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  1. Sure. I don’t see any reason why not in this case. @Sigil Warden, you can slot in after @desolate who’s turn I’m pretty sure is now
  2. you ever just accidentally write a 7000 word short story over three days, cause I did and it felt great

    1. Sigil Warden

      Sigil Warden

      Yeah but it was lewd and I was being paid. Different motivations....

    2. Dabi


      Lewd stories eh

  3. I’m going on the fly, although I have done some planning with amenities about what the two of us want to happen
  4. Less concerned with city hall and more concerned with attacking the civilian population. also! @The Alexandrian some questions and calls on the stuff in your IC post. First: how secret was all of the information you covered about the power plant? Would it’s purpose, capabilities and staff be known outside of your personal elite? Besides that, how much of the stuff that you would have kept under wraps be protected by the spying eye of Xelken eye nits (which are like tiny flies that have been scoping out Aspyn for like just under a month and I’m not sure the terranus military even really knows about). Second: what kind of vision/ sensors do your sentries have? (Thermal, night vision, etc) third: I’m going to say that the psychic jammer will only work on xelken that are connected to the psychic hivelink and not ones that are communicating purely through old speak and other means of communication. So Xelken will be able to avoid it by forsaking their long range (and medium range) communication. Also, how big of an area does it’s pulse cover and who would have this information?
  5. He’s attacking the wall at the southern end of Aspyn lumber, a bit closer to the bend in the wall then the south eastern gate
  6. One unified set since people have multiple characters in several scenes
  7. As long as it's compliant with Mild powers I don't see why not
  8. The fog was formed during the approach by using geomancy to collect water molecules in the air to create a very large cloud. The fact that Baizo is a topical and therefore humid environment made it possible for Kahd'Xel and his 30 fungal horrors to collect enough water vapor. The cloud/fog is being held over the city by the 30 fungal horrors, who are stationed throughout Aspyn. As for the poison, that's mostly coming from a bunch of Xel Spray Bulbs and Kahd'Xel as well. They are producing large quantities of a low-density toxin that disperses quickly but gets absorbed by the fog. Thus, the fog will grow increasingly toxic as long as the fungal horrors are keeping it from dissipating and the Spray bulbs are producing the toxins. I'd say that there's like 80 spray bulbs that are now floating throughout and just above the city. These toxins are in the fog, so closed interiors will be safe for longer, also the poison causes irritation by touch, so covering exposed areas and wearing a face mask will help (but not entirely since the particles are quite small. Eventually the toxic density will be high enough to lethally damage a person's lungs even through a simple face mask. This can be slowed by destroying the spray bulbs and the size of the cloud will shrink if the fungal horrors maintaining it are killed. Basically magic is used for four things with the Xelken. Geomancy, forming a hide speed connection with the Xelken "brain hub" back in Dul-Dorek, accelerating and strengthening natural processes and abilities (producing toxins faster, producing Xelken faster, moving faster, hitting harder, sensing better etc.) and finally it's used with specifically the Horrifying plague (the plague that rapidly turns people into horrors) Xelken themselves don't need magic to maintain anything about their natural form, other abilities, or their oldspeak based hivemind. cutting off the Xelken from their magic will impede them and definitely weaken some of them, but it will not stop them or the other poisons/diseases that they have. To counter the fog cloud itself will require a large scale ritual/a lot of power, since the spell has already been woven and is being maintained by 30 geomancers (and Kahd'Xel sort of) connected by a hivemind. In terms of disorienting them, they rely heavily on triangulating positions by compiling what the individuals can see, smell, and hear. Covering up your smell or sound can make it harder for them to find and follow you, but the more magically inclined and powerful Xelken will either be able to sense you by other means or have straight up true sight (can see through pretty much anything that isn't a brick wall.) Also, I would not recommend anything telepathic in the slightest! The Xelken hivemind will either hit you with an absurd amount of feedback, or it will treat you like a recently created horror and absorb your mind into a literal sea of consciousness. For fire/cold, none of the Xelken have any particular resistances or immunities to extreme temperatures, however the level of effectiveness will be determined by how big and squish a given Xelken is. Basically it goes small>medium>Large, and Fungal>Flesh>Insect. With small fungal Xelken being the most vulnerable and Large Insect Xeken being the least. I would also be remiss to mention that Suujali and their carapaces are very much immune to magic and fire (with the exception of dragon fire cause dragons raw), also that Vakar weapons have a diminished effect on Xel Suujali since being connected to the Xelken hivemind technically gives them an INT boost. As for banishment, Kahd'Xel's home plane is in fact Valucre, and this is true for the Xelken themselves as well (unless the Xelken is a horror made out of an entity native to another plane). You can still banish them to another plane, but they'll pop to this one once the spell has run out. Don't worry about asking questions, I'm more than happy to answer!
