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About Me

Well, what can be said. Hmm, I'm an odd bird, bit of an old soul, known by those around me for having a unusual aptitude for the cold and an even more unusual amount of heat production. I've been known to be easy going and friendly. 

As for the rp aspect I can be quite the opposite IC. I stick to playing the psychopaths, the lunatics, the deranged savages who seek to get their fulfillment of carnage out in the field. However, that is simply a niche. I can do a wide variety of personas so I am never really afraid of plunging in head first into a role I have never tried if I am asked to do so. Once I get started down a role with a OC I rarely ever abandon it unless something else get's in the way or I feel as though the time away is needed. 

If you find yourself in the roleplay aspect with me, don't be afraid to message me with anything crazy you want to try out. I might surprise you if I jump on board. Just be ready for a bit of a wordy reply as I try to improve my ability to set the scene with a character. It just simply helps on the road to being a better roleplayer not just for this site, but also in my other endeavors.

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