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  1. LikelyMissFortune

    Fate and Fortune.

    Panic, hot and thick paralyzed her. Perhaps it was the bizzare situation , she had been so sure of herself- just seconds ago. But now, the sky bled and red and the small- slender woman had transformed into a terrifying monster. Breathe. Her chest constricted- scarcely able to even feel the punches beyond the sheer panic, and the fog of flared copper. Breathe. It was her old nemesis that snapped out of her panic- and she breathed. And with a lungful of air she burned her tin. Assaulting her senses with overwhelming sensation. It was enough to cripple her for a moment. It was enough to make her feel sane again. She didn’t have time to think- her bruised rib hurt as though someone had stabbed her with a fucking knife dripping with basilisk venom. But she burned iron and steel- forcing the coils of copper snaking along her wrists and torso and legs to pierce the attacker’s limbs. And one through her abdomen. She pulled again- just as she felt the subtle sound of impact from behind. A savior? Or another enemy? Gods be damned, Aiyanna couldn’t tell anymore. She just pulled her copper wires inwards, riddling her captor with copper stitches. Kill her. Kill the demon spawn. Even you should know how to. Aim for the eyes. And she was about to do that- until suddenly, darkness surrounded her feet. There was nothing to feel for just a moment- then she felt cement beneath her feet and the blood sky receeded. She could hear the nuances in Vertuciois’ voice- the sarcasm, the cool head- the worry. Don’t do this again. “A Fortune can’t be expected to just sit there quietly now, can she?” She whispered- reaching for her flask of emergency metals.
  2. LikelyMissFortune

    OOC Queen's Party

    ITs alright Mickey! Take your time!
  3. LikelyMissFortune

    Royal Birth Day

    “Of course! The Queen’s ball must simply be bursting with eligible bachelors!” She giggled girlishly, theatrically swinging her hips. “The Queen is young and unmarried and beautiful! They usual piranhas will attend, trying to charm her with their vicious claws.” She slipped her hand into Jeremiah’s awaiting arm- and smirked coyly behind her fan. “Though, I don’t suppose cousin Jeremiah would be pleased to hear you’re looking for eligible bachelors when he’s right here- waiting to woo you!” Jeremiah awarded this with a satisfying chortle and an annoyed glare. “Lana! Not so loud!” She could almost just pretend they were simply three young nobles on their way to a ball. For once, Anna was grateful for her cousin’s steadying arm as the glided into the ballroom, she on his left, and Lila on his right, the very image of dignity and elegance. Steadily, she flared her bronze in a protective bubble around the three- to appear normal. She could feel sweat beading on her upper lip. The room was packed with the flower of Elandron’s nobility- ladies twittered, floating along in dazzling colors, the lords grouped around in suits in a range of colors- from dark to light. The room itself was nothing to scoff at, gilded in gold- yet it was simple. Sophisticated. Guards lined the walls, daunting in their red and black uniforms. She was sure there were a few mingling in the crowds as well. The whole room glittered in deep, vibrant colors. The only ones who wore white were the servants. “...Lana” Jeremiah murmured gently, coaxing her out of her stupor- handing her a glass of glimmering amber liquid. “Lord Channary is the nephew of Lady Ci’Xi.” He nodded towards an alluring young man wrapped in an exquisite navy suit, who promptly waved and started to make his way over. “Quite the reputation for being an insolent young man. He frequents clubs very often- but also has a very loose tongue” “Ah! Jerry!” The young man bellowed merrily embracing patting his back.”We were thinking you weren’t going to come! Where’s Aly?” “And you bring two fine young women along with you” He brushed golden curls back from startling green eyes- boldly staring at Aiyanna. She burned a little bit of her electrum, tugging on his curiosity- and her on her docile naivete. “I haven’t seen you before,” This Lord Channary spoke bluntly, his words slurring together- upon closer inspection, his cheeks were definitely flushed with alcohol. The Queen hadn’t even made her appearance yet, and this man was already drunk. “Pray, won’t you introduce me?” He whispered, swiping another glass from one of the passing servants. “This, is my cousin, Lady Lanala Insidia and her friend--” Jerry started only to be hushed by Lord Channary swiping her fan from her hand. “No dancers yet?” He scoffed, handing it back, “Can’t be helped, I suppose, you just arrived.” “You couldn't have arrived any sooner than us, My Lord, but you’re already so very pink.” The Lord chortled into his drink- half sloshing onto his shoes. “Only from the presence of these beautiful ladies, yourself included" His tone was silky as he grabbed her bare, ungloved hand- and pressed a kiss onto her ringed fingers. Aiyanna recoiled from the foreign sensation- sorely wishing to inject him with the mercury sloshing around the center stones. “I’ll take the first dance then, Lady Insidia. Look forward to it.” And with that- he released her hand and ambled away- only to attack another friend- and another lady. “Well…” Jeremiah trailed off, uncertainly. Tugging Lila closer, to him. “That was Channary- I’ll lead Lila and check up on you in a little bit.” As was the plan, but he chewed on his lip- as if uncertain, “Do be careful, don’t do anything… stupid.” And she was alone- an unchaperoned young lady, new to society. Picking one of the smaller table designed to seat two, placed on the fringes of the ball room. She had to burn pewter, and stepped as delicately as she could towards the seat- taking her cues from the floating nobility. She watched, and smiled at the curious young men and women who smiled and looked her way. Aiyanna waited- observing the Nobility spin their webs, she watched the cracks and factions form as elegantly as they walked- mostly, she waited for the Queen, nibbling on cheese and olives that the servants had placed at her table.
  4. LikelyMissFortune

