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  1. Gradric left the conference room shortly after the others had, shaking his head as he knew that his journey seemed like it was going to be much longer than first anticipated. With his self confidence having taken a beating, the would be king males his way to the personal lift, somewhat aware of a presence that was near him. Looking over his shoulder he saw not a single dwarf in the hall, which was strange since he was almost certain there were others making their way through to some other room on this floor. Shaking off the feeling as nothing but paranoia, Gradric entered the elevator, directing the crystal console to lower him to the bottom floor. Perhaps his friend Dalim would help him to understand how he might better earn his place as king. He had already been so helpful to him, that he might have another idea as to how he would assert his rightful claim as king. Then again, if he wasn't able to back up his claim with anything solid, then his aspirations would be dashed as soon as they were made. Things certainly couldn't make him feel anymore down than he already was, the dwarf thought to himself as the door opened. Unfortunately for him today proved to be especially devoted to proving just how wrong he was in all things. Once the door had opened, Gradric was face to face with a rather fearsome looking warrior, one who had murder written all over his face. This was a literal statement, as the other dwarf had tattoos all over his face in dwarven symbols, detailing his crimes for all to see. What troubled Gradric wasn't just the markings on his face, but the armor and weapons that he sported. No one would allow a known convict into the capital building equipped with chain mail and an ax unless there was an ulterior motive behind it. "End of the line, yer Majesty." In an attempt to knock him out on the first punch, he threw a right hook at Gradric's head, which he narrowly avoided by pulling his head back. This was to be an attempt at his life then, so the young dwarf would respond in kind, charging forth to tackle the assassin into the part of the building they were at, as it was clear they were not at the bottom floor of the capital building. After bringing him to the ground, Gradric struck his attacker in the face with his fist, then was pushed off after receiving an elbow to the jaw. Both combatants picked themselves up quickly, brandishing their weapons as they looked at each other in the lobby of one of the office floors if the capital building. Gradric knew he would have to face opposition, but never thought his enemies would try to have him killed so quickly. "Well, are you gonna fight me or what?" Gradric taunted, ready to defend himself at all costs for his dreams.
  2. [News Article] There has been another brawl down in the Second Level of Tazarek, another example of harsh clan on clan violence between the Swordchewers and the Bloodrams. Last night at around ten thirty five, both clans had engaged into a fight after a Bloodram accused a Swordchewer of cheating him out of a job protecting a wealthy merchant as he made his way to Hell's Gate. The ensuing chaos chaos caused large amounts of property damage along with a serious injury towards one of the patrons who tried to break up the conflict. We spoke with Sergeant Bladesmith of the Tazarek Military, who had been tasked with finding a solution to the violence what she had to say about this particular incident. "Its a common occurrence around here, one that's been ignored for too long in this city. When you mix bad blood and strict adherence to honor, you've mixed a powder keg trouble that only needs the slightest spark to explode." Is there anything that can be done to curb the amount of violence afflicting our communities? "I've been working closely with many of the Clan Masters about this, because they are the ones with the power to rein in the people that follow them. What hampers us is the fact that everytime it feels like we are getting a step further to peace, brawls like this happen to restart the old feuds that caused this thing in the first place. Until the Clan Masters get their heads out of their arse, it may be a while before we can see a reduction in this senseless violence." [Political Cartoon] (The picture is a scene of many different rulers looking down on a group of dwarves in the middle of some room. Each of the rulers appear to bear a striking resemblance to the leaders of the Terran allied cities, with the largest of them bearing a close resemblance to Odin Haze, though it appears he is made the most monstrous of them all. In the hands of these rulers are chains, with small words printed above them that include: Sanctions, Military Pressure, Forced Servitude. The dwarves do not seem afraid at all, defiantly standing against them with weapons raised, determined to fight until their last breath in order to protect their freedom.) TAZAREK BOWS TO NO KING [Interview Article] Well, it appears that once again, we were not able to get an interview with Representative Soldier for our exclusive series. Fortunately for us we were able to get an interview with the newest Representative, Builder and learn what Responsibility Overlap means. Could you please explain this term to our readers, Representative Builder. "Of course. Responsibility Overlap is a term we use to define how we handle things that sometimes crosses over into each others field of Representation. For example, I represent many of the magitech engineers that reside in the city, but of course as we know magitech is a very specialized form of magic, which would fall under Scholars territory. Now since it would only cause chaos for us to fight over who controls what aspects, we are entrusted to work together in order to make sure things run smoothly." Has there ever been a case where things overlap into more than one Representatives jurisdiction? "There have been some ocassions where that has happened, yes, but its always been handled the same way as if there were only two. This is why we hold regular meetings to keep up with everything, or else it can overwhelm a person." Do you ever feel the stress of the job start to get to you? "More often then not, but that may just be because I'm still green about administration. Working with my hands keeps me centered though, which is why I try to take as much of an active part in projects as I can." Well thank you for your time, Representative Builder, hopefully next week we can finally snag that interview with Soldier. Now there is no reason for laughing about that! [Weather] The forecast calls for rain near midnight, with severe lightning and heavy rain all through the night until morning. There will be a high of 46 and a low of 21 degrees Fahrenheit. Winds are expected to be coming in at 18 miles per hour with a windchill of 5 degrees. Sunset is projected to come in at 4:49 PM
