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  1. it would feel less weird with murder
  2. @Dredgesorry I called your cool fireball ugly
  3. Maxwell was appreciating center stage in the town center. Granted the audience was limited as everyone was running about for their lives on ground level. it had seemed like the woman, who jumped down and threw some kinds of explosives against the two Wraith's Maxwell was going to discipline, would be able to admire his radiance, but she ran off just as fast. She was clearly smitten by his beauty and too shy to stay. Granted, there was little time for any of this as someone was clearly trying to stick their big fiery butt in with an unsightly fireball that just stank. To the common eye it probably looked like just any old giant star magic. But to a world class pyromancy artisan like Maxwell, the only thing this oversized trash fire had that was impressive was its size. The clear problem was the source of fuel. No one with have a mind about aesthetics creates fire out of resentment and negativity, you're just asking for a spell that looks like burning sewage if you do, which this one most definitely did. compelled by his craft and not wanting to look at the trash fire ball any longer. Maxwell sent out his rhythm to try and lay claim to that mess, in the hopes to salvage something decent out of it. "Oh my, what are they teaching in schools now a days?" As Maxwell Reached out, he quickly felt the influence of the will creating the sewage ball trying to swat him away. untold years of experience told Maxwell that whoever made this was also a world class pyromancer, and wouldn't let go of his sewage ball easily enough to be worth it. Maxwell had to show this swamp gas burner what a true star looked like! both figuratively and literally. Leaping down onto the town square, there was plenty of space to start a ritual, the wraiths would have to be someone else's problem, because Maxwell needed to concentrate. Maxwell spoke in a calm booming voice that echoed throughout the whole town. "To all of you people running about trying to be heroes or sneaky looters, here is a moment to shine alongside a real Supernova. Come over to the center of town and lend ol' Maxwell a hand, I need a bit extra zest if I'm going to burst that overgrown trash fire that just showed up. If you've got some magic to you're name, be a dear and hand it over we've got some catch up to do. Don't worry your cute little heads if you can't make sparks boys and girls, I still need people to kick these suicidal bedsheets to the curve, and the ugly bandits too if they're still feisty. Come on, I don't have all night!" As Maxwell said this, he went about setting up the whole magic shebang with glyphs that could let other people chip in with magic or gusto and starting the process of creating an artificial star that would put out this world class eyesore with its beauty alone. Maxwell danced along the giant sigil, drawing in the heat of his Unlimited passion and the fires that he had gained control of throughout the town. The temperature dropped, dipping to what you would expect on a colder night as the Flames and heat throughout the town all slithered down the streets and collecting in town square to form a shining plant bulb made of excited pulsing flames. the Bulb was no where near as big as the fire ball up in the sky, but this bulb seemed more compact, and was attached to the center of Maxwell's magic sigils in the center by a magical stock. Maxwell, continued dancing around the bulb, nurturing it with magical rhythm.
  4. good point, you seem really proficient, I'll DM King so he can DM you about DMing the council.
  5. sorry, I forgot to follow this thread and didn't notice your comment till just now. I'd be down for it if you're down for it. Don't know if I should wait a bit to see if anyone else is interested.
  6. If not, Max can probably create something out of the passion and literal fire to try and repel it. I'd need everyone else to keep the wraiths and bandits off my back and give me a hand if possible. has the dark star already sapped all the anger and rage from the area? that stuff is pretty passionate as well, love to drink the dark star's milkshake
  7. of course it's still under Dredge's control so it would take effort to control, but would fire manipulation, lesser light manipulation, and UNLIMITED PASSION allow my character to fight Dredge for control over the dark star? I am in a powered up state from the emotional highs and acts of arson. again, not like "one post and now it's mine" but as one star to another can I reasonably try to win over its heart in the time frame before kaboom?
