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    The Obsidian Crown

    The trees groaned overhead, that was the first thing Rideaux noticed when he came to. The next was that he was on his back surrounded in rubble and stints once more. Unlike last time where it took effort to press things away, this time he was able to cast aside everything with a bare flick of his wrist. Paragon He felt it—no, them wriggling in his mind, puncturing and corrupting. He felt the flow of their blood running through his veins, and he fought every instinct to claw at his body, shred his skin, and flay himself like the Abbey’s new bitch. It angered him, boiled him to be possessed, to be used like some arcana’s cunt and left to fester. Yet. He felt calm, and the thoughts barely passed him. Their words, they spoke, but he could not hear. Rideux hated magick. But was this the magick that everybody spoke of? Thoughts left him to an idol fool’s rambling, and he noticed the pain that came immediately after. His entire body throbbed, and he rolled to his front, digging his knees into the ground. Boots were already caked in the shit of the body’s surround this tower, what was a little more? Fingers clawed at the ground to find his balance, and slowly he stood, stretching and testing his limbs. The pain was there, but it did not identify where it came from. A turn this way, a turn that way, but he still could not single out the sensation. Mn. Is this the cause of those bug-like shits? Climbing himself out of the hell that was these creature’s bidding, Rideaux thought on his feet, or well, their feet so to speak. Despite feeling his legs, pound after pound, strut upon the blood-caked ground, Rideaux did not actually notice the earth crushed beneath his feet. However, it was when he left the old “tower” did Rideaux notice the garrison was gone, torn away and shredded to nothing. There were no longer any walls, palisades, or bodies to gander. The earth itself was sprung forth with a spring lush, and what Rideaux thought was going to be a nightmarish foray into the fucking jungle to his client’s town, he realized, he either had been duped or the bloody creatures were fucking with his head. Not one to be the bitch. He canted his head, lifted a hand to stroke his fine-edged stubble, nails creating a slight scrunch. “Hey. You things. What happened here?” So he speaks. Yes, he does, brother. What is it he says? He wonders about the Garrison. Should I tell him? Laughter. Should, should. Darli— “Cut the shit, tell me what happened?” He heard a derisive sound, and he found himself smiling, realizing he had put those “Gods” in their fucking place. Fine then. This world is forcing itself onto the inhabitants who once owned this piece of property. “Magic. Got it. Not interested. Where is the nearest town?” … …. Erm. Sigh. “You are all pretty worthless as Gods, you know that?” Paragons. “Pair of idiots.” Rideaux heard the snort once more, cast his foot in a direction and began his trek. The stone gave a shrill cry as the blade buried deep. “Cy?” Aluriel whispered. The back alley of Last Chance was empty as far as anyone would know. A long corridor of darkness that separated twin roads on either side. Whispering moans of smoke billowed out of beckoning manholes as rats scurried frantically to their havens. A body slumped against a forest-green bin, a weak pale hand smeared the edges with blood as it failed to grasp, and then they sat in the corner. Each puff of air was like dragging a knife through a rib cage, rattling and shaking, scraping and grinding; the figure slumped still, head lolling to the side, faintly hearing the sound of footsteps rushing away, carried by panicked voices. Aluriel arrived not too long after. The body looked weak but it wasn’t the worst thing that could be determined. A cant of her head had her brushing away dark strands beneath her hood. She knelt beside the figure and took their hands into her own, slender, svelte and weak; Aluriel gave a sigh. “You cannot keep doing this to yourself, Cy.” You cannot keep doing this to me, Cywerien. Words unsaid. Aluriel sat beside the figure for a time, waiting, waiting. The cold hand in hers beginning to change, first the muscles twitched, the nerves flared as the skin tingled beneath her knuckles, and soon warmth flourished the hand to life. The figure sat up and gasped, her free hand taking to her chest, the cotton tank-top split open by a large gash, giving way to sights unseemly for a woman her age. And then Cy turned to the ground, black oozing vomit spilled forth from her, over and over and over again. Aluriel watched with morbid curiosity, but not the weakness of her friend, no, but the ooze that touched the ground. The moment the disgusting ectoplasm hit the planet it turned solid, and slowly broke away, chipping into tiny spectacles of dust. It was described once to her. Black Matter. An unknown particle from a nebula far away, the goal and prize of their captor. “Thank you, Allie.” Aluriel winced. She never did take a fondness to that name, but… here they were. “It is no problem. Why