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  1. so i used an oc generator and it didn't disappoint me


    Skin: Fair
    Hair: Long, curly, platinum blond
    Eyes: Gray, large
    Height: A little tall
    Weight: Somewhat thin
    Build: Somewhat narrow


    Your character's life was complicated by an injury sustained in youth.

    A humiliating prank a sweetheart played on your character lead to long-term distrust.

    An act of dishonesty lost your character a best friend.


    So im thinking of a girl named Kaiyo (means forgiveness)Yamauchi (means inside) who is 19 years old , and lives in a apartment duplex that houses old people (because she has long-term distrust with people her age and tends to get along with old people) She works at a boutique and her hobbies include reading books, and scrap booking outfits from fashion magazines. Her dream job is to be a fashion magazine editor. Her favorite food would have to be ongiri (because that's all she can make) her personality is cold and could care less about people her age.


    (credit to the artist....and google lol )


    This is just an idea


    what do you think? do you have any ideas?






    It was always hard for Chai to understand. Why is it so damn difficult to just say goodbye to these god damn pills?! She's clean. She knows that. But something today has her face tripping her. It's the same thing that replays in her nightmares and dreams, every time she shuts her eyes: that argument.

    "What the hell were you thinking?! You could of killed yourself and to leave these things laying around the house when you know my family comes to visit - argh!! I tell you what you were thinking, nothing. You were thinking of nothing but yourself and your next fix! Well, I tell you what Chai. I'm leaving. I can't stay here and watch you kill yourself like this!" Tears form in his eyes as he throws the bottle of pills at Chai, slams his fist down onto the kitchen side and runs up the stairs.

    "No! Please, wait. I can stop, yeah? I'll come off them. It was only to help with the pain in my back but... But... You don't understand! I NEED these pills!" Chai pleads as she runs up the stairs after her boyfriend, pill bottle gripped tightly in her left hand.

    "Yeah, you need the pills more than you need me." He furiously packs his bags, chucking every piece of clothing he could find into a bag and a suitcase. Then, he storms past her and runs downstairs, heading for the front door.

    "Please, wait! I-I can cha -" She's cut off by the sound of bitter laughter and choked sobs.

    "Change? That's what they all say, Chai. But I'm done. I can't live like this." His right hands rests on top of his head and he looks to the floor briefly, trying to stop the tears from falling. He makes eye contact with Chai and then sighs. "I have to do what's best.... Goodbye Chie Hanamori." The last two words are choked out in a sob and he gets into her car and simply drives away.

    Dammit, Chai!! Stop thinking about that. Stop replaying that scene over and over again. It won't help you. You know it won't. So stop it!

    Desperate to stop thinking about it, Chai lies back on the sofa and stares up at the ceiling. Sometimes, she can make faces and animals out of the ceiling pattern, but today, she cannot. Something is under her back and this isn't helping her focus on making these distractions from the bumpy ceiling pattern.

    Sitting up, Chai roots through the sofa and her hand instantly moves across the all too familiar shape of the pill bottle.

    With a hesitation, Chai pulls the pill bottle out from the sofa and holds it in front of herself, her elbows rested firmly on her knees. She stares blankly at the label, his thumb running over the name printed in block capitals: HANAMORI,CHIE.

    They're mine. They have my name on.

    Chai unscrews the lid of the bottle and pours the pills out onto the coffee table in front of her. She stares. And stares. And stares. Until she snaps herself out of her now empty thoughts. 

     No Chai! You've come this far and you're not doing this to yourself again. No, Chai, no. 

    She grabs her phone from beside the pills and instantly dials her Moms number, praying that she will answer.

    Beep beep.
    Beep beep.
    Beep beep.

    Nothing. No answer.

    Angry, Chai slams her phone down on the table and her whole body begins to shake. She starts sweating. Her heart starts thudding.

    Until it feels like it's about to burst from the chest.

    "Arghhhh!! I will not give in!!" Chai stands up in a rage and kicks the table over, knocking the pills, her phone and the table flying.

    Without another thought, Chai grabs his Purple coat and heads of the flat, slamming the door behind herself.

    Down two flights of stairs, out the door and into the dark night sky, Chai begins to feel something she hasn't felt.

    Is it freedom?

    Rage and anger?
    Not anymore.

    What is it?!


    Chai feels something she has never felt before and she finds herself smiling. She feels her body temperature cooling and the sweat disappearing.
    Yes, Chai was beginning to feel like she had actually accomplished something, just by stopping herself taking those life ruining pills. 

    She walks through the park, the feeling of possible redemption flowing through her entire body and she is happy. For the first time since her boyfriend walked out, she is happy. 

     She takes a seat on a nearby bench ,bum to the edge of the seating, stretches her legs out in front of her,  her right foot crossed over her left and she tilts her head back, shutting her eyes. 

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      ...that moment when you put his instead of her.

  3. just finished my about me!

  4. Welcome to Valucre! Your in for an awesome time :)

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      thank you!!!! i feel so welcomed

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