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  1. Welcome to the Velvet Room

    Burning metals, using one's own life force to forcefully break metals down and enhance certain aspects of the user’s physicality, was a sensation Aiyanna relished in. In cold, wintry days- a constant forge of tin could warm her up as well as sharpen her senses. It allowing her to see in the dark. Hear even the most muffled steps of a passing servant. Feel even the woodgrain of the floorboards beneath her. The world shone brilliantly. Colors were so vivid it hurt; pleasure was overwhelming. And even a splinter could hurt as much a punch. And, thus it presented two problems to the constant user. One: each aspect comes with consequences. Pewter, while strengthening a person, could make someone go so far past the point of human endurance- they simply drop dead. Tin, makes one so sensitive- bright lights, sounds and physical abuse would render them blind and mute and crippled. Two: after a while of constant use, actual physical capabilities start deteriorating- forcing them to constantly rely on burning metals… or live as a crippled shadow of their former self. A person forced to pay the full consequence of their hubris. Many choose to end their lives before that could happen. Needless to say, Miss Fortune was quite frugal with her metals, as of late. However; in the room filled with men and women armed to the teeth- with no qualms about cutting her down, If it would mean getting their hands on her sizeable sum of money. It would be wiser to burn them- and that she did the moment those runes activated. Needless to say, Aiyanna continued to burn her electrum- forcing herself to appear charming, reliable and authoritative. It manifested in a fiery inferno in the pit of her stomach- she could already feel exhaustion creeping upon her. Electrum burned more quickly than any of the others. So, she was forced to make the best of her enhanced charisma- she smiled most graciously at the gentlemen- her head bobbing at a stray Knight, or a Baron. Most of whom kept staring at her- as if dumbfounded, unsure of how to proceed. Others smiled back, and waved. Some bowed and curtseyed. Others glared at her. Envious. Suspicious. Hatreful. It was with a glad sigh that she accepted a glass of whiskey from one of the servers- offered on a silver tray that made her frown at it. Everything about the velvet room was so... unnecessary, did one really need a quartet playing at such a gathering? The Fortune inheritance wasted on such useless opulence. Honestly. Conversations started up once more- although it was more subdued now. The crowd's attention already slipping away under a new wave of speculation. Too early for that. Therefore. there wasn’t a much better moment for the shabbily dressed gentleman to decided to interrogate her. Once more, eyes swiveled towards them as he approached- and she had no choice but to smile- and burn trace amounts of copper- to riot the gentlemen’s joviality. She let out a soft, tinkering laugh at his words, coking her hips- one hand idly tracing her braided necklace- forcing tiny barbs built into it’s underside to pierce her skin. “Why! I was just wondering about the same thing, Mr….?” She trailed off- just enough of an opening for him to supply his name- did he so wish it. “All this pomp and regalia- and for what? I understand the importance of being clean, yes, but, those suits must be so confining. But my Father started this trend sometime ago- and I suppose everyone just blindly followed.” She cupped her cheek with one hand- and heaved a small sigh, her eyebrows furrowing- she leaned a little closer to this Gentleman- her voice dropping into a hushed, stage whisper. “Honestly, I too have no idea why they’re up their instead of mingling with the crowds. I feel just as you do, Sir! Prized pig indeed.” More laughter- to ease the tension, just a bit. “In fact, I plan on reducing such an unsightly, archaic practice. We’re revolutionaries- it doesn’t make much sense to be so widely divided when we’re against such practices." A few of the closer gentlemen nodded at her words- and she burned her copper brighter, inducing their curiosity. "However, this system does enforce loyalty and discipline…” She paused, trailing off once more. Her smile transforming into a sharp, generous smirk. She further pulled up on her air of mystery. Her eyes wondered past the man’s shoulders- fixating first, upon Mr. Dalziel who had such a silly grimace on his face, and then upon Michael and Lila. They looked amused by the little situation- and she answered with her own little smirk widening. “Such a conundrum, but, I’m afraid I must leave you hanging- there are more introductions to be made, I’m afraid.” She brushed past the Gentleman- feeling several gazes still locked onto her- and the buzz of of conversation, hushed and panicky. As if they were sorry to have been caught litsening in. Aiyanna hated such pretenses- which was why she stopped directly in front of Mr Dalziel, her gaze dark and piercing. “I heard my Father and You were very close Mr. Dalziel- will you not sup with me tonight, as you did with my Father? He bequeathed several personal plots to you, I’d like to discuss them.” And with that, she sauntered on- towards Lila and Michael, her smirk turning into a sincere, wide smile- her teeth bared. “Fancy meeting you lot here!”
  2. The Gentlemen's Club

    Current Operatives Dukes: 8 in total (Harold Methchilde, Jeffrey Green, Opal Hans, Liam S. Dalziel, Lila, Michael Von Morgensten, Vertucious von Eldritch, Aiyanna Fortune.) Barons: 32 in Total. Knights: 50 in Total. Alexander Polybius. Azul Geiforn Gentlemen: Over 100. Alistair Cobb.
  3. Izral Activity

    This is the Genltmen's club!
  4. Izral Activity

    There’s soon going to be a lot of activity from The Gentlemen’s Club soon.
  5. Enjoy your stay in Umbra. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

    1. LikelyMissFortune


      Thankyou so much! I'll make sure to!

  6. Royal Resurrection

    I'm sorry, Lila's accompanying so Miss Fortune wouldn't accidentally poison an important lord or something. Sorry. :c
  7. Cat Picture and Talk Thread

    ... My mom's making me give up my Genghis Kahn! MY Eurasian emmpire will fall if she succeeds!
  8. Royal Resurrection

    Haha, Oh, yes! I was actually waiting for this @Tyler! But, yes. Frail Miss Fortune and her companion would need a body guard to accompany her to this Soiree! But I'll check with my Gentlemen first. :(
  9. Royal Resurrection

    This is my Character. And this, is the Sinister Syndicate of Misfortune
  10. Royal Resurrection

    How about Anna Fortune and her band of gentlemen in trying to get at this Queen?
  11. Pictures of Us

    And here's my Genghis Kahn, conqueror of Eurasia
  12. What's in your speakers, nukka?

  13. The Gentlemen's Club invites you.

    Welcome aboard!
  14. The Gentlemen's Club invites you.

    @Warlock Indeed! I’m looking forward to it!
  15. The Gentlemen's Club invites you.

    I have no idea! and, yes please! We can pillage high rock together!