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  1. Sétanta the Hound

    Looking for anyone to hop in a thread

    @Vansin I’m in.
  2. Sétanta the Hound

    Looking for anyone to hop in a thread

    I like conflicts where combat is an analogue for a struggle between two beliefs. But I also like an adventure that solves the conflict.
  3. Sétanta the Hound

    Dragon Knights Go! [Eldritch Quest]

  4. Sétanta the Hound

    Dragon Knights Go! [Eldritch Quest]

  5. Sétanta the Hound

    Dragon Knights Go! [Eldritch Quest]

    I’m in as Sétanta.
  6. Not really trying to do any sort of specific group structure, I’d like to keep it down to three extra people. We can discuss where we want to post, what we want to post about (the ‘theme’ of the thread,) and what characters we wanna use. Not in any particular order. I’m available basically any afternoon or evening. But if I don’t post, well, it’s because I am busy.
  7. How things been man? Long time no hear.

  8. Sétanta the Hound

    House of Choisel, BEWARE OOC

    how do I enter? Is Stythe rising from the dirt?
  9. Sétanta the Hound

    House of Choisel, BEWARE OOC

    just made a short rundown of Stythe.
  10. Sétanta the Hound

    Stythe Choisel

    Stythe is an elusive and 'special' hunter of the Choisel house. His abberant choice of studying the school of body manipulation, rather than escape from the body. Stythe is an unconventional hunter, employing the Throat Crossbow and Smog Pores, he both deceives and decimates unwitting creatures--and the more intelligent the prey, the more pleasure he takes from outsmarting and eventually supping from them--using anatomical and chemical knowledge. A fit man, with leathery and scarred skin. Each gash is not necessarily a wound beyond healing, but an honorary mark of prey so exquisite, they could mark even him. Stythe is a disciplined man, despite his absorption in the hunt, and his curt orders to lower vampires contrasts bizarrely from his eager attitude to both preparation for and execution of hunting.
  11. Sétanta the Hound

    House of Choisel, BEWARE OOC

    Yeah! How would I go about a profile? Where would he be in the family?
  12. Sétanta the Hound

    A Mother and Son (Quest)

    A bizarre omen. The kind of impending doom. A Mork'Outh, slouched and dead on the side of the path. Clearly, the gas has begun to speed up the decay...but rather than that be the cause of death, a perfect, equilateral, triangular hole, dried blood caking the area round the wound and ground he's died on. He died before the gas rolled in. More smaller, perfect holes perforate his elbows, knees, and hands. Etched into rocks, the dirt, and even the bark, are triangles. Not holes, just trianglular symbols... 50 meters away, the beast senses incoming food, and awaits the unwitting, and dull creature to spring its traps. How could anyone resist inspecting the peculiar symbols, in search of what truly killed the fools before them?
  13. Sétanta the Hound

    Taen HQ

    He could just be immune to this kind of poison, for the sake of things being convenient and the poison only playing a time constraint danger, not a physical danger to him.
  14. Sétanta the Hound

    Depressing Journey

    okay! how does @Wanderlost feel?