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  1. Fennis Ursai

    The Pendulum III: Potions and Pleasantries

    Salvine sat back content for the moment looking back over to the little girl while she spoke again. The look and tone she bore was like she'd never received a gift like that before. a butcher was not too far fetched though it would be a waste of talent..at least from what he knew anyways. Salvine sat quietly for a moment taking in another puff and beginning another ball of smoke before he talked to Plana again. "These words on my face are a curse I must live with. It depicts which blood stands more prominent..in a way it depicts my current mood. In easy terms, I am doing a bit better kid." The smoke ball was very small for now and the particles were being spun around in a strange ball of empty air around the size of his palm. "I might tell you about it once you are able to handle to world. Innocence to certain topics are best to keep before you can handle them." It was getting a bit awkward now talking to the child about things, he had to hold back a lot as to not speak out of turn. "Who takes care of you kid?"
  2. Fennis Ursai

    The Pendulum III: Potions and Pleasantries

    Salvine sat back again, taking his cigar and lighting it back up getting it ready for another puff. "It looks simple doesn't it? Like one would say about pottery. Simple and beautiful. Keep it. Play around with air magics and fire magics with it. When you learn how to put air into things, try it with the ball. Once you have learned how to do that and you have learned how to add more ash to it, speak with your master about contacting me. I shall tell you more about what that little ball is and why it's important. Who knows, I might even see something wonderful come from you and that little ball." Salvine left the conversation at that. He took another puff from his cigar and remained quiet for a few more moments only to pipe up when the silence grew awkward. "My condolences about your parents. You are young, it had to be rough. If they were to know you have became a start up mage I would say they would be glad to know how far you have come." The runes had already stared to fade on the right side of his face and were being replaced by faint yellow runes. His right eye had already taken the yellow tint as it overtook the red while he was sitting there smoking to relax again.
  3. Fennis Ursai

    The Pendulum III: Potions and Pleasantries

    Salvine snuffed out his cigar on the skin of his arm forming the smoke ball after one last puff of smoke. His face turned into an awkward smirk from her answer. She was right. "Your master is a smart woman. You, you are a smart child." His eyes shifted over to display the red and yellow colors of his tainted blood. The runes on his face shined brighter as were hints of angelic and demonic auras from him. "I'm a tired man...things...have not been great...there's too much to know where to begin young one..you aren't qualified to hear any of this either." The ball of smoke started to take a mis-matched shaped as the gambler took some heartache back on. "Angels are just like demons..hehe...do not ever forget that and there shall be a long life and many opportunities down your life if you keep your mind like that. Do not ever let the appearance of someone dictate what you believe of them child." It had taken a moment to get the smoke ball back in control. With a little work Salvine had managed to begin to compress the ball, forcing the particles of the smoke to become a little ball of hardened particles that was no larger then a quarter. When it was finished he tossed it over to Plana. "Catch. Study that, and tell me how I was able to make the particles spin like that." His eyes looked up watching Plana as she would try to figure it out.
  4. Fennis Ursai

