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    OOC: A Fellowship in Frost

    take your time, I know the feeling.
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    OOC: A Fellowship in Frost

    Alright @Venus Sprite believe it's your go.
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    Fire and the Flood

    Like a snake shifting through tall grass the silver elf found his way to his lovely financial adviser. "Isha..my dear lady, are you enjoying yourself." His face showed the look of a wide grin, knowing this was more of what she'd been complaining to the lord of the house about. "Al..if I ever go this long without being in a palace or around nobles, I'm putting an arrow in your spine." Though the words came out soft, it was the wonderful undercutting tone that bore a nice layer of fear. To the wrong person, being Aldorto saw this as the start of a good time, but still it bore a nice knowledge of what Ishanis could do. "Easy there tiger, I came around to share what I know and see what you had for me." There came a chuckle from Aldorto's lips, finding the invitation appealing enough. What started as a nice exchange from side chatter became a scene after the lady of house Ardese had turned to see her lord. "Look at you, always on the job huh? How about another dance hmm? Didn't think so." Ishanis nodded over her shoulder after receiving a uninterested look from Aldorto. "Over there is out contact. Austere and his brother Milorian, don't, and I mean this, fuck this up, got it? I think I'll see to the Uldwars, this has been an interesting night with all the tension." "Oh? Tension? Do tell." Aldorto smiled, slipping his hands around his adviser's waist. "Nuh uh, you focus on the Mythals, I'll tell you about all the political turmoil if you do good. Now go on, get to work. I've got some people to talk with and a big man to see." Ishanis pushed away her lord slowly before making her leave towards the head of house Oscar Uldwar. A sigh came from the elf, watching Isha walk off for a moment. His attention turned back to the two brothers, slipping through the crowd, using his deftness to nab three passing drinks, the first he sipped, the others were not for him. Coming from the crowd, Aldorto made a path for the Mythals. "Gentlemen, fancy a drink?" Aldorto held out a glass to the brothers. "Night like this, you seem like you could use one to ease the tension in the air." There was no smile on his face, no sly approach, Aldorto decided to go with a more sincere approach, seeming more stern faced concerned over the bad blood between both the Uldwars and the Mythals. Here was the Ardesians, a neutral party between them both, mostly anyways. A clan of opportunists after disaster. "Lord Milorian, Lord Austere, I am Aldorto, Ardesian clan, our work got us an invitation by an 'anonymous' source. It goes without saying we appreciate the invitation Lord Austere." Along the other side of the room, Ishanis had trailed down the Uldwars, in particular the up start Illyana. A glass of water and wine in her hands as she made her way over. "I would say your parents look like gems tonight, but that seems like a scar we both know is best cauterized." She made it blatantly obvious her ears picked up the conversation. "I'm not going to pry, don't worry. A drink, wine for the pain, water for clarity. Trust me, you feel better afterwards. Ishanis Ardese, pardon my abruptness milady." The dark haired, dark tan lady took a light curtsy to show respect. "It's best to chase the wounds down some times when you are in a situation that comes rough."
  4. Fennis Ursai

