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  1. "Miss" Sandra lounged in her chair, enjoying the pleasant buzz as cat-piss flavoured mead danced through her body. She'd been waiting for hours in the basement of some tavern steadily drinking her way through the last of her coins. Her previous employer had pointed her to this basement, telling her some sob story about a newly turned vampire wanting a way out. "Ahem, Miss" Sandra stroked the long axe propped against the table, leather wrapped handle within easy reach. She had a cure for vampirism right here, but if the pay was good or it offered a decent adventure she was willing to go along with the fledgling's quest. "EXCUSE ME" The squeal cut through Sandra's buzz like a heavy axe through a skull, with a similar amount of pain. "What?!" "The man you asked me to look out for" the waitress looking at Sandra as if she was completely dense "he's here with some friends" "Fine, fine" Sandra grumbled, fishing in her pockets to pull out some change "here's your tip" Lurching back upright and collecting her axe she followed the waitress, ignoring the looks from the other patrons. She couldn't give a fuck if these dandies felt uncomfortable. "That table in the corner" Sandra's nod of thanks went unnoticed as the waitress flounced back to her duties. Shrugging Sandra stomped over to the table, the red headed man in battled scarred amour was clearly the one she had been told about. Didn't look like much of a vampire but looks can be deceiving. "You must be Dryston. I'm Sandra, was told about your condition and that you're looking for a cure. I'm here to help you find one" Grabbing a nearby chair she sat down, axe carefully placed next to her. "So, who are your friends and what is the plan?"
  2. Would love to rp with you. My suggestion for how to approach it would be a quest to see a guru/priest/shaman or charitable elder vampire for information on how to cure your char? Naturally these helpful people often reside in difficult and dangerous locations. Definitely interested to see what other people think and where it'd go.
  3. semi-closed

    Sandra opened her eyes to darkness. Her thoughts were like a storm tossed sea, bright lights slashing throughout. Each time she thought that she could stay afloat the tumultuous confusion crashed down once more. It was all she could do to keep her eyes open and not sink back into the dark. What thoughts she could grasp were disjointed and did not make sense. Sandra struggled like this for a thousand years, an eon beyond comprehension. Finally there was a break, a change. The storm of her thoughts threw her onto the rocks of something that defied understanding. Sandra in her feebleness did not care for understanding, all she cared about was that she was no longer sinking. That she did not need to fight any more. More lifetimes passed whilst the storm raged, battering the stability. Eventually another change. This time the flashes of lightening grew in intensity and coalesced, a gigantic mountain of energy. It spoke. Sandra The mountain grew, branching, twisting, forming new shapes. Eventually it changed again, into a cat? Can you hear me? Speak if you can hear me. “…Icanhearyou” You are dying Sandra, you must come to me if you wish to live The God of Lightning grew and grew until it surrounded Sandra, a dome of blinding light that contained the thrashing, furious storm. The thought of dying, of ending, of succumbing to the darkness enraged Sandra, muddled thought she might be. It was like another rock, a handhold, something to pull herself up and stand once more. The storm seemed to understand and the waters rose, continents of freezing water reaching with a million grasping hands, all seeking to pull Sandra back under. But she fought, with gritted teeth and unyielding determination she fought. The Lightning God still waiting overhead. As Sandra rose the storm seemed to scream at her and Sandra screamed back, until it seemed that she and the storm had one voice all melding into each other. With a rage that crushed worlds and split the heavens asunder Sandra jumped onto that second rock and leaped into the blinding light of the cat shaped God of Lightning. “I.AM.ALIVE!”
  4. semi-closed

