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  1. Sorry @Robbie Rotten I thought odstdragon was still in the mix. Will post asap
  2. Sandra felt sudden tension rush out of her as she nodded at the guards refusal, relieved that the guard wouldn't explain any further. Explosives are dangerous even in the hands of those familiar with them, let alone strangers in seemingly possessed armour. Best to leave them alone. "Right" Sandra said, turning back to the group "we should find a quiet spot to talk. Follow me." Using her long legs and unyielding stance Sandra bulled her way through the crowd, heading for the disused alley that they had started from. It was as good a spot as any to discuss what amounted to madness. Sandra had just barely met these people and she was about to plot some form of insurrection. Still, if they succeeded there was sure to be a reward, Sandra could always find a use for more gold. Smirk still creeping across her face Sandra shouldered her way out of the crowd and back into the shade of the alley. It was long enough that they would have ample warning of passersby and only a few small service doors to the shops on the street proper. Double height buildings would provide some measure of protection from being overheard but with all the stone around the group would need to keep their voices low. Sandra kept up her inspection as she walked to the halfway point of the alley then turned, grit grinding underfoot, and leaned against a stone wall still warm from the sun. Her new conspirators would be following shortly.
  3. @Upbeat-Tyrant did you want to respond to that last question before I post?
  4. How to break a blockade? The only way Sandra could think of would be to remove the things doing the blocking, either the ships themselves or their captains. Killing the captains would be too hard, they'll be surrounded by their crew and wary of Assassins. It'll have to be the ships. "Is there any resistance?" Sandra asked the guard
  5. Really sorry guys, I've just posted. Dealing with RL issues again. Next time I know i'm going to be that under the pump I'll let you know so I can skip a turn, sorry again.
  6. Sandra shivered as she passed yet another branching corridor, its entry a gapping blackness made sudden by the flickering torchlight and the surrounding gloom. She had only recently entered the undercity and already fear scurried around in the back of her mind, nibbling at its edges. Her only outward sign was to lift her torch higher, ready her axe, staring intently with ears straining. Unfortunately, no gibbering monsters came screeching out at the group. No chance to burn off the restless energy that made Sandra want to scream insanely into the dark. “Nothing here, keep moving” Sandra said, turning away confident that the group behind her would follow along.
  7. No worries!
  8. @VulcanTheDrunken, can you confirm what upbeat said? Have I misread your post? Let me know so I can edit it if need be.
  9. Sounds like a plan. @SweetDreamur, let us know if you're going to post. If not I think it's my turn and I'll go ahead and post in the other thread.
  10. Sandra watched the dwarf run towards the armoured guard. Seeing the little figure barrel through the crowd brought a smirk to Sandra's face. Shaking her head she followed hoping that the guard had some good news. (OOC: @Upbeat-Tyrant are you going to NPC the guard?)
  11. “….What do you lot say?" Powerful artefacts. Terrible guardians. Rogue vampires. Material wealth. Sandra felt the smile start to come on unbidden as she listened to the priest. Each word reverberating through her body, setting of little sparks of lightning dancing through her limbs. Adrenaline surged and set her heart to racing as little tendrils of frost began to spread over her boots and onto the ground. Drawing on the heat of the little church in her excitement Sandra felt her limbs strengthen, axe handle creaking as she gripped it tighter and tighter. This is what made life worth living, the chance to pit herself against the great unknown, this truth swept through the deep recesses of Sandra’s mind, an unstoppable wave that culminated in- “YES!” Axe upraised, frost hungrily reaching out in a circle around her, Sandra pointed at Dryston. “Finally” she said “We begin the fun! I am with you, no matter the danger”
  12. I think that that is fair
  13. So @Robbie Rotten, how will this work with the other thread? The one mentinned in your post? Will we be interacting with any of the others?
  14. Sandra’s throbbing headache eased almost instantly as Sandra drank from the Dwarfs water skin. Lukewarm water or not, the absence of pain had her unknotting muscles that Sandra didn’t know were clenched. Passing back with skin with a nod of thanks Sandra listened to the dwarf with only half an ear, the armoured figure from earlier was speaking but Sandra couldn’t see who he might be speaking to. Sandra frowned, tingles racing themselves from her neck to her hands, mysterious armoured figures with limited social skills suddenly speaking to themselves? That might mean any number of things, both dangerous and benign, but people in armour were seldom fools and always bore watching. The dwarf talking to Sandra had pulled out a piece of bread and began eating. Did she not notice? Was Sandra the only one hearing it? That thought sent more tingles rushing through Sandra, sweat beading on her lip. Perhaps the armour was possessed? That could explain their rush to find someplace private? “… I say we ask a guard what's goin' on!" Sandra’s thoughts collapsed as the Dwarf turned back to Sandra, half eaten chunk of bread still clasped in her hand. “I agree” Sandra said hurriedly, rising to her feet and brushing dirt from her pants “More information is always more helpful than less” Collecting her axe Sandra walked to the mouth of the shadowed alley, streams of people still rushing past, before turning back to the dwarf. “Coming?”
  15. I posted though? Did we go another round already? (Checking IC thread now) Should have checked this thread. Phew, thought my post didn't go through.