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  2. This is my final farewell

    I am sorry to say this, but I'm afraid this is the end for me and my writing here on the site. Unfortunately I have done something terrible and I hurt the person closest to me because of that action. As a married man I value my relationship with my wife more than anything in the world, and what I had done has hurt her deeply. Because of this we have agreed after a lot of heartache, crying and yelling that my time on the internet has come to pass. Until I can price myself capable of being open, honest and trustworthy, I cannot in good conscience continue to write on this site. For all those that were writing with me on a thread, are with me on a special project or participating in an event I was hosting, I am sorry. You do not deserve to be left hanging, but I had brought this on myself, and so I must pay the price for it. May you find someone better than I to write stories with and to go on adventures. You are all wonderful people and I am.honored to have been able to write with so many of you. There are still many others I wish to write with, but I'm afraid that will never come to pass because of my reprehensible actions. It is my sincerest hope that all of your quests are successful and that you have all the fun in the world writing your stories. Farewell Valucre. It was nice knowing you when I did.
  3. We Are Stronger Together [Ponkapoag Lake]

    First impressions were important in diplomatic talks such as these, and unfortunately the dwarves would form an unpleasant one for this particular talk. Their knowledge of the people of Taen was limited, but their understanding was that it was mostly human, so seeing an elf at the table was rather surprising. This alliance was still important to them, so they did their best to keep their prejudice hidden, but old hatreds die hard. First order of business was introductions, as the dwarven diplomats gave out their specified codenames, with Basalt in the middle, Granite at his right and Sandstone at his left. Basalt wore practical robes of blues and silvers, signifying him as one of Scholar's students, as he was the Representative of many academic pursuits which included diplomacy. The others wore decadent robes of purple and gold, signifying them as part of Artisan's people, in order to keep relations from going sour. Through this training, theybwere able to see things in a broader perspective than their other dwarven brothers and sisters. "We are grateful that you would meet us today on peaceful terms. We are unarmed just as you are, so we can proceed on good faith that things can be worked out amicably between us without violence. Let us save our metal for those who would do us harm and wish ruin upon our people." Nodding in agreement with Basalt, the three dwarves looked to the delegates of Taen as they sat on their seats to continue with the talks. This was to be a historic day for their people, and Basalt wanted to make certain the other party knew theybwere here for peace, not conflict. After retrieving some papers from the pockets of his robes, it was time to begin the negotiations. "First we will discuss the conditions of this alliance in terms of military troops. If Tazarek is in need of military assistance, then this paper states that Taen will be obligated by the terms of the treaty to send aid." Sliding the paper over to the other side of the table, Basalt would continue. "This agreement extends to Tazarek sending aid to Taen in its time of military need as well, but there are other conditions as well. Both nations are allowed to send troops across the borders of either party's territory, however there will be no military outposts or bases built on the other nation's land. If either one of us has been discovered putting down a military base on the other person's land, it will be immediately dismantled with hefty fines paid to that nation in question. Are we in agreement with these terms?" These seemed like easy terms to accept, at least that is what the dwarves hoped they appeared to be to the Taens. It was uncertain how they would react to them, as it was no secret they were in a heated war with the people of Ursa Madeum. Matthias' actions would set the tone for the rest of the negotiations to come, and each of the three dwarves were curious as to what he would say. All they had for reference was old books and what they knew of their High Scout, the elf named Rennin. While his companions may be willing to bend to outsiders, Basalt knew where his loyalties lied, and that was with Tazarek.
  4. A New Life In a New City

    Marik smiled warmly at Xaem, giving his wife a quick peck on the cheek before opening the door to their new life. Sometimes he wasn't sure how lucky he got to be with a gal like her, but he was thankful for every day he got to spend with her. If it wasn't for her he would still be a no good crook, but he was a changed man and loving it. Opening the door they were greeted with the sight of their new apartment. It was fully furnished with a bathroom, two bedrooms, living room and kitchen/laundry room. Unfortunately much of the counterspace and furniture was about four feet tall, making their ability to see over it a but difficult. "Well at least they got some step stools for us, lousy jerks." Everything appeared to be designed in a sort of modern chic look, with alternating blacks and whites to form a cohesive style throughout the house. The chairs and couch was upholstered with smooth black, a black and white checkered rug was on the floor with zebra striped curtains on the window. Going over to the windows, Marik unloaded the bags on the floor and opened the curtains. "Look at that, Xaem, we got a view! We never had nothing as good as this back in our old town. Hot damn."
  5. Walking a Dangerous Path [Artifact]

