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  1. Robbie RottenPrestississimoVulcanTheDrunkenMrMaturity @SweetDreamurEpicRome23
  2. Sandra could feel more and more feeling return to her body, the once overwhelming disorientation of the impact becoming mere vibrations, like a tuning fork Sandra had once seen, the feeling of a humming in her limbs. The best she could do was to flop onto her knees as she saw the churning horde of mechanical spiders pouring out of a vent. Sandra bared her teeth at the swarm and at her own helplessness, no way was she going to go out like this, on her knees like a weakling. Just when she was about to be buried Dryston came charging past to meet the horde, his armour proving a match for the smaller spiders. Bits and pieces of clockwork and metal went flying as he kicked and smashed the tenacious creatures. Whilst he may have only provided a temporary distraction, it was all the time Sandra needed. Focusing her mind she Pulled, frost forming a finger thick coating all over her body as she stood. Back on her feet again and breathing out frost, she felt her limbs strengthen and her skin toughen. Reaching out she grabbed Dryston by the back of his armour and pulled him out of the increasing swarm, legs hammering the ground as she sought to escape the spiders, tugging Dryston along. Her long legs quickly put Sandra and Dryston out of the immediate danger. They were in a spot roughly forming a triangle, the Griffin to their left and the vampiress and the paladin to their right. The spiders pouring out of the culvert steadily spread across the sand, soon reaching the armoured fighters, the paladin quick enough to find a beat in the fighting to fling the first wave back. "Sorry if I was a bit rough back there" Sandra said, checking Dryston for spiders "looked like you were getting a bit overwhelmed. Cheers for the rescue, I would have been fucked without the help." Sandra looked back at the increasing spider swarm, seemingly focused on the vampire and the paladin. "Do you think they're pissed off at the vampire for killing those steam children? I hope those little fuckers crawl under her armour and eat her alive!" Sandra said with a savage grin before turning back to Dryston "Anyway, you're the leader here, what's our next target, Vampire or Griffin?"
  3. “FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK” A disorientating strobe of colours blurred across Sandra’s vision as she went flying through the air, a flight that seemed to stretch longer than expected, even though she knew it was only a few seconds. All she could think in this elongated moment was just how much the landing was going to hurt. It did. She slammed bonelessly into the ground, the shear shock of impact thrust through Sandra’s mind, dominating it so completely that nothing moved inside her head, beyond a mindless contemplation of the impact. Eventually it receded. Like mice creeping back into a darkened room Sandra’s senses started to reappear, the first was the realisation that she was looking at Eden the vampire riding the Griffin. Sandra contemplated that image for a while, not attaching any importance to it, just looking slack jawed as Dryston and Shiel menaced the enormous creature with their longer weapons. Eventually more mice appeared and more and more until there was a flood of squeaking, skittering mice tap-dancing through Sandra’s brain. “Mice” Sandra mumbled, immediately regretting it as pain exploded behind her eyes. A simple groan was let out. Much less pain. The pain sliced through Sandra’s fog, sharpening her awareness of the situation. Her first thought was that she needed to get up and help, the next was that holy fuck moving hurt. All she could do was lie back and hope that her tortured body would recover in time. Unfortunately that meant lying back and listening to the stupid mice tapping around her brain. The click of their claws was an annoying chatter that echoed through her mind and into the space behind her. Turning her head was an enormous effort but if it meant that she could tell the mice to stop fucking around then it was worth it. Sandra winced in anticipation as a horde of mechanical spiders came rushing towards her. “Fuck”
  4. I am alive, just being hammered with work. I will promise that I'll post ASAP. Maybe not tomorrow (Saturday) as I have a full day out with no reception or internet but definitely Sunday. I'll try to squeeze a post out tomorrow but I can't promise. Sorry
  5. If the sudden appearance of the vampiress had Sandra's heart tapping, the sight of the Griffin soaring over the amphitheater had it racing. Already she could feel little tingles of lightning dancing down her spine and frost forming on her shoulders. Sandra tightened her grip on her axe as the Griffin dived, only to be met by the newest paladin. The warrior was skilled enough to fend off the initial dive but was overcome by the shear power of the Griffin and knocked over. The paladin seemingly helpless had the Griffin's complete attention, it's animal brain only seeing prey. Which was perfect for Sandra. Charging forward and leaping over the paladin, Sandra launched herself axe first into the Griffin's beak. Knocking it aside just as it dove in towards Shiel. The strike barely dented the Griffin's beak but the piercing shriek gave voice to the pain it caused. Whilst the strike might have saved the paladin, it landed Sandra directly in front of the massive beast, it's eyes now focused on her with ferocious intent. Sandra barely intercepted the Griffin's next strike as it speared it's beak forward, unfortunately the only block Sandra could think of was to reflexively hold her axe in the way. Now with the axe handle in its mouth the Griffin predictably tossed it's head, taking Sandra and her axe tumbling through the air.
