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  1. Mag wins the fight :P
  2. Id rather skip to the next day
  3. Annabelle was starting to feel terrible about what she had done to Am, her powers must be out of control if they were causing all of this. She had to do something, she had to get herself under control before something bad happened. It would just be her luck to have something incredible happen to her, only for it to become the thing that causes harm to others. How do you turn off your feelings? That was something Annabelle couldn't answer, which was causing her to start to panic. She started to back up, hoping that by increasing the distance between them she would be able to minimize it even remove the effects of her powers. Annabelle would have a difficult time forgiving herself if her powers caused the death of this woman. It wasn't fair to her, it wasn't fair to anyone, and it made her feel like a freak. If she could she would take it all back and just make it so she never had these powers in the first place. With her mind racing at a mile a minute, Annabelle could only hope to keep her powers from getting too bad. With her sword drawn, she would do everything she could in order to defend herself. If the gods were kind to her, she would be able to fend off Am without causing any harm to her, or for any harm to come to herself. This just had to he the day that Annabelle became something more than just a human girl.
  4. I think a good way of implementing better use lf utility characters is through something of a repository of people willing to volunteer in order to help fulfill a need that the people might have, much like the storyteller initiative though this would have less strict requirements for joining. That way someone could request for a merchant or a blacksmith and then users with those characters would send them where they were needed. That way utility characters can get their playtime and people won't feel that what they've acquired was done so cheaply because they used an NPC or something to make the interaction happen.
  5. The royal members of the court had arrived, each one exhuberating a radiant beauty that Gundar had to admit was breathtaking. Tall ones certainly had their charm, but for this dwarf, he could only wrap his arms around another of his kind, a beard upon his beard to entrance his desires. He did not wish to approach them just yet, as that would have been rude to do so before the eating had even commenced. Since he had not been harassed on his journey to acquire food from the table, Gundar Brightbeard made his way to the dining table. Sitting across the way from the devil known as Roen, whom he was only slightly aware was the ruling party of Patia, Gundar would first pull back his cloak then get to eating. A good way to tell apart a dwarf with table manners and one without was how they handled their beards. Beards are the pride and joy of many dwarves in Tazarek, so much so that they would pull back their beards on either side of their shoulder and place a napkin on their lap. Having food in one's beard was no way to look in front of royalty, and Gundar would be damned before he besmirched his honor in front of these tall ones in such a fashion. Potatoes, pork and vegetables were important staples in a dwarven diet, which is why he made sure to have plenty of all three on his plate. It was with these simple foods that the foundations of the greatest and only dwarven nation were built upon. Consuming these precious vittles was akin to honoring one's heritage in the mountain city. The other royal members would hopefully make note of his manners and ask him for his time. Then he would finally be able to present his gift and be on his way back to his homeland. While to him he was simply eating normally, anyone that looked upon him would see a much different sight. Due to the magic of the masks, the illusion was set that Gundar was not a dwarf but a large brown bear. He would have broken the illusion had the mask not had a convenient gap in which to allow for food to go directly into the mouth. Though he was a bear eating at the dinner table, by Thundermar he would be the most well mannered bear at that table.
  6. Master Yinsal exclaimed in pain as Kalmuli set to work on his back. He found it difficult to move for a while, then suddenly he felt all better. When she was finished he rose from his position against the desk, rubbing his back as the pain was no longer present. "I don't understand, why would you do this? Was this some sort of trick?" "It wasn't a trick Master Yinsal, she was genuinely trying to help you, and from what it looked like it worked. They aren't our enemies here, they're just looking for a safe place and for answers. Surely you can understand their plight and show some compassion for them." For a moment it seemed uncertain how he would respond, then he grunted and sat back down on his chair. "And what of you, Aerondellas? Still turning your back on us for the outsiders?" "I want to see the world, Master Yinsal. There are so many things beyond this village, and I want to experience them like others have. There are places nearby I can train and still love here, I won't abandon my family but I won't take your abuse any longer." "Fine then, I don't need you, just leave me be you ungrateful fool. If you are so certain they can teach you better than I than so be it." Doing his best to help Ingrid clean up the house, Rivet felt a little more than out of his element, he felt downright useless. With her direction he was able to do what he could, but he still couldn't help but feel like he wasn't doing everything he possibly could. After they were done, he surveyed their handiwork, trying not to seem too downtrodden by his lack of cleaning skills. "Well, we got that out of the way, now we can perhaps go do some shopping then. While I'm no good with a broom and mop I can certainly make up for with my purse." He chuckled at his own joke, somewhat aware of how corny it was. Lord Rivet wanted to be useful to her, he wanted to show her how he felt about her, it was difficult, but he would find a way, somehow.
