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  1. Spring Break, really? I don't get my Spring Break for another month -_-
  2. "Where should we go... good question. I honestly don't know where we should go next." Amon, next to the car, stepped aside as Cara exited the driver's seat and the trunk of the car popped open. "May I take your bags?" she asked Mia with thinly veiled disgust, as Amon was already moving to put his bags in the trunk. "I know how much you hate playing butler, Cara, which makes me wonder why you volunteered to bodyguard me in the first place. So I order you as Lord Umbra to give us recommendations of things to do for the next... four hours." "Four hours? That's not too much time. Let's see..." As Cara thought, if Mia had given her bags to her, Cara would put them in the back; opening the back door to the car if Mia chose to put the bag in the trunk herself or simply opted to carry them in the backseat herself, then moving to the driver's seat as Amon got in the car himself. "The beach is always open, but it is a bit cold today. I'd lay off of beachfront activities for a warmer day. Next week is supposed to warm up greatly; that might work then. Today, though, I'd say the best thing to do is go back, relax, drop off your bags, and... change into something a bit more formal for a dinner date." Amon leaned forward in the backseat and playfully slapped Cara's shoulder, embarrassed, as she turned around and smiled at the two with a mischievous grin. "Cara! Stop!" "But... it's your decision. What'cha gonna do?" Cara would ask, turning around to look at Mia.
  3. interest check

    Well @TheCalmOne... I'm a picture of a lake. I'm not actually my profile picture though. Just be something representative of the emblem. For example, an Assassin? Just not Edward Kenway please. His ship would obliterate us all.
  4. Roses. The clan's symbol. And additionally, the one item that most reminded Amon of the responsibilities that he now carried as leader. So when Mia asked him why he had bought roses, his answer was almost instantaneous and without thought. "Besides them looking nice, roses are the hallmark of our clan. We give one to each client and to each member. And anyways... they represent me. I'm a nineteen year old young'un with thorns that match the finest warriors in history. And there are plenty of things you can do with roses. Hide microphones, batteries, bullets." And in the end, the rose was beautiful more than anything. "Should we put these back before heading somewhere else? We got time to burn until dinner." With this, Amon would hold the door of the florist's shop open, before remembering that he had forgotten to pay and running to the counter, tipping Ai ten dollars for his mistake, then meeting Mia outside and asking her to lead the way.
  5. Amon noted the black dress, but also watched with interest as her brain decided not to purchase the dress. Money wasn't really an issue with the Eagles, so there must be another meaning to her not buying the dress, and he guessed it had something to do with the big walk-in closet he had noted on his first day on the job. "I actually think I got what I needed. If we're going to the apartment - sorry, department store - I'll probably not pick up anything else. Unless you're still looking, that is. Let's see... books, clothes, food... I think I'm handling about all I can carry, honestly. Oh, wait... roses. I need to pick up some roses. Let's go to the florist!" Carrying all the items in separate bags all stuffed into one bag in one hand, he would return the earlier favor at the salon by gently grabbing Mia's hand and pulling her north, towards the florist he knew was just by the north entrance. He wouldn't walk too fast, making sure that the pace was nice and gentle, paying the most attention to the feeling of the moment, considering that a moment such as this might never happen again. The florist's shop was bright and colorful, flowers of all kinds in handmade boutiques lining the shelves of the store. Amon would let go of Mia's hand once in the store, and begin looking around for the roses he wanted, making sure to greet the florist, a nice young Vietnamese lady by the name of Ai and her German assistant Gabrielle, by name once inside before looking for the roses. Even if he found them, he wouldn't pay and leave until he was certain that Mia was done looking around the store.
  6. On the way to the designer store, Amon pulled out his phone and checked the list of what he wanted to get, before entering the new store, confident he knew what he wanted and needed. And in the end, he noted, he might end up buying more than he needed. For the most part, he looked at shirts, but he also made a point to grab several pairs of slacks as well. It would take him a while to pick out everything; about twenty minutes to half an hour. He would end up buying two pairs of slacks, two ties (one in white and the other in black) and one long sleeve white collar shirt. He would also make a point of looking at what Mia looked at most... just in case this ever happened again. It might never, but it was good to know.