did you provoke them?” Her eyes narrowed, forming onto the gape of her tanktop, the skin flawless and unmarred, an aberration to what should be there. She always healed like that. So quickly. Aluriel found herself envious, but she discarded the emotion simply because it carried no weight. Cy laughed. “I told them to stop calling me sweetheart. I didn’t wanna dance with them either.” Cy curled her feet up, legs crossing over another as she leant forward, silver tresses hanging around her pixie sharp features. “But a girl should as pretty as you here in Last Chance should have a big strong man to take care of her!” Attempting her best to mimick their tone, she sneered near the end. “Figured they wouldn’t manhandle so much if they got a taste of their own medicine!” Aluriel rose a brow. “And your plan backfired. Spectacularly, I might add.” “All good plans do, unfortunately. Oh well. Can I borrow one of your straps until we get back to our room? I don’t care much for this sight,” she motioned to her shirt. “But I imagine the riling of perverts from tits might just be too much.” “Aye, aye, that’s fine.” She ducked into her cloak with a deft hand, and retrieved a coil of cloth. She moved to pass over the cloth when she froze. “Allie? What is it?” Nearly chucking the coil to her, she stood up and fabricated the shadows around her. They leapt from nearby streetlights and formed into her palms, solidifying with strolling stars into oily black blades. “Something is here, something… pungent.” “Yes.. So…” And off on a moment did Lee have. Alicia could not help the crease of her lips into a small smile. Ah, there was at least some humor in the way he was presenting the fact that this nightmare might soon be over for him. She let her thoughts wander, travel far and wide, expanding around the camp grounds and brushed against the soft safeguards that were in place. Each barrier responded with a loving kiss of electricity against her spiritual frame, and she would return quickly back to see Lee accepting the proposal of being a traveling companion. Well, that was… easy. She expected more resistance, especially after everything he had been through. Oh well. A shrug of slender shoulders, and she proffered a smile, reflecting a nascent glimmer in her eye. “I think you will find that wretched bitch in the Cold Mountains shall happily guide you the rest of the way home.” She stood from the log, giving a few brushes of her dress and it twisted around her form, shifting and changing, clinging to her like a second skin and breathing life as charcoal dust rode over her form and then dispersed, revealing the quick change of clothes. It was nothing major, just a pair of blackened trews that clung to her hips, hugging her waist and kissing skin down to her ankles. Her top was covered in a blackened-ribbed make-shift of mist, it swelled over and hid her flesh beneath, the outfit gave a soft pulse of air, as if it breathed life into her and around her. “Well then. Shall we head out? It should, theoretically, be a quick visit. It just depends on how much fight this captive is willing to give.” She said with a small grin. It was always best to be optimistic, for if she wasn’t, there was a higher chance of the cracks slipping. Being truthful was the absolute most painstaking thing to be when dealing with outsiders. Their atmospheric leylines might force them to behave a certain way, but that did not mean the foes they faced had to follow. “We can no longer detect the anomaly that happened a few hours ago, Judge Magistrate.” A shadow said as it blended into light by the campfire, it’s body was without, only a small slender figure that could not be entirely seen. Alicia sighed. “Fair enough.” She rose two fingers to her lips, pressed inward and blew a loud whistle. “Alright, Justicars! It is time to prepare! One of our secondary targets is making its way through the Forest! We cannot, and will not allow it to make contact with this planetary wildlife! We do not want interference of the locals, nor do we wish to present ourselves to these people!” Alicia began moving through the camp, walking past a plethora of men and women rushing to the troubadour’s carts, each one came back out filed in a similar outfit as she. The only difference was that they did not have the sleak of mist, instead they had a blackened chiseled hauberk with an amethyst gem hollowed into the middle. “Alright! The plan is simple!” She said from the stage where the long haired man had been playing prior to her commands. “If you encounter any of the cosmic entities that have wrought us for the past four years, you create a psychokinetic barrier! After you have done that, you can activate the gem in your chest and draw from my soul! Do not worry, I have separated the actual Source from my body, so do not fret on drawing too much! If, however, you fear you cannot handle what is coming, restrain the creatures and then run! Find your squad brethren and have them aid you! I do not, under ANY circumstances want any of you to die.” This is my problem. Alicia glanced down the stage to the long haired male, his silver eyes glinted. “Kaorasu.” Her eyes flicked to Lee. “Get him to Genesaris should I die,” her voice came out grim, darker than she meant it to be. One of the Obsidian Justicars stepped forward, slamming his fist into his own chest, he bowed. “Ser! What of the captive?” Alicia’s lips turned into a smug grin. “You leave her to me.” Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. It appears he cannot hold us, brother. Each step seems to burden him more, drive him deeper into the earth. Worms and maggots might be a better host than this weakling. “Fuck you, you darkening faggots!” Our incestuous love for another is none of your concern, human. Rideaux snorted. More laughter followed their voices as they trailed off, probably to their disgusting pile of bodies and bones. It was only a moment when Rideaux used his ability, and there they were. Two indistinguishable figures melding over one another, several interlocking bones lied out like a funeral pyre, skulls aligning as a wall, crowns sitting upon each, gems that darkened in the writhing mass of flesh’s constant distraction. After that night, he stopped questioning their motifs and began to follow orders. Of course there was little choice in the matter, but Rideaux figured if he was fucking stuck with these miserable piles of dung, that he better give them the benefit of the doubt, after all, they did seem to keep his wounds immaculately healed and he no longer felt the urge for hunger or stress. The only thing that bothered him was the constant pounding into his head, the reverberations that followed whenever he took a step, his body truly grew weary from having the invasion, and there was no amelioration to their insatiable hunger. “Oi, shit for brains,” assholes. “Is this the correct image?” For the past few nights since Rideaux had awakened, he had focused entirely on the creation patterns he had seen in that pile of flesh. The ornaments to a summon, they had said. The summoning could be beneficial to him, but Rideaux didn’t believe that. The moment he had asked if he would survive the summoning process, there was a snicker that got cut off and then a giggle that gave him extreme doubt. But that was fine to Rideaux, he was used to dealing with entities and their misnomers and their lies. Fetching into his pocket with his hand, he brought out several jewel ornaments. Four beautiful crested emerald gems that coruscated with a swallowing light. The second was a bizarre marooned crystal that Rideaux took and pressed it into the back of his hand. It bit deep immediately, forcing his teeth to brush against another, and he cursed all that was living but soon that pain turned into sensational pleasure, and he knew those dumb beasts were helping rid him of his pain. It took a few heartbeats for it to happen, but the ruby came to life and each pulse was a roar of light. Are you ready, human? “Rideaux” Snort. Are you? Rideaux gazed down at the broadened circle that now reflected in the earth. He had no idea how to describe it other than it took over an hour of digging into the planet, bleeding most of his damn body and then stroking over it with the steel of bodies he had found on the way to this damn town. Jesus, fucking Christ, they took control of him before, why could they not force him to do it when he was huddled in the back of his mind, enjoying a who-the-fucking-cares-mind-bender and let them do all of the work? The itching happened, it scratched at the back of his mind, forcing his chest upward and his mouth to open. He formulated the thoughts that hid unbidden into his thoughts. “Yes.” Good, little puppet. Now stand in the middle of the circle and put your hands together. Rideaux obeyed. Now… Take your arms apart. Rideaux did so. His arms spreading wide as they could go, fingertips shaking with threaded strings of mana that hung around him. The leylines of the planet slowly forced them downward, a language that was an old as time formed before him, the original language; primordial, ancient, draconic. It was then he began to see the words, the wind blew past him casting leaves ahead of him as the edges of the diagram began to glow. Shards of light began to form, earth crenulated upward around his ankles, the tips pressing deep into the flesh forcing a grunt from him. The ruby gem flared. Sweat baubled at the tip of Rideaux’s head, hair matted and swept downward as the earth crawled slow by slow inch upward, swirling upward around his body. His breaths came quicker, panting the few precious breaths, he heard the rumbling laugh at the base of his mind. The scratching turned fierce, jutting inward, shattering his mind and lurching Rideaux forward. A slab of earth rose up and slammed into his throat, cresting into him and forcing his breath from him. Pulse. Pulse. Coruscate. Pulse. Dear human, did you think we would not notice your preparation? We are old as the very earth, old as the very cosmos themselves. Do you think because yo— The ruby gem blasted and flared. Markings flared along Rideaux’s arms and rushed upward over his neck, tattooing and sending