    This knight was a tough son of a bitch, and from what she could tell just slashing at him wasn't going to do the trick. Something about this connection with Nieve was making it difficult for the full effectiveness of her demonic heritage to come into effect. Fortunately she wasn't a one trick gal, so she was ready to respond with something that had a lot more kick to it. Brandishing her revolver after a quick switch of weapons, Ember fired off two rounds into the stone knights chest. It stumbled backward, likely shaken up a bit more from the high caliber bullet ripping through its armor. Two more bullets and it would fall to one knee, considerably weakened by the onslaught of bullets piercing its body. Pebbles and rocks began tumbling out of the holes of its armor, as if it were bleeding. Walking towards it, she put the smoking barrel of the revolver at its helmet, then fired the final shot that caused its head to explode in a show of rock and dust. As it collapsed backwards onto the stone ground, she tried the spell that she studied from off an old scroll she bought in Elandaron. Eyes flicking all over the constructs body, she quickly murmured the spell as her magical energy poured into what she wanted. Just as she finished, the last of the skeletons had been destroyed, and the knight had strangely collapsed into dust that was blown away by the breeze. "Damn it! They told me it would work not pull this bullshit!" Her anger flared up once more, but this time mixed with fear and apprehension. Looking out at the battlefield, she began to feel worried about a lot of things, one of them being the newcomer that started demolishing the skeletons. "Who the fuck is that?"
  6. Carmine the Red (WIP)

    Epithet: Devil Spawn, The Red Moniker: Carmine Title: Crown Prince of Sector Three, Heir to the criminal Empire in Izral Visual Age: 18 Ethnicity: Alterion Race: Half tiefling half hunan Alignment: Lawful evil Gender: Male Class: physiology Hair: Eyes: Height: Weight: Voice: Build: Condition: clothing • skills • Has inherited the infernal power of the hatred that burns in all tieflings. When channeled, his attacks not only damage the body, but the mind as well. Every attack made while channeling the hatred of the tieflings deals psychic damage. A small cut can feel like Carmine has dealt a much more griouvous wound. This damage continues to build until eventually the opponent no longer believes they are fighting Carmine, but a supreme demonic entity that is sure to rip them apart in only a moment. There is also the added dynamic of the hatred to impart the ability to feel pain and suffering on that which normally could not. Undead, constructs, magical or otherwise, when struck with enough tiefling hatred will begin to feel the pain inflicted upon them. inventory •

    Ember was taken away by the soldiers into another door in the penthouse, her mind racing as she thought of what was to come and what White had offered. At least with him, he was a devil she knew, not some faceless noble or financially endowed bastard that wanted his own pet monster. How did she try so hard to run away from becoming the servant of one crazy bastard that she ran into the clutches of someone arguably more insane. Why did that bitch think this was going to be a punishment for her anyway? So far the only way it was becoming a punishment was that she was going to have to stay in this hellhole for nine whole months. That was valuable time she could be using for setting up her own operation in Izral. Was this some fucked up way of shutting her down pre-emptively before she even had a chance to get set up? After being led into a room she was given a laptop where she could view the auction going on. Apparently there were already a few bidders that wanted her child, with disturbing bonus perks that could be bought. For a few thousand dollars at the request of the highest bidder to personally impregnate Ember, there were specialized chemicals that could be injected into her. The purposes of them ranged from increasing her sensitivity to regenerating certain parts of her to make it as if it were her first time. She really did not want any of that to happen. "Fine just...please don't fuck me...I don't think I can get that image out of my head if you do."

    "Holy fuck!" A sudden jolt of electricity brought her back to the waking world, as well as about four gun barrels in her face. This was something she wasn't unfamiliar with, but it was still a situation she didn't like to actually be in. From the looks of things it wasn't a good time for White to he whispering in her ear at the moment. The room she had walked in was now lit with multiple fluorescent lights, which showed the four big soldiers all waiting for an order to do her in. Only other person in the room besides them was a woman dressed in a flowing black gown, her eyes almost blazing with loathing as she looked down at her from her position in between the line of sight of two soldiers. From what she could guess was that she was the owner of the club, so it was time to start her attempt at talking her way out of this. Unfortunately as soon as she tried the butt of a gun cracked her cheek and she recoiled, rubbing it as a cut opened from impact. "You will not speak, Ember of Hate, only listen or die." Her accent was thick, but she couldn't place where from, maybe Kadia? She really didn't want to think what would happen to her at this point, but like she said, it was listen or die. "You have been a thorn in my side for too long, and I will not allow Izralian filth to walk these streets a second longer. I should kill you right now, but unfortunately the rules have changed because of your reckless meddling." Like an angel of death the black haired woman strode towards her, the soldiers giving her room but never keeping their weapons from being pointed at her head. There was no doubt in Embers mind that this woman was in control of things, and that she would ultimately decide her fate, which sounded pretty shit going off the context clues. Grabbing hold of Embers chin with a black gloved hand, the woman forced her to look deep into her eyes before she spoke again, the hatred rolling off of her like waves. If she wasn't so blatantly human, she would make a good tiefling. "You have killed my best assassin and my best tool in keeping these rowdy little wannabe pimps in line. Now my business is in risk of being put in jeopardy because if these little stunts you pulled and I do not like having my control slip away from me. Your wild streak has caught the attention of the regent, who has instructed me to mete out the punishment as I see fit. This is where we come to the terms of your sentence." "You will keep your life, and we will even work out a deal with the BANTER as I do not wish to be the last one selling the most marketable narcotic in Sector Five. Of course, I still need to recoup my losses, so I am going to auction off your womb on the deep parts of the internet, and you will carry a child for nine months before I rip it out of you and give it to the highest bidder. You can either take this deal, or my men shoot you in the head and you are dumped in the nearest landfill. Now choose, you little red bitch." Letting go of her chin, Ember took a moment to get a deep breath as she thought about it, which of course there wasn't much of a choice to think about. This crazy bitch was going to end her life, and all because she was stupid enough to think she wasn't connected with something a lot bigger than just a normal club. As much as she didn't want to go through with this, she had backed herself up into a corner, and this time there was no getting out by the skin of her teeth. It was either life or death, and Ember still had a mission for her sister. "Yes...I'll...I'll do it..."
  9. A Hunt In the Wild [Ellwood Forest]

