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    The eerie quiet of the fourth floor stood in contrast to the hushed noises, muffled by soft carpets from the floors below. And, even starker to the loud bumbling clatter of activity from the Lobby. This silence was shattered, however, by the cacophony of Leizhen's clattering heels, the rustle of silk- and the crinkling of leather. It raked again against her nerves; as though the little party of two were about to face a truly fearsome foe. Ready to pop out and attack at any bend, out any door, Leizhen quickened her pace. It was a truly silly notion; they were there to meet a member of the family- and, once they drew closer to a door, left slightly a jar, the notion is further proven to be quite silly, indeed. Evienee had to lead the way, her tired maid both unwilling and far too neurotic do any more than refuse to go in before her. Not that it mattered anyway, the apprehension would be for nothing, if it was indeed a trap- better to have intercepted them on the road. The inn, even if the fourth floor was completely vacant, was far too crowded a place to attack a noble. The more terrifying thing present was the excess that was need to vacate an entire floor, nothing more than a quirk. A costly one at that. She was proven right. Ampelos was sat lording over a table of artfully crafted pastries and tea; looking as though he had been pre ordained by the uncanny pantheon to sit there, waiting on them for an eternity. Evienne was impressed by the readiness with which he greeted, and it simmered in the air between them. He stood to greet her, and, he met him halfway, the beginning of a erupting along her lips as she threw her arms around him. Leizhen makes a sound, a muffled shriek of surprise as she bore witness to Evienne being seized up in her cousin's embrace. Evienne could almost imagine her face, wide green eyes- freckled face going beet red, almost as if it wanted to match her ginger hair. The embodiment of quiet embarrassment. Evie simply laughed, "Cousin Ampelos!" "I left as soon as I received your missive, I haven't even had time to properly explore this hotel, let alone this bustling little town." She trilled, before fixing him with an all-too-sweet smile "The hotel indeed seemed very cozy. Were you perhaps, expecting guests? There're so many rooms that are empty." Placing a hand on his arm, cold, despite the heat- the tips almost bluish; and curled to hide the defect, a peal of laughter was released as though they were a fatal volley of arrows. "I do believe Leizhen would like to rest, poor thing didn't have a stomach for the ship, but I would love to accompany you!" Leizhen curtseyed, almost swaggering in her riding habit, "If you would excuse me, Lady." Evienne turned to Leizhen, pity softening her features, "Leave the parcels and go rest, you've been taken advantage of enough, go rest now." @supernal
  2. LikelyMissFortune

    Church On The Hill

    “What did he do to you, little bird?” Though she did not understand, the tone was soothing. It calmed her heart, easing it away, just enough for her to be able to breathe- again. Still, panic ran hot in her gut, threatening to split her in half if they even so much a moved. But, slowly, she notices a ripple- a violet tint separating her from angry hair, and accusatory, flaming eyes. “Odille, focus. Should I take you to the back of the inn?” The kind elf asks once more, Odille gazes at her, almost daze- she should be scared, of the anger roiling in her eyes, in the stance she adopts. It ripples in her muscles, but it likely isn't directed at Odille, so she shakes her head. "Heathen!" Someone screeched, an odd voice, trying to sound masculine when fear ate away and cracked the very foundation of his words. Even Odille could tell this much. "Do you not see this? Do you not see how the creatures gather and pray to their dark gods." He clamored on, the Elf withdrew, backing herself up against the wall. She couldn't breathe, nor could she see, tears blurring her view- leaving scorching, shameful paths down her cheeks. "Why do you live with these creatures? God has made us their superiors! Are you people blind?" Billy maneuvered around the table, eyes trained on the creature he would've used to gain that ten acre land her Father had promised; once he's had the unpleasant business of having a pup with her first. Then, he would've ended her miserable, evil existence. "They're like Chattle! Like the Cows and Pigs and are eve worse than the Goats, their tiny brains can only plot against us." He slobbered some more, spittle flying from a small, wet mouth. "Like Goats! only worse." A mercy, no suffering, not much of it. Then, the bitch ran, escaping him even as they pursued her. Having somehow enchanted and stolen a horse, an evil creature Rothbart should've gotten rid of in infancy. "It's a thief," he declared, sneering at that terrified expression. Good, she should be terrified. He had a lot in mind for her, when they get back- it'd be too easy to just kill her. "Ask her! She's a thief and a liar!" @KittyvonCupcake
  3. LikelyMissFortune

    Have a Joyous Reverie!

