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    Steam; SpectreBeanz
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    The Country That Loves Guns Too Much
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    Horror Of The Lovecraftian edgelord kind and Stephen King, Sci-fi, Manga, Anime, Roblox Roleplay(HA, GAYYYYY!!!), Roleplay in General, D&D, Mad Max, The Big Leboski, Cult Movies, Hotline Miami, and Steven King, AND Drive, and other useless shit to get people to think I'm relavent. ALso Hotline Miami, Ghost Anakinism, and yeah
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    Part-Time 2nd Mate On A Lobster Boat And Other Odd Jobs

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  1. What are you watching? [Movie edition]

    Fargo, and re-watching any Coen Brothers classic. Recently watched Logan, and for a Marvel movie, and just a movie in general, just holy shit it was good.
  2. General Chatter [18+] Violence always permitted!

    probably demaigog
  3. Valucre Discord Server

    Yeah I joined it, names SpectreBeanz as well, been using this alias for way too long.
  4. General Chatter [18+] Violence always permitted!

    What, something I said?
  5. Pictures of Us

    See, I'd love to shock everyone and show them what a pleb I am and that they'd be surprised who is behind "the mask". Let's just say I am young but in the boundaries of sight rules.
  6. Your Favorite Video Game OST

    Hotline Miami one and Hotline Miami; Wrong Number, cause holy f*** it's just good music, but in all honesty, any of the Bungie Halo games have such a great soundtrack that I cant't decide.
  7. General Chatter [18+] Violence always permitted!

    Jared Foggle "Foot Long" Pudding ;) (I'm extremely mature) Technically just saying that is like leaking my age
  8. General Chatter [18+] Violence always permitted!

    An underwater city? In Ry'leh dead Cthulu sleeps!
  9. General Chatter [18+] Violence always permitted!

    Fallout; New Pakistan
  10. General Chatter [18+] Violence always permitted!

    Import export is Pablo Escobar's job!
  11. I sit here, at my friend's desk, his messy room always fucks with my head, the faint stench of weed in my nose, and Paint It Black by the rolling stones playing. My friend here, who sits on the floor by the office chair, eyes rolled way up, he left rags of his own semen decorating the room, and a large collection of internet pornography. How inconsiderate! To make up for this, I did some renovations and decorations of my own. The poor fuck never even bothered to paint his room, furnish the house with carpets or plants, and seemed like he never washed. First I have to tell you, that I cleaned his music collection. Deleted all that new shit and replaced it with Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, and The Motherfuck'in Pixies. I cleaned the porn off his computer, and that was that. Furnishing is the best by far, I'll admit. With the artery in your arm severed, you can use it like a pump action shotgun and spray blood at quite a range. His eyes just kept rolling up, and at one point I'm pretty fuck'in sure he bit his tongue off! Ack what am i thinking, I have to go now, wouldn't want any attention drawn to me, eh? (This is supposed to be edgy and stupid, I am working on a Hotline Miami screenplay so most of my creative energy is used up there, sorry!)
  12. Roland Hyraaq

    Moniker: Roland Name: Roland Hyraaq Visual Age: Early 40's Ethnicity: Terrenusian (Or Whatever Terrenus Dwellers Are Called) Race: Human Alignment: Neutral Gender: Male Class: Gunslinger Or Ranged If You Want To Be Blunt With Combat Terms physiology Hair: Sandy Brown Eyes: Hazel Height: 6'2 Weight: 210lbs Voice: Gravely, Deep Build: Lanky, But With Some Muscular Definition, Kinda Like Bruce Lee Condition: Healthy clothing -Leather Poncho -Run-Down Work Boots -Run-Down Pants skills Guns Improvised Weaponry Mild Hand To Hand Combat inventory Black Revolver x2 5in Blade x1 Map x1 Compass x1 Canteen x1 Rations x5 Credits: • Dan: Profile Layout. LOOK OUT BELOW!
  13. After a long many mouths of pocket polo, going through money, It's Always Sunny marathons, Fargo, and Jax cheese puffs, (and some burning rope) I am back in full ADHD, Filthy, horrible, with aaudacieous grammer and geed ward uses. i am gouing to make one of tose thingys that lets you have a cool kid status at your posts to let other members know your a certified, bonafide, graemoristic post apoctalyptic writer. And besides all that riduculous edgy carp, I just would honestly like to say helo and I am back and please dont smite me.
  14. General Chatter [18+] Violence always permitted!

    Hi I'm [REDACTED], I write shitty screenplays and equally shitty fiction, as well as ugly comics. I do jobs for water rednecks in the northeast (Lobstermen...)! im also best comedy masschusts 2019!
  15. General Chatter [18+] Violence always permitted!

    Skyrim has a good lore, shit I always thought of doing a DnD game with Skyrim lore. Also, hey, sorry for barging in, I'm just finally back to this forum.