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  1. It was a mystery to Beris as to why they came all the way out this way. After all, Matsumota Crisandra Devante-Ardese of Obsidian canyon, The Champion of the grand Djinn tournament, The blood fox, Slayer of Oni's, Butcherer of the tribes, Mistress of cherry blossoms, The great hunter, Vanguard of the wall, Survivor of the pass, Hero of the 13 banners, Grand champion of the tournament of power, Queen of Slayers, Leader of Giants, Ender of the Horde, Sword of the realm, The Ronin and the head of the Ashes, had spoken briefly about wanting to go to his home to meet the family of the man she force married. It seemed weird at first to the beast why the pink fox bothered but it was tossed away as being that his wife had a place in her soul that respected family. Though as to why they needed to come to this massive mechanical structure was still beyond the shaman. The sounds of tinkering and working on scientific mechanica made it a bit more clear. Someone here had the ability to get him back to the other side of the portal. So someone here could open portals. Matsumota Crisandra Devante-Ardese of Obsidian canyon, The Champion of the grand Djinn tournament, The blood fox, Slayer of Oni's, Butcherer of the tribes, Mistress of cherry blossoms, The great hunter, Vanguard of the wall, Survivor of the pass, Hero of the 13 banners, Grand champion of the tournament of power, Queen of Slayers, Leader of Giants, Ender of the Horde, Sword of the realm, The Ronin and the head of the Ashes, had been quiet about who they were here to see. When the dark skinned woman with a bust that rivaled his wife's came walking down the hall approaching the couple, Berislav was slightly surprised. The man gave a light bow by moving his neck muscles and having his head tip forwards. That was the full extent Myyriah would receive. The full name of his wife came from the woman's lips and it made the warlord simply smile. His name was given afterwards and it became clear to Beris that she didn't even know his name fully. "Beris Ardese. We were not properly introduced Miss Myyriah." Berislav was trying to take the polite approach, his vixen wife however did not take the same approach, causing the man's eyes to open wider, confused as to what was happening. Perhaps this was simply how the warrior spoke to everyone she knew. This tailed lover was more interested in finding his family then Beris was about getting back. He'd accepted fate once his card no longer worked that his family, the Ardesians would never be seen again unless they came out to the sands to visit once their second acting vice commander was missing. The beasts eyes looked over the dark skinned human woman. This was the first time to two had been in contact besides when her troops saved him on the wall. He was grateful for this but never knew who she was or even had a peaceful moment to look upon her flesh. Much like his wife Myyriah was also blessed with large mounds on her chest which his eyes looked over. 'There are a lot of large breasted women here...such a weird development.' The observation continued as the orbs shifted their focus on the large thighs of the woman something that again the fox boasted but not on this scale. Beris made no attempt to hide his observations of Myyriah. It wasn't until the exclamation from his Matsu about something the large breasted woman refused that he was drawn back to attention on the conversation. Something about having her leg replaced by the sound of it. Was Myyriah able to preform such magic? If so, maybe she was one of the only that could get them back to the Ardesians. The response from the dark skinned woman made the warlord's eyes shoot open. "P-Pregnant?" He was bewildered by this news. A father. This...was not something he'd foreseen in his life. This woman that had taken him like a war trophy was now baring his child. The large bear of a man would look to his smaller pink haired wife. There were emotions that were coming to the surface. Joy, Uncertainty, Dread, Fear, all of it was washing over him quickly. The thoughts turned to Matsumota Crisandra Devante-Ardese of Obsidian canyon, The Champion of the grand Djinn tournament, The blood fox, Slayer of Oni's, Butcherer of the tribes, Mistress of cherry blossoms, The great hunter, Vanguard of the wall, Survivor of the pass, Hero of the 13 banners, Grand champion of the tournament of power, Queen of Slayers, Leader of Giants, Ender of the Horde, Sword of the realm, The Ronin and the head of the Ashes, now mother of Ardesian blood, what was she feeling? That question did not have to wait long as the blunt ignorance of the great warrior's knowledge on procreation made even the 'bugbear' look surprised. 