  3. I will volunteer for this opportunity. My character of choice will be Gradric Greatbeard.
  4. Yeah I don't have anything nearly that strong. My strongest character would probably be my Orc Warden, Golaith, who could probably bench somewhere around like 675 I think. He would definitely get rekt by those kinds of characters. Well there is also my warlock Mathias, who once he goes into his demon form can lift at least 720, but he also uses some strong magic to put on extra damage to his attacks.
  5. Shielding herself from the blood spatter with her arms, Ember took a few deep breaths, knowing that she needed to get out of there before the fighting got really intense. With her duffel bag in her possession, she shimmied down one of the drain pipes that lead to the bottom of the building, taking note of the sniper fire that had potentially saved her life. Whoever they were, she would be sure to thank them, if they didn't try to kill her first. For now she would get to her hideout, continue planning on her mode of attack, and execute her plan to finally get her bounty. Later that day she would read about the bloody firefight that occurred in the building, with many sources placing the blame squarely on the shoulders of the gun runner Jack Rivet. Ember knew that it wouldn't bother him though, because while it looked like he had taken a lot of lives in the eyes of the public, Jack had probably ended the lives of a lot more people in the background. He was a monster like that, masking his brutal nature through a condescending high birth identity that most wouldn't even want to see beyond the surface, but Ember knew there was always more underneath than what he wanted people to see. No matter what physical injuries he endured to get out of that place, it didn't hold a candle to the damage he had to have endured in order to be the killer that he was in the present. [The Next Night] The night was young, with the moon halfway concealed in darkness as it shone down to the city, with Ember looking down at her target from a building across the street. Knowing that her mark was tucked away in his office, with a myriad of soldiers for additional security. Spending a good portion of the day staking it out, she learned that a good portion of whatever money they stole was used to improve their weapons and armor, meaning it was definitely going to be a difficult fight, but she felt she could still do it. All it was going to take was some stealth, and a good amount of explosives courtesy of the arms dealer Jack Rivet. With her duffel bag across her chest, Ember used an electrical power line that connected the building she was on to the one used by the Poor Sons as a headquarters. Slowly she climbed, her back facing the street as she traversed her way to her target, a black figure hidden in the cold night air. After making her way to the other side of the building, she carefully dismounted, taking hold of the edge of the building, scaling down where she could get onto the ledge just below the top floor of the building. While she hung there, she began removing small devices from the duffel bag, which emitted a small red light underneath a thick adhesive gel. Gently placing them at interval points of the side of the building, specifically right below the boarded up windows, she began to scale down to the second highest floor, where the windows weren't boarded up. After entering inside the building, she could hear the sounds of faint talking in the distance, aware that if she wasn't careful, an alarm would be raised, and she would be undeniably screwed. Carefully she walked to the elevator, her footfalls softly placed so as not to attract any attention, pressing the button to call for an elevator car to come up. This was her only way to the top floor of the building, but she would make sure that whoever was coming in as backup would have a bad time, considering that this was the only elevator they had available to them. "Come on, come on." She whispered, feeling impatient as her plan was finally about to come into action.