    The New Queen in Town

    The palace became this large lavish staging area for his bout the closer Lenix came to it. Excitement, anticipation, and a little bit of anxiety came from getting closer and closer to the destination. "It's something shared by the clan I used to be a part of, their love for fighting. Each fight was therapeutic, a bonding experience to grow stronger with the person you fight with. It's a weird understanding, bringing one closer by sharing blood with them...it's hard to explain." The pure excitement in his eyes when Lenix looked back to Plume was intense. It wasn't a lot the 'boy' did to have a chance to relax or to have fun but this was one of those things he held dear to his heart. "Hell all the city, call the guards, make bets if ya want, make a whole show out of it. I sure will." His tail wagged harder and harder the more he thought about this fight. There was a warmth Makiel felt in his chest. The music and swaying had a nice feeling overall to it that made his mood pick up, his demeanor was more lively as he put more effort behind his movements. "Ahh, nobility, you struck me as such. There was a gal I knew in the warden initiative..well maybe knew, hard to know what is real. She was a heir to a seat on throne in her lands, an elf, fair blonde hair and strong green eyes. She tossed it away to jump into the initiative, decided to follow her own path instead of follow the one lined for her." There was a warm smile on his face as he lightly chuckled. "I was her charge. We had roamed together, I was looking after her defensive ability progression, teaching what I knew. There was some conflicts we decided to look into, a bit close to her home. It was nothing major but we had spent nearly a month on the job. She introduced me to her homeland, her parents. It was a hard time, her father proud she had made something of her life, sad to see her go, glad she came back for a time...Her mother...furious. A queen, ready to hand things off to her daughter, and here I was, a rugged, hehe, warden..I had to defend myself quite a few times, the initiative that much more. The poor gal had it rough, dealing with all of that and the accusations that I was her lover. That flew over well with her mother, was almost killed a few times, seduced a few less times. Overall it was a fun trip. Scruffy man walks into a kingdom with the heir of the place, people thing they are together, the queen wants him dead, hehehe..I can only imagine your mother being not to thrilled about my existence as well." Makiel lean in slowly, rubbing his nose along Kalmuli's. "I've always had a lot of patience, doing for you how you have done for me, I'd say that's a job well done love." His sways were a bit more loose, pulling Kalmuli along with him.
  5. Fennis Ursai

    The Black Anvil Hymn [ Hub ]

