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  1. @Earl of Purple also, @danzilla3, do you want Silver to fight O?
  2. Monte was now flanked by two slaves, one on each side. O, a fighting slave, walked stone faced by his side, wearing a loincloth and not much else. A muscular and hairy man, pink and just tanned, an olive skinned man. Monte takes both Kiera and O into the winding hallways in the outskirts of the Enclave, and tells them to hold some money in their hands. The three return to the Enclave wearing respectable clothing, Kiera dressed in covering and poofy shirt, adventurous looking trousers, and boots that made her look taller. O was dressed in pants and a white cape, his shoulder length hair cut and righted, fixed to look like a true warrior. Gratitude and loyalty. O turns his sharp, wide face toward Kiera, and sneers at the cheap and silly clothing they had both gotten. "Hey." Their master snapped his fingers, bringing them out of spacing out. "O, you're going to fight a gladiator called 'Silver'. If you win, I free you the moment this place is out of sight." Trust. O is now ready to fight, for freedom and for gratitude to Monte! The Mage of Money gives O an encouraging smile, and beckons the unshackled Kiera to tag along toward the arena. Monte is the true final boss of this arc. However, the 'Secret Boss' O can be fought by Silver if the two chance to meet in the ring of honor!
  3. that was... awesome
  4. does that mean it's my turn now?
  5. Are the guns manned in the interior or on an exterior turret? (I prefer interior but it's your ship)
  6. Gunner position is looking empty. Can you put me in Gunner with character name Barkwater?
  7. Malik was going to fight for his prize. A silently moving man that knew, and heard what Malik wanted. He had what he wanted. Many had come to take it from him. The bracelet that he wore round his limb...Silentium. It let him walk as if he was never there, and do everything he did...discreetly. There was going to be a battle. A snake still in the egg... ...must be killed before the viper hatches. The figure continues to silently follow the three, removing an axe from his coat. The Silentium made the shiny, short and brutal weapon remove itself from his coat with no noise or disturbance. The Silentium still...stored in the mountains. He will never find it. Nor will his allies. All who inquire about my precious Silentium are killed! A setup that greedy guts, turncoats, and starry-eyed 'explorers' fall for each time...a contact talks of a meeting place, the fools begin their journey, and are murdered before they ever arrive. Let us start... The axe whirled through the air, and noiselessly split Dingo's skull open, the grunt falling on his face. All was quiet, but the lack of footsteps from Dingo could be a giveaway to the perceptive. The enemy retreats into an alley, and stares out... (Not how he really looks, his appearance just incredibly hidden by the still barely risen sun, and for plot reasons.)
  8. Then I'll be an Enforcer.
  9. Also, I'd like to join as a doctor, ill make a character profile soon.
  10. In the Edge Chronicles, airships are constructed around Flight Rocks, that float when cooled and sink when hot. A Stone Pilot heats and cools it to adjust altitude, sails are used to move the ship into a direction, and the driver/captain steers, etc etc in Final Fantasy its mechanical and flies like a big silent helicopter
  11. Sign me the hell up! Is this Edge Chronicles sky ship rules or Final Fantasy air ship rules?
  12. There's an engine in the south. Coming from far away, shaking the earth. Chhitten rise from the stones, and, rather than go to dismember the two adventurers, scurry away, chittering and screeching, in what could be equated to terror if Chhitten could feel. It's getting closer. A black shape appears on the horizon.
  13. "What can be done to bury the dead?" Make a coffin, give the soul respect, and condemn the body. "What can be done to bury a legion of dead?" Make a lot of coffins. Bags don't work. If you can't seal it with the eight nails, it's not a coffin. "What can be done to make a coffin?" Rigid, solid objects. Stones can be used to make cairns. A canoe with boards nailed over it can be used as a burial at sea. A tree can be hollowed out, and a body inserted. "Do you like your job?" I like having this house, and living in it with you. "Do you bury all undead?" No exceptions. Why do you want to know? "No reason. I just wondered if there...were." ... Skip half a decade. Gorgon Strall, Undertaker. Divorced. Sleeping his life away in town, taking care of corpses until he had enough dosh to get to the next town, sleep, forget the faces from last town, dress up some bodies, etcetera. Sometimes, he'd encounter an Unnatural. The undead, namely, he specialized in, and only. The falsely immortal were his bane. Gorgon huffs, and steps into the street. The outlandish wanderer must be covered in tools to carry them all, as there is no home to go back to and store things at. On his head was a high hat, with a disc shaped brim on the back, and a pointy arrow forward. On the wide tail of the hat's brim, two little iron weights keep it from walling forward, while a small Gloamstone lamp hang off an iron ring in the pointy bit. Currently unlit, but the unmistakable, rank smell of the Gloamstone, that when introduced to heat, stunk a little, in the way that meatloaf smells when it's being cooked. Gorgon Strall's face was pointed, square on the top half, with a jaw like a guillotine, itchy short hair and whiskers clung to him, and long, dark, but thin eyebrows accentuated just how perpetually unhappy he was. White cloth, stained with sauce from Gorgon using it to wipe off his face, covered the flanks and back of his head, while his broad shoulders lifted up the black riding coat. (Even though he didn't ride a horse.) The open coat lets onlookers see the scopes, bandoliers of silver nails, a short hammer with a long cat's paw hanging off his chest pocket by a keychain, and a brutal looking mallet, the block made of silver, dangling from his belt. Yes, he wore pants, though they were riveted together, and his boots showed signs of repeated and frequent repairs. On his back, is a huge coffin, or a portable tomb, that...serves as a backpack. Objects are heard shuffling around within whenever he walks. "Hm." Gorgon grabs a barrel stool, and smashes the top open. The nails come out of the bandolier, and the little hammer again is used, but the cat's paw rips off the top, and he places the two differently dismantled barrels next to him, and advances on the undead bird. He first throws a rock. Then he chucks a nail. The silver projectile, long enough to be a knife, punctures the creature, and drags the atrophying shell to earth. "Hm." The bizarre man grabs the bird about the neck, and drags it kicking and squawking to the barrels, in no hurry whatsoever.
  14. Roleplays I wish I could have, but only really happen when you let the receiving party win, is when a concept or idea is introduced in the form of an opponent in battle. Either their skills, or motivations resemble these concepts/ideas, or they simply are the other end of an argument that has come from words, to fighting words, to fighting.
  15. monte - buying a fighter named O.