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  1. Makiel opened his senses to magic, feeling the mana in Ingrid's body more up towards a focus point than back down to her hand. It was interesting, the way she described casting. 'Raw casting' as it was coined back in his home world, was not uncommon. Many of the archmages and archdruids could raw cast, as could some savants, as did a minority of the Wardens, including himself and the young Aldorto, and his uncle Kreigstad. It was a rare occurrence in this land it would seem. "So it's not so different from the way I am used to seeing others cast. 'Raw casting' is what it's known as back in my homeland. Being able to cast without a focus such as a wand, a staff, an orb, or a fetish. Well now, it shouldn't be that hard to get a feel for your essence. So, my next question then," Makiel moved his palm down Ingrid's arm, pressing with his thumb and forefinger to get a better feel for the mana moving as well as to feel Ingrid's muscles, "you work with the elements, so the energies of the world, primal energies? Fire, water, stone, air, flora, fauna, and the combination of those elements?" Makiel had not taken Ingrid as a druid, but this place, after-all, was not his home land so perhaps the druidic magics and primordial elements were not as uncommon in this land. Either way, it would be refreshing to work on someone that's common to his old warden fellows.
  2. Makiel took in a deep breath as his mind went into a pseudo-trance state. "Skin to skin contact helps me feel what's going on beneath your skin better. I need to build an understanding of what you use your essence in. The properties you specialize in and what elements you pull from...or..I guess..schools you cast spells from...or even how you all cast here at all. The wardens from back home would pool together the necessary essence from the respective elements into their pathways than focus on the spell itself to cast. For example, if I wanted to change my form or even to grow claws for enhanced physical strikes, I would focus on the primal energies I keep stored in my body than focus them around my hands and cast the incantation by creating the sigil for the spell using my hands or by projecting a mental image of it, or even speaking an incantation command. Your methods could be vastly different from mine, however the mana still slips and flows the same." The wanderer would take a place behind Ingrid to begin. Makiel placed an open palm against Ingrid's shoulder. His fingertips would conform around the her to press into her skin, searching for a mana pulse, feeling it's strength, how quickly it fired a signal, how easily it moved, it's tempo, it's signature. "I suppose we should start with your overall casting method, how you are able to cast your magic. Could you walk me through how you cast a common spell in your arsenal?" While Ingrid would talk, Makiel would begin tracing her mana pathways leading out towards her hands.
  3. Makiel would take in his surroundings for a moment. He'd gotten all the ingredients he'd thought he'd need for now, that was a good step. All he needed now was to figure out what Ingrid and Kalmuli would need in their mana pools. His eyes looked up to the assistant, "It's simple, I just need to feel your hands and a few other places that are concentrated to your essence to decide what the best course of action would be to manipulate your pathways. If you need more of a particular element, if you have too much and need it filtered, or even if you need an easier distribution through certain pathways. I'll have to do the same to Kalmuli. It's like an exam to tell me what I will need to be doing. It's best if you have somewhere to sit down for a moment so I can reach most of your body easily. That and I'll have to ask you some questions to get a general feel of your essence and make a 'profile' of it." Makiel moved to nab a stool from nearby, moving it to place in an open space. "Please, take a seat and we'll get started." The wanderer popped his fingers and rolled his neck around, loosening up more. "I'd be glad to have your expertise in what herbs there are around here to work with. I'm a foreigner here after-all, so your herbs are not mine."
  4. Makiel would follow with Ingrid. The smells of some of the herbs would strike him, however his senses were focused on trying to find the right oils to blend together. The change to a cooler room was a nice welcome change. It wasn't unbearably hot outside, however it was not that pleasant either. "I can understand that. It's nice and cool down here. That multiple herbs and spices down here makes a great workplace. I'll start by flipping through the pages of the book. See what you all have around here for muscle relaxant and for mana sensitive ingredients." Makiel would take his place, thumbing through the pages of ingredients to find what he would be needing to create a base oil to work with. The idea would be to create a base to mix with some other ingredients, if they were available, to customize the oils to Kalmuli and Ingrid's mana signatures. It would start with the base oil first. Some of the ingredients looked foreign, but there were a few that he noticed, such as the lavender. It would take some time to read on what would work best to have the elves blend up. So far lavender would be used in the bases for sure. A few of the little flowers that would be used to give a base of something to open up the pores of someone's body to accept mana manipulation as well as something to relax the muscles slightly so he could work easier. Next would be to decide what Ingrid and Kalmuli would be needing more of in their pools of mana, that would be something he'd have to feel for. A few of the pages held ideas for what could be blended together. "Ingrid," Makiel looked up after spending around twenty minutes reading through the book of ingredients, "I think I might have something worked up. I'm going to have to feel your essence to see how to blend something specific to you. When you have a moment I'll get a feeling for what I'll need."
