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  1. A Hunt for Slaves

    But of course. You can skip me this round. Do your posts, I'll go after. Need to finish some work.
  2. Acknowledge my existence.

    Edit: Oh for fuck's sake. Sorry for contributing to this foul form of necromancy. I didn't know the thread was half a bloody month old.
  3. A Hunt for Slaves

    Don't close your eyes. Don't fucking fall asleep! Stay awake, mate! Stay awake!! ...Sorry 'bout that. Flashbacks from LAV crewman patrols in Baghdad.
  4. A Hunt for Slaves

    Oh? Robby is gone for now? Okay, will post soon.
  5. A Hunt for Slaves

    Sabaton is Power Metal with war themes. Powerwolf is Power Metal with catholic, satanist, werewolf and vampire themes (and there's "Resurrection by Erection" or "Coleus Sanctus," which translates to "Holy Scrotum." I wouldn't take these guys too seriously, but they make good music).
  6. A Hunt for Slaves

    I agree, music can really help write good posts. If you want werewolf music, listen to Powerwolf. They're a lycanthropic/vampiric power metal band. Probably around on par with Sabaton. I love how everyone's dissing the cane for no reason. I just did it as a reference to 'The Hound' and his "You think you're fooling anyone with that top knot? Bald cunt..." quote.
  7. A Hunt for Slaves [capture slaves and shit]

    Good man. Thanks for posting those. I was gone for half of the day.
  8. A Hunt for Slaves [capture slaves and shit]

    Yeah, sure. The link to the OOC and IC should be in some post around here. By the way, get posting guys. We've had a postless day. Don't wanna let this die.
  9. Confession Thread

    Just use a VPN to circumvent it if it's an IP ban. I've been banned from several forums. Windscribe always deals with that problem. Yeah, I confess to circumventing bans.
  10. Confession Thread

    Indeed. Keep it up. We need more people who aren't afraid to offend, even in face of possible difficulties. Fuck Thargoids though. You forgot about them. Ugly flower-ship motherfuckers.
  11. Confession Thread

    Shit. I intended to say "Couldn't have done it better myself!" Odd how a single word cut out can completely change the meaning of a sentence.
  12. Confession Thread

    Wow. Couldn't have done it myself!
  13. Confession Thread

    Damn. I neglected your advice only days after receiving it. I got into it too much. Well, I'm technically not a red-piller (yet). I just took their advice, all of which was very reasonable and moderate, so their naughtylist cannot accommodate me! Ha! Or not. What do I know. Looking forward to the thread reboot. We can talk details via PM if need be. We should focus on capping the slaves first though, I fear our comrades may not continue to post without encouragement.
  14. Confession Thread

    @Robbie Rotten Yeehaw, partner. I checked /r/theRedPill, and it's actually really, really good. I asked some questions, and the guys there are super helpful. They gave me some advice, told me to shorten my hair a bit and said that I don't look as bad as I say, so that boosted my confidence a bit. Gave me advice on lifting, on women in general, and by God do I appreciate them. Really genuine people, despite what some say about them. You know, speaking of dropping threads, I really think we should reboot that terrorist thing once we complete the slave hunting, if you're down for that. Edit: Word of warning. If you post in TheRedPill, you will be banned from /r/OffMyChest. They refer to red pillers as radical fanatics and the whole community as a 'hate group', but it couldn't be farther from the truth.
  15. A Hunt for Slaves

    In any way you like. No restrictions or preferences from my side.