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  1. As the fight continued to rage, Annabelle was beginning to realize that her attempt at getting help would come much too late. Looking around, Annabelle noticed the bow that Arashi used was still inside the wagon, along with her quiver of arrows. Stopping the horse with a quick tug of the reins, Annabelle gathered the weapon and ammunition, making a run for the battle her adoptive sister was engaged in. This time it would be Annabelle's turn to save her, instead of the other way around as it usually was. With the quiver across her shoulder, Annabelle ran as quickly as she could to join in on the battle, aware that her chances were slim that she could actually make a difference. Her aim hadn't gotten much better, but with family on the line, she would do whatever she could to save Arashi. Blood was pumping through her faster than even an arrow being launched could sail through the air, adrenaline turning her focus crystal clear. Already the sun was beginning its descent into the horizon, nightfall would descend upon them soon, so she had to act now while she still had light. Genji was still a good distance away from her, but from what it seemed the dragon hybrid was already positioning himself to finish off Arashi. Notching an arrow onto the bow string, Annabelle held her breath to keep her hands steady. In the time that she released that breath, her arrow was released, sailing through the air towards the back of the one trying to kill her family.
  2. Walking through the streets of Sector three was a young girl on the search for her sister. Pock marks marred an otherwise plain face, but most of it already was hidden by a red scarf she had to keep the wind out of her face. She wasn't very tall, with an aboverage physique that came from a life of travel, her brown hair kept in a pony tail that she hid with a leather cap. From the brown leather boots to her tan breeches to her green tunic with a white long sleeved shirt underneath, it wasn't hard to make her out as a foreigner. All that mattered to Annabelle of the Plains was that she found her sister, and quickly at that. They had decided to go traveling since their business was already doing so well, Annabelle having placed a steward in charge to make sure things ran smoothly in their absence. Alterion seemed like a nice place to go to for a vacation, so long as they stayed away dangerous places like Izral they would have been fine. Now it appears that Annabelle was wrong in that regard, after discovering her adoptive sister, Arashi Sato, had disappeared after she went to fetch some water at a stream. With their hike through a forest now being turned into a search and rescue, Annabelle wasted no time in trying to ascertain her whereabouts. There was a language barrier at first, but people were able to point her to the nearest hospital, which would probably know if Arashi was being treated somewhere for any injuries she may have sustained. Arashi was known for getting into trouble, so it made sense for her to go somewhere in order to get treated for anything serious. Annabelle wondered if her sister had touched that flower she had warned her about previously, the young girl aware of how poisonous it was from the guidebook she had bought before they embarked on their travels. As the sixteen year old girl opened the door to the hospital, she found it to be a bit more strange than she was used to other places of healing. One of the more glaring oddities was the hole in the side of the building, as if something had crashed through there recently. What she saw next was also strange, though mostly it was because she was never around much technology, especially such so advanced as what she was seeing now. Clearly Arashi had made a good choice in where she was getting help, something that cleared her mind greatly. Walking over to the receptionist, Annabelle pulled down her scarf so that she could be understood more clearly when she spoke to her. "Excuse me, is there an Arashi Sato being treated here? I'm her sister, wait I understand if it may look strange but I have the papers to prove it." She carried a brown leather backpack with her wherever she went, filled with supplies and important things. After collecting the formal papers stating she was indeed Arashi Sato's sister, she smiled at her, knowing that she could not be denied the right to visit her as she was indeed family.
