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  1. hey @Zashiii do you have a character sheet for Tedimius?
  2. Gaul's mind raced as to what this sudden fog entailed. It had appeared without warning or precedent and seemed to silence the crowd's voices just as it had obscured Gaul's vision. The old dragonborn feared that this was an attempt on his life, but if it was, he would be dead by now. Instead, he felt a strangeness about him in the white void. It felt like the effects of some drug or affliction mixed with the sense of a sudden fall. Gaul reflexively coughed a cloud of ash that was indistinguishable from the fog around him. Ash formed as best it could blindly in an attempt to break the unknown spell, like long arms and talons stretching from the Ash Bringer's mind. These arms reached out to feel the thread of magic binding the scene together, but felt nothing in the world around him. "What nonsense is this. I find myself onset by a fog that obscures all senses and not a shred of magic can be felt on it. This must either be the work of the divine or my sudden expiration, and I refuse to believe that I dropped dead in such a sudden and ridiculous way. Whatever the cause of this or who may be peering at me now, I speak these words with absolute certainty. I am Tetra-Sutra-Gaul, The Ash Keeper, proclaimer of the age of Dragons. I shall not be bested by foe or fog until I have seen the world in the scaled hands that deserve it!" The ragged old man held himself up with pride. He pushed his mind to unburden itself of how the fog afflicted it, and walked forward blindly into the fog. Walking through the fog, Gaul felt his sense of time dulled just as all the others, he could not say if he had walked ten steps or ten thousand steps. This didn't give him any intent on stopping, as even hesitation would be beneath how he felt. Eventually, the numbing white seemed to give way, like blood flow returning to an arm leg or tail. Suddenly, it all pulled back and the Ash Keeper found himself at the edge of a twisted overgrown Forrest, terrain behind him a complex web of roots. There was no path in sight and no way this could have been near the cave where he had come from, or the featureless place he had walked to get here. Whatever the fog was, it had moved Gaul alone to somewhere completely different. The landscape that the forest opened up to reinforced this as well. Vibrant country side with humble farms and modest hills. several wooden buildings could be seen scattered among the fields, connected by simple dirt roads and leading to a town or village that could be hardly made out in the distance by its walls and buildings. Gaul assumed there was also a river, it felt like it would complete the look of idyllic countryside. Regardless of how lovely one might find a place such as this, Gaul felt nothing but cynicism at this sight. A lifetime of seeing whose blood watered the flowers of man had left Gaul's eyes greyer than the ash could do alone. One had to wonder how many of his brothers and sisters were buried in this place's history; It was eye opening for Gaul when he realized that it is never zero. It would take a thousand years of fire to see such a debt repaid. Regardless, there was little reason to spend the day angerly staring at a farm. The old dragonborn made his way towards the fields and village, taking his time to make sure to keep his footing and balance on the way down. It was strangely warm and humid in this place, hardly the depressing winter that he was kindling the flames of revolution in. In fact, winter had just begun, yet here it looked like the middle of spring. He couldn't possibly have been lost in that fog for months, it would have been even more impossible than the event already seemed to be. Amidst Gaul's existential worrying however, he noticed an old human planting seeds in the field alone, and by hand no less. Normally, Gaul had little interest to talk to random scaleless folk, but lately things had been anything but normal on their own. "Human, why do you place your seeds in the ground without the aid of tool, beast, or other?" The old man looked at Gaul with surprise, but mostly just from his sudden appearance. "oh, a new arrival I see, welcome to the Valley of Blesselbrook. I plant my crop like this because I do not have tool or beast or 'other' to help me, it's important I get the planting done today or tomorrow before the springtime festival. Say, would you like to help an old man plant his crop?" The lack of disdain the old man seemed to hold for Gaul caught him by surprise in turn. It didn't stop him from having no interest to join in on the old man's insanity however. "No, I have done more than my fair share of manual labor and have no desire to do more, not that a second old man would do you any better. But, the way you spoke, are people like me expected to come here? What do you know of the fog that brought me here? I don't wish to stay from where I was before any longer than I must." "Any help is better than none, but I'm not gonna force ya. The fog is how people come to Blesselbrook and go from it to, it will take you back eventually, so don't worry about what you needed to do because there's no way to make things go faster. Why don't you enjoy your stay? The spring festival is only in two days, and if I remember correctly, it should have been winter where you're from." Gaul was hardly satisfied with that answer, but it didn't seem like he had much say in the matter at this point, at least it seemed that the people of this land wouldn't actively persecute him. "very well human, I leave you to die on your dirt." The old dragonborn made his way to a nearby dirt road that seemed to head to the village. 'Blesselbrook' he thought 'This is a strange place, and one I have heard nothing of till now, it's honestly best if I keep my guard up.' "have fun at the festival" the old man called out to Gaul, who made no attempt to respond or react as he continued to make his way towards the town. The rhythmic clacking of his cane, the only sound he made as he walked.