    The Pendulum III: Potions and Pleasantries

    Salvine continued to spool the smoke more into a ball while he was sitting there taking puffs of his cigar from time to time. He looked over to Plana as she spoke up, curious of his manipulation. "Neither. This is raw arcane fluctuation manipulation...That's not something you learned before is it..well...shit..lemme think..Have you learned how to manipulate the wind yet? Even in small proportions?" The gambler continued to spin the smoke around more, hoping to clench it it down into something else, however he looked over to Plana and instead decided to try and teach her something. "You're afraid of me aren't you?" Salvine was looking back towards the ground, not paying attention while he was manipulating the particles of the smoke to spin around by raw arcane force. "You are smart to be cautious, I assume your teachers warn against demons. Tell me child, what do they say about angels?" His focus was still on the past, things had begun to shift around like the smoke, annoying him greatly to the point he was holding conversation with a child.
  5. Watching the knight be turned into a familiar face, this was an Ideal moment. Something that came very early, but none the less ideal. As the late metal golemn Aston was made into Josef, Morrigan made sure he understood that this was the time to strike. She strode forwards waiting for Josef to make his move. Once the witch was down Morrigan chuckled. "Good work Josef. Abalone would be proud." She smiled over to her fellow 'brother' before kneeling down just before Yuma's head. "Stop struggling, 'my love'. You made me into this and you gave me dear commander a form. Now sit back and just enjoy what comes next little witch." The ore was oozing from her lips. Morrigan leaned down to force her lips to press against Yuma's. He tongue slid into Yuma's mouth pouring out more ore into her throat. It would choke Yuma if she continued to pour out the black mirror ore as she was doing. This witch would not be made into something such as herself or as Aston was made into being, no. This one was a little token for herself, a little prize for giving Morrigan a suitable body. When there was a sufficient amount of ore inside Yuma for the moment She pulled away from the witch some to catch her breath and speak again. "Mmm..this is what you wanted wasn't it? To be the carrier of something great? To be a puppet of someone greater then you? That is why you called me into such a voluptuous figure was it not? Gave me a naked body to show the world I have returned? Oh don't worry, you will get your prize in all of this little witch. You'll get to stay at my side once you swallow that ore..even if you don't. You'll choke on it, die and be mine once you come too." The temptress rolled her shoulder and her neck, getting a good feel for this body. "Ahh..Josef..make sure she doesn't break free. After all it would be rude for her to not accept this gift. We must make sure we are ready for Abalone to arrive and we can't have any distractions." Morrigan would look upon Yuma's face as the look of being deceived would cross her face. She tread water too deep for her own good. Glee rolled his shoulders ready for Castern to give him another go. When he charged like a wild beast there was a wild bout of fire that was sent his way to mask Castern's flow of attacks. Glee took the heat, feeling it beginning to start to make a dent in his defenses. The captain charged through the fire jumping up to attempt to grapple the beast while his tail slammed the axe back and forth against his skin. The fist coming from the fire missed it's mark as Glee leaped up to latch onto Castern's tuff of fur. The axe slammed into the beast's leg. It was not long before it flicked the other way, slamming into the other leg while Glee was bashing his head into the beast's chest over and over again feeling his horns strike against the bone behind the layers of fur, flesh, and fat. The thrashing of the axe kept striking at Castern's leg while he tried to pry Glee off his chest. In an attempt to kill Glee, Castern gripped Glee's arms with his hand and tried to rip the captain apart. All this accomplished was Castern missing fingers as the axe chopped through the appendages. This was it for the beast, he would die here to this demon. Glee kept hacking away once he was loose. The tail transferred the axe back into Glee's hands. Starting with Castern's leg, Glee made the beast fall. His axe found mark against the inner thigh forcing blood to spurt from the wound while he started hacking at the other leg, the arms, and chest, whatever he could reach. By the time it was over, the beast was watching the captain mutilate what was left of his body while his blood was being soaked up, absorbed into the axe itself. Drinking in this sad excuse for a demon. Just like that it was over. Castern was dead, the axe returned to his side. Glee looked around, calling out into the air around him. "Agatha! Where are you?" His heart rate spiked up feeling content with his kill. His axe back was an accomplishment in and of itself. Now he just wanted to stop fighting and take in that blood soaked air to find relief in getting something done right in his long time here. Davius was running with Ligg in his arms, the boat was not far now, another few streets and they were out of here. Agatha, the promiscuous witch, showed up before them. Temptation if he'd ever seen it, Davious kept moving passed her, this was not the time to become side tracked. Ligg fought to try and get free to take temptation over the fear of everything that had happened. Davious fought on to keep control of Ligg until they made it to the boat. After starting up the propulsion mechanism to get the boat started, Davious sat Ligg down in the boat and plotted the course back to where the ship was waiting for them. As he pulled off, Ligg leaped from the boat. This place was better then back there. Aston missing, Kalith taken away from them. She wanted to be selfish, she wanted to be embraced by a voluptuous woman who she would give her soul to. Ligg was soon swallowing the ore from Agatha. Falling into darkness and being reborn under the witch's will. She was weak willed, seeking something she hadn't had since the captain was marooned. Ligg lost it all to her own cries for selfish carnal desire.
  6. Fennis Ursai

