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  1. Aldorto waited for a while after the guards left. His instincts and experience told him there was usually a straggler or another patrol. It'd kept him from a kill at least three times in his life. There came the sound of heavy boots trampling down the hallway. Once the guards passed again, Aldorto pulled himself up and continued the climb. Once the last balcony was reached, Aldorto dismissed all but one shade. The door was cracked, not a good sign in his line of work. Soon there was a puddle of shadow energy slipping under the door to scout the area. A head started to emerge form the puddle as the shade started to rise from the shadow puddle it used to slip in from under the door. Kalmuli was awake with her back towards him. The shade turned, checking the door to see the bucket hanging from the door. It didn't take but a second to realize what was going on. Someone warned her, she had detected him, she set up a trap for him. When the report came back Aldorto simply smiled. The fur that was covering his body slipped back into his skin and the elf returned. The shade was dismissed and Aldorto tripped the trap, letting the bucket fall and the water fall on him, grasping the bucket before it would hit him or make the loud 'thud' of metal striking the floor. "Ahhh.." Aldorto let a long sigh out as the water struck him. His body was now wet and cold but he was starting to absorb some of the cold to fuel his cryomancy reserves. Aldorto shook to help fight off the cold and to shake out his hair which had grown down to just passed his shoulders. "A nice cold shower to start us off. I see someone had the good grace to alert you that I was here. So your staff is not completely untrained. Had I been here to kill you I think I could chalk this as a failed attempt. You'd be glad to know any non-professional assassin would have no chance of making it here undetected." The elf bore a wide smile looking over towards Kalmuli. His clothes were soaked but this was a price he decided to pay to not ruin the fun. "Good to finally meet you in my own body, baroness. I see this place is now yours after the Uldwars moved out. Seems like it needs some work." He was smug. Though he was 'caught' he was still smug. After all this was a test to see how well the guards were trained and to see how communications reacted here. His test worked well enough to see the issues that were to be had. "So all I need to know is did you find me or did someone tip you off?"
  2. Last call for an official entry before we get the caravan moving. It will still be open however any character not entering before the caravan get's moving will not be eligible for a full price higher into the job of at least 25 silver bars.
  3. Lexicus had looked over the table at those who'd showed up for his position one more time. Jaw Finder, he'd pegged this lizard as a 'runner' a man who'd run jobs without fail, Agamus, someone to bring into the inner circle once his evaluation period was over with the company, and this large woman who he'd never asked the name of was still a mystery but from the way she talked, was clearly talent with decent experience. Lexicus would wait for everyone to finish before he'd speak. "Thirty bars is no big deal, after all, I had made a nod towards you all valuing your time. Speaking of, to answer your curiosities, I'd like to leave as early as we can. My employers would like to have this place built as soon as we are able so the branch can be ready for inspection, proper staffing, and an evaluation of the surrounding terrain and of how best to use the assets the area provides. From our field scout, the report so far is that the area is rich in iron and possible that it could hold a yield of other metals, however the capacity of that is unknown." Lexicus would drink more of his weak ale, tipping the bottle back until there was nothing left. "So I do wish to keep upon schedule. I would like to leave by at least mid day as the roads will be populated by other travelers and such, leaving the risk of attack lower than normal. If all of you manage to be ready within," Lexicus took a moment to look out the window and see how the sun was moving, "the next four hours, that would mean we would be able to leave ahead of usual. It would also give any last minute stragglers a chance to get in." Lexicus slid back in the chair, giving a loud 'Skeert' as the chair slid along the wood. "If anyone has any closing remarks or any concerns, issues, or queries, now would be the time to voice them, if not than meet me back here once you have readied yourselves and we will set off in at least two hours and no later than four." The blonde merchant rose from his seat, ready to go from this place. He would have to set his equipment once more to be ready for the trip and to double check his supplies to make preparations for 3 people on this job. Originally he'd prepared for only one or two people to show, not 3 and 3/4ths. Lexicus changed his stance by holding his arms behind his back, letting his breastplate protrude forwards. "I must make final preparations and run a few errands around this town which I will be making after a fair amount of time without any more potential job seekers showing up. If I am not here I shall be back shortly. You are all dismissed unless you have further business."
  4. Played a lizardfolk in a D&D group, rping a lizard is hell fun because 'what is emotion, I survive, everything else is in way..'