  5. Makiel took extra time working over the pathway leading back to the heart with each route. Whether it be from the elf's legs, his arms, his head, or his abdomen, Makiel made sure to make the path back slower and spend a lot of time increasing the pathway that lead back. Part of the work involved low chants spoke in tongue of the Primordial language. However it did not help much being that the mana that was flowing around was primarily shadow essence. Either way, after a long half hour of light manipulation of tissue and mana, Makiel was finished with his work. Aldorto's body took a darker shade now that the heavy shadowmancy had set into his body. For now, the link on the imprisoned wolf would run for a bit longer, pulling on his reserves. The young wolf almost had it's capacity of essence. It would be a long road ahead, however, the host Al would be pulling directly from the older wolf now. After Makiel was finished, he went through the motions of ending his work, relaxing the body and focusing the flow of essence to it's original state. Letting the flow distribute naturally. The wanderer would leave from the ward to go find some water from the kitchen and go check on the guard wolf out back. The Yarakul from out back was asleep, being somewhat lethargic since there was no orders to follow. The wanderer took a brief moment to poke his head out back, notice the large wolf was asleep, than go back inside to the shop to find the elves. As he walked, Makiel would stretch out his arms as well as his legs in an attempt to stay limber. The scent of the cleaning agents as well as some of the residual scents that lingered in the empty bottles gave Makiel a clear path towards the elves and towards the storerooms. "Finally finished. Wasn't too hard of a process but his essence is hard to move." He'd managed to spot Ingrid at the very least. "So, if you'd be so kind, could you help direct me towards the raw ingredients Ingrid?"
  6. Makiel would start a flow in the other hand of the young wolf. Though the technique was very minimum in it's widening of the mana pathways, it was a quick and temporary fix so that way the wanderer could open the pathways more after the light work was over. A temporary fix to a problem. The pathways were coming open more to allow the new essence to ease into the boy's arms. "Damage Control. Normal for the stages of forest fires. If you can't prevent it, you can control the damage as best as possible. So there's a ward on the inside of his body that's causing a conflict...hmm..so I'll have to help the flow move into the right areas. This is going to take me a lot of time, I'll be here if you two need me. I'll want to check on your stock of herbs, I could see about putting together some oil to help me give you both a better treatment. Something to leave you as a parting gift." Already, the stronger shadowmancy was settling into the young elf's body. His arms were dimmer, ethereal shadows were starting to cloak around the arms, a passive trick to help blend in better to darkness. The ward itself was parasitic in nature, pulling from the host to feed the body a set amount of essence. In theory, the false Al would not be able to do the job on his own, this would give a better chance at accomplishing the task at hand. With the work, as was predicted, that Makiel was doing, and the herbal solution that was fed to the elf, the original essence was but a trace left in the body compared to what the new essence was that was pouring into the body.
  7. The little nips to the back of Makiel's head gave a little shudder down his back. "I just want to look over the my apprentice's essence flow before working on you both. I've seen the boy's physical healing...his mental and mana healing I have not. If it's enough to bring forth the gambler to come out here and attempt to aid, I can only assume something isn't right with his internals. I wouldn't be in the right mind to work you both if I had to worry over his situation." It would take a moment before Makiel would rise, moving to the ward to check up on his apprentice. Inside the boy's body there was the change happening of the prisoner's essence channeling over to the younger. It was tiring to both of them. The drain upon older prisoner towards the younger wolf's own essence to cause a terrible effect of causing the younger wolf's body adjusting to the much stronger power it was taking in. It was not rejecting the strength, only trying to accommodate itself by trying to open the pathways to this new influx of stronger shadowmancy and the new cryomancy. The body was in need of time to adjust to the mana coming in from the older Al. Makiel's hands felt over the young elf's body, starting up at the throat, then running down to his shoulders and hands. The feeling of 'groggy' mana lines all over his body. The wanderer's thumbs began to work over the body to widen the lines. Soon enough Makiel would work up the arm and shoulder, leading a trail straight to the heart. "He's receiving mana, an influx of mana that his body hasn't adjusted to. Can either of you make sense of this?"
