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  1. Finally got out a post, sorry for the delay folks, it's been hectic lately and just finally catching a break so I'll be able to post on the regular for the thread.
  2. Lexicus had gathered the last of his things, he would wait no longer for last minute entries. "Jaw finder, madame, it is time." The merchant rose from his chair and walked for the door. He gave a light nod towards the tavern keep and would begin his path towards the cart. The large beast of burden was more than ready to get the move on. Lexicus took his position at the front of the cart, taking the reigns in hand. "I regret to inform you both that being the cart is laden with quite a burden I cannot take on more weight, however there are horses for rent if you would rather ride on a beast than walk. The journey will take some time, however my old pull is more than capable to bare this weight for a long time to come." Lexicus would flick the reigns, giving a quick whistle to signal to his beast he was ready. It took the message and shook off the feeling of restlessness. The beast was large enough to bare Anna's weight easily for long distances, however it was to only thing to pull the cart. Unhitched, the beast was a danger to anyone foolish enough to give it a fight. The best description of this beast was that it was a mass of muscle and fat reserves looking akin to a buffalo only larger and with horns akin to Water Buffalo with thick hide that most weapons had a had difficult time penetrating. To top it off, this one was laden with a few enchants to make it even tougher, harder to pierce it's flesh. It'd seen combat more than once, being a descendant from many different species of cattle. The beast was a species known as Agroks, commonly used by a tribe of orcs and their ogre allies of the Tishnagal tribe...off world beast. The pace was not very quick, but it was sluggish either. Faster enough to be quicker than regular walking speed, more like a jogging speed. Had the cart not been weighed down with supplies, the Agrok would been able to move nearly double the speed. Lexicus would slow the pace if need be but not by much. "Plenty of ground to cover today." The weather was agreeable enough, partly cloudy with the sunshine owning a majority of the land. There was a light breeze as well, crisp air, fresh from a night rain. Grasslands with splotches of trees and some wildlife grazing. Some adolescent deer showing off their dominance to one another, quiet overall.
  3. Ishanis picked up on the subtle cues the woman was giving her. Without another word, the woman got up to go to the cabinet to see what the woman was attempting to tell her. The grey haired elf had made his approach, crouching down to see the woman lying paralyzed on the ground. He would not interfere for now but he wanted to see the full extent of the damage. Gently, Aldorto moved Isabel's body around, looking for a contact point. There were no wounds so it had to be something that made contact with her skin. If it had been ingested the container would be nearby. He began looking for signs of rashes or discoloration on the skin. This place was fairly secluded and no one was out here attempting to eat her, steal from her, or kidnap her so it was clear this was accidental. Perhaps the local fauna or flora had done this. The elf kept his eyes out in the mean time. Ishanis had looked through the cabinet, finding a few vials of what appeared to be solutions. "My lord, can you offer some assistance?" "You are looking for something thick, more than likely a dull green hue and smells repugnant. Basic look of most anti-venoms. If you can't find something like that, look for a greyish colored thin liquid, it would be odorless." Aldorto did not move to the cabinet to look, he didn't need to. If Ishanis could not find the right one, Aldorto would simply handle the problem himself. His bandoleer always came stocked with a few poisons and anti-poisons depending on what the situation called for. On his waist, multiple small satchels containing what he liked to call 'field supplies' to conduct many simple or easy to make poisons and potions in case of emergency or general unpreparedness. Once Aldorto conducted his diagnosis, he stepped back, letting Ishanis take the situation back. "Thank you sir." Ishanis found a few vials that matched to overall description and rushed back with a few different vials showing them to Isabel. She would show them one at a time and would pop the cork off each one to smell it until she found one she tough was right. She would wait for confirmation before she would administer the correct one to the woman. Once the right one was found, Ishanis planned on sitting the woman up and forcing the liquid down her lips. For her lithe stature, Ishanis was very strong for her size.
