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  1. body pillows no jk, but maybe life-sized statues?
  2. I'm interested. my character Jacen could make some new friends
  3. alright, thanks mate I'll join in later when I think I'll be of use
  4. Is there a link to the thread?
  5. Lor watched as Cerik threw that red powder into the air. "Damn I need me some of that stuff," Lor said. He realized he was doing nothing at all so he decided to join in on the fight. He unsheathed his sword and realized that Cornelius was in trouble. Now he didn't have to help him and just let him die but it was something a lowlife would do and Lor wasn't a lowlife. He sighed and ran towards the fallen wizard. He thrust his sword into the soldier's saber from the side and knocked it out of the way, right as the soldier was about to bring his own blade onto Cornelius. Lor then repositioned himself so he was right in front of the soldier and staring it down. Lor had to put all of his strength into making sure the golden sword didn't split his skull open. "Get out from there." He yelled at Cornelius. As soon as Cornelius rolled out from underneath him, Lor pulled his sword back and dodged the construct's sword as it hit the ground with a clang. It was going to take a while to beat these guys, they needed something powerful, and Lor had just the idea. "I need you guys to buy me some time, just 5 minutes. I can take out nine or ten of them, depending on how lucky I get." Then he ran behind the group so he was out of harm's way while he prepared.
  6. im having writers block, so skip me
  7. Lor scoffed at Cornelius's attempt to slow the golem. "Watch how it's done." He looked at Cornelius. He opened up his spell book, it was one of the last pages in it. This section of the book were a few of his most powerful spells, he quickly looked at the incantation he had to read and cleared his throat. The words came out of his mouth as clearly as he could, he held his staff forward at one of the golems. Almost immediately a beam of light came out of his staff and the golem he targeted was now a pile of gold. The spell had negated the ancient magic causing the golem to fall apart. It was a good thing that it worked because if it didn't he would've embarrassed himself. A sigh of relief escaped his mouth. "So that spell only works once and to cast it again I have to prepare it for four hours," Lor started, "We're going to have to find another way to destroy the rest of them or at least stop them from moving for a long time."
  8. I'm bored so I'm on board for anything hehe, see what i did there
  9. Ok thanks, I thought they blobbed together to create the golems
  10. so are those humanoid things made of solid gold
  11. If there is another spot for an evil person, I would like to join
  12. Aight, cool
  13. Lor took a deep breath in. He really didn't help fight any of the gang members. more like awkward standing and watching the others fight. He probably could've fought and killed many of the gang members, but he didn't want to waste his energy due to the fact that they were underground and his powers wouldn't fair very well. He started to trek through the sewers with the rest of the mercenaries. Weapons lay scattered about on the floors, from the gang members that had retreated in fear. It was quite nice to be in the company of dwarves. They were intimidating and at the same time very lively. After a few minutes of walking, the sewer had split into two. "Well... I'm going to go right, and if I find something I'll just yell." Lor said.
  14. Vals new look is really nice