    OOC Queen's Party

    Sorry about the delay, work is bogging me down but I’ll get a post out soon!
  5. LikelyMissFortune

    Describe your character in a self deprecating manner

    Anna Fortune: Edgy Paris Hilton kills Dad, does questionable things with questionable intentions. (Bonus: "IT'S NOT A PHASE DAD! YOU'RE REALLY POISONED JEEZE") Odille Rothbart: Human tu--Uh.. Wanna be little swan shit.
  6. LikelyMissFortune

    Welcome to the Velvet Room

    This Mr Cobb certainly spoke with a strange lilt and accent. She had heard it before- but it was in other places, far removed from the pomp and glamour of the Velvet Room. And, compared to what had become of her little band of revolutionaries under John’s rule, he stood in stark- fresh contrast. Ironically, it was his rather rugged appearance that she found charming. “That’s a funny way to refer to going to the toilet, Mr. Cobb!” She laughed, merrily. “Where are you from? Perhaps you would like to reside in the manor as of tomorrow. I’ll need a personal guard.” She glanced at Lila, swirling the contents of her glass of whiskey. It was an amber liquid- not one she liked, but, a sip wouldn’t hurt… right? And then- he had to say it. Sometimes, she really did wish people were as easy to control as reflections. Immediately- she began to pull on the curiosity of those in their immediate vicinity, twirling around to face Liam. She made sure to look a little distraught, a smile fading on her lips- eyes wide, slightly hurt. Dear Lila and Michael, of course, politely refused the offer. She could feel the tension emanating between the four of them. Oh, Anna, what a perfect little actress you are. The voice crooned, He see’s right through your act. It’s Liam of course. Perfect, precious Liam. “Are you accusing me of forging my late Father’s will, Liam?” Her voice came out slightly hoarse- it was an act, but barely. The old man was compelled to rewrite his will minutes before his demise. It was his will. His choice to write it. I just helped him out. “He didn’t leave an heir, Mr. Dalziel, if that’s what you’re after.” She steeled herself, back straight- chin up, eyebrows furrowed. They’ve seen her vulnerable- shocked, now she’ll let them see her solid. “He did, however, leave you 40% of the Pawnshops existing stock, and an annual income of almost 8000 bushels of wheat.” This was a clause she had included from the original will- the one she had burnt. “He saw you as his Son, Liam. I can see why you’d think he’d leave you more- and I’m more than ready to provide you, and every gentleman in the club, what they want, but these were what he personally wanted to give you.” She placed a hand against her sternum- steadying herself. “I didn’t really want to use the Club’s time to discuss such… personal matters. Which is why I asked you to dinner. I’m still in mourning, Mr Dalziel, it wouldn’t have been appropriate otherwise.” She started to pull on her own determination and confidence- trying to appear strong and resolute. “There are many, many opportunities I wish to discuss with the Gentlemen regarding missions and such- particularly Hell’s Gate. “We’re a minor militial force in Izral right now. Gutter rats, when compared to the types of weaponry that other factions have acquired. I do not care to see the Gentlemen slowly disappear and fade under the chaos and instability of having no proper leader- and as such propose a provisional parliamentary leadership with the Dukes, Barons, Knights and Gentlemen involved in it. My Father believed this would’ve been the best option as I am still too young to lead by myself. I do not wish to command. “I merely wish to guide us back to our roots. Against injustice and the corrupt Masonists. I wish to see Izral a just place. And as such- I come to my second proposition.” A smirk grazed her face, her eyes narrowing in pleasure- like a cat. “Before his death, my dear Papa used to mention the plight of Blairsville and Hell’s Gate quite a bit. He wanted to bolster our forces by pilfering from Hell’s Gate. I propose we do as he wanted and bolster our forces. I propose we lead a raid to Hell!”
  7. LikelyMissFortune