'She can't be fucking serious.' Confused fully, the his green orbs looked to Myrriah as though she might know what was going on. For all her knowledge, the beautiful human woman seemed not to know either. Matsu's description of the dance was not inaccurate but dumbed down. It was obvious his wife was not knowledgeable on pregnancy and that she really believed this by the way it was presented. Still dumbfounded by this interaction Beris would not even know 'how' to explain this to the blood fox. His large right hand came up to scratch the nape of his neck. Before another though was added Matsu's cries out forced the bear's attention. Myyriah had...groped his wife? What the hell was going on? He was lost in his own body, this could not be his reality. This was some messed up joke world, an illusion maybe? Salvine fucking with his perception of reality. Salvine, the playing card in his pocket, that was the breadcrumb the woman would speak of. His eyes would also note the residual mana still left in the card. It was very weak but would allow for a graph of how to redesign the portal to the Rest. The playing card, the King of Clubs, he'd forgotten this was his card. "Here." His trinket would be handed off, the flesh of his hand feeling the smoothness of the well spoken hostess. It sent a little shiver up his spine. How could skin be that smooth? It was weird, almost unnatural. "It will lead to a tavern, a pocket space in a void. I could graph it from memory at this point. Going to be a weird reunion with Vitori." It'd been a little while, hopefully Alcazar would be alright and would have given a full report to his employer so that this meeting would be far less awkward than it was going to be. @Sombersong
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  3. Beris was taking in the deep breaths of the sea breeze. Something he said had struck a cord with her. The smells she were putting off had made that clear. It made him wonder what was on his companion's mind. This wonder was answered quickly. An offer to bring the message of him to his people. It was enough to make him stall, trying to fight back a tear. He smiled instead. He didn't know how to break the news to her that his family was dead. Long dead. The only people around would be his nieces and nephews or another leg down...then it hit him. He 'was' a shaman...he was the 'Thunder's Call' his tribe would know him. She 'could' deliver the message. This was something she could do for him. It made his smile turn into a grin...which was shot away after hearing the situation she was in. "Reclamation..." The word portrayed his thoughts. This world was on the verge of reclamation. He could not leave it now he did not want to. "We have a deal then. You'll deliver word of me to my family and I'll stand at your defense of the walls. Sounds like a fair trade. Besides, I've fought demons, devils, dragons, horrors, eldritch monsters, hell even assisted in banishing a great old one. I don't fear them, I don't fear dying, I don't fear torture or suffering. If I can stop a world from falling into reclamation then I'm in. You aren't going to stop me from helping...truthfully one person can stop me from that and I'm sure he's watching me right now debating whether to pull me back with the tether. You won't find much better geomancer on short hand that doesn't startle from monsters of the abyss. Yeah their ugly, yeah their disturbing, but you have a monster sitting beside you that does this sort of thing for a living. So long as my tether isn't pulled dragging me out of your world, I'll be at your side for the defense of the wall." The ball he'd been practicing on had changed to ice before he let it go, a hard 'thump' of the ice striking the wood was the symbol of his disturbance in thought. His body was tense now but was so excited to get started with this Reclamation.
  4. Aldorto again buckled to her scratching.He stopped moving for a little while, letting her scratch more. Having some branching conversations with her staff and the people around here would do him some good. Allow him to branch out and learn more of the people around the area to get affiliated with. It became apparent that he and Priscilla would get along just fine. "Basically you want a mentor that will push her back on the right path and not allow her to sit in the darkness and isolate. Well, I can try. I can be a mentor, I've trained people before, but I'm not much of a father figure, my son can agree with me on that, so best I can do is just be patient with her and push where it's needed. Besides, I have five other hands I can turn to if I can't get through to her." Aldorto could see the cliff clearly, it wasn't much farther away. He pressed on through the scratches to get to where Kalmuli wanted to go. "She's going through survival sounds like, trying to protect herself from the pain. I know that feeling all to well...part of what I came here to talk about actually." He would continue to follow the path so they could speak openly. "She's in good hands."