    “Idiot creatures!” Snarled Trevor as he watched his freshly dug bodies burn. “I should have known, if you want someone done, do it yourself!” With a wave of his hand, Trevor sent a torrent of energy to the recovering Grut, who levered itself off the ground and turned to face the campsite, arms wide and burbling intimidatingly through its now exposed windpipe. Checking behind him to make sure he was clear of the meditating Alfred, Trevor set his feet and leaned into a full body push. Grut's burbling was echoed by a much greater burbling from its stomach, which was followed by a gout of blood, intestines and lumps of meat that covered the campsite. The now lightened Grut bounded over to Trevor and the vampire master, who was scooped into the now vacant cavity, followed closely by a cackling Trevor. “We are all that’s left you foolish imbeciles! The first one to move joins my friend Grut here” The newly burdened forest troll slammed its club into the earth, sending clods flying “I doubt you have the stomach to take us on!” BloodBloodBloodBloodBloodFreshBloodNewBloodWarmBloodSpecialBloodBloodBloodBloodWaitinTreeBloodBloodGoodBranchBloodBloodBloodCantSeeBloodHiddenBloodSecretBloodWaitBloodReadyBlood GetthewhitehairedoneyouIDIOT!Leavethegirlandtheothers LeapBloodSpringBloodChaseBloodGetWhiteHairedBloodGetWhiteHairedBloodGetWhiteHairedBloodGetWhiteHairedBloodGetWhiteHairedBloodGetWhiteHairedBloodGetWhiteHairedBloodGetWhiteHairedBloodGetWhiteHairedBloodGetWhiteHairedBloodGetWhiteHairedBloodGetWhiteHairedBloodGetWhiteHairedBloodGetWhiteHairedBloodGetWhiteHairedBloodGetWhiteHairedBloodGetWhiteHairedBloodGetWhiteHairedBloodGetWhiteHairedBloodGetWhiteHairedBloodGetWhiteHairedBloodGetWhiteHairedBloodGetWhiteHairedBloodGetWhiteHairedBloodGetWhiteHairedBloodGetWhiteHairedBloodGetWhiteHairedBloodGetWhiteHairedBloodGetWhiteHairedBloodGetWhiteHairedBloodGetWhiteHairedBloodGetWhiteHairedBloodGetWhiteHairedBlood (OOC/ Not my best but it keeps things moving. FYI: Trevor the necromancer and Alfred the vampire master are now in the chest cavity of the forest troll. Much less exposed but a sufficiently large force just might be able to crack the empowered trolls hide and get both (Don't forget Trevor will be in there reinforcing it so it'd have to be big). The Vampire was in a tree about to leap at the bleeding Sandra but was forced into chasing the Wraith and is now catching up. Have fun /OOC)
  5. Fair point @V1L3 VILLAIN I'll get to NPCing then :)
  6. Are we waiting on anybody or should I go ahead and post?
  7. Cheers mate but the show must go on, need to keep posting otherwise I do hold every one up. Anyway, the two huddled neurons have made a spark so it's back to business :)
  8. semi-closed

    Sandra enjoyed a fight as much as the next woman, but a woman can enjoy only cracking the same heads and hewing the same limbs so many times before it gets boring. She needed a way to finish things. Luckily for her, Sphynx provided a much needed break. Sandra started when she felt the cat land on her blood slicked shoulder but when the wave of force pushed back the creatures Sandra could only laugh. Rotten creatures pounding their feeble limbs at an invisible shield was a sight to behold and a grateful Sandra gathered her breath in heaving gulps. “Hold them as long as you can Sphinx, I will try to end this.” Deep breathes to slow her pounding heart Sandra started to pull in all the energy she could. Shadows gathered, undead slowing their movements and frost, thick, billowing frost formed in a huge cone behind Sandra. She was drawing more than she had done in a long time, with teeth gritted in pain she turned her head to Sphinx. “When I say, let the shield down” Sandra was nearing her limit, light starting to make her skin glow. Raising her axe and setting her feet she screamed at Sphinx “NOW!” The creatures leaning into the shield suddenly found themselves unsupported and lurched forwards, straight into the unyielding swing of Sandra's axe. So great was the strength behind the swing that it cut through all of the remaining monsters. Torsos folding over hips, the undead flopped into a wriggling pile. Seeing that they were immobilised Sandra sprang to the side, lining the corpses up. All her gathered energy fighting to be free was channelled straight through her upraised fist in the form of booming fire. With a clap of thunder the firestorm engulfed the undead, the dirt and grass behind them and set the trees beyond the clearing alight in a huge cone of fire that would make any dragon proud. Slumping over on her axe Sandra wearily grinned at the crumbling remains of the undead, steaming with the nights chill. “I think I might have overdone it” Blood leaking out of eyeballs and ears Sandra crumpled gracelessly to the leave strewn ground. (OOC: Would have loved to NPC for a little bit but its really late and sleep calls)
  9. Sorry peeps, I went back to work on the 10th and have been absolutely smashed. Working stupidly long hours has left a hole in my head that all intelligence flows out of, leaving the only two neurons remaining to worship the God of fatigue. I'll try and post today. Apologies for holding everyone up.
  10. All good, just wondering :)
  11. Hey @V1L3 VILLAIN, @Teivel Morteusyou guys still posting?
  12. semi-closed

