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  1. Lovely?! If Raya were in her head, he most certainly would have tried to get Syderia to seduce the younger woman. Alas, the voice in her head was no longer there, and thus all she could really do was go along with the disguise of the new cook. Sure, she was confused as to how in the world it had been so conveniently timed that a new cook would sign on that she would be able to ask any random chick who Mrs. Dick was and get led straight to Mrs. Dick without having her cover broken, but then again it would be a dick move to refuse at this point. So all she could do was move towards the back and pretend to be a new chef. She walked around like a lost puppy, looking for an apron to find, tying her light brown hair behind her head to keep it out of the way as was per proper kitchen habits, looking for gloves to keep her hands clean, because really, the kitchen and the medical tents were basically the same thing: a battlefield where the primary enemy was filth. She could almost hear Raya in her head berating her for taking this seriously as she finally found an apron and tied it on, moving into the kitchen to meet up with Charity, Chastity, and Anita Dick. What was the medic doing at the front trying to take her alive anyways, she wondered. No response still from the voice in her head. So all she could do now was to move into the kitchen shyly, clasp her hands together, and call out, "Madame Dick? I'm the new chef," with as much confidence as she could reasonably muster without a person in her head to distract her. "What would you have me do?"
  2. Syderia, on the streets, felt... uncomfortably confident. Maybe it was the lack of Raya in her head, but she did not feel like she was on the death mission everyone said she was. So when she walked into the high-end casino, with a traveler's cloak around her shoulders and feeling a little out of place, she listened to the name, nodded once, and began examining the casino for this... Anita Dick. She could hear the snickering of Raya in her head, even though he wasn't actually there. For a split second, Syderia looks back at Wynonna. She could easily change her appearance so she wasn't recognized. Yet, she remembered they were on a time limit, and Blonde and Jack were there. They could handle the scenario, she thought to herself, waited for Raya to respond, then remembered his current mental state. So she left them alone and moved on, solo and without a dance partner. However, she wasn't just making moves across the casino floor. Under her cloak, she was also making other moves with her abilities. She was uncomfortable doing this here, and would probably flash someone if her cloak was thrown up for any reason, but changing under her cloak was something she had to do to fit in more. So it was that Syderia looked for a woman, preferably alone. She spotted one and walked over to her, acting as posh as she possibly could, and under Fortune's Wheel, she attempted to get her attention with a courtesy and several kind words. "I beg your pardon. Madame Dick?" she asked, repressing the childlike giggle in her voice as she waited for a response. May Fortune smile upon her for this reckless move she was doing.
  3. Portals were something that Syderia and Raya were unfamiliar with, and the effect on their bodies was something Syderia wanted to study. Thankfully, with two people experiencing the same thing at once, they really had no problems going through with it. Except for the fact that the world they were going into seemed to not really like the idea of two separate entities in a single body. Syderia had her body, but Raya didn't have a body for himself anymore. Maybe that's why Raya felt himself being forcibly ripped from Syderia's mind, only to be saved from complete annihilation by Solomon's spell warding. He could compare it to torture, but that would be seriously lowballing the pain the visitor to Syderia's body felt. Thus it was that when Syderia's eyes blinked open, even as nausea-stricken as she was, she felt very clearly that Raya's presence in her mind was distinctly faint, as though he had been repressed. An interesting phenomenon for sure, and she appreciated the silence, but she was unsure of how to feel about Raya dying for this. The sky was muggy, the light was dim, it reminded her of a smoldering volcano, and she felt like she was going to vomit as she sat down and covered her mouth, focusing on recovering from that trip. It really wasn't a good day to die, after all.
  4. There was one person who hadn't responded, hadn't moved, and hadn't done much of anything, really. That was a young woman, in her early 20s. She had light brown hair which leaked out of her loose hood like water dripping from a faucet. The ends of her hair were stained red with some mysterious substance, giving her hair the illusion that it was shifting from red at the very ends to light brown at the top. Her eyes were closed, and she wore a midnight black traveler's cloak that covered her body, leaving only her boots exposed. No one who did not possess mind reading could tell anything about the conversations within her head. Two distinct trains of thought were running simultaneously in her head as she bobbed her head back and forth, back and forth, as though asleep. Thus Syderia Ereina Iranai, the group's supposedly dedicated healer, prepared herself mentally to jump. Raya Erei Irai, the man in her head, continued annoying her until the command to jump came, as he normally did. They were already physically ready. They just needed a command to get up and run.