  9. First post is up. Everyone's first post can work as framing to establish who is where and why. Make sure to include if characters will be in scene 1, 2, or 3. As for post order, how about we start with: me, then @amenities, then @The Alexandrian, then @Noko, then @danzilla3, then @Metty, then @Djinn&Juice, then @Zashiii, and then finally @L E V I A T H A N, before looping back around. Don't feel like you need to write anything nearly as long as what I did, I needed to establish the setting and will be functioning as a quasi-DM by controlling the Xelken forces. also here's the thread
  10. Attention to @amenities, @Djinn&Juice, @danzilla3, @L E V I A T H A N, @Zashiii, @Noko, @The Alexandrian, and @Metty. The city of Aspyn on the Isle of Baizo was the sparkling jewel that all followers of the goddess Gaia could point to and say was the product of Gaia's love for her people and her people's love for her. It was a land blessed by a righteous seed of Gaia's bounty that caused the local flora to flourish like nowhere else. Sickness and famine had no grip on the city and the fear of catastrophic that hung over the heads of much Lagrimosa's people seemed like a distant rumor in the streets of Aspyn. This was an impressive feat since many of the people who now lived in this city had come here to flee the endless string of tragedies that plagued the continent. Even with the Chaos twisted hellscape of Bi'le'ah just a days journey from the city's gates, Fear was a foreign concept in the hearts of the Aspynites. It had been chased out by the combined might of the Terran Empire and the church of Gaia, who protected Aspyn with an organized force of 50,000 watchmen, 7,500 wallmen, 2,000 members of the Gaianist Clergy, and 15,000 Highly trained soldiers under the command of the Legendary Michael Commager, a man who was once touted as one of Lagrimosa's elite Peace Keepers. The cities defenders are hardly lax and the 10' tall stone walls are constantly manned and enchanted in case of an unnatural attack. It's no wonder that in less than half a decade, a city that was largely unknown to the world beyond Baizo had now become a safe haven for over 6,000,000 people. However, for a beacon to shine so brightly and the land to overflow with strong and plentiful harvests, eventually there will be those that look to such a paradise and feel nothing but contempt for such a place, and that is exactly what has now come to pass. Night had recently fallen over the City of Aspyn and many welcomed a chance for the humid summer air to soon become breathable. Aspyn's summers were not quite as humid as one would experience further inland, but few other places in Lagrimosa had such a tropical climate, so even a mild variation still felt like a solid leap in discomfort. A couple migrants from Genesaris cursed the local Loci and the daytime watchmen grew more jealous of their nighttime counterparts with every passing day, regardless, spirits were still high as the people went about eating dinner and then drifting off to sleep. All save for the city's defenders who had spent the past two months hearing notes and rumors of an unnatural threat heading east across the northern wastelands and seemingly in the direction of the Isle of Baizo. This threat was an unnatural being known as The Arch-Demon Kahd'Xel Yedapher, who had been first encountered in a remote village nearby the small kingdom of Hasturia and was fought by a combined force of imperial allies and the Hasturian military. The demon fled the battle after sustaining heavy injuries, and has since been unaccounted for save for a few accounts that solidly pin the events of the sudden "Suujali Tide" that occurred a week later on him and his demonic minions. To make matters worse, knowledge of The Arch-Demon's movements pointed towards him marching west and potentially towards The Isle of Baizo. Preparations had been taken but there was still much that was unknown both of the enemy force and its intentions. This was what Kahd'Xel new as he sifted through the dregs of human memories that littered the Xelken hivemind and saw through the senses of his tiny Eye nits that had long since placed Aspyn under the Plague Father's poisonous gaze. Kahd'Xel held nothing but contempt for Gaia and her followers and the affront to nature that both represented to him. He had grown his forces by feasting on the denizens