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  1. I intend to try and post up by friday. I can finally see out of my right eye but not long since it strains the left eye.

  2. The Pendulum III: Potions and Pleasantries

    Aldorto stayed under the water for a bit, just enjoying the heat setting into his skin. His ears detected a shift in pressure as Ingrid slid into the tub. This was something he didn't expect, the elf surfaced up, taking in a breath as he surfaced. Al wiped the water from his eyes so he could see better. There she sat, not too far away from him, on the water's edge. "Ingrid...sorry, I must have been in here a bit longer then intended. I'll try not to disturb your soak." Al was a bit shocked to see her comedown for a soak. S'pose it made perfectly good sense is she was as tired and sore as he was. Al let the waters continue to soak into his body. He was starting to feel relief in his muscles, the tension easing out of them. Aldorto looked back over to Ingrid, "Are...you alright? I..I don't know what happened out there, but I'm good at guessing. I just wanted to make sure I didn't do any damage out there. Must have blacked out or something." Makiel nodded, "Well you have most my memories from home. The land was nice enough, though being raised out in the hills can be a touch boring. I know the feeling, I still miss home from time to time but I think about where I am now. The road has been kind to me as of late." Makiel sipped more of the tea. He could only drink a bit at a time, the heat was too great to drink from quickly. "I'll try not to ask much of home then if it gives such a great deal of stress." Makiel looked over to Plana, "Well, how bout yourself little lady? I haven't had much of a chance to ask you, do you feel much like sharing?"
  3. The New Queen in Town

    Lenix felt a shiver run from head to toe. This feeling, it was nice, alarming but nice. He managed to at least relax his guard so he was not clenching muscles, almost relaxing entirely on Kalmuli. "You've taken in my father and our wanderer, there's not many Ardesians left now..I still have to ask..why? I know you've probably heard this countless times from the other two in the family, but still I have to ask, why take them in? My father's an assassin with a house of veterans and other assassins, why take him in?" All this rubbing of his fur made Lenix shake, trying to get the jittery feeling out of his body. He still didn't know how to react to all of this. "I know my father..uhm..well his 'entertainment', guess is the best way to put it, is often but I know nothing about it. I don't think I'd rather not care to know either what he does in his spare time." Under the fur his face was red, he'd kinda forgotten most of what he wanted to talk about. This rubbing of his fur was a bit mind numbing. There came a sort of low content hum from Lenix before he looked at the steak presented to him. His jaw reached out, nabbing the meat and pulling it back to rip and tear more into. The shark meat was good, the smell and taste were both a nice taste to his pallet. He'd hoped some cooks in a palace could manage to do something good with the monster he drug in, the wolf was glad he was right. Lenix stopped talking as his front paws and his jaw worked, ripping meat to chew and swallow down. Fish, even deadly fish of exotic origin, was something he rarely turned down.
  4. The Miracle Pilgrimage

    Aldorto shook his head, finding a moment to speak while having his attention split. From the sidelines, he had been watching Beris, seeing what he was up to. When he realized the intent, he allowed his second in command to proceed with his plan. The Ardesian house 'could' use more experienced members. "If I may interject for a moment. A few words Lord Uldwar, the 'boy', your son Luis. He is your son, and he shall always be an Uldwar, no matter how much you berate him, no matter how much you loose your temper, no matter how much you might undermine and underestimate the child, Luis is still your son. One cannot make their son into gold, nor into something that they want them to be. One can only guide their child, nurture intent and guide them..." With a long sigh Aldorto spoke again, "Trust me...I've seen it too many times, no matter how much I tried to change my son from not being me, after 214 years, the boy would have done better following partially in my wake." Bear smiled, these two were interesting to say the least, "So to sum this up without making you both weaker, I'll assume you are both a sort of elemental, perhaps even a kind of geist, however, your both are...well...one extraordinary asset. One that is not found very often." There was a shadow lurking among them, the lord of house Ardese was watching them from nearby Beris's chair. This was the time for getting results, not playing around the bush. Their supplies gone, their troops gone, their yarakuls gone..from the reports they received Grath and Wread were both decimated. They had no more backup, only what was left here on Valucre was all they had. This was a time to rebuild and gain assets that would be beneficial to their work. If Beris could convince them, he'd have two incredibly powerful spy mistresses. It would take a few more minutes for the bird to get the brush and bring it down to him, in the mean time Beris bore a smile, one of dark intent. He was planning something big for these two. Something that felt fool proof. "Forgive me if I sound a bit abrupt, but your composition, besides your voices, how else could one be certain of who you both were...more importantly, how can one ever assume you are not among the living. If your hands are incorporeal, what else is there to you? Sorry, you both are fascinating, I can't help but want to know more and more about you both."
  5. MOBS tournament lobby

    Ya know what, nevermind.
  6. MOBS tournament lobby

    I'll be able to post when I get back to TN which will be around Friday.
  7. Just a head's up, I will not be able to post much the next coming days. I have retinal surgery tomorrow and will be flying back east as well. It will be a while before I am well enough to do much, including lifting over 10lbs. Bed ridden for a week.

