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  1. Ben would find bloody carnage in the wake of Mephistopheles, with the carcasses of multiple hybrids strewn about in various forms of dismemberment. Buckets of blood painted the walls around the hulking monster, his body covered in deep gashes and bite marks. None of these seemed to disturb the demon, however, as it was busy in the process of devouring one of the hybrids that it held so much hatred for. Its maw was opened to impossible lengths, as the legs were descending down into its gullet. With each forceful movement of its body, the muscles within its jaw and neck broke the bones, eviscerated the flesh, and sent jets of blood flying. Two more movements of his powerful jaws, and the hybrid was fully devoured. After he was finished, he roared deeply into the ceiling, the sound carrying down into the depths of the caves. He was proclaiming his dominance. "Have you acquired the artifact?" He asked after taking a moment to gather his wits. This battle had vexed him sorely, but he had worked through some of his aggression in a sense. It was almost therapeutic, viciously slaughtering those you associated your anger with. Of course it would never compare to being able to perform the act upon the true source of his disdain and loathing... "If you have, then it is time for my end of the bargain." Looking around the chamber, he noticed this was clearly some kind of feeding ground. "Their lore must be stored elsewhere, deeper within the cave I believe." The shadows within him began to disperse, and Mathias returned once more. "I will not be able to call upon Mephistopheles for a while now. He needs time to regenerate from that onslaught, and I do not trust him to cede control if he has been let out for so long." He began walking once more, a small belch emitted past his lips. "Excuse me."
  2. I need to find a home for this little guy, he just wants some loving. https://www.valucre.com/topic/38967-mephistopheles/
  3. Warlock


    Name: Mephistopheles Age: Unknown Race: Devil Gender: Male Height: 10'1 Weight: 775 lbs Wingspan: 7 ft Horn length: 3 feet growing from horns and curving inwards Influence: 4 Abilities: Fel Corruption (passive): (3) Whenever Mephistopheles uses his magic or makes physical contact with an element such as the earth, it becomes corrupted by the demonic magic of the Fel. This corruption reinforces the devil's influence on that element, and makes it difficult for others to manipulate said elements as well. For every time that Mephistopheles uses his magic, a five foot area around him, increasing by another five feat for each subsequent time he casts a spell unless he moves from his original position, in which the process starts over. Summon Imp: (2) Through his mastery over the art of summoning demons, Mephistopheles pulls forth three ruby red imps from the depths of Hell. Physical stats: Height: 4'10 Weight: 140 lbs The imps have the physical strength to break through wood as if it were paper. Their speed is relative to that of a large dog (around seventeen to twenty miles per hour) and have razor sharp claws and teeth. Only three imps can be spawned at one time and Mephistopheles cannot summon more imps unless the original three are dead. When killed the imps will explode, splattering out their blood in a large mess generally around ten feet or so in diameter. Every drop of blood from the imps causes corruption to the element in which it touches. Dark Elementalism: (4) Through his studies of the dark arts, Mephistopheles is able to exert his infernal influence over the four cardinal elements. Each of these abilities furthers his demonic influence over the land around him, and in certain cases (as in corrupted water and fire) can use the elements to directly corrupt the landscape around him. His affinity with the main elements are as follows. Fel Fire: Bright green flames that burn the soul as much as they can burn through cold steel. Fel Fire is of the same temperature as blue fire, can be casted at speeds upwards of sixty miles per hour and can be interacted with normally like a regular fire could. Anything burned by these demonic flames are corrupted by the power of the demon Mephistopheles. Only other fire does not become susceptible to the corrupting power of Fel Flames. Fel Wind: From the circle of Hell of those who Lust, these winds come forth to bring suffering upon the mortal plane. Using this power Mephistopheles can generate eighty mile per hour winds and create twisters to send towards his opponents. If consumed by fire, the taint of the demonic magic transfers to the fire, though the Fel Wind is incapable of corrupting any other element with the power of the Fel. Fel wind is also considered toxic to most living creatures of the mortal realm, causing irritation to both the eyes and the lungs. Fel Earth: Blackened landscapes are all one can see when the earth itself is bent to the will of this devil. Able to control up to three hundred pounds of earth and send it hurtling at fifty miles an hour. His manipulation of the earth also includes being able to control how loose or compact certain earthen minerals such as dirt or sand are. Fel Earth does not hold the ability to corrupt the air but can corrupt the water and fire through saturation and combustion if set ablaze. Fel Water: Crystal clear waters now turned to putrid sludge, the power of Mephistopheles is all but unstoppable. Through this spell the infernal being is able to control upwards of a hundred gallons of water. Steam, ice and water are all states of matter that he is able to control and change at will, creating potent attacks that are toxic to those of the mortal plane. With the ability to cast this water at speeds of sixty miles an hour, these waters are most unwelcome. The liquid state is viscous sludge which can cause toxic shock if ingested. If made into mist it becomes a thick black miasma that can choke the respiratory system. Once made into an umbra colored piece of ice, it is perhaps in its safest form, if not for how deceptively slippery it is, as if there was no friction at all to it. Equipment: Razor Claws: (3) The talons upon his hands are sharpened to a fine point. These claws are capable of shredding through iron as if it were paper, each point of contact further corruption. If it happens to pierce the flesh of a living creature, a potent venom is injected into the bloodstream. Intense pain, nausea and paralysis follows soon after in a matter of minutes. Unholy Flesh: (4) Mephistopheles is not composed of normal flesh and bone, but he must have a physical body to interact in the mortal plane. He is immune to poisons and venom's, but is still vulnerable to decapitation and whole body destruction. Divine magic's are a weakness, able to cut through his hide like paper while at most it would take hardened steel to cut him. Physical stats: Bench press: 955 lbs Squat: 1000 lbs Leg press: 1200 lbs Running speed: 55 mph Sprint: 65 mph Fly: 70 mph
  4. Assume that your character is going to meet up with them at the market instead of following either of them. I think that'll be the safest best
  5. Right now he is set up with the Empire that Twitterpated runs in Genesaris, in an attempt at trying to find his purpose in life.