  6. As she stepped through the door, Wendolyn had a feeling that things were only going to go from bad to worse. There was no doubt in her mind that the crash would bring more attention than she wanted, but if she was going to get out of this alive and out of jail, she would have to roll with whatever was thrown her way. While she may have underestimated the possible dangers a hospital would hold, she still felt what she had would be enough to keep herself safe. What she didn't expect though, was to come face to face with what appeared to be a human, but her wrist console was lighting up with notifications indicating something far different. Looking at the nurse Eugenia, the young dwarf almost mistook her for an elf, being unable to find any pointed ears behind all that hair made it difficult. What made it easier to distinguish her as a human was the fact that her beauty didn't make her feel in awe of her at all, as she had read would be the case, but instead she had an eerie feeling about her, one that unnerved her enough to keep her rifle trained at the nurse's head. With her right hand holding the weapon, her left quickly went to tap out a few controls on the console strapped to her wrist. Moments later the mana collection device at her waist would collect the energy that would be fed into the gun, but she also had it scanning for some kind of wireless connection network, as a means of seeing why it lit up as soon as she stepped from that elevator. "You aren't going to let me onto that elevator, are you?" By the looks of the scalpel she held, this wasn't just going to be a social visit for her either. A faint dinging noise came from her console, and she took a glance at it to notice something very peculiar that displayed on the crystalline screen. Indicators popped up in a bullet form list of available wireless connections, with one marked Nurse Eugenia at the very top of the list, which posed some strange questions to her that she wasn't sure she wanted an answer to. If she had a wireless connection named after her, could that mean she had her own office somewhere with a personal connection? If that wasn't the case, as most hospitals had a generalized network that everyone had to use, then that meant there was something else going on, something that made the disturbing feeling in her spine double in intensity. "I swear I'll put a hole right through you, tin can!"
  7. Gradric felt his weapon begin to dip, cursing himself as he fell victim to the effects of Emery's magic. He had do something or else he was going to miss completely and take a hit! Acting on his instincts, he summoned an earth spike to knock the flat end of his hammer straight towards Emery's legs. If it hit, it would do some amount of damage, though not nearly as much he would if his weapon hadn't dipped. Before he could attempt anything else, he felt the electrifying stings of the baton on his body. The pain was so great that he actually dropped his weapon, his joint making it impossible for him to pick it back up with both hands. His biggest problem though was the electricity coursing through him, making it difficult to move as he struggled to stay on his feet. Preps: Lightning bolt 1
  8. If you are looking to explore some interesting ways of really developing the demonic part of your character, this might be for you. We are looking to do a lot of interesting role plays and we are definitely working with collaborating with other boards in order to make some really cool stories happen. Currently we are in Genesaris, where we plan on doing a lot of cool stuff all over the place, so if you want to join in on some evil guys working on shaking things up, then I think you'll have some fun with the Coven of the Shadowed Hand.
  9. Ember was caught in a dangerous game with the Cardinal, knowing that her plan wasn't exactly working out like she wanted, she still couldn't give up. Fire and hatred clouded her vision, making it difficult for her to distinguish much else, let alone think all too well. When the pipe went through her chest, things were brought into focus, so a plan quickly formed in her head as she did her best to keep him from moving too much. Noticing that her hands right under the Cardinal's chin, she knew exactly what she had to do. With a quick motion she would shoot her hands underneath the helmet, her hands still completely covered in the fire that was starting to take its toll on her physically. Cardinal Gonne would no doubt feel the hungry fire at his face, the fingers scrambling to grab hold of an eye socket or hook in his cheek. "Get off me!" Ember screamed, blood spurting out from the corners of her mouth as she tried to force the monk from her body. If not for the fire, her injuries would indeed be fatal. Instead, the wounds were almost instantaneously cauterized by the fire, allowing for her lung to be spared from a fate of asphyxiation from blood pooling inside of it. Ember knew that there was no victory to be had, her mind solely focusing on trying to survive so that she could get to safety. Still her magic continued to draw in the fire that was engulfing the buildings around her, fueling her own immolation as she struggled for her life. Preps: All Preps are being used to continue the self immolation effect on Ember. Advantages: The fire cauterizes the wounds caused by the pipe, allowing her to continue fighting without bleeding out. Cardinal Gonne has done nothing about Ember's hands underneath his chin, allowing her to slip them inside of the helmet he wears to get at his face.