  7. Name: Aerondellas Sunchaser Race: Elf Gender: Male Height: 6'9 Weight: 210 Eyes: Hazel Hair: Short cut with a smoothed back front Hair color: Bronze Blonde Physique: Lithe Voice: High Tenor Complexion: Light Inventory: Attire: Yellow woolen Tunic Cream cotton undershirt Brown leather belt with silver buckle White cotton breeches Light leather boots Inventory: First aid kit Six and a half foot long metal stave with an elven hand clutching a topaz Half foot long iron dagger Backpack with 50 ft of rope, flint and steel, food rations for a few days, a scroll tube with some sheets of paper, quill and ink container Iron bound spell book with paper pages Abilities and Skills: Illusion Magic specialization with a focus on the subset of bending and refracting light Secondary specialization of healing magic with a focus on healing physical wounds Racial ability of absorbing mana from either environmental sources or directly via physical contact Has some training as a stage performer as well Combat rating: 4.8
  8. I don't understand what character use has to do with how powerful they are, considering how we're all just setting the numeric value on their abilities because of what we feel to be fair to them as a character. Unless the use of those characters in threads had anything to actually do with their growth as a character power-wise it just seems unnecessary. Anyway Ember: 4 Goliath: 3.6 Gradric: 3.6 Gwent: 3.8 Mathias: 2.9 Arcanos: 2.4 Got too lazy to make the others right at that moment.
  9. Wendolyn was glad that the problem was settled, knowing that if everything went smoothly, then this would be a great expose indeed! Going off to look at different stands, she spotted the fellow inventor Eva Koboldforge. A smile spread across her face as she ran over to greet her. "Hey! Your stand looks great, you have some incredible things here. I wish I didn't get stuck with guard duty so I could show some stuff I was working on." Tinkering was one of her great passions, its what she lived for. Pushing the boundaries of mechanical knowledge, exploring new fields of magitech, all just made her so excited. It was her dream to get into one of the best tinker clans like the Sparkforges, or maybe graduate into the Tazarek Inventors Guild! She hoped she could one day be a great inventor and serve her people well with incredible things. "We should get together sometime and brainstorm some ideas for inventions! I'm sure it'll be great fun." There was some chatter going on in the communications link on her wrist console, but she ignored it for now. Wendolyn was sure whatever was going on could be handled without her.
  10. A strange creature made of onyx came into the barracks, noticing Arashi as she ate. "Who are you?" it asked as it projected the words into her mind.
  11. There was a lot for Ember to react to, and in a short amount of time as well, which could be argued was the basis for her disbelief at what had happened. Ember had seen a lot of weird things in her time, but everything that followed was a little much for her. First there was the busty number coming in to join her at the table, one of the few who answered her call to clear out the temple. She was...eager, which was a little strange to her considering how dangerous the mission was, but if she was eager it either meant she was good or terrible. Either way would be fine for her she supposed, whichever allowed her to get what she needed from that temple. The old Ember would probably be more reluctant to use someone possibly new to adventuring on a mission like this, but that girl died a long time ago, and hate can make a person feel a lot differently about collateral damage. What happened next was something that she didn't think would happen in her lifetime, at least not sober anyway. The cigarette dropped from her mouth as soon as the large...whatever the fuck you call it burst through with blood all over him. Like something out of a horror film it looked at her, expecting something but she couldn't tell what considering how it spoke through strange whale sounds. She considered shooting it, but then shit somehow got even weirder after that. Now in the mix were two others, a women in plate armor and some other guy who looked a little jumpy. Sure enough the guy pulls out a sniper rifle and points it at big, bad and bloody. Fortunately the armored woman got in between them, cooling down the situation before bullets started flying. Whoever these people were, they were already giving Ember a headache, making her wish she had smoked something a lot stronger. "Okay, so uh...well then, we got everyone I think...sooooooo lets get going to the temple then. Lets just save that drill for whatever we may find on our way there, never know what's gonna be out there. Sooner we leave the sooner we get to whatever it is that's causing this mess and take care of it. We may need a bigger carriage though for the big guy..."