  8. So it's a giant fire ball. made of base human desires and emotions.... Ima steal it
  9. "Soft bodies exhibit lack of innate knowledge, utilization of creatures that have knowledge definite action that assists survivability. In this way, perhaps I is also Mage's familiar." Jaw Finder looks at Shanna. "Flavor exclusivity is an understandable concept. The scent tastes of demon and dog, but also strong scent of Soft Bodies, codes of soft bodies are ones that bind. Hunting to protect a nest is a duty that holds respect." Jaw Finder followed Shanna throughout the tower, taking note at both the size and the abundant scents of different soft bodies, it might be more apt to call this place a hive instead of a nest. The size of things were odd, while some newer parts on the first floor were a bit of what Jaw Finder had come to expect as it was scaled to soft bodies, the older and higher parts felt more accommodating of larger creatures such as Jaw Finder. was this the nest/hive of another, taller species before, or did the soft bodies here have a problem with low ceilings. Standing in the room that ascended was a bit odd, such things wouldn't be needed if soft bodies were stronger, or knew to conserve space. "those that stand strong sleep at any location. the best location is close to Mage, like you has said, wolves and coyotes may seek food at the tall nest, you is vulnerable to being eaten." Jaw Finder puts their hand on Shanna's head, Jaw Finder had learned in the past that this action was how large soft bodies comforted small soft bodies, but it was still just this big clawed reptile hand just sort of sitting on top of Shanna's head for the rest of the elevator ride. Jaw Finder tastes the smell of soft body processed food, with two strong ones sticking out. The scent of soft body cooked wheat, mixed with several sweet smelling plants. there was also something that smelled like hog meat, but was probably the tiny soft hogs that soft bodies bred. a bunch of Soft bodies were tending to food preparation, the room was quite hot from all the cooking. Jaw Finder was somewhat familiar with the soft body concept of 'sadness'. While it wasn't an emotion that people experienced, Jaw Finder always felt that if they could, they would first feel 'sad' about how soft bodies had to go to such lengths to make so many things edible for them. But, if there was one other thing this tragedy of soft body weakness meant, it was that they could create all sorts of flavors by combining completely unrelated foods and using heat in different ways. whether this was net positive or net negative however, remained to be seen. Jaw Finder follows Shanna's lead in sitting down at a table as Hannah carves part of the roast. Jaw Finder turns a chair across from Shanna sideways and sits down, it looked goofy for such a large lizard to be sitting in a normal wooden chair, but the chair somehow didn't break under the weight, it didn't even buckle or make noises. when the plates were brought over, Jaw Finder noticed an odd look from Hannah, not quiet one of 'what the hell is that thing' but a bit more 'what the heck is that thing'. Jaw Finder didn't pay much head to it. Jaw Finder eats the roast with their hands, not caring that the food is hot. they go slower than they normally would, they know that soft body food works better when eaten slowly, and that when eating with soft bodies, they eat slowly as well. "is tall nest the place of you's birth? Jaw Finder knows that soft bodies have feelings of great attachment to personal nest, call it 'home' this is not how people live. only nests are for hatchlings made by parent that stays, after hatching, person is weak, comparable state to soft bodies. Hatchlings have sense of 'home', when it leaves so too does the new person. closest person can get after that is parent that stays, protecting new person from nothing, to egg, to hatchling. I is a parent that stays, many nests were built and tended. Role as parent, creates fascination with soft bodies. whole species of Hatchlings, an existence brimming with mystery." Jaw Finder eats a whole slice of roast with a single bite. "Mage is two extremes, high resemblance to hatchling even compared to soft bodies, essence of person revealed in actions... Something else included. I has strong senses." Jaw Finder sticks out their tongue and points at it. "something tasted since first met that lack resemblance to other soft bodies, idea of it being unique to 'home' region decided. Soft Bodies at tall nest lack extra flavor. what is Mage?"
  10. The trip was spent being rather tired for Fadil, the day before had been extremely busy, and they were content to pass out on a pile of stuffed animals with their brother. Jaw Finder spent the entire trip laying on the top of the airship, plopping out the hardened lenses and returning to their natural black hue. Jaw Finder noticed as they passed the city of Umbra, from far away it looked like the innards of the fish which lived at the bottom of the ocean, the skin there was see through and like Umbra, had veins flowing without an outer layer to cover them up. heading north the air was getting colder, Jaw Finder had ways to adapt to extreme colds but it hadn't reached that yet. When the airship landed, Fadil followed Shanna off, making sure to be in their best behavior as for them, this was an exceedingly important moment. They said "Fadil" like Shanna was their drill instructor or something, Fadil was also sure to thank Shanna and make sure Vadil did as well before being led off by the old man. Jaw Finder was lounging on the roof, content to take in the smells for a bit and lounge. Hearing Shanna's words and seeing her wave, they replied "air lacks heat, but people adapt, tower location is hardly coldest. mountain across ocean filled with cold, too cold for even most winds, soft bodies there named mountain Blaurg. Top of Blaurg point of overwhelming cold." Jaw Finder wondered whatever happened to that soft body tribe that lived near there, it had been quite a while since Jaw Finder had split ways there. with these thoughts still in their head, Jaw Finder lept down silently, landing next to Shanna on their hind legs. "I will Follow Mage entering soft body nest, warm undisputed winner of personal preference." Jaw Finder began taking some things that Shanna pointed towards the soft body nest. It was a bit hard to carry such a large pile of plant fiber animals and a heavy bag that Shanna had asked Jaw Finder not to open. there was a sweat smell in the air around it, but Jaw Finder listened and didn't investigate. Entering the nest was easier than other Soft Body nests as the entryway was actually a reasonable height, although it looked like most of the doors inside were still soft body scaled which would be tricky, although luckily there was a place to put the pile of soft body soft things down. Jaw Finder then saw a peculiar white canine, it smelled somehow like both a wolf and a demon, mixed together. It was a kind of creature that Jaw Finder had not seen before. regrettably it could talk, which around soft bodies quickly meant "not for eating", it also had mage's scent, this was perhaps what Soft Bodies called 'a pet'. Jaw Finder was flicking their tongue to find all this out. "to mix demon with wolf grants speech abilities. is you a creation belonging to soft bodies that create, or another thing all together. I is Jaw Finder, does there exist other Brutuses that can be eaten?"