  7. "A special kind of store?" Here, Amon would glance around quickly, looking at each of the individual stores, before returning his gaze to Mia. "Honestly, my clothing supply back at base is a little... sparse. I can't have clothes delivered to me all the time, you know. There's the designer clothes store back by the salon, or a department store farther down south; that way. Where do you want to go first?" Amon hadn't completely banished his sadness, but he appeared happy enough. He hoped that would be sufficient to keep Mia in a good mood for a while. After all, the world might not let them do this ever again.
  8. Meanwhile I'm waiting for @Caliburnusand Ghost Boy -_-
  9. "At the coffee shop? I grabbed Cara's personal favorite pastry. Cream cheese stuffed baguette with a sprinkled sugar coating. The bookshop, I grabbed a poem collection by a little-known poet named Em, a book on Keynesian economics by the Keynes, and a book of fiction written by a contact I once worked for, who goes by his pen name Rairi Allant. I find both of them interesting in their own way. But yeah, after I'm done with this bowl, I'll probably go and grab a sweet treat at... let's see... that smoothie shop over there, I think. Maybe." As he finished up his sentence, he stretched, blew a couple of times on the noodles, and then began eating them.
  10. As Mia went to go order, Amon wandered over to the Asian restaurant, and ordered a medium bowl of ramen. It wasn't like Amon wasn't aware of his melancholy. He was sad now because of the last book he had found. Or more specifically, the person who had written the last book. He knew that man. That was Alda's boyfriend. And the poems he had written for her were all contained in the posthumous collection he now held close to his chest. But Amon couldn't help but wonder who had published the book containing the memoirs. It had to be someone in the clan who knew Em and was close to him. And Em was an outsider in the first place. So there were things that had to be discovered when he got back. For now, though, Amon placed more importance on keeping Mia happy, so he shook his head and pushed away all thoughts of Em for now. He could get back to that later. After he obtained the ramen, he spotted Mia sitting at a table, and wandered over, placing down the bowl and sliding into the seat, before quickly starting as though he remembered something, telling Mia "I'll be right back," and walking quickly off to the 85 Degree coffee shop, coming back a minute later with a pastry in a paper bag and a cup of water and sliding back into the seat. "Hmm? Hamburger, french fries, smoothie. I like it. But you mentioned you had an old copy of Pride and Prejudice. Assuming you read it before, what was your first impression of Mr. Darcy?" Amon asked, opening his chopsticks. Small talk wasn't really his forte, so he decided to just roll with what he had and hope it worked.
  11. Amon, hearing her compliment his new hairdo, could not help but smile at her. As he shifted his left hand down to his hip and cocked his head slightly left, he replied, "Speak for yourself. That's quite the bold change you've made yourself." Then, Mia moved to grab his hand. Amon was completely caught off guard by the move, and almost reacted violently to the event, barely managing to control his reaction into a slight squeeze of her hand. As he sped up to match Mia's pace, he took the time to simply enjoy the feel of her hand in his, before remembering quietly that they were moving to a bookstore. Intrigued, he remained quiet, deep in thought, until she let go of his hand in the store. He would immediately split from Mia and begin looking around as though he knew exactly what he wanted. And he did. Ten minutes and lots of riffling later, he would walk up to Mia in the store or out, clutching a bag containing three books: Tales from the World by Rairi Allant, The General Theory of Employment, Interest, and Money by John Maynard Keynes, and finally Em's A House Divided, A Home United. "What did you get?" Amon would ask her with curiosity. After she responded, he would quickly follow up with, "It's about one thirty and, honestly, I'm about starving. We are literally right next to the food court too. Left of the salon. So, let's see, pastries, burgers, shakes, smoothies, tacos, comfort food, that rainforest restaurant which serves more burgers and comfort food, Asian, kabobs. What are you in the mood to eat?" Though definitely more cheerful in appearance, there was a slight tinge of sadness to his voice, and his gaze was as though he was looking for something that didn't exist in the realm he existed in. It was as if only half of him existed with Mia and the other half was wandering around in an endless void.