  6. The old switcharoony. A classic misdirect that had Ember arching an eyebrow above her sunglasses. Clearly this was some next level fuckery being employed right now, but she could work with it. "Yes, our deal still stands. There are always plenty of bodies to pick from in the city of Izral, so you will be well supplied. Of course none of that happens if you don't become the new commander of the Poor Sons." Fishing out a communication crystal from her pocket, she set it on the table and tapped at the holographic keyboard until an image appeared. "This is what an average Poor Sons commander looks like." Standing about six inches tall on the table was what looked to be a straight backed, confident looking man with a clean shaved face and determination in their eyes. "Make note of the uniform, everything has to be up to code if you're going to pass yourself off as one of them. I'll be sending my little runner here to go fetch the uniform we stashed a while back and meet us near their new headquarters." A yawn snuck up on her, and she felt frustrated at having to cede some of the tough guy routine to acknowledge she was feeling tired. Everything felt so much simpler when she was just able to read her dirty romance novels like The Orisian Duchess, she enjoyed thinking past to those books. Wait, no that was a bad idea at this time, she couldn't be thinking about dirty books when she's trying to detail their plan! This was no time to be fantasizing about Count Borgia and his tight, rippling muscled chest or his chiseled chin or his huge dangling-fuck she had a real problem now. After her long yawn was over she cleared her throat and crossed her right leg over her left rather tightly. "Sorry about that. Organizing this operation has been a little bit taxing on me." It was more than taxing, its been downright bullshit. Ember desperately needed to relieve this tension, but she wasn't the kind of basic bitch to just slip away for a few minutes to take care of herself. "Anyway, I will be with you disguised as your campaign manager, a little devil on your shoulder as they say." Another shift, the tiefling tried to play off her crossing her legs again as being in an uncomfortable seat, but she could feel the heat in her cheeks that would have given away a pink skinned human if anyone had saw it. "Head over to the building on Eighth street like we discussed and get the clothes we need. You know where its hidden, and get to the little market ten blocks from the headquarters, that's where we'll be waiting for you." Ember knew him to be one of her more talented runners, feeling that he had a good future in store for him if things went well. She on the other hand was slowly driving the nail of her thumb deeper into the palm of her hand in a discreet fashion, in the hopes of driving out the burning lust in her groin. One of these days she was going to have to get back on the market, because being single was not working out for her romantic life.
  7. I am conflicted about putting Mathias into Orisia. On the one hand it would be a good means of him getting into the Triumvirate and continuing his growth as a character and a warlock. On the other hand he is a walking toxic sewage drain of demonic magic and I don't imagine La'Ruta would appreciate being continuously poisoned just by Mathias being there. So it would be a real conundrum for me.
  8. Hey no problem, we all got our responsibilities. And sure Dizzy you can try out a different character if you'd like.
  9. At the sound of the acolyte getting slapped, Ember legitimately almost jumped out of her skin. Eyes went wide as she looked around, noticing all the eyes on them now as the servant was reeling from the disciplinarian action. If the situation wasn't quickly disarmed, then someone was bound to call the cops on them for assault. "Theater people, always going for the dramatic, right?" She laughed, hoping the others would too as the wandering eyes began to look somewhere else. It wouldn't put the notice off them entirely, but at least it would hopefully keep them from trying to get the Poor Sons out to settle the matter. "Yeah, you are definitely going to have to tone that done, just a little bit." She said as she took a sip of her hot beverage. As an added measure of keeping their conversation a little more private, her hand became illuminated in a greenish tinge of light. Now that the spell was cast, anyone attempting to listen in on their conversation would hear a completely different conversation instead. It was a good means of keeping their words safe plus it allowed her to talk a little more personally with the necromancer. Jennifer always warned her those practitioners were dangerous, she just didn't realize they were a bit on the dickish side either. "Look, this only works if you are able to pass yourself off as a respectable member of society. Smacking around people for minor shit doesn't jive well with the Orphans, and it especially doesn't work with the Poor Sons." She explained, trying to keep her voice from getting towards a hostile tone. The mission was too important to get hung up over a few questionable character flaws, but she also wasn't going to allow this son of a bitch to just put the beat down on anyone he wants. "Take a seat." Ember said as the other member of the Orphans when they arrived at the café. She was going to need everyone she could if they were going to be successful in this. If everything went well, they would get a hell of a lot more clout than they would before. "We all want the same thing here, spook boy. The plan is simple, but incredibly risky. You are going to be the new Commander of the Poor Sons in this city." She said as she kept to drinking away her exhaustion, hoping to get the necromancer to join their side.