    The Pendulum III: Potions and Pleasantries

    Salvine watched Ingrid walk off. He chuckled out remarking back to her as a smart ass, "Good luck figuring the rest out. If you somehow manage to get the remainder within the next..let's say ten minutes, I'll commend you on a unique ability to discern a highly diluted mixture." After having his little jest Salvine looked over to the little assistant that managed to pipe up. "Suit yourself child." Salvine sat back against the wall looking up into the sky some while hold out his palm. When he exhaled out the smoke, his hand pulled the smoke directly to it while Salvine began to manipulate it and swirled it into a little smoke ball which he would continue to toy around with while he sat back thinking about his life, and how things had gone so bad the last few months. This place wasn't ideal for relaxation but it was where he was, on the job, sitting outside a building where he was not very welcome, looking at a grand white wolf that kept eyeing him like it would kill him at any moment. The ground under him was a bit cold but it was solid, a little moist but nothing too uncomfortable. The little ball of smoke was nothing more then to test how far along he was. Magical power was still there, very weak but still present. It was a long day overall. Seeing into the future, what was to come, knowing what was going to happen within the next few months...he almost felt pity for the elves inside. Salvine looked over to the kid once more, watching her pet the Yarakul as well as play a little bit. So many scenes played in his mind of similar sights, similar times he'd been around something like a girl and her pet. Weight he carried around that was not coming off for a very long time if at all. The way the kid was looking over at him made him wonder if she could see all the sin he'd carried around. It was something he didn't want to think about anymore. there was another puff, more smoke to be added to the ball.
  7. Fennis Ursai

    The Pendulum III: Potions and Pleasantries

    Salvine simply stayed against the wall, he was not welcomed here by nearly everyone inside and the majority of those outside. "Well, I shall let you get back to your work." Salvine pulled a cigar from his coat pocket and started to light it up using a flame conjured from his finger. "I would love to stay and chat more but we both know I am not everyone's idea of a 'guest'." The gambler sunk down against the wall, sitting down while taking a puff from his cigar. "If you have need of me you know where to find me...I shall not be here forever, however I shall remain out here for the time being." The inhale was like a nice fire in his chest. The herbs wrapped up in the cigar were to help ease off tension, something it heavy supply lately. 'Situation's Gone to Shit' had summed up his last few months. His eyes returned to their yellow and green tones, his skin was the normal light tan tone as well. Salvine was watching the great wolf watch him un sure of it's next more. Plana as well was by this wolf still very unsure of the man. "Relax, the both of you. Less you end up such as myself, having to take magic suppressant to simply gain relaxation. I would advise you to follow inside little Plana, for as the others can easily advise you, I am not a good person to be around. Something an aspiring mage should not be known to speak with or to associate with. I know too much, something that is not a good quality child." Salvine took another puff of his purple smoke cigar. His power suppressant for the trade off of a relaxing exhale and a stress reducing mixture. He'd gained enough strength to be able to take the suppressant. He was, at the very least, safe outside. Had the elves decided to harm the gambler, he could not stop them, nor would he be able to for a good long time, however, he was also now in no rush knowing he was on civil terms with the acting head of the establishment. For now, Salvine would simply stay outside, smoking on his cigar and trying to stay away from home for as long as he could. Whether that was around a lion of a woman who would have his head, or in a den of people who had the most to gain with him disappearing, at least it wasn't around a stack of problems that was not going away no matter how much he dealt with them.
  8. Fennis Ursai

    A Simple Walk Around...And All the Lies That Follow.

    Salvine was at least glad to not have to make a large scene here, though the others around him were looking at the gal yelp and the other come up, both seeming to be concerned about something. Once the talk of what happened started, all eyes stuck to the gambler. Salvine's aura and even his own magical power was not very limited, as the connection between the shopkeeper and his skin was a good marking to that. His eyes fixed upon the woman for a moment, mostly hoping she did not have an outburst just upon feeling him. The only thing that was on his mind was to get away from this conversation and to go outside to sit in the light snow on the 'patio' of the shop. There was a slight chuckle at the thought of someone trying to rob him. However, knowing the food and drink was on the house Salvine just flashed a smirk, "Keep it as collateral for now. I shall be here for quite a while. I shall keep a tab, if that's quite alright, then pay back what I owe with that gem. If you'd like you can come with for your security in making sure you get what is owe to you if that sounds fair." The runes on his face became more prominent showing what looked more like yellow faded scars with some markings of runic signature. Salvine was feeling a slight sense of fondness for this city. Hearing of those being robbed around a time that was sacred to most took a slight hit to him. Though crime was essentially everywhere, something made him think he should at the very least look into it. The notion itself was a bit of a conflict however, being he cared not to get involved in affairs like this on general rule. When the introduction was given, he was still off in space trying to think of what this 'false hope' feeling was about. When he returned the grip he spoke in truth to her, "Salvine, it is nice to meet you Megan. I appreciate the hospitality." His other hand moved to push the gem back towards the two women and let it rest on the counter. "I insist, it is how business should be conducted after all. Something giving now for something to be gained later on. At the very least hold it for collateral. If it's simply too much I can lend something else of lesser value for now." A sapphire such as this one was something he did not care about truthfully. I carried no weight to him, nor did he really have a use for it. To him it was minor in value. Salvine's intent was to just simply leave the gem there and walk away once he'd had his drink and food. If it was the holidays, as they were before, then people were giving gifts for one another and doing things of good will. A tradition Salvine tried not to let the people here do since it was a personal opinion of his that he was not a fan of day where others shown good will simply because of a holiday. However his opinion fell on deaf ears. Once the light interaction was done, regardless of what the two women would say, Salvine would leave the gem on the table, take his cider and the courtesy food, and start to head for the side door leading out to the enclosed patio overlooking the other districts from it's location. "I shall be just outside if you have need of me." The seats outside had a light layer of snow on them, something he remedied by forcing the snow off with some arcane force. Before he sat down in the chair, Salvine made sure to lace the seat with a fine layer of heat based magics to make sure his seat was nice and warm as well. As for the table, the same trick was applied to swipe the snow off as well as to keep the table warm as well to have his drink stay warm. The area outside was very calm and relaxing being blanketed in more snow. The people moving about while Salvine just tipped back the cider, enjoying the flavor as well as the memories of sharing a cup with an old friend. He would wait to eat from the crescent and just relax with the cider for now.
  9. Fennis Ursai