  3. It seemed that this day was going to be filled with people walking in on him in the middle of his scheming, a possibility that vexed the warlock to no end. Turning to face the strange duo of travelers, his amethyst eyes seemed to faintly glow, as if he were considering whether or not to use his curse to simply end them then and there. Mathias could always use more eggs to add to his collection, more Spawns of Suffering to contribute to the steadily growing horde that he looked after. Such a possibility would be kept in mind as he gave them a thorough once over, as there was always potential in those around you, if you are willing to look. Turning his gaze to the older man, Mathias was able to make a few conclusions about him, though he always remembered to never take physical appearances at more than face value. Judging from the bags under his eyes, the way he held himself, the way that sweat slowly rolled down the side of his face without much regard meant this man had much more than a backpack weighing on him. Whether his was doing this of his own volition or not, Mathias could not make out for certain, but this was a man who was growing tired of his existence. If confronted with the possibility of death, Mathias wondered if he would fight against him on it or not. Alternatively there was the girl, whose youth would have fooled many others, but Mathias has learned to be distrustful of anything he cannot control. Beyond those eyes may very well be the eyes of a monster for all he knew, as many were blessed with traits that weren't as visible as purple eyes. Something warned him to be extra mindful of that one, or else he may be on the receiving end of something that would push him over the edge of his patience. Thinking back to the demands of the older man, he wondered first at what had caused him to reveal himself in the first place. It was quite possible they would have been able to avoid his detection, as his mind was engaged with the ritual at hand, his imps tasked with tormenting the group he spied made him rather vulnerable. Mathias made a note to bring extra precautions next time he made a visit to Genesaris, so as to avoid such things once again. Curiosity must have overwhelmed the man, the need to understand what was going on before him, all so that he could satiate that hunger Mathias knew all too well. "Twice in one day I am greeted with those that seem to have an inordinate amount of courage when it comes to approaching me. Clearly you are unaware of who I am, as simply the sight of me is enough to make people weary of engaging me in such trivial conversation. Why I am here does not concern you that much, or else you would have studied me from afar like a true seeker of knowledge would, not some two bit camper who looks to be on the search of a new fungus in order to become relevant." Anger edged his words, his patience for dealing with trespassers was waning exponentially, with unabandoned slaughter becoming the more preferable option every moment. "I posit the same thing to you, fool. Why bring yourself here when surely all of your good senses, however scant they may be, had told you to run? You seem to have nothing of value to make yourself useful, so consider your answer wisely, for I do not take kindly to tricks. Those that cross me as you may notice, meet with unfortunate endings." His eyes smoldered with frustration, his desire to check in with the imps prodding at his mind, but he needed his full attention on this matter. While it seemed as if he was addressing both of them, much of his focus was on the girl, as he had already written off the older man as fodder. No ordinary being would willingly join someone so foolish as this man at what could only be described as a fool's task, if they themselves were not equipped to handle situations. Whatever the case, any move they made would not escape his notice.
  4. Jennifer stood there, knowing that her new life was almost over tragically short if not for the help of her sister Catherine. This priest was dangerous, so much so that she was glad that his arms were now taken care of, her sister making sure that he could not once again threaten them with his magic. Taking some time to regain her composure, she resumed her attempt at beguiling this priest once again. "That was a naughty thing you did, little priest, we could have had so much more fun if my sister didn't have to restrain you, but that's all right. You can have a chance to prove yourself to me, once we have a little fun." While the priest would not be able to see it, Jennifer's eyes would go pitch black, her full focus no longer being in maintaining the magic that would suppress the priest's. Now it was focused on changing the shadows inside of her own mouth, a watery, inky substance that once ingested worked its way into the brain of the affected, working to remove the inhibitions that kept them in check. Taking both hands she grabbed onto the face of the priest of the Radiant Dawn, then brought her lips up to his, using her grip to keep his face level with hers. As he engaged him in a kiss, her tongue made its move to break through his lips into his oral cavity, but met with resistance when his teeth were clamped down shut. Paying this no mind she would paint his teeth with the black substance, knowing that with enough going inside, it would eventually find its way down his throat. With an added measure of her temptation, her left hand would remove itself from his face, traveling downwards into the folds of his robes. When she was a living creature, Jennifer Mollins was married, which taught her much about the desires of a man. One such lesson she had obtained was that the right touch was always the only thing needed to send their passion ablaze. Already she knew that he was enjoying himself, any possible feelings of shame that he may have about feeling such pleasure matter little to her. This was a mission to convert an enemy to their side, so she would use his shame against him as she disengaged the kiss so that she could taunt him. "Oh my, you could pierce right through my cold, still heart with such a mighty sword. It seems your vows mean very little to you once the flesh begins to feel the temptation, hm? Why must you shame yourself for feeling good, just because you were told it was wrong? If it were wrong, why would it feel so good?" Her left hand would not leave where she had it placed, the right hand softly stroking his cheek and neck, small spatters of the black liquid at the corners of his mouth. Soon her enchanted darkness would make its way inside of him, removing all inhibitions as his belief in the light would begin to break down. Thinking back to her past brought with it the sorrow she did not wish to deal with right now, but the priest would not see her tears as the memory of her late husband was recalled in her mind. She could not cry the true tears of a mortal, so small drops of blood made their way out of the corners of her eyes, leaving small paths of crimson down her tender alabaster skin. Pushing down such feelings, she focused back on what she was doing with the priest, determined now more than ever to earn her place in her new family.
