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  1. After the orc population was removed from the mountain known as Druid's Mark, the dwarves did what they do best. They got to digging. Opportunities started flowing throughout the halls of Tazarek as a new mountain city was on its way to being built. This would cause an incredible surge in economic growth and a welcome chance at relieving the possible overpopulation problems that were occurring. Dwarven immigrants from all over were coming for a fresh start in the dwarven stronghold. At first it was a wonderful way to help deal with the low population and low employment rates, but they knew at some point there would be too many people to feed. Galgarn was certain of one thing, that he wasn't going to let this opportunity pass him by. Securing his own supply line was the first step, but when he was able to acquire a good price on quarry rock to send to the new city, which put him one step further into the world of serious business. Merchants and guilds were frothing at the mouth to get a piece of the action, but he was lucky enough to get his own. Standing near the entrance to Tazarek, he watched as the wagons began to drive forward into the mountain path. From here they would take a couple days to reach the Druid's Mark, where the supplies would be unloaded to the construction site. To just think that there was already going to be a second dwarven city, it had him more excited than he first believed. "This is it, this is where my life finally turns around!" He looked on proudly as his supply of stones were heading off into the wilderness. Soon the gold would be flowing, and the dwarves would be all the stronger for it. @Fennis Ursai
  2. Then i think its time to put my attention back on Tazarek, and get some story ideas going.
  3. I guess it was just the shock of seeing the board gone that got me all upset. Like coming home from being shipwrecked to find your house in complete shambles. Just very unexpected
  4. Ill sleep on it, see what tomorrow brings.
  5. I'll drink to that. I may just attempt to make my own noble house and try to play a game of thrones somewhere. Its fun and i enjoy doing political drama and such, so in a silver lining there's always something to pursue around here. World doesn't end just because one project gets kaiboshed
  6. OOC Queen's Party

    That moment when you realize you're working with Sith. Goddamn knew it
  7. No rush. Ive broken myself a bunch of times trying to make it more popular to people, I just kept screwing up and taking dumb breaks (voluntary and otherwise) and otherwise it just wasn't going to be as popular as other places became. Oh well, I'll just settle for breaking other people's shit i guess
  8. [Grindstone] The first steps of a warrior

    As the guard fell dead to the arrow, a horn sounded the alarm in the camp. Getting up from her seat, Annabelle knew who it had to be. "Make sure everyone is safe, then return to give me some support." As the entire camp mobilized, the swordswoman spotted Makiel coming towards her. "So, you're the one causing all the noise huh?" Drawing her sword, she used her power to place a Mantel of Awakening upon a memory of courage. Memories of her standing up to even greater monsters flowed through her mind as her powers exuded emotions of calm and focus. "I will be your end, intruder."
  9. Here Come the Orks

  10. It happens. At least i had some fun with it, and ill have some nice memories of the place
  11. Its whatever i guess. I was literally the only thing pumping life into that board. Guess it makes sense that it died when i left, oh well.
  12. After some digging i discovered it to be dead as fuck, so that's a bit of a bummer. *pours ale out for short homies*
  13. It all started with a Prince

    Gerron Horbread was a troubled man. While he was well liked by his peers, the death of his sister had troubled him deeply. Many said it was just a simple accident, but Gerron believed foul play was involved. That was why he came to the Spirit Speaker, so he could hear who truly killed his sibling from her own lips. Unfortunately for him, this woman was a fraud, so anything she said to him was not truly from his deceased sibling. While the charlatan may not have been providing the answers he wanted, he was still convinced that someone had murdered her. This is when his crusade for truth started, and the beginning of the end for him. "Most folks eat it right up, but he knew I was trying to scam him. The man had a quick wit about him, and he started asking me about people that had been seeing me lately." Why would this man wish to know about anyone who had seen this woman recently? She told Carmine all of the people who had visited her since Horbread's loss. With this list of names the tiefling now had a fresh new batch of information that needed to be gathered. Things were growing strange, and stranger still when pointed out one of the namesakes in particular. "Hollace Grennam. He came to me asking if I could contact the sister. Gerron was interested in that one especially." One more lead, and hopefully one more step closer to discovering who it was that had committed this crime.
  14. Here Come the Orks

    Open to everyone