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  1. OOC Quest: A Peace between Nations

    Hurray more friends
  2. OOC Quest: A Peace between Nations

    Yea I'm here!! @Psykotikaninja vanished as well so yea...
  3. OOC Quest: A Peace between Nations

    @Psykotikayou gonna do the thing? Or is it Sprite who is up? Wake up please...
  4. OOC Quest: A Peace between Nations

    @Anonhas a lot of things going on, @Psykotikais sleeping fora century, so in all technicality it should be Sprite's turn... You know what? This kind of works because me and Anon and Psyk are off in a separate area. I guess then Sprite is up and then Pepsi is next.
  5. OOC Quest: A Peace between Nations

    So then. @Psykotikaya up mate. As for @Anon here's a tackle-hug for you. Hope everything is going to be good soon for you.
  6. OOC Quest: A Peace between Nations

    SO then it's @sheep up next then. I hope everything's alright @Anon but just post when you can.
  7. OOC Quest: A Peace between Nations

    You alright there @Anon? Is everything okay? Annie are you okay? Yeah Annie are you okay? Are you okay Annie? You've been hit by *boom boom* You've been struck by *boom* A smooth criminal
  8. Shadows in Orolindaria

    Walking was not one of June's most treasured activities, but the woods did serve to help her remain calm and tranquil in what to her seemed impossible odds. It was the sounds of the forest that really soothed her soul. When fully untouched by the hands of the two-legged life, the woods produced a rhythm that June enjoyed greatly. The forest played a song that was peerless in nature. So it was only with a small regret that June heard the approach of two individuals. A break in the natural song, that was for sure, but then again, June was already breaking the music with her footsteps. In the stillness of the woods and the orchestra of nature, June removed her bard mask again, hardening herself for what she supposed could be a conflict, using her Sound Magic to pinpoint and listen in on the approaching party. Hm. Interesting. If June recalled correctly, one of the wonder twins was named Rob. But at the same time, it could also be a trap to bait her into lowering her guard. Simultaneously, it could also be someone named Rob who was completely unrelated to the job, though the second question half-refuted the first statement. At the same time, despite her Sound Magic telling her there were two, the conversation further confirmed her statement that there were at least two in the party. With one hand on her dagger, June slid her right foot back, prepared for whoever would come out of the brush. Aah. These two. June, with a sigh of relief, relaxed, keeping her innocent persona off of her face. It was too late for that, she supposed. The woman looking at the bandaged man and Rob was cheery in expression, but the eyes told her story of her work as a mercenary. Its darkness told of lies, cheating, stealing, murder. For the first time, looking at the bandaged one, June saw traces of mercenary work in him. His voice, though, intrigued her the most. It did not fit the person she thought he was. "Syr, huh? Well met," June replied, sliding her weight over to her left leg and cocking her head with a bit of interest as Syr's eyes narrowed, looking at something beyond her. Turning her head past the towering Syr to look at the slightly smaller but still taller Rob, June said, "Ah. I can find the others quite easily enough. Let's just hope they didn't do anything too important while we were away." At that note, June inhaled slightly, letting her eyes drift until they were half closed, before exhaling. With the pulse of sound created by her exhale, June activated her magics, flowing her power to her ears, syncing her magical pulses to the rhythm of her breath, before motioning the two to follow her. Then Syr started to sing. Startled badly, June wavered from her beat, stumbling slightly. With the surprise out of the way, June tuned into Syr's singing. Though she did not understand the words, she understood well enough its meaning. The Forest's song was made manifest through the lungs of Syr. Smiling a bit, June turned around and reached carefully out to grab the arms of Syr and Rob so as not to startle them, while continuing to walk towards the group. Now with a wide grin on her face, June fluttered her eyes and shifted her Sound Magic to tune into Syr's rhythm rather than her own. Altering her breathing pattern to match with Syr's song, June cast her magic not just to locate the group based on their sound patterns, but to enhance and manipulate the sounds of her own breath into a hum. Using every ounce of her skill in weaving music, she intertwined her hums into the song, adding bass, drums, and a light melody, all designed and crafted on the spot to intertwine with Syr's awe-inspiring voice.
  9. OOC Quest: A Peace between Nations

    Eh? Oh it's my turn wouldya look at Dat ill have mine up tomorrow since you know America day and stuff
  10. OOC Quest: A Peace between Nations

    *is tucked in* *is happy*
  11. OOC Quest: A Peace between Nations

    But it could be your turn! For the simple price of $19.99, it could be your turn again! But wait there's more! For a small addon of Psykotica's turn, you could get a free Song Sprite post! And for a limited time, order now and you can get a second post absolutely free!Just pay shipping and handling. What are you waiting for? Order today! Call (666) 666-6666 for your free trial pack of your turn again. Side effects may include death. Do not take your turn again if you are a noob or have overwhelming levels of swag. Stop taking your turn and contact your doctor immediately if you experience LSD trips or a large urge to write. Batteries not included. (It's midnight here and I'm drunk on sleep deprivation....... T.T)
  12. OOC Quest: A Peace between Nations

    @Psykotika? You alright mate?
  13. OOC Quest: A Peace between Nations

    "dissatisfied girlfriend"... you don't know that (cries on the inside) Well then... I guess @Psykotikaya up mate
  14. OOC Quest: A Peace between Nations

    @sheep? Ya doing aight over there?
  15. OOC Quest: A Peace between Nations

    Well then... two mercs alone in the forest, huh? whaddaya know, June got company.