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  1. OoC I: The Abbadon Triumvirate

    I'm thinking a wizard of some kind, but I'm still working on exactly what sort. The magics I usually use are very specific, to the point a pyromancer can't do anything which can't be linked to flame somehow (they can conjure/create an elemental or a phoenix; create heat or light; smelt ore into metal; light or extinguish a fire, but not telekinetically lift a book, create rain, heal injuries or cast a spell to ward arrows away from their bodies, though they usually find ways around the last one). I'm not thinking an actual pyromancer, though. I've got an elementalist elsewhere, which is like a pyromancer except he has magic access to all four Classical elements at the cost of not being fireproof, unable to summon 'aspects' of fire (just heat, or just light), and there's other stuff, too. I'm currently thinking a beast-caller, a cryomancer, a warder or an aeromancer, but that could change.
  2. OoC I: The Abbadon Triumvirate

    As Afro Punk says, I am interested in joining. Not sure who/what with, though. I tend to favour a more medieval background than he does; all I know is it's Alexandrian's and it's evil. I like both of those things, so... Yeah.
  3. A Fresh Start For Hadiza

    "Really, they're depicted as evil over here? They're venerated by soldiers where I'm from. They report on the valour of the warriors they see to the King of the Gods. If the report is favourable, they're guaranteed a place at His table in the afterlife, unless they later do something absolutely horrendous to dishonour themselves." The notion of the 'dishonour' has changed over the years, however. "I know some ravens can be taught how to speak. Well, mimic certain words." Natalie didn't even know her grandfather had died. Unless Hadiza has her own sources of information, she likely won't have much clue. He does blush when called handsome, unused to open compliments that feel as honest as Hadiza's. He smiles at the offer of help, and meets her eyes. "Thank you, Hadiza. That means a lot to me." He's a bit startled at the word 'girlfriend', but whilst surprising, it doesn't feel wrong. "A tour would be excellent, thank you Hadiza." He can't move, though. Hadiza's a bit too close.
  4. A Fresh Start For Hadiza

    "Birds are nice. There's some really nice birds out there. And ravens are really pretty birds; the black suits corvids in a way it doesn't for many other birds. Blackbirds don't look so nice." He smiles, glad at the fact the conversation subject isn't anything that would make him feel awkward. He takes a sip of the bottle, and hums in appreciation. His face hardens somewhat when he hears of his father's estate, but sits as bid. "I know the manor's destroyed. Dad died in a fire, according to the obituary I read. I don't care. The manor was first built five hundred years ago, or thereabouts. It's been attacked, damaged, repaired, razed, rebuilt, remodelled, demolished and refurbished at least ten times in its history. It's a burnt-out husk; that just means I can choose the size of the rooms. I haven't heard about Grandfather's castle, though. Do I need to be worried? Can this world receive news from mine?" If so, the reward on his head could reach this far, and he might not be as safe as he would like.
  5. A Fresh Start For Hadiza

    Albert blushes deeply when the kiss is broken, and nods pretty eagerly when told to copy what Hadiza's doing for a better kiss. He's quite a quick study, and it won't take him too long to learn from her example. He's a little disappointed when she breaks away again. "Yeah, I'd noticed the roundness." Though, then when she says about seeing all of him, he blushes very deep again and loses the ability to speak briefly. He shivers as she leans forward to whisper in his ear, and hopes she doesn't notice his interest. "Um, I dislike Republicanism, I'm not too good at sport. I enjoy reading, practising my magic and I quite like dogs. Not small dogs, though. Proper dogs, like Collies or Alsatians. I don't think I hate anything. I love seafood, bananas and ice cream. I hope to go home. Hopefully to my father's estate, or my grandfather's castle. But anywhere in England would make me happy, I think." His father's manor is a burnt out ruin, and his grandfather's castle has been refortified and converted into a prison.
  6. A Fresh Start For Hadiza

