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  1. Suffice to say the End Times would signal to most of Valucre that it's time to say, "So long, and thanks for all the fish!" Type of time in the world right now, do you wanna do something reckless, and fun before you're sure to meet certain doom? So have at it, let's say you and my characters meet up hearing of Arboria through other nations communications, and decide: "Hey! I want some of that free real-estate for me, myself, or my kingdom." In the age of Airships it shouldn't be a surprise a few people would turn tail, and head off to whatever was on the other side. Who knows, it could be a quick end for some on the other side, or their could be riches beyond compare right? Meanwhile in Genesaris who wouldn't want to escape that nation either with all it's troubles in the beautiful countryside after all? Some Elves may want to see if there are more like them on the other side, while many would want to go in hopes of being closer to nature. I wouldn't ask much of you in this journey that I wouldn't ask of myself, and request a story teller in the mix to help facilitate this interest check. I understand that stealing an Airship is risky therefore I cannot officially tell you the safety of any character you submit to the thread. Only requirement is that your character be from Genesaris, though I am sure someone will perhaps do one for Lagrimosa, it isn't up to me, this is so I can migrate freely to the new site. I think it fair to leave with something to remember here as I am really fond of this place and never wanted it to see it go. However I will remain optimistic for the future as I am sure we will all have a lot of fun over there in the future. I invite any of you to join with the explicit risk that we're stealing an airship therefore this is sure to be dangerous as usual. It maybe prudent to upgrade your characters arsenal in the process of accomplishing this task. Thank you for reading this, and thanks for your time.
  2. Lhoth had heard of the shop from other passerby's for having a good supply of weapons that he could put to use. As he walked towards it he wondered if he should go for a sword, mace, or bow, he considered each with a better reluctance to pick the right number of weapons for a long journey. Lhoth hated using weapons for a good reason, it would draw attention to his strange powers, and that was attention he didn't desire at any time. Lhoth walked into the shop, and began to inspect the weapons hoping for something exotic, and practical in his pursuit here. Slowly Lhoth opened the door stepping inside greeting Celina with a curt nod "Hello, I have need of a sword, Bow, and arrows, and an exotically powered crystalline shard." Taking out all the money Lhoth had gathered from others dropping currency in his woods he had gathered more than enough coin to fit the bill. Looking around Lhoth inspected the fine quality of the merchandise with great surprise, and admiration that the woman before him was so skilled in her craft. Selectively Lhoth slipped the coin onto the table then began to inspect her blades, and other wares that he desperately needed now. A certain sadness occupied his thoughts as of late as he was hastened to accomplish something that needed done, Lhoth gathered the items as quickly as he could ignoring the other person. Lhoth was nervous around other people for good reason as he was not one to be around others for too long, but that didn't mean he wasn't friendly enough. Gathering a Long Sword that looked pretty fine for her size, Lhoth gathered the other items with a familiarity. Then he realized that he might also need a good dagger. "Sorry, I forgot to ask, would you have any good size thrusting daggers?"
  3. Are we going to migrate any of the continents to PGRPG?
  4. I apologize a few weeks in advance, forgot to post this in the water cooler. Sorry about that, must have slipped my mind.
  5. What is the time frame with said event taking place? I have a lot that I wanted to accomplish. At the same time, hoping for verification on the migration site.
  6. Mystic_Lhoth

    PGRPG help

    Hi, I am interested in the new migration to the new site, however my email doesn't seem to want to verify on the new site. I was told to post here, [assuming] If I am wrong feel free to delete this thread as I didn't intend to spill the beans, and am wishing to be discrete about this.
  7. That sucks, that really sucks, I want this place to stay forever.. How long will Valucre remain online?
  8. My apologies, I looked at the ship as a puzzle that many would seek to exploit out of opportunity. I wasn't trying to cheapen the experience you laid out in your scenario, I simply looked at it with greedy eyes. Not every day a character has a chance to excavate the ruins of an Alien Ship. I look forward to whenever you have a chance to open it up again, and would defer to your better judgement on this. Again my apologies, look forward to roleplaying in your sand box someday.
  9. "The Raptors will guide us."

  10. Meanwhile... Ooglemamya Ogremamya Being the ships doctor of a bunch of pirates left him rather touched of insanity, and prone to random outbursts for no reason but to be instantaneous. All over the ship he would scream aloud to his fellow pirates random comments pertaining to nothing in particular. Also, he hated ships with a passion thinking they were there to trap, and kill him therefore he started carving a Raptor statue claiming it gave him mystical powers because it was to his God, the Raptor Azurath. Claiming that said raptor was the patron saint of Birds, and Angelic beings, he managed to convince the crew that he was not insane but post apocalyptic thriller type. He sailed the sea's with pride in having a crew to care for, except more often than not they would die. Later in life once he was put off ship, he still adopted the pirate persona in vain, though it gave him no power. Still he prays to the Raptor god, claiming, "THE RAPTORS WILL GUIDE US!!!!" Aloud while randomly yelling yarg at passerby's. An orphan from war he only ever wished to have a good woman to pray to the raptors with him. People often think that this man is a God in disguise.
  11. Giggles erupted from Six's mouth as Venepot tried in vain to quash the spell that he'd manifested, the snakes continued despite his attempts. Seems the old wizard was about useless without his personal staff. Six shook with so many giggles that her was personally gratified to have to do something about the snakes that had the intended effect. Six called for his power deep within weaving his arms in a way as to extend the spell, he slowly spoke the name of the counter "Extergimus!" Six dispelled all of the snakes watching as the old man now had a different staff while Nina had his staff in her hand. Smiling that he was now more useful in class he straightened at his desk allowing the class to be in awe of him. Looking over to Nina, Six thought she was rather sly for taking the staff so easily from the older wizard. His excitement for this class grew as he continued to sit in on the lecture watching the spectacle. Sitting back down at his seat Six continued silently as he watched many of the students curse him for his minor trick. The real trick had been done by Nina to begin with, he was just there to make sure it happened the way it did. Slowly he wondered what else he would learn from the old wizard as the shenanigans died down. Six wrote down the words that he had learned from Venepot so he would have it in future tirades against whomever.
  12. Oru has a hard time dealing with many of the elements in the ship due to the dangerous nature of the type of hull encountered by the local scavenger groups. The ship absorbs technology, and or people probably, I would not wish to take on this challenge by myself due to the danger. Therefore I am extending this to try and give Absalom a bit of a bump in notice for the rest of us. I find the challenge to be interesting enough to make a few discrete additions to my lore for such a delve. A few people have been asked by me in the past to go on a delve. I have tried to reach out to Sigil Warden for limited success. However it comes to my attention that nothing further is going to be done with Absalom for the time being. This prompts me to lend my talents to bringing awareness to the rest of you for the sake of not letting such an opportunity pass into obscurity. My wish is to have a partner to go on a scavenging run of the Absalom Sarcophagus so we may have an oppurtunity to scavenge technology from the ship. It's sure to be dangerous therefore I cannot permit the safety of any character involved in such a delve. Therefore the danger rating of this rp is rated to have permadeath of any character involved in dismantling the sarcophagus from the outside in. Your character, or characters involved are sure to be rewarded with future tech that you can use in whatever manner of your choice. We split the reward 50/50, and run the shell company into the ground, taking whatever we need from such a run, and leaving quickly before discovered. This is an outlaw move made to bend the rules in a way that weren't intended. However I am surely convinced of the reward from stealing future technology for personal use. Thank you for your time.
  13. I am going to reflect back on what's said here, and ask that you please flesh out this idea more. I want to be part of the Sleeper faction.
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