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  1. Caliben stared into the wolf's eye as it grimaced from the pain, and stepped back slowly regaining composure and insight to it's new foe. Caliben and Kjell both parted ways, being sure to keep the beast there and hope that reinforcement comes in some shape and form. Luckily, Caliben was as good as he was at reading Kjell's movements and the wolf's from his abilities, or else one of them would have been in trouble for certain. As they encircle around the wolf in the clearing, Caliben had made attempts to scourge the wolf. But the Alpha was able to dodge and counter quickly, nearly missing Caliben. Kjell tried to strike, but only agitating the beast more, Caliben scanned the battlefield for any sign of help. As fate would have it, he saw the tendrils of light coming from the scouts position. Knowing all too well what lightning looks like, Caliben attempted to shout to warn Kjell. That's when he noticed the speed at which the missile was coming, it was almost as fast as lightning himself. He did what only he thought he could do, and braced himself for the strike. As the lightning arrow struck it's target, Caliben flared his ability to see the motion of lightning coursing through the Alpha wolf's body. Tendrils shot out from the arrow, trying to reach a another surface to arc the power over. As he saw it slowly spreading like a monster, the force of the blow finally impacted his body, lifting him off the ground and away from the body of the wolf. He could see the sound barrier pass over him, already prepared for the screaming force that would follow suit. As he floated, he saw Aelyria for a moment. Thankfully, she was shielded by another ranger, and outside the range of potential damage from the incredible source of energy. The tendrils finally found a surface, and arced the energy into the other medium. Luckily for them it was one of the legendary trees, as it did not catch aflame or break from the force of the lightning. Caliben looked back to see where he was going to land, and cursed himself as he saw himself heading straight towards the snow. If luck aids me, there will be no rock underneath. Caliben hit the ground, closing his eyes as he grimaced in pain from the impact. Just a few seconds later, he heard the crunching of footsteps coming over, and hearing his name called. Aelyria, she is well. That is good. He strained his muscles to get up, opening his eyes to get a better view of what was going on. The wolf was still standing, no idea after such a blow would, no. SHOULD. Had killed the beast. He forced himself up, to see Aelyria pushed aside by the Wolf, blood flowing from her wound into the air. No, she can't die here! Caliben flared his magic, and took in what he could. The beast was charging towards Jorge, mad with anger as it rushed to kill it's target. Caliben cursed, and pulled out a knife from his sleeve. It's been awhile since I did something like this. He gripped the whip in his right hand, and tossed the knife above him. Using all the magic he could muster, he knew the correct angle, and the perfect amount of strength. He whipped the scourge towards the knife, flicked his wrist with perfection, sending the dagger spinning and glowing orange from the flame of the whip towards the beast. Caliben closed one eye, to relax his vision while he maintained focus on the other one. He saw the dagger spin, towards the target. Smiling at it's speed and trajectory, as it descended upon it's mark. The blade made a sickening wet crunch, as it embedded itself past the wolf's head, and out the bottom of it's maw. The Wolf stumbled from it's momentum, sliding towards Kjell, and stopping mere inches from the ranger. Caliben chuckled to himself, appreciating another feat that should have been inhumanely possible. It's moments like this, that makes the effort worth it. Caliben covered his other eye with his hand to ease his vision back to normality. There was no blood that leaked from his eye, but the focus did put a strain on one of them. He walked towards Kjell, making sure the pain in his extremities were invisible, for Aelyira's sake. He saw Kjell's look of astonishment, and he smiled and waved towards the man. "It seems I judged the angle pretty good there."