    The Pendulum III: Potions and Pleasantries

    Salvine looked the child over. His form was terrifying so he tried to focus on getting rid of his demon side. With some deep breaths and a lot mental focus, his tail was sinking back into the skin and his skin tone was becoming a normal tint. "Cook and student. I see she takes after you then. Don't tell me she has a red room, I might be tempted to let her do that to cool off. Rose would kill me if she found out, Kalmuli would laugh and have a new best friend if she found out about Rose." There was a long sigh. "We there may be a few things to talk about later then Ingrid..things might get interesting later on." The smile on his face held more then he would care to share at first. "Just remember that little statement around the wolf." Salvine rested back against he wall again looking more hume. His sighed yet again as a moment of relief came over him, this place was less stressful and knowing the worst Kalmuli would do would be to tie him up and torture him, he felt calm.
  10. Fennis Ursai

    The Pendulum III: Potions and Pleasantries

    Salvine simply smiled, "I might have pinned you a bit wrong. I'll have to remember that, 'Ingrid'. I'll get you what I normally grow and even something nice here and there. If you want the properties ask the wolf, that's his usual stock." His grip was firm as the devilish smile crossed his lips. "I do will enjoy our little deal 'Arch-mage to be' and can only hope your inauguration into the ranks of Achmages goes smoothly...it'll be nice to call you an equal in legal titles." Once she released his grip, Salvine moved back to rest against the wall. "The girl, what's your name?" His attention was turned back to the little assistant while the demonic flow was beginning to dissipate. His attention moved back to Ingrid for a moment, "Painful is another word for pleasurable. I'd be more entitled to coming here if that was the case. Beats the hell out of the Rest right now...you don't want to be there either if you know what's going on."
  11. Fennis Ursai

    The Pendulum III: Potions and Pleasantries

    Salvine folded his arms over as he watched the mage. When she spoke of what she though was losing Aldorto to his late wife he simply chuckled. "Before the wolf was even in my charge I held a demon whom did work for me. After he'd misstepped further then was planned I asked him to return. He was seduced, torn away and charmed. Taken from my care. We were close, a few months later he was staring down the barrel of my gun. Trust me, it wasn't a good day for anyone." 'Ingrid' he spoke without moving his lips, hitting a deeper part of her mind. 'oh, I can speak that name. If you want to deal business with me then we shake on it.' The smirk on his face changed slightly to a more toothy grin. She wanted in the game then he'd let her, and to deal with him on rare ingredients then he didn't mind either. His hand became outstretched waiting on her to confirm this was what she wanted to make things even. "They say don't deal with devil's miss, there's a good reason why Ingrid, but if it's simple ingredients I can easily give you access to what I have so long as you get them moving. I'll keep them safe from there." His mood was changing to be more agreeable. "I'd apologize but it's stressful right now on all sides. Get them out by morning and I'll make sure you're well compensated for the shake up, 'Ingrid'." He spoke her name as a slither from a snake. If she was true to her word then he'd hold her in better standards. For now he was content as the horns slowly made their way back into his skull. It would be slow process to come down after all the things he'd handled from the establishment and from the other worlds. "You have them out the door by morning and I'll hold my end of the bargain by morning."
  12. Fennis Ursai