  5. Basic Information Full Name: Syderia Ereina Iranai Aliases: Raya Erei Irai, Miracle Worker Race: Human Age: 24 Occupation: Combat Medic Sex: F/M Appearance Height: 5 feet 6 inches Weight: 124 pounds Hair Color: Light Brown, Ends are Reddish-Brown Eye Color: Dark Brown Body Build: Thin and lithe Skin: Tanned Abilities Raya's ReConstruction: By applying magical energy through touch to the very fundamental cellular level, it is possible for Syderia to alter bodily appearances, structure, and functions over an extended time period. This is often used to switch appearances between the female persona, Syderia, and the male persona, Raya, though it is possible for them to alter appearances of others. Achiel's Heal: This ability takes three different levels of healing. Omega Heal transfers Syderia's health and energy over to another, restoring vitality and healing wounds instantly by transferring energy to the target and the physical wounds to Syderia. Beta Heal is a physical healing ability that can affect up to four targets, healing their wounds over time. Alpha Heal is a magic restoring spell that can affect up to four targets, regenerating their energy and magical power over time. The condition here is that any and all affected targets must remain in Syderia's field of vision while the effect is active, or it will cut, even if Syderia blinks. Gadriel's ReBirth: Syderia can perform a full resurrection of an individual over a 24-hour ritual. However, the ritual MUST start no greater than 1 hour after death. Additionally, Syderia cannot revive people twice, and she MUST be in possession of the body of the deceased. Erea's Ignis Caeli (Heaven is Aflame): Syderia's only offensive ability, Syderia can focus and control light, firing it as a beam to superheat opponents with an intensely hot ray of light. The size of the beam and its potency depends on the potency of the light sources Syderia can draw from. Inventory Medical Kit Handaxe Dagger Throwing Knives (3) White & Black Medical Clothes White & Black Medical Masks Essentials Background Syderia grew up under a relatively unassuming lifestyle, volunteering for medical work in her early teens, where she excelled. However, after being abducted in her late teens, she volunteered with a gang of mercenaries, dealing her gift of medicine to those on the front lines. The mercenaries took care of her and taught her advanced magics, improving her abilities, and in return she healed them. Now independent, she sells her medical services to those who would pay. During one of those missions, she was abducted and tortured, and woke up rescued with a male voice in her head. After much examination, she concluded she was not, in fact, crazy, and that there really was someone in her head. Now Syderia and the man in her head, who calls himself Raya Erei Irai after her name, work together to make money and survive while saving as many lives as they can. Raya taught her ReConstruction, and she taught him healing. Together, they're a formidable team... with one offensive ability.
  6. I need to make a new character so I can free myself up for this but I'll hop in as well!
  7. A yeti child tugged at Emilio's fur coat like a baby trying to get it's mother's attention, and for a whole two seconds, it was adorable, distracting Emilio's attention away from his building. Then it hit him. Literally. A claw from a yeti he wasn't looking at blindsided him with a nasty hook to his face, sending him spiraling through the air, before thudding to a screeching halt on the soft snow, the world spinning around him. His father, noticing this, rushed over, expending the last of his arrows to grab him and pull him to a spot of relative safety. At the very least, they weren't going to be immediately attacked by the yetis as Em recovered from the nasty blow, a trail of elven blood tracing down the side of his face, rushing down like they were settlers rushing down the Oregon Trail. In that moment, Ara sincerely wished that the yetis couldn't smell Em's blood over all the other blood. He really had no defense against these creatures, especially since they were entirely nonmagical in nature. That was where his wife came in, landing near them to rest, recover, and cauterize Em's wound before he got infected or bled out. Then again, this was blue fire, not regular fire, so the wound was cauterized... with a couple burns along the way. Well, a couple around the wound. And some burnt hair. Aria, knowing she couldn't make it over without drawing attention, continued to fight, utilizing her precognition to its finest ability, hacking and slashing. Yet, to her, she wasn't feeling any inklings of the previous surge of power she'd felt at the town. This was... the same old. Except instead of wizards and people, these were yetis, where one mistake could be potentially fatal. Like her brother, who had been blindsided in the face. She'd get him back for that... if they survived... whatever in the hell this was. Thank goodness these yetis were simpletons whose echoes never changed and were easy to read. Then, off in the distance, a shriek from a creature Aria didn't recognize. Then cold and fire. Lots of