  5. Not gonna lie @squid peanut, absolutely loving the mentality of Jaw finder
  6. Welcome to Valucre, hope you enjoy your stay and hope the world building creativity get's to flourish here.
  7. Welcome in, good to have another person that enjoys making critters. I'd be interested in seeing what you come up with.
  8. Things had gotten interesting. This 'Agamus' fellow had him figured out in a short amount of time. This was the type of talent he was hunting for in his inner circle, people who didn't just do but also thought. Dangerous assets that could be incredibly valuable in the long term. This man would be shown the true face of the silver ticket company...his company. A wide smile that would befit any snake of sly fox looking at another of it's kind came across Lexicus's face. He would avoid most of Agamus's statements for the time being, not choosing to acknowledge the wisdom of this man. Though it wasn't very hard to piece together, to be bold enough to say it all on first meeting was admirable. The question at the end, 'Silver Ticket' the name sake he'd been using for such a long time. "I wish I knew the whole story from my bosses, however, from what I know the company earned the name from it's aid during a natural disaster that it took place in rebuilding and helping to ward off the damages of. I can always put out the word and when I hear about it I shall pass over the story." Hearing from Jaw Finder set the tone of all he needed to hear. The lizard folk was a worker, someone looking to achieve a goal or ideal of their own, whether that was survival, meals, or simply for sport, he was a simple asset but his gut told him an effective asset. Lexicus took a mental note to take good care of this lizard man. Food, ammo, information, or even getting him better quality tools for the craft of death. It was very obvious that this Jaw Finder would be an asset he could call on for extermination contracts, this would be this man's forte. He didn't waste food, that was for sure, when it came to a kill, he wondered how much of that held true, after all most of the lizard folk he knew made shafts and spears from the bones of the fallen as well as weaved small shield or even small improvements on armor from the carcass of others. They were, at their core, village dwellers and utilitarians. The large woman had not yet been named either but something had told Lexicus in his gut she was a woman who'd seen rough work, though her body type spoke otherwise. Her question caught him off guard. 'Will the company not die?' It was a bit of an odd question but told him that she'd left from a long running organization. There was a slight, 'get to the point' air of her that started to fill in once her last question came to his ears. It allowed Lexicus to get a better profile of this woman. At first Lexicus wrote her off as a novice or at the very least and amateur. Now, he was rethinking her profile. It was more names to add to his list of people to have checked for information on their history. "The company itself stands tall, and has been for nearly 2 centuries, I do not see our stronger branches and our main head quarters plummeting any time soon." This was true, even if this branch failed there would be nothing he could not recover. At the worst he would have to keep the company around as a weapons and armor manufacturer and bring in the off world talent to fill in the gaps. Hell, even if a few branches fell, this was still nothing he could not come back from. There was a slight silence, Lexicus broke this awkwardness. "The job that you all will be hired to undertake is a caravan duty. I will be leading a cart to territory not far from here, a bit west of Predator's Keep, the series of hills and the small mountains sitting in the crest of where the road leading west towards Chesterfield splits to head south towards Dougton. One of our field agents has sent word for an agreeable location that he believes to be a perfect location for the company's branch in Terrenus. I expect resistance from the usual locals. Bandits looking to score an easy mark, the local hostile wildlife looking for an easy meal, and a few of the local goblin tribes that have been known to raid the areas closer to the hills and along the Day River. And before anyone asks, the pay is 25 silver bars up front per person. Half now, half once the job is finished, and if you are willing to stay and work as standing guards for the construction of the building you will be paid far more for your time. Being that you all seem to put the price on your time as at least a moderate price, save from our scaled one." Lexicus gave a nod to Jaw Finder sitting across from him. Really the main objective was to send the main group out, his group, to clear out the troublesome road than send the labor from Predator's Keep with Rose as their head to the position and begin the construction of the Silver Ticket's first rendition of the building. Something small and strong until the company began to make more business and then he could expand the building more and more. He was going to at least follow Blu's game and not bring in any materials or items from outside this world to aid..if he did than nothing could save the building from Blu's wrath. His old shop was a clear warning of that.
