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  1. Kitty's looking demurely at the ground, trying desperately to seem like a good and respectful slave who knows her place, her hands clasped behind her back. Father can't see it, but she's gripping her hands so tightly together her knuckles are white. This also means that when he flicks her nipple through the bra she wears, there's little she can do but yelp and take a half-step back. Now her back is literally at the wall, and she can't retreat further. She shivers at Father's assertion of a job, and gulps before replying. "Wh-whatever you wish, Father. I will do as you ask." Kitty is very nervous, nearly scared, and her emotions are given away by her voice. However confident and self assured she feels alone, or with Pearl or Alex, this drunken brute's mere presence strips away. He's too unpredictable and has too much power over Kitty for her to feel confident, especially given the vulnerability she feels in her near nudity.
  2. I think it is yours, Song Sprite. For me, ODSTDRAGON's last post is nine from the top of page nine. I'd give a post number, but I can't see one, so perhaps this forum doesn't have them.
  3. If you're wondering why I haven't posted it's because at the moment Father is focusing on Pearl, so Kitty's just standing there, awaiting either further orders or a question. She'd like the coffee, but daren't ask for it- she has two ticks already, and doesn't want to provoke Father.
  4. On another forum, I created a character that was a 'Skin-stealer vampire', and I would like to introduce them here- though I don't know how and would like some advice, first on how to do it, and then on how well they would fit, and where would be best. History: Weaknesses: Strengths: Abilities and Traits: So, thoughts, opinions and ideas, please.
  5. Fumiko rolls her eyes and keeps eating as her sister and her sister's girlfriend are all soppy with each other, though she also tries hard not to interrupt them. Kimiko needs more support than just her sister at the moment, because Fumiko needs support from her sister for the same reason, and they'd both collapse if they tried to lean only on each other. When Sarah turns to Fumiko, the aasimar girl looks the half-orc in the eye and smiles back. "Hi, Sarah. I've heard a lot about you, too." Which isn't quite true; Fumiko had her own life and social circle, and after Kimiko moved out, has had little opportunity to catch up with her sister without either having other appointments or commitments. Fumiko's smile widens a little at 'Angelbutt', and she bites back a laugh- hopefully, successfully. "I know a half-orc, Sarah. Yvilda Halftusk-Brown. Have you heard of the family?" Fumiko's asking because she's aware that some orc clans feud with others, and wishes to ensure there's no bad blood between Sarah and Yvilda's orcish families.
  6. Oh? ODSTDRAGON seems to imply the drunk interrupted beforehand, or that's what I took . 'He walked over to pearl before she could verbally assult her.' to mean. I'll edit anyway.
  7. Unaware of Pearl's critical gaze, Kitty continues her stretches and exercises- though they aren't quite the same as a warrior's techniques, since Kitty's are focused on keeping her toned body supple and flexible, not strong and fast. When she's interrupted by Pearl, Kitty visible jumps. "Oh, Pearl. I didn't see you there. I'm stretching. I was a burglar... Before. Now, my price depends on keeping myself fit and flexible. And maybe, one day, I'll be a burglar again. As for Alex, well... He's well out of it, totally exhausted. If he wants me, I'll tell him his father had a task for me. He's too scared to question it." Unlike Pearl, Kitty's keeping her voice quite low and quiet, to avoid waking anybody who may be close enough to hear. Unless the drunkard listens at the door before he enters, he'll likely not catch any of the words. The moment the drunkard walks into the room, Kitty stops what she's doing and stands straight, eyeing the brutish man cautiously. Kitty's eyes are also relatively unusual; every tiefling is different, depending on their ancestry, and Kitty's descended from a shapeshifting tiger-demon called a Rakshasa, though she has not inherited any of his shape altering tricks, and in Kitty's case, her night vision is magical and suppressed by the collar. When the drunk approaches Pearl, Kitty relaxes, slightly relieved that she is currently being ignored. She's very interested in that dress; she's not an expert in materials, but recognises it as something highly unusual, and therefore valuable- something a former thief always keeps an eye for.
  8. Hello everyone! I'm back from my holiday. I didn't even try the wifi; I didn't need to. Nobody else could get it to work. Our boat's wifi worked through the mobile telephone network, and the weather was perfect. If it weren't for Wednesday, Thursday would have easily been the hottest day of the year so far, I think- I haven't confirmed it by checking any weather reports. Either way, it was very hot and sunny, and light that refracts off water apparently interferes with mobile signal somehow. So we had no signal to ring or text anyone, and therefore no signal to turn into internet via the onboard wireless router. But the holiday was absolutely great.
