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  1. When confronted with the father, Kitty looks him up and down, but acquiesces to his desire and follows obediently. She even holds the son's hand; a little simple-minded, but maybe just terrorised by his father. She'll find out; maybe he can take the collar off, in which case escape is a possibility- a slim one, to be sure, but there. When they arrive at the inn, she looks around at the dismal surroundings, and sneers a little. She's seen burnt-out ruins that were more homely. Several of the patrons eye her, and her current state of attire, appreciatively, and her right hand brushes her dormant tattooed dagger. Oh, if only she were free, these men wouldn't dare gawk so... If she were free, she'd be better dressed, and wouldn't bother with such a pigsty. This is the kind of place proper thieves avoid because there's nothing worth stealing here. Still, she's here, and a slave, and they won't change unless she can force it to change. "Master, what would you have me call you and your son?" He's not wearing a collar, so he's probably not a slave. Could be a nephew, or cousin or something, but the man's behaviour implies otherwise. Son is a pretty safe bet.
  2. I like fantasy because I enjoy the magic. And magic doesn't have to be easy, it can have rules and requirements (my magic, for example, is typically not compatible with itself; a mage of one kind can't use magic of another, because the laws and theories behind the differing magics contradict). And, because it's magic, it isn't science, which is good. Personally, there's some scientific principles I find jar me out of my suspension of disbelief faster than anything fantasy throws at me. And these are real things- I can't get my head around time dilation, for example, and that provides a nudge outwards every time I read it. Despite all that, I do like science fiction, particularly the fantastic stuff- I'm currently rereading the Night's Dawn Trilogy by Peter F. Hamilton. Sci-fi's my second favourite genre, in fact. However, as I don't have too much understanding of the hard stuff, in books there's not much of a difference to me (although I love the Mars trilogy by Kim Stanley Robinson, which is very hard science). My top five in RP: 1) Fantasy 2) Modern Fiction/Fantasy 3) Science Fiction 4) Grimdark 5) Superheroes.
  3. In Fumi's defence, she thought it was sufficiently early that the newspaper hadn't arrived yet. Or basically, I hadn't realised it was electronic newspaper. "Lightmetal? I've heard of it. Never seen any, though. Is it as pretty as they say? I, um, don't think effecting its glow will help me concentrate, though. Changing the glow of your flame was different somehow to making the sword. All I did then was concentrate on your flames and set it up, but with my light-blade, I have to concentrate on two different things. Using the sword as a sword, and then on keeping the weapon solid enough to use it. I need to make one of those things, or maybe both, entirely subconscious so I can use it if I get in serious trouble." Fumiko may have seen Lightmetal, used somewhere in Himmelia in an alloy, but simply not registered it. "Of course they are. If anyone deserves the best possible afterlife, it's them. They were the best parents anyone could ask for, in every way." Unlike her sister, Fumiko has no doubts about where her parents have gone; possibly because she's less aware of their other activities besides raising a pair of daughters.
  4. Kitty: Sold to a drunk with a son, played by ODST.
  5. As Kitty is dragged by a slaver from the cage, one of the guards squeezes her arse; Kitty is quick to turn around and hits the guard full in the face, breaking his nose and knocking him several paces back, before he catches himself. She's lucky he wasn't wearing a helm with a nasal; that would have hurt. The other slavers are quick to grab Kitty's limbs and hold her tight, preventing the same kind of scene as the other defiant woman, though they still take Kitty to receive her second tick on her wrist. "Careful, bitch. You won't enjoy the Circuit, and that's where you're going, this keeps up." Three of her cage-mates have sold already, and one for a significant sum, judging by the gasps from the crowd. Kitty is immensely nervous as she's led up to the stage, the announcer and the crowd admiring her lithe frame. "Number three zero nine two! A tiefling for the crowd! Fertile, too, and feisty! Two ticks already, so be careful- she bites, though perhaps not literally!" The weak joke falls flat. "Look at those eyes, aren't they enchanting? Any bidders? Yes, you, sir, with the lad. First bid, any others? Yes, Lady Lilliana! You, sir? Yes, Lady Lilliana?" Just as Lady Lilliana is about to place her second bid, Kitty sticks her serpentine tongue out and flicks it in the air, and she lowers her hand. "No? Any others? Anybody? Anyone at all? Very well. Sold, to the man and his lad, for four fifty bullion. A good purchase, sir; I hope you enjoy her body. It's a nice one, even if the rest of the crowd don't appreciate it." With that, Kitty is led to the drunken father and his son. When she arrives, she looks them over- more focused on the older man than his boy. She hopes he's not as cruel as the look in his eyes suggests.
