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  1. Salvine moved to stand up from his spot. It was getting closer for his time to leave. For him to linger here much longer could change a few things for the worse. "Child, before you leave, I ask a favor of you." The gambler held out the ball in his palm, "Hold onto this for me, in one weeks time, present it to your mistress. It is, after all, a gift for her. She will know whom it's from and understand the meaning of the gift. Do not give it to her prior nor later. Do this for me and I shall make sure you are compensated." Salvine would wait for her response before making an exit. Regardless of her answer that ball would make it to the shop in one weeks time and he would not be the one to do so out of understanding of the consequences of his actions so close to a weaver of fate. Soon there after Plana would take the ball or not, Salvine would take a place close to the grand wolf, giving the beast comfort and some attention while he made his last preparations before leaving. Hearing of the soup it came to no surprise that his body refused to take in the creation. Makiel shook his head some at the gambler's continued intervention. It was clear they needed to leave soon. "It would probably be best to flush out the rest. If my apprentice is resting then it's safe to say we are here for one last day. If the gambler is beginning to interfere then that means it's likely best we go soon before things get worse. So with that said I'll do what I can for you both my last day here, perhaps give you both some relief to mana pathways. Would be the least I could do as repayment."
  2. Beris let a sigh of displeasure come from his lips at knowing this was going to be a bother. "I'll try to end this quick and peacefully. If all else I may need to slip that necklace on someone else. Don't let her see it if it comes to that." There was little time to think before the elf came over to his table fuming. His eyes had already found a suitable mark for a shill operation. A similar soul to himself, a smooth looking fellow trying to appease some young fling not far from the bar. If all else failed, Beris could simply write it off as a failed operation and just put his more lethal skills to the test. With a trip like this, either would work fine. The elf was closing in on him now, there was a look in her eye of fire, she appeared to be a live wire. "Easy easy now lady. Bite that tongue of yours. I just came in from a long trip to sit down and have a nice meal before casting off for a trip with my employer here." Beris shoved the woman out of the way so he could stand up and open his small gem pouch as well as his pouch of shamanistic fetishes which aided in casting as well as focus. "Besides, I 'ave enough wealth to go around as is, ask the lady who waited on us. If that's not enough for you, then I'll bare myself to let you rummage through my things you crazed fool." The words he spoke projected his strength of will as well as confidence. "Gods above..Nesryn I apologize for this rude interruption to an otherwise well meeting." Beris turned back to look at his employer before turning back to the elven mark. "Well? Do I need to strip barren for you, 'madame', or did you simply wish to accuse me for something you misplaced?" There was an emphasis on his annoyance and offense to her accusation of him. With his size and stature, most folk backed down with just his words and size, however this woman was elvish, and rich enough to afford wealth such as what she carried around. Irrationality would more then likely follow, however Beris needed but to simply win the crowd over for this to end, if the worst came to it, the poor man at the bar would be the target of a shill and would take the fall.
  3. The gambler sat silently for a time, pondering how to answer the question in a way that would be suitable for her ears. It took a few moments of thinking harder on how to answer but he found the words he wanted. "Kid..the moral compass, the thing you are referring to as good and evil, is a complicated mess. Why do people do harmful things? Many for greed, many for anger, vengeance, revenge. Mortal creatures, humanoids in particular, we are a strange and unpredictable set of individuals. If you were to hear the tales of folk coming to me with deals, things they wanted to gain, and the price they were willing to pay to obtain that gain, you would be as confused as I. I could spout on this for a while, however you are possible more invested in a simple answer. People are unpredictable, no one is born evil. Each person does what they choose to live and survive in a manner befitting to their own agenda. The people who sacked your village are no different. Perhaps it was opportunity, perhaps revenge, perhaps to simply prove they could. I am not a all seeing sage....However, I know the pain of loss...contrary to popular opinion, I do have a heart..sheltered, guarded vigilantly, though I know loss. It is not easy child. I shaln't give apology for an act I did not commit, however I feel for you loss and can only hope you are of the type strong enough to overcome something such as this." Salvine took in a long breath, nearly finished reshaping the ball of dust and ash. His focus had taken a damper from the talk, and would take another for him to speak yet again. "Fate, luck, and gambling. Dangerous things to tamper in, though I have found my comfort in two of them. Hold strong to what you feel passion for. Do that child, and maybe one day these eyes will find your talent, invest in you, and allow that passion to gain a higher level of development. Until that time comes, listen to your elders, gain wisdom, shape your mind into an open vessel that is wiling to partake in more knowledge. Lastly, do not believe everything you hear child. There are some good devils out there such as myself..though we are not as well versed in hiding out pain." Salvine sat back to continue his work. It was to be a parting gift for Kalmuli and the shop. Sure to ensure some anger once he presented it, however the gambler was sure the understanding of him tampering in fate's weave would be understood. It would take some time to finish his work, wanting to make sure the piece showcased a strong message. A depiction of how he would tamper, the artwork would be in the style of the ancient civilizations though the picture would be of the gambler shooting the warden, on the side opposite that picture, a bird held down by chains. There was a slight smug satisfaction that came to Salvine as he made the ceremonial ball. What was meant to be a parting mosaic for a fallen loved one, would now be given as a parting gift to a terminated contract. 'Freedom' as chaos would overrule fate, the dealings of the gambler, to break up fate for a price, change 'destiny' and allow luck and chance to play it's part. The reason fate weaves were not on his gift lists, nor him on theirs. Makiel was very uneasy having the man who had sent him and his apprentice here, sitting outside. Though the man would not be welcome inside, there was still an uneasiness about the situation. "If that man was going to do something he'd be doing it without us knowing. I assume he announced himself to Ingrid before doing anything else." The scent of the stew was very enticing to Makiel's sense of smell, however something in his body was telling him not to eat it to the point of threats on convulsion. When offered, he simply refused and sat back quietly taking of the drink instead. "How long as the young prince been asleep?" Makiel looked over to Ingrid. Though he did not wish to leave, this was a task that needed to be done, something he was sure Salvine was here for as a reminder of that. However, things could wait a bit longer. Stalling only delayed the inevitable, at some point he would have to say his farewells along with his apprentice.
  4. Finally back after a little while gone. I'll try to get the posts caught up within a couple of hours.