out a powerful glow. Rideaux cried with laughter. Fists curled, he drew his arms together as his magic circuits pumped through him. The stone yet stopped coming toward him. “Oh?” He curled a smirk, and withdrew his arms away from the stone and extended his neck upward and then as he was told, he slammed his fists together, this time with veins of ruby sparks shooting around his form as his fists collided. Explosive-red hot energy kicked a gale around his frame, sending earth crumbling beneath him. But yet not did the earth leave his grasp, nor did the plan remain unfinished. Rideaux rode down the language’s original path, followed to the very core of the Primordial writhe of flesh, and he reached out with his gangly, gnarled fists and grasped the gems from the crown’s around the flesh’s bed. The darkening laughter turned to visceral cries as he ripped the gems, one by one, and then socketed them to his arms, enhancing and empowering his own body through the coursing aether. As the energy dawned upon Rideaux, he let out a curdled laugh and roared his primal usurping. “Paragons. Paragons. Paragons.” Rideaux spat to the fucking earth. “You believe to control me so easily? YOU THINK YOU KNOW WHAT THE FUCK YOU CAN DO WITH ME?!” Rideaux cried. He stomped his feet to the symbol, drew the heel of his foot downward, and then he spun around, curving several more axis strikes into the planet beneath him. The gems all aligned within his arms, pulsing in his biceps and forearms, the arcing lightning shattered the aether into immediately mana to be absorbed into his own body. “You wanted to use me for a summon, right? How about… I show you a true Paragon.” Rideaux slammed his hand into the earth. All went dark, moonlight was cascaded into complete stillness. And then a cry was heard. The earth erupted skyward, and the very planet quivered in pain.
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    The Obsidian Crown

    The Festival of Love Hostility would never be found as those coming to her aid would eventually stand down, and meander back to doing as they would. Several caravans had popped up around the edge of the clearing, large rounded mobile wagons that forefronted a canopy made of leather and two sticks that stabbed the earth with rapturous glee. In and out, small forms would enter and create a cacophony of sound. Fires lit and breathed as the night was slowly passing. Chatter filled as white noise and Alicia could not stop her smile. “Ah… Itou… Ah.” She pondered how she was going to formulate her next words. Would they even make sense? Did this man deserve an explanation? It would be a point of interest to take note that she would not know the events that had transpired after the Paragons had been restored, but instead she would only cross her arms over her chest. Just as swiftly as she had appeared to Lee, her clothing shaped into that of a longer attire of black leather trews and a long buckled coat. A shrug finally rolled from her. “I can tell you that we are indeed in Valucre, a few kilometers—maybe less—from Last Chance. I’m heading…” She shrugged again, turning on the ball of her feet, she’d beckon him with a smile and start heading toward one of the open flames. Three logs sat around the pyre, flames roared at the air with vicious tongues that lapped for energy. The closest log was offered for her and another to him; she would lean into her own, a nice privy moment from everybody else was absolutely necessary to provide him with the details that he may be interested in. “Simply put… There are worlds outside of this one. Unfortunately—and fortunately—I was offered a mission to come here and track down two abominations that harbored the fragments of a Titan. Now… things get kind of tricky when I decided to be lazy, because they were just worthless kids, why should I have to actually expend my own energy to get them? So I fragmented parts of my souls and created these things known as Avatars. Presumably… you met my Avatar of War, and apparently fertility, my much younger self. And then there was Justice…” Her hand shaped her jaw as she thought of her. Justice was a woman born of creativity and heart, strength and power, but Justice craved to create; whether or not that included her body, she ached to be remembered. “Alas, neither accomplished either goal. Now I have two runts to hunt down: either putting a sword into their throat, or banishing them…” She trailed off. Ahem—Right. An apology. “Personally, I am quite sorry you were dragged into this. But if my memory serves me right, you are from the land known as Genesaris, yes? After I meet with my informant in a bit, I will be heading to a tower located in the Cold Mountains region if you would like a way back home. Unless you have other means to teleport or whatnot, it’d be nice to travel with acquaintances, yes?” Her voice was just a slight tenor deeper, and that unnerved her for some reason. Alicia was never one to be known to raise the pitch of her voice when talking to someone she bore interest in, so when her tone remained uninflected… she pondered its meaning.
