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  1. Also, I finished another class. (The 8 Schools of Magic) If I were so inclined to study Oldspeak, would the Academy offer such a rare class? If so would it fall under Ancient Magic for perhaps being the first Magic, Runes as they were an attempt to Write Down the First Language, or would it be its own Class? @supernal
  2. Lucas sat quietly as the student's would begin to whisper. Many spoke of the oddity of the Master in his absence and other few spoke on his parting lesson. Trying to divine the meaning, but; the young mage had already taken it to heart. In truth he had thought on this ideal for a long while, ever since he completed his apprenticeship under the Old Sage Otto. Magic itself was a force that permeated the world and planes beyond. The ability to cast with it and tap into it's potential a tool, something anyone could learn of by only those with a talent could foster it to great and unique heights. But the lesson did not end there- For what was magic really but raw energy? All is One and One is All. If you conjure something from nothing are you not simply shaping the magic into form and back again? Creation is just the flow of life and decay. Did this mean all material is just complex energy and all energy could be formed into material? We are all connected. Is this the grand secret of Magic? Of Life? Lucas stood and left the Hall with his mind in storm. Brewing on thoughts and concepts vastly beyond his understanding. His thirst for knowledge and understanding only growing in it's wake.
  3. "..And that's it. That's all folks. Now if you don't mind I will kindly piss off and get back to my life and away from you. No offense, it's not you it's me." Davos then turned and made for the door but gave pause at the end of the stage. Stopping to turn and face the assembly one last time. "In the event that you idiots weren't paying attention allow me to impart a final lesson. Something few of you may have noticed and scores more are no doubt oblivious to. The Schools of Magic, All Magic really- Overlaps and flows from one branch to another. What does this mean? It's all connected, in one way or another. Whenever you face a piece of Wild Magic, frustrating curse work, or find yourself against another caster in battle.. Remember, if you can understand them you can undermine them. Patience is a virtue you must exercise when it comes to vast complexities and intricacies of magic. You can accomplish anything if only have the wit and grit to see it done. Even the likes of Zengi or our lord Odin Haze began somewhere. All Magic is One. And One is All." With that said the Master left the room. Leaving the mass of students in hushed silence.
  4. "Finally, the School of Transmutation. Magic that changes the properties of a creature, object, or the local environment. They might turn an enemy into a harmless creature, bolster the strength of an ally, or enhance a creature’s innate healing abilities to rapidly recover from injury. This School also includes high forms of Alchemy and can often be seen in conjunction with Runic Enchantment by skilled smiths. Combat wise, the ability to warp terrain and manufacture anything you may need from your surroundings is astounding. It's quite similar to Conjuration but doesn't need to involve extraplaniar forces, but is limited to what is around you. What your own hands can reach. It is from this school that the age old thought of lead into gold or water into wine comes from."
  5. "Now for the Big One.. Necromancy. Magic that revolves around manipulating life, death, and souls. This School can often be found in the use of communicating with the dead; either by summoning their spirit as an apparition or raising them bodily for the purpose of imparting knowledge. However, this can be taken a step further and a caster can then used the raised bodies and force their will onto them and have them fight on their behalf. The more advanced the casting the more perfect the resurrection is. A Master could raise a fallen Mage as a minion with their full capabilities intact or even completely raise a person wholly from death. Though many of these types of mages are selfish practitioners and focus solely on a way to cheat death for themselves, whether by becoming some form of undead creature or by bypassing their own decay." Davos waved this off. "If any of you are keen on History, the rise of Zengi brought a new age of enlightenment in this field. Now it is commonly studied for it's medical applications in order to spare death rather than defy it."
  6. Ahh- I see the change now. As for the Academy, I could see Alumni and Students being mobilized in relief efforts and peacekeeping missions to the newly established territories. Or perhaps settlements have bloomed around Ponkapog Lake as it has remained untouched and stable throughout the rising factions and wide spread fear brought on war. Ideally, with all the Academy's technology and progressive magic it could act as a beacon. Inadvertently making a new faction in of itself as a refugee Center. @supernal
  7. As the magical potency across Terrenus was diminished I just assumed telecommunications would have faltered in need of recalibration. Also, with waring factions, some may have actively motioned to disrupt communication between areas to better take hold of it. But, these were just assumptions. I understand not wanting to rehash with the Academy I was just trying to think of ways to reinvigorate the threads and bring more attention to Academy. As I've noted it's been scarce. I thought EpicRome settled just south of Hell's Gate in the Blue Zone listed in Civil War Phase 2. Is it incorrect? If so the Academy could become it's own faction and become a more active force in the local Area. @supernal
  8. With the fall of communication and portal transit the Academy is essentially lost in the chaos the waring factions. I know the Academy has military grade research capabilities and is lead by a Chancellor picked by the temple of Gaia, the Provist by the Military, and the Headmaster who comes from the board of trustees. I would think in the chaos these three figures represent a sub factions; Faith, Might and Knowledge. In the chaos of the War these three aspects would be tested and perhaps one would prevail and set a new tone for the Academy. I know the Academy is in the center of EpicRomes territory, so I personally had the thought of getting my Masters and lobbying to cut away from the faith and might and turn the Academy into a private Institute. Making the Academy an independent and self sustaining variable. @supernal
  9. Name: Lucian Mire Age: 23 Height/Weight: 6"0"/178lbs Taking: • Completed (include links): • Adventuring 101 • Magicking 101 And Meditation for Beginners • The 8 Schools Of Magic
  10. You're too kind, Goodman. @supernal Though this brings up an opportune moment to discuss how the Civil War has affected the Academy and what it may mean moving forward.
