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  1. The way you write Julia is great. I love it <3

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    Pfft. Totally spoiling my fun.
  3. Omg your usernames match now that is so adorable :kiss:

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      Just like our real names!


      ...as soon as all the stupid paperwork processes and shiznit. I can't wait to see my new name on my SS card!! :laugh:


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    The Witching Hour [Dark Forest]

    Serra was really careful to avoid disturbing any unnecessary brush or leaving any unnecessary trace of her passing as she picked her way through the forest. Her position at point was for the best, since her spiritual senses were heightened while the moon remained in the sky. There were very few natural animals here, which made it very easy to detect the spiritual disturbances of oncoming dangers. She looked over her shoulder and blew a kiss at Emma; her senses couldn't detect anything in the bushes, but that didn't mean there weren't things out here with souls too foreign for her to read. "Prolly the wind, sugar, but keep moving just in case. If you stand still, you're easy. An easy target, I mean. Besides, if we stop to investigate every rattle and snap, we'll be out here for ages. Deep breath, beautiful, we got this." Her easy words hid her state of tense high-alertness, tho. The forest was super creepy!
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    ~*All is Bright*~

    @jack-attack @Aleksei Jean-Renard looked up at the pair, his dark eyes taking in the details of their slightly dishevelled appearance and the pointy teeth they each displayed as the spoke their intemperate words. Clearly they were people of a certain class, to speak so frankly and so openly to a man whose station they couldn’t be sure of. The class that was either too low to know better… or the class that was too powerful to care. Caution was necessary. “Perhaps I am lost, but not in this maze of shrubbery. I find myself considering a dilemma of the most delicate sort, and perhaps ‘lost’ might better apply in that sense.” He regarded the couple cooly, with an idle thought back to his own youthful dalliances in verdant places. He was surprised to find he was a bit jealous. “As for plans, I am never shy of the bones of such a thing, it is simply a matter of assembling them into a proper and effective beast. The words ‘plot’ and ‘conspire’ are so… base. I’d prefer ‘reviewing the tactical options in light of changing conditions’. And if I’ve done so at a volume or tone that has disturbed the proper ordering of your private affairs, I humbly apologize.”
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    Awww. Sad! Who will poke me playfully when I go all SJW? Also, does that mean I should ignore Nieve's conversation with Fiona in the dungeon?
  7. Julia shoved the bench seat off of her chest and sat up, rubbing her head grumpily. Her normally unflappable composure seemed to have been temporarily flapped as she groped around for her hat. It was tough to concentrate on finding it, what with the trickle of blood in her eyes and the ringing in her ears and all. Anyone expecting a laconic comment on their current predicament would be disappointed; all anyone could hear was her muttering in a sort of angry-woozy way while she fished around for her favorite accessory. “Yassin sassin snazzum frazzum stupid metal breakin’ flying contraption where the hell’s my galldang hat??” Her hair hung in frazzled strands, her long braid completely untied revealing wild, untamable curls that threatened to electrocute the surviving crew members with the static electricity they were likely capable of generating. Without her perfectly constructed indomitable affectation, she looked surprisingly small and fragile. Julia’s fumbling hand finally landed on the object of her obsessive search; the hat had been battered and dented, and looked much less imposing than it had a few minutes ago. She smashed it onto her head, where her unkempt hair caused it to tilt slightly and seem to float just above her scalp. Sadly, the hat was not helping her regain that air of nonchalant smugness. “What in the living blazes of the nine hells just happened?” Her voice cracked just slightly, and she swooned as her vision fogged over for a second. The silence that greeted her question was unnerving. Her hostage didn’t answer, and the others seemed equally unresponsive, or maybe they just hadn’t heard her through the warped compartment door. Julia took a deep, shaky breath, and tried her damndest to get her Boots persona up and functional without the benefit of a hairbrush or a shot of liquor. She carefully and slowly gained her feet; her legs were wobbly, but serviceable, and other than a minor head wound and maybe a concussion, she seemed to have escaped injury. She checked on the girl she’d Shanghai’d, and was happy to note that she was still breathing. More survivors meant better chances in the wild; Boots hoped that it wasn’t just going to be the two of them bonding over the seasoned and bar-b-q’d remains of her ex-teammates during the cold mountain nights. Boots stumbled to the door, and with a heave fueled by adrenaline, managed to force it open with an ear-splitting whine of metal scraping against metal. She smelled a little bit of smoke, and could hear the sound of electricity popping somewhere in the passageway. She staggered into the corridor, bracing one of her arms against the bulkhead to keep from losing her balance, and called out into the still air, hoping to rouse any of her unit that were just dozing but still alive. “Pardners? Need a muster! Give a shout if ya can’t get yerself mobile!”
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    I'm totally down with this. Gotta make a dominatrix charrie with a violet wand-based special power! DIBS! NOBODY STEAL MY IDEA!
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    What video game/movie/comic/book are you looking forward to?