  5. The fox became more talkative. She wasn't just all business it seemed. He would remain silent, letting her talk and thinking of how to best address her comments, her words, her questions until the very end. He was becoming more and more attached to her as she spoke of society and her people. He needed to see her people, he needed to know what they were like. How they acted, their mannerisms. It was true what she spoke, he needed to reserve judgement until he had seen them and vice versa, however he knew riling her up would allow him to get her honest and passionate answers about her kind. He would answer her question first than adress anything else she had spoken with more comments. "Once this queen is dead my job isn't over. I'm planning on seeing your lands and getting to know your people. Besides, gives me a chance to see you at your best and for you too see me at my full strength. I would show you the lands of my people one day but I am never allowed to return. That was the deal for my people to be spared. My mother's people gave up the comforts of life to become hardened by trials time and time again. The cold winters and harsh sands, the underground. My people set out to master all the land before they could call any place home. They chose to throw themselves into harsh conditions. I'm not going to pretend I know your people, nor do I know their struggles. I want to know what they go through, who they are. To say I know a civilization by reading about them or hearing second hand accounts is not knowing them. Once my job is done for the gambler, I'll make my decision from there on what my life leads me to next. For now, I'm choosing to enjoy the company of a kindred soul that practices in music." Beris would not be able to meditate, that much was clear. He relaxed some, letting his legs stretch out. "I don't know much of home, I haven't seen it for a very long time. My new family is with the Ardesian clan, or what's left of it. Beside the lycanthrope clan, I have my employer and his staff which is my second family. Both of my other families would be easy to meet, though they're an odd bunch." He began playing with his essence, turning a small ball of wood in his hand, running through the paces of turning the ball from wood to fire, from fire to stone, from stone to ice, ice to water, water to earth, earth to wood, and continuing the process for a time. He wanted to stay fresh on the switches. He would need to commune with his ancestors soon, something he could find time for as they continued their voyage. "After this job is done will you return to your home or find another hunt to fulfill?"
  6. Aldorto listened to the current state of affairs in silence. Knowing the little one that looked after Grey was now running the shop was a relief, he'd hoped she was doing well. As for Ingrid, it sounded like she would need some attention and a lot of it. These Valkyries were her own people, he would need to assess them as well. "I'll be meeting with Niles and Giselle if that's alright with you. I have complete faith in you, your people, and your choices, however if we are going to be working together, there is no better poisoner you'll meet in centuries. If she's ass good as you say then I'll want to meet with Niles and swap notes, with Giselle I'll want to see her ability with medicine and healing. I doubt she's an amateur if she learned from you." The silence had been with Aldorto for a while now but being out in the open there was the lack of an echo, no sounds of life other than them. Seclusion. "I'll make a good companion for Priscilla, make sure she learns from an infiltrator on how to spot things a little better, but what do 'you' want her to get from all of this?" The attention to his shoulders made Aldorto scrunch his torso up, enjoying the attention.
  7. It was enough to confirm Al's suspicions when Kalmuli answered his question. What was she striving for, her goal in this life? That was what guided most people, without a clear goal, there was nothing but chaos and following the motions to gain something. "Well, Makiel gain most of what he knows from Beris's blood. A surprise to myself and Salvine when it showed itself. The programmed memory of his life included a lot of practice in that area to tune it down. Both of them are savants in that area, they both have different approaches to it however. Makiel is better at aura and the magical paths, Beris is better at the flesh and physical vessel. Either way, they'll help." The attention to his body was not going unnoticed. His body shuddered and his front shoulders rolled a little as his body was adjusting to the attention. He continued the slow pace, taking the sights in while they were getting closer to the cliffs. This walk was nice, what he'd needed to relax himself down more and more. The influx of people and noises, sounds, emotions was a bit much after all he'd just gone through while he was away. It was still fresh in his mind. There was a lot he needed to unpack and get clarity on, Kalmuli, he was certain, could help. It was secluded out here, at least it felt that way to Aldorto so going further away seemed more unnecessary to him but he would not argue the point. There were going to be a lot of touchy subjects in this discussion, he knew this. Though he didn't want to bring up too much, the stress of bringing up Ingrid and her other half would not be a good topic of discussion until the baby was delivered. There was still some time before they got to the cliffs. "Did anyone come with you out here, your apprentices and such? I know you have your shops, at least I can kind of recall them, what happened to them?"
