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  1. yeah
  2. Roland would nod at Gradric, he could honestly care less. He grabs his plate and slips away from the realm of eating. He uses his heavy boots to open the french doors and once again passes the kitchen. As he enters the ornate great hall, the massive wooden plate in hand. He would walk up to the massive wooden door. He sets the large plate of food down on the tiled floor. Roland uses both hands and tugs. It dosn't budge. He glances up, checking for anything that might obstruct the door's path. "Well whopty-fuck'in-do!" Roland thought angrily, "Another fuck'in trap, just like the soldiers!" Roland not knowing if this was a trap or not, walks back to the dining hall, picking up his plate. Before he could reach the dining hall, just as he passes the sweet smelling kitchen, he see's a priest on a stove, cooking a stew of some kind. He adds salt and is preoccupied. Roland thinks this could be a good oppurtubity to find out what the hell is going on. He quietly sets down his plate, out of view of the open kitchen door. Roland reaches down into his boot, sliding his gloved fingers into a pocket in the boot, and drawing a small, curved knife. He hides it up his sleeve, and walks in the kitchen. "Heyyyy." says Roland sarcastically. "I have a teensy-weensy question." The priest, who was a bit startled had returned to his normal creepy demeanor. "And what is that sir?" His voice echoed in the high-roofed room. "Why did you, how do I put this... LOCK THE FUCKING DOOR!" His voice echoing throughout. "Sir," the priest says. "No need to be boisterous and profane, I can explain to you if you jus-" Cutting him off Roland says. "If I just what, do what you little slimy pri-" Getting a taste of his own medicine, the priest inturupts, not so happy this time. "The undead you fool, the accursed undead! Have you not heard!" Roland steps back. "So what do you mean, like there are f-fuck'in zombies and shit out there?" "Exactly." the priest says. "Yeah... we kinda umm, we left someone in the fucking caravan, annnd I was given the task of bringing her food, only now to realize she is probably a beaten-bloody corpse!" "There is nothing we can do sir, my greatest apologies." "Bull fucking shit, you know well enough I could dash out there and retrieve her or her remains!" "It is too risky." The priest says distantly. Roland draws his knife, shoving the edge centimeters away from the priest's neck, meanwhile clutching the back of the priest's neck. "I will slit your throat disembowel you, and stomp your fucking head in if you don't let me outside, my pay grade is gonna be seriously damaged from this shit!" Roland hears steps coming from the hallway, seeing a smaller humanoid shadow pass over the doorway. "Hey Gradric! Is that you or somebody else? Listen these fucking priests, just come in here and I'll explain!" Roland uses the back of his hand to knock the priest unconscious, balling it into a fist and punching the back of his neck, not a fatal injury, but if executed wrong, could cause serious brain damage. The priest heaps to the floor.
  3. pingpingpingpongpongpongpingpingpingpongpongpongpingpingpingpongpongpong OK wow that was some good green tea i never had
  4. The table sat in the middle of the great hall past a set of french doors made of green glass. They had passed the kitchen and Roland's mouth began to water in anticipation. All the dwarves provided him with were meat rations. As they approach the green door the side priests open it to reveal a low wooden table full of food. Roland is in the middle of the line, as it files in, Gradric is still, dazzeled by the architecture, the ornate but organic designs decorating the abbey's walls and roof. The group sits at the simple wooden table. The priests act as waiters, serving fruit and vegetables to the group as they please. After about a minute of Gradric and Balfnar's absense, a loud "Codswallop!" echoes through the hall, the priests still mantaining their eerily calm demeanor while the quiet evaporates. The doors slam open and the dwarves come to sit down. The head priest, in his white silk robe speaks in his equally silky voice, everyone's attention turning to him. "Now, I am sure many of you are weary and restless, but I assure you you will have rest here, there is a guest house around back of the abbey, now of your coming, are you here for the refugee supply delivery route or are you here for other reasons?"
  5. Alright!, that's good to hear! Also this quest dos'nt require a huge group of people, it could at least be a one-two person quest (the optimal amount of people for a small group would be 3-5.)
  6. open

    @squid peanut Roland would shake his head. "No, you didn't confuse me, Mr. Boyle, I just didn't get exactly what you meant. Thank you for the explanation. I think I will try to not be an awkward sob and socialize, that'll get my hope up a bit, since I haven't talked in ages." He'd stroke his goatee. A tall man, who was skinny slips into a bar stool next to Roland. Meanwhile the rest of the bar are fucking about with weapons and their awkward demeanors', tow which Roland pays no attention to. He takes an interest to the man clad in black( @JasonFrohlich). Another man would walk in, looking beat up, he'd complain out loud and ask for a tailor, eyeing the bar-lady ( @ShadowStrykes). "Kind of a bragging bastard," Roland wound think, "But not a bad guy." Roland looks over his shoulder at the slender man in black. "What's your story, If you don't mind me ask'in?" Roland would speak in a half passive, half con-man way. He'd puff his pipe outward once more.
  7. SORRY FOR IN ACTIVITY!!! @lilypetals whenever everybody feels comfortable, I am ready, is anybody else ready?
  8. open

    (OOC; @Leaderofthemile that was mumbled to myself, not heard out loud.) @squid peanut Roland would look around the room, seeing all the new people pile in. Boyle would give him his tea, Roland thanks him. He listens to Boyle talk about how certain people were "like fuses" or somethi'n. Roland looks at Boyle, his pipe airing smoke. "Mr. Boyle what do you mean by that, these people seem okay." Roland would sip the tea, it's odd purple color reflecting on his face.
  9. Roland and the Greybeard Trading company filed into the Abbey Courtyard, led by the humble Gaian preists, they walked past the gravestones in the eerie quiet. The Dwarves were high-strung but Roland was relatively calm. Roland looked up past the looming abbey, into the sky, the sky was a receding black, darker the farther away from the moon and shifting into indigo as the sky bordered the moon. Roland turns his head to the courtyard, passing by more headstones and also a few monuments. The walls around the courtyard had beautiful depictions of nature on them, depicting sunshine on early morning meadows, rainbows flowing like waterfalls, and the pictures were all done in a mosiac style. The looming Abbey did not make Roland scared or doubtful, it was an ornate building, gothic in some ways but more natural and down to earth. As they reached the steps of the Abbey the priests rushed up to the doors, leaving everyone alarmed except Roland who had seen this before. The two priests who bordered the middle priest split off, each holding one of the massive doors. The middle priest knelt down and began to chant. The Dwarves stared, alarmed as the doors began to open. Once they had opened a great hall was seen and the priests led the mostly awe-struck group into the huge hall, the doors slowly shutting behind them. Nobody heard the lock clank shut.
  10. Welcome to the site friend. You catch lobster for cash? Nice man, I have like zero sealegs lol.

  11. open

    Roland would see a girl stride through the door, asking for Rum and a blunt. "Arrogant kids..." He'd mutter to himself. He'd hear Boyle apologize. No, no Mr. Boyle I'm fine, I just wanted to resume the normal atmosphere, I know the choices can be kinda slim 'round here. I like a little sugar, but no cream Mr. Boyle. Thank you. Roland would resume puffing his pipe and chugging his Rum.
  12. Yeeah so basicly this is gonna take some time to set up but we are gaining memebers, which is good! @Abstract sorry for not getting back to you! Hope you're still into it!
  13. @Alexander The Great