  5. Sinking, sinking, sinking deep into the ground until every last inch if Arashi was swallowed up by the ground inside the circle he had conjured. This was to be a slow process, a change that would take some time for it to take hold and to form itself, but it would happen. During this time Mathias would leave the staff where it was, knowing that it was vital it stay intact if it was to continue its job of feeding energy into the circle. Without the staff to keep the circle going, the ground would return to its original state, with Arashi trapped inside. Though she was stuck many feet underneath the ground, the magical energies of the ritual allowed her to continue living without the need for breathing. So long as the ritual was active, she would have the minor traits of a demon, one of which being the ability to survive without having to breath. Arashi would also learn that she was not alone deep beneath the ground, as she could feel the sensation of something slithering along her skin. It appeared to come from everywhere, small, wet, thread like fingers dragging themselves across her skin. Little did the dragon hybrid realize was that this was simply bait used to lure in the true target of the ritual. Within the confines of the earth are things many cannot bear to believe exist, the mere mention of them or what they look like causing most to turn away in disbelief. If ever confronted with the reality of the existence of such creatures, many would go insane on the spot, their minds shattered as they cannot cope with such blasphemous truths. Such creatures now made their way for dear Arashi, enticed by the smell of the earthworms that covered most of her body. She would have no warning as to where the creatures were coming from as their bodies slowly burrowed through the dirt to travel to their next meal. Helpless against their advances, Arashi would soon begin to feel their razor sharp teeth as they began to slowly bite down on her flesh, the worms writhing in pain as they were devoured by the creatures. When the monstrosities of nature had fully clamped down their jaws upon nearly every part of the young woman, she would find they would not release their grip on her. For what felt like entire years going by she would feel this tremendous pain coursing through her body, the creatures never letting go as their bodies started to become effected by the magic of the ritual. Their flesh began to melt into a substance much like molten steel, encasing the hybrid in a shell of constant pain with teeth sinking into her flesh, molten metal searing her skin and no other way for her to move in order to escape this torment. "Some would say this process takes years and years, though you'd never know that mere minutes were passing you by. This is the life of a demon, Arashi Sato, endless pain and torment, with nothing but rage to sustain your pathetic life. All of this is what you wanted in exchange of power, but you were afraid to fully take on the role, soon though, you will know what it is like, and you will be better equipped to serve your master."
  6. Mathias looked upon the kneeling form of Arashi Sato, satisfied greatly by the effectiveness of his spell craft. Holding her in his grasp was only part of his revenge, he would need the traitor next, but she was still far away, and the chances of meeting up with authorities were higher than finding her. Looking down at the helpless girl, Mathias decided to have a little fun while he waited for the opportune time to strike. "Stand now, Arashi Sato, for your master wishes to check something." Once she did, the warlock brought out his spellbook, flipping through the pages of blood red letters and drawings. "I assume that while you were with my little cult, they had the good sense to brand you, yes? Good, shed your clothes until you can show me where, then I can proceed." Finally he stopped at a certain page, a crooked smile spreading across his face as he found what he was searching for. Looking up from his papers he noticed that the dragon hybrid had removed her pants and underwear, turned around so that her flank was exposed, the dual brands of the cult and coven clear as day to see. "There it is, I am glad they were able to at least mark my property, now remove the rest of your clothes, you won't need them for what comes next." Planting his staff into the ground, he looked over at her, wondering just how she felt, whether she felt more terror at what was about to happen, or what he has planned for the one she is protecting. Either way, he would make sure that the both of them suffered for as long as he could dole it out, before ending their lives in a grizzly fashion. "You will stay in that spot, and not take any action to interfere with what I am doing, understood?" With her acknowledgement of his actions, Mathias would begin the ritual, speaking in a tongue long since gone from this world, power being built up in his staff. Leeching the energy from the earth itself, the gem inside the very top began to emit a beam of light just four feet from Arashi, that purple light fed into the ground, which in turn started to cause more light to encircle her. Keeping a radius of four feet from the point of where Arashi was standing, the purple light formed a circle, with runes beginning to appear inside of the circle, all of which were of demonic origin. There would be a faint rumble in the ground below the dragon hybrid, before the ground began to feel softer, almost like mud. Before she was aware of what was going on, she would begin to sink into the earth, the process going slowly, but if she struggled, then it would only quicken her descent. All the while Mathias continued speaking the words of power, laughing inwardly at the delicious irony of turning her desires on its head. If she wished so dearly to have the power of a demon, then he would grant such a request, oh he would most certainly do so. Everything comes at a price though, a lesson that Arashi will all too well learn on this day.