  8. Beris saw the little bit of change in her face when his hands touched against her leg. Regardless if she trusted his words or not didn't matter, he felt what he felt. When she'd gotten up off his lap, the heat lingered on his body and his face was already returning to it's normal state. Somber had taken a position against him, so she'd gotten up to sit back down, must have been something amiss that happened in the last few moments. It really didn't matter for now. Beris would listen intently holding her words in high regard as she spoke of her story. So her people were close to his clan-brother's home. The Men were strong fighters and taught to be like knights and the women were taught to be ladies and proper. This made Beris scoff as she spoke. It was a joke to him. He'd been used to working with clans, in clans, working alongside tribes where women were in the front not afraid to strike and kill without hesitation. It was a waste of potential to set gender roles like this without a need for it. His people did not behave this way. His mother, as was the tales his grandfather told him, was a firebrand that would defend her people and would secure the wounded on the field while the armies were still in the middle of the fighting. His Aunt was a distinguished defender boasting a solid defense that was nearly impregnable, her husband an archer and cook for the tribe. This gender construct was always silly. Beris let her continue, forming thoughts about what she spoke. Somber spoke about her kitsune form, it was interesting thing she spoke. The kitsune Beris knew could shift from a large fox to a human with fox tails to a human without distinguishing marks aside from their eyes. These kitsune had two forms it seemed, something almost akin to his lord's lupine transformation. Both in control of themselves from his guess. For one to announce their other form in such honor it became clear it was controlled or at least not wild. After her tale it was her comment that again made him chuckle. "Between us, if I get close enough to grapple you the fight is over. If you keep me at bay you have the advantage. You're a superior in longer range fighting, I'm you're superior in hand to hand. This is the way my people determine standing. My father was my superior in tactics and sword fighting, my mother was my superior in alchemy and magic, my grandfather was my superior in shaman casting and leadership. To them, I was their superior in grit, in hand to hand combat, in endurance, in toughness. Our leaders were our leaders because they were our superiors in leadership, tactics, charisma, evaluating worth, tenderness and feeling the hearts of their citizens, or even superiors in management and distribution of supplies. Your people have such a different way of leading. To turn down a woman from being a warrior or a man from being tender is such an odd thing for my people." It was his turn to produce a question. "The people you spoke of, the house Devante, what are they like, did your expectations of them change when you became a slayer or did your view of them remain the same as you saw them as an fellow slayer?" Along with needing to learn about the people of this world, Beris needed to find someone to align with, these kitsune seemed like the best option for now. He wanted to know her people more, what they stood for, their virtues, what drove them, if they followed religion. He was hoping this would also give more insight into his companion. While Beris sat there, even with his eyes opened he was still meditating. Feeling the essence around him and matching the new slate essence with that of the wood of the ship so he could replenish something that was lost. He would need to save some of the slate essence to change with the water and some flames to replenish the flame essence he'd spent before even coming here. He was relaxed in his stance, turning his head to look over at his companion while he would await her response.