  5. Going to be AFV at least from posting much till Monday. 

    I get anti-depressants on Monday. It's been a massive pain in the ass trying to do anything lately. Sorry for the delays but I have been unable to function regularly. I should be able to get back to normal after getting getting the meds.

  6. Give a man a torch and he will be warm for a few hours. Burn his village to the ground while he sleeps, he will be warm for the rest of his life. -Zhin.

    Mmm, having a savage day toady. ^.^ Damn does it feel good.

  7. Salvine would continue to work on the orb, reshaping the mosaic into something of a retelling. Around chaotic energies such as his own magic, this orb was so easy to manipulate for his artwork. It would take more time for him to complete however, already in it's current form the ash was changing to brighter colors, more flashy then the drab depiction of before. There was no settling ash as of yet, however the image in the gambler's mind was clear as to the picture he wished to portray. The child sitting nearby was a curiosity. Salvine had seen only parts of her past unfold before him, and with all of what took place she was hopeful and well tempered. At least appeared with a gentleness to her, something the gambler wondered about. There was little malice from what he could tell, though this was a bit rare to find. However he question caught him a bit off as he did not know how he wished to answer the question. "Speak child, why do you ask such a deep rooted question?" There were numerous answers to the question, back and forth on both sides that could be argued. There was something laden underneath the surface of this question, something he felt was more a question to get a secondary answer. Here he was, after all, a being that was, to many, seen as evil, even selfish, being asked about inherent evil. There was a slight shake to his head while he waited for her to answer him in return. A simple sounding question from a child whom he would normally discuss with those who had far more age to them. Makiel was mainly silent, keeping distance while the understanding of the situation struck him. Seeing Kalmuli worked up slightly from this, the wanderer came back to her side to try to relax her. "Stew would sounds good right now. I think we both could use some to come back to our senses, Ingrid." To say he was not disturbed by Salvine's presence was to say that dragons do not instill intimidation to on lookers. However, things seemed to be very neutral at the moment. Nothing was being levitated, no threats were being given, no signs of mischief or damage, so as it stood, Makiel felt it was best to keep it that way. "Kal, sit. Get food and get something to drink. We could use it after sleeping for so long. Besides, everyone here is going to be tense soon enough. A moment of relaxing and being civil would do us well enough." There was a different air to Makiel's tone of voice, more projected strength behind his words when he spoke instead of the usual half felt words of someone very carefree.
  8. Rejoice! Green flame seekers, another day closer to Cothmas, another day to the joy of the green sun. Continue to pray brothers and sister to the true god of the green flame.

