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  1. I'm really sorry everyone about abandoning this post after putting so much effort into setting it up and all that. Like I've probably said before, I started working on writing a novel about a month ago and that has since eaten up a most of my time and energy as a writer. I'm really deeply sorry that I haven't been able to stick with this thread at all as a result, but I simply haven't had the time, energy, or particular state of mind to give this thread the attention and effort it deserves. (This stuff takes a lot of work and things to keep track of!) Please understand that it was never my intention to bail on this thread mid way through, and that this situation is more so the result of me trying to take steps towards being a professional writer over the past couple months. Regardless, I feel really bad about doing this so suddenly and un announced as I really did not want to just admit that my interests no longer lay with continuing this thread. Thank you all for writing with me, I really hate to leave this on such a bitter note, but I would hate even more to string you all along anymore when I my heart is just somewhere else now.
  2. I just want to say real quick sorry for being as uninvolved with this as I am. I’ve started writing a novel, and it’s been taking up a lot of my brain space. I’ll still try to respond to any direct questions and I’ll try to keep posting, but sorry that I cannot be like an active resource as I’ve done in prior threads.
  3. Granted, your big secret plan involved retrofitting a large power plant in a city that you didn’t otherwise own so I’d assume that there wouldn’t be the means to keep all the goings on a secret and there never being a situation where any of this had to be explained to anyone while in Aspyn for the past 3 weeks or so. as for dominating the Xelken. Even without the psyionic links, the xelken minds are still pretty alien and specifically tuned to obey specifically those that have some form of Kahd’Xel’s blessing. You can definitely force your will to overcome these issues but it shouldn’t be an automatic process for someone who possesses a limited understanding of how the Xelken, well, Xelken. Also Be careful you don’t accidentally give yourself the psionic feedback
  4. As the soldiers atop the wall fired into the pale unkown as the fog rapidly approached the city wall. It was impossible to tell what the soldiers were hitting with the only indication of their success being the diminished noise of the Xelken buzzing their wings. It seemed like a good number of the apparent Xelken threat was being destroyed by this preliminary assault. This was until Stormbreaker flew before the wall and fired an immense plume of dragon fire towards where she believed the Archdemon was hidden in the fog. This blast managed to dissipate a large chunk of the fog in front of the soldiers that revealed to them what they had been shooting at so far. misshapen Xelken wretches that resembled clumped up balls of insect parts and flew by flapping a chaotic assortment of loud buzzing wings. Each one of these creatures sounded like entire swarms of giant insects by the flapping of their wings alone and had been created by Kahd'Xel as a distraction to draw in enemy fire and minimalize Xelken casualties in approaching the city walls. Then like a silent and gentle ocean, the fog filled back the gap that had been burned away, and then rolled over the wall and its defenders as the Xelken's toxic veil began to flow into the city behind. It was then that Kahd'Xel instructed his minions to strike. heavily armed and armored Xelken landed straight onto the ranks of soldiers stationed on the wall as thousands more wretches and horrors flew or were carried into the city proper. Tiny Xelken flooded the airspace, swarming around victims and stinging them repeatedly with sharp and venomous stingers. Stormbreaker, who was the furthest forward out of the city's defenders was relentlessly assaulted by flying insect horrors once more, who were determined to cut her off from her allies behind her and prevent her from continuously loosing her blasts of dragon fire. Kahd'Xel checked over the statuses of his force's initial charge. His division elite horrors that had been armored with Suujali scales and armed with weapons that oozed with concentrated venom had successfully landed along the City walls. These Xelken were greatly outnumbered by the large number of defenders that had been stationed on the wall, but the low visibility and tighter formations due to limited space meant that the elite horrors could just land separately throughout the enemy ranks and simply begin attacking to created a sense of panic and confusion for the defenders who would be deprived of all freedom of movement and spatial awareness to combat their foes or support their allies effectively. This would be made even worse by the constant stream of flying wretches who would take potshots or attack the defenders on the wall as well as flood into the streets with the rest of the main force. The main force itself was focused mostly on the inside of the city. The plan was to use the blanket of fog and the combative forces to target densely populated residential areas to begin converting the city's population into abominations while also kidnapping civilians in the confusion to then be turned into horrors back in Groff Basin. The second Possessed Suujali and numerous packs of horrors would spear head the inner city conflict while the flying wretches provided support and the ground based wretches composed primarily of stitch worms and puppeteer bugs went about creating the abominations and providing quick medical treatment for most of the Xelken attackers. All of this was set up for every Xelken to operate mostly autonomously as Kahd'Xel intended to have the Xelken not use psionic long distance communications at all if possible. The Arch-Demon was aware, via his Eye Nit scouts, that the city's defenders had been converting a power station into a device that could somehow harm the Xelken hivemind through presumably psionic means. It stood to reason that such a device would require the Xelken to actively use their psionic network to cause any harm as otherwise there would exist the danger of the Gaianists harming their own soldiers along with the Xelken. For this reason also, Kahd'Xel had made sure to send the Sorcerer Marcos with a sizable portion of their forces, to go and obtain more information about the PowerStation while ideally being able to render the device inoperable. Now, with the initial charge having commenced and the Xelken filtering into their roles in this assault, Kahd'Xel sent out a message along the Xelken hivemind to all of his minions to cease Psionic communication until further notice. He then sent one final communication to Marcos, to remind him of his task. "Sorcerer, you can still communicate with my children by speaking in the primeval tongue. Do not waste your forces by only focusing on disabling the device, there are surely weaknesses to its operation and learning those are as valuable a victory as achieving complete decimation of the enemy. You are to only utilize your connection to my hivemind in divulging this machine's secrets or when either your forces or your enemies lie broken on the ground. Treasure the silence as you slaughter the traitorous filth." With his forces fielded and his orders given, Kahd'Xel then took to the frontlines himself. Peering through the fog with his eyes of light, he spotted what looked to be the commanding force that lead the soldiers on the wall. The Arch-demon landed right beyond the wall and before Michael Commager and whoever else stood beside him. Through the dense and toxic fog, Kahd'Xel appeared only in silhouette, save for his eyes which shown brightly all the same. He loomed over the followers of Gaia even as they stood atop the wall, with the stench of death filling the air and sickening some even past their charms when paired with the poison light. Then the Arch-Demon spoke with his dark and festering voice. "misguided servants of the traitor Gaia. Long have you wallowed in your goddess' vile filth, Tonight I free you from your chains, tonight you all help kindle the flames of Justice." With which Kahd'Xel then blew from his mouth a dense cloud of deadly poisons and the horrifying curse onto Wall's defenders.
  5. I'd say hold off for a sec. I am writing my post right now
  6. sorry guys, my post will be a bit delayed because I a huge chunk of yesterday writing up all of the differences between the yugioh manga and the anime for a huge chunk of the anime's first Arc (turns out there are a lot of differences and this took me like 5-6 hours to do.) Then today I was just mentally and physically drained as a result. I'm going to try to get my next post up next time I have a chance to write something. And if any of you are interested in my literary analysis of yugioh, I can find a way to tell you where it is that doesn't break this site's rules about linking stuff (because I'm pretty sure there are rules about not linking or trying to send people to anything off site)
  7. Just a heads up. My schedule has changed a lot this past month and as a result I don't have as much time as I did before for Val. What this means is that I'm aiming to get my post written and posted over the weekend since I want to spend my weekdays getting my own personal writing projects done.
  8. Sure. I don’t see any reason why not in this case. @Sigil Warden, you can slot in after @desolate who’s turn I’m pretty sure is now
  9. you ever just accidentally write a 7000 word short story over three days, cause I did and it felt great