  9. After dispatching the two sailors, Beris felt the ship lurch forwards. They had set sail. He didn't need to be as imposing now so he would sit down, get into a proper deep meditation. This was interrupted by Somber tossing him her Sake. Out of respect he tipped the jug back and took a quick sip, letting the alcohol hit him firmly to gather a feeling for what it would be like. It wasn't half bad, nothing the Rest couldn't beat out but still not half bad. He tipped the jug back again taking a decent swig before putting the topper back on the jug, placing it by his side, than returning back to his meditation. Again he was interrupted by Somber with her abrupt intrusion of his space by plopping herself in his lap. It was a strange occurrence, he'd never really had someone in his space like this. It took Beris a moment to compose himself after the initial jump he had from her landing in his lap, and after his eyes took in the sight of her face, the eye that was hidden away under the pouch. This gave him something to focus on for a moment which assisted composure, his eyes wandered around the features of her face for a little while with his lips parted slightly. He was in a slight daze as he looked her over, taking in a good look up close for the first time. She was heavily scarred from battle yet still held this demeanor and was still a more than adequate fighter. Her words sank in a little while after she'd spoke them. "My story huh? Well I was born into a military family. My father a commander of the local militia, my mother from a tribal background, was a local healer. I trained at the academy, was brought up with a well education, had many resources to further that education, than took up combat studies. Spent some time as a raider, my mother's people picked me up after my exile, since the executions didn't work. I learned from the wise men about magic as well as their old ways of healing. I became a shaman as well as a physical healer." Curiosity got the better of Beris as his hand went to rest on Somber's flesh, just below the knee. His attention went here for a while, working a little of the flesh absent minded. He would not look back up to Somber while he spoke, unconsciously avoiding eye contact while his blood started to heat up showing off a red coloration on his face as well as the heat of his legs rising as well. "I can tell your body is overworked, the muscles are tensed up and you probably don't notice it due to the drinking and tobacco, or the spite. Just an observation. Hmm...what else, ahh I met my current employer, did a few long jobs with him that cost me a few limbs and digits and an eye. I then met up with the Ardesians, my current clan. It was an intense first meeting. Been running with them ever since while doing some side work for the gambler. Been looking after the 'Kul, ahh damn which reminds me, I hope my lord's son is taking care of the litter like he should. I gave him clear instructions...ehh they should be fine." It was a brief summary but would be a good opener for the time being. "That's the short handed version anyways. I have nearly two centuries of stories. A few months from now and I should be getting close to my hundred and ninetieth year. This might be a long ride so, what else you want to know?" He would look back up to Somber, looking up to her eyes again, really taking in the sight of her good and bad eye. He was studying the detail of both eyes, than would look up at her hair. It was strange but he realized that he didn't even really look at her before. Yeah they were fighting side by side but all he knew was she was swift, had prosthetic limbs, and had a cannon and katana. Everything else was still new information to him.
  10. The attention to his fur was very calming overall but stimulating to his nerves being that the sensation of touch had been lost to him over a long period of time. The salt and the sun were a good mix to help him relax a bit more. He was quiet as they continued for a time, listening to Kalmuli speak and taking in the sensation of her voice against his ears. Comforting his concern of game was a nice thing, it helped to take down his worries of food stock. It was her comments afterwards that made him turn his head back towards his passenger. "Do you fell content, sad, prideful, or happy to be in your position?" The words would normally would be a glad affair, however there was a little something about her voice that held something back. This elf had just spoken up about putting his name forwards for owning land in a kingdom he'd just arrived in. She'd trusted him, it was odd but she'd gotten a good vibe off of him. Had he been here to undermine the authority or tear this land apart, this was a vital piece of information that could ruin this place. The little squeeze from her was a nice sensation, contact, physical soft contact was very well needed. He would continue North as she'd directed. "Managing a small group is simple, managing a moderate group a little more work, handling land, managing heads of guilds, handling the little routes between your land, that's not an easy task. Sometimes stressful, I'm glad you came out here with me. We both needed this. Beris and Makiel should be here first when I put out the word. I'll be sure to send both of them your way to see what they can do about your physical stress." Again Aldorto was thinking ahead, taking himself out of the moment, only dragging himself back in when he brought up why he came to begin with. "I know you have a lot to deal with...but I need a favor...well...a few things that have been bothering me that I sought you out to deal with. I didn't just come here out of fun or 'just' to see you. I needed to find you, seeing you a Baroness was surprising. My mind is wounded, I don't know how to handle it and haven't found a good option to fix it. I saw some of the work you did while I was imprisoned inside myself, I was hoping to use your services to find an answer as to what has happened to me. I've been having a dilemma with Ingrid and I want to sort out my mind before attempting to get involved with her." He let out a brief sigh, it hurt to talk like this, he'd done nothing but avoid his problems time after time. He needed to face this head on now, it would take a lot of time fix the problems but his time away forced him to face some of his problems again, it allowed him to understand the true weakness he bore that he'd never overcome.
