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  1. [Himmelia] - The Tale of The Sato Sisters

    "I see, yes. I'll be sure to tell her." That sounds as though it's OK, and Fumiko thinks Yvilda would accept that. That's a good offer, and Fumiko will certainly try to put it forward so Yvilda accepts, if she's willing to try. When Kimiko changes the subject, Fumiko blushes and looks away. "I'm fourteen, Kimmy. I'm... I'm not ready to think about that, yet. Not really." The evasive answer is mumbled a little, and Fumiko looks very embarrassed. Despite not feeling ready to think about it, she has a little.
  2. Infiltration (Slaver's Enclave)

    "It's fine. I can hide here. My magic's back, and I don't need light to see any more. I didn't even know that was magic, It was just... The way my eyes work." As Kitty speaks, shadows drift and stretch around her, offering partial concealment. "I'll stay here, don't worry. I don't know how to use that gun, though." "I don't know what connections he has. He's just a fat, drunken old man. I think he might have been a guard when he was younger, though. That'd mean he knows a lot of slavers and high-profile masters, but I'm not a hundred per cent." Now she's free, Kitty is standing a little straighter and seems more confident, though the shifting shadows around her make it hard to see this, the confidence is clear in her voice.
  3. [Himmelia] - The Tale of The Sato Sisters

    Fumiko does get a little exasperated, but at the unrestrained mirth she finds herself smiling, and then chuckling along. "I'll have to pass that bit of knowledge on to Xoe. She told me that." But Xoe isn't necessarily reliable, as Fumiko has just discovered. Fumiko does wonder if she'll get to meet this Jinkei, whom both her sister and said sister's girlfriend hold in such high regard. "So politeness is to make others see you in a better light, and give you a good reputation. I see." Except you can have a reputation not related to your civility. "I think you're doing quite well, Sarah." Fumiko's honest about it, too- she hasn't seen much, but what she's seen is polite. "I'll let her know. I don't think she needs the help, though. Except perhaps in convincing her dad to let her ask again next year. She will ask three more times, but knowing what to expect might help her. If it's allowed. If there's even a hint that knowing might disqualify her, she would rather not know." Her father knows it's what she wants, and knows it's tradition, but he still hates the thought of her getting hurt. Possibly especially if she walks in and knows what to expect afterwards.
  4. Infiltration (Slaver's Enclave)

    Kitty grins as the temporary rock formation bursts her collar and the magic native to her eyes returns, letting her make out far more details in the dark than before. "Thank you," she says, before the newcomers start to barge in and it all goes to pot. After Sasha's stopped, she taps into her own magic, the shadows reaching out and congealing around her and Alex, to make her harder to see- especially with her dark skin; even the white crest of hair that cascades down her back seems to disappear. When Sasha chooses life and blasts the room with light, Kitty screamed as her protective shadows are banished, and then she's being pushed through a portal to... Somewhere else. Kitty lies there for a few moments, blinking back purple after-images, and one hand snakes down to rests on the curved dagger tattooed in white upon her thigh. She doesn't yet activate the magic, however, and the image inked upon her skin remains just that.
  5. Infiltration (Slaver's Enclave)

    If Sasha's close enough, Kitty will reach up and try to grab her. "Quick, get my collar off. I can help." Whilst she's doing that, however, she adjusts her weight slightly to pin Alex to the bed, preventing him from getting involved. Though that also means Kitty can't do much, unless she finds a way to restrain him without using her body weight. She flinches with the gunshot; most guns used by the thieves, burglars and assassins she used to associate with before her current captivity were small calibre pistols, often fitted with silencers to prevent detection. Father's yell makes her realise that perhaps that shotgun isn't the only one in the room, and she glances around, trying to spot wherever it may be hidden so she can grab it. Not that she's ever used a gun, or even held one. Burglars aren't supposed to be seen, and Kitty's always placed her faith in her own abilities and the dagger tattoo upon her hip.
  6. [Himmelia] - The Tale of The Sato Sisters

    "Don't be polite if it's dishonest, right. Though, I've heard that the current rules of etiquette were originally designed to make it clear when somebody was being deliberately insulting, and when they weren't. Because if they were deliberately insulting, they were trying to goad you into a duel. They couldn't honourably challenge if they had no cause, so instead they used insult and civility. If they weren't being deliberately insulting, and just couldn't get it right- because they were foreign, say, or whatever- then a duel could still be fought. It just wouldn't be seen as particularly honourable." But I may have just pulled that explanation from my ear, and it could be completely inaccurate and totally wrong. It makes a nice story, however. "Ah, I see. Yvilda still has her dad. But not her mother. Her mother died seven years ago, complications from Yvilda's baby sister. Her dad's a good man. He's hired an older orc widow to teach Yvilda and her sister about orc customs and traditions. Yvilda's really into it, she's asked twice to become a priestess." Traditionally, an orc is refused the priesthood four times, and after the first, they are punished for thinking themselves worthy of the priesthood. The determination to ask five times, knowing the punishments are more extreme each time, is what makes them worthy.
  7. Infiltration (Slaver's Enclave)

    "Yes, I'd like out. I can help out. I was a burglar. I'm sneaky and quiet and helpful." Till she tried stealing a slaver's chest of gold. It was warded to prevent theft, and so she was captured. There's not much fear from Kitty of Pearl- distrust, certainly, and suspicion, but Kitty doesn't fear the other slave. She's definitely scared of the father. "She can drink it all as far as I care. I don't like wine. Cheese though, bring me cheese. I have to cook here, and I can't. Not good at cooking at all. Food's terrible. Just bring me cheese, especially if it's blue cheese." Kitty examines the portal-opening, and realising that the collar Sasha's wearing has been deactivated. "How did you do that? Can you turn mine off, too?" She'd be happier with her dagger accessible.
  8. Infiltration (OOC)