  4. Beris was not one to shy away from work this early in the morning. He hoisted himself off the ground and made his way over to the stove to turn the stove on high. The shaman would go find a pot, fill it with water, and set it on the stove top. "Happen to have some salt or oil, makes the process faster." While Beris was waiting for the pot to get hot, he set his hands upon the metal pot and would begin feeding his hand mana to speed the process up. He was no stranger to flame, but it was not his most adept element. Something as simple as heating a pot was not a difficult task. "Tell me a bit about yourself Nesryn, we have some down time. You grow up here, have any schooling, take an apprenticeship, I can tell you aren't combat savy so military record is out of the question, you're still green around the edges to conflict so I can safely say you never did time...so what drives your life than or are you simply drifting?" It was a lot to throw at her but some of it Beris was making observations known to her. Here he was, nearly to opposite of most folk, his tale was long, bloody, and at times unpleasant. Though his life was not terrible, it was simply a rough path he'd forged for himself.
  5. All good, shit happens. I've had it keep me from the site for months, nearly a year.
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    Sure you'll fit in pretty quick then. ?
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    Best of luck, as I said, there's a lot of options.
  8. Sorry if there has been a delay in posting, work has been kicking up my schedule lately and I've been very tired. I'll be working on posts throughout the day since I have the day off and a lot of things to do.

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    Welcome in, there's a lot of people that frequent around the site and plenty of roleplays to drop into if you'd like. You can also start up your own and make a looking for group or recruiting thread for it to draw people in. If you haven't already there is a new players guide that you can read through and even some lore about the various lands if you'd like to sift through it. Either way, there's a lot of options about where to start so give someone a shout if you need some help getting started.
  10. All was silent for the night so the dwellers were not nocturnal. Both Aldorto and Ishanis had both felt the heartbeats of the denizens of the area, smelled their blood pumping through heartbeats as they slept..... Except for one. "My lord?" Ishanis was the first to notice it, pointing out the concern to Aldorto. "I just felt it." The elf turned his head towards the source. A slow rhythm, low blood flow smell of panic. "Isha, take point. New gal, stick with me." Ishanis did not need to be told twice, she was in a dead sprint towards the smell. Aldorto was not in as much of a hustle, wanting to give Isha times to show off what she could. "I have a name." The half orc woman shouted back, jogging beside the grey haired elf. "Which is?" "Tor'tanith." "Orc clan name and elvish ending, makes sense. Well, we will get to formalities over we investigate the disturbance." "What disturbance?" "Oh yeah, you can't smell it." Ishanis had found the source, the woman passed out on the ground. She rolled the woman into her back, noting the eyes following her. "Can you talk, what happened?" Aldorto was not far behind, taking a look at the scene from a far first, allowing Ishanis to try her hand at the situation first. From first glance, Aldorto assumed poison had effected the woman. No signs of blood, no attackers to take advantage of her situation, no signs of bruising, no visible wounds so far. Ingested poison out contract poison capable of paralysis was the first guess. When the orc elf woman started to go forwards to help, Aldorto stopped her. "Let me see what she does first Tor."
  11. Aldorto nodded towards Kalmuli, "I appreciate the hospitality. Normally I would turn down the offer to rest with another person after just meeting them, however, considering my mental health as of late I will not turn that offer down." On the outside, Aldorto was mostly smiles and jokes but inside he was again in disarray, only he was willing to admit it. With a long sigh Aldorto closed his eyes for a time, recalling most of the events from memory before he would have to regurgitate the story. "My son...was under possession by a demon lord. The concubine of the lord that possessed me. The operation was simple, retrieve my son without being discovered. As part of the operation a ritual was performed to have my demon taint woken and I possessed the homunculus Grey, the other me. Grey is adept at chameleon, so he appeared as a younger pseudo form of myself, enough to be noticed not enough to be found out." Aldorto opened his eyes again, looking over to Kalmuli with a little grin, "Unfortunately, my mama has a tendency to seep out. I am aware of most of what took place but I had no control of myself, like a dream. Even the parts where my essence came through, that was still not me. Demonic possession is..weird, finicky really. Grey wasn't ready to take me on, he lost himself in his own body. So when I say it's a first, I mean that in a lot of ways." "Let me also take a moment and tell you how much I appreciate you taking care of Grey. Even know you show hospitality only knowing some aspects of me. It doesn't go unnoticed. Thank you Kalmuli, had you not intervened things might have gone different." The elf was rested more, letting his guard finally drop. He would wait before continuing his story to allow the elf woman speak if she needed to.
  12. Right, I'll be moving the post forwards so we can get started, wanted to wait a few days for Shize to post but I'm going to go ahead and move forwards after work today.