    1. Sigil Warden

      Sigil Warden

      Yeah but it was lewd and I was being paid. Different motivations....

    2. Dabi


      Lewd stories eh

  10. I’m going on the fly, although I have done some planning with amenities about what the two of us want to happen
  11. Less concerned with city hall and more concerned with attacking the civilian population. also! @The Alexandrian some questions and calls on the stuff in your IC post. First: how secret was all of the information you covered about the power plant? Would it’s purpose, capabilities and staff be known outside of your personal elite? Besides that, how much of the stuff that you would have kept under wraps be protected by the spying eye of Xelken eye nits (which are like tiny flies that have been scoping out Aspyn for like just under a month and I’m not sure the terranus military even really knows about). Second: what kind of vision/ sensors do your sentries have? (Thermal, night vision, etc) third: I’m going to say that the psychic jammer will only work on xelken that are connected to the psychic hivelink and not ones that are communicating purely through old speak and other means of communication. So Xelken will be able to avoid it by forsaking their long range (and medium range) communication. Also, how big of an area does it’s pulse cover and who would have this information?
  12. He’s attacking the wall at the southern end of Aspyn lumber, a bit closer to the bend in the wall then the south eastern gate
  13. One unified set since people have multiple characters in several scenes
  14. As long as it's compliant with Mild powers I don't see why not
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