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  1. Nearly 5% I think, maybe 3 times out of around 16 or so. Most of the time it's due to disappearance of the other members or the few where I left Val for a while.
  2. Magic is always a bit of a weird subject. I've been in multiple discussions about this (different sites and discords as well as with some heavy experienced DMs). The biggest thing in each discussion is simply, Magic is high susceptible to 'what' you do with it. Illusion magic, known to most people in D&D groups (keyword being 'gamers'), as 'on paper useless in a fight'. With that said, it can be highly effective because it can disorient a foe. It all comes down to what is allowed and how it's implemented. In a fight magic can be highly effective, even something utility can have it's place for something as simple as distraction for a better opening or for a better positional advantage. Having the option to use magic, even a one day pop, is still something a character cannot normally do. If magic is sparse, having a one a day pop can be damn near a god send, where it's abundant, a one pop maybe isn't as critical. (One pop referring to a 'once a day' level of casting spells, meaning you can only cast one spell and that's all your capable of casting for your level.) Again, magic is very subjective. As @Akiris wonderfully put it, The thing that's always funny to witness in systems that are detailed out as 'this is what it does' and where people interrupt it as 'this is only what it does' most people will take mostly combat orient spells, IE: Evocation/Destruction, Divine/Restoration, Abjuration/Protective, because it's clearly outlined what it does. Shoot destructive ball of flames, heal wounds, put up magical barrier to negate 'x' amount of damage. If you're mindset it set in stone as a gamer then your mind naturally goes for this set of thinking (not always but making an observation). This is why I enjoy the role play aspect because the options in combat or problem solving allow your options to be widespread. Fireball to light a brasier or to send out a obvious signal flare, set up a warding barrier on a piece of a weapon/shield so it could more effectively block. That get's into enchanting and that's a full different tree. The best I've seen magic described is that it more understanding what you can do with it instead of just knowing spells. Spells or incantations, are commonly used routes to achieve the spell you want, otherwise your trying to wade through chaos to attempt how to manipulate magic. It was a weird scenario of, if you didn't have a defined spell such as fireball, how would you go about casting that effect? You'd have to use your grasp of understanding what you are manipulating to know how to even begin. I was put into a roleplay situation, quite a few times, where there were no defined spells, you simply had a few characters that could weave the flow of magic, be that magical leylines or learning how to manipulate the chaotic forces around or even knowing how to shape their own will power and sacrifice part of their own vitality (blood) to cast what they were focusing on. Sorry I geek out on this stuff. My favorite aspect is creation and enchanting so it's really something the mind get's into the small details. I'm looking forwards to seeing this system in it's progression and I'll be keeping an eye out for field testing and if there is something I spot that is 'meta-game breaking' and try to bring it to light if the system is to be truly balance. I've grown so tired of, as Alex put it so well, that it's tiring. I've done it many times before and been subjected to it time and time again in PVP (not here, I try to avoid fights both PVE and PVP because of past experience) however, 1) it's boring, 2) it's damaging to creativity to simply win because 'mah character's is a badass and I said it'. For my own mind, having a system, a guideline to keep things held back is something I'm very excited to see, something 'defined' instead of RAC (Random Ass Chance). It helps a person get more invested into a character when it's well defined and the limitations are known. Progression should be smooth, not very quick because normally that's not how most people function unless you are savant in a skill in which case congratulations. Either way I'm begging to ramble, I'll try to keep my eyes out for 'builds' or was to 'abuse' this system and bring them to your attention @The Alexandrian if I discover something. I have a mind that knows how to break things pretty easy and I'd hate to see something you put a lot of time and effort into be abused.
  3. Being helped up the wall was not something Glee expected, but he wasn't reluctant. It wasn't long before the demon-blood was up the wall. "Cheers Jack." Like that, the group was inside. Looking around, it became clear why the library was the target..well specifically this library. It was quite large, reminding him closely of the study his father kept. It's contents would more than likely be different. If M'yr decided this is where he wanted to strike than it had to be filled with quite a few occult books. The study he was used to had been filled with books about the abyss along with multiple novels outlining the history of different lands, kingdoms, lords, etc. The main feature was history and demonic books to outline the history of the kingdom and where it had come from. It was the books on naval studies that made Glee most interested, but that was different..or was it? Though his mask wasn't on, Glee was starting to have an illusion play along his eyes. The former captain leapt over the railing, landing atop a bookshelf to get a better view of the place. His mind was certain part of this place was his home study...at least it looked that way. His eyes were glistened over and his senses were starting to hone in to the illusion. It was enough to snap him back to reality. "Shit..." What happened just now? He was certain that what he saw was real. He'd need to steel himself as he did when he was out in the lands of hags and demons once before. "I'll keep an eye out from up top. You're flesh and blood gargoyle. Let's get moving, sooner we're out of here the better." Glee looked back towards the group, speaking hush hush as to not let his voice echo off the walls. Once the group would move to a new location, Glee would move from bookshelves to get a better look around the place. His tail held onto his axe until he would move. The large blade would transfer to his hands so his tail could assist with balance or to save him from a fall if his landing was not very good.