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  9. Makiel would accept the glass, taking a light sip from the glass. "Thank you. I'd like to help get the plants as well ass to see about getting the stocks straightened up. Physical labor and herbology are common for me. I can start working on your pathways soon enough." There was a light sigh coming from the wanderer's lips. Aldorto's condition was beginning to make him curious. "Could we check up on my disciple again? Something feels..off." The curiosity as to why the gambler would come out here and tamper with a stew which smelled alchemical. The first thought was on a wound or condition that might have befallen the young master. If that man was involved, something didn't add up.
  10. Salvine ripped open a rift leading back home. His body was still sore from the wards, even taking the time to recover was still not enough to take the taxation from his body. The gambler would leave to go back to paperwork and to set plans into motion for the next month to come. Things were looking up for his business but it would be a rockier road he'd go down. As it stood, the threads of fate around Makiel were being corrupted, re-threaded. Twisting and turning around as the forces of chaotic flux would rewrite the man's story. Salvine would sit back in the chair in his study, take a long deep breath and sit in silence, thinking long about the events to come. The little apprentice spoke deeply to him. 'I hope you can be nice with everyone one day.' "One day kid...one day...Till I come around again." Salvine would be quietly sitting in his study before moving to make his presence known to his staff. Makiel took a deep breath through his nose. "I know how to open the mana pathways, increasing the efficiency of a caster. When I was with the Wardens there was a technique that was used to give our casters an edge in long term engagements. I don't give you more of a pool of mana, instead I lengthen the pool that you have by reducing the strain the body takes when casting spells. It's worth a try Ingrid, at least to feel what it can do to your body." Makiel could feel the shift in natural states around them, Salvine was leaving. "I would take some of what you are drinking Kalmuli. There should be something I could after opening your pathways. Extra hands to get stocked up or to move things around when there isn't any traffic today."
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  12. Salvine moved to stand up from his spot. It was getting closer for his time to leave. For him to linger here much longer could change a few things for the worse. "Child, before you leave, I ask a favor of you." The gambler held out the ball in his palm, "Hold onto this for me, in one weeks time, present it to your mistress. It is, after all, a gift for her. She will know whom it's from and understand the meaning of the gift. Do not give it to her prior nor later. Do this for me and I shall make sure you are compensated." Salvine would wait for her response before making an exit. Regardless of her answer that ball would make it to the shop in one weeks time and he would not be the one to do so out of understanding of the consequences of his actions so close to a weaver of fate. Soon there after Plana would take the ball or not, Salvine would take a place close to the grand wolf, giving the beast comfort and some attention while he made his last preparations before leaving. Hearing of the soup it came to no surprise that his body refused to take in the creation. Makiel shook his head some at the gambler's continued intervention. It was clear they needed to leave soon. "It would probably be best to flush out the rest. If my apprentice is resting then it's safe to say we are here for one last day. If the gambler is beginning to interfere then that means it's likely best we go soon before things get worse. So with that said I'll do what I can for you both my last day here, perhaps give you both some relief to mana pathways. Would be the least I could do as repayment."