  10. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahagahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
  11. Mathias was quite surprised by the sudden interruption made by the smaller child, silently chiding himself for having been so easily found in what he thought was a discreet location. Looking over to her, his violet eyes could show the thoughtful intensity he showed her, as if trying to figure out her greatest secrets just from staring at her alone. If she was right, then this would indeed be an interesting place to return, if only to excavate the remains to glean some trace of their ancient power. Ultimately he decided to mark the coordinates of this place down anyway for the future, then looked to her so that he may converse and learn of her intentions. "You must either be very naive, or very cautious to have come here in order to speak with us. Certainly you have something more to offer than knowledge of long dead civilizations, lest I have to end your life for wasting my time." Harsh words indeed, but Mathias was not one to mince words on such trivial matters, especially since there were far more lucrative plans in action. From his right he heard the snide chattering of the umps as they reported the completion if their task, the warlock's instruments now set up to properly record the data that could be coaxed out of the Magestorm. Stepping towards one of the instruments, a bronze telescope that was pointed directly at the weather phenomenon, Mathias was pleased with their work, using his telepathic link with them to issue new orders. Without a word the Spawns began moving towards the swirling storm of magic, ocassionally nipping at or scratching their fellow brethren, but still clearly headed for the storm. Mathias smiled as he watched them go, knowing that their sacrifice would be part of a worthy cause in order to study the Magestorm in greater detail. It was not sheer cruelty that compelled Mathias to send out his imps to certain doom, there was always a greater plan afoot than what could be seen. Because the demons were anchored to this world by Mathias's heart, they could not die by traditional means, merely their corporeal forms would be destroyed until they reformed twenty four hours later. Through this use of their unique abilities, Mathias was perfectly fine throwing them into the storm so that he may examine their memories when they returned. With the expedition looking so very promising, Mathias was in something of a good mood, which was possibly why he did not immediately kill the strange girl for intruding on his research. Opening up his journal he continued writing notes, every so often looking at his instruments in order to record their findings. Mathias made certain to listen to the small child's explanation as to why she was there though, for it would largely determine whether or not he would take her life for such insolent behavior. Was he capable of killing a child though, he wondered to himself, acutely aware that in his time on this planet, he had yet to claim someone so young as a victim. Perhaps instead of a gruesome death he would make it quick, just to insure that their presence would not be made known to the larger world. This would have to be something he discussed with his master about, once he was finished with his business here at the very least.
  12. Need someone to play the dwarf woman Eagle and myself are torturing.
  13. As though he was stabbed in the chest, the dwarf recoiled from the stab made at his newly attached wings. Looking up towards the injured wing, there were trickles of blood coming down from the leathery exterior, realizing that it was most likely his own blood that is pumping through the appendages. Looking over at the scientist, he wasn't sure whether to feel angry or disgusted at him. "That hurt you bastard!" Gwent didn't know how to handle something like this, it was completely biological, where he was used to dealing with the mechanical. Something told him that there would be multiple instances of this happening, meaning that there was going to be some things he would have to get over. His patience was being sorely tested, but his honor demanded his compliance, though even that was starting to seem like something he would rather just abandon. "Isn't there any sort of mechanical issue you require me to fix? I brought my tools and everything." He tried his best to not seem desperate, but he didn't like this feeling, and he needed something to ground himself while he was going to be here. Repaying his debt would be a lot easier if he could do what he was raised to do, but if not, then things were going to get a lot more difficult around here for him.