of the Wasteland and now with his fortress built in Groff Basin, he sought to feast on the sickening bounty of Gaia's people and turn the traitorous goddess's might against herself. The Arch-Demon now flew across the small stretch of sea between Groff Basin and the isle of Baizo with only a force of 4,230 Xelken Wretches, 160 Xelken horrors, 2 Xelken possessed Suujali, and Kahd'Xel himself. Many would view this as a foolish plan as such a small force could never overtake such a well defended location as Aspyn, but Kahd'Xel knew full well what pieces would be in play in the coming battle, and had planned his intentions accordingly. Destroying Aspyn was something that needed to be done slowly, and the first stroke was to stab it squarely in the gut. The cloud of buzzing Xelken made landfall shortly after the sun had finished setting, they took care to avoid the Gaianist Abby on the south east end of the island and flew straight towards the city of Aspyn. Kahd'Xel knew they were approaching the city even before it became visible, and led his 30 fungal horrors in a feat of Xelken Geomancy to assist in their approach. The cloud of buzzing Xelken soon became embedded in a tremendous cloud of fog, that looked like an ethereal white tidal wave as it rolled across the lush island jungle. The humid air tropical air was perfect to support such a feat, and the cloud was soon filled with lethal Xelken poisons that irritated human flesh and burned a person's lungs. The xelken were unimpeded by the shroud around them, for they were unreliant on sight and were incapable of doubt or trepidation. The Aspyn city guard had been told to expect an unnatural attack on this night, bowman and clergymen had manned the city wall when scouts spoke of a swarm of giant insects headed towards the city. Words were exchanged about standing strong and believing in Gaia and that the enemy force was but a small one. Wards were hastily prepared, men and women tried to swallow the sudden swelling of fear and steady their aim. they looked to the east, and saw but a billowing cloud rolling over the jungle, it was tinted blue by the light of the moon and stretched up some hundred feet into the air. As the cloud drew nearer, a deafening buzzing could be heard within, sounding like thousands upon thousands of insects all beating their wings. it was monolithic and inconceivable, unknown and overpowering. It was something that would take the onlookers several moments to even comprehend, and by the time they did, the tide was already upon them. OOC summary: Kahd'Xel and his Xelken forces made landfall shortly after the sun had finished setting and have arrived at Aspyn within the following hour. The Xelken swarm with soon flood into the city proper and face the defenders that would have amassed at the city's walls after hearing word of the Xelken forces approaching. The Xelken bring with them a toxic fog that is going to quickly cover the whole city. The fog is maintained by the 30 fungal horrors and will become increasingly toxic due to Xelken constantly spewing more toxins into the air. So far, it is at the point where extended exposure to the fog will cause irritation to the skin and eyes. As one would expect, this effect is diminished by having a resistance to poison, however immunity is only possessed by people who have specific immunity to Xelken plagues and poisons. As a reminder, many of the Xelken are equipped with shields and the like made of Suujali carapace. The OOC thread is here
  11. Ok. Now that we know what people's goals and who they'll be playing, I say we organize this into three distinct scene that all happen simultaneously. Scene 1 will be repelling Kahd'Xel at the city wall, scene 2 will be fighting off the Xelken in the city streets, and scene 3 will be protecting Caeceila Glasmann as she preforms a powerful Ritual (what if what it did was bolster the righteous seed to negate the Xelken plagues?). It's important to note that moving from one scene to another will require one full post to do so. However, if you are controlling multiple characters they can be in different scenes at once, and transitioning to another scene with some of them will not eat the turns of the characters who don't move. After we set this up we can start for real! @amenities, @Djinn&Juice, @danzilla3, @L E V I A T H A N, @Zashiii, @Noko, @The Alexandrian, and @Metty.