  13. Beris let a sigh of displeasure come from his lips at knowing this was going to be a bother. "I'll try to end this quick and peacefully. If all else I may need to slip that necklace on someone else. Don't let her see it if it comes to that." There was little time to think before the elf came over to his table fuming. His eyes had already found a suitable mark for a shill operation. A similar soul to himself, a smooth looking fellow trying to appease some young fling not far from the bar. If all else failed, Beris could simply write it off as a failed operation and just put his more lethal skills to the test. With a trip like this, either would work fine. The elf was closing in on him now, there was a look in her eye of fire, she appeared to be a live wire. "Easy easy now lady. Bite that tongue of yours. I just came in from a long trip to sit down and have a nice meal before casting off for a trip with my employer here." Beris shoved the woman out of the way so he could stand up and open his small gem pouch as well as his pouch of shamanistic fetishes which aided in casting as well as focus. "Besides, I 'ave enough wealth to go around as is, ask the lady who waited on us. If that's not enough for you, then I'll bare myself to let you rummage through my things you crazed fool." The words he spoke projected his strength of will as well as confidence. "Gods above..Nesryn I apologize for this rude interruption to an otherwise well meeting." Beris turned back to look at his employer before turning back to the elven mark. "Well? Do I need to strip barren for you, 'madame', or did you simply wish to accuse me for something you misplaced?" There was an emphasis on his annoyance and offense to her accusation of him. With his size and stature, most folk backed down with just his words and size, however this woman was elvish, and rich enough to afford wealth such as what she carried around. Irrationality would more then likely follow, however Beris needed but to simply win the crowd over for this to end, if the worst came to it, the poor man at the bar would be the target of a shill and would take the fall.
  14. The gambler sat silently for a time, pondering how to answer the question in a way that would be suitable for her ears. It took a few moments of thinking harder on how to answer but he found the words he wanted. "Kid..the moral compass, the thing you are referring to as good and evil, is a complicated mess. Why do people do harmful things? Many for greed, many for anger, vengeance, revenge. Mortal creatures, humanoids in particular, we are a strange and unpredictable set of individuals. If you were to hear the tales of folk coming to me with deals, things they wanted to gain, and the price they were willing to pay to obtain that gain, you would be as confused as I. I could spout on this for a while, however you are possible more invested in a simple answer. People are unpredictable, no one is born evil. Each person does what they choose to live and survive in a manner befitting to their own agenda. The people who sacked your village are no different. Perhaps it was opportunity, perhaps revenge, perhaps to simply prove they could. I am not a all seeing sage....However, I know the pain of loss...contrary to popular opinion, I do have a heart..sheltered, guarded vigilantly, though I know loss. It is not easy child. I shaln't give apology for an act I did not commit, however I feel for you loss and can only hope you are of the type strong enough to overcome something such as this." Salvine took in a long breath, nearly finished reshaping the ball of dust and ash. His focus had taken a damper from the talk, and would take another for him to speak yet again. "Fate, luck, and gambling. Dangerous things to tamper in, though I have found my comfort in two of them. Hold strong to what you feel passion for. Do that child, and maybe one day these eyes will find your talent, invest in you, and allow that passion to gain a higher level of development. Until that time comes, listen to your elders, gain wisdom, shape your mind into an open vessel that is wiling to partake in more knowledge. Lastly, do not believe everything you hear child. There are some good devils out there such as myself..though we are not as well versed in hiding out pain." Salvine sat back to continue his work. It was to be a parting gift for Kalmuli and the shop. Sure to ensure some anger once he presented it, however the gambler was sure the understanding of him tampering in fate's weave would be understood. It would take some time to finish his work, wanting to make sure the piece showcased a strong message. A depiction of how he would tamper, the artwork would be in the style of the ancient civilizations though the picture would be of the gambler shooting the warden, on the side opposite that picture, a bird held down by chains. There was a slight smug satisfaction that came to Salvine as he made the ceremonial ball. What was meant to be a parting mosaic for a fallen loved one, would now be given as a parting gift to a terminated contract. 'Freedom' as chaos would overrule fate, the dealings of the gambler, to break up fate for a price, change 'destiny' and allow luck and chance to play it's part. The reason fate weaves were not on his gift lists, nor him on theirs. Makiel was very uneasy having the man who had sent him and his apprentice here, sitting outside. Though the man would not be welcome inside, there was still an uneasiness about the situation. "If that man was going to do something he'd be doing it without us knowing. I assume he announced himself to Ingrid before doing anything else." The scent of the stew was very enticing to Makiel's sense of smell, however something in his body was telling him not to eat it to the point of threats on convulsion. When offered, he simply refused and sat back quietly taking of the drink instead. "How long as the young prince been asleep?" Makiel looked over to Ingrid. Though he did not wish to leave, this was a task that needed to be done, something he was sure Salvine was here for as a reminder of that. However, things could wait a bit longer. Stalling only delayed the inevitable, at some point he would have to say his farewells along with his apprentice.
  15. Finally back after a little while gone. I'll try to get the posts caught up within a couple of hours.

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