  11. The sounds of the prison were starting to fade out in his mind, focusing on their noises instead of the outside influences. Somber's response was only what resounded his thought, she was strong of spirit yet her body was lacking. It was a set back that she had managed to overcome, though in her own words, not fully. As the man continued down the hallways, there was a passing thought of the importance of what he'd done here today. Though it mattered little to him, the others that were being freed were taking this in as an important moment. His employer would smirk at this once he found out. The hallway air was becoming fresher by the minute. Exit was becoming sooner as they kept moving. Around there was the faint sounds of doors slamming open and the overall smell and feeling of joy and relief. These men and women were becoming free from their predicaments. Again, Beris listened to Somber, learning more about this warrior he was walking with. It reminded him of a proverb he's been told a long time ago, 'To be love or feared, the old king spoke, is the toughest choice to make.' He smirked recalling the verse, though she was right about the current position they were in, "Well, let's ride the wind out while we can, eventually the fear of events will wane." The plan to land outside of the city felt so obvious that once she spoke it Beris was confused why she even spoke the words at all. He'd taken the moment to realize that Somber was a bit more chatty now that the job was over, well he was too now that he thought about it. Peace time, or at least a time where any hostiles would be so weak that they were not a threat at all. He'd relaxed his guard as the two continued closer to the fresh air smell that had gotten stronger. Somber spoke again this time answering his question about why she took on this job. She'd respected his question so he would respect her's in turn. "Same reason you're here Somber, Contract work. You just happened to be here which sped up my escape, which is appreciated. I'm still here because you're better than competent, you give me a good look in terms of slaying. I'd be curious to know what you could do with your limbs back if you say your crippled and weak." There it was, the fresh air, the solid land under his feet, the natural light of day he'd been in just hours ago. Beris took in a deep breath of the air to fill his lungs of the sea breeze and the air around it. There were guards posted out here, he recalled that, and the guards outside had noticed them, giving out a shout to them. It was Somber's quick response that kept Beris from roaring out into the sky, instead he softly let out the held in breath with an exhale. Listening to her threats made him smile inside, had he not just witnessed what she'd done, he too would be laughing at this smaller warrior trying to overpower a crowd with no leverage. The cannon blast was almost predicted, it was her fastest and strongest way to show dominance. Things were going well so Beris was enjoying the moment. It wasn't until he felt her hand slap against his ass that he was pulled back into focus. She'd caught him off guard, making him jump a little. Beris made his way from the ground to the wood of the boat, his toes flexing against the hardwood. He just stood in the middle of the top deck, eyes closed, deep breaths. His mind was not looking forwards to a sail across open water but it was a good choice. He was meditating, clearing out his mind, taking inventory of his essence and sensing the crew members on board. When some of the crew members would move about looking to leave, Beris didn't even open his eyes. When one man left down the gangplank, Beris dashed after him swinging his wooden axe and chopping off the man's arm. His screams were short lived, the next swing rendered the man's head from his shoulders. Beris walked back onto the deck, taking up his position again, going back into meditation. Another man came up, but decided to attempt to challenge Beris with some crew members backing him up. There came a blade towards the shaman. He didn't even stop the blade, feeling it pierce his flesh but not going very deep. He'd maneuvered essence to his chest to catch the metal with hard stone. There came a swift kick to the sailor's leg, than his chest cavity, then against his head after he'd buckled down from the fist hit. The sound of cracks and snapping of bones and tendons were loud from Beris's hits. The blow to the head knocked the man out cold. Soon there after there was blood dripping out of his nose, a brain injury, concussion and bleeding from the brain as the skull was cracked. After pulling out the blade from his chest, Beris tossed it into the wood by his feet. The whole time he'd never opened his eyes or moved from his spot.