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      Just saw this. Thanks for the heads up!

  8. The Black Anvil Hymn [ OOC ]

    cheers, I have a sclera buckle surgery tomorrow at the ass crack of dawn.
  9. The Miracle Pilgrimage

    Beris sat back, his eyes were beginning to shine. He'd gained his ability to gather his spirits again. He moved through the spirit plane, moving to give commands to a bird not far away above the ground. Once the order was placed Beris's eyes returned to their normal state. "Your brush is on the way. So, why do you think your final days are by morning light?" Beris bore a smile on his face, he gave a look like he knew far more then he was leading on. He was a thinker first and foremost, the savage was a display of the feral flame he held in his heart. "Please, ladies. For one to care about their appearance and their impression on others is commendable." The shaman was more sly then he lead on, the guise of the savage had worked very well and he relied on it to gain first impressions as an intimidating man who was to be feared and respected as a distinguished fighter. At heart, Bear enjoyed knowing what made people tick. It was something he was fascinated in. "We have quite a bit of time to kill down here. It'd be in everyone present's interest if you told me your story at a steady pace. Afterall, it will only add to your legacy you plan to leave." Bear watched them both with eyes that seemed to bore into one's soul, as if he was looking more into your core then at your eyes. He was patient and adept at planning, scheming was a better word for it. When his mind was set towards doing 'what must be done' he used many tactics at his disposal to get what he set out to accomplish. Right now that was something with these twins, something he was curious about. To be more specific, he was looking to increase their wounded ranks, if these two seemed a good fit he would see about..'obtaining' them.
  10. The Pendulum III: Potions and Pleasantries

    Aldorto was still bathing in the hot water. His muscles were soaking up the heat making it easier to be limber. He'd have to end it with cold water to make sure he didn't get a rush of exhaustion. His mind was a void as he rested in a trance like state while he was in the water. His mind was muttled, the task of tracking down his uncle was still in his mind but it was preoccupied with thoughts of this place, the people, Ingrid was fresh on his mind. More importantly what happened. Aldorto let himself sink under the water, getting a nice absorption of the heat all over him. Everything was supposed to be simple, show up, kill Kreig, go home. Then it became a job of finding Kreig to speak with him. Things have gotten more and more complicated. Makiel smiled hearing of the little bit of Kalmuli's history. "Old world magic. Before it was refined and more people manipulated it, gaining awareness of how magic worked. Arch-druid Baneth spoke about that. He was older then most the trees in the grove. The way he made it sound was like those who learned to manipulate magic were masters." Makiel sipped from the cup drinking of the herbal tea. It was relaxing to his senses, something he noticed was not bothering him as much today. "Sorry, didn't mean to interrupt you. Please, carry on, looks like you are on a thought."
  11. The New Queen in Town

    Lenix was starting to stabilize mentally. Every time her hand brushed his back he jerked. It took him a while to accept the stroking of his fur. Lenix was not used to this at all, the bit of attention had his heart rate up. Lenix tried to speak, words were not ready to come out yet. There was the bit of shark meat in front of his face, he wanted a steak from it but this would suffice for the time. Lenix sniffed the meat before flicking out his tongue out to catch the meat from Kalmuli's hand, pulling it back in and nibbling it. His head brushed against her, wanting more. If he had the strength he would have ripped and tore chunks from the shark on the way back. He tried to relax again, his body was new to this touch. Lenix never bore anyone with a soft touch, he'd been around fighters most his life, all touch was firm, rough, or strong. When offered the wolf would take of water. When he would get the chance he would speak, "Guess we won't be having the talk..ahh..on the roof." The tender pain would not be healed by magic. It was something time would fix. "I don't know you, but I accept the aide and appreciate it. Without it from you and your staff I might be dead from my arrogance. A mistake I made in anger, something I should have been more careful of." Lenix grit his teeth as his muscles cried out in pain from the fight. He would need some rest, but that would come later. He had more important things to do. "I was a bit careless out there...I'd be willing to say it's part of the Ardesian house at this point." As he spoke, his eyes only met with the elf's face once, a side glance as well, from his peripherals. Other then that he kept his head turned away from her. It was shyness, he did not converse a lot with others that weren't fighters or warriors. He knew how to command a squad but he didn't do much talking in down time, a flaw he carried. It was harder for his crews to understand him and speak to him off a job since he had very little contact with others outside of a job. This was one of the main reasons why he enjoyed campaign work and long term assignments. "Thank you...that's what I'm trying to say." His breathing was calming a bit now that he wasn't in shock of having to worry about bleeding out and dying. Lenix was big, not as large as Bear when he was a werewolf, but larger then his father as a wolf. Holding the title of largest wolf now that Beris was no longer a wolf blood. Though his presence was still not as intimidating. His body was conditioned to carry the shield and sword as well as boasting his hefty medium armor.
  12. The Black Anvil Hymn [ OOC ]