  6. Or you could just look at the slaves in our cage, settle on Kitty and then when it's my post I'll say your character bought her for a reasonable sum. Tieflings are uncommon and diverse enough that buying for a set is unlikely, so the set could decide against her.
  7. @ODSTDRAGON : If you want, you can buy Kitty. I did call dibs on Mister Purple, but mainly because of my name.
  8. "Oh! Sorry, I thought it was yesterday's." Though why yesterday's would be on the breakfast table eludes her, now she thinks of it. "Besides, the information's still there. Just need to, um, line it up." And guess on the words where the sword passed through a letter, rendering it illegible. Fumiko listens intently to her sister's explanation on the differences in their powers, and nods; it all makes sense to her. "It's the concentration I'm working on. I'm trying to concentrate on the solidity subconsciously, so I can focus on using the blade as a weapon. Yvilda thinks maybe being able to dismiss the blade's solidity would be a good thing, so I can bypass armour with it, but I've tried. If I do that, I can't make it solid until it's out in the open again." It's a limit in the magic, she thinks. (She's right.) When Kimiko changes the subject to killing people, Fumiko frowns and looks concerned, but not surprised. "I realised that hurting people might be necessary a long time ago, Kimmy. Dad gave me fencing lessons, and Mum was always encouraging my magic. They both wanted us to defend ourselves, and those that depend upon us. I'm not planning on looking for trouble, but I hope to be able to face it if it comes." It doesn't take a genius to realise what her parents wanted her to achieve, with lessons in flight and fighting.
  9. First: Can Sasha duplicate the natural powers of those in collars? Because if so, she's getting the ability to see in the dark from Kitty. And mostly colour, too; a slight reddish tint if there's no light. Kitty didn't even know that normal people couldn't until the collar was fastened about her neck. Second: Can I call dibs on Mister Purple?
  10. If you said he walked off, I missed it and wrote my post on the assumption that he's still right there. Yeah, the guy receives payment, but the post doesn't say he walks off.
  11. The way it's been explained in-thread means Kitty is already incredibly suspicious of the offer and its viability. Particularly the bit where he charmed the guy, then told the slaves he wanted to rob the place in front of him. Kitty's not experienced mind-magic before, and doesn't realise that the guy might not be able to hear the offer. Right now, it's a 'no, but backup plan'. She hasn't seen the auction yet, nor whomever may eventually buy her. Personally, I'm not so inclined to accept because it seems a bit too easy, and I made Kitty to suffer a little.
  12. Kitty smiles nervously at Velvet, a little surprised at all the coins and teleportation going on. When she sees the slavers arrive, she backs away from the bars slightly. Unlike the others, Kitty did not deliberately sign up for the infiltration mission- she tried to steal a slaver's purse, got caught and collared, transported to the Enclave, and then was thrown, by chance, into the same cage as those who did. Kitty eyes the rich slaver; if anyone has a key to the collar, it's him. She'll sidle as close as she can, but there's too many eyes on him and the cage for her to safely pick his pocket. He's also a little too far for it to be safely subtle; she probably isn't the first to try it. But she'll stay where she is, alert for an opportunity to dip in and take what she can. "You want to buy us so we can take a lot of treasure and leave. And you've just announced that in front of him" Kitty nods towards the rich slaver with the hammer, "and you said to Red that if you free us, you and she will both be ripped apart. Have I got everything straight?" That doesn't sound like a good deal to her. Possibly a better deal than staying for whatever might happen later, but still not a good deal.
  13. I've had a look, but the character I'm planning is one I'd used in a Fallout RP elsewhere. A girl exiled from her home Vault for murder- she killed the overseer's son in self-defence. The Vault was an experiment on low-light adaptation, so she's got really good night vision but doesn't like daylight- especially midday. The Union seems quite politic-game based, and I was sort of picturing her emerging into wastes quite similar to the ones in the game. So, I'm not sure how well that setting fits my idea.
  14. Is it open to newcomers, then? I'm not a very experienced user of this site- though I've been part of another RP community for nearly ten years- and wasn't sure what the 'semi-closed' tag meant in regards to recruiting.
  15. I've posted. As for escaping, if Kitty can get the collar off, she can press her hand against a lock and animate the shadows within to open it. Just an option, should it become available.