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  1. The Pendulum: Potions and Pleasantries

    Makiel let the elf out from under his paws, "I've heard most wanderer's are grounded by the winds blowing standing still, or by the tides stopping in the middle of the ocean. Wonders are hard to find but I think you've managed quite well." Makiel laid back on his side with his head resting nearby, once she would get situated he would move his head onto her lap. "We most definitely can."
  2. The Pendulum III: Potions and Pleasantries

    Aldorto looked up from his book, "Ahh yes thank you." The wolf got up from the seat to go upstairs for food. On the way over he grabbed Plana around her legs and picked her up, setting her on his shoulder as he went up the stairs. "You are working to hard, take a break." Once up to where the scent would lead him he sat Plana back down. He searched for utensils and plates. He took down 3 and sat them on a nearby table. "Cook eats first, rule of my place back home. Go ahead Plana unless you need me to cut it." Aldorto stood nearby and waited for the cook to take her piece.
  3. Walking a Dangerous Path [Artifact]

    "Don't act high and mighty with me. They were weak and of no use to me other then nourishment. That's what that body is to you isn't it? I can smell the shadows on you as well. I don't rightfully give a damn of whatever you are, I just care that you can do more then the others, possible rid me of the gods forsaken headache. If you cannot then I suggest staying out of the way." His voice was getting a darker tone, this could not be helped, he was attempting to ride on the fringes of berserk. In his mind he could here more whispers. Calling out to him he could here his brother's voice. The wolf stopped dead in his tracks to look around. "On guard, something is out there." Kreigstad had whipped out his heavy blade in a moment. "Damn them..." Again he heard his brother's voice in his mind. "Damn you Trevas...be silent in death!" Kreigstad had heard the voices clearly. He knew he was very very close. "We need to get moving fast lest I begin to succumb to insanity." Kreigstad began moving at a swift pace only to find himself looking to open sky He stopped dead in his tracks for a second time. "Not something one sees everyday...of course this has not be a usual ride. You ever seen this sort of thing before?"
  4. The Pendulum: Potions and Pleasantries

    Makiel was chuckling at the elf, "If that's the case I'll stay in this for as long as I can." The wanderer never had a use for bloodwolf form...now he found a particularly good use for it...entertaining an elf. His paws wrapped around her and he pulled her tightly. "You're the one tempting me Kal, I figured I should be able to do the same, hehehe."
  5. The Pendulum III: Potions and Pleasantries

    After Al had inspected and taken inventory he came back up the stairs to drop off his notes by a large book. After he finished he decided to thumb through Kalmuli's books down the stairs. He was opposed to relaxing but for a time it would be nice to relax. Once he had a feeling he could change back he tried...to no avail. He was stuck as the wolf for some time now. His eyes went to her bookcase looking for anything to look at to pass the time. He found a book detailing some alchemical ingredients native to Valucre. This was a hell of a read for him so his paws and eyes took some time to study. Once he had been in for a bit he took out his book to jot notes down in. He would read through this for a long while until he was called upon or until the food was ready, whichever came first.
  6. The Pendulum: Potions and Pleasantries

    Makiel was taking by surprise. In his form he extended a paw and dragged her into his chest. "Well be my guest. This is just a form, one that I don't use often, however if you are going to tease me about leashes then I figured this was an appropriate form to take. I understand the joy of feeling fur instead of flesh after being around flesh for far too long." Makiel rubbed up against Kalmuli to give her the pleasure of feeling his new fur against her skin.
  7. Drunks in a field (A night to remember OOC)

    How we all doing?
  8. Hello

    I look forward to it. I am used to multiple threads and responding quickly so if you are ever in need of someone to character build with or to pull into a post let me know. I have so many characters sitting around that I've made for stories and for D&D games. They need an excuse to do something.
  9. The Pendulum III: Potions and Pleasantries

    Aldorto took a good whiff of the smells. After his nose took him on the journey he took to taking inventory. Most of these things were foreign to him but others were not. "Snape weed, wolf's bane, dragon tongue, very nice collection. I'll have to jot down some of this on a separate list for what I can use." The wolf took out the paper and started taking note of what there was and how much, being a bit more specific then just 1 jar 2 jars, he would jot down how many were left in containers and how much was left of the opened containers. His hands and eyes were quick, working simultaneously without either having to confirm the other. After he finished upstairs he moved down. At the bottom of the stairs sat the red door. This was still incredibly interesting to him, temptation led him up to the door before he pulled away. "Not your house Al, not your house..." An upset sigh came off his lips. He returned back to taking inventory. "Might have to pry that information from the mistress of the shop." At the bottom there were quite a fair amount of exotic items. He jotted down each item noticing once he had finished, a good majority of what he used must not exist here, or at least in large quantities. If he was planning on staying here, he would have to strike a deal with Salvine once he had secured his uncle.
  10. The Pendulum: Potions and Pleasantries

    Makiel had the feeling of a man long in his years, but he was young still. His eyes would display long years of wisdom but also the willingness to learn more. "Anymore talk of flirtatious things and I might be wrapped around your finger. Besides if you do have a leash and bell then my apprentice might appreciate it, as for myself it's making a tempting offer." The wanderer let his hands make the signs for the transformation. His body began growing thick fur all over and his eyes a bit of a more wild look to them. It was a spell wardens had learned that gives them the power of a werewolf without being afflicted by the curse. He chuckled, "The blood wolf is one of the druidic domain, I could take a leash in this form might be fun. This is one of many forms we wardens can take on to enhance our own powers." Makiel was not a victim to this as the were-cursed were. He was simply allowing the stronger beasts of nature to lend him their strength. "Forgive me if I'm a touch startling." A long breath came from his mouth, he sat back down with a grin on his face, happily calling her bluff.
  11. The Pendulum III: Potions and Pleasantries