  3. Ok, so The Fire Heart has stated that, for the understandable reason that they have to live in the real world, they won't be able to participate in the potluck. Because of this, a slight change must be made were @Djinn&Juice shall write for Linda Linda, since they previously had Fire Heart's character, and Fire Heart had Linda Linda. @Zashiii @Fennis Ursai @Gr8ves! @Djinn&Juice I have remembered that not being depressed is a thing I can do and will continue into the event soon. Sorry for the delay, I conspire against me in nonsensical ways.
  4. Shanna's disappointed 'oh' felt like a pretty nasty gut punch to Kestral, but it was one she was pretty much instinctively ready for. where she was in her magical mastery wasn't exactly something she was proud of herself, but also not something she felt particularly bad about either. Kestral knew she could do better, but that didn't make what she could do or how far she had brought it any less rad. Although it was a bit weird. The disappointment that this woman had let slip, felt sorta just childish. Like, 'oh, I don't know how to play that game' sorta childish. Kestral had no idea what a woman who looked over half a decade older than her was doing with that kind of attitude, but at least she wasn't looking down of Kestral, that would have been just a straight up deal breaker. Kestral continued to feel Shanna's raw kid energy as Shanna listened and agreed to rad trip plan. One second she's looking like just a clueless mage from some school no one's heard of, trying to make ends meet or something, but when you talk to her it's like she's some kid on a camping trip. At 19 years old, Kestral didn't really expect that an adult woman would be the first to make her feel like a grumpy old lady. This lizard lady seemed to have good money though, and Kestral wouldn't be sticking around to see how not having a change of clothes would go for the woman. Not wanting to age into dust next to the patron of youthfulness, Kestral tried to match Shanna's energy about going to a local restaurant. "Yeah, WOO, lets go to the Screaming Sea Dragon!" Kestral lead Shanna through the numerous streets and roads that made up the fastest route to the Screaming Dragon, it was a route pretty mindful of dodging congestion and faster than what you could get just following a map. It was a route fitting for the pride of a Master Pedestrian. Being a Master Pedestrian was key for being the queen of the city streets and gullible tourists (but, like, ones that deserved it... ya know, Robin Hood style.) and took a lot more than just planning routes. Currently, Kestral was using a secret Pedestrian skill, eyes in the back of the head. Really it was just seeing what's behind you in the reflection of nearby windows, but doing it way better than most would think possible. Watching this goofy woman drag around a looming monster by holding its hand was pretty charming, as was the weird dynamic they seemed to have, where 'mage' (as kestral best knew her) would get distracted and start heading to any old thing that caught her eye. Only for big ol' Jaw to tug her back into following their guide. The two seemed definitely a bit jet lagged, Kestral wouldn't have been surprised if they were from as far out as even Umbra. and since they packed so light, it wouldn't be surprising if they came her on a personal airship or something. Kestral's mind raced with possibilities of how this day could develop. "oh yeah, I didn't say did I? It's sort of like a tavern but its a bit more like a cafeteria or old fashioned eatery. If you've ever been to a logging or mining town, its a lot like the restaurants they have out there. Turns out sailors and dock workers are a pretty solid market. The menu's small and pretty much what the chef wants to make that day, but there's like, a charm in that sort of thing. A lot of people overlook places like this because its chock full of big hairy men who smell like fish. But, if you ask me, you want good fish at good prices, you gotta follow the sailors." Kestral turned around and walked backwards to face Shanna. "also they have really great deals on massive portions, something I'm sure both Jaw and your wallet will definitely appreciate. Hey Jaw, you have any favorite kind of fish? To eat of course." "All Fish are edible." Jaw Finder said in response. "yeah but do you have like a favorite one to eat. ya know, salmon, tuna, albacore?" "Fish" "What like, just fish in general?" "Fish" Kestral had a slight chuckle "dude you have such a way with words." Jaw Finder had honestly been half paying attention to what was said. In all honesty, they weren't usually one for conversation, few creatures needed to be talked to, and when interacting with soft bodies all that was really needed was enough to move things along. with Shanna however, Jaw Finder had felt compelled to talk more than usual. There wasn't any clear reason why, it just felt like they needed to. Now with Kestral around, the feeling was gone for the first time in a while, and Jaw Finder was content just on the lookout for potential threats and keeping Shanna from wandering off. When it was clear that Shanna wanted to have a more formal conversation, Kestral slowed down a bit, so she could stand next to her and not have to spend the conversation walking backwards. "like I said before, I'm not an expert on magic