going on, what happened here?" Caliben looked around, to be sure that this wasn't a trap. But there was no further signs of intruders staying. It seems whoever invaded had only one thing in mind. Caliben frowned and looked back at Aelyria. "Find out who did this, I'll be right back." Caliben ran towards the door, trying to find Renkor. If anyone can track someone down, it's that man.
  9. In the Crossfire

    Caliben saw Aelyria get straight to work, mending and aiding any of those who needed help. Caliben walked over, and looked at the body of the Alpha Wolf. It towered in size in comparison to midlings, but to be able to shrug off most attacks they threw at it. Caliben could only speculate if these wolves were of magical origins, or specimans that had evolved to withstand the cold south's determination to kill all things weak. Caliben looked around to see most of the rangers grinning from ear to ear, telling their tales of courage in the battlefield. Caliben walked over to the wolf's head where his dagger was impaled and attempted to remove it. Despite his strength, the knife was lodged deep within the beast. He shrugged, and turned to some rangers who were almost gawking at Caliben. "I guess it can keep it." He shrugged and started to walk away. "Forest is it? How did you learn a trick like that?" The ranger motioned his hand towards the knife, smiling to know how Caliben performed such a feat. "It takes just a bit of practice, and a bit of skill." Caliben removed another sleeve dagger, and spun it around in his fingers with amazing dexterity. At the end of his show, he spun the blade in the air with a strong flick. And grabbed it in between his fingers, twirling the blade before putting it back into is sleeve. He didn't look towards the ranger, he liked to believe that he left his audience gawking. As he walked towards some other rangers, he noticed Renkor with his hand to his chest. Caliben wanted to say something, but words failed him at this time. He felt a tap on his shoulder as Aelyria pointed towards Apples, who had the Master Ranger tied into the saddle. Caliben nodded, knowing what was requested of him, and mounted Apples. "Thank you, you saved my life Forest." Kjell spoke through his pain, gripping the saddle so that he doesn't move too much. "As long as I get my wolf pelt as promised, considered us even." Caliben spurred Apples forward, and they left towards Valjer.
  10. In the Crossfire

    Caliben stared into the wolf's eye as it grimaced from the pain, and stepped back slowly regaining composure and insight to it's new foe. Caliben and Kjell both parted ways, being sure to keep the beast there and hope that reinforcement comes in some shape and form. Luckily, Caliben was as good as he was at reading Kjell's movements and the wolf's from his abilities, or else one of them would have been in trouble for certain. As they encircle around the wolf in the clearing, Caliben had made attempts to scourge the wolf. But the Alpha was able to dodge and counter quickly, nearly missing Caliben. Kjell tried to strike, but only agitating the beast more, Caliben scanned the battlefield for any sign of help. As fate would have it, he saw the tendrils of light coming from the scouts position. Knowing all too well what lightning looks like, Caliben attempted to shout to warn Kjell. That's when he noticed the speed at which the missile was coming, it was almost as fast as lightning himself. He did what only he thought he could do, and braced himself for the strike. As the lightning arrow struck it's target, Caliben flared his ability to see the motion of lightning coursing through the Alpha wolf's body. Tendrils shot out from the arrow, trying to reach a another surface to arc the power over. As he saw it slowly spreading like a monster, the force of the blow finally impacted his body, lifting him off the ground and away from the body of the wolf. He could see the sound barrier pass over him, already prepared for the screaming force that would follow suit. As he floated, he saw Aelyria for a moment. Thankfully, she was shielded by another ranger, and outside the range of potential damage from the incredible source of energy. The tendrils finally found a surface, and arced the energy into the other medium. Luckily for them it was one of the legendary trees, as it did not catch aflame or break from the force of the lightning. Caliben looked back to see where he was going to land, and cursed himself as he saw himself heading straight towards the snow. If luck aids me, there will be no rock underneath. Caliben hit the ground, closing his eyes as he grimaced in pain from the impact. Just a few seconds later, he heard the crunching of footsteps coming over, and hearing his name called. Aelyria, she is well. That is good. He strained his muscles to get up, opening his eyes to get a better view of what was going on. The wolf was still standing, no idea after such a blow would, no. SHOULD. Had killed the beast. He forced himself up, to see Aelyria pushed aside by the Wolf, blood flowing from her wound into the air. No, she can't die here! Caliben flared his magic, and took in what he could. The beast was charging towards