  11. I'm down to go, and I have a character who would love a party
  12. Do you want a banner announcement for your check?

  13. Hey y'all, I'm Currently doing an RP to try to convince the City of Dairut to do some urban development, and need someone to DM (Dungeon Master) as the City council. While this would usually fall to King as it's his city, His schedule is currently very busy, and is in favor of someone else DMing (Dungeon Mastering) as the city council. Once we know who it will be, King can DM (Directly Message) you about how to DM (Dungeon Master) as the Dairut city council. The Council consists of seven individuals who are the wealthiest members of Dairut society. This will probably be best for experienced RPers, as it will require writing for seven people with distinct personalities Created by someone who probably isn't you. If you want to see the thread Here it is, it's just the process of my characters going to the council chamber, sorry if the writing is rough. Hope you guys are interested!
  14. Fadil was in shock, they had been so alone up until this point, deep down they were afraid their little brother was already dead. They were just using looking for him as an excuse to stay strong, an excuse to keep going and not to give up. Since their village was attacked, misery felt inevitable and expected, losing their parents, seeing people they knew all their life beaten and broken, being pulled away and sold for less than a goat; it was scary sure, but it was expected, no matter what they didn't, no, couldn't cry. when they ran, they did it to feel something, to not just live ashamed in the expected. But, their brother hugging them, crying his eyes out, that didn't happen, stuff like this couldn't happen. you don't just follow giant lizards who eat people in alleys and get everything you wanted just like that?! the more Fadil thought about just how ridiculous this all was, the more they started crying, their face was red as a beat, there was no sound, and they couldn't stop. All that went through their head was abject confusion and it made them want to cry, not because they were happy or sad, but for once in a long time they didn't feel scared. Fadil hugged their brother back, as tightly as they could, they felt his bones through his skin, the undernourishment he had suffered, he smelled bad too. But it all felt so comforting. As the tears subsided, Fadil eventually became able to see again, they saw Jaw Finder looking around at the roofs, probably that big dumb lizard saw a bird or something. The woman who was Jaw Finder's companion (owner??) was looking at the two siblings with an expression that was somewhat ineffable. Fadil had seen people smile before, grown ups too, but this didn't feel like any of them, it didn't feel like how their mother smiled at them, and it didn't feel like the looks of pity that Fadil got from spineless passerby's in the slave market. But, again it was comforting. Fadil Saw that her hands were outstretched and she said “Alright. Well, let’s all go back to the airship and we can go from there.” Fadil fought back the urge to cry again, there eyes were still red and their nose was running, but no more tears were coming out as they vigorously grabbed the woman's hand. Vadil, seeing this, grabbed her other hand as well. and they followed her out of the city. leaving the city, Jaw Finder spent the whole time looking around trying to see if the figure would reveal themselves again, eventually Fadil had to grab their hand so they would stop falling behind. the trip to the airship after they left the city was short, and both children seemed adamant on walking the whole way themselves, the two children probably crawl through the low path a lot more easily than Shanna crawled out, while Shanna probably opted to ride Jaw Finder over given how that crawling out went for her. like their brother, Fadil was amazed by the thing that they were seeing. they had no more desire to cry, but they were still yelling internally about how unbelievably stupid this day was being for them. Jaw Finder put the cargo down and made sure no wildlife was stowing on or around the ship while the two kids were deciding that Shanna was the coolest person ever over juice boxes and jerky. Jaw Finder mentioned that they preferred riding outside to riding inside and stayed on top of the ship. As the ship lifts off, Jaw Finder looks back in the direction of the city and sees on the top of the city walls, looking towards the ship, three figures. while it was far away and late afternoon, Jaw Finder could make out somethings. The first one looked like a soft body and was holding something several feet long. The center one also resembled a soft body, but a bit taller, and looked like it was reflecting light. The third one was even taller, and even from this distance Jaw Finder could tell, it was a person and it was the figure Jaw Finder saw in the market. Jaw Finder watched these people for as long as they could, the figures didn't do anything as the airship began heading east, but Jaw Finder could tell, they were watching. There was something up with that Desert city. much about it was interesting, but Jaw Finder wasn't sure they would want to go back.
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