    "Virtual reality won't help me, I think. Not with my magic, anyway. I need to see what I'm doing, or I could feasibly try to create an elemental from a load-bearing wall." Which would leave a big hole in a wall that needs to hold up the ceiling and thus lead to a collapse. "The range sounds good, though. I've not had much training with my pistol. It's illegal to carry back home. Or it was, anyway. Might have changed that law." But since his England is going down a route towards despotism and dictatorship, it's unlikely. "When I first learnt magic, my first lesson- and probably Natalie's as well- is that all magic works differently. You can't learn two types. Not where I'm from. Some still rely on outmoded concepts like leylines, power-points and blood sacrifice." Natalie's used leylines; Albert's apparently doesn't. Albert gulps and averts his eyes when Hadiza walks towards him, though his eyes do glance at her hips before he redirects them to the wall. He's quite easy to corner. "The, uh, situation. I think." And the younger girl's closeness, the fact she's just admitted she thinks he's handsome, the fact she's his sister's ex-girlfriend, and most importantly the fact that she's very pretty and, whilst she blends in here, he finds her very exotic. He forces himself to look at Hadiza, meeting her gaze and not letting his eyes wander. Fortunately, I'm pretty sure Hadiza doesn't have any cleavage on show, which makes it easier. He watches her approach, and yet he's still surprised when she wraps her arms about her and kisses him. He grunts in surprise when it starts, but he reciprocates quite happily, if a little awkwardly. Well, very awkwardly; it's also clear he's got little experience.
  7. A Fresh Start For Hadiza

    "That's all good to know. I don't particularly worship anything. The way things work in my homeland, everywhere has native beliefs and practices that are based on local entities and phenomena. Travelling priests and clerics that wanted to convert others to a new religion often stumbled over some of them. Sometimes throwing coins into a well really does stop a troll going on a rampage." Even if it's not always coins, a well or a troll. He also blushes when Hadiza complements him, which is more obvious on his paler flesh. For his part, he doesn't notice her blush, too distracted by the surroundings. And not wanting to look at her anyway, in the hopes she doesn't notice his blush. He'll get redder if he thinks she has. "What kind of facilities are in the training area? Anything that could help me?" Unless it's a total vacuum, it at least has air. He does actually get into the room, and walks away from Hadiza when she sidles closer, a bit abruptly, but he's feeling quite awkward. He doesn't know how to deal with flirting, especially coming from his younger sister's ex-girlfriend.
  8. A Fresh Start For Hadiza

    "Diza. I can do that." He likes the sound of it better than Didi. He's a little concerned about their governance, however. "A theocracy? Dedicated to which faith? And how do they treat atheists, agnostics or people who worship elsewhere?" There aren't as many major monotheistic religions in his version of Earth; the presence of magic and monsters means that what are derided as pagan superstitions often have a very real purpose behind the ceremonies and practices, especially in more isolated areas. Albert himself was taught to respect all faiths, but his upbringing wasn't spiritual enough for him to feel comfortable in any place of worship. "Anyone who isn't on edge when a teenage assassin drops silently from the trees overhead is either supremely confident in their abilities, too foolish to realise the implications, happy with the way they have lived or, just maybe, content with the knowledge they have no enemies. Stab my shadow? How's that work?" Besides the obvious 'with magic', anyway. He's not expecting to be able to comprehend the answer; my magics nearly always contradict one another because I prefer specialisation. He'll climb off the bike and look around, a little sceptical, though he'll create more purple flashes in the air as he attempts to sense the geologic make-up of the walls, floor and ceiling, to find voids and disguised metal or concrete. Or rock which looks right on the surface, but doesn't fit in with the surroundings.
  9. A Fresh Start For Hadiza

    Albert will fasten his arms about Hadiza's waist, a little nervously. He tightens quite a bit when they take off, startled by the speed. Hopefully he doesn't squeeze too hard, or at least if he did that Hadiza doesn't mind. "Um, if you didn't mind, could you call me Albert, Bert or possibly Al? Albie sounds like the hinge in your arm." He enjoys the view, once he's gotten used to the speed and is confident that Hadiza knows enough about flying that they're not going to crash into, as a random example, the Sea of Regrets they're flying over. "Paranoia can help. Too much paranoia is not healthy, though. Leads to a lack of trust and alienating the people you should be able to trust- friends, family and so on." But then he's asked about his love life, and he blushes even harder, very obvious with his pale skin. He's glad Hadiza can't see his face. "Well, um. Sure, I guess, but... Back in England, I was never sure if they wanted me, or my nobility. I wasn't a major noble, I mean... I was fifth in line for the barony, and barons are the lowest you can get with a hereditary title. But marrying a noble is easier than getting a knighthood, which is the only other way to become a noble. Dad got a knighthood. Then, in France, well. They've been a republic for centuries, and executed their own royal family way back when. Most of their citizens support the revolutionaries in England, and there's a bounty on escaped nobles, like me."
  10. A Fresh Start For Hadiza