Jorge, mad with anger as it rushed to kill it's target. Caliben cursed, and pulled out a knife from his sleeve. It's been awhile since I did something like this. He gripped the whip in his right hand, and tossed the knife above him. Using all the magic he could muster, he knew the correct angle, and the perfect amount of strength. He whipped the scourge towards the knife, flicked his wrist with perfection, sending the dagger spinning and glowing orange from the flame of the whip towards the beast. Caliben closed one eye, to relax his vision while he maintained focus on the other one. He saw the dagger spin, towards the target. Smiling at it's speed and trajectory, as it descended upon it's mark. The blade made a sickening wet crunch, as it embedded itself past the wolf's head, and out the bottom of it's maw. The Wolf stumbled from it's momentum, sliding towards Kjell, and stopping mere inches from the ranger. Caliben chuckled to himself, appreciating another feat that should have been inhumanely possible. It's moments like this, that makes the effort worth it. Caliben covered his other eye with his hand to ease his vision back to normality. There was no blood that leaked from his eye, but the focus did put a strain on one of them. He walked towards Kjell, making sure the pain in his extremities were invisible, for Aelyira's sake. He saw Kjell's look of astonishment, and he smiled and waved towards the man. "It seems I judged the angle pretty good there."
  11. In the Crossfire

    Caliben was left alone to his thoughts, Aelyria had left him to brew over the truths he laid out. But it didn't really bother him, he was more upset that they could not really talk about it as much as he wanted to. She doesn't know the bigger threat that is coming to Valjer, instead we face this minor threat and assume Valjer will be safe once more. Caliben dropped the rock in his hand, and stepped on it to see how far he could bury it in the dirt. He was unimpressed how far he pushed it down, but he stood where he sat and looked to see what everyone else was doing. It seems everyone is getting into position, where should I stand I wonder. Aelyria didn't really give him a position, he was a support if necessary if things turned for the worse. Caliben started to walk over to Kjell to ask the Master Ranger where he recommend he should be, but than the call came. Kjell stood up from his position, and readied his sword, looking to where the wolves were. Caliben looked in Kjell's direction, and saw them approaching. There was a lot of them, almost the whole den Caliben thought, or was it all of them? He hadn't had the time to count, but gripped the whip and stared into the beast's maw. There were two that we as big as their horses, near the middle of the pack. Caliben stared in awe at their massive size, and fought against the natural instinct to run. Just a moment later an arrow hissed through the sky and hit it's mark on one of the older wolves. The pack was sent into chaos, some of them running towards the treeline, and others towards the gully. Unluckily, a Elder wolf ran towards their direction, and Kjell stepped up to send it back into the clearing. Caliben followed behind, but made sure it was out of sight of the Elder wolf. Kjell forced it movements back towards the clearing, but the Elder wolf barely budged. It was though they were both stuck in a deadlock of experience, not bending to one another's will. Caliben heard fighting all around him, and made use of his ability to overlook the battle. What came to focus was one simple word. Control. The battle was very well controlled by the Rangers, the tactic used by Aelyria was incredibly planned to allow almost no casualty. Caliben looked to the other Elder wolf, it was being circled by two rangers, but was that enough to bring it down? Caliben knew he had to break what little the wolves had left, but which would would be the breaking point? It'd have to be the biggest. Caliben looked to Kjell, who had moved it more towards the clearing, but not enough to expose it fully. Caliben gripped his whip, and ran to Kjell. If I can make it move further, we'll get a good shot at it. Caliben let loose the whip, letting it trail in the snow behind him as he ran closer. Getting in range, Caliben flared his ability to get the best accuracy it could, and using a preemptive strike, to catch the beast unaware. He leapt, to give himself a better angle, and scourged the Wolf. The wave of movement in the rope trailed slowly forward like water in the ocean, Caliben eyeing his target closely, to be sure he hit it's mark. The wolf turned towards him, for what seemed like minutes. He flicked his wrist, to give it the last bit of momentum and precision. As he watched the curve move through the rope, the Wolf's eyes widened in surprise to it's new adversary. It won't be enough to kill you, but it will help continue the plan. The whip struck the wolf's eye, flaring out fire hitting it's target. Searing the socket, and making the wolf howl in pain. The Wolf reared backwards, using it's paw to rub away the pain. He looked to Kjell who nodded to Caliben for his efforts, and awaited the follow up volley from the scouts.