  6. Sandra followed once Dryston finished the introductions and moved on
  7. All good matey, leave it as it is. Just so that you know OOC.
  8. @SweetDreamur have a read of Sandra's bio, not much of a sneaky thief :)
  9. "You noticed it too?" Sandra glanced up at the vampires approach, most of her attention still focused on listening. She was glad that at least one of her group members maintained some level of awareness. It was mad to think that they could drop their guards in a place like this. "I think there is another one" Sandra said, keeping her voice low "it's hard to pick up but when they change position it sounds, layered." Sandra looked up at the armoured vampire, eyes serious. "You know what this means don't you? These are pack creatures. Once we engage the Griffin we must be ready."
  10. Sandra crouched amidst the steam rising from a vent in the floor, feeling the way it crept under her clothes and trailed damp fingers over her body. Weight on the balls of her feet and axe ready she stared out into the tangled hallways beyond, looking for the movement that she knew was there. She had been waiting long enough for her knees to ache and her clothes become sodden, sticky. Every shift of weight brought shooting pain but the watching was important so she bore it patiently, Sandra had elected herself the rearguard, one of the most critical positions in a place like this. Whilst her companions may ignore where they were, content to prattle on with another of the strange characters that seemed to infest these halls, Sandra could not. All because she knew a simple truth. They were being followed Even before finding the steam children, the group had spent hours traversing the branching, cramped halls. They were noisy, stinking and dark, so it was hard to pick out one sound from another. However, Sandra had heard a clicking that stopped when they stopped, started when they started. A few times she had turned around to see a barely seen shadow dart off to the side. Nothing here that followed a group of their size would be friendly, nor would it be stupid enough to brazenly attack. It would be waiting until the group was weak or distracted, when it had the best chance of success. Sandra glanced back at her group, all crowded around the man in armour and asking questions, before turning back to her waiting. It was important, so she kept silent and kept watching.
  11. Who's turn is it now?
  12. “Do you trust them?” “Not at all” Sandra whispered, glancing at their new guides a few paces ahead. The hissing, clanking and stomping that echoed through the halls was sure to limit eavesdropping but it was best to be careful. “Keep your weapons ready and your wits about you.” Sandra said, eyeing each group member “I will bring up the rear, but make sure to look up. No-one ever looks up” With a final nod Sandra let her pace drop slightly and allowed her group to move ahead a pace. In a situation like this the rear guard was likely to be the most dangerous spot, unknown lurkers were sure to roam the halls. The feeling of eyes in the dark made Sandra's spine stiffen and her heart thump in her ears. Sandra bared her teeth in her usual response to fear. Let them try it
  13. Sorry @Robbie Rotten I thought odstdragon was still in the mix. Will post asap
  14. Sandra felt sudden tension rush out of her as she nodded at the guards refusal, relieved that the guard wouldn't explain any further. Explosives are dangerous even in the hands of those familiar with them, let alone strangers in seemingly possessed armour. Best to leave them alone. "Right" Sandra said, turning back to the group "we should find a quiet spot to talk. Follow me." Using her long legs and unyielding stance Sandra bulled her way through the crowd, heading for the disused alley that they had started from. It was as good a spot as any to discuss what amounted to madness. Sandra had just barely met these people and she was about to plot some form of insurrection. Still, if they succeeded there was sure to be a reward, Sandra could always find a use for more gold. Smirk still creeping across her face Sandra shouldered her way out of the crowd and back into the shade of the alley. It was long enough that they would have ample warning of passersby and only a few small service doors to the shops on the street proper. Double height buildings would provide some measure of protection from being overheard but with all the stone around the group would need to keep their voices low. Sandra kept up her inspection as she walked to the halfway point of the alley then turned, grit grinding underfoot, and leaned against a stone wall still warm from the sun. Her new conspirators would be following shortly.
  15. @Upbeat-Tyrant did you want to respond to that last question before I post?