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  1. Monster Hunting: Seismoloth OOC

    Sounds like a plan
  2. Monster Hunting: Seismoloth OOC

    Hey all, confirming that we are still waiting for @Aves?
  3. Monster Hunting: The Seismoloth

    Sandra walked down a broad avenue lined with double storey buildings, the bright sun overhead being reflected off the paving stones causing Sandra to squint slightly. The street was clean, empty of trash and only had a few people walking around, going about their day. The shops that Sandra passed were silent, wooden shutters opened up to show neat displays of goods and yet only served to advertise just how hard this city had fallen. Sandra had spent the better part of a week walking around the grasslands to the west of the city, looking for special medicinal plants, only to find on returning that Hector the heal-all had contracted the very plague they were supposed to be treating. Removed to quarantine, the doctor couldn't pay so Sandra had found herself in a city sliding towards crisis with a pack full of worthless plants, less the cost of the new pack. In the few months she had been here Sandra couldn't help but notice the hunting warrants. Dangerous but rewarding was the common theme. Tasks that wiser heads had decided were too costly for themselves to do and so were given to those either foolish or confident enough to try. So, with no money and little prospects for safer, easier work and no trade to speak of Sandra decided to try the warrant, it was either that or tighten the belt and walk to the next town. The warrant hadn't been overly helpful in giving directions only saying to contact the nearest game warden. With so many people moving away, scared of the plague, it was hard to find directions let alone someone willing to open their doors to a stranger with a strange walking stick. Eventually Sandra found someone willing to talk, a butcher who was beating the heat in his cool room resigned to a lack of customers. Apparently the game warden was required to regularly wait in one of the market squares each week to help those that wished to undertake the warrant or console the families looking to find those missing after one. Eventually Sandra made her way into the more crowded section of the city, following the signs nailed to the corners of intersections. Standing a full head above the crowd was helpful but didn't help her find the warden, thankfully it was enough to spot the low wall that encompassed the market. Forcing her way through the press to stand on the wall Sandra used the additional height and scanned the crowded square, a writhing ball of life that was so loud you had to stop noticing or risk going deaf. After a moment Sandra spotted what could only be the game warden, well maybe not the warden, but any time a snake lady, a six armed crocodile thing, an android and a boy were casually talking it could only mean something interesting. Walking over Sandra had to be conscious not to be too forceful with the milling crowd, already she could feel her heart drumming a pattern in her throat, the excitement growing as she locked eyes with the group. The first to notice her was the Android, it was hugging the boy with his back to Sandra but the way her eyes locked on her walking stick had Sandra certain that the minor illusion had been broken. Sandra was sure that the Android wouldn't mind but most people were leery about a woman taller than most men casually walking around with an axe as tall as she was, but a walking stick? No problems. First impressions were always important so Sandra lead with her hand outstretched "Welcome and well met, my friend. I am Sandra, here to help with the warrant. Introduce me to the others?"
  4. Monster Hunting: Seismoloth OOC

    Sweet as, I'll get to posting then!
  5. Monster Hunting: Seismoloth OOC

    No dramas, what's the posting order?
  6. Monster Hunting: Seismoloth OOC

    Cheers matey, I'll have a read of the thread and get up to speed.
  7. A heist thing in casper

    Hmmmm sounds interesting, the thread could get bogged down in trying to make a decision but if you keep everyone on track it could work. Count me in!
  8. A heist thing in casper

    Maaaaaaaaaybe! What's your idea, tell me more.
  9. (Mo Chroi) Hired Help

    Sandra was walking around the great ring that was the second level of the Ironwood library. A great void to her left exposed the lower level. To her right row upon row of heavy wooden shelves that supported countless ink scribbled papers; books, tomes and scrolls of every description lined the thick wooden shelves. Though the library was brightly lit it was busy, Sandra caught glimpses of people ducking in and out of every row that she passed. She felt a slight tingling on the back of her neck at the thought of unknown people behind her and frost started puffing out with every breath as she involuntarily started absorbing the ambient heat around her. A suddenly sweaty palm readjusted the grip on her axe, the low grade enchantment helping to reassure people that there was a perfectly good reason for her to carry a giant axe as large as she was tall in a library of all places. The enchantment was easily broken so as long as people didn't look too closely and she acted as if it was a simple walking stick, so would they. The walking was coming to an end as Sandra spotted the unmistakable figure of her charge a short distance ahead of her. Stopping in front of a stone pillar for a moment she watched the figure and the surrounds for a moment. It was huge and top heavy, with broad shoulders and a rotund torso hidden under a thick cloak. Slouching in the chair opposite was a man with his back to her, his position indicated that he was relaxed but that was all that Sandra could interpret. Looking past the table Sandra could spot nothing obvious, the people moving about seemed to be acting normal. With a sigh she walked forwards, checking behind her periodically. Approaching the table she could see the man drumming his fingers on the table, a last glance of her eyes showing nothing but the moss man rubbing its fingers together. "Is this Saul?" Sandra said, walking to where the man could see her. "And who are you?"
  10. The Fungus Among us [Interest Check]

    All good matey, full-time jobs can be stressful which often leaves little free energy for creative output, let alone free time!
  11. The Fungus Among us [Interest Check]

    Are we going ahead with this?
  12. The Fungus Among us [Interest Check]

    All good matey, we understand how things go.
  13. Dawn Over Draco South (OOC)

    @VulcanTheDrunken your turn matey