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    The Obsidian Crown

    The Queen of Bile Seph’s head hung over the edge of the couch, her blonde hair cascading like a river bathed in sunlight. Pleasure seared through her body like tiny fingers that danced over her skin, each little stroke she felt pulling a gentle gasp from her throat. It was always a temptation to give into the serenity of feelings, it was even more a temptation to give the one who made her feel this way the pleasure of her lips croaking a sound of indecency. Lips parted, a rush of air, teeth found flesh and ruby droplets dribbled down her jaw. The intensity rose and roared within her, a fiery volcano that promised to erupt. A singular fist found matted brown hair, and she jerked her lover closer to the heat between her legs. Hips bucked in vicious need as the volcano hit the caps, so did her mind find elucidation. The heaven parted ways, and Seph shuddered with rapid convulsions. A single sigh passed the moment and she lowered her eyes to the creature beneath her. He was not exactly a pretty thing with scars ruining his face in various gashes that left swiss cheese for appetizing, but he had his uses. She shoved him back to the floor and moved to straddle him. Taking care to poise that villainous spear to her sex, she smirked. “Caim, did you happen to find that villainous wretch who hunts my glyph?” Caim’s lips turned into a smile, he could not speak, but Seph found that to be far more useful. Expressions were… however, quite delicious, her hips lowered and she created her own. The Festival of Love They called him silver eyes. Or that was the name the troupe had given him. He was bent over his instrument, a strange object that protruded with pipes and strings, a hole filling the middle where sound could escape with the thrum of each digit. To Alicia, the sound was absolutely beautiful, to others it was a cause for a feast. Mr. Silver Eyes, or Baldric as she affectionately knew him as played his music with compositing glory. She hummed to the song she had heard a thousand times before. A tale of the twin stars that collided, creating the very Multiverse about them, over eight hundred billion collections coming together for a single purpose and single mind. Families created of each star, wars beginning to claim those stars, and soon it began all over again. It was supposed to be a tragedy, but Alicia never really saw it as that. Instead she saw it as a means of time constantly arraying to fix itself, to ensure that every death began anew… just in another point in time. A sound emerged and drew her attention, she looked over the festival. Nearly sixty people had gathered, each of them varying builds and races. Though hating to admit it, it consisted mainly of their unit. There were eighteen of them sent from a faraway land, beget to recover a stolen artifact that had been sealed deep within the relics of a land known as Genesaris. However, when the boundaries between the worlds had become unstable: they arrived here, and at a much later date, of course they were not aware of this until they noticed the alignment. And so did the alignment continue, adjusting for every single person that did not belong. Once immortals now mortal, immunities were granted brief protection, and the aether that powered their gem stones were sucked dry, running on limited fuel. Mana seemed to be entirely the power consistence and the transfer rate was much slower than they were used to. The leylines forced a jurisdiction that they could not remove, and so they went with it. After enough testing, she was still a shadewalker and a mimic, so that was all she cared for. Another sound. She stood up quickly and stepped off the raised platform bleachers. Gentle feet pressed upon the grass, causing blades to yield to her impressive callouses. Someone shouted her name but she held up a hand, and swept back her eyes raven hair. An amethyst gaze warded the area, and she saw someone headed their direction. Could this person actually see them? A soft jump scored her several yards, another brought her closer and soon she was at perimeter of the wold. Her head gave a curious tilt as moonlight soon came, and as random people who had waded their way in to see the troupe had flickered in and out of existence. The alignment solidified, partitioning in everyone at once and Alicia felt a cold slime go down her back, and she knew they were trapped until they found the breacher. Until then… this newcomer, she made her way over to him with light travel and soon would find him. “Who… are…” Her brain seized and she gasped, staggering a fist to her forehead. Memories flooded her in a complete instant, drawing her in and filling her mind. A young girl at the beach with her appearance had met this man… They spoke… She got lost. They came to a city, a battle in the restaurant, Uriel… No, that was not Uriel… that was… She clenched her fists, she was taken… swept away into a sea. Where did she go? She heard voices shouting, a few men rushing over to her and she held up a hand to stop them as her posture straightened. A gaze fell onto Aurelius, her lips curved into a flashing smile. Alicia knew this man. “Aurelius! So you saved me, after all? I am so happy to hear that!” Should Aurelis call back to the woman way back, he would notice only a few visual differences. Unlike the so-called Avatar that Uriel had claimed, Alicia was slightly older. Nearing her thirties with shoulder-length black hair that surrounded her like a crown, her violet eyes less pronounced and darker. Though in her usual fashion, she wore a long white dress that clung to her body, hugging a thin waist and round hips. A svelte frame danced onto one foot briefly and she continued her smile. “Come, let us have a drink and you can tell me all that happened.” They were, after all, back in the Wilds of Terrenus unchanged.