  10. Mathias was somewhat impressed by the amount of carnage these hybrids were able to commit. In fact they seemed to be causing as much trouble as... "AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" It was rather unfortunate for the draconian hybrids at this time as they seemed to have triggered a difficult memory for the warlock. Images of the coven he had built up, of all the work he had put into settling all of his power into the Abysmal Caves, and all for that harlot Arashi to dash it all to pieces! "I WILL CONSUME YOUR SOULS!" This was not his voice, this was the voice of the darker half of Mathias, the demon known as Mephistopheles. In an explosion of dark fog, the diminutive, weak body of Mr. Mollins became the hulking, horned figure of inky darkness. Every step his hoofed feet made seemed to burn the very ground in small emerald embers. Folded wings jutted from his back, but it was clear this ten foot tall monster was just as deadly with his claws and magic without his ability to fly. Taking a leap forward, he would barrel into the group of draconian menaces, tearing into them with a bloodlust one can hardly believe if they saw it. The small portion of hybrids which were not caught in the chaotic grasp of the maddened demon looked to the other for a fight. One of them seemed to wield the ring on his finger that was so desired by the duo. While the number of aggressors were significantly reduced, it was hardly going to be an easy fight. Even Mephistopheles was sustaining heavy damage from the vicious onslaught of the draconians.
  11. "Think carefully" Gorgerron said "before you choose to strike me down. Even if you do achieve this, my connection with the land makes my death parallel to the forests." Many of the dryads and the entwood constructs seemed to bristle at the thought of the forest dying with their god. "We won't be taking our death laying down ya hear me!" Ragelager said, his dwarves readying their own weapons for a charge. If they were going to die, they would go down fighting, a true dwarven death. "Enough!" The forest god said, his anger seemed to cause much of the forest to stir with restlessness. Fleeing for their lives, the birds that once rested upon Gorgerron's antlers would now rest themselves upon the branches of a nearby tree. "Balance has been disrupted, the cycle has been broken, due to the actions of the dwarves." With but a nod, a dryad guided three small orc children into the clearing, the very same ones Walker and the werewolf had encountered. "The orcs of these forests were mine own children, and now you hold them far beyond my reach." Looking to the smaller ones, Gorgerron could not help but to feel saddened by the loss of those he created to help care for these lands. "My grief demands I seek vengeance, but I have seen the outcome of this path, as I slumbered deep within the blessed oaks of this place." Waving his hand above his head, a small rainbow appeared, but when one looked deeper inside this phenomenon of water and light, one could see a startling image. Where once there was a thriving, beautiful forest, only the charred husks remained of hundreds of acres of ruined land. Starving animals pick at the ash, hoping to find food, but none remain. All that is left of the conflict are scattered pieces of dwarven armor, dryad spears and the kneeling figure of a burnt and fiery Gorgerron, king of ashes and sorrow. "Even with all the power of the forest at my command, I am powerless against the brutality your people can inflict upon that which I hold dear." Ragelager was unsure of what to make of this information, but his soldiers were even more conflicted than he could have thought. Each of them looked horrified at the devastation, the very thought of such destruction had struck a chord deep within them. From what he saw, it was clear they didn't like what the future held anymore than Gorgerron did. "Don't forget this one knows how to play tricks, this could all be his own way of worming out of dwarven justice!" "No..." One of the soldiers said, stepping forward to the centaur, laying down his hammer as he did so. "I...I don't want any of that to happen, I'm sorry for what I did. We were just following orders, I swear it." "Get back in line, Ingvar! You'll be dead before you're done whimpering for your pathetic life!" Ragelager would not allow for insubordination in his ranks, especially not in the face of an enemy as dangerous as this. "Get him back here, now!" "I didn't want to believe our people could be capable of doing all this." The soldier said, the two dwarves stopping in their tracks before apprehending him. "But you all know Soldier would give the order to raze this forest. We've all fought with her, and we know how she met the brutality of the Drakkons with her own, but the madness stops here...I am done laying down cruel act after cruel act...aren't any of you?" Forced to look introspectively into their own lives, many of the dwarves knew that they could not say they were okay with what they had done. No one would make a move to apprehend the lone dwarf, they were all too stunned at their own shame. "I will make a pledge, an oath to make certain that we never have to see these events come to pass." Others stepped forward, wishing to take the same oath in order to stop the madness they were all barreling towards. It wasn't long before the general was alone both in ideology and in numbers. "On our honor and our beards, we pledge never to bring destruction upon this forest. We will work tirelessly to make certain that this city will not make the same mistakes as Tazarek has. From this day forth, we will be known as the Green-Hammers, to mark our penance for our crimes against the innocent." This they swore in front of their former general, the adventurers, and the forest deity Gorgerron.