    I'm still here and alive. I will post tomorrow, if nobody else has by then. I wanted to give people posting time if they wanted to respond to the interaction between Kitty and Red. For example, if Alex in the bed with Kitty were to awaken.
  9. Infiltration (Slaver's Enclave)

    Just before she's shaken, Kitty opens her eyes fully. "Hello. How'd you find me? Why? What do you want?" Kitty keeps her voice low, and doesn't move to avoid waking the boy with whom she's sharing her bed. She's unashamed of her partial nudity, figuring if Red can see her body, she already has an advantage. The thought that Red and the others here are present for some nefarious purpose enters her mind, and she wishes she still had her dagger. Or rather, that she still had access to the magic enabling her to manifest the weapon from her tattoo. At least their identity answers the question as to if they were thieves or assassins. They aren't, they're slaves. Or they've been ordered into theft or murder and are intended to be discovered. That thought makes Kitty nervous; if they're bait, what's the trap? They had been engaged in amorous activities, though Kitty's more experienced than the boy, and is using that experience to keep the risk of her pregnancy low, and trying to keep that knowledge from the father. This close, it should also be clear the boy isn't wearing any form of collar.
  10. Infiltration (Slaver's Enclave)

    Kitty is, in fact, sleeping mostly nude with Jackson Junior, or Alex, as Kitty prefers to call him. She's also a light sleeper; thieves that sleep too deep wake up to find themselves robbed, or arrested. Or, occasionally, worse. She awakes into very nearly full alertness, though she keeps herself from moving. Instead, she half-opens her eyes and strains to see through the darkness around, cursing the collar preventing her from seeing through the darkness. It's murky, and unclear, and though she knows its useless, one hand rests upon the dagger tattooed upon her thigh- yet another thing to curse the collar for. She hears voices, ones she half recognises, but she wasn't with them long, and she's had time to forget them over the last few days of slavery. And she hears Pearl challenging the mysterious intruders. Who are they, she wonders; thieves? If so, they're appallingly bad at their job. She could do better shackled to half an elephant. Assassins? She's killed people before; the skills of a hired murderer are very similar to those of a professional burglar, and again these aren't too skilled at sneaky. Escapees? How? The collar's impossible to remove without the key, or really good lock picks and a lot of time. Her shadow-tendrils could probably unlock it, but the collar blocks all her magical tricks. She's never felt so helpless and vulnerable, and she really doesn't like it. At least with Father she knows what to expect. Should she wake Alex? No, he'd just get scared, and run- to be killed- or try to fight, and get killed.
  11. Infiltration (Slaver's Enclave)

    "I... I can try, Father. It isn't something I have done before, and I don't know how to use this machinery." She likes the smell, though, rich and beery. She clenches her teeth and shivers slightly when Father strokes her neck; she tries to stop it, but he can still probably still feel it. "Can I ask you to show me how to use these devices, please? Otherwise I may waste ingredients in my ignorance, and possibly even damage the mechanisms. And I do not want to do that." The thought of breaking anything makes her remember all she's heard of the Circuit at the bottom of the Enclave, all the horror stories she's seen and some of the mutilated slaves she's seen being dragged either up, broken and bloody, dead or unconscious, or awake, struggling and pleading not to go back.
  12. [Himmelia] - The Tale of The Sato Sisters

    "Well, no. But it was a polite thing to say. But I do look forward to getting to know you better. And my sister, at the same time." Fumiko's being quite honest about it, too. She'd love to get to know more people. "Really? I'm not sure if you know these Browns. They're her father's family. Human, not orc. And quite respectable, too. Him marrying her was a minor scandal, especially when he took her name before his own." Not a major scandal, though. They weren't that important; a bit of juicy gossip for high society, not tabloid bait. "Yeah, it's really pretty, but right now it's useful only as a torch to light my way. And maybe intimidating thugs that don't know better, not that there's many of those around in Himmelia. And I'd not feel confident with it at the moment anyway. Because I'd not be able to defend myself if it doesn't work." Though, Fumiko realises she's never actually tried changing the colour of light, to possibly make her sword even prettier.
  13. Infiltration (Slaver's Enclave)

    Kitty's looking demurely at the ground, trying desperately to seem like a good and respectful slave who knows her place, her hands clasped behind her back. Father can't see it, but she's gripping her hands so tightly together her knuckles are white. This also means that when he flicks her nipple through the bra she wears, there's little she can do but yelp and take a half-step back. Now her back is literally at the wall, and she can't retreat further. She shivers at Father's assertion of a job, and gulps before replying. "Wh-whatever you wish, Father. I will do as you ask." Kitty is very nervous, nearly scared, and her emotions are given away by her voice. However confident and self assured she feels alone, or with Pearl or Alex, this drunken brute's mere presence strips away. He's too unpredictable and has too much power over Kitty for her to feel confident, especially given the vulnerability she feels in her near nudity.
  14. Infiltration (OOC)

    I think it is yours, Song Sprite. For me, ODSTDRAGON's last post is nine from the top of page nine. I'd give a post number, but I can't see one, so perhaps this forum doesn't have them.
  15. Infiltration (OOC)

    If you're wondering why I haven't posted it's because at the moment Father is focusing on Pearl, so Kitty's just standing there, awaiting either further orders or a question. She'd like the coffee, but daren't ask for it- she has two ticks already, and doesn't want to provoke Father.