    Fate and Fortune.

    The abrupt pull that sent her veering off mark, resulted in just a moments notice for her to flare pewter- bracing herself as he flank skidded across the concrete. Her copper "armor" Protected her skin from being scraped to nothing- but the result was the dull ache of ribs that had to be bruised, at least. It took her a moment to long to spring back on her feet. The inferno blazing inches away from her vulnerable form proved to be enough of a motivator. The unknown shooter was not someone to be trifled with- it seemed. So, that's exactly what she did; slowing her pewter down- forcing herself to burn a bit of electrum. "Ha! Good one! You almost roast me like the pig I had for dinner tonight." She started to riot disgust in the woman. Following up with a burst of anger. Anna dusted off her copper clad arms- trotting away from the burning inferno, a polite, impish smile on her face- as if nothing had even happened. Every step sent just a bounce of pain to pierce through her Pewter fog. "Sounds like the Gentlemen have arrived at the call of a maiden in distress" She stepped closer to Hot Shot, carrying the same droll tone she would've carried in a dinner conversation. "You must want to leave now?" With that- she charged at the woman- flaring the last bit of Pewter she had left to give her a resounding burst of strength, to wrench on the gun the woman had aimed at her, discarding it somewhere half way across the street. "But I don't want you to leave- not right now. So, how about we talk for a moment, Hot Shot?"
  8. LikelyMissFortune