    I plan on posting tonight or some time during the week. Going to be out of commission for a bit, I'll try and post where I can.
  13. The Miracle Pilgrimage

    Aldorto's clothes were not the least bit dirty, surprisingly. He found a place at the table. "Well.." Aldorto took a moment to think how to answer the question without giving away that he was part of a bloodthirsty murder militia that he founded as an assassin house. "..we've stuck to some old world ideals. My house is mostly full of fierce fighters as it stands. We've fallen on one tragedy after another with the help of some unnatural bad luck." The kindest way he could put it. "Unfortunately, we aren't as strong as we used to be, only a fraction of what we were at. I'm certain my people will persevere through this run of bad luck." Aldorto sat back, looking over to Ingrid for a moment, "When you get a moment, we still need to speak about some things." He sat back in his chair, not wanting to be too up front but he still wanted to get his point across. "Forgive me, in this rush I have yet to gain you name, everything took place so fast I couldn't get a chance to figure out which way was up." Aldorto was hoping to pry more about the boy, Luis, hoping to learn what he could about him. Beris spoke with the guards before trying to move to the outside of the cell, "Get a drink, everything will be fine down here for a bit. After having a bit of a scare you deserve some time to relax from shock, the boys upstairs will understand." Beris held no authority in a legal stand point, but it didn't take a tinkerer to see Beris could slam this man's skull in if he needed to. His tone was soft, like one a superior would give to his men. Beris did not have a grasp on his place in authority, he knew he was strong and talented and knew what he could and could not handle. For now, he planed on probing these two for a bit. Seeing what he could get from them. The shaman did not wait for permission, he moved along the stone prison, moving to the cell, just outside the gate. Beris fell back, raising the stone underneath him to give him a seat with armrests to sit in while he talked. "Savage, primitive, uneducated, yeah yeah yeah speak you poison, at the end of it I'm out here you're both in there. I'm not here to gloat, to praise the work I didn't do or to shake freedom in your face as a form of some heightened freedom. You both know as well as I do how easy it is to break out of prisons, pay the right people, break the right heads, seduce the right guards. I'm here to speak, we never 'did' get to have our conversation." The shaman crossed his legs, his hands coming to his chest where they would converge, fingertips touching each corresponding fingertip on the opposing hand. Beris want to know who these two were, he would have to sweet talk them and give some flattery. He was not opposed to humility and he had no sense of shame. "I've come down here to talk about your favorite topic, you. I didn't get much of a chance to get to know both of you sisters. Why don't you tell me about yourselves, two esteemed ladies of high recognition. I am your audience and you have my undivided attention." Beris watch them both, he couldn't get facial expressions something he planned to remedy, though the tone of their voice would speak a bit louder to him.
  14. The Pendulum III: Potions and Pleasantries

    Makiel looked over to Ingrid, "I can lead you to a bed to rest. It will be a lot less soreness if I move you. Just let me know when you are ready to lay down." He looked over to Plana as the tea was presented, "Thank you Plana, that should help some of the evening shakes." Makiel sniffed the tea before looking over to Kalmuli, "I thought it might have been some time before someone gave you something nice." A smirk came to his face, "Just a thought while coming back from gathering your order." The wanderer tilted his head back in the chair for a moment, then tossed it back forwards, enjoying the feeling of the refresher from this morning. He'd been on the road for a while, it was nice to relax.
  15. The New Queen in Town

    Makiel looked over at the sea, he was exhausted. He let his eyes close to enjoy the breeze. His nostrils picked up the sea breeze as he tilted his head, keeping his eyes closed, letting this moment stay with him for a good long while. Below, he knew he could help Lenix but he wanted space from the Ardesians right now. He would go back to them but for now, he wanted to be him. Makiel, the wanderer, the warden...he needed to know what he stood for. Lenix was still weak, he held still as long as he could. His breathing was labored, he felt like he'd gone 12 rounds in a fight pit. "Thank you...child.." Lenix was fine aside from the fatigue and the blood loss. There came a feeling of healing mana over his body. He knew he was in good hands. There was a brush along his fur, it was a surprise, what little energy he had Lenix jerked away and leapt back from the source of the hand. He was not used to something like that. Soothing touch was alarming to him, it made him shy off from it. The look on his eyes was a look of not knowing what to expect, surprised and confused on how to react. The wolf looked away, only moving back slowly toward the elf.