    (Ooc - just going to NPC for a bit before I'm off to bed. Help keep things moving. Sandra will be back once some other peeps have had some fun with these toys) Trevor was not overly concerned by the stupid barbarian trying to cut her way through the undead. As fast as she cut them down, Trevor and his magic had them up and moving again. But when a small girl had Grut-something splash the campsite with his brains, that finally brought a crease to his brow. "Ha! I'm not some dumb creature to be taken so easily little mage" spittle sprayed from Trevors lips as he enacted an anti-magic shield about himself "and you've sealed your fate. I'm a necromancer of the highest order imaginable!" With a wave of his hands, the enormous troll pushed it's way clear of the ground, fell magics coursing through its corpse. The magic would strengthen its body against attacks and make its blows that much more dire. Especially when Trevor mentally bade the troll collect it's club. Let's see how these cretins fares again my Grut. Trevor thought as the newly risen troll waded back into battle. As it did so, a blip appeared in the back of Trevors mind, moving fast. THE VAMPIRE! realised Trevor with glee.
  13. semi-closed

    Kicking an undead clear of her axe and into its comrades, Sandra bought herself a brief moment. In that moment she turned to Margo. "What are you waiting for? Kill them all!" Laughing maniacally Sandra spun back into the melee, smashed heads and limbs flying clear.
  14. semi-closed

    Crickets chirped and trees rustled as Sandra sat at the base of a tree some distance away from the fire, axe resting comfortingly on her lap. She smiled to herself at Sphinx’s repeated attempts to mother cat everyone into getting some sleep and, recognising the distraction, refocused herself on keeping watch. Breathe in, breathe out. Sandra practiced her meditation as the thrill from her almost battle still lingered in her limbs, an almost painful tingling. Ignoring the insane temptation to scream into the silence, Sandra stared into the forest, her Will making everything glow silver from the moon’s light. Breathe in, breathe – Sandra stiffened as she smelled something, a combination of smells that had her on her feet in an instant, eyes questing and ears strained. It was the smell of fresh earth, unwashed bodies and old blood. //////////// Arthur chuckled softly to himself, eyes focused on the roaring fire that was a beacon for any lonely travelers in the night. He was hunting a man with a stupidly large bounty on his head and after a tip off from a local villager of a white haired man riding a motorcycle in the area, he was convinced he had found the source. “Alright boys, if the Wraith is going to be anyway he is going to be here” He said, gathering his companions around “Trevor, you get your new friends to circle around, when all the fighting starts have them charge in. Alfred, make sure you keep that fucking vampire off us, a blood starved vampire that gets loose could kill everyone. Grutnick, follow me and smash anything but us.” After the pre-battle talk Arthur watched as Trevor moved off with his ten freshly dug corpses, giving him time to get into position. After a moments pause he set off deeper into the forest, followed by Alfred with Grutnick the forest troll bringing up the rear, coffin carried on his back. After an age creeping through the trees, eyes watching as the fire grew steadily larger, his careful approach was interrupted by a scream so loud he was sure that even Trevor's dead heard it. “Fuck, there goes the surprise. Alfred, the vampire and remember what is said. Grutnick with me” With a yell of his own Arthur and Grutnick charged towards the fire, as the chants of the vampire master followed overhead. //////////////////////////////////////////////////// “TO ARMS!” Sandra screamed, axe smashing through dead limbs as stinking corpses tried to swarm her “TO ARMS!” With a sweep of her axe that pushed more that it cut, Sandra sent bodies tumbling and found her opening. Running back into the camp she readied herself again. With a murgle and a gurgle the dead followed her, splintered nails outstretched. (OOC/ New opponents: Arthur - Normal Human with a sword Trevor - Human Necromancer of middling power + 10 undead bodies Alfred - Human Vampire Master Vampire - Old, blood starved vampire. All the normal vampire abilities of strength, speed etc. Currently being controlled by Alfred, will become wild and unpredictable if Alfred is unconsious. Grutnick - 10ft tall forest troll with a big, big club /OOC)
  15. semi-closed

    "Hmph, you may have a point" Sandra said as Josh brushed past her "but I'll be watching you" Seeing that everyone had apparently accepted Josh's sudden appearance, Sandra shook her head and stalked back out into the darkness to take her turn of the watch. "I still don't like it" she grumbled.