  12. The axe felt good in Beris's hand again, he went through a few drills with it before putting it back into the loop aside his hip. Once Somber caught up to him he smirked some. Her bubbly presence was comforting. When she spoke up about her prosthetic it only made him chuckle again, "You make up for the missing parts. They don't hold you back. I can tell just by watching you." He continued down the hallways, smelling out more guards and more prisoners, trying to hone down his senses for sunlight or moonlight depending on the time of day. Fresh air, even a window would suffice. "I can cook plenty. Learned how from my time in the academy, than my time on the roads. Got better from when I used to be a werewolf." He pointed to his nose, "Kept some of the tricks to heighten my smell, comes in handy. Something besides rations would sit well, trust me. I'm used to cooking for small armies and for myself, I'm no medicinal herb cook but I make a more than decent meal." His bare skin felt the stone, playing on the heat trying to follow the path that felt like it lead towards open air. Somber was taking pace with him almost overtaking him at points. He would follow he if she knew the way out. "Well you secure a crew and that'll work for me. I have the means to pay em if we need that." So she had a way with words, that was nice. Beris was already easing up more and more, he didn't have to put in as much work as he would normally have to. There would be no reason to put on a face and change his voice in order to play a crowd. Though if worse came to worse he could still rely on picking pockets to make ends meet and get their goals met. His breaths were coming in much deeper strides and less frequently. He was relaxed now. "So we get a ship, we sail out to this city where this false queen is, and kill her, that about sum it up?" There were already plans being drawn up with a lot of blanks. He needed more information than just a false queen monster/pretender. If she happened to be a shifter that played on other's emotions or could read minds than it would be a very troublesome creature. This wouldn't be his first assassination or coup, there was a method to this besides just walking up and taking out a target. Being this impostor was in place of a queen there would be royal guards, high alert patrols, her own 'trusted' lookouts in case someone discovered the deception she had played. This would be a long process. He would have to report back to his employer about this development, and regardless of the order, he was going to do this. He'd owed Somber this much of a favor for busting him out of this place. As they moved down the hallways, there were more sounds of snapping and popping, Beris was loosening up his joints and doing some techniques to relax the strain on his muscles. They weren't in bad shape yet but he liked to stay on top of their maintenance. The warmth of the stone meant they were getting closer to being free of this place. "Why are you taking up this task, was she your queen?" Why, the reasoning of this kill, why this person needed to die other than being a monster that might cause an issue. Simply being a creature was not much of a reason to Beris. The threat of leading a country to war against others or trying to bring about the destruction of all mortal races, that was a reason.