  13. A forest, no, that did not give it justice, an ecosystem that had thrived off of what was once a large scale mass for people to come and watch events. Of all the places to hear of an anomaly it was in a massive rain forest. It wasn't the first time there had been an anomaly in a rain forest, however it was not an anomaly that the man cared for. However, it was a thriving ecosystem, with survivors, on the remnants of a dead entertainment complex. Already there was a lot for him to gain from going to the area, unfortunately he would not be able to sanction time for a voyage in the flesh. This anomaly would serve many purposes, there was the matter of stock, taking inventory of indigenous life forms of both flora, fauna, and anything in between, sending a mutual benefit to his allies, no his friends, and lastly testing out the capabilities of his latest experiment in the Harmony Project. The man had been sitting alone in his study, silence around him but not what he heard. The inner workings of his own mind were louder than ever. "Momentum...I want to make sure this report is correct, the soil seems rich with aether?" A call within his mind, telepathy, was being held between the man and his underling. "Yeah boss, 'aether rich' was how both myself and Cadivorus both described it. It felt alive and not simply for survival. Something about the forest made it feel alive, eager to push us out if we trespassed against it." The voice on the other end was smooth but dark in nature, a demon blood to be precise. "Not necrotic, druidic, primordial, even abyssal?" "No boss, Aether, I know what Aether feels like, we both know I can sense it as much as Cadivorus can." "I trust you, I am simply taken back...send a message to the Ardesian household. I want them in on this one." "Sir?" "The forest can be a boon for the lord's work after all, he'd want to know." "Right away boss." "Tell him I intend to send someone with him, someone new, an envoy of my own to join them. Someone the man will undoubtably take a liking to." There came a sharp 'click' in the connection, signalling an end of communications between the two men. The boss had taken in a deep breath before rising from his seat. His prototype needed to be awakened and ready to meet the lord of the Ardesian house hold in a matter of hours. There was an expedition that needed to come to pass now. "Kreig, give me a stock, what are we looking at in terms of natural substances?" An elf, grey hair and alabaster skin was shouting from inside the small nestle of cabins that had established the land of 'House Ardese'. The lord of few had been needing to take inventory ever since he had returned from his leave of absence. "Low...maybe a few herbs, all of it native." The wolf man had replied back after looking through the stock. "Damnation..." The curse uttered under his lips. He'd become desperate for alchemical supplies, the new land had not been well for the sake of planning out his house's form of financial strength. At this rate they'd have to rely almost solely on mercenary work to make ends meet, this was unacceptable. "We'll have to step up our efforts. We need something to bank on to get this place funded and running Kreig." "I'd made this assumption as well sir. There was a fair amount of metal from our previous occupants and their lifestyle. I can get the old forge running again but I will be in dire need of supplies for a time my lord." The wolf man came out of the cabin he'd been yelling from to enter aside his lord. "Hmm...I.." The elf lord started before being cut off by a voice invading his thoughts. "Al, you awake and busy?" "Momentum? No, what's on your mind?" "My lord? What is it?" The wolf man, Kreig, had looked at his lord for a reason why he'd stopped mid sentence. With a palm outstretched, Aldorto gave his man the signal to sit at ease and wait. "Boss has a job for you if you're interested." "Sure thing, give me the brief details." "Scouting position, rain forest area need some exploring. Boss figured it'd be a boon to your supplies of alchemical agents." "I'm back from my scouting boys, he have a.." The only woman of the house that was left, a fair amber skinned human, lithe in his physique, had come in to report to her master. "Isha, give me a moment." The elf spoke aloud to while he was listening to the words of the demon blood in his mind. "How early?" Aldorto, lord of the Ardesian family, had responded back to Momentum via telepathy. "Now, if you're ready boss will open the rift to the locale. He wants to start immediately. Won't be able to meet you there but he'll be sending you an envoy to go along with you." "Who is it?" "I can't ruin the surprise Al, someone you'll like." "Oh...interesting." Aldorto broke from his concentration for a moment to speak back to his people. "Kreig, I'll need you to guard over the place, Ishanis, you said you wanted to formally test yourself before me, now is that time. We are going on a scouting trip in a remote rain forest area. This is our priority at the moment." "Yes lord Aldorto." "Momentum, open the rift when ready, I'll be bringing a tag along." There was a 