    "Cheasadh? That's Irish, I think. I didn't think there were gnomes in Ireland. They don't like deep water, so they're mostly continental, in northern Europe." Though they have spread south and east, it's not impossible for gnomes to reach Ireland. England can be seen from France, and there's the Isle of Mann between Great Britain and Ireland to provide a stop-off point. "Natalie thinks the best of everyone. That's why Dad sent her away before the troubles really began. He wanted to keep her as innocent as possible. I was... A little more cynical, I think. Less naive. Dad kept me in England as long as possible, partly to teach me how to use a gun myself, teach me Occidental, help me pack, and tell me who and where to trust on the Continent. Partly so that Natalie's absence wasn't noticed." "Don't give up hope, Hadiza. Hope is what lets you soldier on through the bad times. I hope that England will stabilise, I hope my sister will find happiness, and I hope that, in whichever afterlife they wound up in, my parents are together. Without that hope, I'd have nothing but paranoia and despair." And the hope is why he's speaking so long to Hadiza. When offered a room, his eyes widen. "Seriously? Um, sure!" He actually jumps when the hoverbike appears from nowhere, and the elemental he created moves forward to shelter him. He dismisses the elemental, which moves back to the hole where it pulled itself from the ground and de-animates, returning to normal soil, and climbs onto the back. "Um, where do I hold on?" If it's her waist, he'll blush and be glad she can't see. Her unusual eyes are interesting...
  11. A Fresh Start For Hadiza

    Natalie does remember it, or rather she remembers being told of her mother's death. She just doesn't like to talk about it because she doesn't want to admit to anybody that she can't remember anything about her mother. "Before the League of Good? That was on the back of a trans-dimensional courier's motorbike, as I recall. Hmm. I could be missing something." "I only have to get used to it if we spend a lot of time together, Haddy. I don't yet know if I will." He's not averse to the idea; he's also quite happy if he never meets her again. "She probably suspects I'm all she has left, but she doesn't know for certain. I know her; she's an optimist. She'll have hope that one of our cousins is alive." Not much hope, granted, but she'll have some. "The past shapes the future. Ignoring it enables the past to repeat itself, turning the hope of tomorrow into the disasters of yesterday." He's from a time and a place where history is taking a violent course, and he doesn't want it to happen again. "No, the gun isn't just for show. I haven't used it against anyone, but taking it out and shooting somebody is usually faster than figuring out how to kill them with the earth nearby. More reliable, too. Shadows and Void are outside my purview, and I've never heard of Himmelium." He blushes when complimented. "Yes, I'm new. Don't really have anywhere to be, I mean, I've got a cheap hotel room booked for the next three nights, but that's it."
  12. A Fresh Start For Hadiza

    "Mum... Mum was an Elementalist, like me. Specialised in fire, but she was good at water too. Kind of have to be, if you spend any time using fire. When I was five, and Natalie three, something went wrong. Not enough of her notes survived the explosion to offer many clues, but she died instantly." Which would certainly sour a recently-widowed father against the idea of teaching his children magic. "Natalie's IME has two colours? That's... Unusual. Hmm. Maybe because she learnt away from home, perhaps. And it has distinct form, too." Albert's doesn't because I don't yet know enough about his personality to pick one that suits him. His eyes widen slightly when he's told of Hadiza's unfortunate past, and gulps as she speaks so casually of murder. "Natalie wouldn't like to hear I'm a baron, actually. It means I'm her only living kinsman." The last baron was his maternal grandfather, and feudal titles typically pass from father to son. "I've not killed anyone. My world has fallen apart, and my family and friends are dead or inaccessible. I know what that feels like, even if I think you had it worse. For that, I am sorry." Albert would be confused by the kettle, until it was explained to him. At which point he would probably smile, if only for the happiness it gave his sister. "No, I'm not an 'earth-user'. I'm an Elementalist. I specialise in earth, but I can manipulate air, water and fire, too. Earth is... Not safest, and not least destructive. But most fatal mistakes made in earth results in transfiguration or quicksand, not flooding, explosions or clouds of poison gas."
  13. Earl's Characters