  12. In the Crossfire

    Caliben stepped out of the farmhouse, admiring the smell of flora that masked him. The smell was a change of pace from the cold south, it even reminded him of the flora shops that were within Union City. He never really bought one, but he always insisted on helping bring in supplies from time to time. This way, he could steal a smell from the shops without spending a coin. Although the flora smell was pleasant, Tore the ranger was reeking of some animal smell. He only smelt him for a moment, before moving away in the opposite direction as fast as he could. As he looked over the hunting area once more, he saw the female ranger picking up the bag of traps again. But this time, it seems someone was at her side aiding her with the heavy haul. I guess I'm not needed there anymore. Caliben scanned the area, looking to see if there is anyway he could help. But it looks as though the rangers were already almost done with preparation to move to the gathering point. Caliben went to Apples and gave it another rub, Apples didn't respond to the affection, or at least he didn't notice it in the moonlight. He walked away from Apples, waving goodbye, as he caught up with the rest of the group starting to move out. Caliben looked around for Renkor once again, but not finding a hint of him anywhere. He must already have gone to scout, maybe Aelyria knows he left already. As the group walked, laughed and grumbled. Caliben picked up his pace and walked near the front, thinking he'd be most useful looking for signs of Wolves or any other predator. The talk of a Ice Dragon sent shivers down his spine, as he peered into the moonlit darkness. There was almost no sign of anything, and the loudest sounds were that of crunching of snow and stick beneath each persons foot. Caliben looked behind him, taking notice of the female ranger looking at him with a smirk on her face. He blushed and looked away, being sure she didn't catch him staring. Why do so many women like to tease me? Caliben thought, but soon saw Aelyria in the back talking to the ranger that talked with her back at the farmhouse. Are they close? Maybe they have had past experience before I came here. Caliben slowed his pace down, and tried to be within earshot of them both. But he only caught the end of their conversation it seems as the man cut away from her, and went towards the head of the group. Caliben followed his trail, but realized the group had stopped. I guess we are here. Caliben hear the call of a bird, and heard the shout of the Master Ranger. Caliben's heart fluttered, his anxiety rising as he walked over to the nearest fallen tree and sat to wait. It wasn't too long before someone sat beside him, he looked to see Aelyria. "So, tell me, Forest," she said slowly, now looking up. "I think I deserve some answers from you. I know you're not here just for some wolf pelt and you've been pretty anxious the past couple days about something. So, what is it? What are you truly here for?" Really, you want to spend what may be our last moments over something so trivial? Caliben breathed in deeply, trying to figure out what the best way to answer Aelyira. Simple truth? The Half truth perhaps? He crossed his arms, and looked down at the snow. "I'm here on a business venture, although there is more to the wolf pelt as you expected." He looked at her, than looked straight ahead. "The person I am working for is interested in Valjer, not for it's wolf pelts. But for it's Wood Industry. He will not use it for mercantile export, but rather weaponry I could guess. The wolf pelt was just a sign that I came here to Valjer, and requested a lay down arms of Bailey Valmer. So that there would be no hostility for when the man came." He looked back to Aelyria. "That's all there is, even if Bailey is removed from the seat, the man who hired me will come either way by force to take the town. And I fear there is almost nothing that Valjer can do to oppose him." He reached down, and picked up a stone. He wanted to throw it, but gripped it instead. The sound it'd make would throw off the wolves.