  7. As a man in constant pursuit of knowledge, Mathias knew that keeping detailed records would come in handy. With this the warlock would be able to bring up anything he may have missed, possibly something that could help greatly in teaching Undae how to communicate better. As it stood now she had the capacity of a foreigner in a land they did not know, for she wasn't simple, just unable to convey knowledge like others could. When she had leaned her back against his chest, his heart began to flutter for just a moment, his breathing slowed as he took in her warmth. His feelings for the demon did not wane, his heart still conflicted with desire and passion, things that frustrated his ability to keep his chain of though. Part of him wanted so badly to wrap his arms around her waist, to hold her close to him as he nuzzled his face to the back ofnher neck and breathed deep the scent of her ivory hair. That was not to be unfortunately, so he sat there with blushing cheeks as he observed the power of her divination skills. It was awe inspiring to see it happen, the warlock almost thought he was seeing things, but sure enough the prediction came true. With this power, they would most assuredly be able to achieve victory with whatever they endeavored. The largest issue was her ability to communicate though, which will be his top priority at this time, or else all her ability to predict the future will be worthless. "The word you are looking for is different, Undae, when something is not the same as another it is different." Going over to his tent, he retrieved a book he had, one of his books on elemental magic that was translated in common tongue. "Here, this has many words that I think you will like."
  8. After she left, the tiefling walked over to the pile of gold and collected it, looking at the others as he smiled about their positive change in luck. "Well, I think that went well at least, now we don't have to worry about money for a while." Chuckling to himself, the tiefling started placing the coins in a leather baflg he had tied to his belt, the metal clinking as they fell upon each other one by one. "Did you not hear her speak about the monster that lurks out there?" One of the humans said in fear, looking out the front window to check if the creature they were warned about was still out there. She saw nothing, but it did little to calm the fear that was racking her mind at that moment, she running her fingers through her short brown hair as she began to pace. "I don't want to get gobbled up by some monster lurking in the shadows!" "Calm yourself" said the half orc, grabbing her by the shoulders so she would look him in the eyes. "All we have to do is get our location to Master Mathias, he will be able to protect us against any of the monsters that lurk out there in the dark. In the morning, we are all going to do our part to make this place as presentable as we can, and pick up the pieces of our organization so we can resume our mission." Everyone in the group agreed, the human woman calming down enough to nod her head, and so for the time being the half orc would lead these cultists until the warlock returned to them. In the morning, they would indeed begin work on cleaning their new home, having shared beds because of the lack of sleeping arrangements. Each member was given a specific task so that no one would be without work, as much would be needed in order to restore this place to its former glory. The half orc and the two humans would get to work on restoring the house, the elf and the tiefling would go into town to purchase essential supplies for them. They also had a second task of trying to find the ingredients needed to perform a ritual that would inform Mathias of their location. As the two traveled they would speak for a time, mostly on how they felt about the land and of the people, or lack thereof within it. "If we can't find a marketplace, then do we go back or keep looking?" the elf asked as they continued on the road, wary of any dangers that may be lurking. "We have to keep looking for some kind of marketplace, or else we won't be able to get what we need to contact the master. That is priority number one for us I would say." The tiefling responded as he kept the knife he took from the kitchen on his belt, just in case they should need it for trouble.