    @vielle Evienne will be sure to establish contact with cards 😉
  4. One of the many things that the Mongols did that no one else has been able to do since is win against Russia in winter.
  5. LikelyMissFortune

    The Invasion of the Cabbagefolk

    Turn them to kimchi.
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    Ofcourse, Evienne arrived in town, late into the morning. Through the frantic, chaotic whirlwind of the atelier being pushed to be as prolific as they can be, Evienne had set off three hours after the missive was sent. The salty wind, and the creak and sway of the ship didn't leave her sick- but restless, which was a far more dangerous state of affair. By the fifth hour of the journey, the ailing girls had been put to sleep- and Evienne paced greaves onto the grain of the cabin. In the end, she set about casting finishing touches to the suits she had brought for her cousin's benefit. Needless to say, when they did come to port, Evienne bounded ahead of the carriage; setting a brisk pace far ahead of the cumbersome procession. Misral was an unfamilliar place for her; it was the territory of Cassandra Uldwar, the queen of silks and velvet she had to de-throne; their aesthetics so vastly different from each other. The invasion disconcerting, it put her on an edge that was worked through with the thunder of hooves, and the wind pulling wildly at her braided hair. Despite the various whining and misgivings and warnings for her dress that Leizhen screeched, it was only as they saw town, peaking up behind the trees, that Evienne called for a stop. She declined any food as her apetite had shrunk into a pit, even as the others tore ravenously into hunks of bread and hard cheese. Evienne found it amusing that as Dali Designs' influence spread farther and farther, hunger had begun to wane. Instead, the opportunity was seized to change out of her riding leathers, shake the dirt from her hair, perfume and paint herself- and don the costume of the proprietress of Dali Designs. When they set off again, she doesn't ride nearly as hard as she did before. Instead, taking her time to pluck daisies and marigolds from bushes and set Leizhen to the task of entertainment. Soon, there are flowers are woven into her hair, and laughter in the air, her curls free to knot and tumble around her shoulders. Even amid the thriving, bustling, industrious town; Evienne wouldn't call the inn 'quaint'. It's impressive enough for the town, having four floors to the disposal of its guest. Their party soon disembarks, and stands out, awkwardly in the lobby of the inn. "Which room?" Leizhen demanded, impatient at the clerk- her fuse that much shorter from the journey that she considered arduous. The clerk blinked, nervously glancing from Evienne, to the guard who accompanied them- and finally to Leizhen. "Lord Spiderwalker took the entire floor," he croaked. Evienne was half way up the stairs before he could finish, Leizhen following close, balancing several parcels bearing enigmatic names such as "Snobbish" and "Icy" in her arms. @supernal
  7. LikelyMissFortune


