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  1. @Ataraxy Ack! I didn't realize that you gave me permision, I thought the whole discussion just stopped without anything happening. I'll update the character I was going to have involved as soon as possible. Again, really sorry!
  2. Mine is up, and I just want to make it clear that I do not share Spear Thistle's opinion, also sorry Jot, but the ambiguous grabbing bit was too juicy a bait to pass up.
  3. The lengthy trip to the caravan post did little to calm Spear Thistle's tiny heart about how well she thought this was going to go. Like honestly, the decision to be all 'oh your noble quest' with Eryel wasn't something Thistle bought into that much herself, because from her perspective this was feeling more and more like a growing series of poor life choices, which she was now enabling. The best she could do was sit on Eryel's shoulder and keep her eyes on the red flag sisters. A pair, with the brightest red flags being that neither of them had seemed to have given their names at all, in fact both seemed to spend the entire trip silently following Eryel like they were a pair of hitmen waiting for the perfect moment to strike. like Bunpleb was a pretty of a box standard higher then thou weirdo, but Skull dog person just as unsettling 30 minutes later as she had been prior. Like, she seemed to be spending the entire walk moving like her grandpa's a nightmare creature and she's looking for an excuse to mug someone. Honestly, Spear Thistle didn't even know if that thing was female, it had like long eyelashes and like sexy lady hair, but then that could mean nothing because giant mute dog person. Besides that the walk was nothing special, Eryel didn't have the best sense of direction but that's fiiiiiine. No sudden muggings or cult manifestos so things were looking up. Eryel talking to the elf went fine, and she was going to go and try talking things out. In a normal situation, Spear Thistle would join her and be a little guardian angel on her shoulder, but here sorting out their two companions was way more important right now. Maybe there was nothing to worry about, the two of them did agree to help a poor troubled young woman for nothing but vague monetary compensation. That could be the acts of good people. So Spear Thistle decided to start things off with friendly introduction "Well, I must say I'm very grateful that the two of you were willing to help Eryel in her moment in need, but I don't believe I was able to catch either of your names, would you both mind sharing them with me?" ... aaaaand, nothing. not a peep out of either of them. Thistle wondered if she had made herself visible and she was pretty sure she had. "um, excuse me, I was wondering if you two could tell me your names.".... This silent treatment was getting really old very fast. Skulldoggery still had that look on their face like 'hmmm I'm going to steal candy from a baby, and then, eat the baby.' and plebbun seemed like she had suddenly gone deaf or something. So Spear Thistle fluttered over to where she was looking and tried to get her attention again. "uh hello, you can still hear ri-" Spear Thistle said while waving her arms, before noticing that the instant she locked eyes with the perpetually angry woman she quickly looked the other way. 'Oh, this absolute bitch!' Thistle thought. 'she's trying to ignore me, even when she's the weirdo and I put my best wing forward! I should teach this creep a lesson!' but before she had the opportunity, the small fairy had the wind squeezed out of her by a pair of giant hands that held her tighter than she expected or preferred. Also it caused her to make a shocked 'BLEH' sound. Spear Thistle quickly blinked out of the grip and heard the outcries of Eryel while the fairies body remembered how to breath. The news was terrible and Eryel's hands bleeding from having grabbed a particularly thorny fairy probably didn't help much either. Nor did Eryel's demands for justice that were leaning towards a request for criminal activity. “What does he have?” " “If you need it, I can certainly try and steal it for you.” 'oh great' Spear Thistle thought 'ol Skulldoggery can talk and they sound like an absolute serial killer!' The tiny Fairy tried to calm things down. "woah! Hey! Hold up there everyone. Eryel, I'm super sorry about your hands, I can heal them but you really have to calm down. Creepy dog lady person thing... look I don't know your name, but we gotta talk. Ignoring for a moment the general and obvious problems with stealing things, I really don't think your the best one to do it. People sort of tend to notice giant dogs with skull faces and I am immensely afraid of what you can do and so is society, probably." Spear Thistle had expected for things to go bad, but things were going bad really really fast.
  4. oh yeah! I'm currently not doing anything with Maxwell Rubicante and I think I remember we were talking about him being a candidate for being the son of sun or something like that. Would that like, be a thing that matters?
  5. I'd love to be part of the creative process, count me in! I try to bring the attitude of what if it was fun, but also haunting?
  6. ok, I guess I'll go next then
  7. Spear Thistle watched as the merchant girl went about her version of the hero leaving home scene. While not the sort of thing that deserved a standing ovation, there was definitely good reason that such a moment was such an established cliche. Granted, Spear Thistle could only appreciate Eryel's adorable mix of confidence and trepidation for a bit. There was still a lot of things that everyone had to do for this to not end horribly, and the shadiness of the two first responders didn't exactly fill Thistle with confidence. they better not think they can take advantage of such a sweet young girl! the fairy thought to herself. although honestly this is probably on Eryel as well for being so careless about it. Like, you're a sweet baby girl and you're desperate and all that but you should still have standards. at least abou-... OH, CRUD. Spear Thistle cut her rant to no one short as she noticed that the store was now empty, and she could here three sets of footsteps on the other side of the canvas wall. Crud Crud Crud Crud Crud! Spear Thistle thought as she zoomed down to the base of the wall and squeezed herself under a part of the tent. It would have probably been faster to have just flown out and around the shop, but shut up though. Luckily, an onset moment of doubt had stopped Eryel in her tracks. This was hardly a good thing, but it also meant that Spear Thistle didn't have to sprint to catch up with sweet baby girl and the (possibly) gruesome twosome. Better still, was that a fairy suddenly appearing was like, the number one solution to stuff like "oh, how will little ol' me ever do the thing?". putting that one GE from fairy college to good use, the coolest fairy ever worked her magic. As Eryel stood there, staring at the hobble wall, mind full of doubt and worry, eyes filling up with emotion. A gentle voice called to her, like a person wrapping their arms around her in comfort. "Do not worry child, the current path may seem scary, but is one that you can most definitely walk, and, it is one that you do not walk alone." a small ball of warm purple light drifted down from the sky to right between Eryel's face and the wall. In an instant, this light transformed into a small winged woman, no larger than a child's wooden doll. she wore a fuzzy green dress and had bushy purple hair, which was reflected in a green rod that she held, which was topped with a round amethyst. This Fairy looked an awful lot like the one that had harassed Eryel within the shop, but the way this one presented herself made it unclear if both fairies were one and the same. "Hello dear, I am the Spear Thistle fairy. I have been summoned by your pure heart and noble quest, and as such I will stand by you until you need me no longer." The Fairy looked and had the voice of a girl even younger than Eryel, but spoke and smiled as if she was a kind grandmother that Eryel had never known she had HA, I'm so good! Spear Thistle silently thought to herself
  8. sorry, classes started and my interest has been wandering to other things, I'll try to post tonight but if I don't, feel free to move the story forward. I'll try to stick with this thread since it just started and Spear thistle is pretty easy to write for.