  9. Thank you for pointing that out, Song Sprite. I've editted my post.
  10. Kitty awakens in the room she spent the night with, and rolls over away from Alex. Trying not to wake him, she climbs out of the bed and pulls on her slave's bikini before fastening the bra back across her torso. With a final stretch, she leaves the room and softly walks down to where she assumes Pearl and the nameless drunkard who owns her spent the night. As a professional burglar, her movements are near silent, and it's unlikely anyone will be aware of her approach unless they happen to look up at her. Or have naturally enhanced senses, or something similar to that. When she arrives in the main room, the drunkard isn't around. Good; gives them all a little bit of peace and quiet. Kitty doesn't see Pearl at first, the younger girl's corner being sufficiently dark that it eludes the tiefling. The room is tidier still than when Kitty went to bed, so Pearl's been awake, probably, but Kitty will leave the young teen to her solitude. Instead, Kitty sits near the middle and goes through a series of stretches to ensure she stays limber and supple, just in case she ever gets out of here and can return to theft without risking the Circuit.
  11. Fumiko nods in understanding as her sister explains what she meant about not letting Sarah find out about their parent's deaths. That makes so much more sense, Fumi's surprised she didn't see it earlier. She nods again at the explanation of the magical arts in the orcish community, wondering briefly if her friend Yvilda is aware that her half-orc nature doesn't mean that magic is necessarily denied her. When the door is knocked, Fumiko half-stands so she can answer the door- somehow she's thinking it could be Yvilda, though she hasn't invited her best friend, and Yvilda doesn't yet know where Fumiko lives now so she can't just pop round. When the key goes and the door is opened, though, Fumiko sits back down again and gets back to eating her breakfast. Fumiko looks at Sarah, interested in seeing her sister's girlfriend for the first time, but doesn't get a close look at her before the hug starts and it gets harder to see details. Fumiko's just going to continue eating until Kimiko and Sarah have finished comforting each other.
  12. Hello! Not dropping out. But I'm going on holiday on Monday until Friday. We'll have wifi, probably, so hopefully I'll be able to post occasionally- but I'll be using a tablet, so no pretty colours for speech, and there will be other things occupying my time, so I won't post as often. I'm really enjoying this and I don't want to abandon it. And if we don't have wifi, there will be no way for me to tell you guys. I'll be on a boat, with my family, chugging around the Norfolk Broads.
  13. Pearl's own gaze is met with Kitty's own, a hint of pity in her eyes- but Kitty doesn't look away, and gives a small smile before she turns and takes her lithe figure and own small breasts to Alex's room. The smile was intended to be supportive and understanding; and there's no discomfort in the gaze. A street urchin, prostitution was a very real possibility for Kitty growing up, especially given her exotic nature. Instead, Kitty took advantage of her heritage and slender build and became a thief, specialising in burglary. Though she has posed as a prostitute in order to rob people before, and even did some work as one, but prefers the excitement and risk of burglary over the stability of prostitution. Eventually, the risk grew too much, and Kitty was caught- by the paralysing ward inside a slaver's money box.
  14. Slightly disheartened by Pearl's reticence, Kitty nods and frowns. "Right. Not talking then." This is going to get quite lonely, despite being surrounded by other people. That's not going to be good at all. "Yes, sir." Kitty stands up and leaves the room, her hands going behind her back to unfasten her skimpy top before she takes it all the way off and carries it. "You want me with your son, right?" Kitty stops in the doorway as she asks the question, and turns to the drunk. He, and possibly Pearl, should get quite a good look at Kitty's breasts, as she gauges his reaction. Kitty wants to know if he'll only want her to sleep with Alex, or if she'll have to go to his bed as well. The thought nearly makes her skin crawl, but Kitty manages to repress the reaction.
  15. The description wasn't too good, and whilst Kitty's ticked the boxes, there's a lot of slaves here. She's not trusting that it's the right girl, nor is she trusting that Raiza will survive long enough to meet them. She doesn't wish to raise Pearl's hopes, till she knows more. Especially in case it's the wrong girl.