  2. Caliben was left alone to his thoughts, Aelyria had left him to brew over the truths he laid out. But it didn't really bother him, he was more upset that they could not really talk about it as much as he wanted to. She doesn't know the bigger threat that is coming to Valjer, instead we face this minor threat and assume Valjer will be safe once more. Caliben dropped the rock in his hand, and stepped on it to see how far he could bury it in the dirt. He was unimpressed how far he pushed it down, but he stood where he sat and looked to see what everyone else was doing. It seems everyone is getting into position, where should I stand I wonder. Aelyria didn't really give him a position, he was a support if necessary if things turned for the worse. Caliben started to walk over to Kjell to ask the Master Ranger where he recommend he should be, but than the call came. Kjell stood up from his position, and readied his sword, looking to where the wolves were. Caliben looked in Kjell's direction, and saw them approaching. There was a lot of them, almost the whole den Caliben thought, or was it all of them? He hadn't had the time to count, but gripped the whip and stared into the beast's maw. There were two that we as big as their horses, near the middle of the pack. Caliben stared in awe at their massive size, and fought against the natural instinct to run. Just a moment later an arrow hissed through the sky and hit it's mark on one of the older wolves. The pack was sent into chaos, some of them running towards the treeline, and others towards the gully. Unluckily, a Elder wolf ran towards their direction, and Kjell stepped up to send it back into the clearing. Caliben followed behind, but made sure it was out of sight of the Elder wolf. Kjell forced it movements back towards the clearing, but the Elder wolf barely budged. It was though they were both stuck in a deadlock of experience, not bending to one another's will. Caliben heard fighting all around him, and made use of his ability to overlook the battle. What came to focus was one simple word. Control. The battle was very well controlled by the Rangers, the tactic used by Aelyria was incredibly planned to allow almost no casualty. Caliben looked to the other Elder wolf, it was being circled by two rangers, but was that enough to bring it down? Caliben knew he had to break what little the wolves had left, but which would would be the breaking point? It'd have to be the biggest. Caliben looked to Kjell, who had moved it more towards the clearing, but not enough to expose it fully. Caliben gripped his whip, and ran to Kjell. If I can make it move further, we'll get a good shot at it. Caliben let loose the whip, letting it trail in the snow behind him as he ran closer. Getting in range, Caliben flared his ability to get the best accuracy it could, and using a preemptive strike, to catch the beast unaware. He leapt, to give himself a better angle, and scourged the Wolf. The wave of movement in the rope trailed slowly forward like water in the ocean, Caliben eyeing his target closely, to be sure he hit it's mark. The wolf turned towards him, for what seemed like minutes. He flicked his wrist, to give it the last bit of momentum and precision. As he watched the curve move through the rope, the Wolf's eyes widened in surprise to it's new adversary. It won't be enough to kill you, but it will help continue the plan. The whip struck the wolf's eye, flaring out fire hitting it's target. Searing the socket, and making the wolf howl in pain. The Wolf reared backwards, using it's paw to rub away the pain. He looked to Kjell who nodded to Caliben for his efforts, and awaited the follow up volley from the scouts.
  3. Caliben stepped out of the farmhouse, admiring the smell of flora that masked him. The smell was a change of pace from the cold south, it even reminded him of the flora shops that were within Union City. He never really bought one, but he always insisted on helping bring in supplies from time to time. This way, he could steal a smell from the shops without spending a coin. Although the flora smell was pleasant, Tore the ranger was reeking of some animal smell. He only smelt him for a moment, before moving away in the opposite direction as fast as he could. As he looked over the hunting area once more, he saw the female ranger picking up the bag of traps again. But this time, it seems someone was at her side aiding her with the heavy haul. I guess I'm not needed there anymore. Caliben scanned the area, looking to see if there is anyway he could help. But it looks as though the rangers were already almost done with preparation to move to the gathering point. Caliben went to Apples and gave it another rub, Apples didn't respond to the affection, or at least he didn't notice it in the moonlight. He walked away from Apples, waving goodbye, as he caught up with the rest of the group starting to move out. Caliben looked around for Renkor once again, but not finding a hint of him anywhere. He must already have gone to scout, maybe Aelyria knows he left already. As the group walked, laughed and grumbled. Caliben picked up his pace and walked near the front, thinking he'd be most useful looking for signs of Wolves or any other predator. The talk of a Ice Dragon sent shivers down his spine, as he peered into the moonlit darkness. There was almost no sign of anything, and the loudest sounds were that of crunching of snow and stick beneath each persons foot. Caliben looked behind him, taking notice of the female ranger looking at him with a smirk on her face. He blushed and looked away, being sure she didn't catch him staring. Why do so many women like to tease me? Caliben thought, but soon saw Aelyria in the back talking to the ranger that talked with her back at the farmhouse. Are they close? Maybe they have had past experience before I came here. Caliben slowed his pace down, and tried to be within earshot of them both. But he only caught the end of their conversation it seems as the man cut away from her, and went towards the head of the group. Caliben followed his trail, but realized the group had stopped. I guess we are here. Caliben hear the call of a bird, and heard the shout of the Master Ranger. Caliben's heart fluttered, his anxiety rising as he walked over to the nearest fallen tree and sat to wait. It wasn't too long before someone sat beside him, he looked to see Aelyria. "So, tell me, Forest," she said slowly, now looking up. "I think I deserve some answers from you. I know you're not here just for some wolf pelt and you've been pretty anxious the past couple days about something. So, what is it? What are you truly here for?" Really, you want to spend what may be our last moments over something so trivial? Caliben breathed in deeply, trying to figure out what the best way to answer Aelyira. Simple truth? The Half truth perhaps? He crossed his arms, and looked down at the snow. "I'm here on a business venture, although there is more to the wolf pelt as you expected." He looked at her, than looked straight ahead. "The person I am working for is interested in Valjer, not for it's wolf pelts. But for it's Wood Industry. He will not use it for mercantile export, but rather weaponry I could guess. The wolf pelt was just a sign that I came here to Valjer, and requested a lay down arms of Bailey Valmer. So that there would be no hostility for when the man came." He looked back to Aelyria. "That's all there is, even if Bailey is removed from the seat, the man who hired me will come either way by force to take the town. And I fear there is almost nothing that Valjer can do to oppose him." He reached down, and picked up a stone. He wanted to throw it, but gripped it instead. The sound it'd make would throw off the wolves.