  9. Lol, ok. Sorry, I went to a convention over the weekend and took a bit to recover I’ll see if I can add anything before we head out
  10. Is this what mom meant by the Captain Planet we have at home?
  11. Tiger sized lizard preforms as expected Sexy Fire genie and civil contractor Oh Dear God what is that?! Vermin is a state of mind Sir, the child is very smug
  12. Shortly after her plea, the tiny fairy was struck with the realization that her speaking up probably served to startle and confuse just as much as inspire. When you spend as long as Spear Thistle had, watching humans and the like talking their giant heads off, it becomes easy to forget that fairies aren't a thing most of them are expecting. it's certainly rude to be so ignorant, but big things move slowly in more ways than one. In all honesty speaking to humans wasn't really something Spear Thistle did that often, messing with them was free rein but she often preferred to watch them from a distance, following their silly giant lives while plundering their pantries, good boys and girls would even get treats in return. Eryel had been a particularly special case. mountains of salted pork were as close to heaven as Thistle cared to look for, and having such a moving tale to watch unfold was like having icing on the cake that was just a second cake. A young woman, forced to leave the only home she ever knew and live in a pale imitation of it. Her one living relative bed ridden and the mercantile empire she had seen her father rule reduced to little more that a stall. a series of tragedies that the girl had to hide behind a mask to the outside world. Her life hinging on her innocent smile that had long since vanished from her soul. How could someone like Spear Thistle not get invested? Of course she had given a helping hand to make things a bit nicer, mainly stopping any would be rat or bug infestation from ever getting a foothold. An act which totally not just a matter of territory. Spear Thistle jumping in was because she was just so startled at Eryel fumbling her big shining moment of turning her fate around. It may be true to the character but Spear Thistle wanted an inspiring call for help, she had gotten front row seats and everything. it felt like the perfect drama was shattering before her very eyes, how was Eryel ever going to meet a dashing prince and find true love now? Things we looking even worse because Thistle had to open her big mouth. "oh man, why'd I go and say that, what did I think was going to happen?" Spear Thistle silently thought. "aaaaaaah, my motivation is dropping so quickly, aaaaaah what am I gonna do?" When suddenly, spear Thistle was hit with an epiphany. She's a fairy. Young maidens being helped along their quests by helpful fairies is totally something that happens. She's not a narrative dead end, she's a deus ex machina! "Yeah, I'll be Eryel's adorable magical guide, sure to be a fan favorite and making sure this whole thing ends how it should, exactly how I want it to! WA HA HA, my self esteem is now infinite!" This spiritual journey took place over the course of half a minute, and looked like little more than if Spear Thistle had forgotten how her face muscles worked and was rapidly going through exaggerated expressions to refresh her memory. The important part being that she had gone from confident and energetic, to confident and energetic and with an actual idea of what she was doing. Spear Thistle poked her head out from behind a ration bar to see who were actually interested in Eryel's proposal. She was rather surprised by the fact that two whole people had come forward, and by how both of them looked super sketchy. The first was a woman who looked like the kind of person who was a vivid character that could exist in different settings seamlessly. Like, you could see her at a noble party, or a run down orphanage, or a demonic cult and not bat an eye once. Hopefully getting to know her would rule out the third option, because other wise oh no. The second was a giant dog woman who towered over everyone and had pretty nice hair. She was pretty scary. Dog lady had the whole wild animal vibe going on where it felt like she was always moments away from just trying to eat you. The fact that the coloring of her face fur looked like a skull didn't help much either. Neither did the fact that the dog lady seemed to be possibly aware of Spear Thistle's presence, somehow despite Spear Thistle being magically hard to see and behind a mountain of salted pork stacked on dishrags. It wasn't impossible, but extra alarming if true. Some of this fear was calmed however by the fact that Spear Thistle had built in defenses, her outfit's fuzzy spikes weren't just for show and many a predator learned this fact the hard way. Looking back at Eryel, Thistle saw that the girl was going for cute feminine charm out of desperation, a dangerous strategy when both of her targets seemed to be unmarried women. To make sure this wasn't a death sentence, Spear Thistle sprung into action, discretely zapping Eryel with a spell to boost her charm. These kinds of spells were hardly Thistle's forte, but there wasn't a fairy alive who didn't at least know the basics, it was a universally required course.
  13. My next post is going to be a bit long. sorry in advance, I want to establish Spear Thistle's motivation for joining as well as her reactions to Tedimius and Andraste.
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