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  1. Sandra muttered to herself as the armour clad figure brushed past, saying something about finding a spot to relieve itself. Controlling her first instinct to reach for her axe, Sandra reasoned that spending any time in this heat in armour like that was bound to make anyone impatient or rude. Nor would it be very easy to relieve oneself she thought with a smirk. Her brief moment of effort over Sandra could only stare at the figure walking away and ignore the stares of the crowd, obviously looking at the only piece of entertainment to be had all afternoon. Sandra was too tired to care, too hot to run after the figure and had a mouth much to dry call after it, feeling grit crunch between her teeth every time she moved her swollen tongue. Sighing she turned back towards the gate and resigned herself to the long and uncomfortable wait. The rest of the afternoon passed in a dreary monotony of boredom, relieved only by a few mouthfuls of water from a generous farmer and his not so bratty child, and by the final entry into the city. With renewed energy Sandra used her long legs to advantage as she strode through the gates, cleaving the heavy crowd much like the axe strapped to her back. Much like the armoured figure she encountered earlier in the day, Sandra felt herself be stopped cold, not by any obstacle but by the sight she saw on looking into port. Warships! Sandra felt a rush of disappointment wash through her at the sight of warships in an obvious blockade of the port. Which would mean her original plan of finding work as a merchant guard was ruined. With the impatient crowd still jostling past, Sandra could hardly think, she had to find a quiet spot to plan. Stepping through the streaming crowd and into an eddy by an ally mouth she noticed the dwarf and armour clad figure from before, evidently discussing the port situation. They must know each other somehow. Interesting and serendipitous as it was to encounter the same people as before, Sandra could only manage a mild feeling of surprise. The mornings wait in the hot sun had sapped her energy and the sight of a naval blockade drained it entirely. It was not important in the slightest, the altercation from before, as it didn’t help Sandra with her new problem. Shaking her head to clear its sluggish thoughts she sat herself down on a convenient step to contemplate her situation but was soon interrupted. "Um, I'm sorry but was I late?" said a figure, stumbling out of the crowd. “My apologies but you have mistaken me for someone else” Sandra said, shaking her head at the newcomer “I was not meant to meet anyone here, maybe it is those two over there” Settling back onto her step and shutting out her frustration, Sandra tried to refocus her thoughts on what to do.
  2. Cheers mate, much appreciated
  3. @VulcanTheDrunken, which is my main point. My OC was outside at the gates and 1-2 real hours later some of us are in the city, this makes it jarring for me and my OC to play catch-up. This also flows into having more detail in our posts, more detail means better understanding and explanation for everyone else, and it means that there are more hooks for us to use to interact with one another. That way we don't need to attempt to mind read each other to understand what is happening.
  4. The issue with conversations is that they tend to be over a number of posts, this can then lead to the RP drifting off in one direction as the two or more OCs do things and reply. This can lead to the RP fragmenting, especially if they do it quickly. Not to say that we shouldn't allow it but rather than it should be "monitored" so that it doesn't either derail things or that other people come back 1 hour/1 day later and have no idea wtf is going on. My understanding of what we are trying to do here is operate as a group/party? If so it would make a lot of sense to have a flexible post order so that is reasonable to believe that other members of the group can overhear/respond to what the other OCs are doing, even if they might not be part of the original conversation. Perhaps there are two OCs arguing in a building and two more outside fighting zombies, if there is a post order that is relatively flexible one of the zombie OCs has a chance to poke their head in the door and scream at the other two to come out and help. In this way we all have a chance to interact with one another and operate in some semblance of a group working towards a common goal.
  5. Hey everyone, now that we've all had a chance to reply and interact I just wanted to take the time to make a few suggestions. Mostly around trying to slow the pace down a bit. Focus on maintaining a reasonable post order so that everyone has a chance to respond to the situation and they don't get left behind. We all have busy lives that can sometimes get in the way of posting so lets try and make sure everyone else doesn't feel too pressured to throw something in just so that they can stay in touch with the RP. @Upbeat-Tyrant maybe you could be in charge of that? Following that, lets try and beef up our posts a bit, at least try for a paragraph (4 lines or so) that way people have a chance to respond to things that your char is doing and have enough detail in the post to understand what you're trying to achieve.