    Cothians be glad of these days and of the festivities to come!

  9. Salvine was still sitting against the wall. His knees moved to tuck closer to his chest so his arms could rest atop them. "There is not a soul alive that can define what you are capable of little one. If magic does not come to you, pursue Alchemy. If you feel as though you are not welcome among the students anymore, seek the Ardesians." Fate was starting to show it's hand to the gambler, things were going to change by his hand. An uproar to the weave, something he was highly known for and why he was to weave chaos. After seeing what was to transpire there was a sigh from his lips as a feeling swept him. "I will try. After all, that little ball might become a larger project down the line. As you grow more affinity for adding to it and making it your own, I will tell you what those balls are for." The ball in Salvine's hand was beginning to change, returning to a cloud of swirling ash to reshape his design. "After all, these can be adjusted however needed. As with all things in this life, change is inevitable. Chaos lingers around the edges of life and can bring a great and wonderful change." It would take a while to adjust this ball but it would be for something..a bit more on better terms. He would finish this before leaving. Makiel accepted her arm and closed the door behind them as they made their way upstairs. The silence was a touch off setting but welcome. Already getting free of the room felt good as a change of fresh air. It was needed, though the smell of a stew lingered from the kitchen. The main floor was oddly quiet for the activity going on. It made him wonder what had happened to evoke this lack of noise. "I think the rest was needed, though I don't believe I could stay there much longer in all good faith." Already, Makiel was moving a bit easier. His body was limber after waking up. A good warmth was swelling up inside as he walked along the floor boards, spotting Aldorto resting as they moved through the rooms. "Huh, must have really gotten tired. Hey Ingrid." He called out head tilted trying to help find the rest of the staff. His arm was still held by Kalmuli, but he was leading around some.
  10. Beris was still listening to the crowds, the sounds of tension beginning to rise was not a good sign. The patrons had caught on faster then he hoped. The shrill scream made a scene and he knew he'd be the target of bad attention very soon. This would call for either violence, persuasion, or even some very well worked stealth if they would take their trip on the road. The first two options sounded best. The elf woman was searching for Beris now, the shaman kept his cool and made sure not to seem as though he had done anything wrong. There was a slight look over to Nesryn as he was planning this out. Mischief came to his mind as a fairly dark mannered smile crossed his face. "Well..it might be show time fairly soon." The shaman popped open the bottle, tipping it back to take the equal of a few shots of the whiskey which moved down smooth enough. "You 'are' my boss after all, I'll let you decide when we're ready to go." The shaman sat back in the seat looking confident and even a bit cocky believing this situation was going to be easy to work around. "Days like this I wish I knew more illusory or even charm style magic, but I can still work a good angle...get her upset, rile her up...yeah..I got the angle, this'll be fine." His thoughts were forming externally while he worked out how to defend against this elf as well as a back up for how to explain those he'd bumped into as well. "Hmm..well this is going to be fun. So you wanted to get to know me more? Ask away, I get the feeling you'll see my handy work at play." The thought of a shill was coming to mind though he did not wish to give that necklace back now. "You start this game, I'll ask my questions next unless you are too eager to ask another." Beris was not looking to the woman much. Instead his eyes were studying the surroundings like a hunter. Once he'd gained a good feel for his surroundings he spoke again. The sounds of heels stamping around was enough to know it would not be long before they were disturbed by a very outraged elf.
  11. Salvine just chuckled as he heard Plana speak, it reminded him of his first few years cursed when he was exposed to magic. "Just keep at it kid. For anyone to attempt to explain how 'you' are able to tap into magic is not a call that they can make. Each mage that I have ever encountered pulls from memories or a sensation to call upon magical authority before it becomes a part of them and calling upon magic feels so natural that it is an afterthought. Physical magic, at least what you are describing, falls heavier into the authority of primordial casters..shamans, druids, and their ilk. The world can always use more of those whom can manipulate the world around them for the greater good." His eyes were scanning over the look upon Plana's face as she spoke and as she listened. A forgotten feeling that his words carried weight. "Anyway kid, just remember to pay attention to your studies and I suggest taking physical studies as much as you can. If you are unable to preform magic, do not get discouraged. A field as an alchemist is a very sought after field...many folk look to hire well versed alchemists my child." He spoke as if offering her a job. His tone soothing, almost alluring as a devil would charm their prey before striking. However this was less of an invasive process, more of wanting to gain more staff in the future. There was a sigh as the pace had to change to a more focused setting. "You're right..we really need to get out of this bed. I'll begin to call it home if we don't." Makiel was still spry as he got out of the bed and searched around to get dressed properly. Food was sounding good as well as getting a general feel of the outside world. Some fresh air sounded even better right now. Makiel was ready in around a minute, gathering himself and stretching while waiting by the door for Kalmuli to be ready to go upstairs.
