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  1. evil


    Hola! After years dormant I return triumphant! Address your questions, and concerns to the nearest Terrenian Peace-Keeper's Local Office! All encounters are subjective or your money back! Good day!
  2. I want to be the Dark King of the Gods, the Mystic Phantom Six.
  3. I don't have the prestige to fight off a God yet, as I've stayed Mild Powers, in respect for many reasons..
  4. Six, the tiny 4 Inch Mega Lich stirred meekly as a Female voice echoed questioning who was there. Six stopped talking as its crimson red eyes peered beyond the animated shadow cloak. Said black-like material began to grow innately as the creature fueled it with fear of being destroyed, from its will alone. Slowly Six seemed to 'float' over the ground like a phantom without stirring a sound as it hid behind a sturdy patch of Nightshade. At present while Six hid it was enamored with the mortal-looking being before him, the bi-pedal life-form before Six resembled a female, but it wondered if there was more than just that about her. Very few 'leaps' ever occurred in this world, maybe she was a prodigy that had yet to achieve fulfillment? Six feared being here too long even in Astral Incarnation Form, it risked damaging the vessel of his being if endangered. The pain of losing one was beyond terrible to an entity such as Six, thankfully he had yet to encounter such a fate. There were many from his kind that refused to enter this form, for fear of damage to the essence vessel. At the same time though, Six was starting to enjoy having someone here that wasn't really anything affiliated with Terrenus, as it would have preferred anyway. Six decided that its best advantage was to continue charging Shadow Walk and watching the female a little longer so as to form a careful strategy. Six would prefer that it had a few options to pursue her, with enough preps in Shadow-Walk to escape danger. As it goes Six wanted to escape danger of the female, and capitalize on her large size when compared to Six. There were however a few other things he could do as well to the land, that may make the young women have to react. As per Six's will it had managed to get into the shadow of a wild berry vine, and a sturdy Spruce Tree's shadow. Six crouched down and continued to prep Shadow-Walk as it was sure that this female was absolutely not anything approach without a plan. Six would have breathed a sigh if the phantom had not been more resolved to behave in an Astral form; "I could trap her if I needed to, but I don't know what she is - she could be a Holy Elemental.. Then again.." Six thought as the phantom's crimson eyes looked to a few dried up leaves nearby for a second. Six wondered if it would be wise to attempt Tactile Mind Control on the girl. However, Six did not wish to do incur the wrath of the young woman, "Should I fear you?" Six asked boldly allowing its voice to become boosted in the landscape - while it hid in view of the girl. Shadowmancy: Shadow Walk + 2 Preps
  5. Hey, I am back for the day - just to let you know I'll be inheriting a little more time as I am going to be going back to my family to help for a bit.
  6. If people were dying in the streets from starvation, or cannibalism started. Otherwise I would not touch that with a ten foot pole..
  7. Can I create Region 6: The Slave Market?
  8. The Golden Aura Permeated throughout the room as Lhoth was on his knee's weaving a golden Maelstrom for all to see, and feel. The air would soon get much hotter, faster, and more obvious to those it was intended for, that being the Guard of Lord Lothlorian would feel a whisper to their collective mind awakening deep secrets. He had so little time to weave the full incantation thus half would have to do, he couldn't put all of his Focus on it and risk his Soul. Lhoth's passion surged as he was a madman weaving dual incantations that formed a massive spell form that was slowly growing around Lhoth, but never fully encompassing him. "I CAN'T DO THE WHOLE I CAN ONLY DO IT HALF-WAY!!" Lhoth raged in his mind as he continued the incantations by heart. Lhoth had a very good idea of how hard this spell would take its toll, but was damned and honor bound to come through for Lord Lothlorian. Looking down to his left hand, he smiled as he worked much faster, his eyes flashed fully green this time as he worked the incantations into a green spell form that began to flood the light with a Jade aura all of a sudden. "Bring forth the Green Dragon Blessing, enter the Jade Chasm level 1." Lhoth instinctively said aloud as he made the spell form ever more complex, he would make it all the way to the Black Dragon Level in no time. Weaving the familiar spell-forms he had learned as a child the wave of hands became a dance all of a sudden of a precise and inconspicuous nature as more spell forms of motion began to weave the spell form into a much faster maelstrom emanating from him. If one were to look down the maelstrom collected beneath the feet of everyone in the room. "So much for a good night sleep," Lhoth thought sadly. Symbolism Of The Ancients: 3-preps
  9. Select one Power, Ability, Feat, Innate, Spell, Weapon, Armor, Accessory, Auto-Innate, etc Rule 1: No flaming, obviously. Rule 2: Constructive criticism welcomed, and applauded. Rule 3: Select one power from your character, minus the name, enter the flavor text, self-rate then 10/10. DO NOT EDIT. Rule 4: SUBMIT.
  10. I'll create a character with my background knowledge of being a Medical Assistant, it will be a woman - as I prefer to gain a perspective in writing the opposite sex. If you would have me.
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