  4. Whoops, thought I already replied to this. Must have forgot to confirm the reply. I'll take a look at the thread later today and I'll have you a reply.
  5. There was a light smile still playing on the elf's face. He was, at his core, still a bit rebellious but this was something that was going to take some time to work on. He didn't want to be butting heads here if he could help it, it was to help a friend, not to hinder what was already in play. "That's why I wanted to see the guild heads. To see the merchants and farmers working and to get a perspective and see what their needs are, it might help to see what this place is like, what the people respect, how they act, what they hold dear. I'm where you need me, that is without questions, but I need to know about this place and how you all function. Your 'pride' will take some time, but it will be at least a month before my clan makes their way here, I'll have time to learn your ways before they arrive." Aldorto let a long sigh escape him. His mind was in multiple directions all at once. Ingrid. That brought him a bit into focus. "Where is she, do you know?" That was one topic of discussion he needed to bring up when he was here. Not yet, not here, he needed to wait for a while, for better circumstances. Truth was, he was still stressed, wanting to out run what he witnessed, what he went through those long months off world. It brought up very old pains that he'd been repressing for centuries. It was held in his tight muscles and in the back recesses of his mind. Work was something that would take his mind off it. The lull of listlessness was something that brought it back, when he was alone to his thoughts. "I suppose I should start by seeing what you need me on. 'Fluffy wolf' or 'house pet' isn't a title I care to hold around here. Your right, this is your land, and your kingdom, not mine. Your direction and your needs comes first, so where can I start?" His knees were moving quickly, eager to start, eager to get motion so he could forget the past and just move. His shade slipped out of the chair, stretching out. "Well I'll send out the word, get 'em all out here boss. Try not to overwork yourself...breath once in a while." It looked to the Baroness, taking a light bow before slipping out. There was a light snarl in response from the wolf lord.
  6. Aldorto had already had the plan in thought at this point. For now, he'd start by going to the merchant's guild and farming guild. Honest and hard work but something to get his name in good standing. It would take a while for the whole clan to get moved out but eventually they would be on their way here. Everything not nailed down was going to be packed up. The plan was to establish a place to work from, be it a small shack to work from, hopefully something easily modifiable, and go from there. "Phillipus, Sissota, I'll be swinging by your respective guilds early tomorrow, you two are basic infrastructure, your right, a good place to start. Aias, I'll see what I can do the next day and assist with boats or fishing, that is of course, if you all are fine with this." The shade was speaking on his behalf. Something to transfer thoughts to while his own mind decided his next big step. He 'needed' to get alchemical supplies sorted, perhaps some pesticides and high dosage rat poison for and vermin in the sewers and some poultices and healing supplies for the guardsman and the fishery. He'd have to have a long talk with Desomnd about how the military supplies of medicines were holding up and if the man wanted to introduce poisons to the arsenal. That would require proper training and application of said poisons. For now, doing some odd jobs for the merchants and the farmers was a good place to start. "I wouldn't expect an open invitation to free reign. Just thinking far-far ahead and giving some insight to you all, who is showing up. My clan is agreeable, aside from one, which I'll deal with when he get's here. Beyond that, please contact me if you all need advice on how to handle any of my troops or how to best use them." He looked back over to the Baroness with a warm smile, "Well, might not be seeing me much from to sounds of it. I'll be hitting the ground running at this rate. I'd like to know of this lands customs and laws, it would assist us to know how to mesh the cultures together. That and how best to instruct the wild one in the group on how best to behave." He chuckled. The truth was, Beris was not that bad, it was just always fun to start his first impression like this. He was, at the peaceful times, the most sound and calm among the clan, even before the move. At worst, during war, he was the last person one wanted to be around. One day Aldorto would stop this jest...one day. For now, it was bringing him joy to tease Beris like this.