  4. Caliben spun to Renkor after he heard him saying some pretty decent advice, but Caliben frowned at the gesture made. Yes they're nifty, but it doesn't give me the speed to dodge now does it? Although there was truth to his words, Caliben went over in his head other ways to confront a wolf. Duck and rolling under the wolf as it lunged for the attack was pretty straightforward. But he misjudged it's strength and speed before, he won't make that same mistake twice. He raised the whip towards himself, going over any physical vantages of such a weapon. Reach. Was what came to mind, but how to use it? He let whip uncoil, and stared at the way it swayed in the wind, and reacted to the slightest movement by his wrist. If I don't try to kill the Wolf, but simply disable it. He grinned, gripping the whip, and ready to test it, but stopped immediately after seeing Aelyria and Renkor exchanging looks rather closely. Did Renkor do something again? Or was it Aelyria who confronted him? He could only guess Aelyria, from the gaze she sent towards Renkor. Renkor stopped in his tracks, and Apples pushed past him. Caliben wanted to tease the man, but even though he wore his mask, he could tell that whatever happened between them, had struck him pretty hard. Caliben avoided eye contact with Renkor as he moved passed and stopped near Aelyria's mount. As Caliben dismounted, he took his time on going over apples to be sure nothing had happened to it during their ride. He heard Aelyria chatting with the Ranger named Jeorge, he looked over and saw him helping her down off of her horse. Her womanly charms at work again, getting help with almost anything. Caliben frowned, but he did not know from what. Was it the lack of attention he was getting? How easily she earned their trust it seemed? Caliben had thought it was from Renkor's reputation, but it seemed Aelyria herself was a major part in her appreciation from the other rangers. Caliben turned, looked around and saw a female ranger who seemed to be pulling something heavy through the snow. Caliben hurried to go help her, as he approached she wore an expression of annoyance, not the gratitude he expected. "Need any help?" He walked up to her, as she continued pulling. "Nope, got this all by myself." She said this with some irritation, but Caliben followed. "No, I insist." He grabbed the rear end, which to his surprise was rather sharper than intended. He stifled his reaction, but picked whatever it was she pulled inside the bag. "Careful, these traps are rather sharp. Be sure you don't shed blood before the fight, or else you'll need to cover it up with something foul." She looked back and smiled, happy now for the help. "Thanks, I'll be sure to be cautious." He tried to maintain a hold, but with no good grip anywhere on the bag, Caliben awkwardly carried it behind her. As they got closer, the woman said thanks and dropped her end with no warning. Thankfully Caliben's gift kicked in, and dropped his end too before he fell with it. He looked at her, catching a smirk. These ranger's and their pranks. Maybe I need to prank one of them? He sighed, and walked towards the farmhouse just as Aelyria came out and headed right toward him. She smiled and tucked something into his pocket, Caliben blushed, and looked down at what she put in there. "Be sure to chew that. I've smelt your breath and can safely say you're in dire need." Caliben looked back at her, not knowing what the heck it even was. But shook his head with a smile. Another jest, she's becoming a ranger isn't she?" Before he could say something back, he heard the traps being brought over to them. He looked at woman as she took one out, and turned his head to Kjell saying "Insurance." Caliben shrugged, and headed into the farmhouse, but before he entered the door, he looked back to see where Renkor was. But to his surprise, he could not find a trace. He is pretty sneaky for such a large man. Caliben turned, and headed into the farmhouse.
