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    The cat’s visage had altered slightly; taking on a far more feline appearance – instead of his bipedal form depicted earlier on. There was no explanation given to Eobard to realistically describe what had happened; the transformation had taken place sometime during his blackout anyhow and perhaps added to the confusion as to just how he’d gotten into such a situation to begin with. "I'm sorry, why do I have to carry you again?" The human posed a valid question; the cat, who’s ears protruded from the rucksack thrown over shoulder, wasn’t injured -- in fact Eobard had managed to embarrass himself to such a point that bringing him along was far more a hindrance than actual help. Granted, the boy’s only saving grace is that he possessed enough strength still to carry the rucksack as they both attempted to survive the moments that remained; taking the actual travel into his own hands and allowing further Zzz’s to be caught and dreams of mice sandwiches to take place until the eventual “fat lady” solo that would signal the end to the entire ordeal. He wouldn’t allow the boy to contemplate his own question for too long; for fear of actually causing more distress to his mind and prolonged confusion as to what life would be like moving forward. “I don’t need to stretch my feet; rather resting and keeping my legs fresh is in both of our interests. Especially if you plan on making it out of this floor alive…” It was hard to gauge Eobard’s strength; Eobard in general didn’t seem to belong in a place like this – a misplaced transplant that got lost amongst the several dozen that were just discarded here. Still he had survived the altercation between the pair for some reason; there was a quiet strength – a resolve or determination perhaps that ushered forward and kept him wayward. Plodding one foot after another kept them moving forward toward their respective destinies -- these waves of grass would carry them higher. There wasn’t a certainty that he’d bring Eobard along on his quest to ascend the tower – but if the boy continued to make himself useful – there was no reason he couldn’t tag along. There wasn’t much time to ridicule this decision or to contemplate it further; the latest wall of grass parted and the scene that unfolded in the instant may have taken a moment for his mount to comprehend. However, the vibe of death that shuddered against the air was all too familiar. He was certain that his voice hadn’t carried over the grass – he’d remain quiet for the moment; the blood red woman before them sent a shiver down his spine and the body count that littered the area realistically warranted it.
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    “What…” The scene had already cut to one pawed foot leaving the ground nearly the split moment the boy attempted to make sense of the figure before him; a barely visible cloud of dust kicked into the air upon his departure. Like had already been stated; the small feline was foreign, alien-esque, to these parts – parts being the most immediate vicinity and the floors above it. However, the human-figure before him was nothing new or exciting, in all actuality there was more blame, for the prior interruptions of this cat’s nap, to be dished out and this poor-blue-eyed-soul was about to find himself at the wrong end of those wrathful claws that only wished to quiet the noise that enveloped so much of the golden fields. Fade to black. Upon initial attempt to reopen eyes; skin a swollen twist of purples and blues that may have almost matched the “luminous” display beneath, there may have been slight serious discomfort over the attempt that would reveal the sky above - still as clear as the moment he’d remember prior; yet the day hinted more toward an extended period afterward – who was counting anyways? He could’ve spent the moment wondering how the scene played out prior; just how he had ended up in this position – this situation. More importantly, he could use the moment given to him to determine why he was still alive – and in one-solid-albeit-bent-and-swollen piece. That would be if he could even finish a coherent comprehension of the situation at hand. As lungs would attempt to take the first pained breath to assess the situation; he’d notice a weight of sorts wrestling against the one or two perhaps broken (probably bruised) upper ribs in his chest. An almost silent hum or purr in short rhythm would’ve played against eardrums, given enough attention to such detail. In the time since he’d been out – the numbers had dwindled; magnificently – it had been as if the people overseeing the event allowed 200 to cut itself further and into what would be considered the “elite” of the bunch. The exact number they were looking for an uncertainty – but this lead into an almost serene silence that allowed the games of “cat and mouse” to be solved stealthy: quietly. Finally, full realization would show that the alien feline had determined this humanoid figure the most suitable place for his next nap. But the extent of just how asleep he’d be remained to be seen – Eobard was likely not going to want to test fate twice today… but who knew?