  7. Aldorto smiled after hearing Kalmuli's response. He'd have to have a favor called in to have his new land watched over but it would be a risk he'd be willing to take. "Alright, I'll pull in the whole clan to work around here. So long as you don't mind a few great wolves around along with the clan. We've started breeding our last Yara'kul. The litter is smaller than we'd like and they need to be safeguarded if they are going to be trained to the proper military hounds they are. I'll have them announce their arrival. A word of warning though, there is one among us that is...well...civilized but wild in heart. I would refrain from getting on his bad side, Beris, the one among us that is a former werewolf." Aldorto listened to the leaders again, the insults from both the mage and the commander. It was when Barnard left that the shade took his place, slipping into the chair. "This seat is surprisingly warm." It spoke out with a crooked smile playing off it's face. "We appreciate the offer Phillipus, never a reason to let good coin go to waste. Besides our clan will have down time between work. The 'off the record' work generally helps in handfuls. We'll look into the work, if any of you have anything that you need, feel free to come to the clan members for assistance." Aldorto spoke up, "As my shade said, we are available for anything you may need. As for farming, I can see what I'm capable of. Makiel or Berislav would know better than myself when it comes to farming. I can offer ways to improve the soil vial alchemy, but that's as much as I can offer next to a few extra hands. Aias, if you need an extra ship hand or captain, my second in command Kreigstad will be your best option, Berislav can assist but he..well him and the open seas don't get along well. Lastly, Phillipus, my apprentice can assist in keeping the records and helping sort finances if you need someone that can look over numbers well, though she can be a handful if left to her own devices, just a forewarning. Once my clan get's here they will all present themselves to your guild heads to see where they can be of best use, both the day and night heads. Our most important asset among my clan is our unity, communication, and physical ability, just in case you don't know who's who or what we specialize in. We'll be working closely with you all so I'm sure in no time we'll be all well acquainted. Any concerns or fears, you are free to come to me directly and I will address them personally with my clan. Now, anything else you kind folks need covered?" "Speak now or forever hold your piece." The shade taking Barnards spot chuckled while piping in.
  8. Aldorto fell silent for a time. His mind was a bit at ease but there was a lot he still had questions about with her. 'break the contract temporarily to have children' was another thing to add to the list. "I apologize if I pry'd some. It wasn't really my place. So Orisia contains a vampire population? I thought of bringing in my clan to assist if need be but are the Vampires going to clash with us wolves is a real question. I still haven't forgotten that to an extent, I owe you for what you did when we first arrived here. My family isn't at our full strength but having Kreigstad and his metalworking expertise and Berislav and his control of the primordial flow of magic could help out significantly if you need the extra hands. Say the word and I'll contact them both and bring him here as well to have more hands assisting in the project. I can offer my hand with reagents and alchemy if you need me there as well, otherwise, my clan is at your disposal for any scouting or enforcement if also need be." Aldorto started to regain his smile slowly. His eyes took a bright shade of red. "Phillipus, you asked of my lordship, I'm the head of the noble house of the Ardesians, formerly a clan of assassins and mercenaries. Turns out I'm royal blood, a few generations down. My clan is the remnants of the larger house of military strength." There came a grin on his face, his eyes looking over to the merchant lead before turning to the mage head. "Barnard, you aren't totally wrong." There was a flow of magic coming from Aldorto's feet, shadowmancy. He was forming a shade under the table. "I'm many traded, though assassination and theft were my main two trades. I've taken up apothecary means lately. Poisons and some work in medicinal purposes. That answer your questions?" The gleaming red eyes looking back and forth between the two heads of their respective guilds. His lips pulled back enough to show his front teeth. He was enjoying this little talk with the leaders.
  9. So Aias was a miss hit, that was a shame. Either way he still seemed an interesting man none the less. He picked up on the explanation Kalmuli gave, "Sort of a lawless wasteland? And this sea wall, what's you're plan on building this out?" His mind was thinking of the many ways he could assist here. Than came the questions, all sort of at once. Before he had a chance to answer there was more and more so Aldorto smiled and waited until all was silent before responding. It was Barnard that made him smile from cheek to cheek. Than came the information that pulled the smile from his face. She was with child. "Is it, his?" Aldorto's eyes looked to Kalmuli, congratulations were in order but he needed to know this. If Makiel was to be discharged from the clan for this he needed to know. The others in the room were but a shade, dead to the world right now. It was only him and the Baroness as far as his senses were concerned. He would answer the rest of these questions after he knew.
  10. Did you have something in mind? I wouldn't mind branching out to rp with some more folks
  11. Aldorto listened again to Desmond voice good concerns. He wanted to continue his steak of 'fun' but it wasn't the place. He would remain quiet, listening to the rest finish their meeting until there came the awkward silence. He'd be spilling good guts early, this'll be fun. "A few things before we start this...Aias, you're a simple fisherman, nothing more? Guess I had you pegged wrong. Figured you'd be one of the first to see me a ways out." The elf folded his arms, somewhat saddened by this information. "Well..." He sat there for a time before continuing on his second thought. "Secondly, to continue our differences of opinion, had I known your emperor was tight fisted I might not have pulled that stunt. However, I needed to know what her guard was like, not some show boat stunt to stroke my own ego. If I wanted to do that, I have other ways of getting my rocks off." After a long deep breath, Aldorto composed himself, smiled a toothy grin, and leaned forwards. "So who's got the first question they want answered kids?"
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