  5. Caliben mulled over the information that was told by Renkor, interested by some bits he what not have thought of. And some of it, came to no surprise. The rear like anyone is the weak spot, but because of the coat being so strong due to the weather perhaps? If I had tried to stab the adult with my spear, I would've been most likely dead by now, thank the gods. Caliben went over ways on out maneuvering the wolves in his head, but every movement he could make would be potential or obvious death. No, I can't simply run and roll under the beast. It's quicker than most monsters, and quick witted too. Caliben must have been lost in thought, for when he looked forward, the group has slowed their pace. Caliben felt a rush of excitement and anxiety of what the next steps were. It was soon, and he did not know if he was mentally ready for it. He looked to Renkor, but saw no sign of nervousness or even fear in the guy. I should consider wearing a mask, but it must be quite annoying to feel your breath most of the time. He wondered if Renkor even had a nose. He for certain had a mouth, how else could he talk? He smiled to himself from his own jokes, showing Renkor a pretentious grin. As the group slowed, he made no attempt to go towards the front of the group. He felt his abilities were best in the rear, looking for potential danger. As they grew nearer, Caliben started to look around with haste to be sure he did not miss any detail that he could. Thankfully no snowfall this time, or else the wolves would have the upper hand in stealth. He noticed the farmhouse coming closer, rooftops looked as though they were torn slowly by gales of wind. And the foundation attacked by crazed Rams, or by a menacing kid with a hammer looking for attention. But to it's east, the farmhouse glowed firelight, and a figure stood looking at the oncoming herd of rangers. Caliben could not recognize the figure coming up, but he had a general idea. He overheard the rangers talking about the blacksmith participating in the upcoming hunt, but was sure to not say anything to Aelyria. They had to pass time while practicing, so both of them would come up with something to talk about. Neither of them with social talent, so the conversations were dry and short. She swore the blacksmith was a ex ranger, but he denied her claims, not because he didn't believe her. But there was not much else fun in Valjer, besides the usual "I told you so." As they approached, it was who he assumed, and clicked his tongue at the thought of Aelyria rubbing it in his face, that is, if she remembered. Caliben slowed his horse, and took the opportunity while being out of sight of the rangers, to draw in some magic and take a good look around the area. Trees moving slowly from the winds, hares running into burrows at the sight of predators seeking prey. Eyes staring back at him in the distance, it was not of Wolf, but seemed to be of a bear. Too far to pose a threat to them, but the movement it made told Caliben it was not seeking trouble. He closed his eyes, and looked back towards the farmhouse. Kjell had dismounted his horse and was moving slowly towards the Blacksmith. Not wanting too be too far behind, Caliben spurred Apples forward towards them.
  6. Caliben felt ignored, besides the fact that the rangers had little to no interest in him any time he tried to talk with him. But, he truly was an outsider amongst them all. He knew Aelyria well enough, but his relationship with her provided no gain in status, but staring eyes as the two talked and trained. Well, she is a married woman. so anytime alone would encourage glances. In the time available, he did learn a thing or two about each ranger. At best their names, but nothing in depth in regards to personalities or opinions. But he did overhear how some were uncomfortable with the hunt, but understood it's importance. The plan Aelyria created was a tactic used before by the rangers, but with the amount of wolves involved. The others would hope for a bigger turn out. He was spectating the rangers asking Aelyria about Renkor, but sure enough he came in his flashy armor, and his heroic poise. If this man does ANOTHER flashy entrance.. He shook his head at the spectacle, and followed along to the West with the others. As they rode, he tried to keep up with Renkor, to ask any advice from his experience hunting wolves. He had fought his own, but any extra information would be nice to know. Especially, if there was a sort of weak spot on the beast, or even a way to outwit them. He felt as though he had to push Apples a bit harder than normal, but he finally caught up to Mammoth and turned to Renkor. "In your experience Renkor, what is the best way to handle a wolf if caught alone?" He looked back ahead, dodging a branch just in time. Luckily he had his eyes, or he would've been clotheslined off his horse. "I only had the pleasure of facing a young wolf alone, but it's strength alone ripped my spear out of my hands. And the adult wolf felt eerily intelligent on knowing when to strike." He looked ahead once more, seeing the rest of the hunters ahead kicking up snow as they went.