  3. excuse me, ladies and gentlemen. but, on a scale of 1 to 10, what would be your interest in a Tower of God (TOG) themed roleplay?
  4. We need more newcomers.
  5. open

    It was somewhere off in the distance; having taken a good couple of minutes of ducking out of close calls, masquerading as a figment of most participants imagination one moment -- only to disappear into the tall golden grass on the double-take of one or two passersby who couldn't believe such an innocent appearance graces the anything but safe field of slaughter under the blue skies. But alas, he'd found that sought after shade -- beneath a subtle overhang of what appeared to be a massive boulder/remnant of a mountain that once existed in this place. Its historical inaccuracies weren't necessarily important though -- in this time and place it provided just enough shade, close enough to the ground that it required no additional details to manifest into a momentarily quiet napping place. Although it wouldn't last for too long. His eyes were only shut for twenty minutes -- max, before the first time he'd have been discovered by some unassuming (well assumptions were gravely misconstrued) passerby. An hour later; a scene that detailed exactly why that statement about "waking sleeping lions and why you should never do it" pertained to the landscape that panned out from the cat's almost serene sleep posture against a mound of bodies and weapons, bent and broken along with abstract artwork that detailed the side of the rock covered hill to his rear. The golden wall -- red stained for the most part -- parted once again. A momentary twitch of fright carried up the duo's spines as the scene and scent hit them like an immovable wall and in the middle of it all reside the king of this jungle and these peasants just wouldn't let him rest.
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    I’m nothing like you. I wasn’t chosen to rise up this tower – I wasn’t chosen. It was upon the ground; tripping and stumbling forward at all costs – a figure chased into the depth of the wood somewhere on the furthest edges of the world. Impeded branches and foliage snap and break upon passing. Pursued deep into the night, beneath a pitch-black canopy that shed no light on the path forced upon by those who meant vicious harm. Unsure of what lay before him. Unsure of the decisions made that affect family; withered since abandonment and hunted to the brink of extinction. What choices could’ve led a family to this cliffside? Damnation at any cost. The moonlight danced along the cliff side; nothingness enveloped the chasm beyond the moon’s reach – to his rear approached a mob of voices. Shallow breaths crashed upon one another like ocean waves; flight or fight, didn’t leave much in the way of options – flying off into the distance stars would’ve been much more promising on its end of the spectrum. It was in that moment that the moonlight seemingly grew brighter; a doorway of light revealed itself just off the land. Its warmth beckoned him forward and into the light swallowing his form and returning the chasm to nothingness. Again, the warmth crashed against him; this time while eyelids parted to reveal the distant blue sky, complete with the rolling white fluff called clouds. The speakers largely went unnoticed – its voice secondary to his own thoughts that coupled the confusion of the seemingly limitless sky that remained before him. Wasn’t it just moments ago that he’d completed that Headon’s ridiculous task? Within the depths of a cavern? “To go up the tower…” The combination of words played on ears, causing them to tick momentarily as if he’d heard something similar before. He’d really had passed the test. The Tower was real. And this was the first step. The continuance of the voice’s instructions carried over the sea of grass that surrounded his body. Apparently not the only one who found themselves in the fields; 699 others reside somewhere else within the grass; a couple of side glances this way or that confirmed that no one was within his vicinity. This fact alone allowed a short sigh of relief to escape lungs while rising to his pawed feet. (He still couldn’t see over the golden sea before him) “Guess if I want to continue to the top; I just need to find myself in the top two-hundred, nya.” Whiskers wiggled a little before paws clasped behind back and he disappeared into a golden wall before him. There must be shade around here somewhere. Oh, you thought I was going to fight his way into the top 200? You must not have been paying attention.
  7. You should probably stick to your desk job -- perhaps even stay bed ridden.