    The Red Bull turned back around for another charge, but was interrupted by a strange beast jumping onto its back. Bucking and snorting fire from its nostrils, the beast made its attempt to dislodge the predator from his spot on his body. Whatever was going on, Annabelle was going to make the most of it and try to end it as quickly as she could. Summoning the final Mantle of Awakening, Annabelle would feel memories of courage flood her body, increasing her strength as she did so. With quick, graceful steps she charged towards the Red Bull, swinging her sword downwards at the beasts head with all her might. Though her sword was not sharp, the amount of force being placed behind the attack would surely cause a good deal of blunt force trauma against the beast. Sure enough when it connected, the Red Bull began to wobble on its legs as it was dazed by the sudden attack. Not as brave as his companions, the hunter with the gun was unsure which beast to aim at first. His hands were shaking, and his palms were sweaty against the wood of the musket. With his aim distorted by his nerves, the hunter would fire at the beast upon the Red Bull, figuring him to be the greater threat. A great boom resounded as the magical weapon let loose a concentrated fireball that would whiff and miss the target. Cursing to himself the hunter would turn the crank on the side of the stock, trying to charge the weapon so it could have enough magic to fire another shot. (Meanwhile, back with the Blue Unicorn) "Yes, deeper into the forest, that would be much safer. Thank you, kind guardian." Taking his lead, the Blue Unicorn would follow him deeper into Ellwood forest, hoping to elude those that would try and slay her. It was terribly discomforting knowing that people wanted her dead, as she merely wanted to enjoy the wonders of the forest for as long as she wanted. Sometimes the world was terribly unfair in that regard. "If there is anything you may need, let me know and I may be able to help you with it. Those that are friends of the Blue Unicorns are surely good people indeed." At the sound of the gunfire, the Blue Unicorn became startled, beating the ground with her hooves and neighing a little in discomfort. "My goodness! What could that have been?"
  10. Welcome to the Grindstone

    If what shebwas saying was true, then it was troubling news indeed to the swordswoman. Dopplegangers were one thing, but if someone with the ability to change their form was on her trail, then things were getting bad. Annabelle wasn't certain if she could still trust Arashi, but she had been honest with her so far. "I see. Then I will need to do a little hunting of my own then in order to sniff out who is tracking me." Going to her desk, Annabelle would begin packing away a few things into a pack as she thought of what to bring to her next expedition. Observing this behavior, Ashenfire made a comment that she didn't like the sound of. "If its been tracking you this far, there's a chance its somewhere in the camp now. You leaving will only leave us vulnerable to it, considering how striking at us here would be a major blow to you as well." Stopping in her tracks, the young woman sighed and looked back at them, her face set with determination. "Well then, if we are going to lay a trap for our little friend we'll have to get moving then won't we? Meet me in the melee training ground in half an hour, I have to think for a bit." Ashenfire nodded and escorted Arashi out of the cabin. "I can't say I wasn't surprised to know trouble had followed our ambitious friend."
  11. A Plague Spreads Across Terrenus!

    Im going to go with after Whispernight.
  12. A Plague Spreads Across Terrenus!

    Fantastic. You can try to find more people if you want or just go about it solo. If you have anymore people you want to invite into the thread that'll be great if not let me know and we can start the thread.
  13. A Plague Spreads Across Terrenus!

    It is only going down in the noted cities above.
  14. Who needs jokes when you can help fight against an evil fungus plague?