but I wouldn't bet on this being the kind of thing you can just learn. The way it was always talked about back home was sort of like it's just a thing you're born with. I'm not sure you can just read a book and start doing it yourself. Also, heeey! Don't go comparing me and my magic to a private space heater, that's way too lame!" Kestral was a bit surprised at how annoyed she felt. "We can go there if you want but honestly I think you'd just be disappointed, all the Nymerians there are either walking around in their dumb fish suits or underwater. Also most of them are just assholes from what I've heard. Word about is the best way to actually get in is if you're part of a guided tour. Actually, I'm not even sure if you could get let in at all right now. has some weird fish politics going on or something." Kestral shrugged. " I think you mean Valovi Wellness, the best place with the worst name. like, saying it sounds weird, but also sort of gross and judgemental. Like, my Valovi is just fine, thank you very much. sorry, dumb rant. The actual place itself is super amazing though, since it's so close to the ocean they have something going on with salt water or something, I forget, but it feels great, and its good for your pores or something. It's a bit pricey but I think this is an off season so its cheaper than usual. also they have rooms to stay at over night, and it's not that far from Kainos. Hardly a bad time if you ask me." somehow Kestral had overlooked Valovi Wellness before because she assumed that there was much more luggage to worry about and that it would be packed. but honestly, things lined up perfectly for staying there on short notice. "Don't underestimate how much you can do if you have a plan. Unless you're the slowest eater/ shopper on the planet, stuff will be fine, remember, I'm the best." Kestral gave an assuring wink and thumbs up combo. "look we're here already!" emerging from a side street, the three pedestrians had a good view of "The Screaming Dragon" the building was hardly the fanciest they'd in town, being little more than a large box with windows on it. Being so big and close to the sea, it would have probably cost a lot to make and keep the front pretty. Instead, it looked rather striking with a giant skeleton poking over the front. it looked like belonged to some giant sea serpent, and certainly the real deal at that. the skeleton's jaw was wide open, looking like it was a fearsome monster waiting to strike, that, or a scared housewife, screaming from atop a box at the tiny things scurrying below her. a number of burly sailors and dock workers were heading in the doors for an equally burly lunch. "oh yeah, the owner's a certified badass! You might like her!"
  5. Oops, I forgot a blurb. Blurb: Spear Thistle has been spending the last month or two being a pest, a nuisance, and a boon to the people of Hyperion. Rates of people getting splinters has gone up, privacy is being invaded, and bacon is vanishing mid meal. No one has yet to realize that these are the acts of a fairy, as Spear Thistle has yet to reveal herself to people. Even more Recently, Thistle has taken up residence in the home of Eryel and her dad. Here Thistle steels food from them, but also is deeply invested in the family’s plight. fixing the sink, relocating rats to other residences, and mending worn down clothes
  6. so it's like a sad perpetual yard sale under a tarp.
  7. A small voice called out to Eryel from nearby. "Wait what? That's your pitch?! Eryel nooooooo. You have to make them want to help, sell them on the idea, not vague monetary promises! I don't think they even know what you're trying to ask for" The voice came from a large haphazard pile of overpriced products, more specifically a small alcove in the junk heap where a strange thing was sitting. a young woman, no more than 4 inches tall, with messy purple hair and a green speckled dress. She had long ears and insect like wings, and a thorny aesthetic to every bit of her. She sat there holding a broken off piece of a nearby ration like she was a glowing, winged rat. weirder still was that this small person hadn't been there moments before. There was no lead up to the tiny person eating salted pork the size of her head, that just was today now. Also of note was how even though the small person was calling out to Eryel with a remarkable clarity, they didn't seem to be heard by the rest of the store. That, or they didn't feel the need to wonder, 'why is that pile of dishrags and rations desperately trying to coach the clerk about something?' The small person, who was probably some kind of fairy if we must go there, climbed up mount Ration Dishrag and peeked over to look at the customers all facing Eryel. Again, this fairy was either undetectable to everyone else in the shop, or such a common occurrence that no one cared at this point. These two explanations were equally possible because Eryel probably didn't think she would see a fairy today either, so all bets were off. "Ok ok, you can salvage this still. You're random announcement of your name and refugee status has left them all temporarily stunned. Now's your chance if you act quickly! Come on Eryel, flip this pancake before it burns!" The fairie's eyes were filled with 'believing in decent public speaking' that shot out like metaphorical arrows, straight to Eryel.