    Name: The Glazier, The Glass-Man, Mister Sharp Age: Unknown Race: Bogeyman Gender: Male Description: A very tall, thin man, he seems to be simply a human at the extreme end of height- about seven feet tall- until somebody notices one of his less-than-human traits. He looks a little too thin for his height, like he was stretched to reach his unusual height. His clothing is quite ill-fitting, making him seem taller. His visible skin is deathly pale, and covered in scars, and he has no hair- not even eyebrows. His right eye is a blank glass sphere, and he has no teeth. Instead, pushed into his gums to serve as teeth are a mismatched collection of broken glass shards. Clothing: Mister Sharp wears short black trousers that end at his ankles, with his socks pulled up to minimise visible skin. He wears a large black coat with deep pockets buttoned up all the way to the collar, with sleeves that end about an inch away from his wrist and black leather driver's gloves. A broken analogue watch is on his left wrist, stuck permanently at 12:15. He wears a black fedora, usually pushed as low as he can, with a red-and-white striped scarf wrapped around his lower face. All his clothing is old, dirty and slightly damaged. Abilities: Mundane: As a result of his supernatural nature, he has enhanced strength and durability, with slightly heightened reflexes. His skin and clothing are also impervious to sharp glass edges. Magical: He can see through his glass eye, even if he's not wearing it at the time. If it's left unobserved, he can pull it out of his pocket, destroying the previous instance of the eye. He can also pull a jagged three-foot length of glass from his pocket. In addition, he cannot be seen through glass, be it a window, glasses, or even recorded security footage, as the camera has a glass lens; for this reason, he doesn't cast a reflection in mirrors, though he does in water and polished metal. As a bogeyman, he has a weakness to antiques and items with long histories, and additionally he is vulnerable to the dark and shadow-magic. Inventory: He carries very little besides what is mentioned as part of his supernatural abilities.
  14. A Fresh Start For Hadiza

    As he sees the images, his skin returns to normal, changing colour back to his rather pale natural hue. Natalie's skin was the same colour, except she went outside and exercised in the sunshine and Albert doesn't seem to do that so much. He feels a little awkward, seeing some of his younger sister's love-life, particularly because it is from his sister's girlfriend's point of view. Fortunately it seems to all be quite innocent, and he hasn't seen her for years, which both mean he doesn't look away despite the awkwardness of it. "Natalie's letters mentioned she'd received a spell book. She didn't go into detail, though. Dad never wanted either of us to learn magic, after what happened to Mum. I convinced a friend to let me look at his homework and text books, and basically taught myself until I knew enough that Dad had to send me off for proper training to be safe. The mental exercises to cast a spell are useful in memory retention, so Dad taught us that one trick." Natalie never spoke of what happened to her mother, but she doesn't appear in any photographs after Natalie's third birthday. He smiles at the flattery, and shrugs. "Not too much to tell, really. I ran to France when all went to shit at home, came here yesterday after I heard the French were going to recognise the new government as legitimate, and I'm a Baron now." There's probably more, detail and so on, but Albert doesn't particularly want to share right now. He'd rather hear more of Hadiza first.
  15. A Fresh Start For Hadiza

    Albert opens his eyes and turns to look at the approaching ninja, but he doesn't pull his gun. There is another flash of purple and his skin turns a blackish-grey colour with white flecks, as smooth as polished granite. Which is what he currently seems to be, though his eyes and hair remain organic. He snaps the book closed and returns it to the satchel and stands up, the elemental hulking behind him and seeming to glower with the pits that serve as eyes. He listens to what Hadiza says, and nods. "It means something, yes. I know she's safe; Father told me he trusted where she was staying. And I never doubted that she loved me- she's my sister. It seems, however, that I am at a disadvantage, miss. You've met her, and spoken to her. Recently, is my guess. More recently than I. You know me... Or of me, at least... But I know nothing of you." He's still a bit cautious in his words, but she's not making any hostile moves, he has an earth elemental at his back and his flesh is currently functionally stone- literally as hard as granite. He won't make any moves until she does.