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    I’m nothing like you. I wasn’t chosen to rise up this tower – I wasn’t chosen. It was upon the ground; tripping and stumbling forward at all costs – a figure chased into the depth of the wood somewhere on the furthest edges of the world. Impeded branches and foliage snap and break upon passing. Pursued deep into the night, beneath a pitch-black canopy that shed no light on the path forced upon by those who meant vicious harm. Unsure of what lay before him. Unsure of the decisions made that affect family; withered since abandonment and hunted to the brink of extinction. What choices could’ve led a family to this cliffside? Damnation at any cost. The moonlight danced along the cliff side; nothingness enveloped the chasm beyond the moon’s reach – to his rear approached a mob of voices. Shallow breaths crashed upon one another like ocean waves; flight or fight, didn’t leave much in the way of options – flying off into the distance stars would’ve been much more promising on its end of the spectrum. It was in that moment that the moonlight seemingly grew brighter; a doorway of light revealed itself just off the land. Its warmth beckoned him forward and into the light swallowing his form and returning the chasm to nothingness. Again, the warmth crashed against him; this time while eyelids parted to reveal the distant blue sky, complete with the rolling white fluff called clouds. The speakers largely went unnoticed – its voice secondary to his own thoughts that coupled the confusion of the seemingly limitless sky that remained before him. Wasn’t it just moments ago that he’d completed that Headon’s ridiculous task? Within the depths of a cavern? “To go up the tower…” The combination of words played on ears, causing them to tick momentarily as if he’d heard something similar before. He’d really had passed the test. The Tower was real. And this was the first step. The continuance of the voice’s instructions carried over the sea of grass that surrounded his body. Apparently not the only one who found themselves in the fields; 699 others reside somewhere else within the grass; a couple of side glances this way or that confirmed that no one was within his vicinity. This fact alone allowed a short sigh of relief to escape lungs while rising to his pawed feet. (He still couldn’t see over the golden sea before him) “Guess if I want to continue to the top; I just need to find myself in the top two-hundred, nya.” Whiskers wiggled a little before paws clasped behind back and he disappeared into a golden wall before him. There must be shade around here somewhere. Oh, you thought I was going to fight his way into the top 200? You must not have been paying attention.
  2. You should probably stick to your desk job -- perhaps even stay bed ridden.
  3. Weapons? You haven't seen weapons yet...
  4. Perhaps you'll actually do something rather run your mouth now...
  5. I guess I'll just increase the area then...