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  1. The Fungus Among us [Interest Check]

    All good matey, full-time jobs can be stressful which often leaves little free energy for creative output, let alone free time!
  2. The Fungus Among us [Interest Check]

    Are we going ahead with this?
  3. The Fungus Among us [Interest Check]

    All good matey, we understand how things go.
  4. Dawn Over Draco South (OOC)

    @VulcanTheDrunken your turn matey
  5. Dawn Over Draco South (OOC)

    Yessssss, the resurrection has BEGUN!!!
  6. Dawn Over Draco South (OOC)

    Anybody....? Did the nukes fire already? Where has everyone gone? How did the thread die so suddenly? Hey peeps, just did some sleuthing. Robbie will be gone from the site for a while due to RL issues. @Prestississimo your turn.
  7. Dawn Over Draco South (OOC)

    Alright, I'm calling it. @Robbie Rotten your turn mate. If @EpicRome23 wants to jump in quickly they can but in my eyes they're skipped and we are now waiting for Robbie.
  8. Dawn Over Draco South (OOC)

    Am I missing something? Is the thread dead? Is everyone still here?
  9. Dawn Over Draco South (OOC)

    Is it time to skip?
  10. Dawn Over Draco South (OOC)

    @EpicRome23 how're you travelling matey?
  11. Dawn Over Draco South (OOC)

    Robbie Rotten Prestississimo VulcanTheDrunken MrMaturity @SweetDreamur EpicRome23
  12. Dawn Over Draco South

    "Now--hack that wing off!" As if she needed an excuse! Axe in hand Sandra crept past the Griffin then stopped to watch the struggle in order to time her moment. The Griffin had tucked it's wounded wing close to its body so Sandra would need to wait. Dryston had excelled himself, charging forward and pinning the Griffin with his spear he'd perfectly placed himself as the focus whilst being able to keep enough distance to avoid being bitten or slashed. It had turned into a pushing match, where the Griffin would push forward to attack Dryston only to dig the spear deeper, whereupon it would screech in pain and pause, only to press forward once more. It's incredible constitution and endurance able to keep the animal in the fight where another might have run. As the Griffin pushed forward, driving itself onto the spear, it fluttered it's wings in reflex giving Sandra an opening to strike. She rushed forward, soft sand muffling her movements, and struck. It was an overhead blow, a stupid move in a fight where it left obvious openings but when the opponent was distracted it is a devastating move. Sandra struck the base of the injured wing joint clean, axe head perfectly aligned with the open wound, and cleaved straight through. In a gout of blood the wing fell, Sandra was slightly over balanced by her strike but managed to leap back as the Griffin turned, heedless of the spear buried inside it, and looked at its wing now limp on the sand. If she hadn't noticed the convulsive shivering or the open mouthed panting Sandra would have thought the that enormous creature wasn't in pain. It was completely silent, near motionless, just staring at its fallen wing. "It's stunned, quickly now! Before it recovers!" Sandra roared.
  13. Dawn Over Draco South (OOC)

    Sorry peeps. I haven't forgotten, I will be posting asap.
  14. Dawn Over Draco South (OOC)

    Robbie RottenPrestississimoVulcanTheDrunkenMrMaturity @SweetDreamurEpicRome23