  12. You won't be able to just know Kahd'Xel's true name. It hasn't been spoken since shortly after humans/elves/whatever first came into being. If you want to do a thread or two about trying to find and learn Kahd'Xel's true name than that's fine, but its something that needs to be earned
  13. I just want to state straight up that I'm mostly just compiling all the character stuff for my own sake since I'm probably going to be needing to keep track of everyone the most due to being the sole antagonist here.
  14. Kahd'Xel made sure to keep a watchful eye on Marcos. The sorcerer had proven his worth in the journey across the Wastelands, but Kahd'Xel still greatly valued information and was privy to the hypocritical tenancies of sapient life. He saw Marcos as little more than an opportunity to explore options only seen with a limited and mortal perspective. To this end Kahd'Xel understood the importance in maintaining Marcos' trust, and provided him with the means to probe into the carcasses of recently deceased Xelken. There was certainly a surplus of bodies since the construction of Dul'Dorek required a great number of short lived Wretches. Xelken that were born without mouths or stomachs, tasked to build and build and build until they inevitably died of exhaustion. This method let the Xelken do in days what would take most other lifeforms years or even decades. Dul'Dorek stood tall, nowhere near completion but towering over the miasma filled swamp beneath it. The structure was a haphazard collage of architecture both familiar and alien. myriad artistic movements blended into bizarre palisades, rotundas, and plateaus mixed in with jutting bone and dense fungi. hidden within its walls, tall pillars of brain supported the ever growing hive-mind while pillars of bone reinforced the tower around them. With the infrastructure of his minions erected and the weight of their shared mind no longer weighing alone on his rotted shoulders, the Plague Father commanded his newly established horror lieutenants to organize a force that he would finally lead against the vile hive of sapients known as Aspyn. A force of 4,300 Xelken were assembled, made up predominately of flying insect Xelken and those that they could carry with them. It was a small fraction of the more than 100,000 Xelken that dwelled within the basin, but a larger force would be sluggish and costly. Kahd'Xel did not yet want to commit to a siege, but rather prey upon Gaia's flock of mindless sheep and instill fear in both the shepherdess and livestock alike. Come the next setting sun, a swarm of Xelken will fly to Aspyn, intent on inflicting a just Cruelty. -To Be Continued Summary (long): After fleeing from the oncoming forces of House Glasmann from the village of Treedell and into the Frigid Wastelands, The Arch-Demon Kahd'Xel Yedapher recovers from his prior battle inside of an icy cave. This cave had been the den for a pack of mighty Suujali, but there was little that these beasts could do as the Father of Plagues invaded their home and implanted their brains with Xelken parasites that turned the ruthless Suujali into loyal minions of Kahd'Xel. while in the Suujali den, the Arch-Demon regrew the arm he had lost and contemplated what he would do next to further his quest to slay Gaia. Feeling a strong presence of Gaia's power far off to the west, Kahd'Xel began to grow the beginnings of a mighty Xelken Warband, that he would lead across the Lagrimosan Wastelands and towards the powerful stench of his immortal foe. But before Kahd'Xel's fledgling warband had finished growing, he was visited by an old man, whom he had known from even before he had committed himself to being the foe of Gaia. Gynther the mad, who had played a role in helping Kahd'Xel to break from his 5 millennia long imprisonment, had come to barter for tools to enact his own wrath upon the mortal world. Kahd'Xel owed this old judge of wormwood a gratitude and so promised Gynther an axe fashioned from The Plague Father's own bone. In turn, Kahd'Xel proposed the formation of a Covenant of Anathema, so that like minded individuals such as them could unite in their disdain for Gaia's children. The pair were interrupted by a deployment of the Wasteland Border Patrol, who had tracked a Suujali to the Den now occupied by Kahd'Xel. The patrol was quickly overpowered by Gynther and the Xelken and promptly turned into