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  1. @Psykotika? You alright mate?
  2. "dissatisfied girlfriend"... you don't know that (cries on the inside) Well then... I guess @Psykotikaya up mate
  3. @sheep? Ya doing aight over there?
  4. Well then... two mercs alone in the forest, huh? whaddaya know, June got company.
  5. June walked and walked and walked and walked, letting her momentum carry her forward, taking comfort in the steady rhythm of her feet, her brain racing in order to formulate a plan that may work considering the new circumstances. Beg. Unlikely considering the current state of affairs. Bargain. Also unlikely as there was nothing the Kenra could want in return for lifting the curse. Infiltrate. An option, but extremely unlikely to succeed due to the path needing two vital assumptions to prove true. One: that the Kenra decided to write down the exact steps to end their curse. Two: that the Kenra decided to store that exact method of ending the curse somewhere that was reachable, and not in a vault/safe. Also, if the theft was discovered, it could be grounds for an instant war, and in that circumstance it was likely that potential curses stronger or more lethal than the current one could arise. Magic was a living, evolving being, and June had no desire to poke the beast. But wait. June halted in her tracks as a realization swept over her. She, in her short-sighted haste, had overlooked an extremely vital detail that could change the entire song this story was singing. She knew NOTHING about the Kenra. She didn't know how the Kenra felt about the whole situation. She didn't know what the mood of the people were like. She didn't know the political situation in the Kenra lands. She didn't know how they would react to a peace party coming. June had been assuming the worst possible scenario, and that assumption drove her entire plan. Maybe it was time to consider a best-case scenario. Within a minute, June's control freak was satisfied, as she had a plan for every potential situation she could think of, both positive and negative. It was another two seconds before June decided on a course of action that she could take, considering her actions and the actions of her group. Just let this song play out and react to what happens next. I'm mentally prepared for most of the worst-case scenarios as well as the best-case. Back to her calm and confident normal self, June let herself look around. It was at this moment that June realized she was lost. No visible sign of her party anywhere. Her feet had followed the path, and somehow that had gotten her separated from the party. With a sigh, irritated at herself for letting her emotions take over, June closed her eyes and flowed a little magical power to her ears, letting the rhythms of the world in. Her ears began to pick up on heartbeats, breaths, leaves shaking in the slight wind. Her Sound Magic, after a while, registered a faint cacophony of footsteps. Probably from the party. June ambled in the direction she had heard the footsteps from, occasionally invoking her Sound Magic to detect the ever-shifting location of the party, as she attempted to catch back up, now fairly confident in her plan.
  6. What's today? Friday? well shoot... um... I am somewhere around 200 miles from my house at the moment so I'll try and write it on my phone... it may take a while but I'll have it up within 24 hours guaranteed
  7. Oh @sheep u wot m8 I'll have u kno I nuke ppl in civ 6 daily ya scrub get in mah level bruh ain't nobody be saving no civs round these parts. (went from 13-year-old kid on the Internet to some redneck... what am I doing)
  8. I like how all of this is going on and meanwhile June is tryharding the mission
  9. June's drumming kept her minds away from walking. Walking was boring. Plus, it kept up her disguise of a musician. Then the ground shook ahead of her. Looking up, June saw three things. One, she was at the back of the pack. Two, literally no one else seemed to be trying to mask their intentions. Three, someone else had just joined the party. From the front of the pack, June heard loud yelling and a roar of rushing water. A mage, then? Water? In the forest? Perhaps the loud yelling then was about the overwhelming sound of liquid that was coming from the front. Well, there goes the "disguise" option. What now? Infiltrate? Attack? Thievery? Maybe. Calm down. Consider your options. At this point, assuming the Kenra are watching, the best option should be to attack. But on the other hand, infiltration would give us an amazing opportunity to steal a book of whatever curses there are and possible cures. But if they're watching, they already know. Shoot. So in essence, we have zero leverage over the Kenra. Nothing to offer them. Nothing for them to gain in return. What are we doing, begging? Are we going to be BEGGING the Kenra to lift the curse? In frustration, June stopped walking and sat down on a tree root, searching her brain for any sort of possible leverage the group could have to get the Kenra to do what they wanted to do. The only answer she came up with was charity. I don't want to entrust my fate to charity, despite the fact that I already did by taking this mission and refusing to leave it. June, at her pinnacle of anger, stood up suddenly, and began to walk very quickly down the path, almost running, paying no attention to the rest of the party, and sparing only a parting glance at the mysterious figure that she presumed had caused all of the commotion she had heard, only stopping if someone tried to talk to her.