  12. Skip me for this round. I can't think of anything else for Jennifer to really say or do that wouldn't just be her sitting there looking at her dead husband's shadow skull
  13. Name: One Nickname: The Impenetrable Age: 0 Race: Elf Height: 6'3 Weight: 260 lbs mostly muscle Eye color: Silver Hair color: Silver Skin color: Pale white Gender: Male Abilities: Energy drain: (3) Due to his genetic structure, One is able to absorb the energy from a given source. Dependent on the source of mana it will cause his eyes and hair to emit a different color of light. One has no ability to use this energy for anything other than a means to feed natural cravings. The colors and their related source of energy are usually related to a corresponding color such as absorbing electricity would cause his hair and eyes to turn yellow. One can only absorb so much energy before his body reaches critical levels. At critical, if he absorbs anymore, it can have a violent reaction and cause his entire body to explode in a flash of energy and flesh. The technology he uses gives her a readout inside his helmet as to how much energy he has absorbed and how much is being processed naturally. Ten feet is the radius at which he can absorb energy from and a one hundred percent measurement system will be used to keep track of how much energy he has absorbed. Example: One absorbs half the damage from a magical lightning bolt. His absorbed percentage of energy now goes up from zero percent to twenty five percent. The maximum percentage for each time One absorbs an energy source is twenty five percent. One can never use her absorption ability to completely negate an attack, only to mitigate the effects it may have on her. Every post counts as five percent of energy processed through her body, but this can never go past zero into the negatives. Equipment: Omega Class Body Armor (3): This form fitting armor is constructed of a titanium mesh suit and plasteel plates covering the vital areas of the body. From the neck to the soles of the feet this armor is created for agility, speed and protection. The mesh itself is a combination of white and gray, while the plates are painted light blue. This unit also comes with a unique built in interface module underneath the protective layer of titanium mesh. Through this interface module the wearer is able to add certain traits or qualities to the suit through the use of upgrade modules. One module that is already included is the battery pack/generator fitted onto the back of the body armor. Using a one hundred percent system, where the system always starts at one hundred percent charged, the use of different modules will drain the battery of its energy, however the small kinetic generator inside the module will gradually recharge the system in a span of five percent charged per post. Weight: 30 lbs Defends Against: The titanium mesh is slash resistant, climate controlled and can protect against medium arms fire such as a .556 millimeter rifle round. The plasteel plates are lightweight but incredibly durable. Can survive temperatures up to five hundred degrees Fahrenheit, withstand large arms fire like the .50 caliber sniper rifle and is insulated to better protect from electrical attacks. Mobility: The Omega Class Body Armor is the golden standard for mobility. With its aerodynamic design the wearer is unimpeded in their range of movement entirely. Gamma Class Protective Helmet: (2) This helmet not only protects against small arms fire (like a .9 millimeter) and concussive damage, it is also featured with a host of features about it as well. While the top half is covered with a specially designed plasteel casing connected to a steel base around the bottom. Inside of the steel base is a multitude of cameras allowing One to view things as if she had no helmet on whatsoever. The first feature this device comes with is a specialized thermal detection screen which can pick up separate heat signatures by a difference of .05 degrees. This feature must be activated and requires ten energy to use for three posts at a time. A secondary feature of this device is the passive ability it brings to the Omega Class Body Armor through the interface module. This ability generates an electromagnetic field of a radius of ten feet, much like a shark, to detect lifeforms around him. If any living creatures or other electric producing entity, the suit will notify One through a small readout on the inside of his helmet. Aegis Class Gauntlets: Sleek, state of the art gauntlets which share the same color design as the titanium mesh of the Omega Class Body Armor. Through the advanced technology of the OXY corporation, these gauntlets are able to project a shield of plasma energy contained within localized gravity fields. These shields are around six feet in radius in an oval shape, going downwards from the wrist, requiring One to go into a boxer stance for full protection. These shields are designed in a way that allows for the gravitational fields to take the kinetic energy of the projectile which strikes it and returns half that force to said projectile. The greater the force the more kinetic energy is returned onto the attack, at maximum able to withstand the power of a city block explosion. Anything greater than that and the shields will overload and be destroyed, requiring at least two posts to recharge. These gauntlets are also equipped with a special port on the backhand that can fire off bolts of electricity capable of stunning on contact. Using this ability drains twenty five percent of the electrical charge inside the Omega Class Body Armor. One hundred and fifty volts is the payload of each bolt of electricity. Metaphysical Energy Converter: (1) This device lies in the back of One's neck, between the battery/generator pack and the Gamma Class Protective Helmet. Through this device One can convert the energy absorbed through his Drain Energy Ability into electrical energy for his Omega Class Body Armor. When activated it converts twenty percent of absorbed energy into twenty percent of electrical energy every post for three posts. This ability cannot be used again for another three posts after the technology is finished converting energy. Physical Attributes: Bench Press: 550 lbs Squats: 600 lbs Leg Press: 680 lbs Sprints: 32 mph Runs: 28 mph Reaction time is .03 micro seconds
  14. "Defensive formation!" Ragelager called, rallying his handful of dwarves into a small square so as not to be so easily overwhelmed. Whatever was coming after them, they would be hard pressed to come and take him out for it. "We aren't afraid of you, or your little god!" The dwarves of Tazarek haven't had a positive history with religion in the past, their society being built around the idea of shunning and rejecting religious institutions and dogma. Such a prospect like a deity of the forest was well beyond their level of acceptance, and so it was without a doubt they would be willing to negotiate with Gorgerron. Unfortunately for them, it seems that the encounter was going to happen regardless, as the trees began to shudder, and then to part. What emerged from the dense wilderness was a creature that had not been seen for centuries. Standing on four bark clad legs, the centaur was easily eight feet tall, with perhaps two or three extra feet in length. Its hide was a mossy bark that covered much of the equine half of its body, the skin of the human half a dark emerald green like a plant. Fuzzy antlers sprouted out of the top of his lichen covered head, their length so great multiple birds were resting upon them. With hands like gnarled roots, it gave a small wave to the group before him, and slowly advancing from the trees were multiple dryads and constructs. "Gorgerron is here! Gorgerron is here!" The dryads cheered, many came flocking to kneel to him, all hoping to gain his favor and attention. One even started pointing towards the dwarves. "We found them! We found the small things who killed our worshipers, Gorgerron. Punish them so we can see their flesh fertilize new saplings!" Many of them began shaking their spears high above their heads, whooping and hollering at the chance for bloodshed. For a while, Gorgerron laid his bright green eyes upon the adventurers and the dwarves, then upon the dryads before him. Some time passed, his thoughts seeming to come slowly and methodically. Then, with a raise of his root-like hand, vines of ivy sprouted from the ground and shot out to ensnare the dryad calling for blood. "Wha...no! Gorgerron please! I did not mean to anger you!" Her feet began to sink into the ground, no matter how hard she attempted to struggle, she could not break free. For every vine she broke, two more appeared to take its place. Tearful cries of agony were all that were left as she was taken deep into the earth to be remade into a new dryad. When all of her body was beneath the ground, a small plant of a sapling began to sprout in its place. They had forgotten their place, Gorgerron reasoned, and presumed to give him orders on what he should do. "My forest, my choice." His voice was raspy and creaked like an old house. It sounded deep, old and ancient, full of power and Eldritch knowledge. While not of the Lovecraftian variety, this creature held its own horror to it that could only be shown if provoked. "We have much to discuss..." Suddenly the dwarves were very uncertain of their footing, a few were even considering joining in on the dryads and the constructs as they began to kneel in front of the forest god. Ragelager didn't like being in this position, but it appeared that a diplomatic option was required to be explored if they wanted to make it out alive. "Yes" he said, trying his best not to grit his teeth "it appears that we do."