  13. Beris saw the transformation of this warden, he was right this man possessed more power than originally thought. A dark smile took over his face, this would be a fun fight. 'Come on you big bastard give me a fight, something worth getting worked up over.' His mind was ready for this fight. Before the change was final, Beris felt a weight sit on his shoulders than a blast taking his quarry out. It was a slight disappointment but the kill was Somber's after-all. The feeling afterwards was strange though, having someone resting on his shoulders like this. He tried his best to keep her balanced up there while he knelt down to examine the creature's form. The spines and spikes that started to grow on the warden were of interest. A tight grip around one of them and Beris had blood starting to slip out of his hand. With more strength and a quick 'snap' Beris had broken off a spike. It was hefty for sure but he wanted to test it's durability. He would shove the spike into the flesh of the deceased warden, it would slip in easily. So he would have an easy option for victory than. What was done was now done though, not much else to be said and done about it. Beris wiped the blood from his hand, using a minimum amount of essence of his fire to mend the cut, his body could heal the rest. Somber was now a different person after this hunt, more energetic, relaxed, he could feel her weight shift to a more relaxed state on his shoulders. It was adorable really, she was bubbly for an instance. "Breathe, I have a few things I need to gather from here. If you could get down for a moment so I could search." He looked back up at her than dropped to a knee so she could get down without trouble. Once she would choose whether or not to get down, Beris would go searching for his axe and his pouch that was taken from him. It would take some time but soon enough his hand axe was found. The wooden axe, no longer than his forearm, was still in good shape. It looked like they simply confiscated it off of his person and nothing else. The rune was still in good shape, no wear or damage on it, this was good. Next was to find the pouch of gems he'd brought with him. That took a bit longer to find but sure enough he'd found it. He would check the contents, making sure all 7 gems were accounted for, taking out each one of various colors and wealth. After the last gems was pulled out, Beris took out the playing card at the bottom of the pouch, relieved to see this over everything else the man let out a long sigh of relief. Beris loosened up, taking a good look over towards Somber to answer her questions and decide on a course of action. "I would avoid teleportation into an area without someone else in there making a mess. We'd have to force a way out of forwards. Let's get some rest for now, clear out our heads," Beris smiled and gave a little chuckle, "find you a body to keep warm, than well see about getting a boat. I'm still a stranger in this land and would like to get my barrings. I can get a briefing on the way to that inn you talked about. Let's get out of this damned place, get something nice to eat and something to wet my throat." This prison was now another page in the book of places he'd been, didn't care to be in again, and was glad to have killed the owner. His feet hit the stone and would not stop until his barren feet no longer hit the stone.
  14. The warden, his eyes and nose took in this man, he did not want to forget the scent of this man, for now a hunt was beginning. Listening to this man brought a long 'wait' to Beris something to savor for a moment before pouncing the man. It was after he spoke about being a great executioner that Beris threw his spear, it was not to secure a kill but instead to create an opening so that the man could get in close. The words this man spoke left Beris to laugh as he made his forwards push. "You? A hero?" His eyes widened, the aura he had been hiding was in full tilt, the overall feeling of being in the presence of a monster was in full swing. Beris let his jaw open while he made his move, his eyes were opened wide as he stared down his target. The look of deranged hunger was apparent on his face, giving more of this guise he'd built for combat. With the opening throw, Beris would follow up with a few daggers of ice to keep the warden off balance. This was his main goal as he approached, testing the man's reflexes or his endurance and toughness. With a good opening, Beris would grasp the Warden by the arm then give a quick jaw to the jaw to shut him up. This man was no hero, no glorious executioner, he was just another person with delusions of grandeur. Beris felt nothing for this warden other than annoyance at this man believing he was above Beris so far that he could ramble on as some prophet of the 'greater winds that he follows'. He'd been used to people like this more than once, the people who just want to hear their own voice, those that never put the time in, the work in, to call themselves 'foul abominations', 'monsters', or monikers they'd never earned, these people were the most annoying to him. There would be no essence in his strike, this man was not deserving of any special treatment, he was a waste of good 'abomination' flesh and blood. There was the knowledge that this man was in this position for a reason, whether he was a caster, able to control the minds of others, lead an army of troops with full loyalty or had some special ability, it didn't matter, Beris had made up his mind that this man was not worth using essence and wasting his energy on by using anything extra-ordinary. This was Somber's quarry and he would allow her the kill, but for the opening moments, Beris would beat this man mercilessly at every opportune moment. He would show this man what power looked like, what an executioner truly looked like. a monster, he would show this man savagery.
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