    The door, hell the building in question was all something that'd been a figment of imagination, not even belonging in the area to begin with. An illusion with physical form, something the mind conjured up to make the transition of teleportation easier to handle. As for what lie on the other side of the door, an abyss. A bleak white drop of nothing but a small object far off in the distance. Far enough that it seemed a speck amidst the nothingness of the white void. There was no overwhelming feeling of power or the divine, in fact the aura it gave off was..nothingness. Devoid of all feeling, no joy, no sorrow, no anger, just existence. However, it was all a front, something to scare those not hardy enough to brace and pass through the other side. Knowledge, like most things, came with a price, the price most people pay was stepping away from their area of comfort, their lively-hood, what made them feel safe. It was a nod to this ideal. Astral magics, astral planes, all tricky to understand but simple enough to handle once one could understand the intricacies that took place within them. Something the man behind the smith could simply will into being with his grasp. Doing so well enough that this 'void' this domain was his to control with little effort. Able to swap it's design, it's being, however he saw fit for the moment. On the inside of this entrance to the void, it would transition to it's actual contents. The 'object' far into the distance was no more then 200 yards away. The 'object' was a building, a home and establishment all in one, in the center of this void. It stood an astonishing 300 ft high and was about 600 ft long roughly. The 'pub' was built out of lavished white wood with gold lines near the middle and top of the pub, the architecture seemed based off a far away since it was built in the style of the Celtic long-halls, who would not approve of his flashy material. The double doors leading to the entrance were ajar, as if expecting the man to come today. The design was a nice carved mural of a demon depict on one side with a heavenly light shining towards the other door. Beyond the double doors was the 'hub' area. The 'hub' was the first room of the building, which contained a podium. On top of the podium rested a log book. The floor was made from redwood with a mat near the entrance of the 'hub' made from ox hide. On the far side of the room sat two large mahogany doors with iron handles which were currently locked until the spirit at the podium would jot down the name of the guest, to which the doors would allow them, and them alone, to pass into the pub. On the right wall, there were paintings of luxurious places in many lands. Some of the paintings showed snow covered lands, some were of deserts, some depicted castles and palaces. There totaled 40 pictures down the right side of the room. The left side of the room had many quotes from famous people of various places and inspiring quotes and speeches from strong men. One such quote was highlighted, it read "Let us not allow the boundaries of your past disrupt you from what your future may bring, let us all admire his example and break down the bonds of what make us seem as evil vermin to the eyes of the masses." -Ala'sak "Freedom" a few words from the speech of Rakiesh Na'zulur. The room itself looked about 30ft long and about 20 ft wide. The room was lit with magical orbs stuck behind glass fixtures in the ceiling. From beyond the doors there was a soft noise of music and a smell of freshly brewed ale. Once the weight was set on his back, Aldorto had an easy time carrying the soon to be 'play thing' up the stairs. The joking aside, Aldorto only chuckled, "Trust me, my kin don't take legs, we take lives. If it was one of mine you would not be here to tell the tale. Besides, no harm no foul, it's hard to deny sloppy work from a beast as well as hard to not kid around about being a beast. You learn to live with it, ya move on, control the impulse, and live a very extended life with the blessing of not having to worry much about poison or disease. Takes some time getting used to, after a few hundred years you either get the swing or give in." It was spoken so casually, like a certainty of life, coming from his rougher voice. "Besides, you put your faith in a werewolf surgeon, not much going back now, if you run, which ya can't there hobble legs, I'd chase you down, administer a numbing agent and carry you back here to take the leg off." Aldorto chuckled some, half in jest, half in the fact he saw that playing out, a man with one good leg trying to run from a werewolf, it was good dark humor. Upon the top of the stairs, Aldorto let Godric down by the table set up for him so he could use his strength to sit or stand along the table. He saw Stello nearby which he simply flashes a toothy smile to and sank in his fur once Godric was off his back. "It feels weirder then it looks man. Took me over a century and a half to get over the feeling without feeling sick in the stomach." Lexicus was the last up the stairs, bringing with him the few supplies that were down at the bottom, including a few scalpels and the other medical supplies that were left down the stairs such as the injector. The blonde haired smith set down the supplies on a small table which would be used as a makeshift surgeon table for all three of them. "Alright, we just need to give the man some privacy so he can change." "Already on that." There was a heavy pull of the light around the room. The concentration of the shadows manifested into a wall where no light could pass between the two smiths and the surgeon and Godric. Aldorto's palm contained a swirling pool of wispy shadows that was the source of this wall. "Alright Godric, we can't see you over there so you're free to get dressed." Lexicus stood by waiting for Godric to give the word things were ready. In the meantime he had a bit of banter. "On our discussion before hand, yes. I believe I might look you up for the chemical components to work on chitin for means of an aggressive approach to working the material, say into a blade." "A blade? Really, why of all things a blade?" The silver haired elf was still maintaining concentration on the shadow wall while speaking, his back towards the man on the other side. "I wish to see if it is possible to shape it and if it is possible, I want to know how, as to open a pathway to discovering the method of how to shape other hardened substances into weaponry as well." Lexicus held a bit of 'air' to his words, feeling a strong urge to see this through. "You're obsessed with natural elements, you know that right?" "What is to happen once the metals run dry?" "They won't, besides what the hell do you care? You of all people have a damn good supply of it." "It is a hypothetical scenario. I wish to see what is available and how well it would function. Given a bullette can move the earth with it's carapace then I'd wager the material is well conditioned to having a strong opposing force." "Yes, but wouldn't it be better as a shield or a mace, or armor even, why a weapon designed for 'cutting' and not 'breaking'?" "The mind does not rest without me answering these questions Ardesian, enlighten me if you would be so kind." "Fine, I'll spend some time and devote some research into coming up with a solution that's able to soften up the material temporarily so it can be cut and shaped before it hardens up. There's no damn guarantees of how well it will work since I'm certain no one has done what you are thinking of doing." "That's what makes it wonderful." "You sound like a madman, but you won't find anyone who can do it as precise and as fast as I can, which means you'll pester me till my ears turn blue, fall off, and get put back on again. Fine, I'll read into it, get you something viable, and stay with you on it till it's done, sound good?" There was a sigh after the elf spoke and even a shake of his head. It was passion for the craft. Something he understood well enough to know it wouldn't be dropped easily. "Wonderful! I shall repay you in kind. How about.." "Anything less then the drinks and I'll leave you in a comatose, dress you up in femininely garb, and toss you to the red light. We both know I will and I can." "Right..booze..of course...how did I know you were asking for a high price." "Time is value, something like this, passion, is only able to be repaid by passion, so yes, the drinks will compensate."
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    A Silver Ticket Gamble