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    The Obsidian Crown

    The Festival of Love The rubble exploded upward of fifty thousand miles into the air! Or so proud Rideaux thought as he rolled out of the stone mound that surrounded him, and the rest of this miserable fucking place. Blood was spat there, ankles dragged there, and he crawled to the pitiful glory that he called his second in command. The bloodied bruiser was beaten to snot and smithereens, his teeth laying in a heap in every direction that the Cosmos themselves would be proud to say they were stars. Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Rideaux smacked him! He slapped him! He bent down and bit at his eyes, and then he tossed his head, a guttural sound left him in a vicious cry that would sent the most curdling wolves to their dens. He rolled to his back, grasping at his chest with hurdled breaths. Gasping, he finally sat up; standing took a moment later, and Rideaux traveled around the torn down Garrison. He could barely recall the concussive force… Wait. Why am I not dead? Rideaux looked over his arms, the sleeves torn into jagged edges, armor ripped aside to unveil blackened fragments sputtering like pus from his wounds. Squealing from the sight, Rideaux shook his arm and glanced again to see the armor was unkissed by damage, shining as brilliant as ever. Silver. Prideful. Articulate. Worry not, my child. You have only glimpsed into what I have in store for you. Your pitiful vessel is starting to falter already. The voice echoed within, and Rideaux screeched. “What the fuck!? You! You caused this! You did this! You! You!” You… Rideaux looked around him. The Garrison was fucking smashed, every little ounce of defenses magical and physical were cluttered into piles of rubble and wooden discard. For the first time since he had risen from the fucking black hole of death, Rideaux felt powerful. Was he immortal? What was this vessel nonsense? Did it matter if Rideaux captured that bouncing little blue cock? These were all questions Rideaux had. He wandered the graveyard in childlike wonder, gleefully giggling at the marks of blood and sigils left behind. Carefully making his way into the blackened obelisk, he had been ejected out of. It was less of its former glory, the insides lacked the mysterious gloom that echoed before. The magical fields were all dispelled, revealing a rather tiresome room that was an eyesore for the mighty Rideaux himself. What was once a mystical staircase that led down a path of wonder, the trapdoor was flecked open and smoke boiled out of it. Hesitating at first, Rideaux thought otherwise, and traversed down the stairs to the pit where a large slab of stone lay. And in the center of that stone was… nothing. “Hey! Voice thing! Is this some sort of fucking joke? What the dicks? Where is the girl? I had plans for her! Where is she!?” Thrashing around the room, Rideaux began throwing various objects, not once thinking that a body as large as the females would fit in the ordinary size of a bucket. “What the fuc—“ Rideaux gagged. The voice boomed. “…! T-Thank you. You have removed the seals, and now we will rise.” The honored guest has arrived, my child. Your vessel shall evolve… beyond your comprehension! Are you excited to finally ascend to Godhood? Your filthy sins shall be purified… You are my … Rideaux screamed. Twas oft naught when a planetary diversion prevented warping… did strange things occur. Twould be the very hands of fate that twisted the Obsidian Butterfly, turning back time and cowering the divergent participants, bullying them without so much thought to negate their own feelings. For it would become soon obvious to the wandering city-man that the world Vayne had dragged twas not exactly their own. Caked boots would not be the very thing that Aurelius should find himself too worried about. For every step he was drawn closer into the Butterfly’s weave. Mayhaps he would notice… was it four times or five times did that very same rock appear? Did that out grove appear to be very reminiscent of the one he passed awhile back? It was very possible that this man was very tired of being dragged through nightmarish shit that he did not deserve an ounce of, that he should be rewarded… after all. In the distance, look! Look there! Do you see? Flames… abound. The sounds of chatter and music breathed life into the forest. Dim campfire would coruscate the surrounding milieu, a grove washed in light as it enticed and beckoned. The smell of food called, the chatter of drink and wine begged, and the safety of the hearth could not have been even more clear. Did this man finally deserve respite? After all he had went through… Perhaps. Finally, when the wyrm had sat himself aperched did Vayne get a moment to herself. Deep breaths were