    Dearest Cousin Ampelos, Sir, you wound me with your cloying words exaggerating my accomplishments, which are quite diminished when compared to the glory of your own. I shall forgive them, however, as I hold nothing but the highest esteem for you- and, I quite enjoy wine from the vineyard that you've been cultivating. I'd loathe to suddenly be cut off from the supply of good wine at a steep discount. Your proposal of building a cultural center; breathing life to dear aspect of life that has slowly been eroded, retreating to the confines of the various noble houses interests me. My benefactor is, supposedly, a great lover of art and an artist himself, and, it'll a delight to work with a such a noble member of our esteemed house. Not to fret, nothing except excellence will do for this grand scheme; whatever skills I have is at your disposition. Do expect my arrival tomorrow, in the late afternoon. Expect an entourage of three. I must say, it puzzles me as to your choice of site for this gallery, I have heard Qrill is infamous for it's smithies. I'm looking forward to hearing your reasoning behind such an information. En route even as you read, Evie It is on a particularly hot day that Evienne receives the letter from dear cousin Ampelos. Having spent the morning, and, the afternoon cooped up in Mrs. Sedley's shop; having been persauded not only to sketch, but to cut and embroider as a dozen other women, Evienne had retreated to the teahouse. She had felt it a much needed treat to retreat and her customary chat with Miss Chamelis, to groan about how the late shipment of black silk from the mills had resulted in hands that were raw enough to bleed, were incredibly therapeutic. Having been so rigorously exercised, it is a surprise to see the tight, slanted and all-together unfamiliar hand in a letter so frantically delivered to her by Leizhen. But it is pleasure she finds, in opportunity woven, dazzling in the throes of pretty flattery.
  8. Mama Hali Dali is scary. It’ll be a fun excursion, whether the twins manage to weasel in or not- a whodunnit kind of thing. Evie will activel participate as much as she can with the sleuthing!
  9. ...I actually didn't know that. Buuuut, that's been filed away future teasing!
  10. LikelyMissFortune

    The Reverie Ball (Open Hub)

    It was a relief, to see Cassandra Uldwar pull herself back from the brim; gaining a fraction of the calm, poised lady- no doubt, weighing the pros and cons of her offer with the dangerous logic an entrepreneur would be envious of. Whatever it was, the unease of facing her formidable rival was much preferred to the dread of watching one fall. It's better to be seen as removed from anything resembling a person; people were weak, and these weaknesses result in destruction- one way or the other. 'Tis a far better thing to forget mortality, hide it away. Become as distant as those kindly Queens in tales of the past. So, when Duchess Karradeen joins the sad little party, full of faces so devoid of cheer- it was only Evienne's duty to dip into a curtsy, greet the Duchess and drive the thoughts of the supposed founder of Taen out of her mind. She gazes at the simple movements of the man, and can't help the smile ghosting over her lips, the inexperience shows- and she is determined to claim a dance. But, she feels the stares subjected at her, probing nobility wondering what on Earth had happened to the Lady Uldwar; and what part Evienne had in her state. A needlessly worried glance, towards Merida- towards Dahlia, allows her to, atleast, confront the analytical gaze of Lord Hildebrand. Evienne grits her teeth, smiles as pleasantly as she is able to- and dips her chin in return. How she burned from it all. "Thank you, everyone for your offers. Lady Evienne. It would be an honor to take refuge in your home, so that I may keep my children safe from the madness my hushed suffers from." The lady Cassandra finally says- her voice resounding, resilient; the tone of prideful dignity is enough to expunge her mind of other matters. "My Lady, let us know when you want to retire for the night." Evienne's smile is wry- dry as the humor around them, "You've been through quite the ordeal." She did hope it wasn't too soon, this departure, despite the warmth of her words. There was still business to be attended to, and she loathed neglect any of her duties in favor of the other. "Mother, what's going on?" The voice, announcing Illyana Uldwar's presence released Evienne of her current duties with matriarch. It is seized, with a shallow curtsy; to both ladies, and a hooked arm around Niko- in a fashion that quite resembles when Miss Dahlia had dragged Mr. Cayne off, she persuaded the Tea House employee to a small stand of sparkling liquor and Lemon Cakes. Much, much, much quieter than the conspiratorial whispers of the nobility. They still followed her movements, most of all Lady Ship Skirts and her sister, but, then, so did a maid- of about fourteen. Or perhaps, they were staring at Niko? Atleast, here, she could think- with the help of a glass of champagne, and, then another, and, one more, and just another afterwards, to put a stop to it, Evienne gnawed as to the whereabouts of Luis and Vesper till her head spun, and an alcohol haze just clouded her vision. "I do appologize," She started, a giggle bursting aimlessly from her lips, finally paying attention to the captive employee. "I didn't quite mean to hold you for ransom among the dreadful drama of these nobles, it isn't what you imagined, Mr. Zandriel, and I do... Apologize for that." She punctuated her words with a flicker of her fan, and a hiccup, cutting her off-- rather rudely, in the middle of her words. The taste of lemon cake filled her mouth, she isn't quite sure when she had grabbed it, but, the taste is delightful- just as she bore witness to Illyana Uldwar, a blur through the crowd and out on to the courtyard. Her mother, pleading after her not to leave. To her chagrin, the scene lightens the alcohol haze, and reason forces her to tail the Lady. Evienne focusses on keeping her steps straight and steady, fanning herself as though the flush on her cheeks were due to heat and not the sparkling glasses of champagne. "Lady Illyana!" She called after the Lady-turned-priestess, scowling at how fast she walked. "Lady Illyana, 'tis dangerous outside! Let me accompany you, at least." Despite herself, the cool winds of the courtyard felt delicious against her hot cheeks- finally reaching the errant Lady. "Lady Illyana, please, allow me to accompany you to Vesper, atleast. My cousin is a far better combatant than I." @KittyvonCupcake @vielle @Grubbistch @Witches Brew @Ataraxy @Tyler
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    The Andelusian High Tea Society [Hub]

