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  1. As they were walking, Eric's foot got caught on a stray root. He bent over and drew his knife. He brought the blade to the root and swiftly cut it. but as he did so, the blade cut him. Blood started to ooze out of the wound. The trees seemed to have gotten a little taller and their leaves started to ruffle, there was no wind though. Eric looked over to Sam and pointed at his cut. Sam looked down at the wound and whacked Eric in the back of the head. "You idiot. You couldn't have cut away from you?" Eric looked at his brother and shrugged. As he did this, the ground started to shake and the trees had started to move more freely. Eric noticed that one of the trees had unveiled a large mouth. Somewhere in Terrenus: "Eric messed up again." "Yes, I saw what's going on over there." "I should've gone instead of him." "How is he going to learn if you keep doing the work for him." "I'm going to go anyways." "Be careful Sam, don't provoke Eric." "Don't worry about me Gibeon."
  2. Is this open? Because I would like to join.
  3. Neon Genesis Evangelion started to become a really trippy anime, I thought I was losing it at some points.
  4. You know you want it
  5. interest check

    This looks interesting. I know how to play DnD anyways,
  6. Lor was the last to step off of the airship. He had tagged along with the four dwarves and he hadn't gotten the message that the ship had landed. He didn't know Gradric or any of the other dwarves that accompanied The King. Ingmarn just filled Lor in a few hours before the ship left and then ushered him to pack and get onto the ship. He knew it was something about finding evidence of Thundermar. Lor didn't need any evidence, he had seen Thundmar in person, which was probably why he was sent to Hell's Gate. Since he was rushed, his clothes bore many wrinkles and his hair was an absolute mess. He appeared by the side of the 4 other dwarves, certainly much shorter than he was. He had noticed a man in a blue cloak. So more people were going to be assisting with this quest. Lor had a bad feeling about the man in the cloak but he couldn't put his finger on it. He would be careful around him.
  7. Are you going to vomit into his mouth?
  8. interest check

    A hobbit and 13 dwarves
  9. interest check

    I have a replica of the master sword
  10. interest check

    Some men just want to see the world burn
  11. interest check

    I'll do that as soon as possible. I just woke up.
  12. interest check

    Gives slank a big ol bear hug and starts counting down
  13. interest check

    pulls out a grenade and threatens to drop it