cold and fire. That was... Oh, shoot. Never in their lives had Aria, Emilio, Matsuri, and Ara felt so hopelessly outmatched as they did when they saw an ice dragon swoop over the lands, incinerating everything in its path with icy flame... except for Dredge. They'd fought many humans before, and even a dragon in one case, but this... this was an entirely new level. Not even dodging, just countering, like it was nothing. Aria, stunned by the display, was easily taken unawares by the few yetis she had left, a yeti's hand wrapping around her, the claws stabbing her through the stomach while she stood there, mouth ajar at the incredible display of power from the Legion of Doom. Crying in agony, she'd thrash in the grip of the yeti as it raised her up, ready to devour her whole and end her life. Who in the world had they been following? What were they even doing here, in a crazy battle where they were about fifty years under everyone else? What kind of power was this? They'd seen power from others, but this, now, was absolutely crazy. Everyone was unveiling some sort of power left and right. They needed power. They desperately needed more power. They needed it now. In that instant, all four of them reached the same conclusion. Emilio, barely conscious, blood running down the right side of his face, the claw marks running from the bottom of his chin to his ear, which had been absolutely obliterated by the claw of the yeti, burned all over the wound by his mother who had tried to cauterize it. Matsuri, blood on her hands, exhausted, panting for breath, most of her power burned away. Ara, with a useless power, a crossbow with no arrows, unhurt but unable to help either. Aria, several claws through her stomach, and ribcage, blood quickly filling one of her pierced lungs, running out of time to stay alive. They had to invoke her power. All four of them, within about a second of each other, whispered into the air a single phrase as they took a blood-stained finger and drew on the back of their hands in blood a circle, then on the lower half a seven, then an upside down seven on top of that seven. "Sorry, Grandma," Aria and Emilio muttered to themselves. "Sorry, Mother," Matsuri muttered to herself. "Lilian, forgive us," Ara muttered to himself. With their tongues, they would all lick the seal of blood and swallow the droplets of blood down their throats, feeling the back of their hand burn as Lilian's Seal was shattered four times. Hark, the heralds have heard, the cry of the desperate. Here, she shall see, the will of the fallen. Halt, hath she smelled, the blood of the accursed? Hold, she now bends, to taste of their life. Halo, be damned, for the soul hath been touched. Here I stand, and here I stay. Bound to this world, the evil of day. So here we renounce our family name, and take the title of our greatest shame. I am Hyphy. And I am a vampire. Lilian's Seal shattered like a glass pane under a window, and thus they awakened.
  8. "So, Operation Backdoor was..." "For the love of - volcano. Make a volcano." "Oh yeah... that one - mom?" "Wha - oh... sh-" The thunderous crash of a rock smashing down right where Matsuri Hyphy had just been standing echoed over the battlefield. Matsuri, barely escaping with her head, being pulled out of the way by her son, the rock coming so close that the rough edges had ripped some skin off of her cheek as she had turned her head to avoid the rock better. Era, one hand pulling his mother out of harm's way, the other channeling earthen energy into the rock so as to divert its descent ever so slightly so that Matsuri wasn't crushed. He doubted the rock manipulation had done anything, but no matter now. There were yetis. And they needed to die. For a second, Era fantasized about having a pet yeti before Matsuri took to the air on a wave of blue fire, pelting the yetis from above with searing bolts of flame to draw their attention. Snapped back to reality by the heat, Era knelt down and began to concentrate, attempting to move the land itself. Stone and dirt, coalescing around him to build something. His sister weaving around their slow blows, cutting them with twin swords of black steel and gold. His father hanging back, using his crossbow to aim for the eyes and mouth of each yeti. Operation Backdoor, true to its name, had to do with a back door. In this case, it referred to a weak point in a castle. As far as the Hyphys had seen, not many enemies were capable of long range attacks; the Yetis hurled ice and rocks, but most opponents were of the melee type. So, the group opted for a different plan of attack: an earthen siege weapon constructed and held together by magic, using heat pressure to launch balls of flaming rock, lava, and other things at the enemy army and at the castle so as to wreak havoc among enemy lines. Era had to do it fast, though. His family could hold off the yetis for only so long, and even the girl with the gift of foresight could not dodge forever. Already, Aria and Matsuri were slightly wounded from the yetis, and the seemingly useless Ara had been mostly ignored while he had fired off a dwindling supply of crossbow bolts. It was only a matter of time.
