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  1. I will, no worries. Just gotta finish that really good story I've got brewing... Maybe it's not as good as I think, but I'll link you my work when I'm finished.
  2. Mhm, this has died indeed. Someone spilled shit over my laptop two weeks ago, so I only just got it back. Unfortunately, being the moron I am, I clicked a malicious link just after getting it back. Scanning for vulnerabilities ATM. It was a good run, but I honestly think I'm done with RPing lads. I'm focusing on my own writing now. Doing cosmic horror, taking inspiration from the great HP Lovecraft, hoping to actually get my writing to a goddamn beautiful level.
  3. You're better off leaving it be. Old threads are just that - old threads.
  4. Hey there! Welcome aboard! I don't have children either. I don't think I'd make a very good parent, really. Suppose being a single father would be challenging indeed. It's good to see another seasoned traveler roaming the Web's lifeless waste. I've gone from forum to forum as well, and now I'm docking here. Your forums may have died, but I was banned from at least two, so that makes our stories that much more different! Anyway, I'll send you a few resources to get you started. While I'm not tasked with doing this regularly anymore, I'll do it anyway. You want to check out the guidelines, which should give you all the insight you need when it comes to rules and regulations. The Get Started Guide and FAQ tell you pretty much all there is to know about Valucre and its functions. But you might have already read those. Anyway, might want to check out the ToL (Tavern of Legend) for a solid start, but you can pass on it if you want. The community is about as welcoming as they get. We have our problems - after all, who doesn't - but you'll likely never experience any of those. So, welcome aboard and make sure to leave a mark!
  5. They approached. Slow, delayed, and yet with determination. The drums would surely bring terror into the hearts of most men. These defenders, however, were not most men. Some quivered at the sight of marching divisions, yes, for that is inevitable, but most stood tall with blank looks stretched across their faces, as if there was not a single fear to be had. They held their weapons high, rifles pointing down at the vast formations of the old army, who yet remained far out of their range. Dusk had fallen. The sun began its final dance, slipping over the horizon, painting red the clouds and the sky in which they formed. This would be a night of tears and brutality, and only the living would truly be victorious, with no concern for their loyalties. Meanwhile, as the army of House Rhodos formed up, preparing for an assault that would forever remain in the scripture of history, the wizard climbed atop his tower, robes fluttering in the gentle evening breeze. He would soon pray once more to his master, and beg him for assistance in this fight. Yet this being, despite its unnatural form, cared very little for the fate of his disciples. There were many, after all, secluded in their lairs, paying tribute to him, and fewer bootlickers to taint his name would cause no harm. "Hold your fire you inbred mongrels! You spawns of incest! Stand down!" the commander barked, his face red as molten steel. A group of young, inexperienced archers had somehow deducted that firing down upon their foes, without waiting for their orders, wasting what little arrows were left, was a logical step in the city's defense. The guardsman stared them down with utmost contempt. He had considered throwing every tenth man over the wall, but such drastic measures would lead only to an even broader defeat, and so he kept his wits sharp. "I'll deal with you later... Preferably after our great victory, which you have so happily hindered." He now turned to the rest of his men. "Since our enemy holds no liking for reason, we must defeat him with raw strength. Send word to all artillery teams - fire at will, and leave fifteen projectiles in reserve. Those are my orders." And with those words, a dozen small figures, shrouded in darkness, ran through the streets, holding with them the orders to fire. With luck, they would not cross paths with the infiltrator, about whom they had yet to find out. After a moment of silence, a wave of fiery stones, hurled forth from gigantic contraptions of wood and steel rained death upon the enemy. Most would likely miss their intended mark, as the enemy was yet rather far from the city walls, but those who arrived first, before the main force, would soon experience the wizard's wrath. The walls shook uncomfortably under this shift of weight. The ground briefly quaked, with some of the men losing their balance. Whatever was to happen next would determine the outcome of this siege.
  6. Yeah, I was flu'd to all hell. That, and failing one single goddamn near-useless course in ME.
  7. We all deal with tough times in life, and temporary downtime is never a bad resolution. If you feel that the world is collapsing down upon your shoulders, then do not fight against it, but rather embrace the collapse and reach out from beneath the ashes. It seems that you have done this. I am by no means a professional psychologist, and I likely know more about machines than the human mind, yet I feel that you may trust me when I say that life is shit sometimes. Not that your situation is necessarily bad. The birth of a child is more often a cause for celebration than grief, but I feel that it can still be deeply shocking. All will be well, however. Welcome back to the chaos.
  8. And I look forward to seeing your future creations! Welcome aboard!
  9. I actually read your name as "Ceitnehmer". Blame that on my German lessons. Anyway, interesting quote. I think man may control time, but it is ultimately a pointless affair. Yet I still strive for immortality. Anyway, I'll guide you through the rules and stuff, get you settled in properly. I'm a bit sick, so I'm sorry if my post isn't adequate. You should read the guidelines. It's a simple ruleset. None of it strays from the ordinary. You also want to read the Get Started Guide and FAQ, both of which should answer just about any questions you have. You want to look out for the Tavern of Legend. It's a great place to start out as a new member. If you need any help with the site, I'm here to lend you a hand.
  10. Hey I welcomed you some time ago, didn't I? Anyway, RPs can die, and they die quite often, but that shouldn't discourage you. Keep going. If you enjoy writing, that's all you need. Anyway, enjoy your stay! Welcome back!
  11. That would be Herr Kommandant for you.
  12. Good idea... How did we not come up with that earlier?