  15. I very much appreciate it everyone. I promise this is going to be a great conclusion you have all done such a great job.
  16. It shouldn't be hard to edit out, it only looked to be about a sentence in each post.
  17. "Then let us go and see what these cultists are up to." Mathias said as he began to walk into the cave. With a snap of his fingers, he summoned forth a small green ball of fire that floated around the warlock in a circle. The light it cast illuminated the cave for about fifteen feet, his footsteps leaving small traces of corruption upon the ground. If they were ready for them, it was likely they would have some manner of traps prepared for them. Fortunately for Mathias that was exactly what minions were for, and so he sent out his Spawns of Suffering to search for any possible traps in their way. Some if not most would die, but they're expendable pawns that would arise in a day, so he held no sympathy for their pain. "These fools have no idea what is coming for them, or if they did, they would have brought more to meet us." The sickly green light danced in front of him each time the ball of fire made its pass. Somehow it made him appear more sickly, more physically weak than he already was. No one would ever guess such power was held within such a fragile body.
  18. As the ground began to be torn asunder, the dwarves stood their ground, but Ragelager knew a fight wouldn't end well. They may have outnumbered them, but there was no telling how much damage they could do with all that bloody magic. The general knew well Walker's reputation, having heard of his exploits against the Drakkon back in Tazarek. "All right enough!" He said, attempting to keep order in this situation before it got out of hand. "You want the truth, lad? Think you can handle the facts of the matter?" Drawing himself up close to the human, the warrior stood with strength and willpower at his back. "These orcs are nothing but savages willing to rape and plunder their way through OUR lands. You know nothing of brutality until you've seen one of these greenskinned bastards rip a friend in half with his strength alone!" The dwarves nodded silently in solidarity, all having seen or felt the brute strength of the orcish people. "Every tribe we came upon was a hell hole of strength that overcame order or common decency. They would rut against each other like wild animals, devour animals whole and kill each other without a second thought. Do you really want THOSE THINGS running rampant in the countryside?" The forest continued to react to the presence of the awakened nature deity. Ragelager could not help but wonder at what exactly could be causing such a stirring. "The hell was that? What did you fools do while you were out there!" Suddenly there was a rustling in the leaves, like wind through chimes. Soft giggling began to make its way, it sounded as if the dryads were having a laugh at them all. "Dwarves!" Ragelager ordered "Back to the construction site, now!" The retreat was sounded, the dwarves began to attempt to run back to their barracks, only to find an impenetrable wall of trees blocking their way. "What the..." "Gorgerron has awakened!" One voice sounded from the distance. "Gorgerron will have his vengeance!"
  19. Get ready, Genesaris, for I am about to Deus Vult all over this bitch.
  20. "Everything is most certainly not all right." Ragelager said as more of the other soldiers began to crowd around them. Something seemed fishy to the general, and he wanted his answers badly. "You two and the other one are hereby under arrest. There are going to be interrogations, and we will see just how far this little conspiracy goes, Hmm?" He looked to the other soldiers, nodding to them as they took out shackles to attempt to bind the two mercenaries. Things were starting to escalate now as some of the other soldiers drew their weapons in case they tried to resist. "Don't think about doing anything funny now. I'Il chase yer arses all the way to the ocean if it means putting a stop to this nonsense. First off, where is the third one? He must be nearby with Golgorn, so show us where he is now and we won't add kidnapping to the list of charges against ya." There was going to be hell to pay, that much was sure, for anyone who crossed the dwarf's path. He was given this mission specifically to guard the construction site of the city, and now these three were threatening that in some way or shape. "Out with it!" He screamed. ------------------------------------- As the dwarf dangled above the fire, the forces of the forest were beginning to stir. They were preparing for what was to come, and what might happen if they were not appeased. Deep within the depths, a force began to stir, the eyes of a being long thought gone were starting to open. With each inch those earthen brown lids lifted, the forest seemed to grow more restless and more wild. Animals began to storm their way to safer ventures, the dryads began to awaken from their slumber inside the trees, the forest itself seemed to move as if it had its own will. When the eyes were fully uncovered, the animals of the forest sung their songs into the night, praising that which held dominion in this place. A green glow emanated from those dark orbs, and a figure began to make its way to the burned out village. His every hoofbeat brought new growth and life to the land. All creatures of the forest bowed to his presence, as subjects would their king. Gorgerron has awakened.
