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  1. Dropping out of this role play until I can get more financially stable. Gonna be spending most of my time looking for a second job
  2. Im withdrawing from the tournament, life is taking up too much of my time and I don't think ill be free anytime soon to schedule a fight with others.
  3. May I switch out a character? I don't think Annabelle is working out.
  4. Breathe, she told herself, keeping her stance composed as she shifted into a back right stance, her left shoulder pointed towards Lyra as she looked towards her. Her stamina was being tested, but knew that this was a battle with a true warrior, one that very much had the capacity to end her life if she wasn't careful. So far she had dealt with others that shared a similar attitude, but they always had enough control to keep from dealing the finishing blow. Berserkers were a different story, one that she intended to see through to the end, with her still alive at the conclusion. "I've had many teachers, and I have always walked away with something they've taught me, as well as what I've learned from you." With that she charged forward, left hand firmly gripping the hilt as she would prepare to be on the offensive this time around. A greatsword was a dangerous weapon, but one that was far less effective when the wielder had someone close in their guard, so she had to close the distance before she had a moment to strike. She would unsheath her blade in a fluid motion, slashing at her in an upwards diagonal strike starting from her right up towards her left shoulder, keeping her stance narrow making her a harder target to pierce, possibly forcing her to parry once more, especially as she was able to bring the blade forward even faster now that Chaos Soul had chosen a different power, Annabelle no longer being forced to heft the sword when it was using the weighted enchantment.
  5. Well this was certainly a change of pace, thought the scientist as he began to prepare the sample for transport. Protocol would usually suggest that animal trials be done first, then if things went well they would start on human experimentation. Of course these weren't normal circumstances, they were working with a terrorist group bent on unleashing death all over Terrenus, so basic protocol was something that might be thrown out the window at this point. Once the sample had been securely sealed inside of an airtight cylinder, he began to follow Elenwen to where she may have been keeping the test subject. "I assume our test subject didn't volunteer of his own free will then?" Judging from the bloodstains on her dress, that was most likely the case, something that he tried not to think about too much. He would like to say that this would likely cause a painless, silent death for the person once they were infected with the plague that he had developed, but that was far from the truth. It was going to be messy, it was going to be unpleasant, and it would most likely be the single most terrifying thing they would experience right before the end came. Honestly the only thing that he could hope for to help him see this through would be if she had somehow gotten one of their captors as her prisoner, a sort of ironic twist so to speak. They were really going to do it, he thought, they were going to test this thing out, on a real person, and Taylor hadn't even had a chance to shower yet. Of course physical meant nothing to him as a being of pure energy, all he would have to do was 'reset' the form he had to the original state, and he would once again be the fresh faced young man who walked into a honey pot trap. Like he had said before, his change brought with it a good deal of benefits, though it also leaves him with a nasty hunger he just can't seem to shake. Though he was made of energy, he wasn't capable of creating his own energy, so he had to leech off of others in order to sustain himself. Maybe this plague will be the answer to that problem of his.
  6. Slowly they descended into the staircase that would lead them into the madman's laboratory, a quiet sense of dread creeping its way up the dragonborn's spine. Their captor seemed to be a talkative one, detailing the many different experiments he wished to partake in first, always changing it to something that seemed worst than the last. Whatever was going to happen to them, it would surely be an unpleasant fate for the two to endure. Then again, they were monsters, so would anyone feel pity for them in their greatest plight? One might expect a scientist to keep his lab clean and well kept, so as to preserve the environment to ensure for the most honest results in their experiments. For whatever reason this one didn't seem to get that idea, and it showed in the overall cleanliness of this facility. Dirt and filth seemed to cake the walls, the floors, even the ceiling was not without its own share of the telltale signs of neglect. Whatever occupied the mind of this hefty individual, seems to have consumed him to a point where all other things have gone to the wayside. "Here will be your holding cell, make yourself comfortable, you're going to be here for a while. I will be back with the first round of experiments, so don't start getting ideas about escape or something, because it just won't work!" The madman waited until the duo had entered into the dilapidated room, which seemed to consist of only the barest of necessities with none looking to be very clean. Slamming the cell door shut, Ashenfire was starting to grow tired of his muzzle, the feeling of being trapped starting to grate against him severely. With a low growl he would start slamming his head against the stone wall, hoping to beat the iron enough to break the lock that held it in place. After the third strike against the wall, his head was beginning to feel groggy, the chuckles of the madman heard in the distance over his struggle. Even as the outlook was getting more and more bleak, he still had his rage to hold onto for sanity.
  7. I think ill have to pull out on this, my workload is just too much and I got some shit at home that's gonna make it a bit difficult for me to post regularly.
  8. I would be completely fine with just being the apprentice, should make for an interesting story for her working alongside someone while also technically being a captive to the people that work with him in the empire.
  9. It would, and I suppose that will be a good time for me to throw my hat into this then. Would Annabelle be a sin or no?
  10. Annabelle was taken aback by the comment made about her parents, having forgotten for that moment that she was without them. Would her father be proud of what she had done today, in some far off world where souls go for their final rest? Perhaps, though it was difficult to know for certain to her, so she instead focused on the task at hand, trying to keep those harsh memories out of her thoughts. The large outcropping of rocks jutted outwards by at least twenty five feet, allowing them a fair amount of shade and shelter from the wind that whipped at them. With this in hand they were able to keep themselves safe for the time being, but there was a lot more that needed to be dealt with at the present. Annabelle looked over at Am, frowning a bit as she struggled to get herself in a more comfortable position while keeping her feet elevated. She could certainly admire her attitude, as one regularly would have to endure a good deal of pain in order to survive this harsh world that we lived in. While she could understand any fear she may be having about letting Annabelle get too close, there was still her ankle that needed to be examined more. As a show of faith, she unhooked her sword and her dagger from her belt, placing them on the ground next to her before putting her hands up in the air. Annabelle needed her trust if she was going to help her, which meant putting herself a little vulnerable in the process. Maybe she was being protective of the sword, so curiously wrapped up in the bundle that Annabelle had mistaken it for a child. Everything about how Am treated it suggested it was something of extreme value, but to what end the young girl couldn't be certain. "Its okay, I'm not going to hurt you, but your ankle needs to be looked at if we are going to get it better, okay? If its broken, then I need to make a splint, if not, then all that's needed is to ice it down and reduce the swelling. I can't help you if you resist me, all right?" Slowly she would approach the ankle, softly touching it and making sure to see it in all angles before making her best conclusion on the injury. From what it appeared it was truly a sprained ankle, nothing to be overly concerned about, but that still required some attention. Going back to her sword, she removed her scarf, revealing her pox marked skin from when she narrowly survived Small Pox as a child, then taking a deep breath before unsheathing her sword. Whether by pure chance or divine providence, the sword chose the right power to use, a thin layer of frost covering the blade, which would cool down her scarf once wrapped around it in order to serve as a rudimentary ice pack. "This is going to feel very cold, but trust me when I say it will be beneficial to your recovery when I wrap this scarf around your ankle."