  6. Outside the city of Quin a crowd had gathered, a cacophony of people of every colour, nation and race all trying to enter the massive fortress. It had started in the morning as a quiet affair, patient people silently waiting, with a wind whispering through the canyon walls that framed the imposing city. By the afternoon the wind had stilled and the sun that was now overhead bore down the orderly line relentlessly, canyon walls now trapping the heat. The morning line had swelled into a crowd of people grown restless, fragmented. Standing shoulders above the press Sandra was thankful for her extra height, putting her above the crush of people shuffling step by inching step towards the gates. Whilst her height was useful for avoiding the worst of the crowd it didn’t help in the slightest with her throbbing feet and aching knees, a parched mouth or the sun bouncing off the canyon walls, all of which combined into a throbbing headache that had Sandra clenching her teeth every time some farmers brat started squalling. Still, the line was at least moving in the right direction, however slowly, so she would get into the city eventually. Unfortunately, Sandra had nothing to do but imagine the cool relief past the fortress gates; water stands every hundred paces, beading droplets running dow- Sandra staggered to one side as some farmers brat crashed past, chased by another equally bratty child. CHASE IT AND PUNCH IT “Sorry” the creature yelled, not even looking at Sandra as it pushed yet more people out of its way. Breath in, breathe out, don’t scream, don’t start punching people Sandra just closed her eyes, breathing through her nose as she grit her teeth and reminded herself to be patient whilst listening to screaming children and people driven to arguing by the wait. She only had a moment of peace before a rapid hammering of flesh on metal tapped its way past Sandra’s calm. The light pierced Sandra's eyes and drove nails into her brain as she opened them to see a dwarf in the arms of some armour clad figure, arms flailing before it was put back down onto the dusty ground. The stupid, shinny figure then tried to push past the crowd, which was much more than Sandra's frayed patience could take. Turning sideways she bulled past the wilting people and raised her arm, stopping the armoured figure cold. “Everyone waits” She growled, eyes still squinting from the sun “No-one pushes ahead” Of course, this was more about self-interest on Sandra's behalf. If this armoured figure pushed their way past the crowd and into the city, Sandra knew that she would be about ten seconds behind and patience be damned.
  7. @EpicRome23 it looks like you've got a duplicate post matey, do you mind hiding one?
  8. Sounds like a plan mate. When do we start?
  9. Sounds like a neat concept but it sounds like a pretty big undertaking? Happy to have a crack and explore the idea though.
  10. What would be the storey? Also, how would our chars start weak and become more powerful?
  11. Is it too late to get on board? Your idea sounds pretty interesting and I like your writing.
  12. Sandra sat, listening to Dryston's explanation. Whilst he expressed confidence in his ability to restrain himself whilst in the city, Sandra noticed that he made no mention of how long his self control would last in the wilderness. But before she could raise the issue with him a figure in white appeared without fanfare or noise of its approach. Almost as if summoned. Instantly Sandra's heart was in her ears and a blood driven tingling was in her limbs. She wrapped her hands on the leather wrapped haft of her axe and braced her feet, ready to explode into furious action. The figure reached out to place a letter on the table and leaned forwards to whisper about watchers. With the battle thrill still racing through her body, Sandra had to restrain herself. Looking beyond the white robed stranger and focusing on the crowd Sandra could not see any that raised immediate interest, but that did not mean that none were around. With her senses tuned into hunting for watchers in the room Sandra almost missed the figure moving away. So smooth was its departure that it seemed as if it was melting through the crowd rather than walking through it. As it disappeared Dryston brought the tables attention back to him and showed everyone the note and it's simple message. "The Radiant Dawn means nothing to me, but it is obvious that someone would know of it." Sandra said with a shrug, reading over the notes contents "Also, it strikes me as convenient that you should gather a group to help you with your problem and upon our first meeting strange figures appear with strange messages. I would seek out this group but it would be wise to exhibit caution. More information is needed. Dryston, you seem familiar with this city, who best to speak to about this group?"
  13. No worries, I'll get to posting then :)