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  1. Terrenus | AMA (Ask me anything)

    If guns don't work all the time, would a missile work? Is it even possible to launch one in Terrenus?
  2. The Lich Isles: Necropolis Rising

    gotcha! post arriving soon™©
  3. The Solaris Inquisition

    Gorgon is half asleep, and biding his time until he has to actually get up to leave. A man needs his sleep.
  4. BLACKSMITHS - MoonHammer Forge

    Sétanta, the poor crippled boy spoke up. "You flat chested shrew. Quit bullying patrons, you weak livered woman." Okay, very mouthy and pseudo-articulate crippled boy. His legs cross and his one fist curls out its index finger to point as menacingly as an amputee teenager can at a drunk buff blacksmith, a blacksmith with as much fur as fury.
  5. OOC: Grey Gateway

    Massive ledge, creature holding onto walls/higher up ledges?
  6. Hounds and Helping Hands

    Clanking legs announce Sétanta's entry of the bar, the lanky boy staggers, ankles stiff, padded metal braces supporting his weakened legs. Red cloth capes drapes over the riveted black padding armor he wears, his right arm missing, shoulder remaining, used to carry a tightly strapped holster of a knife with a wicked edge. The Hound's left arm, barely covered by a thin and loose glove that exposes fingers, a coarse palm to make gripping easier. While unimpressive, young, and visibly disabled, the boy has impressive capabilities...and is definitely not how his poster advertised him! Matthias would see that the 'professional, hardened warrior' was just a determined boy with sword and knife. But, he was an ally nonetheless, and as for his reasons for coming to a dark place as this..? Matthias couldn't be sure what a young kid was doing here.
  7. [Quest] Crimson tears

    Richard cuts in, his speech a severe hatchet into Kelnor's ego. "I'm going to let you stop talking. Immediately. Our problem is a disease, but only affects blood mages. In Mageside, who the shit do you think would make a disease that only infects blood mages? It's a magician that manufactured some malady, it's a curse! With causes, criteria and cures." He turns to the good man who brought them into the room--Libald, standing atop the crate. Richard extends a friendly finger to him, cueing the assistant to the archmage to speak. "Libald, I need you to answer three questions..." "Do the blood mages research in special sectors of Mageside?" "At what time did each infected BECOME infected, or at least began to bare their symptoms?!" "What kind of mage are you, just in case? We may be able to use this to our advantage!" He seems to be posing, almost, conscious about how suave he looks.
  8. The Solaris Inquisition

    "Hmph. So says you, but there is times when the pendulum swings wickedly in an Outsider's favor...and we are entering 'their' territory. Gaia has never been in a hurry to help me. I may take your oaths and respect the religion, but only I can help I." Plod On keeps plodding on.
  9. The Solaris Inquisition

    "This fetid state the forest is in...I wouldn't doubt that even now, an Outsider is close by." Gorgon carries no launching weapons or guns, but keeps sacred silver nails ready, which he is known to use in crafty ways. Even in the face of sentient and scheming Outsiders, the Undertaker can still use his simple toolset to undermine them! Gorgon pulls the hood off his head. He wants absolute visibility of this rotting scape. He squints into the far reaches of the forest, whose trees lean on one another for dear life. He then studies the temper of his horse (named Plod On affectionately by its caretakers. The unalarmed, alert demeanor in which it swiveled its eyeballs about, yet kept its head straight forward gave Gorgon the impression Plod On would not spook easily. "Priest." He calls to the front of the pack. "I trust you're familiar with the concept of 'anthropomancy'?" After receiving a yes, as of course an inquisitor like he would know what macabre things Outsiders do. "We should consider the fact that these degenerates may use such magic to watch us. That's why you should be careful of what you say, or don't say. The range or effectiveness of these tricks could be of any strength..." He trails off, and turns his head to the woods, once more watching the trees.
  11. BLACKSMITHS - MoonHammer Forge

    Limping with great effort, utilizing a sheathed sword as a cane, Sétanta edges into the bar, thrusting his legs out, and resting on his cane, before falling into a seat, and makes an exhausted demand for water, and, when it is brought to him, watches the fight, wheezing and downing water between gasps for air. What can be picked out of his predicament is not that his legs are crippled, but that his ability to breathe correctly, and also his strength, has been robbed. And, to make things worse, he owns two shoulders, but one left arm.
  12. [Quest] Crimson tears

    Somehow already at the table was an unsettlingly shaped man. Lanky, his hands werr hairy but kept his face clean shaven. Scruffy, brushed back hair went to the shoulders and poofed up. His shoulders, elbows, and knuckles were sharp, his upper torso broad and legs muscular, the casual pants, suspenders and white tee made him fit into the seedy bar, but his pale, veiny skin and smug teeth made him stick out. Such an unorthodox man was Richard Bonjovi, a man of mysterious motive and code, that has night and day mood swings. Known for: Chaos, bloody brawls, sexual harassment (of women), being effective but a creep, taking joy in adding insult to every injury he inflicts on enemies. But, his most notorious feature is his mind. Not very calculating or cold, but extremely devious. With a high tolerance for pain or dishonor, there is no level he won't lower to in order to get one over his prey. All in all, a good man to have around when you need someone hurt physically and mentally. He assumes Kelnor knows him already, and extends a thoroughly cleaned palm for the mage to shake, and nods his head upward instead of extending a vocal greeting.
  13. OOC: Grey Gateway

    Patricia has activated a form of Horror Protection, wherein any obscene image is censored as something she can readily understand and react to. Auditory attacks still affect her, but a scary face will look like an ordinary beast of similar shape. As for what she'll do this round: whatever her party asks or demands of her. What a masochist!
  14. The Grey Gateway [Taen & Yh'mi Worldrift Event, Part 1]

    This sight was much more...comforting. Even when sword and spear were extended toward her, Patricia knew she was safe...the angel was protecting her mind. The horrific skeletal rock formations were now jagged, but ambiguous. The sky was a refreshing blue, a fine censorship of horror. Even lovelier, her drab denim coat was a little softer on her skin! "Screeeeaaaaah!" "Eep!" The bleak Yh'mi, though visually censored, didn't have its audio altered to her wishes. Then, to add onto her terror, had the role of 'the canary' forced upon her. To fit her role as such a creature, she would walk or climb ahead of the group, and pray softly and frightfully, advancing a little too quickly, imagining rather than something about to slay her face to face, a hideous beast is stalking her from behind. Like a canary, if she goes quiet, danger is afoot.
  15. Get Well Soon

    "Do we? I'm opposed to your government. The hydra has no right to life. I will live every day in Taen to kill it!" he says with talking-volume force. He clenches his fist as hard as he can muster...but it's just an indignant, childish assertion. Despite his bravado, Sétanta takes the water, and takes such a sudden chug some of it gets on his gown, not that the bumpkin cares if anything gets on his clothes. Sebastian begins to see that rather than a young warrior, Sétanta is a frustrated child, that thinks once he can use a weapon well, he's just as man as any other. Thinking he's a man, he profusely claims that he is not only strong, but has the strength to change entire governments because of his perceptions of its operating. "Maybe you can think we'll shake hands as friends, but I will only shake your hand as an opponent." He finishes the cup, holds onto it, and slumps back into the bed, breathing deep. That little speech must have taken a lot.