  9. It was time, Aldorto would not delay his climb longer than it needed to be, the keep was running through the cycles of being alerted. Aldorto let his fur out and began the fast paced climb up to the first balcony. It would not take him long. Once he'd received confirmation from his shade at the first balcony he would leap and climb for the second. He would go so on and so forth in this pattern unless there was an issue. After the second balcony would come the third. He'd been told there was a patrol coming and to wait before moving on. Aldorto hung at the ledge, curling his body around so he made less of a presence on the side of the keep. The patrol was a small two man squad that was making active checks for any sign of intruders. Aldorto gave the signal to the lower shades to make a ruckus down stairs. The ruckus was in the form of two shades, dashing through the hallways with reckless abandon as though they were trying to leave in a hurry. It did the job to alert the lower floors and to start getting calls. One of the guards even managed to catch a shade with the business end of a poleaxe. One shade was gone, there were still four to pick from on the keep's grounds. The upper three shades were all in position to give the check and move on to the next floor once Aldorto would make his pass. The guards held by the balcony for a moment, lingering and speaking of what the intrusion might be and how best to counteract it. This was good, Aldorto was glad to hear they had risen some sore of alarm. It would be a moment still before they would pass on and Aldorto was hanging out in the open, looking like a weird clump of darkened silver fur dangling on the side of the balcony.
  10. Aldorto was keen to listen in to his surroundings, by the sound of it, someone was catching on and fast. Good, it let him know the place was in good hands. At this rate he might be detected soon enough if he kept up this rate. The shades had their orders and the shade in town was now starting it's more aggressive routine of trying to gain a fight in town. His play was coming more into fruition. It would seem being so keen as these women were that he would have to order his second shade in as well to be safe. It would remove itself from the keep and would run, nothing but run. The spike in it's movement would be enough to alert someone at the very least. Aldorto would not wait this time in his location, instead he would stay a bit on the move, making sure if he decided to use shadows to manipulate his shades orders that he would not sit still for it. The call came back from his shades, it was as he guessed, the inside path was a no go. That was all he needed to hear. The shade inside the walls keeping it's eye out for guards that might detect Aldorto gave a warning for him to sit still. The elf hid in the outside storage. The patrol was heading his way so he had to be quiet and incredibly still as the guards would pass by. 'They are not the same as those from before, the look like well trained soldiers, possibly from this 'emperor' we've been hearing so much about.' Great...going the non-violent route was starting to become more difficult if he wanted the correct timing for all of this. For now, Aldorto would lay low, let his shades do their job and wait until the coast was clear to embrace the wolf and begin the climb. It was going to be risky to move his shades that were inside the keep now, however the command was to get in position for the climb. Each balcony needed a shade there to stand watch for a guard shift. It did not need to be immediate but it needed to be before he got there. One shade inside was already on the move to the first balcony, a second was beginning to move in place for the balcony where best guess would be just before the baroness's chambers. Now Aldorto would wait until the guards shoved off so he could make his preparations.
  11. Aldorto was not surprised to see the forces making their defensive actions against his intrusion. The long hour route did it's job of helping to see the organization this guard regiment would take. Aldorto would be ready soon enough to make his move. With all the guards and specialized units moving about it wouldn't be long before he would have to move. He waited for his moment to scale the first wall and get inside the keep. Once over the walls, Aldorto would start having the shades that were running diversions get more careless and more aggressive. Knocking over cups was not going to be enough this time. One shade would go into the town, keeping it's senses trained on the elf on high. It's priority was to make noise out in the town. This 'noise' would be to start a fight. It trailed behind a few guards, poking at them, kicking at their feet in an attempt to lay blame on the guard whom it trailed in his shadow. Mischief wasn't so bad, but he wanted a full on fight. It would start with provoking the troops in town. Considering what he saw of the two men at the dock, he was hoping the men in town were easy to rile up. As for the second shade, it would remain close to the keep in case things got hairy and the first shade was disposed of. For now it would antagonize a few guards and would keep strange occurrences limited to the front side of the keep. Being weird noises such as rapping and tapping along crates and barrels along the front side of the keep, to the occasional item being misplaced or even not how it was left. As for the rest of the five shades, they would keep recon patrols and report when Aldorto had a good route to either scale the walls or whether the inside was a better choice. Three of the shades were trailing in the shadow of some guardsmen that were heading inside. One shade was freely moving inside the walls, trying to keep a low profile and trying to keep itself latched in the shadows of tables or high up in the rafters if the opportunity presented itself. The last shade was outside keeping a watchful gaze on anything coming towards it's master. The elf looked up to see how far up the walls went, how long it might take him, and how much coverage he'd have, if any. It seemed like the best approach was to scale the backside as the wolf and stop at the parapets of the balconies for a moment before continuing the climb. If the shades would report climbing to be the best option, this was going to be his route. It would require coordination with his shades at each level to secure the site before he could take a breather. It would also require some shades outside to deal with any guardsmen on the walls or archers that might have spotted him. For now, however, Aldorto was hidden behind some crates, making his plans for how best to invade.