always a forced thing, but she had to take the careful measures. It was only when Aurelius had traveled too far out of sight did Vayne collapse, her fingers raking the mud and blood expelled from her. The pain wracked her lithe frame, causing her a moment of indignity. She had no true way to tell how many heartbeats it took for her to regain her composure, for her to finally sit on her haunches and stare upward to the sky. How many promises did she make to her mother? That she would save her from that tyrant? Memories flashed to the garrison being destroyed, the shockwave that pulsed and brought a wave of resolution to her plans. Cerulean eyes going wide, she let herself shake for a moment. The lives that were lost, that she used for the sheer thought that this world may be capable of helping her. No longer hearing the voice of Aurelius, she wondered where he would go. Perhaps she could catch up to him and recruit him for gold, or sex, or whatever it is these strange barbaric men loved. Hopping to her feet, she turned to head after the fading sound when everything went mute. The area grayed around her very form, and she felt the force first before hearing it. A crackling ripple blasted behind her, halting her in her steps and the shockwave followed. Unlike the one before where she had anticipated and could flee from it, this one smacked her like a brick wall. It drove her to her back, stealing air from her lungs, and forcing her to accept the pain that followed. Dread immediately settled into her mind, and she felt the claws sweep into her. They dug deep, rooting and infesting and the voices pierced. Mnn… C-child… Child of the Gods. We. Are. Free. Images flashed within, like a slideshow they reeled in front of her vision, swimming. A tower in a cold distant mountain, magic pooled into the depths of the explosive crater, and nine figures stood around a depraved center. In the very center of the crater lay a defiled monstrosity, its enormous body was restrained by the Nine; energy being absorbed into the bindings that enslaved it. Vayne whistled… a poor attempt, but she did her best. The wyrm let out a vacuous roar, pitiful and childish, it took off. The Paragons have awakened.
  8. Cylewen

    The Obsidian Crown

    For long a while, Vayne just stood there and faced the crystal lake that was laid out in front of her. The way the light hit it was almost as beautiful as the clarity that she was finally having with the situation that she was now in. The circumstances had almost been perfect, there was almost no time left and she would have completed what was needed to be. Yet… It was dragged, no, ripped clawing like a feral beast seeking its freedom. The urgent need to yell, scream, and let loose was there in her mind but she did nothing. Instead she let the bandages fall to the grass; they did not dissolve or show themselves as anything more than cloth. Instead Vayne would spin on her left heel, it was quite important that it was that heel, and she stared at him with an almost impassive gaze. The look of contempt blatant upon her expression, niglets of black and blue creasing toward an almond shaped collusion of eyes. Hold it, hold it, maintain it… and she failed. The expression softened and she gave a gentle sigh. “Oh good. That is all you are worried about. At least there is no grudge,” she retorted while turning back around and heading toward the lake. The hands swept up to guide through her hair, she fixed the wild mop into something tight and cornered, hanging by a leather thong. “The other good news is, you are technically free to go. I personally do not understand why Uriel decided to bring you to the encampment. If anything, we only needed the woman, for our… experiment, I suppose is the best answer. However, thanks to that Ryn-case, I now have to eventually go back and see if our eldritch friend is still alive.” Once by the lake, she would kneel and sweep and scoop, gliding the water to her lips and inhaling a deep drink. If there were any toxins, she certainly did not taste or adhere to them and would finally sit back upon the grass. Arms crossed her chest, pressing upon the meat slops that tended to get in her every way; she stared at the lake in wonder. The anger did build; it surfaced with an almost ugly and primal heading, so much that she was near her limit, but it suppressed after a few breaths. Unbeknownst to her was the trailing glistening down her cheeks, and she let out a soft whistle. The tune was soft, almost a sing-song, but it grew and grew that it began to roll off of Vayne in gentle waves. Just as soon as the whistle started, it stopped, and she would hear the mighty flappings, the giant beatings, and the roaring echo of her partner. The beast landed on the far side of the lake to their left, it collided with branches