Xelken horrors. But when the dust had settled and the miasma had dissipated, Gynther had vanished without a word. Kahd'Xel, who cared very little as to why Gynther the mad would disappear right after forging an alliance, Lead his newly created Warband out into the frozen wasteland. Traveling across the wasteland, Kahd'Xel's Warband grew as he preyed upon both the Suujali and the WPD alike, while sapping the land of what little nutrients it still had. Much care was put into controlling how this journey was perceived by the Sapients that dwelled near and within the Wasteland. By using the Possessed Suujali to carry out raids on Terran Patrols and leave survivors, the numerous raids performed by Xelken raiding parties were attributed to a sudden Suujali tide, which allowed the Main Xelken warband and supply network to proceed freely. These raids continued until the Main Xelken warband reached the glacier that separated the Lagrimosan Wastelands from the Lagrimosan Badlands. Where in the Xelken tunneled through the densely packed Ice and into the Mahrjan controlled badlands. Not long after entering the Badlands, Kahd'Xel set his sights on raiding many of the smaller Mahrjan tribes that could be found all throughout the tundra. The Mahrjan feared an attack from Suujali as word had spread throughout the north in the month it took Kahd'Xel to reach the badlands, but it did little good against the coordinated and ruthless attacks of the Xelken raiding parties. Back in Hell's Gate, Marcos Solà, sorcerer who participated in the local stock trade had managed to realize that the Sudden Suujali Tide that people were talking about was likely the work of the plague demon that attacked a village out by Hasturia. The sorcerer, having a questionable moral compass and a deep fascination in bio-weapons, acquired a luxurious sled and set off north from Hell's Gate stopping at Gran Heilo acquire a mindless palypama named Hvalr who had murdered ice faries allied with the tribe. Marcos caught up with the Xelken warband at the eastern border of the badlands, and called out for Kahd'Xel, claiming that he wished to join the Arch-Demon's quest to kill Gaia. Kahd'Xel, having seen the sorcerer's approach for several day, was fascinated by Marcos' ability to follow the Xelken main force and his desire to fight in the name of someone who felt only malice towards his kind. In order to see if the sorcerer truly wished to fallow Kahd'Xel, the Plague Father spoke to Marcos through a fungal horror and tasked him with leading a division of Xelken in an attack on a nearby Marhjan Tribe with a blessing which gave the sorcerer the means to command the Xelken. Kahd'Xel continued with his Warpath towards the east while Marcos set to work preforming the task asked of him. Kahd'Xel perceived through his scouts a land just beyond the badlands that was expansive and defensible without any sapient populations to speak of. The knowledge accrued into the Xelken hivemind told the Plague Father that the place was called "Groff Basin" in the modern tongue, and that it was a long seeped in naught but superstition. Khad'Xel was still focused on exterminating the filth of Gaia that lay even further east, but he now also set his sights on establishing the Xelken hive in Groff Basin, preemptively sending builders that would begin the bases construction over the month that it would take the main Xelken force to reach the Basin. Over the next day or so, Kahd'Xel would also keep tabs on the sorcerer Marcos as he went about leading the Xelken to consume a Mahrjan tribe. Marcos was far slower to strike the killing blow to the tribe and attempted to manipulate the tribe via subterfuge in a way that impressed Kahd'Xel more than the delays disappointed him. Ultimately, Marcos succeeded with some, all be it few, losses on the side of the Xelken. This time Kahd'Xel appeared before Marcos in person and spoke to him directly. The Plague Father accepted Marcos' performance as a pass, and imparted a far deeper blessing that marked Marcos as a member of the Covenant of Anathema. Kahd'Xel insisted that Marcos speak truthfully and not behind a sycophantic persona when talking to Kahd'Xel. The sorcerer complied and revealed his true interests in the Plague Father as the two traveled across the Badlands and into Groff Basin. By the time that Kahd'Xel and his main force arrived in Groff Basin, the Xelken horde