  12. When word had reached Azul's ears that there was a church militia that was gaining ground it became worrisome. For a holy sect to be have enough power in a militia to bring notice was not something he dared to let stand, less the opportunity for tyrants to gain ground from this movement. There was not much of anything else going on in his life and this had become urgent. The goliath, poor tired and hungry as he was, started the trek to seek out the church and to see with his own eyes what was going on. These people had already peaked his interest by having the power to turn the sun into a tint of green for a considerable amount of time, enough to know there was raw power there. The trip itself was uneventful and what the goliath was treated to a land on an alliance between priests and barbarians. Starving, poor, and now basically stuck, Azul spent a few days helping out in construction acting as a neutral entity and third part laborer. This went on for a few weeks until the openings for guard work came to his ears. At the time he was un-initiated into the church. His application was turned down a few times as the big man tried multiple times. With the temptation of liquor around him, Azul returned to drinking which resulted in a number of brawls between the barbarians in the late hours of the night. After having a drunken fight which left the large man wounded, he crawled to a place to sleep off the fight. That place happened to be at the steps of one of the lesser priests of the church. It became a long morning as the priest woke up to berate the large man bleeding and drunken at their door step. Azul was 'forced' to repent for his sins and drug to the church the next morning to partake in services. It was a drooling task trying to listen to the priest speak on drinking and self control. There became a compulsion to vomit many a times. After service Azul asked for more lessons on the church, becoming interested in the religion, something to strive for, something to help him kick his addiction. At the least it was a purpose, at the most, a new way of life. A light that shined to aide him off his rough path. Azul took in the faith and within a few weeks became affiliated enough with the church, making sure to attend each service. His application for guard duty came up again and the man was placed in the militia's guard regiments which sought to keep order within it's own walls as well as to keep peace between the affairs of the alliance between the two factions...or at least he was told. A week had gone by since Azul was sworn in as a guardsman. Each morning was spent with heavy regiments of physical exercise, including running along the outskirts of the cothic territory, push ups, sit ups, squats and even more strenuous tests of his endurance and resolve involving tests of endurance against gravity. As for his mental training, Azul constantly struggled against returning to the bottle which he attempted to work on by tossing bottles filled with water...something he believed would help him have strength against grappling a bottle. This was only his morning, once on duty Azul attempted to do his duty with zeal, making sure even the simplest of tasks was done as quickly as possible with high efficiency. Though it was see as novice enthusiasm, it never faltered. Azul continued his zeal, enjoying that his life had purpose and reason again. Those were the thoughts that ran through his mind as he suited up for his shift after a long session of practice to be followed by a later guard shift.
  13. Rejoice! The day of Cothmas is upon us soon! Shall we all prepare ourselves for the wonderful time of year. Let us get the celebratory goat and snake shrines decorated to give thanks to those who are unknown to the one true religion. 

    For those willing to learn from the religion and become a part of the true following seek the church on the hill.

  14. The speech she was selling to him was irritating. Money was something he understood though. "Explain how it would be more beneficial then a ransom. If you had come into possession of it what makes it less valuable then selling you back to those looking for you?" His tone was aggressive from being bothered. The guard who fetched him returned towards his post with a bloody limp arm as he tried his best to stave the pain off and return to his duties. There was genuine intrigue over what was to come next in this woman's words. She spoke of a sum of money she'd come into and he was willing to humor her for a pay off. As the warlord stood fit arms folded he stared at this woman more intently.
  15. It would take some time but eventually there was the sound of yelling and snarls before the sound of very loud banging was heard. After a time there came a very highly armored goblin in hides and spines adorning his armor with a very gnarly looking scimitar strapped to his side. When he moved, heads turned to follow his steps. The warlord was not pleased. Upon making his way over to where the new prisoner was being held he simply stared at her with a look of spite in his eyes. No words were uttered however he was staring harshly at Ji-woo. "The warlord." Came the voice from the goblin again. She sat back looking over to the man who shot her one hell of a glance that was filled with hatred. Once he turned back his gaze he stared a hole into the woman that was abducted, waiting for her to speak.
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