  7. Caliben smiled at her comment, knowing he looked atrocious and not caring for his appearance. He never thought to look good before any dangerous job, he always figured the casket was closed anyways, why bother looking good for my mourners? Still, he straightened out his hair, and try to put some life back into his face with a few smacks from his hands. He looked over to Aelyria, she looked pristine as always. He never took to the time to really get a good look at her, even with his enhanced vision. But, when he did give her a glance, he could tell that beneath all those layers, were someone that would catch his eye. He did catch many turning heads in the tavern, or on the street whenever she walked by. But today, maybe it was the moonlight, or the aura of anxiety that filled the air before the oncoming hunt. He turned before she could get a glance of him staring, or what others would could call staring. A few moments had passed, and Renkor showed up with artifacts in hand, trudging through the melting snow. He handed them his artifacts, giving Caliben the flame whip. If this was easy as the rapier, I hope to be able to use it somewhat. He held it in hand, admiring the weight of the whip. It felt warm in his hand, which reminded him of the trinket the pyromancer gave him before. Was this enchanted with fire magic too? Or is there something else that makes this work? He couldn't help but think like his father at times, trying to understand the use of magic with current technologies. He seen Airships, but has never seen one up close. From what he could remember, his father was researching the strength of magestorms, and how to try and harness their magical capabilities as a source of energy. There is already a practice, but the containers used were heavy and daunting, while his father pushed the limitations into a smaller container. But, when pushing science.. Caliben frowned and gripped the whip, luckily this did not have the same application as his trinket. Caliben turned and saw Aelyria walking to the stables with apples in hand, and followed suit to his horse. He never made any connection with the horse lent to him, but he knew that it liked apples. And anything that can be manipulated with positive reinforcement, was a bit easier to control he thought. Aelyria looked at him after she fed her horse and Renkor's and tossed him his apple to give to his. He nodded to what she said, and turned to Apples. It wasn't it's actual name, it was Emil or something odd. He named it apples, since it got excited whenever he had an apple, or even said it's name. Apples. Caliben turned and fed the horse it's treat before he got on the horse, and saddled it. He stirred Apples to go faster to catch up to the others going east, towards the decrepit walls.
  8. Caliben woke up to the sound of Aelyria's voice, and half awake walked over to the door. He heard her tap again, and responded. "Yes..Yes.. I'll be down there in a moment." Caliben turned, wanting to just jump right back into his bed, but knowing there was much to be done today, fought against it. Almost done, just keep pushing. He put on his usually clothes, and holstered the rapier around his waist. He did not know which weapon Renkor would give him, but he knew that the rapier would at least come in handy just in case. As he nearly finished, he walked over to the sink and splashed his face a couple times to get himself fully awake. But what came with it was memories of last night. The Pyromancer, the warning. Mr. Lyles knows who he is, and gave the Thundermaster his whereabouts. Maybe the man thought the deed was done, and did not have to pay the dues if the debt was gone. Or, maybe he thought I knew too much of his expansion plans, and planned to kill me already. Either way, Mr. Lyles pointed the beast towards me, and that was enough to seek revenge.. At a later point of course. Caliben turned towards the door, opened it. Glad he did not see any of the sisters, as he was sure they gossiped about him last night. He walked downstairs, making sure Tom was not woken up. He had a mean streak the last time he was woken from his slumber, which was no fault of Caliben's, the cat was the true terror! He tip toed downstairs, and made his way to the stables. He looked, and saw Aelyria already downstairs waiting at the twin doors. He gave a obviously forced smile, and waved to her. "Can it be that Renkor is a heavy sleeper?" He wanted to see if there was any chinks to this man's armor, one way or another.