'click' as the connection was severed on the demon blood's side. A few seconds passed before there was a tear in the space before the elven lord. A portal had been manifested to a thicket, previously scouted out by the demon blood. "Isha, let's get going. Kreig, I promise you I'll have your forge up and roaring as first priority." "You don't have to priorities.." "Nonsense, we will need the metal for construction as well as a way to make an incoming wage for our house to rise to it's former strength. I shall return soon enough with payment to begin your specifications for your smithy." Before there was an opportunity to respond, Aldorto had slipped to the other side, pulling the amber skinned woman along with him. After there was a confirmation that the two had made it through, the rift stitched itself back. Before them was their envoy, nothing the elven lord imagined. A green skinned muscular frame woman with curves and pointed ears but no bottom jutting teeth. A half-orc, half-elf woman. "Crazy bastard..." Aldorto was beside himself at the sight. "Beg pardon?" The orc woman raised her eyebrow towards the elf. "Salvine...he's a crazy bastard." Aldorto shook his head in disbelief that his friend had found such a woman. "I am to assume you are the Ardesian lord, and that is?" Her eyes turned towards Ishanis. "My tag along. Ishanis, financial adviser and hunter." "Isha for short." Her voice was showing a slight bewilderment, seeing a cross of both orc blood and elven blood. "I was told to give you this letter, it's the formal briefing for the assignment." The woman held out the folded parchment that she was assigned to give out. "Right." Aldorto took the letter and skimmed through the details of the job, reading aloud anything he found important, "Aether rich soil, new plant life, new wildlife..interesting..check on inhabitants as first priority...two miles south east..right..work is cut out for us." Aldorto folded the note back up to read the remainder later. For now, the objective was important being they were out in wilderness. "South east, two miles. Ladies, let's move, we can speak once we get to our destination, for now, eyes up, ears open." "Yes my lord." "Yes sir." --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It would be some time before the party would arrive at the 'village' where they were instructed to search for life. Though it didn't look abandoned, it didn't look far from it. The elf lord blew out a whistle, keeping distance from the village, wanting to take a cautious approach to this place. "Anyone there? Ai'er eller? Gajal beinguk, jiak demand lat avo ukhow yourukelf!" The lord spoke in common, elvish, and orcish, to be safe. One never knew who resided in the jungles. From the overall feeling of the place, Aldorto could hear people moving and could feel the presence of heartbeats in the area. This place was inhabited, but by whom, and did they perceive his party as threats or as neutral passerbys? For now, Aldorto would stay his ground with his two companions and wait to hear a response from someone in the village.
  14. The former sky captain looked around the room to the other mercenaries. It was definitely not what he was expecting. His tail flickered back and forth with anticipation to start. M'yr, as he called himself, sounded as eager as he was too start only not as fired up as the demon blood captain was. "That's fair to have us introduce ourselves. 'Glee' I'd prefer to stay by that name. Former captain of the Daylight Swoon, the Glowing Raven, and recently the Blazing Winds. Pirate vessels that dominated the skies." Glee took in a long breath looking over the room before his gaze locked eyes with M'yr. "From a simple stand point, I'm tough, strong, agile, and intimidating." With a wicked smile, Glee leaned forward showing his horns off more. "Not many folks get used to this sight, even less get used to seeing my kind charging them with an axe like mine." His 'axe' was not his normal bone crafted sinew strung blade, no, that was no longer his. His new blade was well crafted but not as intimidating as his own visage but it didn't matter, it was what he could do with it that mattered. Glee wrapped his tail around the shaft of the axe, lifting the head of the weapon up with just his tail, letting it rest atop his shoulder. "Magic, that isn't my strong suit. However my blood boils with excessive heart when I get going on a fight. I've learned how to move around with my tail and can close distance exceptionally fast. Combat heavy and intimidator if needed. That about sums it up."
  15. Beris acknowledged Nesryn as he woke up. "Heavy, but yes." His body was awake, being that he sprang up from the ground. "We need to gather supplies today. Basic spelunking gear and a few other things to be on the safe side." The shaman rolled both of his shoulders and his neck, his way of waking up. Though his body was awake and attentive, his mind was still a touch groggy. "Food," he started just as his stomach was saying the same thing with loud groans, "would be a good way to start the day off."
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