    Royal Birth Day

    Anna Fortune had acquired quite an intense dislike for carriages- they bumped along jarringly on streets made uneven by cobble, the seats were rather uncomfortable and, the didn't have air conditioning to cool travelers off. It was... an inconvenient way to travel. Not to mention the fact that she hadn't been to a ball since she was 18. It was bound to be an interesting experience. As the carriage jostled and bumped along the primitive cobbled streets of Elandron, beside Lila and her cousin, the Lord Jeremiah Insidia, Aiyanna Fortune couldn’t help but wryly smile at the tension in the carriage. The last one definitely lacked this… particular awkwardness. She didn’t remember them being as entertaining as this one was, either way. It was amusing to see how her dear elder cousin sweated nervously across from the ancient Nymph, clearly disconcerted by the revelation that Lila was, indeed, almost two millennia old. “You two look rather cozy,” She muttered, not bothering to hide gleeful sarcasm from seeping into her statement. “Almost makes me want to jump off this carriage and leave the two of you alone for a few minutes.” She suggestively snapped opened her ivory fan- fluttering her eyelashes- before bursting into peals of laughter. Jeremiah had turned into a tomato! So flustered her was. “Cousin,” He pleaded- such beautiful blue eyes, so distressed. “Please do not joke like so! What if people were to accuse me of… Criminal Conversation.” He seems more troubled by that than the fact that he was smuggling two women into a Royal Birthday Ball, with the intention of stealing her away. It was such an absurd notion that is sent her into such hysterics that tears sprung up in the corner of her eyes. Jerermiah ran a hand through his bright auburn hair- shooting a worried glance at Lila. “Please, pay no mind to my cousin’s idiocy.” It was certainly something to see the ruthlessness of Insidia- minor as they are. Ah, but today- Aiyanna Fortune wouldn’t be Aiyanna Fortune at all. She was Lanala Insidia, Jeremiah’s cousin from some small holding in Alterion. Lanala was young, bright eyed and quite new to the world of High Society. She was to be awed by the grandeur of the space, intimidated by beautiful dresses- but most of all, she was to collect as much information as she could about the guards- the Queen, and how drunk they were getting. "Lila, go along with the plan- Jeremiah will alternate between you and I at the ball, get as much information as you can from guards and servants. Dance!" She exclaimed- fingers tapping against her thigh. "As much as you can- but avoid this man, Skarcham. Jeremiah shall warn you if you come across him. If anything should go wrong- run. If I am captured, run. Take Liam and go to Hell's Gate." She gripped at the apex of her skirt- where the ruffles began, "Do you understand, Duchess Lila?" There were the noises from the street, drifting through to the carriage- the common people, getting drunks, making money and celebrating their Queen's birthday. Oh, how they shall act on the morrow. To avoid any… unduly allegations, she had taken pains to change her short, dark mane into a longer, lighter Auburn. Her dark gaze was now a less intimidating blue. She no longer resembled - nor did she feel like- the Fortune Heiress. She was now, a simple, fluffy country lady, on her way to attend her first ball. It didn’t sit with her too well. Nor should it- even the dress she wore was something nabbed from Larel’s wardrobe. It was a white metallic chiffon confection accented in gold, with short capped sleeves. The bodice hugged her bust, before falling away in an ethereal stream of the shimmery fabric. The skirt didn’t flare out- but developed ruffles as it pooled at her feet. For Anna, the only saving grace was that the fabric itself was weaved from silk and golden metallic thread. Should she need to use it, in an emergency. Three vials of metals were also tucked in, and around her hips- using ruffles to hide their shape. The carriage lurched to a stop, outside of the Palace gate- and Anna was almost thrown from her tiny, hard carriage seat. Oh, how she despised these blasted things. Jeremiah had the nerve to chortle at her misfortune. “I’ll make sure to stress how much you enjoy Lila’s company at the ball, Jerry!” She growled, glaring at him. “Oh, don’t pout Anna, dear.” He shrugged, opening the carriage door himself- and proceeding to jump out. As if he weren’t bothered by the thought of ruining that pristine cream suit. “You look much, much more dazzling with that smile.” Bristling at that particular comment- she grabbed the chauffeur’s offered hand, and as hastily as her dress would allow- she stepped out from the carriage. Affixing him with her glare. Oh, how she wanted gouge out his impudent eyes. But, there were gaurds everywhere- the palace was itself, crammed with people in gorgeous colors, shiny and expensive. And yet, among them, glittered the guards, imposing and none the wiser of the two women about to infiltrate their precious castle. But, alas, she had much more pressing matters to attend to- namely, make sure she isn’t caught, and garner as much information as she could from the ball. And that meant to act as much like Lady Lanala Insidia as she could. So, plastering a bright- cheery smile on her face she turned back towards the carriage, at Lila. “Come now! We do not want to be late, now do we? Tongues will wag if you don’t hurry along!”
  9. LikelyMissFortune

    OOC Queen's Party

    I’ll post something as soon as possible!
  10. LikelyMissFortune

    Odille Rothbart

    Race: Half ElfAge: 18Physical Characteristics Height: 165 cmWeight: 53 kgBuild: Generous curves- graceful and elegant- but not much muscle.Hair Color: A bright, vibrant gold.Hair Length: Waist lengthHair Texture: Wavy.Eye Color: Blue.Skin Tone: Slight tan.Distinguishing Marks: A blue fleur de lis on her forehead.Personality: A somewhat shy young woman who hesitates to speak her mind- but could be extremely passive aggressive or stubborn about somethings. As she finds it hard to make friends easily, she usually retreats into her shell at social events. Odille obsesses over dancing, music and the arts.Abilities: She prefers to use such items such as holey stones and rune stones when forced. She has an affinity of lulling people with songs and dance. She does know rudimentary forms of magic- but, they're moderate at best, unusable in combat. History: Odille was brought up in Genesaris- the daughter of a mere farmer. But, due to circuses, and stories she had heard from other girls- Odille was quite captured by the imagery of castles and nobility being mystical, fantastical palaces of art and romances. As such, she began to show signs of an incredible gift for music- and incredible grace, at a very young age. This wasn't something her Father wanted- and thus, at the tender age of 18 she was forced to make her own living doing what she loved, or staying on that little farm, forever.
  11. LikelyMissFortune

    Fate and Fortune.

