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  1. Well... my bad. My brain's all fried from two weeks of testing.
  2. I managed to find time where life wasn't being a complete jerk to me. SO I POSTED! YAAAAY! (returns back to reality)
  3. It was with a faint relief that June noticed that the group finally decided to move out, with her in the lead. Before she left, though, she turned around, gave a genuine smile to the Queen, and bowed. It wasn't going to do much for the Queen in the way of reassuring, but it felt nice to show the hard-working Queen some respect. It was only with a start that June remembered her instruments and clothes, packed for a hasty departure any time it was required, and split from the group to locate and retrieve them with the help of her memory. She dared not use her magic to make her job easier, as it was likely that the locals would call the authorities. But, she managed to locate the tavern where she was prior to the assembly and retrieve her instruments and clothes. She double-checked the lute, small drum, and wooden hand-crafted flute for defects before repacking them along with the few clothes she had, before leaving. She ran fast, and thankfully rejoined the party as they were walking out of the city. With her breath heavy but her instruments with her, June let her mind work. Supplies weren't going to be a problem. That much was obvious. The five horses loaded with supplies proved it. The problem would arise if A) some idiot decided to announce to the whole world the purpose of their mission, B) the Kenra government caught wind of what they were trying to do, or C) the group broke disguise and showed themselves as a group of likely lethal people. As they began their journey, June knew she had to talk to people. Travis was the one who caught her eye the most. Not for his looks; though he was handsome, he was willing and able to speak his mind. To her, it was as though this man had experience, and experience paid. And, he knew what he was doing, not only with the sword but with his head as well. June liked that. The silky words of the one named Phil had definitely caught her attention, but Phil to her was the type of guy who would rather spend days pursuing women. His companion, Rob, would be the one of most use to the mission. If Phil had caught her ears, Rob had caught her thoughts. She could only wonder what went on behind his brilliant hazel eyes and the small curl of his hair around his ears. But still. Breta was absolutely adorable. The reddish-blonde hair and those large, dark eyes. Syr was... mysterious. And that, to her, was not a good thing. She liked being in control; not knowing much about the group gave them a level of control and surprise over her. Am I daydreaming about my group? Not all of my group. Specifically Breta, Rob, and Travis. Damn, just pick one and get it over with. June knew she could be extremely stubborn, so she took a small while to praise herself for working with the group before her thoughts wandered back to the three. Travis. Rob. Breta. You're a mercenary, June, not a teenage girl who spends her days chasing men or women. With a sigh of resignation, June decided that there was a long while before the group would arrive in Kenra territory, so it would be best to start the disguise pattern now. She could talk to other people at her pleasure. She slowed her breathing, and let her ears flow around the environment, before removing her small drum from her pack and giving it a few soft taps. Satisfied that the drum would hold, she donned the rope lanyard and began tapping out a simple kick-step before transitioning into more complex patterns, starting off with a fast drumroll, then reducing her speed into a bossa nova rhythm, substituting clacks on the side of her drum for the hi-hats and cymbals. She would let her thoughts roll during this time, flashing between the three who had caught her eye and the mission at hand.
  4. I'm pretty busy at the moment. In other words, if I don't put up a post within 12 hours of this going up, go ahead and skip me. Life is busy trying to drag me down into the gutter.
  5. Meh. June dgaf. Serious bard gon give it to you. cash her ousside how bou dat
  6. (I apologize for my extended absence on this thread, I hope that you didn't lose interest while I wasn't on the thread) Was he really that noticeably tense? Chryse double-checked his alertness level. Yep, still at the safe level. Though, considering she noticed how on-edge he was, it was likely an unfavorable message had already been sent. He should correct it. Chryse settled into a comfortable position, and slowly dropped his guard completely. Hopefully that sent the message that he was comfortable in her presence. In any case, any sort of attack would catch Chryse off guard, but he was confident he would survive long enough to kill any sort of assailant. Killidia could also help as well. It was the logical thing to do. But at this point, Chryse had to take a chance in the conversation. "I'm impressed, Capria. Your line of work must require astute observation. Not many soldiers could see my level of guard with the clarity you did." With a faint smile, Chryse would then flicker his eyes in the vague direction of the kitchen area, and then slowly work his way back to Capria. "Though, you did mention work. What is your profession, may I ask?" According to his observations, one requiring much time, the ability to respond on a short notice, keen levels of observational ability, and the ability to remain calm under pressure. If Chryse had to guess, her job involved the military. It would be interesting to see what she came up with.