  9. This job was destined to show the dwarf all manner of odd things, Gwent was beginning to realize, putting away a bag of teeth into the correct slot. Observing the creature devour its own dead flesh was an interesting spectacle, considering how Gwent never had the opportunity to delve into the biological fields of study these butchers surely did. To them it must have been a common phenomenon, but to the dwarf it was something strange, something that had caught his attention. What he chose to do next would probably seem crazy, but it was possible that he was starting to take a liking to this creature. Gathering up some of the leftover tissue from the floor, he brought it all together in as good of a ball as he could shape it. Once that was done, he made sure as much of it got through the barrier as he could, so that the monster could eat what he wanted from it. Surely feeding it more than what the tubes probably did wasn't going to hurt it, the beast would probably burn it off in no time anyway. Gwent watched the creature patiently, standing a few feet back so as not to tempt fate with his own life, wanting to see this creature in action. Everything about the creature fascinated him, though he had no way of understanding the complex science behind what made all of this possible. He was no scientist, he was a mechanic, but something told him to keep trying to make sense of all this. Perhaps this was his way of making amends, or maybe the loneliness was finally starting to eat away at his mind, all he knew was that this creature was here, and Gwent wanted to keep watching it for a while longer.
  10. "Let me handle this, sister, I will make up for my absence in a proper manner, and show this one the ways of the darkness." Her words were sweet, yet coated with the an edge one might hear from a crueler person than that of the gentle Jennifer Mollins. Slowly she went to the high priest of the Radiant Dawn, her footsteps making not a single sound as she approached him. Darkness had always been a part of her life, but now she was beginning to understand it like no shadow witch could ever know, at least not to her knowledge. "Do not worry, you have no need to fear us, because we will not take your life on this night. We only wish for you to see the truth of things, of how the light has forsaken you, of how it will not return to you, no matter how hard you try." Slowly she began to unbutton her coat, a strip of creamy white flesh down the length of her torso, ending at where her pants started, but leaving little to what lay beneath the rest of her clothing. "Is it true that as a priest you must refrain from touching a woman? There must have been endless dreams you've had, all those desires with no means of release." As they did not require light to see inside the cabin, so it was naturally dark. Not only was this to her advantage of keeping her position concealed from the priest, but she had begun to augment this darkness with her magic, as a means of suppressing his ability to call upon his holy powers, something that would have made things difficult for them if he started fighting. Killing him would be troublesome, especially since that would mean the two of them would have to try and acquire another one of them. She would need more time to strengthen the augmentation, so she would do her best to distract the priest as her power increased. Taking his hand in hers, she guided him to her supple flesh, she would be holding her breath in anticipation, if only she needed to breath at all. Soon she would guide his hand to her right breast, allowing his fingers to close around them, closing her eyes as she allowed herself to feel the pleasure of his warm touch upon her skin. "Is it what you thought it would be? Don't be afraid, it's not like you have any obligation to refrain anymore, so why not enjoy yourself?"
  11. Mathias was always astounded at the intricacies of demon physiology, something that he consumed regularly when reading books on the subject of demonology. It seemed that most experts agreed upon a theory that if a demon was strong enough, they could choose what physical characteristics they had when coming into the material world. These traits would range from the mundane like different skin color or hair color to more drastic things like how one interacted with temperatures, such as Undae's strange reaction to the biting cold of Athentha. Certainly there would have to be much more studying to be made if he was going to understand such an entity more fully than with wild theories. What was making it difficult for Mathias was her rather queer personality quirks that left him confused as to how she had reacted to his attempts at communication. At every turn it seems that any progress he makes is reversed, frustrating him and clouding his mind with feelings of rejection that he knew had no place in his thoughts. Most of the time he could set aside his feelings and be the professional he needed to be so that he may obtain the information he needed. Whenever his mind turned to Undae, things became much more complicated, and he found that his frustrations were only growing worse. He was tempted on more than one ocassion to use his magic to force her to comply to him, to figure out some means of communication, but he simply couldn't. No matter how many times he turned his spellbook into the proper rituals for binding a demon to one's will, his kind couldn't seem to find a good enough reason to do such a thing to her. Inflicting pain upon another shouldn't be this difficult for him, it was one of the things he enjoyed most, but somehow the will wasn't there when it came to hurting Undae. His head perked up when she expressed interest in the owl, snow falling from his shoulders as he looked back to see it for himself. It was a scrawny little thing, with brown feathers and eyes that many believed to be full of wisdom. Personally he found them disgusting little things that he didn't wish to associate himself with, but if Undae wanted to know what it was, he would do his best. "That? That is a bird, Undae, um, look here." He used his right index finger to quickly spell the word to her, making sure to spell it phonetically so she could speak it correctly. Repeating the word once more, he waited for her response, hoping it would get through.
