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  1. I was so desperate to role play with someone I broke my own rule and joined a RWBY Forum on Facebook Messenger. Where my O.C. was taken from me and used by someone else as "copies". I left the group which was not very welcoming to my character to begin with, but taking my character was the last straw.  (Feeling Irritated!!!!!) 

    Does anyone want to RP with me? 

    1. supernal


      That sounds really frustrating. I think you'll find Valucre a bit less savage in that respect. 

      You should post this looking for RP in the water cooler it's where the community checks for recruiting threads 

    2. Adia16
    3. Adia16


      It is why I have gained more respect for this site, and the way it works. :)

  2. Adia's hand retreats from the keys her skin sliced open to the bone of her entire arm. The piano string hisses as snakes coiled for another possible strike, the strings remained clean from any stains of her blood. Adia gently cradles her arm to herself and begins to sing repairing her wound with her voice until only cuts as thin razor thin lines as red ribbons of blood seeps from them remains. Taking another deep breath she begins to sing to continue healing. The slices disappearing her skin amending slowly with each note. Adia's eyes change color as she sings a different song of calming and surrendering of will.The snakes stare at her and sway in her calming song. Adia tries once again with her left arm opposite to her recently injured right arm reaching into the snake pit of the piano strings for the keys. Adia eases her left hand out of the snake pit of piano strings, four keys looking at closer the siren magic is revealed the flawless white keys become black embroidered keys of in her palm. Claire's ears perk up as the sensation disappeared, Sin on her shoulders looking around. Something attracted her attention, magic? Claire follows the attraction with a distinct pleasant and foul scent. Her curiosity peeks and follows the intriguing scent, the scent leads Claire to a scene of her companion Aileen surrounded by spirits talking to spirits of the dead who whisper to Aileen. "I understand your pain and your suffering, me and my companions will end it. Peace will come, we need time, give us time and cease this violence against your loved ones and townsfolk. You must resist the temptation to carry out your bounded master's work of the Dark Siren." Claire's tail swished her ears flick with worry of Adia, glancing around until there was an echo of piano keys. Most of the spirits disappeared from around Aileen, with smiles of bliss and peace finally reaching them. Adia takes the four piano keys and begins to play as they float in front of her. The haunting melody of despair and anger reverses playing her fingers start to bleed healing the damage done to this room and the harm the siren gave to this victims and others. Adia finishes playing the piano keys the effect increases on her as blood spills from her fingers. The siren's magic eating every note that left her fingers.
  3. Adia looks through the desk near the windows, usually a Siren of dark magic needs a presence to influence this amount of people so quickly. Adia looks for anything unusual and Siren- like only finding papers dated for months up to eight months, the drawers were full of drugs of all sorts. Adia decides to move on to feeling all sides of the desk for switches or buttons for any secret spaces. She found a few but found nothing promising. The chill of anxiety taking a hold of her as the music played through her. She turned up the volume on her headphones to drown it out best she could. The effects died out with the increased songs of the headphones remaining unsuccessful to answers, until she was able to break open a safe in a wall was she able to find piano keys. And some piano string sprawled around the keys for protection. Adia took a deep breath and began to sing as she reached for the keys. Each note was hard to sing, she had found the core to the entire building maybe. Or...with the Siren's power just the room. Claire felt something eat at her continually inside, as if she felt hungry. Growing in agitation building to tastes of anger and sadness, she began to turn up the volume of her headphones as a defense. A full arsenal of songs from Adia to specificly combat siren magic. It quickly subsides now quite comfortable Claire fixes her fur which seemed to be drooping on her tail as it snagged on her fingers. Aileen feels rocked back and forth as spirits flock to her talking about their unfinished business and pleading for help, it was too much. She needed one moment of silence among the chaos around her.
  4. Adia stops singing her voice hangs in the air as she looks at each member to her new found audience. Feeling uneasy, she glanced at Claire switching off her mic and adjusting it back. Claire nodded and wandered down to see the new traveler's. Claire's tail swishes as she approaches them her ears pricked "Hi! What a amazing couple! You aren't here for the request are you? Of course not. If anyone is able to fix this it's Adia." She smiles leaning in a menacing broadsword on her back. With her build it seems impossible for her to wield such a weapon. Zipping between Nicki and Ray smiling her fur looks so lush and well kept, with it is tempting to stroke her tail a bit or scratch her behind her amazing fox ears. Adia steps out her long purple vest flowed along her thighs over a gray tee shirt. Soft chime like sounds came from the dangling charms from the thick brown bracelets on each arm. Sin seemed like a scarf around Adia's neck as the creature seemed to be sleeping. Another followed Adia out of the hover craft to the ground, the craft takes off a ways and disappears. The other girl who is covered in white her cloak blowing in the wind. The crest of the HaleWing coven on her hood, gold wings embracing a broken, bleeding heart. Her shoulders were covered with gray feathers as if she had wings herself.
  5. Post has been moved to Rising West in Genesaris, See you there.