    Vashka nodded, "Yep..so far yer the only fish ta bite." The greenskin wrapped up the remainder of the two pastries, saving them for later on his walk to see if he could find other possible candidates. "I don't doubt you could get a room, hell you could get a room in a house with company, maybe some servents if you tried hard enough. I'd even offer you my room, but, we both know that ain't happenin'. First off, I stink to high hells, not a decent place to bathe round ere, secondly, I don't think I'm much your type, being small and vicious natured, and third of all, the thing I could overlook, it's a conflict of in'trest " The armored goblin scooted free of his chair, took the coin from the table, then clanked down to his feet. The open hand was a bit of a surprise which he took in kind. "Ji-woo, pretty name, I'll keep it on me mind. Stay outta trouble, if ya can, for the nex' few days. Ifin ya need more details, I'm sure you can track me down." Vashka fumbled with the coin Ji-woo left of the table, it would help to track her down when the time came up. "I'll be in touch." After leaving, Vashka set off to go his way, walking around the city to be easily seen for others to find him.
  7. Fennis Ursai

    Now it's a Corpse Party

    The shaman waited, biding his time out. This group so far didn't seem like those above ground, more finesse in their stride. By the sounds of the bastards up top, Beris should have just jumped the walls and went in axe and dagger swinging along with his weighted gloves. No..last time he decided to be rash his arm was bit in two and he had to scorch it back into place. This time he would use what he was trained for, shock tactics and ambushes. The sounds of the fighting above ground was calling out to his primal desire to charge in and defy the gods with his thundering calls to show them his presence and savagery against their creations..but he also wanted to survive this fight. Being that the presence of demonic weave on the natural order along with the heavy smell of undeath that lingered here, Beris had his work cut out for him. The sewers..gods how he hated the stench. Of all days he did not wear boots. The magic he carried began to envelope dirt around his feet to protect him from whatever horrible disease ridden wastes might be in the waters..though he didn't care, not like he could get much disease, there was still the remnant tainted blood in his veins which kept him from getting many diseases at all. It was just the way it slouched between his toes. There was not much choice in the matter now though. Beris kept his ears and eyes on the group a good distance ahead of him. Being lightly armored and light on his feet, the shaman would make very little noise in the back. There came a tide of rats ahead, being as far back as he was, Beris could easily concentrate on pooling essence around him for a strong lightning chain through this pool of rats. Already the sparks were beginning to muster, but the shaman wanted to make sure he had it precise, the sparks leaping from 'rat' to 'rat' not body to body. It was early to reveal his presence, but something told him the armored individual already knew he was there. Not like he was the shadowmancer his lord was, he could not blend into darkness, no the man had to rely on his own natural abilities to stay hidden. It was a trivial matter of pest extermination when he wasn't the target of it, focus came easier, spellcraft came much easier. His eyes lined up the cast which would zip through the rodents like an round though flesh. The execution though would have to be careful less he struck the others who were with him. As the spell charged, there was the chirp of electricity coursing through Beris's fingertips, being fine tuned, waiting to be discharged.
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    A Silver Ticket Gamble (OOC)

    @Zashiii @InvokedDuality @sparklingwyatt If you all are still interested in joining in please let me know how I can help you out so you can get a post in before the 21st.
  9. Been trying to take some personal time to try and get my mind straight. Expect some replies later in the day.