  10. Quite the exchange going on here, :P
  11. Well... my bad. My brain's all fried from two weeks of testing.
  12. I managed to find time where life wasn't being a complete jerk to me. SO I POSTED! YAAAAY! (returns back to reality)
  13. It was with a faint relief that June noticed that the group finally decided to move out, with her in the lead. Before she left, though, she turned around, gave a genuine smile to the Queen, and bowed. It wasn't going to do much for the Queen in the way of reassuring, but it felt nice to show the hard-working Queen some respect. It was only with a start that June remembered her instruments and clothes, packed for a hasty departure any time it was required, and split from the group to locate and retrieve them with the help of her memory. She dared not use her magic to make her job easier, as it was likely that the locals would call the authorities. But, she managed to locate the tavern where she was prior to the assembly and retrieve her instruments and clothes. She double-checked the lute, small drum, and wooden hand-crafted flute for defects before repacking them along with the few clothes she had, before leaving. She ran fast, and thankfully rejoined the party as they were walking out of the city. With her breath heavy but her instruments with her, June let her mind work. Supplies weren't going to be a problem. That much was obvious. The five horses loaded with supplies proved it. The problem would arise if A) some idiot decided to announce to the whole world the purpose of their mission, B) the Kenra government caught wind of what they were trying to do, or C) the group broke disguise and showed themselves as a group of likely lethal people. As they began their journey, June knew she had to talk to people. Travis was the one who caught her eye the most. Not for his looks; though he was handsome, he was willing and able to speak his mind. To her, it was as though this man had experience, and experience paid. And, he knew what he was doing, not only with the sword but with his head as well. June liked that. The silky words of the one named Phil had definitely caught her attention, but Phil to her was the type of guy who would rather spend days pursuing women. His companion, Rob, would be the one of most use to the mission. If Phil had caught her ears, Rob had caught her thoughts. She could only wonder what went on behind his brilliant hazel eyes and the small curl of his hair around his ears. But still. Breta was absolutely adorable. The reddish-blonde hair and those large, dark eyes. Syr was... mysterious. And that, to her, was not a good thing. She liked being in control; not knowing much about the group gave them a level of control and surprise over her. Am I daydreaming about my group? Not all of my group. Specifically Breta, Rob, and Travis. Damn, just pick one and get it over with. June knew she could be extremely stubborn, so she took a small while to praise herself for working with the group before her thoughts wandered back to the three. Travis. Rob. Breta. You're a mercenary, June, not a teenage girl who spends her days chasing men or women. With a sigh of resignation, June decided that there was a long while before the group would arrive in Kenra territory, so it would be best to start the disguise pattern now. She could talk to other people at her pleasure. She slowed her breathing, and let her ears flow around the environment, before removing her small drum from her pack and giving it a few soft taps. Satisfied that the drum would hold, she donned the rope lanyard and began tapping out a simple kick-step before transitioning into more complex patterns, starting off with a fast drumroll, then reducing her speed into a bossa nova rhythm, substituting clacks on the side of her drum for the hi-hats and cymbals. She would let her thoughts roll during this time, flashing between the three who had caught her eye and the mission at hand.
  14. I'm pretty busy at the moment. In other words, if I don't put up a post within 12 hours of this going up, go ahead and skip me. Life is busy trying to drag me down into the gutter.