  8. @The Fire Heart all that's left for the first posts is you
  9. Does Eryel have a character sheet yet? How long have her and her father had a store in Hyperion and what does the store look like? sorry to just jump in with questions.
  10. Name: Spear Thistle Epithet: The Spear Thistle Fairy, The (minor) good tidings fairy, The spiny weed sprite Age: appears to be anywhere between 16 and 25. anywhere between three weeks and 900,000 years likes: adventurous behavior, noble causes, poking her nose in things, messing with people from time to time, meat. dislikes: deserts, bureaucracy, boredom, spinelessness Alignment: Fun Race: Fairy Class: A+ Apearance: A tiny fairy with slightly larger pointy wings, every part of her looks either fuzzy or spiky, although it makes her purple hair look a bit messy. She's got a big presence about her and a "Don't tread on me attitude on her youthful face Clothing: Spear Thistle wears a green, short, collared, sleeveless dress patterned with specks of light tan. The Dress also has a tall spiny collar. on her legs, Spear Thistle wears thin, green, ankle length leggings, and pointed, green shoes that look like they are made of leather leaves. long fingerless green gloves of the same leather leaf material, stylized to look a bit sharp and spiny. Height: 4 inches (5" when counting wings) Weight: 2 ounces Gender: female Skin complexion: remarkable, almost like a doll. Hair: purple, short in a spiny messy bobbed hair style Voice: bright, spritely, but a bit croaky and jaded as well. A bit sunken in. Eyes: big, youthfull, a mix of green and purple. Build: young adult, female, a bit meatier than you might expect Features : long pointy ears long pointy green wings that give an extra inch to her total height has a slight glow all about her. Mostly green, but purple around her hair. Magic/Abilities: Generic powers: Invisibility, flight (wings), luminescence, spiny, tiny, proportionally massive strength, super human endurance, enhanced agility, clever, Bow and dagger proficiency, wide reaching voice, superior magic resistance, quickened recovery. Fey Biology: as a fairy, certain effects that something might have on a humanoid body, sometimes don't apply to her. Fairy Magic: there is much that fairy magic can do and most of it is mischievous and manipulative. Spear Thistle can do all sorts of things as make people fly, make people fall asleep, turn people into porcupines, make things shrink, make things grow (but she can't make herself bigger than her natural size). a couple of her spells can directly harm others, but in combat she almost always makes use of supportive magic to turn the tide for her lumbering friends. Much like her name sake, she likes to prick unsuspecting miscreants, but doesn't care to be uprooted or trampled. Spear Thistle can turn into a more mobile but weaker wisp form, where she appears as a ball of Purple light with green ephemeral wings Personality: Spear Thistle is a weed through and through. She likes to live the life of a vagabond, popping up wherever she wants to go with little direction and having fun wherever she ends up. She's a big fan of happy endings though, so she sometimes reveals herself to good natured people down on their luck to give them a helping hand. Of course, this all leads to opportunities for chaotic fun just like her normal goings on, but with a dash of karma thrown in to make it sweeter. grabbing her is very much not advised. Equipment: She sometimes wears leather-leaf armbands over a mix between arm warmers and archery gloves.
  11. You like bards eh?

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  12. hey guys. I'm sorry to say but I think I'll be dropping out of this thread. Absolutely nothing against any of you or the thread itself, I'm just feeling like going elsewhere. hope you guys have fun regardless!
  13. @Sanonymous I'm also a bit interested, I intend to pull out of some actiony threads, and this seems like it can be fun. what kinds of characters are you looking for? What would you say that the scale/power level should be? I don't want to accidentally bring someone who trivializes everything or someone who is a burden on the plot.
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