  12. Strange how I never got a notification for this but thank you for the update 😄
  13. The shades had given their reports to their master via their connection with Aldorto. The cleanest route to the castle which avoided most patrols. Some of the shades were stationed in various locations that Aldorto would pass through in case there was a need for them to attack and subdue any unwanted attention. It was a priority to not leave most of the islands guards battered and bloodied if he could help it. It was going to be a different game breaking into a baroness's castle and not killing guards to weaken any reinforcements. This was all for 'fun' though so killing would start in bad taste. Aldorto would walk the path that was laid out for him by his shades. A few stationed guards were somewhat close to him, though he'd timed his approach of the castle well enough that there was no problems making it within a few yards of the castle grounds. Going in the front way would be ballsy and would be too much of an insult to whomever was stationed at the front. Aldorto was not far off from the castle itself, though the night held a few good places for him to stay out of vision. He gave the order to the shades to cause a light commotion with a few of the guards, nothing serious but small things, such as knocking over resting items, whispering at some of the guards, even being as gutsy as to have a shade lay it's hand on a guard to let the man feel the cold chill as though someone was there before having the shade slip away along the ground as nothing more but a shadow without an owner. It was a fair game play, seeing how well the men would communicate and what they would report. Aldorto waited until his shades would regroup outside the walls with him before planning out his next move. Recon was his next best friend. The plan was simple, the majority of the shades would have better protections for being discovered while two of the shades would have less protection making them easier to spot. The five shades with stronger protections in place would be on the level of an expert of infiltration, being that anyone who'd specialized in looking for unseen threats or unseen movements would be able to spot the shades with enough effort. The shades would have an advantage using their unnatural forms to stick to floors and walls, even occupying the shadows of the guards if it was needed. They would be looking for the level of competence in the guardsmen as well as the numbers and their routes. This infiltration would not be swift, the shadows would be taking their time making observations for nearly an hour before they would be given other tasks. The other two shadows would get Aldorto's undivided attention, these two were the 'runners' the scouts that were meant to cause trouble and to throw off anyone who could detect them. The difficulty on detecting them would be set at an adepts level, anyone who'd finished a full course on detecting hidden creatures would have no trouble finding them and feeling out their movements. It was time to get started, Aldorto let loose his shades to begin their missions. The five would start gathering intelligence after the two shades breached the walls and gave the signal for the others to infiltrate. Once inside, the two shades would stick close to one another. They too would report what they found to their master but it was not their ultimate goal. While all this was going on, Aldorto was walking along the outskirts of the walls, keeping a good distance away. He was spotting anyone that was on duty he could see and in turn reporting that to his shades. They were all giving information quickly to one another to keep the operation running smooth.
  14. Lexicus sat back thinking how best to answer the woman's question. It took a moment of silence to think how best to compose the question. "To answer your question plainly, the company focuses on investing, not only into people but also into facilities and into other growing businesses. As for the company purpose, it seeks to grow it's web of contacts primarily. In the other places it is based out of, Silver Ticket Company has been responsible for aiding in rebuilding towns and also aiding hands in the defense of raids as well as to act as a neutral army in quite a number of wars, or so I have been informed. To limit down what the company is responsible for is hard to do. To achieve growth, Silver Ticket has been known to work with nearly any group, kingdom, or company to gather more of a name for itself. To answer the question involving company ideals, we are a humanitarian effort. Focusing on working with people and attempting to better the quality of life of those involved with our organization as well as for investing the betterment of other communities ravaged by war or disasters. Silver Ticket goes where it is needed, whether it be sending able combat hands to defend civilians in times of war or to send labor and experienced craftsmen to a location to help build infrastructure in a community. Do this appease your question miss?" It wasn't untrue, but it wasn't really the whole truth of the matter either. This company works for the betterment of all humanity, even for non humanoid races and even for some non-mortal races as well. It still stands to make it's profit, but not by profiting on the backs of others..in a sense. It was really hard to define the purpose of the company other than for personal reasons that he would refuse to go into with anyone not in his circle of affiliates. For now, Lexicus would try to put on a good front for the company. It was more of making an empire that expanded in multiple directions than simply be defaulted as a 'company'. The portion about disasters wasn't wrong either, though the cause of those disasters was again up for question. He wasn't simply working with those in despot, but he tried to maintain the company in a direction where it was the main focus.
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