    She could smell smoke, acrid smoke. She was reluctant in leaving her study- besides the usual suspects of vials of metals, poisons and others- any documents linking her to the club was in her study. John had been careful about that. She would be too. But, setting her house on fire? Only a week after she had inherited it? That was a step too far. "Can you support me from behind?" She whispered, readying her pewter- straightening up from her crouch- slowly moving towards the fluttering curtains. She could now feel the movement of metals directly in the gun- all the way across the street- whatever this Roman had done, it had been very effective. There was a screech of the car, she could feel the other's finger squeezing against the trigger. And she ran towards the edge of the balcony- pushing down on metallic streetlights- which crumpled slightly beneath her pewter enhanced weight. The night air stung against her cheeks as a barrage of coins flew towards the woman, she began her descent. Which she stopped by pushing a coin beneath her- pushing it so it shunted her upwards. This time- she pulled on the stranger's heavy gun- forcing Aiyanna to crest over the roof. Metal coins gleaming about behind her. "My, My, My- you're causing such a ruckus in my house!" Coils of copper unwound from her ankles- snaking up around this other... woman. Her coins poised and ready to push them right through the other woman's eyes- or ears. "I've been asking a lot of people this question lately," She mused- as her copper wires snaking up the others ankles and calves- tight enough to restrict blood flow. "Who are you?"
  12. LikelyMissFortune

    The Gentlemen's Club invites you.

    and https://www.valucre.com/topic/37940-welcome-to-the-velvet-room/?tab=comments#comment-684867
  13. LikelyMissFortune

    The Gentlemen's Club invites you.

    We do, actually! Welcome to the Velvet Room and Fate and Fortune. We haven’t moved out of Izral yet!
  14. LikelyMissFortune

    Fate and Fortune.

    Bang! It sounded from the front yard, Miss Fortune dropped started back away- until she was pressed flat up against the sides of her desk. "What the hell do you think you're doing to me? What are you blabbering about? And for Pete's sake." She growled at this Roman man. Frantically pointing to the legs space hollow beneath her desk. "Take cover, you stupid man" Bang! This time, it sounded from somewhere further down- East wing, it was either Kitchens or one of the servants quarters. Miss fortune pulled most of the coins out of the bag- pulling them towards her, her arms raised, fingers slightly bent, the projectiles hovering in the air. Bang! It sounded closer- and Misfortune could do nothing but pull on the curtains to the only windows leading to her study. Back pressed against her desk- she felt heavier, more so than even her pewter allowed her to be. She readied her Duralumin, should she need a stronger burst of power. "Misfortunately, for you, Roman." She whispered, past her hamering, frantic heart beat. She thought of the hinges near the window- she could use them as an anchor to push herself up and away from them... but. That left her wide open. There was a sniper outside her house. Where the fuck are Dalziel and Vertucious? She waited, listening- feeling the moving metal men get closer. And closer. And closer. She briefly wondered if the assailants had families? Loved ones? She readied her Duralumin- as the guttural screams of those without tongues filled the air. She could hear the ruckus on the streets, she was glad, that atleast, her gentlemen should be informed- soon.
  15. LikelyMissFortune

    Fate and Fortune.

    She bristled at his comment- pulling her iron up, pushing up coils and coils of copper to wrap about her torso, her arms and her legs. The leather leggings and tunic she wore made the entire ensemble a bit stifling. Almost like those corsets that were so fashionable these days. But, there was something off- she could feel the metal in and around her house. As a rule the servants weren't allowed to wear metals- but there were new sources of moving metal outside her walls. Crawling upwards. Metals that felt a whole lot like guns. By fucking Gaia. Fool, she was to be so vulnerable. Surrounded, there were six on her walls, one staring directly at her. 7. No, this one- she couldn't see that one. She flared her tin, dropping onto her haunches, pushing on the bell fixed outside her office. Once, twice, thrice. Danger! The bells rang. Intruders! She could just faintly feel a bigger danger- across the street. Her orchard idea didn't seem so far fetched, right now. "Listen, Roman or whoever the heck you are," she hissed out- menacingly pulling on a loose bag of coins on her desk "Are those six insects on the walls yours or nah? Lie to me, and I assure you, you'll understand exactly why they fear the Miss Fortune." To prove her point- she pulled at the metals encasing the nearest insect- directly under the balcony. She had to flare her pewter to ensure she didn't get pushed towards the intruder, but soon a bloodied mess of Zippers, Knifes, a sub machine gun and an earring burst in through the french doors. "Tsk, what a mess for Lehzen to clean up."