  12. Me, with character Vinh Vires.
  13. "Hmm? Red and black on dark brown? Interesting choice. I then would recommend using this dye for do-it-yourself. Alternatively, I can do it once professionally and then you can use this dye right here for recoloring once it begins to fade. If you want us to do it once professionally, I see Allie down there with the purple hair is waiting to attend to you. What would you like?" As Jasleen conversed with Mia in almost a shy manner, Amon walked, still red, over to a chair and sat down, where he was immediately attended to by a young Hmong girl of about eighteen. The only other open chair in the small salon was guarded by a Caucasian girl of about twenty, her bright purple hair pulled back into a ponytail. If Mia didn't want to get her hair professionally dyed and instead opted for the packet dyes, Amon would ask the girl to simply trim his hair down to a less wild style, to which the girl would confidently begin to cut his hair. The trim would take about eighteen minutes. Otherwise, Amon would ask the girl to do the trim and dye. This would take about forty minutes to dye and twenty minutes to set, as well as another thirty for the foils, twenty for the drying, and twenty for the trim before. All in all, doing it professionally would take both of them about two hours. In the end, Amon would bid farewell to Jasleen after paying his due fare with either two packets of dye (flame-red and burgundy) or his hair styled and dyed so it appeared as though waves of burgundy and red flowed through his hair from back to front. He would then look expectantly at Mia, wanting to know with a searching gaze what she wanted to do next.
  14. "Oh... um..." Amon grew more flustered by the second as he grappled with this unfamiliar emotion flooding through his veins. It was something that made him happy... but not just happy. All he could say was... Joy. It was pure and unadulterated joy. Or that's the closest he could describe to what he was feeling now "I've... never been thanked as sincerely as you have. Not by anyone in my life. So it wasn't embarrassing... per say. I'm betting Cara sent you a discreet message while I wasn't paying attention, though. Like a wink or something. Let me tell you, she's been trying to set me up for forever. It's a real pain." As he explained this, he began to walk into the mall. The mall itself was large, but not supermassive. Two stories of elaborately painted shops traveling in a lopsided loop comprised the mall. It was generally open- air, though for rainy days a cover could be pulled between the shops to shield the walkway from the worst of it. The Salon they were going to was on the east side, flanked by the 85 Degrees coffee and pastry shop on its left and a high-end clothes store on the right, selling custom-tailored clothes. Above, ironically, was a children's toy store. Across the hall, trees flanked a rainforest-themed restaurant. Enthusiastically pointing out each of these stores to Mia, he would enter the salon first, holding the door open for her, greeting the manager, a tall Ethiopian lady, by her name, Jasleen. The quiet Jasleen greeted the two in a reserved manner that could not contrast more sharply from her bright eyes and air of excitement that surrounded her gray long-sleeve shirt and beige slacks. "I assume the usual, Amon. But your girlfriend here is a mystery. What would you like today, ma'am?" Jasleen asked Mia, over the embarrassed blubbering of Amon in the background.
  15. Amon, once touched, started, his assassin's training kicking in out of pure habit. As Mia opened the door and attempted to step outside, Amon's right hand shot out rapidly, ensnaring her waist and pulling her back into the safest place for him - a bear hug, her back to his chest, right arm sliding quickly up to her shoulders to pin her arms to her sides, left hand moving up to cover her eyes, then beginning the motions of moving further into a rear-naked chokehold. After a second, surprised, he quickly regained his bearings, stopped his movement, and sheepishly muttered in her ear, "Please don't startle me." This whole process had taken less than six seconds. Cara, still in the driver's seat, could not help but burst out into roaring laughter at Amon's instinctual response, and between bouts of ecstatic laughter, she wheezed out, "Damn, Boss! That's good!" Embarrassed, Amon would step out of the car on his side, apologizing profusely to Mia for his response over Cara's slowly fading laughter. After about five seconds, he would knock twice on the door and move across the parking lot to the mall's north entrance, occasionally looking back to see if Mia was following. He would stop by the map of the mall. When Mia came up to look at the map, Amon would say, "So... dye. That would be... that salon down there next to 85 degrees. That's where I get mine, at least. There might be generic-brand ones for cheaper at these department stores at lot 74 and 14. Hm. What do you think?" As he showed her the general layout of the mall, he would point to each lot as he named them, and then look at her, expecting an answer, his face still slightly flushed.