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    A Silver Ticket Gamble (LFG)

    @InvokedDuality @Zashiii @sparklingwyatt You have one more week to go without posting before I remove you from the list. @Witches Brew Already has some posts in, so the door is open.
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    A Silver Ticket Gamble

    Vashka swallowed down the last of the biscuit then downed it with a drink of his flask. He took a deep breath before he spoke. "Ahh...that's words I love to hear. Well, I've been waitin on others to take the work..see my boss is a man of patience..a lotta time on his hands so he's hoping to get a lot of bites on this job, though he has a time limit as well, hopin to get a wide array of employees." With another fast swig of his flask, Vashka spoke again, "Ahh...right, so the job itself is ta clear out a cave, simple task, but these some of my kind in there, which means the place is trapped an its prob'ly rigged to alarms. Iffin we don't get some more bitters on this line, it may be just to two uv us on the job." There was a very distinct magical presence sitting in the goblin's inner jacket pocket inside his armor. To be precise, it was a very small object but gave off a very fine tuned magical pattern to a trained eye. A playing card, set up with a lot of magical symbols inlaid on it, hidden by illusory appearance to look as a regular playing card. The goblin had it tucked away in his pocket, it was a connection to his employer. It was the only magical item he carried on his person. Vashka took another look over to this gal, "I fink you might fit in well with the company, but we need competency more then anythin'. I can't just give a free pass, not how it works, though I'll let ya know this lass, do well on this job, even if it's simple, an there's a lot more opportunities in the makin'. As for a starting date, I'd say it'd be best to start in a few days. North gate, round sun up, end of the week for sure. If I decide to mop up my bait and pull the boat out at an earlier time, I'll be in touch. Yer not hard to track." His eyes shone with a strange tint, almost looking like gems for a moment. It was an augmentation he'd undergone, not voluntary but if you loose your eye and have to have it replaced, having eyes that can track mana signals and scent trails was a nice touch. "Truss me." Vashka sat back, smiling to this gal. Her charm was very well done but not as overwhelming as what he had been used to dealing with on a regular basis. It was intoxicating, embarrassing to him that he smelled as poorly as he did, but being in the armor for a few days does that sorta thing.
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    Valucre music thread

    Song has been stuck in my damn head.
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    The New Queen in Town

    Lenix could only chuckle as his pace picked up along the gradual inclines. "Basically...see the thing is, none of us got to witness Makiel fight much, so we don't know what he can do. I want to see what he's capable of, being a product of the gambler, our shaman, and the horned warmaster. That man is a blend of two very savage fighters but his disposition is..calm. I want to see what he can do in a fight." Lenix was so highly focused on seeing the capabilities of the fist fighter that he almost left Plume behind at certain points, having to slow back down for her to catch up. "I wouldn't mind at all if you watched us fight...I can only imagine most of the palace is going to anyways. Myself and Makiel both fighting in the courtyard, not something that goes unnoticed. His fighting style against my orcish trained style, I don't want to miss this." Lenix was giddy now thinking about testing what was essentially two fighters against his own highly disciplined style of fighting. Once the pace was slowed down, Makiel could get a moment to catch his breath, but with Kalmuli up against him he bore a tender smile. The two moved at a slower pace, keeping nearby with sways of the hips. "You, without magic? That I find hard to believe. I had figured you the kind that always carried it." He chuckled, teasing her lightly. "I can only imagine you at a younger age. If I'm guessing, I'd say not quite as a firebrand as you are now. Probably more calm, less likely to affiliate with someone that looked like me, haha." This moment was nice, it let the wanderer feel as though he was belonging to someone, being a part of someone else's world. The trip he wanted to undertake was more for being a traveled wanderer of this world, to share in experiences he could call his own, something he knew was real. The memories of his past were now broken memories, unsure if there was truth behind the images or if it was all a sham. Memories, feelings like this would stick with him forever, not to be robbed from him or made to think they were false.
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    A Silver Ticket Gamble

