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  1. So it's been three years since i've last played D&D and I really want to hop back into this experience. I've only played a few times, but i thoroughly enjoyed it and was looking to join or start a D&D group. I've never done the Dungeon Master role before, but if need be i'd be willing to give it a try since i've got the starter set and stuff.
  2. this would be fun! any ideas of what type of character you'd want to interact with?
  3. So i wasn't really able to keep up with the previous rp that i wanted to start, but things are less hectic right now and i just thought it would be a good idea to do a space western. I have some rough ideas for the lore: Humanity was able to fight off an alien invasion thousands of years ago, this actually turned out to be a sort of trial by this alien alliance simply known as The Throne to pick out warrior species to work for it. Since humanity wasted a ton of resources during the initial invasion, we're a bit too afraid to refuse the offer to join the alliance because of our need for resources. So humanity joins the alliance, and we're hired as mercenaries throughout the parts of the galaxy ruled by The Throne. Anyone interested?
  4. you're exactly right, that's what i wanted to go with.
  5. basically. I don't mind little fights here and there (like taking out street thugs and small time villains just to show some cool powers), but i want the real fights to have an actual significance to the story where it reveals a lot to each character. I want it to be super important when the heroes do decide to spill blood or when their blood is spilled.
  6. I'm not writing silver age superman, i'm writing superman where i'm not making him super op. think earth one superman or new 52 superman where he's capable but is also able to be taken down by other members of the league. I don't know if anyone else joining this rp would be cool with this because I don't want to make it only one big versus match, I really want everyone to explore what they can do with these characters and write their own visions of these iconic characters while not getting vastly op in the process
  7. Maybe? i don't know, it seems like it wouldn't be much fun when you put it like that if you want to write your character as that overpowered in the fight. I get taking on the league, but i want the challenge to be on both sides for this first villain.
  8. maybe you could play the part as a powerful villain who, while capable of holding his own, has to play it smart when fighting the league? Sorta like how Slade fought the Titans where they get a good amount of damage in on him as well while he's still able to hold them back. if not tat's ok, maybe you could play as a villain like starro, mongul, or despero and give whichever dc villain you pick your own spin. it'll be cool to have someone playing as the villain tho
  9. awesome! since you're playing as batman, it would be really cool to get into the unique friendship that batman and superman have!
  10. Awesome! It'll be great to have the flash on the team!
  11. So anybody wanna do a rp on how all of us would do an origin of the Justice League? No tie-ins to the movies or any of the comics, just a cool story where each one of us roleplays as a hero who needs to join forces to combat an alien threat to earth. It would also be nice to do no PVP or have our characters physically fight one another because that would admittedly get a little convoluted with weird versus debates and the such. So how do ya'll feel about this? I'll RP as none other than the Man of Steel himeslf, Superman and I'll need people to play as these specific roles. Batman Aquaman Wonderwoman Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) and The Flash So anyone interested?
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