  21. Got it, Lordran will do his best to drag Crow by his not shot shoulder. No promises
  22. All right just need @Dizzy00 @Grim Wolf and @Aves to post and i shall restart the round. We are very close to our objective everyone just a bit more to go
  23. Their descent down towards the ground was a difficult experience to say the least. For a moment Lordran had lost consciousness, but he was quickly able to recover once they had landed. How strange things tended to be when you awoke to the sight of a decapitated vampire and a damage machine in the guise of a woman. "I see that explains the peculiarities." Lordran said, unbuckling himself from his seat as he headed for the door. Machines were just as much a possible threat towards humanity as any other monster. The knight had heard much of the dangers of relying upon them, and saw it for himself as he gazed upon the ruined remains of a once great city. While Kadian technology was advanced, it was always just a tool for the people in order to advance the Imperium of Man. "We have no time to waste. Our mission has not changed, but it appears we will have a greater journey ahead of us than I had thought." Complications were common, and Lordran had no plans to abort this mission for something so simple as a crash landing. "We will need to look for shelter if we are to remain hidden from the view of the vampires." First there was the matter of the machine woman, the one who had transported them here to this place. Lordran still required her to pilot this vessel so they may have a means of escaping this hell hole. "Make certain the ship is prepared to pick us up when we have completed our mission. I do not wish to fight my way out of this city if I do not need to." If it was required, he would find a new means of transportation, one that would allow for him to travel to his next location. There was always something to salvage in Talix Engine. Stepping out of the Black Manta, the arid wind blew past him like a lover stroking his cheek. There was much about his old life that had to have been sacrificed for this opportunity, but none so difficult as his attempts to stave off distractions of the flesh. He did not drink, he did not lust, he did not gamble, all mortal pleasures cast aside so that he may walk the path of righteousness. In this path he has found much in his spirit he did not know existed, some good, some bad, but it was all tools for his ascension to a Soulseeker that made it worthwhile. "There is much walking that still needs to be done."
  24. Such a question when applied to the warlock was genuinely amusing. There was always that nagging voice in his head asking why, why, why? Why did he do anything? It was all rather simple in a way. "When I first came to this place, I was set upon putting the world to the flames. My head was filled with the whispers of master I now know cares nothing for me. All of my existence was just a means of attempting to sow chaos and pain into the world." It wasn't the most pleasant of things to think about as they continued their little walk and talk. All his life he believed in the purpose given to him by his master Giulguthep, the demon of pain and torture. Now though...he wasn't entirely certain of what he believed in anymore. "My world view has been challenged and shattered. Everything I thought I knew I now question, and my goals have shifted significantly. I no longer seek power or to bring about a demon that would ravage this world." He looked to the side where the the snow seemed thinner, where grass seemed to grow, and where the horizon lay broken by the mountains. "All I want now is answers, I want purpose. This world means nothing to me, but I do not believe anymore that I wish its utter destruction. I have been infected with this disease of the mind, one that causes me to tolerate people, and it sickens me." Forging along in the snow, he found his thoughts scattered and distant. The longing for a home seemed to choke out most cognitive abilities, like trying to operate a machine covered in gunk. Poor Mathias Mollins, he thought so sullenly now, alone in the world without any cause except to rally around the banners of fellow monsters. Perhaps through them, he could finally understand his place within this mud ball of a planet. "Let us hurry, I do not want to lose the light before we catch sight of this bastion of draconian worship."
  25. Warlock


    Cityscape: Karhvar is compromised of six levels which are made up mostly the same as Tazarek's. Each level is several miles wide and tall. Buildings line the walls as well as the streets, with large staircases helping citizens up to the appropriate level where their destination sits. Much of the structures are carved from the original stone of the mountain itself, with new buildings connecting to their foundation through pegged holes in the rock. The dwarves of Karhvar use hard lines and orderly geographic designs for their architecture. Not a single curved line can be found amongst their designs, as they belief purely in the ideals of civilization. In this disciplined approach, dwarven structures are extremely durable, able to withstand the elements far beyond what others might be able to accomplish. Even after centuries, a dwarven home will stand strong against the grueling effects of time. Each Level in Karhvar is built with a specific purpose in mind. Levels One and Four are built to house many of the economic and housing buildings of the city, with the Fourth Level a hub for the Tram travel between the dwarven cities. Levels Two and Five house much of the production facilities inside the dwarven city. Factories, foundries and lumber mills are the norm in Karhvar. Lastly Levels Three and Six are where the city's elite reside to live a life of luxury. These levels are also the political centers of the city, with the Sixth Level used to house the city's Representatives. Climate Temperate weather, usually sunny in the mid sixties as highs and low forties as lows. Experiences light snows in the winter and comfortable summers. High winds will regularly catch the crevices, nooks and crannies within the mountains causing a low whistling noise in the distance. Flora and Fauna Thunderbirds- Large brown or black birds with the power to create storms when in a flock. Highly territorial carnivores who are easily larger than a horse. Believed to be the favored mount of the dwarven god Thundermar. They are not considered sentient but have some degree of intelligence to them. Dire Rams-Larger, more aggressive than a normal ram, these goats have large horns to protect their skulls. Commonly used as mounts by the dwarves, they are heavily effective at battering through the lines of enemy ranks. They can appear in a variety of white, brown, black or red. Cunning but not intelligent, usually travels in packs. Blastquill Boars- These aggressive creatures