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  1. Taen HQ

    I wanna wrap it up and have Sétanta leave, or at least be carted out right before the end.
  2. Taen HQ

    Well, if we had a Taen discord you'd be a lot more active on it! But, linking it to the official Val discord would make it policeable by outsiders. Plus, it's more organized with just us Taetians on it. (but its ur discord so, what YOU say goes)
  3. Taen HQ

    hey would a taen discord be legal? as in the chat app, it'd be fun to share taen memes or plan storylines faster without clogging valucre, as well as keeping this as THE taen ooc.
  4. Sétanta - Praise and having someone need his help Dick - Some money and fame Patricia - Help (Please.) Cure - A good book
  5. Seeking skilled workers of the criminal variety

    Lemme in. I'm gonna play an infiltrator.
  6. [Quest] Questionable Custody

    "You're a fool, doctor." It was unsure just how he did it, but Sétanta was slumped against the wall, scales covering all but his eyes, mouth, amd nostrils. He was beginning to control it. "I am the man who's going to the top of the world...no one can kill me...and the hydra dies today!" Despite the excruciating pain, that he doesn't waste time expressing-- "HUAAAAGHHHH!" --as he used his arms to load the crossbow. "I can't let you continue to be in my way...rest assured, I'm not going to kill you!" Ka chk. It's loaded.
  7. Taen HQ

    Sétanta wants blood. Also, he can technically gain a new trait if he kills a different head, but that's stupidly overpowered, so he just gets cumbersome scales.
  8. Taen HQ

    @Rudolph The post was perfect, but Sétanta isn't down for the count... You wanna wrap this thread up in about eight posts (each)
  9. Taen & Yh'mi - When Two Boards Collide

  10. Taen & Yh'mi - When Two Boards Collide

    I mixed up people. Please shoot me.
  11. Taen & Yh'mi - When Two Boards Collide

    Five is plenty.
  12. Grave Circumstances [Quest for Scoláire]

    As long as the two are careful, they'll be perfectly fine. The pen removed from its petrified pedestal does nothing...special. At all. There are no traps, and the chamber seems to have nothing else in it. Just what is so special about the pen that it was sealed off by password, and placed in such an odd pedestal? Dick, not in any hurry to join the fun, waits outside.
  13. [Quest] Questionable Custody

    Sétanta removes the crossbow from his hip and fires. The bolt is too delicate and small to break the scales whatsoever, and it shatters helplessly on Rick's head. Sétanta's arm is ensnared in a trap of teeth... But they can barely penetrate his flesh! Covering his arm was the armor of myriad scales, and tough flesh underneath...the effect spreading slowly across his shoulders and neck. Not even HE understands what's happened to him...but the narrator will gladly explain! The ability to inherit the abilities of nonhumans he's killed, but only one power! And that power would be the tough scales, that even a sword or indestructible umbrella has problems splitting! But, even if the teeth can't destroy the new stony skin Sétanta wears, multiple problems arise: Sétanta is not used to the great weight being placed upon him by the scales, and he is still grasped in the hydra's teeth by the arm! "Gaaah! What's happening to me?!" The scales cover his body, but he can barely move! Even his eyelids have been fused shut by the scales' spread. His best movements right now are wiggling his legs, to no avail.
  14. Midnight over Lunaris

    "Cheesus! How long have you been there?!" "Cheesus is never going to catch on! Stop trying to make it a thing people say!" "Hydra's Head is a shitty name, who do you think you are? My fuckin' cousin got killed by that thing. Why-don'tcha c'mere, asshole!" "Frank, Frank, Frank, don't be such a douche. He probably said it as a jerk to the Hydra!" "Yeah, Frank..." The men then all begin arguing about what Sebastian meant by his comment, and how cool the word Cheesus was. There's a feeling these idiots do this a lot.