    If you get another Fallout before I get another Elder Scrolls, I might maybe gonna have to cut somebody at Bethesda.
  10. Hay everybody!

    I got lotsa posts to try to get to, and I'm hoping to hit them all today, but I forgot to charge my phone last night!

    I haven't forgotten anyone! I'm working on it! :laugh:


  11. Question -- how would you like to proceed. Do you want interact with Dollya while your character is held prisoner, or will you be taking off with anyone else who has mentioned you in their posts! I am fine either way.

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      If it's more realistic and better for the story to have Dollya involved, that's what I wanna do. I don't wanna break your lore. :laugh:

      If it's a bother for you tho, no worries! 

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    Sorry guys! Charli missed this notification; she's been spotty about logging on this weekend cuz of RL stuff. I'll make sure to get her pointed in this direction today!
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    ~*All is Bright*~

    Fiona struggled, but the girl was no match for a vampire. It was futile anyway; the magic, halted at her mouth, backed up and fled the way it had come, out through her feet and back into the land. The bargain broken, the voice gone. She slumped in the guards' arms as she was hauled off to the dungeon. Same shit, different day, she thought to herself. Somewhere in the chaos, Jean-Renard and Emile had vanished. Anyone who cared to look for them would find them in the hedge maze having a very interesting conversation. "You!" Jean-Renard exclaimed as he whacked his son over the head. "You imbicilic-" whack! "--impuslive--" whack! "--self-righteous--" whack! "--arrogant thundercunt!" whack! "What part of 'quietly' was too hard for you?? What part of 'privately' and 'don't make a scene' was too confusing for your tiny inbred bastard brain of yours? To think I overlooked my wife's sordid, perverted affair and accepted you as my own blood! Look what it's brought me! I ought to go to the Collector right now and see if he's into stupid, headstrong men as much as he's into gifted, headstrong women! Maybe I can sell you instead, and dig us out of the hole you just plunged us into with disturbing enthusiasm and amazing competence!" "But father--" "Did I give you permission to speak?? You'll be lucky if I don't cut your wagging tongue out of your head and keep it in a jar until you earn it back!" "But father, we know where she is now!" "Oui, the dungeons of the Golden Palace! What goddamned good does that do anyone??" "She's not going anywhere! We have all the time we need to make arrangements! Then, when the time is right, we simply let our patron know where she is, and he can handle all the details!" "How stupid...? ...wait. I'm intrigued. Go on." Emile breathed a small sigh of relief. "Maybe we can offer a concession or two for the inconvenience, then tell him what he needs to know. We're rid of our debt, we have at least some of our land back in your name, and we're rid of Fiona without any of the family getting their hands dirty!" Jean-Renard cupped his chin in thought. "Hmm. Perhaps. Then after the sting wears off and the storm blows over, my sister's insipid children can go to the government for a handout on their own. This scandal won't come off our names lightly, but Fiona is from that branch, so perhaps this can be spun in such a way as to cast us in a better light. Go home, tell Adalene, have her start working on a statement. Let me worry about our benefactor. I'll be behind you soon; I have to do some thinking about the best way to handle this merdier. I suspect a quiet exit, but I need to ponder for a moment before I take an action that might make things worse." "Of course, Uncle." Emile hurried off, making his way as clandestinely through the crowd and off the grounds as humanly possible. Jean-Renard sat heavily on a bench in the hedge maze, and thought to himself. Fiona sat, gagged tightly and bound, in a small, dank cell, with only a tiny window near the ceiling for any kind of light. The heavy wooden door was locked tight, and the stone was hard and unforgiving. But she didn't cry. She'd be damned if she let anyone see her weak.
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    ToA Rd 1: Joanna Vyse vs Nicki Song