are not to be approached lightly. White quills tipped with a strange vibrant orange glowing substance covers their back and hindquarters. Blastquill Boars can launch these quills when threatened, usually just before they are about to charge. Each quill has the blasting power of an M80 firecracker. These beasts come in browns, blacks and whites and usually travel in packs. Neither intelligent or cunning. Boomglow Mushrooms- Just as the Moonglow mushrooms are native to Tazarek, the Boomglow Mushrooms appear to be completely native to Karhvar. While not usable for textiles, these mushrooms can be ground into a powder which produces one and one quarter times more energy than gunpowder. Crystalline Crawler- Gifted to the dwarves by the leader of the Frost Giants, this lichen is a valuable resource. It grows atop water, drinking in the toxins and impurities, leaving the water crystal clear and fresh. The dwarves of Tazarek and Karhvar use this as a means of keeping their water supply clean, making it that much harder to besiege them. Demographics Approximately 660,000 population at the moment. 98% dwarf 2% Other 20%infant 25%adolescent 40%adult 15%elderly Birth rate is currently higher than death rate Culture A common saying in Karhvar is this. "Tazarek was born in the past, but Karhvar was born in the present." This has created a tension between the two cities, as Karhvar has been resisting Tazareks attempts at guiding it towards a major military complex. Such tensions has lead to stern debates and arguments, but so far no violence has broken out as of yet. Ties have not been cut to Tazarek, as many still feel grateful for the city to have constructed Karhvar in the first place. It is a struggle for many, as they knew that Tazarek did not have to grant them their sovereignty, but did so anyway, knowing they may not comply with their wishes. As Karhvar is considered its own sovereign state, it has adopted a different attitude towards non dwarves. The borders for Karhvar are open instead of partially closed, allowing all people inside no matter what business they have. There is still many pro dwarf sentiments amongst the population, but the dwarves of Karhvar have decided to try and open their hearts to the world. Many denizens of Karhvar will actually shave their beards on a daily basis, be they male or female, and not feel shamed for it. Generally people do not feel it is insulting to the Representatives, as it is merely a means of expressing themselves in whatever way they can. Tattoos and piercing of the body is more prevalent in Karhvar than in Tazarek. Economy As the Boomglow Mushroom is not able to be used for textiles, the denizens of Karhvar have instead gone to trading the powder that can be made from it for other things. This has allowed it to stand out from Tazarek as an independent state, but it has only sought to fan Tazarek's urging for them to become a military industrialist city. Karhvar also has access to large forests that surround it on all sides. With the abundance of lumber, the dwarves expect a steady boon to their economy. Replanting efforts are a priority for the industry, as they do not wish to see it removed from them from forest depletion. Strong conservation efforts keep the forest replanted for every acre cleared for lumber. Since conservation efforts have made it impossible to use the land for farming, magitech has made a solution in urban farming. Using ultraviolet radiation emitting lamps, space in every hall is set aside for raising crops, which are rotated to keep the soil from becoming fallow. This has allowed Karhvar to grow year long crops, giving it more independence as a city and allowing for the surpluses to be sold all year round. Major Companies and Institutions The Powder Keg Blasters!- This guild is the top tinker group in Karhvar, using their expertise in demolitions both for private and wartime uses. Any battlefield can turn into a blasting field when they arrive. Their symbol is a red keg of powder with a lit fuse on a black field. Black Bullet Hunting Guild- The rangers of the Black Bullet Hunting Guild are some of the finest marksman in the Black Mountain range. Wearing their signature black cloaks, these hunters are able to pick off targets from sizable distances. You'd better watch your head when these dwarves take the field, or ya just might lose it. Their symbol is a Black bullet on a red and green striped field. The Greenhammer Clan- A prominent clan in Karhvar which is heavily involved in keeping the city from becoming center for war. They regularly lobby and petition the Representatives to keep from being pushed into this path by their kin in Tazarek. It has cost them the ire of many, but they believe wholeheartedly that peace is a greater goal than conquest. The Strong Dwarves- One of Karhvar's most prominent warrior guild is the The Strong Dwarves. These dwarves have given up everything in their journey to being the most lethal of fighters. All members cast off their last names, taking Strong Dwarf as their new first name to denote their membership into the guild. These strange dwarves keep their secrets to their chest, which only asks more questions of them than answers any. Could the answer to their supernatural strength be the same answer as to why they are gray and hairless? Parks and Recreation Many of the forests surrounding Karhvar are maintained as parks and hunting grounds for dwarven rangers. This allows not only a small amount of meat to be harvested but a small business in trading pelts and furs along with a tourism industry. Survivalists find these woods to be good training, though many warn greater dangers lurk deeper within the forests. Landmarks and monuments Foundation Rock- Standing upon the center of the First Level of Karhvar is known as Foundation Rock. It is a massive stone cube which sits as a reminder of all the work put in to constructing this city. The names of adventurers, stone masons, and many more are carved into its side, some by the owners of the names and others posthumously. Government While it is a Republic, Karhvar is also part of a confederacy with the dwarven state of Tazarek. As a confederated state, they are considered part of the same nation, but operate under different defined borders and laws. They do however share the same currency, intertwining their economies in a way some feel uncomfortable about. Karhvar is ruled by six Representatives that are to guide and uphold the six major sects of dwarven society. Just as the dwarves in Tazarek elect their Representatives, so too do the people of Karhvar. Each Representative shrugs off their name, titles, lands, and wealth in order to adopt the name of their office. These Representatives have sworn to uphold the laws of the land, to act without bias and to insure the preservation of the dwarven people. They are as listed with their