  9. "Well? What do you think?" "I don't know what the hell those are, and I kind of don't want to find out..." "I don't see the problem; Era can use fire and lava, and you can use blue fire, Mom." "The problem is that they are ice monsters, hon! Even if we did know that they were vulnerable to fire and the like, we don't actually know what the hell they can do! Besides, your dad's about as useless as a paper fan in a wildfire against any of those things, since it's likely they don't even use magic or have it!" "Aw, come on..." Ara grumbled from the sidelines. The family of four had just rendezvoused at the edge of Albor, literal seconds after finishing delivering the promised Sherpas to the Legion. All two of them. There really weren't people around here, and at the moment it didn't look like they had time to find any more. Between the small child Matsuri had taken, the assassin that Era had escorted in, and the running away that Aria had done, they had consumed a lot of time, and even Ara, who had run all the way back to the town after finishing his self-assigned mission of eliminating runners, had no time to prepare for the impending army that was now charging towards combat with the Legion. Death was coming, and they were hilariously unprepared for it. "So, what's the strategy?" Aria asked, eyeing the Terror from afar. "Aria, you're with me. Darling, Era, Operation Backdoor," Ara quickly snapped the sentence out, starting to move towards the battlefield already. "Isn't that..." "No, not that one, hon," Matsuri grumbled exasperatedly. "The other one." "I wasn't thinking about that!" "Yes, you were." "Aw, come on..." Aria sighed in sarcastic and melodramatic fashion, exaggerating the imitation of her father, starting to migrate her merry way the battlefield after him. "Mom... which one was Backdoor? I get confused with Dad's codes," Era whispered to Matsuri, tugging on the hem of her sleeve. "This one is one word! It's not like his twenty-word codes!" "We have twenty-word codes?" "You get the damn point," Matsuri lightly smacked her son on the back of his head. "Let's just go already. Hate to keep them waiting." And thus the little family split; the mother and her son, both accelerating themselves with spurts of fire, attempted to retreat back, looking for a vantage point to where they could execute their master plan. The father and his daughter, migrating like wildebeests, slowly and steadily moving towards the battle. Aria, drawing twin shortswords of black steel and gold, one of elvish make and one of human make. Her father, ever the human warrior, pulling off of his back a crossbow, loading it with a bolt, and then from his hip drawing a dagger. Not quite eager to constantly war over whatever the hell this was, but hey, they were getting paid, right?
  10. Backstory The Hyphy Family is a family of tragedy and sorrow, yet one of triumph over despair and a will to do the impossible. Every Hyphy has suffered... mostly due to the vampirism inflicted upon them by old Grandma Lilian Hyphy. But that's a story for another time. The fact of the matter is, the vampirism is repressed now, and that allows them to live normally... somewhat.
  11. Aria ran for her life, through the screams of the dying and the silence of the dead, through the void of life and the fullness of death, through the expanses of war that engulfed her. Echoes flashed around her - some she knew, some she didn't know. She didn't even see half these people before. Her eyes, so used to seeing the future intentions of others, now had to face a scenario where the future intentions of others would never come to be. Though this had happened whenever she killed, never had the mercenary had to experience death in the degree that she found as she ran through the town. Surrounded by so much death, it was no wonder the girl with her eyes in the future could not see what had happened in the past. Though she tried to ignore it, the echoes of future intentions grew stronger as though resonating with her soul, and the more she tried to look into herself to prevent herself from looking out of her eyes, she saw more than she should have. She saw children and wives and husbands galore, struck down from their posts, left to rot on the floor. She saw families torn and ripped so asunder, she saw the Legion of Doom sweep in with their thunder and wolves and soldiers to take out this place, and leave nothing left but the cold icy wastes. And as her mind was pushed to look further beyond by the ghosts of what could never be, she began to see things that weren't there at all. Her foresight saw faraway lands that did not belong, and people from a future perhaps that'd gone wrong. She saw those who had died and those who had gone on. She saw heroes from ages that did not happen, and she saw events so horrible she wouldn't speak of it again. Get out... She saw things that would happen to her and her family, that might happen or not happen eventually. She saw worlds beyond and heroes of new, and a frozen wasteland with those happy few. Those few made the best of the life that they had, but those intentions would never find their way out of this wasteland. And as Aria entered said wasteland, a crack! A mark that had not been there at her back! She jumped away, blades out, at the ready! A tear in perhaps space, or time, or maybe... It was to no avail, as the crack shimmered and sealed itself. Nothing left of it, just empty space left. Aria felt drained, the energy had come from her! But what was it, that crack in the world? As the people of the town fought, Aria had a thought. If she could find out more as more people would fall... Perhaps this job would be worth it after all. So she gathered her surroundings once again, making sure that Sinaaq was not following her first, before leaving to complete her original mission in the vast wastelands... contemplating what in the world she just did. Era read what the assassin had written, sighed, nodded, and stood up, letting the lava under the surface harden as he released his control over it. "Alright, I'll take you to him," he said, acknowledging through his tone that she was still someone worthy of respect even after surrendering. "Follow me." And with that, from different angles, Era and his mother Matsuri began to walk to the town, each carrying their own... prisoner? Far off in the wastelands, Ara came to a screeching halt. He'd lost the last of the survivors he was chasing. He thought he'd gotten ten of them... but, oh well. With a shrug and a haphazard smile, Ara turned on his heel and began to stroll through the frozen wastelands back towards the village. Hopefully he'd find a Sherpa or a mountaineer along the way. Speaking of which... Where in the hell am I?