numbered just around 100,000 strong. The foundation of their fortress had been completed shortly before their arrival, and over the next few days the mighty Xelken Hive Fortress of Dul'Dorek was constructed. Groff Basin was turned into a cauldron of death and disease as Dul'Dorek grew taller and taller. Here Marcos went about dissecting whatever Xelken he could get his hands on while Kahd'Xel readied himself a force of 4,300 to strike a rapid blow against the land that overflowed with Gaia's treacherous power. The power sprung from the City of Apsyn on the Isle of Baizo. Kahd'Xel had waited for 5,000 years and labored for two months to finally strike a blow against the slaves of his enemy. And so he and his Xelken flew out from the spires of Dul'Dorek and towards the setting sun to strike fear in the hearts of men once more. Summary (Short): Kahd'Xel hides in a Suujali Den for a week after the battle in treedell to fully recover from his injuries and begin the creation of a Xelken Warband. He subjugates several Suujali and terran patrols and is met by Gynther the mad. the two agree to unify their hate and form the covenant of anathema but Gynther disappears shortly there after. Kahd'Xel is drawn by the seed of rightous power in the city of Aspyn and leads his Xelken west across the Wasteland, subjugating Suujali and horrorfying soldiers from the WBP. He also tricks the WBP into thinking that his forces attacks are actually a sudden Suujali tide and not a Xelken warband. The Xelken make it to the Badlands within a month's time and begin attacking the Marhjan tribes that live there, but are also approached by the sorcerer Marcos who wishes to join the Xelken and proves himself by leading a force of provided Xelken to consume a tribe of Mahrjan. Marcos is named a member of the covenant of Anathema and continues west with the Xelken. within another months time the warband reaches Groff Basin where kahd'Xel has already sent an advance party to begin construction of a mighty Xelken hive fortress in the Basin to accommodate their 100,000 strong warband The Xelken construct the tower of Dul'Dorek and prepare to launch an airborne assault of 4,300 Xelken against the city of Aspyn. While Marcos dissects Xelken corpses back in Dul'Dorek. Opportunities: 1. A mysterious Suujali tide has recently appeared and disappeared over the course of a month. The Wasteland Border patrol is befuddled by where all of the Suujali that were killing the patrols disappeared to, or even if it was the Suujali at all. 2. The mysterious Suujali tide struck a heavy blow to the Mahrjan tribes of the northern badlands. Many of the smaller tribes now live in fear of the Suujali and the cold and many more have begun to question if the old Mahrjan way of life is still sustainable in the Badlands as they now are. 3. fishermen and sailors off the coast of Baizo Isle have recounted seeing weird shadows and giant insects around the coast of Groff Basin. Could the stories of witches living in the Basin be true? What could be dwelling in the land where few men are brave to tread. Notable Consequences: 1. Groff Basin is now under the control of Kahd'Xel and the Xelken, who number in the tens of thousands (approximations at 100K) 2. Marcos Solà is now a member of the covenant of Anathema. 3. many Suujali, WBP soldiers, and Mahrjan tribes have been consumed by the Xelken 4. Phoebe Marshal possesses information of the Xelken march across the Wasteland.
  15. Yes, Dauner definitely has good reason to want to fight Kahd’Xel and I would love to see the two go head to head. But throwing in dauner into a conflict centered around the Gaian church could undercut the dramatic tension between him and Kahd! The thread you mentioned has yet to be written and dauner would be stuck having to share the protagonist role with Michael Commager, who Kahd has a deep and inherent idealogical conflict with. I feel Dauner works best when he can take center stage and I want there to be a stage big enough for all of his friends and forces to join in too! So we should focus on building up a conflict that won’t feel secondary to the one between Kahd and the church of Gaia. there are still ways that you can interact with this and even squeeze in some foreshadowing, but we should really get in contact through PMs to lay the ground work for something bigger.
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