political leaning on the matter of converting the city's production capabilities towards wartime products as: Soldier: Representing with warriors, the spies, guards and all those that would use their might to fight the enemies of the dwarves is Representative Soldier. He was chosen for his service to Tazarek and his tireless efforts to help keep the mountain Karhvar now resides in dwarven hands. Many respect him for his prowess as a warrior, but wonder how his skills at statesmanship will fair. He is a strong and capable fighter, yet he is torn between the differing factions in Karhvar. War is never something one heads into lightly, yet he knows that this world is a hostile one towards his people. In his personal opinion, he favors the side wishing to convert their production capabilities, but feels its necessary to remain neutral and see what comes in the future. So far he has remained undecided in the debate. Scholar: Representing wizards, lawyers, bankers and all those that use their minds instead of their hands for their tools. She was chosen out of many for her work in Tazarek as well as her ability to help organize the resources that went into the building of Karhvar. With a new legacy of leaders to forge, she relishes the chance to prove herself in her ability as a leader. Scholar has been active in trying to make the case for focusing efforts into wartime industries. Her argument stands that just because they will start building and creating more advanced weapons, does not inherently mean they will be at higher risk for getting involved in wars. Through the building of weapons Karhvar will only gain to prosper from their sale in her opinion. So far she has remained for the militarization of Karhvar's production capabilities. Healer: Representing surgeons, psychiatrists and all those that would seek to mend the bodies or minds of their fellow dwarves. Many believe that Healer was groomed for the position by Tazarek's Representative Healer, as her appointment was by far the smoothest of the six. Karhvar stands to gain much from this dwarf while she is in office. Having sided with Soldier, Healer remains neutral to the debate of whether or not Karhvar should build engines of war. There have been many compelling arguments for both sides, so she has chosen to remain undecided in her position, though she personally leans towards keeping dwarves out of needless wars. Healer thus far remains neutral in the debate. Farmer: Representing crop growers, lumberjacks and all those that would use the land to make their living. Farmer was praised for his innovation in urban agriculture, thus earning him his position. Now that he has achieved his goal, he worries he will not be able to live up to the task required of him. Farmer does not hold any love for warfare, fearing that if they did get pulled into one, the strain on their resources would be too much for the city. Karhvar is still new in this world, with many of its own problems that should be dealt with, he feels, before they tempt fate. In this spirit, Farmer is very much against the use of production assets in the building of weapons of war. Farmer remains against the issue for the time being. Artisan: Representing actors, painters and all those that would contribute to the culture of Karhvar. He was once one of the most talented actors ever seen in Tazarek, but he knew that his true calling was in politics. Some believe him to be more than colorful about his policies, but Artisan feels its important to be a little flamboyant sometimes. Artisan is directly opposed to the militarization of Karhvar production resources. To prepare for war but not to seek war, he says, is either a bold faced lie or an unforgivable truth. It is peace, he argues, that should be focused upon, for it is the only means of stopping a war without a single casualty. At this time Artisan is against the issue at hand in Karhvar. Builder: Representing masons, tinkerers and all those that would use their hands to create. Builder is a stern dwarf who sees potential in everything. It is through his leadership that the construction of Karhvar was completed ahead of schedule, thus earning his position. His views are conservative, and his belief in his abilities as a Representative are as solid as the mountain. Builder is in favor of the militarization of Karhvar's production assets. It is his belief that doing so with jump start their economy and allow for them to have an edge against other nations. Karhvar does not have to go to war in order to profit from it, as Builder has been known to say at localized debates. Education Karhvar uses the same method of educating their populous as their kin in Tazarek. From the time they become children, dwarves are schooled until adolescence, where they are entered into their profession of choice. Afterwards they train for many decades until they have graduated, and are given the choice between apprenticeship or starting out on their own. Those that choose apprenticeship are put under the guidance of a master of their chosen profession. From there they continue to learn under the master for many years until they are ready to take the test of mastery. If they succeed, then they are released from their apprenticeship and are considered a master in their field. Those that do not pass are required to further study under their master for some time until the master deems them ready to retry the test. Life for dwarves who do not choose to become an apprentice is considerably more difficult for them. They cannot be considered a master in their fields no matter how well they perform in said field. Choosing the route of non-apprenticeship also means that chances of becoming employed are smaller as the employer is doubtful of their ability to produce quality work under their employment. Communities with significantly less masters among them have a larger amount of dwarves who have not chosen to become an apprentice. Transportation Roads and Highways: There are many roads that cross their way through the six levels of Karhvar in orderly geographical lines. Rails/Subways: Connecting both Karhvar and Tazarek is an expansive tram system that is built underneath the mountains. Through these trams travel between the two cities is safer and much faster than walking or other modes of transportation. Trams have also allowed for faster trading and in times of crisis faster transportation of troops or resources should one city require them. Riverways: None Cab (mounted horse, etc?): Mule pulled wagons, steam powered if they are more wealthy Private: Well kept ponies, steam powered personal wagons and donkeys for the poorer class Notable Residents Strongdwarf Grunk- A gray skinned, bald dwarf is claiming to be the strongest of all of Karhvar. Is this the truth, ir something stranger? History Canon Past
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