  13. In the Crossfire

    Caliben spun to Renkor after he heard him saying some pretty decent advice, but Caliben frowned at the gesture made. Yes they're nifty, but it doesn't give me the speed to dodge now does it? Although there was truth to his words, Caliben went over in his head other ways to confront a wolf. Duck and rolling under the wolf as it lunged for the attack was pretty straightforward. But he misjudged it's strength and speed before, he won't make that same mistake twice. He raised the whip towards himself, going over any physical vantages of such a weapon. Reach. Was what came to mind, but how to use it? He let whip uncoil, and stared at the way it swayed in the wind, and reacted to the slightest movement by his wrist. If I don't try to kill the Wolf, but simply disable it. He grinned, gripping the whip, and ready to test it, but stopped immediately after seeing Aelyria and Renkor exchanging looks rather closely. Did Renkor do something again? Or was it Aelyria who confronted him? He could only guess Aelyria, from the gaze she sent towards Renkor. Renkor stopped in his tracks, and Apples pushed past him. Caliben wanted to tease the man, but even though he wore his mask, he could tell that whatever happened between them, had struck him pretty hard. Caliben avoided eye contact with Renkor as he moved passed and stopped near Aelyria's mount. As Caliben dismounted, he took his time on going over apples to be sure nothing had happened to it during their ride. He heard Aelyria chatting with the Ranger named Jeorge, he looked over and saw him helping her down off of her horse. Her womanly charms at work again, getting help with almost anything. Caliben frowned, but he did not know from what. Was it the lack of attention he was getting? How easily she earned their trust it seemed? Caliben had thought it was from Renkor's reputation, but it seemed Aelyria herself was a major part in her appreciation from the other rangers. Caliben turned, looked around and saw a female ranger who seemed to be pulling something heavy through the snow. Caliben hurried to go help her, as he approached she wore an expression of annoyance, not the gratitude he expected. "Need any help?" He walked up to her, as she continued pulling. "Nope, got this all by myself." She said this with some irritation, but Caliben followed. "No, I insist." He grabbed the rear end, which to his surprise was rather sharper than intended. He stifled his reaction, but picked whatever it was she pulled inside the bag. "Careful, these traps are rather sharp. Be sure you don't shed blood before the fight, or else you'll need to cover it up with something foul." She looked back and smiled, happy now for the help. "Thanks, I'll be sure to be cautious." He tried to maintain a hold, but with no good grip anywhere on the bag, Caliben awkwardly carried it behind her. As they got closer, the woman said thanks and dropped her end with no warning. Thankfully Caliben's gift kicked in, and dropped his end too before he fell with it. He looked at her, catching a smirk. These ranger's and their pranks. Maybe I need to prank one of them? He sighed, and walked towards the farmhouse just as Aelyria came out and headed right toward him. She smiled and tucked something into his pocket, Caliben blushed, and looked down at what she put in there. "Be sure to chew that. I've smelt your breath and can safely say you're in dire need." Caliben looked back at her, not knowing what the heck it even was. But shook his head with a smile. Another jest, she's becoming a ranger isn't she?" Before he could say something back, he heard the traps being brought over to them. He looked at woman as she took one out, and turned his head to Kjell saying "Insurance." Caliben shrugged, and headed into the farmhouse, but before he entered the door, he looked back to see where Renkor was. But to his surprise, he could not find a trace. He is pretty sneaky for such a large man. Caliben turned, and headed into the farmhouse.