  12. Aerondellas nodded, going with Kalmuli back to the elder building, his heart in his throat as he thought of what to say. He was about to go and tell his teacher he was resigning, which would most likely get him turned into a snail. He told himself to stop worrying, and that with Kalmuli on his side there was nothing Yinsal could do to hurt him, at least he hoped not. Arriving at the elders building, Aerondellas opened the door, sighing as he found the courage to go into the office where Master Yinsal was working. He was hunched over his desk, working on a report most likely, a scowl always on his face. Looking up he leered at his student, almost unsurprised that Kalmuli was with him. "What is it you want? Its not enough you come traipsing here with the half breeds but now you coddle this one?" Yinsal always told him his punishments were meant to make him strongwr, but Aerondellas always had his doubts. Kalmuli and her group showed more decency to him than his master ever did. "No, Master Yinsal, she isn't here to coddle me. I'm going to learn magic from her from now on, I don't want to be your pupil anymore." Somehow his scowl went deeper and he rose, one hand going to his back as he winced somewhat. "How DARE you say that to me. I took you in when you scored lowest out of all the candidates, I taught you everything you know and this is how you repay me?!" He raised his hand and arcane energy started to gather, Aerondellas shielded his face as he realized this was no polymorph spell, but a magic missile! Lord Rivet looked to Ingrid, smiling at her before looking out to the rest of the house. "I could certainly try to help, though I'm not sure if they'll allow me to send for my maid staff." He chuckled as he realized just what he had said, and that he had said it in a serious manner. "Forgive me, I'm...not used to this kind of life, it is a lovely home, one I know you and Little Jack will enjoy. If you ever need anything, just let me know and I'll make sure it gets to you, okay? Nothing is out of my reach for you, anything to make your stay here more comfortable." Everything about this trip had been so eye opening to him, he owed so much to Kalmuli, Ingrid and Little Jack. He still had his problems, but now he had an actual reason to try to resolve them for the better. Ingrid and her child gave him hope that he could be a better person, which was more valuable to him than anything he possessed. "We could probably go shopping for a few things once Little Jack has waken up, my treat."
  13. Aerondellas would consider the proposition, but first he would lead them to their home, which was a lovely little cottage. Inside was a but bare, only the utmost of essential furniture with the pantry rather lacking of food. After giving everything a cursory glance, Jack figured it would be a good place for Ingrid and her son. "Sorry its a bit lacking, there wasn't much left after the auction, and nobody else really wanted to move in." Aerondellas explained a little more about the home, giving Ingrid her privacy in the bedroom which held a queen sized mattress and a bedside table. "The family of the baby who was stolen was heartbroken, the mother and father left the village in search for her, we haven't heard back from them since. I'm not...too certain about the details, this was all before I was even born, but people don't like talking about it." Lord Rivet understood, feeling a strange sense of appreciation for this place now knowing who previously owned it. This couldn't have been a coincidence, there were still so many questions that needed answering. Looking to Aerondellas, he asked why he had never felt the hunger for mana like all the others. "Most likely due to you being only half elf, which can be common. Its most likely dormant, and would require something pretty drastic to awaken it inside of you. Well that's about it I suppose, I think its time I went to see Master Yinsal about that talk...I just hope he doesn't get too mad when I say I don't want to be his student anymore. I've seen him mad before I just...I'm worried he might do something drastic to me if I get him too mad." He sighed, then shook his head. "No, I want to live my own life, not one dictated by a bully, I'm going to tell him and I'm going to do it without fear. Wish me luck."
  14. "You make a good point there, Eve, though I like to think there are different kinds of bad out there." She began to take out a marijuana cigarette from a silver case she kept on her, lighting it with her finger before she took a couple puffs. "You see I'm bad, but I'm the kind of bad that doesn't like other bad people, and I take care of those bad people in a not so good way." With her mouth slightly open, wisps of sweet smelling smoke drifted past her ruby lips. "I've made it a career, hurting jackasses and taking their things, pretty lucrative so far. Some would call me a bad person cause I take pleasure in their misery, but who says you have to show love to the scum that you scrape off your shoes?" Looking out the window, she took another puff from her cigarette, thinking back on where all her love had gone. "Those people don't deserve my compassion, nor my mercy for that matter." There was so much that Ember was trying to work through, so much pain and loss that sometimes she didn't know what to do with herself. She had her goals here in this city, she had her own little plans tjatbwere in motion, but sometimes it didn't feel like enough. Looking back at Eve, she thought about this woman, and what her life may have been like to end up in a place like this. "You ever feel like you just want to...shoot for more than what you have? Reach further than what the world has to offer, take it by force if you have to, but you never want to apologize for it. Apologizing implies there's something wrong with wanting more, that trying to elevate yourself to something greater than eating at a low down diner would suggest. I've already lost so much just trying to keep one step ahead of ending up in the gutter, but I want more than that now. Remember my face, Eve, cause I'm gonna run this city one day." She smiled as she took another puff, her aspirations were perhaps the one thing she could count on to keep her spirits up somewhat. It was a matter of perspective, seeing things the way you want to see them, the way you need to in order to survive. If things worked out like they should, she would finally see the world on top, instead of down below with the trash and the filth.
  15. Ashenfire was busy setting up some target dummies for the students to practice on before they awoke from their sleep. It was important they get their technique right, or he was going to have to correct it himself. So far they feared him, as a student should rightly fear their masters, but he was sorely missing the one he had known for some time. Arashi meant much to him, he just hoped she was safe out there somewhere. @Metty