    Nicki wanted to go up, but not that way! Sooner than she wanted to, she activated the power she'd prepared a moment before1 , changing the way gravity affected her personally. Instead of pulling her down at a pokey 9.8m/s2 , she doubled it, so that it was pulling down on her at 19.6 m/s2, while at the same time cancelling her reverse-gravity well2 . The strange flying metal creature passed overhead as she hung, suspended by the opposing pulls of two gravities. It was pretty painful, and gave her a head rush, and she had no leverage to do anything about it except flail and pout a little bit. To make matters worse, she'd just turned off the only thing keeping Joanna from walking up and going all stabby-stabby on her while she hung there like a trapped squirrel with all the blood running to her head. Knowing that her personal gravity would wear off in just a moment, and not knowing whether or not the swirling sucky-vortex would do the same, she dropped her hands and sighed. "Uncle. I give. You win. Please don't sucky-sucky me."3
  15. LizzieFoxtrot

    The Joining (CLAN VALKOHYR)

    The Radiant Dawn scout ran through the forest towards the sounds of combat, following his training to flank the enemy so he could help fill them with silver-tipped arrows. He wasn't thinking about why they were being attacked, or who was responsible; all that stuff was way over his pay grade. He was just doing what he had been trained to do, to keep his friends alive. He burst through a bush onto a game trail, and froze in his tracks. "What the fuck is that?" he whispered aloud. One of the hemogoblins stared at him with flat black eyes, smiling up from about his knee level. It bounced from foot to foot and cackled. The scout had never seen or heard of anything like it before, prolly cuz they hadn't actually existed anywhere outside of Odd's twisted little mind until just about a minute or two ago. The scout slowly stepped backwards, trying to run through his lessons to find and identify the creature so he could do something about it, and that's when the other two struck from the sides of the trail. With screeching laughter they leaped onto him, one onto his arm and the other onto his shoulders, ripping and tearing with teeth and claws. Bits of congealed blood splattered off of them as they struggled to tear through his flesh, but they weren't made of anything actually hard or sharp, just goopy blood, so their swipes were more horrifying than effective. Just as the Scout was starting to realize that he wasn't really being injured, just terrified, and began to recover his wits, the hemogoblins came up with another idea. The one on his arm twisted the shape of its head into a long, thin, two-pronged tentacle and jammed itself up both of the scouts nostrils. The scout coughed, and sputtered, trying and failing to breathe as the blood clogged his windpipe, seeking to get into his veins through the entirely wrong orifice. Seeing the success of its brother, the one on the scout's shoulders let out an unnatural, ear-splitting scream that carried easily through the forest. Elsewhere, the other hemogoblins perked up their cute gross little ears, somehow getting some kind of information that nobody else could understand. As the scream petered out, the hemogoblin twisted its own form into a similar shape, and dove in through the suffocating scout's eyeballs. Being much softer and squishier than skin, they collapsed quickly, and the hemogoblin began travelling the path to his brain. A bright flash of light exploded from the trees, causing all three monsters to stop what they were doing and look in its direction. They halted for a second, then left the strangled, eyeless Scout behind to bound off after the source of the disturbance. They couldn't quite get into that guy the way they wanted; maybe they'd have better luck with some other guy? Odd didn't protest when Catherine scooped her up like a doll and took off into the forest; she trusted her sister with the kind of blind faith that only the totally nuts possessed. She tried to make it easier on her ride, though, shimming up to sit on Catherine's broad shoulders and trying to stay out of her friend's way. When the painful light flashed, however, she screamed an fell off, landing squarely in a mud puddle and clawing at her face in pain and fear. Just as the Radiant Dawn priest was getting ready to mentally celebrate his victory, the bushes rustled, and all six of Odd's hemogoblins stepped into the clearing. Their laughing mouths and dead eyes kinda reminded him of some kind of hyena. They began to circle him, cautiously at first but with mirth in their step, and their intentions couldn't be read at all. Well, other than they were prolly gonna try to kill him. That part was obvious, anyway.