    Aldorto helped the apprentice up and kept her upright for a few steps before letting her go before him. "Sound like my master...humble...I should follow his example. Maybe some greater regeneratives using some of my blood would be a nice addition. Always seem to work well for the pack and for some others." The wolf made his way back inside. He looked around and found some spare paper to jot down the inventory on. He would take some time to also make a note of what he wanted to use.
  12. The Pendulum: Potions and Pleasantries

    Makiel smiled, a short breath on his lips, following with a sound he never made before as she moved her hand around him, a moan. Deep and short lived but it was audible. "I'm glad you think I'm appealing. Most shoo me away for looking deprived. I care not for riches and wealth, I dress like this because I know others out there can have the better things. And yes, you are definitely a flirt. Been keeping my pulse and temperature on high." The wanderer chuckled at the elf, "Mindful servant is an option that is on the table. Although you might have to keep a leash on me..and a bell. I tend to wander quietly." Makiel moved to get up once she eased off, once she started falling his body moved to help ease her fall with his legs. "Easy now, get up too quick and you might hurt yourself." The long haired healer reached over for his cloak and grabbed his water-skin. He pulled it over and handed it over to the elf, "Here, drink as much as you like, I can always find another spring to fill up at. It's very cold mountain spring water. Got lucky back home when I went to 'the peak' out by my apprentice's kingdom. Drink up and let your spirit and body reconnect. Your mana was cleansed so it could take some time before you are able to stand properly."
  13. Walking a Dangerous Path [Artifact]

    Kreigstad could feel the air getting colder, however he was not effected much from it, his fur and undead nature would keep him warm, however his companion on the other hand was not dressed for the occasion. It was becoming more obvious it was getting colder just by looking over at her. He felt a moment of pity, weakness..or..was it. His father always taught him the strong military rules and he, now free of his father, started questioning his father's teachings. His head was maddeningly painful, so much so that there was a constant low growl in his throat. "If I couldn't take this much pain I'd be ashamed to call myself a warrior, it hasn't gotten past enjoyable yet." Kreigstad growled out the words he was ready for this to be over. At the moment though he was actually concerned about his comrade. "What about you? This cold can be harsh. If you need it I think this fur of mine can produce heat to keep your human skin warm. your choice in equipment in this situation was an unfortunate disadvantage." Kreigstad dismissed her answer. She had her reasons and he had his, however if it got the gauntlet from making his head feel worse he would live with the decision. As for the moment, the headache was intense. The gauntlet was whispering to him, calling out to him, attempting to command him. Had it not been for the link with the angel this would have become a trip where Kreigstad would have to go berserk just to continue. "Just what is this thing capable of, I can feel it trying to dig into my mind." Kreigstad grit his teeth. His fur was taking a darker shade, nearly dark as the night. His eyes on the other hand were glowing like moons of blood. Part of him was angry, very angry. No one, absolutely no one, was going to get into his mind and control him.
  14. The Pendulum III: Potions and Pleasantries

    Aldorto finished up on the laundry, wringing out piece by piece and hanging them up on the clothes line as Plana instructed. "Sounds good. While you finish up I'll take inventory and maybe talk to Kalmuli once she's done. I might be able to lend some new products out. After that I'll come find you again and see if you could help me whip up some of my recipes," Aldorto held out his red leather book and waved it, "I'll go through it slow with you, might help you get how to mix better. If you need me, just whistle in the highest pitch you can. These ears will pick up on it and I'll be on my way." The wolf stood up and stretched his legs, he held out a hand to the apprentice, "I'll carry you inside when you're ready, you've been working up quite a bit. If my master was here he would see to your legs, unfortunately I am not him. Best I can do is brew something to keep you going for a few more hours."
  15. The Pendulum: Potions and Pleasantries

    Makiel smiled at her, "I'm surprised you haven't done the same to me. I am completely lacking when it comes to how to act around women. That's kind of what happens when you spend a good deal of your life taking care of your family and then going off to become part of a druid warrior group." Makiel's hand moved to rest at Kalmuli's side. "Heh, not like I'm very pleasing on the eyes, but you are not a cat on the prowl. You could have teased me and I would have probably enjoyed it, but you are right. This...this is nice. Comforting. I've been by myself for a long while, not until a little while back when my apprentice and I meet up did I have to pleasure of having a traveling mate." Makiel was gently rubbing the elf's side, "It's been a bit difficult on the road and even more trying to remember how to approach people. I've been away for too long. It's not good for the soul to be away from society. I'm just glad that luck wove up a good hand and I met you, got lucky enough to strike up a good deal, and even did some healing in the process. You asked me a while back if I would work for you. I'm not sure how useful I will be but I would work for you if you believe my talents would do well here. If it's all the same to you though, I'd rather discus the detail of that later. For now, I just want to enjoy this feeling of closeness. Body warmth, heh." The wanderer's eyes were transfixed upon the elf's. Experience...this is what he craved more then money, happiness, or power. Experience gives birth to wisdom, which in turn gives rise to advice. Right now, however, he was just trying to shut the world out for a while and just relax. "So...you wish to go out somewhere for a while. Maybe just get lost for a bit somewhere out in the wilds, away from the shop for an hour, maybe longer?" He knew this place would not run itself but there was pain in her, pain from something, staying her wouldn't help. Maybe some time out and some fresh air would.