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  1. 4e is like D&D the board game. Early on it had a problem with characters being super one note then later books turned it into a clown dimension of min maxed super gods who could duel wield sneak attack with weighted greatswords using dex 4e also had the build where you used a skill that let you deal damage on misses, and then you lie down and shoot at max range towards an enemy with your eyes closed
  2. Dominion, Dune, betrayal at house on the hill, small world
  3. The Holy arrow struck the greater horror with a mighty force. This force diverted the screaming monstrosity as it slammed into the ground a couple of feet short of where Aethelcília had just been. smoke bellowed from the creature's core as the flesh bubbled around the embedded arrow. The arrow fell to the ground with a clump of bubbling goo. It was quite clear that far more damage had been done by the holy power than both the impact and landing combined. Never the less, the voices of four innocent people called out in unspeakable agony as the pile of rancid flesh charged towards Aethelcília on a myriad of haphazard legs. a number of tendrils emerged from the mass and opened to reveal seven toothy mouths desperate to feast on new flesh. a larger mouth was forming on the main body, but the bubbling wound was unresponsive and the mouth was only half formed. The abomination that Gozen attacked was little more than a burnt pile of bones and guts, its decimation had been so rapid that even the creatures puppeting the flesh were unable to scream out in pain. The covering fire shot by Stormbreaker in turn, hit far more of the lesser horrors, but to a far smaller effect. the insects controlling the stitched together bodies cared little of the blood-soaked hosts being mildly singed. one horror, that was made of seven legs and a old woman's head, was able to deftly dodge one of the flames. These creatures charged towards the pair of relatively young dragons with unshakeable resolve as the stitch worms reinforced the joints and the puppeteer bugs got the hang of piloting reanimated corpses via trapped souls. Likewise, the host of unmounted stitch worms and puppeteer bugs had begun rounding up the collapsed humans in the surrounding area to begin constructing more abominations. the victims unable to even scream out in pain as their flesh began melding with that of their neighbors. three abominations flailed at Stormbreaker as two charged suicidally into Gozen's fiery body. They intended to strike their targets with no regard for self preservation, these attacks would strike with the force to break their bones upon their enemies. or at least, the bones of their cobbled together corpse suits. simultaneously, the roof of the resturaunt burst open as Kahd'Xel lept and landed nearby the two brave heroes, and squashing one of his abominations in the process. "Miserable spawn of winged newts, Your childish embers are nothing to the light of truth!" "You shall perish here and aid my crusade!" "Muwyrikdy weisl ao sulqyv lyszw, hafr tmudvuwm ypkyrw vory lazmulq za zmy duqmz ao zrfzm!" The Demon said with its ensemble of jaws. "Haf wmidd eyruwm myry vorv iuv ph trfwivy!" with that, Kahd'Xel bellowed a great cloud of toxic fumes that covered the area and obscured vision, He then struck with his tree like arms at Gozen, so as to strike him even if he dodged the abominations. Also through the deadly cloud came the loud buzzing and assorted cutlery of the Five insect horrors. Who assaulted Stormbreaker with murderous fervor, and whose humanity was little more than tattered clothing and the occasional vestigial finger. The Fungal horror had yet to join the melee, either out of strategy or simply lagging behind. OOC: The greater horror has taken noticeable damage but charges at Aethelcília with its ravenous mouth stalks. Gozen has slain a lesser abomination but is now caught in a poisonous cloud with two lesser abominations trying to body slam him and Kahd'Xel about to strike him with his clawed hand. Gozen is within the effective range of Kahd'Xel's eyes Stormbreaker was able to damage four lesser abominations but missed a fifth, the damage is superficial since no damage came to the puppeteer bugs. Stormbreaker is also caught in the poison cloud and is being swung at by three lesser abominations and all five insect horrors who are attacking with knives, skewers, and meat hooks. Stormbreaker is also within range of Kahd'Xel's eyes the fungal horror has yet to reveal itself. the swarm of unmounted stitch worms and puppeteer bugs are amassing the bodies of three incapacitated villagers and have begun melding them into a more powerful abomination. Thus, the current count is 90 devoured, 31 lost but not eddible, 29 incapacitated, and 50 who are still hiding. villain team: 15 lesser abominations (3 near Stormbreaker, 2 near Gozen, 10 in transit), 1 Greater horror (attacking Aethelcília), 1 ??? abomination (being created by the bug squad), 5 insect horrors (attacking Stormbreaker), 1 fungal horror (somewhere), and 1 Kahd'Xel (attacking Gozen)
  4. Thomas Lead the old man and weird Jello creature into the captain's cabin. The room was remarkably clean and well organized (In no small part thanks to Thomas, who had spent his morning giving the cabin a very professional thrice over.) To a regular eye, it would appear that the whole room's furnishings were brand new, sadly, Thomas had yet to reach the point where he could even fool a trained eye on this matter. A round table had been set up in the middle of the cabin with three adjoining chairs. an exotic flower and glass vase were the table's centerpiece and seemed unperturbed by the creaking swaying of the ship on the open water. Thomas propped his umbrella upright against the thin air and made his way to a silver tea set on a nearby dresser. Thomas pressed a silver button on the handle of the silver tea pot, which caused the pot to hum and glow a faint red. He then pulled out a large portfolio labeled "Tea Bags" and begun looking through it The butler answered Prose's questions as he flipped through the portfolio of innumerable tea bags "There are many flavors of tea Miss Letariat, You may simply have yet to find the one that speaks to you. As for fishing, I am knowledgeable in the act, the art, and the profession, however I have never once fished as it is an activity that goes beyond my station. The duty of a butler is to provide services to improve one's standard of living, The act of catching fish, while undeniably useful, is not included in that." "That said Miss Letariat, if you wish to fish, I can assist you in numerous other ways. Mr Arelleno, is there a specific tea that you would wish to have, or should I provide you with what I think might be best?"
  5. sorry, the universe has been conspiring against me this week. Writing the post right now!
  6. sounds cute and fun! I probably wouldn't have enough time to join since I'm currently involved with multiple threads, but if you need an extra player, I'd be happy to join in as best I can
  7. okay, since Dath was able to post. next will be @Metty than @Dabi then back to me
  8. I like your demon 

    1. squid peanut

      squid peanut

      Thanks!  I wanted to make a reoccurring antagonist for people to fight and I think I did a good job so far.  (Although there’s definitely edits I want to make so that the character sheet better reflects how the character works in action.)

  9. Ok, how about we put things on hold then until Darth’s schedule clears up
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