    Leizhen blushes, scarlet and struck dumb under her 'darling Marceu's' gaze, but it isn't Evienne could feel the venomous stare directed at the back of her head. Almost could hear the maid's inner dialogue; wicked, spoiled, mean. Evienne agreed on how those words were each very well deserves, and, as if to prove her point she couldn't help but laugh at her dear maid's reaction. Still, Evienne is only slightly disappointed at the revelation that the Mistress of the Tea house was entertaining a guest. But, as she waves back at Dahlia, generous smile on her face, she recognizes the gift that has been presented thus. More time getting to know the staff. Dahlia's guest, the woman with the white hair turns around- skewering Evienne with a withering gaze. Evienne doesn't recognize the face, to remember if any offence had been done. But, she does admit it a very beautiful pale face- it wouldn't remain unknown for not much longer, it isn't one she will likely forget afterwards. "Well, I'm supposed to measure you out for your outfits, Marceu!" She glances behind him, searching for a back room perhaps. While Evienne wouldn't mind performing such a task with in the Tea House proper; she had a feeling other patrons would. Not to mention the employees themselves. "Do you perhaps, have a storage area, where I can do so?" a creeping tinge of sheepish hope flavored her words. "Ah, but first, I must greet Miss Chamelis." It was declared, and Evienne marched forward, a glance backwards ensuring Leizhen followed- and didn't lag back to oggle "that really shapely Dérrier". She approached Miss Chamelis and her ghostly guest with the usual geniality, polite but friendly, almost believably so, despite the nervous glances she kept shooting the fair haired woman. Something just didn't sit right, with her. "Good morning, Miss Chamelis," Evienne trilled, folding her hands demurely infront of her. "I do hope you've been doing well, as promised, I've returned with back up!" Evienne played with a ring- golden and emblazoned with a small Dali seal, sitting on her right hand. Twisting it around, and around her index finger- leaving a small imprint. "I do apologize for interrupting your meeting," Her words a meek, like a child caught with a hand in the cookie jar, "but, I'll get started on measuring and sketching straight away, if you don't mind!" She giggled, steely eyes resting on the other woman. "I'm sure Marceu would care greatly for us." @vielle @Thotification
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    House Dali chatter

    Oooh .
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    House Dali chatter

    UM in general is good too tbh, then you can spread the influence rather than having it centered around a city. 👀
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    House Dali chatter

    That sounds even better! Is it gonna be located in Andelusia? Because then we get the land expansion completed as well!
  15. LikelyMissFortune

    House Dali chatter

    Yes! I was thinking about how the Reverie Auction would be a great way to start this thing as well!