  12. @Dredgedo note that Ara is going around eliminating runners, so that will knock the survivor count down a bit
  13. No, no, no... this is not good... Oh, why the hell did we have to split like this? Aria wasn't a fighter; though she'd been trained, her magical abilities were far surpassed by everyone else in her family, and thus her main strength was in hand-to-hand combat, as that was where her magic came in the most handy. In this case, however, Aria supposed that it was plausible that she be fully outmatched. After all, she didn't know the enemy's magic types, or whether they had magic at all. If for any reason they had an offensive magical ability, Aria would be left floundering for any advantage over her opponent. And as the warrior maiden laid eyes upon her, Aria's breath hitched for a second. No, wait. Calm down. In any fight, you have a chance. Just... just gotta delay her... and her friends... or... With a sigh of acceptance, Aria turned on her heel and ran for her life. If Sinaaq tried to get her, well, Aria's path would bring her outside of the town, thus splitting their forces and delaying the maiden from reaching the town center, which also gave more room for one of Aria's family members to see the combat going on and help, as well as give Aria more room to maneuver and reduce distractions from other people's future echoes. If Sinaaq didn't try to get her, then she had room to complete her original assignment and find some mountaineers and/or Sherpas. The only risk here was that Sinaaq would reach her before Aria managed to get out of the town. Or that Aria would get cut off by the allies of the woman. Or that Aria would go outside and get curbstomped by Sinaaq. Or... ...I think I screwed up. And with a nervous chuckle to herself, Aria ran for the wastelands outside of the city. @Fierach Red eyes, chillingly calm demeanor, doesn't speak... and headphones. Yep, this is the one. As the float was coaxed onto the shore and Era stepped off, stretching his arm to relax it from the constant movements he'd done to push them towards the shore, he couldn't help but wonder as to the purpose of this assassin. Then she wrote. Anyone with half a brain would think to find the boss either on the ships or where the most slaughter was taking place... ah, well. "Yeah, sure," Era sighed as he knelt down, his free hand placed on it as he concentrated magic in the area just under his palm, moving it slowly between him and the assassin's feet in a slow and steady mannerism. "Just one question: What business do you have with Dredge?" This one was a dangerous one for both parties. Era, on the coast, was far away from help, with the closest party being his mother, who was currently accosting a child. If the assassin responded in a manner that made Era think she wanted to kill Dredge, she'd find herself on the receiving end of Era's signature lava magic. On the other hand, Era was totally open while preparing his lava, with her only in his peripherals. The back of his neck was completely open, and Era knew that because she was on his left and his dagger was on his right, there was no way he could completely defend his vitals from an attack from the assassin. The instant that the assassin would remove herself from his peripheral vision, even if he did deploy the lava he was preparing just under the surface of the ground and jump back, he'd be at a disadvantage because he'd need to find her, see what she was doing, and defend. It was at this moment that he regretted not learning the arts of thievery and assassination from his mother; it would have come in handy during these moments. Although, he supposed, with someone rumored to be among the best in the world, even that knowledge would at some point fall short. Either way, either she walked the tightrope and fell, walked the tightrope and made it across, or skipped the rope entirely and attacked the person holding up the rope. What a slippery slope it was for both of them. Meanwhile, on opposite ends of the town, Ara pursued survivors of the town doggedly through the wastelands, and Matsuri accosted a child who had been running away from the fight. Family Party! @Fierach @bfc @Thotification
  14. Dramatic effect to show just how much her background affects her. The other option for that scene was a flashback cut of Middy killing Dredge's lover, then there is a smooth frame shift as she stands up to her present day self. Camera quickly zooms out to reveal the faceoff with Dredge.
  15. Good point! Time to go find tracks that would work!
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