  9. Caliben wasn't scared of women, he just had no idea how a relationship works. He had not much time with his mother, before she left the family. And father was always busy with his studies, that gave Caliben no time to ask any questions regarding social etiquette. He could remember some of the questions he was able to weasel out of his father, although it is what made him the man he is today. "Always use proper mannerisms around anyone, you never know who they really could be." He could remember his father saying. "A proper greeting is the key between a good relationship, and a bad one. Start a strong foundation for a bright future." He has always done this. But in this case, it has turned into more trouble. And finally. "Women want nothing more than to get really close to you, find out what your weaknesses are. And strike you where it hurts the hardest." His father had a solemn face when he said this, as he turned back to his research. Caliben walked not far from the tavern, before wanting it's warmth once again. He turned, but instead saw a familiar face. The Pyromancer. Caliben blinked, but remembered quickly that she was a guide for others as well. Caliben approached with a smile on his face. "You're back, I can guess that business is booming for the monastery?" He quickly stopped when her hand glowed in orange fire, staring intently at him. Caliben raised his hands up defensivly, to show no aggression. "Caliben, you must leave." She walked closer to him, lowering the intensity of the flame in her hand as she got nearer. Caliben relaxing, understanding what may be going on when his true name was uttered by her lips. "Mr. Lyles met with a friend of yours, a 'Thundermaster'." She snuffed the flame, when she was near whispering distance to him. So soon? I thought I had another week, at most. I guess he is catching on to my names, I should try to think of something more original than the color green. Caliben scratched the back of his head, and looked at the pyromancer. She was pretty, that was for sure. She kept the hood over her head, which his most of her head. He could only guess the hair color, but he felt that there was a man out there that missed an opportunity on this one, because of her devout practice. Caliben crossed his arms, and said. "If you are warning me, he is not too far from here is he?" He looked around, to be sure he saw no one lurking the shadows. "No, I came alone. We came here 2 days early to warn you, so that you may leave Valjer. So no one will get hurt from your apprehension." Caliben nodded, he knew Thundermasters cared not for anyone that was not of the same religion. Their onslaught was chaotic, as their magic. They had almost no control, which made it very hard for Caliben to dodge or run away. "I can't leave, just not yet. If Mr. Lyles still means business, than I must prepare the town for what may come." He looked down, and rubbed his chin. I must get rid of Bailey, so that a stronger opponent may fight against Mr. Lyles. Can Valerie really handle it? Or maybe there is someone else. He looked back up, and saw the Pyromancer already heading away. Caliben yelled at her. "Where are you going?!" He considered chasing her, but she answered back. "Back to my monastery, I have done my job. Now it is time to do yours Caliben." She looked back, and went off intro a sprint towards the edges of town. Caliben stood stunned. Did she run all the way here? Those Pyromancers sure are a wonder. He turned towards the Tavern. Sighed. And walked back in, hoping to avoid Astrid's gaze as he opened the twin doors. And to think Wolves and Women were my problems, I'm always in a crossfire of sorts.
  10. Caliben couldn't think of a proper way to deal with Bailey, besides forcibly removing him. But that would cause too much commotion, even all out war within the town. We have to be subtle, perhaps strike at the very religion itself. But taking on a dragon.. Caliben smiled and shook away the funny thought. Dragons, mostly mystical beasts. But, there were legends of Dragons that harnessed lightning within it's body. Blessed by the magestorm, people worshipped it. But, Caliben always though they were just smarter animals. Nothing special or iconic about them. In fact, his father always could proof myths with science.. Caliben blinked for a moment, and looked down at the table. He had pushed back the memories of his father for sometime, was being here for so long that made him remember? His face started to turn sour, but he forced a smile and jumped up to the offer made by Aelyria. "YES! Please, thank you!" He dropped his tray on top of hers, not caring if she would redact the offer or not. He stood up and rubbed his hands together, preparing them for the cold hallway before him. "Now if you don't mind, I have a date with my bed. I apologize for the noise beforehand." He winked at Renkor and opened the door, letting in a gust of cold air take hold of him once again. I need to end this charade, maybe if I just tell Renkor what is going on. He'll maybe do something rash an- "Forest.?" Caliben turned around and saw Astrid at the end of the hallway, he gave her a confusing look as he stood in place as she walked closer. "Astrid, aren't you needed downstairs?" Astrid came closer, he could swear she was blushing. But the shadow of sunset covered up this side of the hallway. "I-I actually wanted to give you something." Astrid was now close, her breath forming from the cold air, almost touching Caliben's lips. Caliben clenched his fist, restraining himself from running. "Y-Yes?" He swallowed what felt like a rock, and could feel it go down his throat slowly. What could she possibly want to give me? The bill? some coin? Astrid reached into a pocket in her jerkin, and pulled out a wooden figurine. It wasn't skillfully made, in fact it looked like a horse had made love with a deer. He looked back up at her, and asked. "What is it?.." Astrid smiled. "It's an Elk, they once roamed these lands, or so stories had said. They were gifts from the gods, so that man could hunt and be hungry no more. But, apparently we hunted them too much, and what was left is now gone." Astrid gave a solemn smile, and looked past Caliben for a moment. "I really wish I could see one some day, I am sure they're beautiful." Caliben looked over the figurine once more, it was worn from constant wear. He could assume this was a passed down trinket in tom's family. He couldn't accept such a gift, but at this point; He think's it's too late to deny it. "Thank you." Caliben pocketed the figure, and turned to his door. He had trouble opening it. DAMN! LET ME JUST GO INSIDE! In just a moment, he felt it. Her hands on his, helping him guide the key into the keyhole. Caliben bit into his cheeks, trying to remain in control. He could taste copper, as he turned to see Astrid face to face with him. Caliben's heart fluttered, as though he was a rabbit caught in a trap, with a wolf. "A-Astrid! I actually have more business in town! Please excuse me." Caliben squirmed his way past Astrid, almost running down the stairs and out the door. And for a moment, felt as though the south wasn't as cold as he thought it was.