  7. For the first time in a long time, I was thankful that I had some level of weapons training. Though, for me, it was mostly in hand-to-hand combat, with a side of bladed weapons and disarming foes with weapons. The part that had come in use here was the knowledge of how to operate a gun in order to turn the tides on an enemy with a gun. This meant that I actually had some idea of what the hell I was doing walking around with a gold-engraved AK-47. But that was of no real consequence now. I burst through a door in tactical breach-and-clear maneuver to find what looked to be a library with, thankfully, windows with light. Creeping over to the nearest window, I peeked my head to look outside. What I saw looked to me like the Grand Canyon, but then again geological strata is not something I'm very good at identifying. What I knew I saw was my Insurgent LAPV and what appeared to be a large cliff dropping off about fifty meters away from the window I was looking at. There appeared to be lots of cave openings on the other side of the little cliff opening valley thing. Based on the ground layout, wherever I was at was super dry. But more importantly, there were spooky scary skeletons- I duck behind the window quickly, my breathing rapid. Those skeletons were walking. First I'm transported into a weird body-swapping world, and now I'm alone in what appears to be an RPG. What else are there, dragons? No matter. I kind of need that truck. I use the butt of the rifle to smash the window open, and quickly aim and shoot the four skeletons in sight with practiced aim motions. The trigger feels unnatural, and my ears ring with every shot, but I manage to hit every skeleton, and the bones drop to the ground in what I can only describe as surprise. I run over to the bodies to loot what I can from them. What catches my eye is a leather wallet and several different sword and shield styles. I put away my AK and pick up what looks to be a one-handed straight-edge sword that reminds me of a Chinese jian, the leather wallet, another sword that looks to be something from the Roman era, and a surprisingly light shield of some sort that I can only assume to be a riot shield. But I'm not taking any risks. I put away the swords and the shield in my LAPV's storage compartments, and hop into my LAPV's mounted machine gun before I decide to look around. The hotel I came from looked ancient, desecrated, unused. But from what I could tell, it was an extremely nice hotel. Seven or eight stories tall, nice windows, but creepy in itself. The valley I saw the caves at was extremely deep; I could not see the bottom. An early-morning mist obscured my long-range vision, and it was only with a reluctant thought to the girl I had left back at the lobby that I changed my outfits, resulting in a new jacket spawning on me, keeping me warm in what felt like an extremely chilly early morning. "Gute Bah!" With a scream, an orc charged out of the mist in the corner of my eye. Startled, I swung my machine gun and shot him in the foot. The orc went down screaming, and twenty more leapt over his body to charge my LAPV. With fear in my heart, I unleashed loud machine gun fire on the orc army charging me, hoping that somebody would hear and help me. Or possibly harm me. But I had a Browning 9.63 mm machine gun with unlimited ammo. What's the worst they could do?
  8. I think that depends on what "mission" is being referred to. The way I read Madame Sprite's post, it seemed like everyone was confirmed for the diplomatic mission, but a consensus was not reached yet on the "infiltration" missions. Plus, I think the group isn't really sure what the plan is.
  9. The "problem solvers" referred to a previous post where two characters said they could go ahead and solve problems and build up a reputation for our little group.
  10. Things were happening, and the bard was intrigued. But no matter. It appeared as though June had judged too early the positions and abilities of everyone else. A reformulated plan was required. "I should apologize to everyone. I believe I had made incorrect assumptions about your individual abilities. I believe my plan needs a makeover. But," June paused, reshaping her tone to a more friendly one and looking squarely at the one who had introduced himself as Travis Hunter, "I agree with what the Kenra stated earlier and what you have agreed with, and what the Queen ultimately mentioned. Time is of the utmost essence. So, here's my revised proposal. If anyone has any objections to my new plan, we can walk and talk." She would step quickly towards the exit, stopping right at the edge, and turning around to face the group again. "First, I vote for the suggestion of the resident Problem Solvers. They go first. If they are let in through the main entrance, then the rest of us will approach the main entrance under the guise of a party of 'entertainers' or a similar profession. The two can build up a reputation for us. If the Problem Solvers are not let in, then me, Travis, and the Kenra can try to enter again under the entertainer profession. The reason why it should only be us three if the Problem Solvers fail to get in is that three is much easier to keep track of than our entire party. It will afford a sense of security to them, and that can help our cause. Depending on who gets in, the strategy changes." June would turn again as though to exit, before pausing as though considering something of great importance, She would turn back to the Queen after a few moments and asking, in a serious tone, "One question, Your Majesty. You've... authorized us to do a lot. But... what would y-you have us do... if events play out such that there is no reachable solution?" A legitimate question, but a hard one for June to ask. She had been through a lot, but "a lot" was never "everything". While addressing the Queen, her voice, normally so calm and composed, would crack. Because June Vox knew that "no reachable solution" invariably meant either genocide or war. And June Vox would wait for the others to respond either by following her lead to the exit, and for the Queen to respond to her inquiry.
  11. I'm writing the post right now. I'll have it up very soon.
  12. I think that every three days or so I'll continue my solo adventures until we eventually meet up.