    Once Vashka had the gal walk off, he could feel the air around him become easier to breath. "Right so she is a tad bit like Rose. *huff* Bollocks..well jobs a bloody job after all." Before the young gal came back Vashka took in a few good deep breaths, enjoying it while it came fresh. Once this young lass returned however, the air around him was yet again heavy, saturated by some heavy charm which he could only guess came to her naturally. His eyes narrowed, looking her up and down again. Her eyes...he swore they weren't that dark before. It was a far back pressing thought which couldn't be expanded upon very much. "Cheers, damnably hard to scoot me arse about some days. Blighter on this small stature some days, know what I mean? Ehh, you prob'ly do there love, not quite the stoutest pint round 'ere. Though ya damn sure the shiniest one 'round here. All eyes glaring at 'cha, tho' I get the feelin yer eyes gleam a bit brighter to everyone else. Think I fingered you wrong lass, yer a bit darker then I took ya for." Vashka keep a well trained eye on here for a moment, then nodded his head. "Yeah, I think we'll get along nicely." The green skin looked over the hot biscuit, taking quick bites from it first and finishing it off rather quickly. He found time to speak after devouring a good portion, only stopping to speak. "Hmm.. 'preciate the pint there lass, but no thanks." Vashka took out his flask, tapping it a few times. "This, love, this is fuckin life blood. That pint right there," The green imp just shook his head, "is like dirt. No offence if yer a fan, but..ya know what.." Vashka passed his flask over to this gal, "take a whiff, you'll catch my meanin." Inside this flask was a reddish liquid which smelled earthen, natural, almost like that of a fresh kill. One could not be wrong to assume he was drinking blood by the look and smell of the thing. Though a quick taste would prove that to be far from the truth. The concoction of liquor and natural substances, coined 'life blood', was a very rich and smooth tasting liquor. It was heavy in it's potency like vodka but sweet like nectar and with a hit of some strawberry like cream. It was sweet and strong but with the method it was blended and with the spices that were placed in it, the liquid smelled and looked as if it was blood. "Right, now anyhow, so we'll get down ta brass tax. This 'ere job is what we like ta call a 'scoutin' measurement', essentially its a way for us ta see the local talent and find someone who's willin to try out a job they know little to nuffin about. So ya made it into the firs' bracket, so good job. Ya found me and were willin to take up the job. Now ya might be sayin it wasn't that hard to find me, but see that's the fing, it's luck that brought me into an easy to spot area when ya managed to slip round my way. Luck, believe it not, is somethin were lookin for." After speaking, Vashka finished off the rest of the biscuit he'd ordered. "Damns that's a nice way to start off the day." The goblin had set the cards on the table and was now giving this girl a chance to look em over before he would speak again.
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    The New Queen in Town

    Lenix could feel the sun hitting his fur. It was a good day, a good fight that was owed to him was in store. "No..he didn't do anything wrong. He owes me a fight, more like a bet really. See on the way here we made a wager that I couldn't run faster then Makiel could, after around ten miles of running at our top speeds, Makiel gave out, in return, he owes me a fight. I intend to make due on that wager." Already Lenix was preparing himself for the fight ahead by rolling his shoulders and stretching out his back. "A duel, I guess is the more technical term, he owes me a duel to fight until either of us give to the other. No weapons, no magic." Lenix let out a long sigh, letting his jaw open fully before rolling it around some then finally closing it back. He was eager for this fight, his tail was wagging thinking about having a good fight. The closer the palace looked the more excited he got. Makiel smiled, looking like a fool, twirling about and spinning with Kalmuli. It felt nice to have something of her's that she could share with him, the magical illusions helped his mind grasp a bit more of what he was capable of doing with his new magics. Makiel chuckled and smiled having fun with this elf while taking her hand in tow and spinning with dance steps he didn't quite know but it was more about the feeling and the sharing of something from the elf to him that made it special. "I think I can remember some of the songs I've heard, mostly nomadic songs. This is good stuff though, hahaha, good way to loose yourself ya know?" The bit of wine he'd drank helped to let his legs fly around softly and lowered his inhibitions to move with more pizzazz.