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  1. The Pendulum III: Potions and Pleasantries

    The pain shot up into Aldorto was getting worse and worse every second, "Shut up Kalmuli and let a guy heal you for fuck's sake." The assassin finally took his hand out of the shadow and pulled it back. Using his icy magic he set the cold to her head to relieve a slight touch of the pain and to activate the bronze solution's second function, it was sealing a tight 'mesh' web of strings across the ends of the healing cover. His body would not sustain this for much longer. If he would continue this he would black out from pain. When the potion his her lips, the grey blood would separate out and begin the fast process of healing her internal damage and begin scabbing up her wound. This process would take only minutes to fix the internal wound and the external scabbing would take only minutes later. "I just need to beat the information out of Salvine." The spikes were keeping him on the edge of anger and blackout. "Breath of the northwinds," Aldorto pressed his lips to hers and pushed frigid air into her lungs, this would activate the primer of the grey liquid he made her drink last and warm up her insides to stave off some of the unconscious feeling and to let her internals stabilize. "To think, that fucker is controlling me using my own potions.." Aldorto tipped back the blue liquid, then pulled open the other and tipped it back as well. "My fate is with you now I guess...when this is all over take these wards off me." Aldorto felt the liquid hit him and he collapsed on the floor from pain.
  2. The Pendulum III: Potions and Pleasantries

    When she shuffled out he saw the blood, a feeling in him made his temper sink, she reminded him of Felicity. He swooped over at tore open his arm with his dagger, cutting next to the vein to let the blood spurt out. He dug in his pack for a pouch he made in the armor which contained a vial of reddish liquid and he poured his grey blood into the vial, topped it with a finger and shook it until the red became pink. He came back to the elf and handed her the potion, "Drink..least I can do for bashing the back of your head open like a coconut." His voice was a bit more calm now. He manipulated the shadows to nab a few more things from the pouch including a bit of crushed herbs which he soaked in his blood and moved her hair out of the way. His tongue lapped up her blood and he tasted more of it to try and staunch the bleeding. Once it was down a ways he pressed the herbs slowly onto her wound. "Easy Kalmuli..Easy..I dinged you up good. If the potion doesn't help with the pain you might have to sip some of my blood." Aldorto had the rough voice but his touch was more nurturing yet still strong. "Forgive me..I acted in rage." He looked her over, eyes were not on focus, head must have been in pain, the elf before him took a nasty blow. "Lenix..Lenix Ardese...I remember when he was a newborn. His mother a hunter, Felicity, she took him out with her on a trip to gather food in our home away from home. I was out working on some armor and cleaning the place up. She came back with our little baby son who had shown his fur by the age of 2 months old." Aldorto placed his paw at her head and used some ice magics to make the area colder to help ease the pain off and vasoconstrict the area while he planned the rest of the treatment. His other hand looked as though it was submerged in the floor. This was a manipulation to grab some more mixtures from his pouch. "I was a proud father. Until about 3 years later, she died...Died protecting our son from an invading group of drakes which disappeared once they killed my wife...The boy was strong..helped me around our little home until we gathered our things and left. I remember putting him through training with his 'uncle' Darrius. A proud moment as I watched the little tyke take on the orc and managed to learn the skills at a fast pace. Watching my little pup take in stride and learn the ways of fighting by the age of 12." Aldorto gathered some more vials of liquid, one grey and one solid bronze. He tipped the bronze one against the wound, it would disinfect and burn the area. This was when he would remove the icy cold from her. The grey vial he tipped it to her lips, this was a muscle relaxant and pain reliever.
  3. The Pendulum III: Potions and Pleasantries

    Al was nearly blind with rage, when she started to slip away his paw gripped her throat and he lifted her up in the air, "You find that son of a bitch! I swear I will not let him turn my son into a conduit for that demon bitch! DO you understand me!?" He released his grip on her and tossed her back, a loud thundering roar echo out of him. "I am Aldorto Ardese! Assassin of Wreath! Commander of the Brotherhood of Tooth and Nail! And I will have my son back! Find you damn potions and bring me that gambler so I can watch him die time and again!" As he roared out he could feel more and more fatigue trying to bring him down, the ward on him were burning massive pain onto him but his anger only grew with the pain. "Lenix...by the gods I'll bring down the whole consortium of Black Hats if he brings one scar to your head!" Aldorto let out bursts of rage, staying away from Kalmuli with his rage. Inside he just wanted his son back but all the things were keeping his anger at such high levels of intensity. "Please.." His eyes shifted to the fortune teller, "Please do what you can...I am sorry...I..he's all I have left."
  4. The Pendulum III: Potions and Pleasantries

    Aldorto held onto his head to try and numb the pain and he shook his head, "I was talking about how the water was soothing and how the pain in my head was growing more and more intense." It felt like there was a burn in his mind and it was drawing out his fur bit by bit until his body was covered in the werewolf fur but he was not fully the wolf. The war waged in him and the seals were back, more prevalent then ever. His shadow reserves were through the roof, almost at Seven fold what he had. His eyes had the grey tint to them and there was primal rage building in him. Something set him off and he was unstable. His fur came in as the guise took him over, only this time the fur was solid grey and his body was much larger then before and was giving off a lot of heat. His whole demeanor was that of a skilled predator, even Apex. A small rumble was building in him and tears welled up in his eyes. "That bastard..I'll kill him! Rip him to shreds! Tear him to pieces!" Aldorto was slow to get up but once he did he got out of the tub, "Where is he?! Where did that dandy bastard go!?" His eyes looked over to Kalmuli, this time it was that of a stranger, "You! Where the hell is Sal!?" His eyes had the look of death and hatred that bore down with the feeling of intense anger. His teeth and claws took a more menacing look. The card in his clothes by the bed was vibrating so intensely that it was humming, resonating with the same power as the wards that were put into place. In his satchel was the two potions that were untouched, these were used to further suppress his memories. The note was written by Salvine but addressed as 'from your friend in the shadows' which outlined that the potion was to help Aldorto ease into a relaxed state of mind as well as to relieve him of stress.
  5. Kingslayer - The History of Himmelsfestung's Revolution