  6. Aida steps off the hovercraft, sweeping her black bangs to the side her blue braid resting over her shoulder. Her orange eyes looking over the landscape it seemed gray in color. There was no one in sight. A possible ghost-town that looks like an abandoned steampunk city with a modern Victorian flare. Black, gray, sliver, glass and iron made most of the interesting architecture and artwork if you had a dark sense of humor. Graffiti was common on the walls, wasn't anyone here? "AIDA!!!!!!!" Adia was tackled to the ground, fur brushed her cheeks, Claire. A friend being compare, having a Kitsune was helpful. Her bubbly random personality always gave her a smile. It explained quite a bit since she was quite young for her kind. A red blur lands in Aida's lap Sin. The physical embodiment of the Kitsune spirit, his tail resting over his paws. Being reborn recently, Sin wasn't up to full power represented by nine tails with age more will grow. His brown eyes and red fur is contrast to Claire's white ears and tail, with accents of crimson red. Claire helps Adia up, "Kinda dead for a party isn't it Adia. Claire pauses and gasps having an idea as Sin climbs onto Aida's shoulders. "YOUR VOICE ADIA! USE YOUR AMAZING TALENT!" Adia adjusted her microphone over her ear to her lips able to project the sound over all the town and begins singing. Strange birds begin to land around Adia as she begins to sings. Aileen watches the new comer nervously from underneath her white cloak and outfit. The music is heard by Aileen and the other member of the team, that girl Adia...she has to be a sliver-tongue turning her head to the beautiful music. Making her want to curl up in notes that felt like a sunny field nice enough to curl up and rest. Aileen snapped out her thoughts feeling the soft vibration of hushed purring. She must be a sliver tongue.... it was the only explanation for her to feel so comfortable around a complete stranger. She did have her orders from her coven to "heal" this city. @Adia16 @CodieneAngel @MorganSeal
  7. Quest: "There’s nothing to fear in Raven’s Landing, except just about everything. Every single citizen is afraid of you, each other, even their birds. This fear is accompanied by an unnatural hate, and murders are beginning to be committed, uninvestigated by guards who don’t give a shit about anyone. Can you overcome the fear and hate to find the source of the song in time to stop the self-destruction of this city? Source: Underneath the city, in a cave built into the cliff-side aerie. Three ghosts sing in unison, each one carrying a magical pendant. If retrieved, the pendants increase strength that grows exponentially with angry emotions." - Hauntsong by Hummingbird (Descriptions of Characters are in my profile under About Me.)
  8. Yes! of course you can! :) I was just using my characters for the empty slots that were open. (you can have more than one character if you want.)
  9. The hover craft lowers onto the beach of the Coast, Adia could see the blood tainting the streets and the lost souls in the ocean. Music of a malevolent reaches and retreated as Adia began to sing softly slipping in her earphones the song shatters her mike at her lips. Her hand quickly moves to the pack on her side seeing if her enchanted mike is intact. It is safe, though a gut feeling informs her that using it might not be the best. This muse even from a distance had such a dramatic effect, just like herself. A ying to her yang, a sense of worry causes her to contemplate if it is wise to go in with Claire, the only person who would stick with her through everything. Her orange eyes rest on Claire driving the hovercraft, who explains the situation of the pull of dark Siren magic was defiantly infecting everyone looking to the multiple bodies in the streets, concluding Adia was their last hope when tons of concerned relatives in office and holographic visits. Sin looked up from Adia's lap his red fur glowing growling as Adia adjusts a collar she made to protect Sin, she couldn't be too careful now that she was experiencing the full power. Looking to Aileen a healer that insisted to come along says slowly "we are dealing with a spirit." As she slips the headphones on to a device able to communicate, scanners for layouts of the coast and Intel on the animals present, armed with their defense of songs recorded by Adia with her enchanted mike, making them as powerful as in person emotions to inspire action, courage, and others. Claire mounts the hovercraft onto a roof off a abandoned building with a private runway. Claire shuts down the hover craft as Aileen and Adia step off. The craft becomes invisible and flies off a distance. Claire taps a sleek remote for it to stay nearby, as Claire falls behind Adia and Aileen. Adia takes the lead into the fancy penthouse. Looking for information, anything as the other two spread out looking into the the other rooms on the floor.
  10. Ok, I will give a while before I start. :) I'm glad I could talk to you.
  11. Haha, curse Autocorrection!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. As I said, if it's only us then I will add some of my own characters. Adia like my username not Asia. If Aileen would be in the story it would be when shes covered in her uniform for Halewing and be the healer of the group.
  13. I can add Aileen, if you want she might be a bit different though. :) It depends on if anyone else wants to join us.
  14. I'm using Adia. :) She's a singer,(you can find out about her on my About page for character descriptions.) I will be using her for most of the Hauntsong Quests. But I can definitely add Aileen into the quest if you want. :)
  15. Quest: "Sadness and depression floods the streets of Coastal Grande, making this favorite vacation and tourist attraction the last place one wants to go to. No one has any drive to do anything, causing the usual flourishing economy and work force to plummet. But worst of all, there are dozens of suicides happening every day, with bodies found hanged, poisoned, drowned in the water, and more. Find the source of the depressing songs causing these deaths and stop it. Source: Somewhere inside an airship at Coastal Grande’s airship base. Be careful, the song’s influence grows the closer you get to it, and does not fade afterward with distance. The spirit singing the song is malevolent, prone to violence. If you succeed in destroying the spirit, the government will be very grateful, and give you your own airship in thanks." - Hauntsong by Hummingbird Looking for small group to join me on this quest
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