  12. Flashing forward at great speed, the warlock would have no time to dodge the attack before it would strike him. With a great cry it landed squarely at his chest, black sparks going everywhere as the power was surging throughout hid body. Crumpling to the ground, it had appeared as if Arashi had truly killed Mathias, his body letting off a faint amount of smoke, though his face was hidden by his cloak. For a few fleeting moments, Arashi would truly feel as if she had once and for all ended the life of the warlock Mathias Mollins. Before Arashi would turn to leave, there was the faintest sound of laughter, the origin of which seemed almost impossible and yet, it was the warlock who was laughing. Slowly Mathias would rise from the ground, the black electricity arcing around him, though showing no signs of doing any real damage to him. Raising his right palm towards her, he gave a cruel smile as he clenched that palm into a fist, Arashi being forced to kneel before him. Her body no longer obeyed her commands it seemed, Mathias was now in full control of the dragon hybrid. "I knew there was something about you that smelled different, and now I know that you've been indulging in demon blood. You've been fighting with borrowed power, Arashi Sato, and now you will pay dearly for it. My magic brought the demons into this world, the same demons that you killed and absorbed their blood. You are just enough of a demon that I can bind you, thus making you my thrall for as long as I wish." Being subjugated by the malicious warlock would certainly be a painful experience for Arashi. Every attempt at moving or acting in general would be extremely difficult, causing her immense pain throughout her nervous system as if she were trying to swim through broken glass. It was power like this that Mathias lived for, complete control over another, causing them nothing but torment, and they having no ability to resist. "Now for a test of loyalty, Arashi, just one simple question that I know you'll answer truthfully. Where is Annabelle of the Plains?"
  13. For a moment Annabelle considered disregarding Arashi's warning and helping her with the fight anyway. While she wasn't as skilled as her adopted sister was, the teenager still knew how to put up a fight. Though the more she thought about it, the more she realized how foolish of an idea that was, considering the raw power Arashi herself had. Opting for the safer path, she dashed for the wagon, gathering the reins as she directed her horse attached to it onwards to the settlement. If she could get some help, maybe she would be able to stop the fighting before it got out of hand. She tried to tell herself that it was going to be okay, that Arashi could handle herself, that this Genji guy would get what was coming to him. All these things she prayed would be true as she made her way out of the training compound in order to get to the settlement. "Please be careful Arashi, I can't lose you again." All these moments of dealing with near death experiences of her sister was beginning to take their toll. If she kept getting this scared she would start growing gray hairs fir certain. Someday she would stop being scared, she would do something about her life and she would feel like the strong one for once.