and sticks alike, crushing and depressing, almost upturning dirt and mud and shit and whatever was there with it. The wyrm like beast began to trample, mighty four pronged hooves that created mud routes in the ground as it made its way to the lithe woman. With a serpentine head, aquiline nose, and flared horns the baby wyrm at almost fifteen meters long with a height about six meters high would let out a whining roar. The tongue darted out, svelte and sticky, dabbing at her side and she would laugh and playfully bat it. Of course, while friendly to Vayne, the wyrm did sense that of Aurelius and began to march to him, halting a few meters away. With an almost voracious roar, the wyrm would hop backwards and spin around after its tail, wings flapping casually as it snarled and then reversed the way it chased its own tail. Vayne smiled. “Aurelius, this is Vax.” The woman, half naked, stood and attended to Vax’s side, grasping out of a brown patch that had been sealed beneath the beast’s mighty left breast, and she fished a cotton tunic to finally suppress her issues, and picked a few things out that were almost essential to her. One was a stick like object with a curved bowl at the end, the other was a knife. Unfortunately, Vax had other plans and rushed, causing her to drop the long pipe and knife, and the bag flung assortments of things including vanity objects. The massive wyrm bunched past Aurelius and then skywardly leapt. “Vax! Get down here!” The large baby slammed into the rushing lake, sending a wave of water this way and that, showering them with such a drench but was lucky the damn coast was enough to halt too much from being ruined.
  9. Cylewen

    The Obsidian Crown

    The tiny box in the left corner of Alicia’s HUD continued to ping at her. It was another sign to tell her that a mission has popped up in the area. Still, this wasn’t the time for such silly nonsense. Raising her left hand with gentle digits, she swiped at the air. Of course that is how the population around her would view her; but in this case, she was moving the annoying, pinging box to the left. It would stick to the side frame of her HUD and remain consciously out of thought for now. There’d be a tiny [1] beside it, but that would be it. A few hundred yards down the south east of Ashville’s beautiful and momentous city was the rather large and enormous lake it was attached to. Alicia laid calm on the sandy beach with her eyes closed and the sunhat over her head. The sounds of children playing a few yards out with the hush-hush whispers of their parents made Alicia’s smile widen. It had been quite a while since she had found time for herself. Considering her latest memories have finally reformed and she remembered everything about her situation; she was quite happy with the events going on. She could suspect that her agent, who was an obnoxious asshole, was going to be buzzing her HUD in another second. How many times did she have to say that she was on vacation? Like, gee, wasn’t it enough that she had to take over someone ELSE’S project? Couldn’t she have time for herself? Austere abandoned her. As did the Birdwatcher; yeah, she encountered her future self. The woman had grown weak, and she simply absorbed the woman. Time compression was a silly thing once you knew how to manipulate it. So everything became a singularity for her. Now she had two new interesting abilities in her [ Time ] belt. Haste and Resonate Warp. Whatever the latter was, Alicia saw the marking beside it in the skill belt. Offensive and Not permitted. So she simply unequipped the skill until she was doing another job. A gentle breeze flew along the beach and knocked her sunhat off. The flimsy object rolled to the side and she sat up. Dressed in a violet bikini that left barely any imagination left, she reached to grasp the hat and place it upon her charcoal colored hair. A pale swim skirt covered her violet bikini bottoms as she glanced out onto the open waters. Alicia had a small frame, and she was thinner than most. The average weight of her class was a few pounds heavier. She was incredibly lean at the height of five-five. Long slender legs that were balanced between muscle and fat, her stomach was just as toned as the rest of her. The bikini cups held a small basket-full and one of her pet-peeves. Though despite her abnormal nature and development, she loved what she could and did not show hate toward anymore. A ghostly smile that was forever protected by innocence. The sand, although hot and soothing, had become rather uncomfortable to her. Violet hues flicked around her to find a better spot and none seemed to show itself. Ruby muscle rolled to moisten chaste lips, she leaned her chin onto her palm. What was it that called her to such a place? [Spoiler] Enter: Alicia Winter[/spoiler]