  11. Valjer will not have any time left, after word of this reaches Mr. Lyles. Him knowing that the only opposition in his way is sickly and opposes is a good enough reason to take this town by force. Caliben forced a small cough, and scratched an invisible itch on his forearm. He was uncomfortable with this news, as it meant only the worst for this town. Mr. Lyles has no intention of working with others, unless the party is absolutely submissive to his ideals. As the room was quiet, each person locked away in their thoughts. Caliben cleared his throat for attention once more. "Bailey Valmer is an issue, he will not only discourage growth of this town. But as well hurt anyone that is close to him. I can't suggest any action towards the man, but if you both feel as though there is a need. Than I will aid up to a certain point." Caliben wanted to stand and walk away, but he was too interested in what Renkor or Aelyria planned to do about Bailey. If they both plan to usurp the man, I need to inform them of Mr. Lyles intentions. Than I can be done with this town. Caliben could feel a pull on his heart, was it remorse? He knew the town would be put to the sword, so that there would be no opposition. But the only person who he had a close relationship was Aelyria, and of course Tom. He owed the man, but not his own life.
  12. Caliben, a little irritated that his question was ignored, took his emotion and put it behind him; for now. He instead put his focus on what Renkor had to say, with his own battle plan, which sounded almost suicidal. Does he put that much pride in his own ability? Is there more strength to this man than we can see? When Renkor finished going over the battle plan, he let the parchment drop for them both to observe. Caliben had not much to say, since he was not the one planning the battle. But he could see the pros and cons of both. Before he could speak his opinion, Aelyria spoke up about her disapproval. After a moment of reasoning, Caliben nodded in agreement. Although it wasn't a clearer advantage than Renkor, at least we will be leading the fight on our terms. Caliben sat back into his chair, grabbing the pitcher of Ale, and poured more into his mug. I guess I am the deciding factor amongst us. Caliben placed back the pitcher and cleared his throat. "I'd like to proceed with the plan Aelyria had made. Although Renkor holds some merit, the risk is too great. Aelyria's plan has us fighting on our terms, as well starves them out to us. If the wolves do retreat, I am sure some will perish. Allowing us a clearer path to their den for the final blow." Caliben grabbed some bread and tore a part of the inner loaf off, ignoring the crust. "Unless your true intention is to die Renkor, than we won't stand in your way." Caliben grinned, and continued to tear off more bread.
  13. Is my pelt front not enough? I was so certain that, it would be a concrete reason enough to be up here. Before Caliben could follow up, Aelyria stepped in and answered for him. Why did she cover for me? Caliben sat there, and just looked at Aelyria while she continued to make excuses for him. He was surprised for sure, but as she kept babbling on, his expression darkened. I don't want to hurt her, but if she is this confident in my intentions. Than I do not want to be on the wrong side of this man. Caliben looked towards Renkor, and changed his frown back to a smile. As Aelyria continued to talk, she came forward about her ability. So, me and her could have really died back there. Caliben jumped in at the end of her sentence. "It would be beneficial, and wise to try to control that 'magic'." Caliben moved his plate forward, as he had just finished his food, and was not wanting some of that ale. "And to be honest, I had no idea that the wolf pelt had any magic properties. So, maybe a extra on the side would help our purses." He grabbed the Ale and took in a few gulps, dropped it down on the table with a satisfying smile. He took a moment to relish the cold drink, and looked back at the others. "Here's MY plan of action. I acquire a pelt, and thank lord Valmer for his hospitality while I was here. And I leave back to Union City, that is all." He shot a look at Renkor. "I have no business here other than that." He took up the mug of ale again, this time taking a slow drink. But if Valmer is dying. Who will run Valjer in it's place? Valerie? Should I inform her instead of Bailey about Mr. Lyles? "Renkor." He placed the mug down, and wiped his lips of froth. "What was the goal in mind, when you had proposed a fake marriage Aelyria? I don't know all the details, but I am intrigued to know what your motives were." He looked him in the eye, trying to see any sort of expression. God damn this man, and his accursed mask. He can hide his emotions so well, his eyes almost say nothing all the time.