  14. "Here are the dossiers you asked for sir, though we couldn't find much information just yet on the wizard as he as a recent addition to the Baroness's employment." Said the older man to his master, the two sharing a carriage as they made their way through the streets of Last Chance in order to intercept the Red Baroness and her enterouge for an important business deal. Of course for Lord Rivet the deal was just a means to an end, one that he hoped to profit from as well as use as a means of entering into Gabriela's inner circle. Reviewing the information given to him carefully, the hunter could not help but to praise his Majordomo for his meticulous work. "You continue to outdo yourself, Bigglesworth, job well done. You will be getting more information on that wizard though, won't you? I don't want any surprises while I go this deep undercover." "Of course sir, the information will be discreetly handed to you by your Hooded Man, so you can continue to operate without being discovered." Rivet nodded, making sure he had all his gear with him before he departed from the carriage, which made its stop at the tavern his informants had told him about. According to them (and the information is always good with the right combination of intimidation and bribery) that the Baroness, her bodyguard and her advisor would all be at this establishment for some leisure time. This would provide an adequate opportunity for the arms dealer to enter and to approach them about garnering a deal with Gabriela DuGrace, Lord Rivet being the middleman of course. Once out of the carriage, Lord Rivet made certain that all his trappings were in order, straightening the collar of his white undershirt before adjusting his red tie. Making sure to place his monocle over his right eye, the nobleman felt he was appropriately dressed for the evening, for one always had to look his best when out on a hunt. The more he engaged in this cloak and dagger activity, the more exciting everything seemed to be. New life was being brought to what Lord Rivet was beginning to believe was a drab and boring existence. Entering into the tavern, Lord Rivet was walking towards the bar, making sure to employ the hobble he adopted in order to keep up appearances. As he remained leaning on his cane on the right side, he noticed them from across the room, smiling as he saw his chance. Blocking the view they would have had of the strange blonde man and his possibly enslaved duo of female captives, the Lord began to limp his way over to the table. Of course he had to do more than simply hobble his way over, they were a group of mostly psionic individuals, so he concocted a good way of keeping his mind defended from such intrusions. Memories are a powerful thing, often times they can hamper a psion's ability to peer into your mind because of the intense emotions it can bring forth. Some psions have even been known to be trapped in the memories they are caught in, like the current of a river they can't escape, stuck in an infinite loop wulhile their mind goes into a comatose state. While his might not have been so traumatic, it still left its mark on him like so many from his childhood. Only ten of the twelve children my father had were still alive at the time this had happened, we were all lined up in a field tens of miles from any civilization. We had just witnessed our brother Henry die in front of us, shot in the head execution style because he tried to stop our father from killing another of us, all because he failed the first of many tests he would dole out to us. After his small body crumpled to the ground, the twins, Tracy and Stacy, began to cry uncontrollably, which angered our father. Ordering everyone but the two back in the carriage, he told them that if they wanted to survive the night, they would have to catch up to and re-enter the carriage as it was moving. Tracy was far faster than her twin, and she could have possibly made it to the carriage since their father had slowed their pace to a steady speed, but was still accelerating. Unfortunately Tracy refused to leave her sister behind, pulling her as much as she could while the carriage only continued going faster, they falling to the ground and giving up once the realization sunk in that she had no chance, even without her sister at that point. Even after all those years, that memory still cut him to the core, because that was the day the nightmare was truly real, that it could take any of us, and that there was no way out of it. Sadness, anger, regret, all these emotions swirled around him like a raging maelstrom, but he had mastered the storm long ago, he had to if he was to survive long enough to be here today. Anyone who attempted to peer into his thoughts would be caught in this psychological tempest, with his true thoughts safely hidden in the center of it all. Smiling softly, the nobleman of Umbrage approached the group and spoke in a kindly tone, without much of the malice he had for those he might have viewed as beneath him. "Excuse me, are you the Red Yusuke? I believe I might have a wonderful business proposition for you, one I think will work out great for everyone." He chuckled as he excused himself for having such an inconvenient limp, a cost he paid for going to war he lied, then pulled up a chair so that he may sit with them. "Is everything all right here? Looks like the Baroness is a bit tipsy there, heh heh."
  15. "I will accept the trial, only to prove that I am the guilty Larry, so that no one is forced to take the blame for what I had done." The man was determined to see himself take the fall for this crime, something to be admired of the human, though what will come once the trial starts is another thing entirely. With a command from Soldier, the man was taken away to await his trial. Looking to Balvin, Soldier asked him if he would walk with her for a time, heading towards the Taphouse so they may have lunch. A strange request, but it would be one that Gemheart would not wish to decline, if only to appease his curiosity. Once there, they would order their food, Soldier ordering a small helping of ram meat and mashed potatoes, with a Mardog's Ale to wash it down with. Mardog's Ale was always something she enjoyed when she was younger, the rich brew of hops and grain made it a satisfying choice for a thirsty guard at the end of her shift. "I know this trial is making you nervous, and you have no reason not to be, since we we will be watched by so many. What I want you to remember is that no latter what happens, it is important that you do not interfere with it, and that you remember that this is for the good of Tazarek. Can you do this for me, Balvin?"