  14. During the Cardinal's little speech, Ember was having something of a conversation with herself, one she didn't expect to have, but it still happened nonetheless. This appeared to be something of an existential crisis for her, as she started to feel the weight of not just a possible defeat or loss of life, but by the sum total of how her life had fared so far. One thing that stood out the most was when the holy monk spoke of human excellence, which is what seemed to trigger the conversation in itself. "What makes humans so excellent? Would it be their cold indifference to you as you suffered alone to find a place in this world? What about their cruelty to you, as they shunned you, condemned you, spit in your face just for being different from them!" "It shouldn't matter, I'm not like them...I still have hope." "How has that worked out for you so far, Ember? How long are you going to keep Hope alive, when you know that Hate burns hotter?" "I refuse to go there...I refuse to give in to that part of me." "Do you really think this is just one part of you, Ember? This is WHO YOU ARE! Hate is what molds you, it's what gives you everything you need to stop playing with the kiddie gloves. Is this what you want, Ember? To be a bitch to those humans for the rest of your life, letting them beat you down until you are nothing, lower than the dirt they pound you in." When the dirt was kicked into her face, she closed her eyes to keep it from blinding her, but when she opened them again, things were a lot different. Her eyes were no longer of any sort of iris, pupil or white, what stood there now was pure fire, fueled by hatred. No longer did she feel the need to hide the fire that enveloped her hand, for now she used it to cover every inch of her body, her hatred stoked by the aggression she felt towards her opponent. With her breath ragged and seething with the loathing she felt for the Cardinal, she sprung forward to latch onto him in a vicious grip. If it was successful, she would wrap legs around his waist and loop her arms under his armpits, linking her hands over his throat as the fire started to burn hot around her own body. His own armor that protected him from so much would now be the oven that cooked his body, the metal taking in the heat from the fire as she would refuse to release her grip on him. So great was her rage that it demanded even more heat, more fire to fuel her baleful flames, that the fires surrounding them began to lessen, drawn in by the magic she inherited from her bloodline. No longer did she feel the faint pull of hope that kept her grounded, no longer did she feel that possibility that everything was going to be okay. Ember of Hope died this day with this battle against Cardinal Gonne, all that rose from those ashes was a new Ember, an Ember of Hate, her goals were rather simple at present. "FORGIVE ME FATHER, FOR I WANT TO HEAR YOU SCREAM!"
  15. Ember nodded, looking towards them as she started to explain the plan, knowing how risky of an endeavor it would be. These people weren't going to willingly give up their only means of getting back on top, so they were definitely going to have some heavy resistance in the operation. Now that she had her group with her, they at least had a chance of getting this thing done right. "All right, here's how it's going to go." The next day later. The sun was shining down on the city as the local festival was in full swing, children and adults alike laughing in joy. Stalls were set up on either side of the street, offering either delectable snacks or games to entertain the pedestrians that walked the closed street. Halfway down there was a group of four clowns performing various comedic acts for the people who deposited coins into their small hats that were placed on the ground. From a few feet away Ember stood, watching them as she recalled the plan she explained to her crew, knowing their parts were about to come in. "Hope and City are going to approach the clowns, ask them to perform a special trick that they will perform because you will hand them this shiny gold coin. This trick is where they climb on top of each other until they look like a box, two on bottom and two on top. This is where the bear comes in." She was keeping her eyes peeled, aware that she would need to be paying attention for her own part to play. Everything had to go right, or else there was going to be bloodshed, and this was no place to have an all out brawl, not with all these kids anyway. Looking around, she knew that on the inside, she would never want to mar their childhood, just as hers was taken from her so long ago. Things seemed a lot simpler back when she was just a runaway orphan, all she had to do was survive, but now she couldn't just survive, she had to do more. "Kuma will stumble into them as they perform the act, your cover story is that you got drunk and didn't know what you were doing. Once he stumbles into them, this is where the most important part comes in, because this is where we are going to get the devices. From the looks of a usual Izral clown outfit, the only place you can sneak something in is under the frilly little collar they have there. You three will help them up, with me joining in as just a bystander to get the fourth. Slip your hand in to the collar inconspicuously, take the advice and we get out of there, where we meet up later before anyone catches wind at this same warehouse." Looking over at the group of jokers, Ember was aware that there was always a possibility of violence, but sometimes that was necessary when you followed your dreams. Ember wasn't content just with surviving, she wanted more, so much more than to just be a runaway. Now she felt the ambitious fire being stoked in her heart, as she knew that this was merely one step in achieving her goal of moving on up from just surviving, to carving out her own place in this hell hole they called a world. "Showtime."