    The Pendulum III: Potions and Pleasantries

    The sympathy was helping to at least keep him civil, he responded with less harshness, "Trust is something hard to earn, last time I trusted someone working with my assets I lost them. They grew attached before I could pull them back and before I knew it I lost them. The ingredients are all hard to find, I don't trust others with the knowledge of how I make it. Griffion's talon and a unicorn's horn if you really want to press me for some of the ingredients." There was still an annoyance for having to watch and wait for these two assests to get the move on but it was not at a urgent point yet. "I'm not annoyed at the loss of ingredients just how much Aldorto himself has mucked things up in the past, this time if he mucks up it costs him and me both. We both have a lot to loose if things go south. So mage in training, keep him out of trouble and send him out that door once he's able. He can't wait much longer unless he wants to say goodbye to what he holds precious. And pry that unshaven druid from your master's clutches, they need to get moving. Do that for me and you'll have a favor owed to you. I'm not leaving here till my strength returns so you don't have to worry about me shooting anyone. Besides, the girl was never a target, you'd be more concerned about yourself then her." He pressed stood staring at the wolf snarling at him. "Jump boy, you'll be hating every second of your decision." His tail flashed back and forth. "I'll behave as long as you keep them on track and get them to leave so we can all get on with our lives. I don't enjoy having my back against the wall and my establishment threatened, so haste would be kind of you so I don't have to be breathing down your necks."
  13. Fennis Ursai

    The Pendulum III: Potions and Pleasantries

    Salvine simply smiled at her, "You make so much fuss as though you could actually do something about it. I'm not afraid of your master, if I was I would never give her advantage as I have now." This was annoying him now, peons moving around acting like named pieces was getting under his skin. "I could easily shoot the boy, bring him to an end and let everything play out as it was. I don't make a habit of asking worms to help in matters they can't. I doubt you can even poison him. I've tried for years." His hand went to rest atop his revolver, putting a few rounds out would stop this discussion but it was not his game to sow this much chaos. "Dump it out if you like, when he dies it's on you. When Al doesn't come back for years, it's on your head not mine. So let the man who created the blonde haired elf you look at do his damn job." He was doing his best not to shout so the false Ardesian could hear him. "Get in the way and you will cause more damage then good. I know you want to help but don't interfere." Salvine was still without his ability to cast spells and would be for a few more minutes, the weak spells coming in first then the larger ones taking over an hour. Truthfully he was much weaker then Ingrid after fighting the runes, though he was not going to have someone get in the way. "If you both care about him then don't make this an issue. You both care it's why you are defensive over this. The ingredients are healing properties, I'm not disclosing the ingredients to you, so as you wish mage in training." This was becoming more of a hassle now. This would be the day he would damn the Ardesian name if he was in worse mood. After he spoke Salvine pressed back up against the wall and continued to rest and focus on recovering mana. "Go on, do something reckless and endanger a boy for the sake of trying to be right. See whom gets the fallout once I have to watch the lord of the wolf clan not be reunited with his son."
  14. Fennis Ursai