  11. "The Illusion School specializes in deceiving the senses and or minds of others. This kind of magic causes people to see things that are not there, to miss things that are, to hear phantom noises, or even to remember things that never happened. Some illusions create phantom images that any creature can see by creating solid images through some kind of light and sound wave manipulation. But.. The most insidious of illusions plant an information directly into the mind of a creature. This works by using the caster's power to signal and influence the machinations of the physical mind. This might aswel be localized reality warping, as the most powerful of these Mage's can cast magic so potent you can't tell reality from fiction. And then they can take it step further- Bordering on conjuration they can materialize their imagination for brief instances and physically affect the world. Though you'll find more often than not the affects as the illusion ends. Still.. Its not a physically intimidating School, much like Divination, but Illusions are just as versatile. You can make a man do anything if only you press the right buttons and curve his reality."
  12. "Now we reach the most popular form of magic, though if I must say it is by far the least elegant. Evocation magic, the manipulation of raw magical energy to produce a desired effect. This School differs from Conjuration as it is more focused on output rather than form. Some call up blasts of fire or lightning. Others can channel positive energy to heal wounds. It is often the most common of the innate as they find affinity in their prowess. You may learn more about that by studying with Master's here with classes such as Elemental Theory." The Master himself seems ready to move on but takes a pause. Turning and looking out over the assembled. "It's simple magic. It takes little mana and can bring down most. But be wary- Just as the flames can consume your enemies so to can they consume you. Magical Burnout is highest among Evocanist. It's one of the most painful ways to go."
  13. "Enchantment.. The Art of imbuing your power into others. Most commonly this School is used to affect the minds of others, influencing or controlling their behavior. Such magic can make enemies see the caster as a friend, force creatures to take a course of action, or even control another creature like a puppet. Such use is frowned upon in most of the world as it is seen as infringing upon the right of sentient beings. Bah- They are just afraid. If you wish to ward off such influence a Gram can serve this purpose aswel, though not as easily as this is a more Direct form malfeasance. To think.. You could make man slit his own family's throat with a few words and make him thankful for it. Before making him turn the blade on himself of coarse. It's cowardly- But effective." Davos shook his head, as if clearing an old memory from view. "A Nasty bit, but there are other forms of Enchantment that are less so. Such as imbuing power into items for protection or giving. Most rune casting, high alchemy and spell reinforcement falls under this."
  14. "Divination.. Magic that reveals information, whether in the form of secrets long forgotten, glimpses of the future, the locations of hidden things, the truth behind illusions, or visions of distant people or places. That may sound rather bland, but listen here- Divination is probably the most versatile magic out there. In the hands of someone with a lick of intelligence it can be greatest weapon. Imagine.. Knowing everything about an opponent with a mere glance or a few sparse words. Their history, weaknesses, fears.. It's a terrifying notion. And In the modern information age such powers are highly sought after and coveted; especially by the military and corporations. The best thieves, spies, and black mailers of the magical world use this School. " Davos then drew up a thick twine necklace with a runic medallion at the end. "Any Mage worth their salt carries around some form of protection against supernatural forms of extrasensory information gathering. This is a Gram. A product of Artificery that prevents basic malfeasance by absorbing or blocking forms of srying and hexing. I recommend each of you get one or take Advanced Runes and make your own."
  15. "The Conjuration school of thought utilizes arcane magic to call materials, creatures or energy to the caster and can also be reversed to send these things elsewhere; either over long distances or even to a whole other planes of existence. It may be the most dangerous and potent form of magic. A mage who specializes in conjuration is called a conjurer. Seeing a pattern here? Good. " Davos smiled before vanishing from the stage and reappearing a few feet away before a dozing young woman and stabbing a drawn dagger down into her desk. Waking her up to a howling scream. The Master just continued on. "Aye, teleportation is part of this school. That also means I chose to be late because I hate being here, but, this is a favor to the Chancellor. Anyway.. Consider all Summoners, Plane Walkers, or Space/Time users a subset of Conjuration. If you are ever come face to face with an experienced Conjurer, remember this- They may not be the strongest one in the room but you can be damn sure they know Someone or Something that is. And won't hesitate to use it against you."
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