    Thanks, it's just always been difficult to retain what I read and I would love to be a part of this but atm I have too much depression that I would be taking way to much time and not contributing much to the topic.
  6. Kingslayer - The History of Himmelsfestung's Revolution

    As much as I would love to dedicate time to this, pull me out. I am having a lot of overwhelming stress and depression which is making it hard to read and focus on the other posts being put into play. Sorry but I can't run with this for a long while, so pull me out of the topic.
  7. Rivers of Blood

    The wanderer looked at the family, "Don't worry I'm here to help out as much as I can. Stick close and you'll make it out of here alive." He turned to look back at Arashi whom was not with him, "Blood and damnation.." He turned back towards the window fists hardened by the earth itself running through his body hardening his skin. He readied himself to leap out the window and aid Arashi in the fight with the vampires. "You all stay hidden and arm yourselves, we aren't getting out of here without blood shed." Makiel drew in his focus and focused his mind on the task at hand.
  8. Rivers of Blood OOC

    A more intimate way.
  9. The wanderer in the wilds

    Makiel slithered his body backwards and sent out a distress to his rabbit friend. The hare pricked up it's ears and took off to act as a distraction for the undead. The small creature ran after the vampire and gave it a good look by pestering it then scurrying with the attention of the skeletons. Makiel used this time to slip away and make his way back towards the cabin. "No you damnedable fools! We have to find that rune and we have to find the girl!" The vampire took off after the troops to get them to cease their chase. After about 10 minutes or so Makiel made it back to the cabin and gave the signal to call the hare back. "Fluttercup, has Arashi moved at all?" His face held the look of worry as well as urgency in his tone. He looked out the door and kept his ears open for noises.
  10. Rivers of Blood OOC

    okay, thank you I thought it was like an illusion or something.
  11. Rivers of Blood OOC

    Ohh okay, so basically he recognizes the people and remembers the scene of the wealth?
  12. The Pendulum III: Potions and Pleasantries

    The wolf relaxed and smiled at her, the pain was easing off pretty good at this point, "Thank you Felicity. I must have overworked myself with training again. The body is a touch over worked, muscles feel bound up..hehehe...maybe another hunt when we get out strength back...The Long Stride and Wolf Pack practice wore me out." His eyes held they steel look to them and were glazed over and a hint of an extremely well written and powerful ward laced with a changing combination was appearing on his crown shakra as well as his third eye. All around him there was an intense spike in his shadow reserves. There was a rough smile on his face as he stared up at her like he'd known her his whole life, "You did well yourself, the ensnaring shots as well as the blood calls were on par..I could feel you echoing your blood into mine." His muscles almost seemed to swell and tighten up before he came back down to his 'neutral' state. A severe pain shook through him as his eyes took the dull green color and the wards seemed to disappear. The pain was caused by a small but intense mana burn onto his mind as a way to suppress memories. The elf grit his teeth as the pain swelled up. "Rrrrr...jeezee that really smarts!" His look of naive youth had returned and his shadow reserves dropped a considerable amount.
  13. The wanderer in the wilds

    After about an hour had passed of Makiel being unconscious, he woke up to a thick layer of vines and bramble surrounding him. He was getting a 'ping' in his mind from his companion back at the cabin. He went to move but heard the movement of bones rattling about and too close for comfort. 'Already? They must have found the cabin!' Makiel dared not move, he instead drew upon his essence and made the winds blow and rustle a bush farther a head of him a considerable distance. There was a rush of bones moving towards the sound, 4, 5, 8, 12 skeletons made their way over to the bush and all started swinging at it as if it had offended their god. When Makiel got the opportunity he slipped out of the flora which had helped him and began crawling his way back towards the cabin. This was a bad situation which was only made worse by the feeling of something looming overhead. There was a scent that came to him, like that of the grave back again. He could not see it but he could only assume, a vampire... The wanderer was able to slip back a good ways before he heard the words from the skeletons' master. "Spread out you fools! We must find it quickly before anyone else can get to it first!" Makiel stopped dead in his crawl as to avoid his heart rate spiking. Once he composed himself he was able to pull away from the situation.
  14. Rivers of Blood

    "Brothers! Quell their blood-lust by adding it to your own!" Kreigstad moved to grip the vampire that took one of his own by the neck using his teeth. He drank of his blood and ripped open the throat spilling it's blood like a shower. He watched a few more of his men fall but watched the vampires numbers quell even faster. This was an uphill battle and he knew it. With a shake of his head he looked over his shoulder, "Jessica, lead them back to a choke point, find us a safe-hold! I'll hold them off from here to buy you some time." The old wolf began a chant and the darkness from the town seemed to be creeping it's way towards Kreigstad at an omniscience pace. His sword flew into a flurry of swing after swing felling flesh and bone with nearly each swing. There was a brighter glow in his eyes as his own blood-lust had taken a huge leap from the taste of the blood in his throat. 'The blood...what the hell is this?' He could feel his body wanting to go into a frenzy, fueling his body to move faster and fight harder. His power would be ready soon enough, leaving him a huge mess and window to escape from.
  15. Rivers of Blood OOC

    I am so confused what is happening atm.