    A Silver Ticket Gamble

    It was a long hour of walking but the two had finally made it to the outskirts of the cave. When they arrived Vashka was quick to point out the lack of guard at the entrance. "I fink we got'em at an ideal time frame. If ere are guards posted it'll be only a few uv um. Best to strike em when they're still groggy and try'n ta wake. If alarm is raised they'll panic this erely. Just remember, when we get in there I'm workin as a talent scout. This is yer show Ji give a good impreshun." Vashka's saber was in it's scabbard and it was going to stay there unless it was absolutely needed. This was now Ji-woo's performance of what she could do. About 30 feet from them out of the treeline was the entrance to the cave. On the other side there were a few small side passages and a long narrow passage that lead on for a good 20 feet in pitched darkness that would lead to an open living area which would have only a few goblins posted inside. The other side passages were small enough that the goblins could easily move through them but larger and less nimble creatures were far less able to pass through. Overall the cave had a small regiment of goblins, very little troops, and a few traps such as the ones leading down the entrance corridor. A pressure trap which would capture anyone who set it off by having brittle floor cave in and ensnare the victim's leg in a spiked vice. There were also a few spots where pot shots could be taken through little slits in the wall. Vashka spoke up once more before they were ready to move on, "I will not help in fights though that doesn't mean I can't be of use to you. I'm just not going to aid in any fights, lemme be clear on tha'." It was a sorta disclaimer that was to be as obscure as possible. He wasn't allowed to help in combat, however he was able to advise and help with insight as well as an task that didn't involve combat, such as translating.
  15. Aston watched the mist take Kalith away. He turned back to watch his Captain's rampage that was to come. "Give him hell Cap.." His breathing picked up as he crossed the vale after moments of hesitation. He had to get back his crew's voice of reason and wisdom. Aston crossed the vale, confused as to where he was standing, where he was. This place was dark, unholy, terrifying. The whole feeling of this place shook his mortal soul. It was dangerous but this was to get Kalith back. When he was her, Aston did not know who she was, nor who the other woman with her was. "Kalith!" Aston's breath was weak, but he was not tired from the fight. It was the air of this land starting to take his life and drain his strength. Her figure bare and grand to what he was used to seeing. "K-kale.." "Aston? You came." The memory from Kalith had fed to Morrigan. A smile was on her face, this one she would give to Yuma's hands. "Yuma, take care of him." She wanted to see what this witch would do, study her and wait for a weak point to exploit. Trust was what she would use to play at Yuma's weakness, trust that made Yuma believe she was still in control. Before Abalone would show, Yuma would be nothing more then a gibbering slave to the monster she made. It would be fun watching the look on her face turn from smug and in control to fear as she became yet another pawn in the game. With a light kiss along Yuma's neck Morrigan pushed the witch towards the heavily armored man, "Go to him. Make him yours." Glee grit his teeth as he ran head first towards the beast. His axe was swung in reckless form, easy to avoid. "You weakling!" Glee's response was a powerful upstroke from the fake axe leaving a large gash in Castern's chest. Instead of a flinch and a cry, the beast swung it's knee forwards, striking the captain hard and sending him back a few feet. The axe came back down to try and take the captain out. Glee rolled but the axe he held was crushed to pieces. "Damn it." The beast laughed ready to make another swing. "You think that's funny Castern?" His blood boiled hotter, the air around him became a haze as his body was pouring out heat. "Just means I don't have to play. No collateral, no reason to fight like we both are." The axe came across his chest as a cut made it's home along Glee's chest. It was shallower then the strike would have made. "She's hungry boy. You haven't feed her anything." Glee smiled again, the psychotic feeling took hold of him as he charged forwards grabbing Castern's left leg and pulling him off his feet. The strength Glee carried was being pushed farther with the rage he was pushing out. While Castern was falling down, Glee was already moving to move to where Castern's head would fall. A barrage of fists was meeting his face as he fell. The axe could not help him. The beast tried to launch flame at the little demon. Glee took the flame, it seared his wound shut as his clenched fists came one after the other at Castern. The only defense Castern had did not flinch the captain. He shuffled back against a building to try and get on his feet. Glee's tail wrapped along Castern's wrist which held his axe. The grip tightened while his target changed to strike against Castern's shoulder trying to force the beast to drop his axe. He was able to get in a few solid hits before Castern was standing on his feet and a fist pushed Glee off. With his tail wrapped around Castern's wrist, Glee swung under the beast's arm which he detached from the wrist and was flying towards Castern's face yet again. Instead of grasping on and going to strike over and over again, Glee primed his knees then launched a falling drop kick to the beast, pushing it back into the building which caused him to be off balance yet again. "C'mon Castern, you're twice my size! You'll never win this unless you start fighting like a beast!" Glee was taunting him now, this was a fight he wanted. A manifestation of his people's demon to take on. "Give up on your sanity! Give in to power!" Glee came back up to his feet. The beast game in, tossing the axe towards Glee before pushing from the building, destroying it in the process. With fist clenched it tried to strike the small demon. The axe landed in Glee's tail. The mistake was made. "That a girl. Let's quench that thirst on this thing that can't die." The grip on his axe held it so the tail could swing the blade. As Castern charge, Glee took the charge head on, moving to take the punch at the reward of grasping Castern's wrist. His tail flashed up with axe coiled up to drink from the beast's arm where it embedded itself. It did not stay long as the other fist came to smash Glee from his hold. The captain slide along the ground before spinning back to his feet. "That's it!" He spat up some blood. "That's what I was looking for kid! Now do it again!!"