  14. Caliben rubbed his fingers together to try to be rid of the charcoal remains on them. As he did so, he focused on the tactics that Aelyria planned for their wolf hunt. She had just gotten through a little bit of it when the door knocked. Aelyria welcomed in Astrid, who smiled to all 3 of them as she entered. She asked for everyone to make room for their lunch as she walked over in between Renkor and Caliben. As she placed the meals down, Caliben felt a surge of worry as the woman was rather close in proximity than what he is comfortable with. As Astrid placed down their meals, she moved a little bit aside, brushing up against Caliben's arm. Caliben wanted to scoot away, but instead he clenched his teeth and closed his eyes slightly as she continued in her preparation. Thinking she was done, Caliben opened his eyes back up, but instead saw a eyeful of cleavage that was moving back away from the table. As she moved away, Caliben could've sworn she saw her look in his direction, not with a frown; But with a smile and a small twinkle in her eye. He sat there paralyzed for a moment, but regained composure when the smell of their meal enveloped his sense. He looked down, and without any hesitation, dug right in. As he inhaled his food, he kept focus on the battle plan. It was a very good plan, using what strengths they had, and eliminating any weakness. He eyed over the two weapons that Renkor brought, but none of them really "reached" out to him. I guess I'll have to try to use them, before I turn them away. After the plan was explained, there was silence, followed by Aelyria's voice. "So, what do you think?" Caliben waited for Renkor, but it seemed he was in deep thought about the plan. And Caliben, who already knew the plan, spoke up first. "It's rather straight forward, eliminate the threat at the head. And the rest will follow suit. I'm just afraid of how well we can take down the adult wolves before we are engaged in a melee." He crossed his arms, tapping his forearm with his pointer finger. But, maybe if we can figure out how to use each one's abilities. We can coordinate a more devastating attack." Caliben looked over at both of them, and his face grew serious. Well, better now than too late. Caliben looked at Renkor. "As Aelyria already knows, my ability is to focus magical energy to slow down time. Relative to my cognitive thought, but I am limited to the restraints of my physical capability. I can dodge attacks at the last moment, but if my body is incapable of changing course, than I am a dead man." He looked at Aelyria, "That is how I was able to fell the young wolf with one attack, but the momentum of it was too much for my strength to maintain hold of the spear." Caliben closed his eyes, worried about the information he just shared. Looked back up and looked at them both. "I know Aelyria can cast fire magic, but how well can you manipulate it? And what if your abilities Renkor? Is it only for the hunt? Or do you posses some type of magic too?"
  15. Caliben reached the top of the steps, looking back at the two women who smiled and even winked in knowing what the plan was. Caliben gave them a half smile as he finally ascended the stairs and made his way to room 7. The request he made for the girls was not difficult or mischevious, It was a simple "be on the lookout for anyone coming up the stairs, let me know if anyone does." He expected a a simple yes from them both, but Tyr made things a little difficult. She was a flirt, that is no secret. Tyr made a joke asking if he was one of those mysterious people she should warn him about. Caliben smirked, and said "yes, people just like me." He looked at Astrid, who seemed more nervous than interested in what Caliben had to say. He waited for a reply from her, but Tyr nudged him along. "It'll be okay hun, go upstairs to your secret meeting." Caliben shook his head, trying to get them both out of his head. "If those two kept up this charade, I'm sure trouble will follow." Caliben muttered to himself as he approached the door. He took a moment to see if this was the right time to enter, pressing his ear to the door to see if anyone was talking. He heard no one, and opened the door. Caliben looked around the room, seeing Renkor sitting down, and Aelyria sitting down across him. He didn't say a word, but went to the other side of the table, grabbed a chair, and sat down between the two.. "Tom said that Astrid is coming up soon with our meals." He didn't say anything else regarding the girls. The business of them is not important enough to impart on these two, or at least he thought so. After he adjusted himself in his chair, he pulled out the parchments that were tucked inside his jerkin; And placed them spread out before the others. "So, to catch Renkor up. We already gotten rid of one den, due to or impeccable scouting ability. But our rangers informed us that there is a 3 other dens in the area. But the real issue, is that one of them is 11 Wolves strong. 4 yearlings, and 7 adults." Caliben drew on the map, making crude symbols for the town and dens. "The idea is, if we be rid of the large den. It will maybe make a statement to the other wolves to leave this area. Or at least allow the other wolves to hunt away from the town, due to the available hunting grounds." He circled the large den, which was in the center of the forest, and center of the two other dens. "Now, the actual tactics of how we attack, is provided for us by Aelyria." He spinned the writing device in his hand, and caught it, the end facing towards her.