  14. In the Crossfire

    Caliben mulled over the information that was told by Renkor, interested by some bits he what not have thought of. And some of it, came to no surprise. The rear like anyone is the weak spot, but because of the coat being so strong due to the weather perhaps? If I had tried to stab the adult with my spear, I would've been most likely dead by now, thank the gods. Caliben went over ways on out maneuvering the wolves in his head, but every movement he could make would be potential or obvious death. No, I can't simply run and roll under the beast. It's quicker than most monsters, and quick witted too. Caliben must have been lost in thought, for when he looked forward, the group has slowed their pace. Caliben felt a rush of excitement and anxiety of what the next steps were. It was soon, and he did not know if he was mentally ready for it. He looked to Renkor, but saw no sign of nervousness or even fear in the guy. I should consider wearing a mask, but it must be quite annoying to feel your breath most of the time. He wondered if Renkor even had a nose. He for certain had a mouth, how else could he talk? He smiled to himself from his own jokes, showing Renkor a pretentious grin. As the group slowed, he made no attempt to go towards the front of the group. He felt his abilities were best in the rear, looking for potential danger. As they grew nearer, Caliben started to look around with haste to be sure he did not miss any detail that he could. Thankfully no snowfall this time, or else the wolves would have the upper hand in stealth. He noticed the farmhouse coming closer, rooftops looked as though they were torn slowly by gales of wind. And the foundation attacked by crazed Rams, or by a menacing kid with a hammer looking for attention. But to it's east, the farmhouse glowed firelight, and a figure stood looking at the oncoming herd of rangers. Caliben could not recognize the figure coming up, but he had a general idea. He overheard the rangers talking about the blacksmith participating in the upcoming hunt, but was sure to not say anything to Aelyria. They had to pass time while practicing, so both of them would come up with something to talk about. Neither of them with social talent, so the conversations were dry and short. She swore the blacksmith was a ex ranger, but he denied her claims, not because he didn't believe her. But there was not much else fun in Valjer, besides the usual "I told you so." As they approached, it was who he assumed, and clicked his tongue at the thought of Aelyria rubbing it in his face, that is, if she remembered. Caliben slowed his horse, and took the opportunity while being out of sight of the rangers, to draw in some magic and take a good look around the area. Trees moving slowly from the winds, hares running into burrows at the sight of predators seeking prey. Eyes staring back at him in the distance, it was not of Wolf, but seemed to be of a bear. Too far to pose a threat to them, but the movement it made told Caliben it was not seeking trouble. He closed his eyes, and looked back towards the farmhouse. Kjell had dismounted his horse and was moving slowly towards the Blacksmith. Not wanting too be too far behind, Caliben spurred Apples forward towards them.
  15. In the Crossfire

    Caliben felt ignored, besides the fact that the rangers had little to no interest in him any time he tried to talk with him. But, he truly was an outsider amongst them all. He knew Aelyria well enough, but his relationship with her provided no gain in status, but staring eyes as the two talked and trained. Well, she is a married woman. so anytime alone would encourage glances. In the time available, he did learn a thing or two about each ranger. At best their names, but nothing in depth in regards to personalities or opinions. But he did overhear how some were uncomfortable with the hunt, but understood it's importance. The plan Aelyria created was a tactic used before by the rangers, but with the amount of wolves involved. The others would hope for a bigger turn out. He was spectating the rangers asking Aelyria about Renkor, but sure enough he came in his flashy armor, and his heroic poise. If this man does ANOTHER flashy entrance.. He shook his head at the spectacle, and followed along to the West with the others. As they rode, he tried to keep up with Renkor, to ask any advice from his experience hunting wolves. He had fought his own, but any extra information would be nice to know. Especially, if there was a sort of weak spot on the beast, or even a way to outwit them. He felt as though he had to push Apples a bit harder than normal, but he finally caught up to Mammoth and turned to Renkor. "In your experience Renkor, what is the best way to handle a wolf if caught alone?" He looked back ahead, dodging a branch just in time. Luckily he had his eyes, or he would've been clotheslined off his horse. "I only had the pleasure of facing a young wolf alone, but it's strength alone ripped my spear out of my hands. And the adult wolf felt eerily intelligent on knowing when to strike." He looked ahead once more, seeing the rest of the hunters ahead kicking up snow as they went.