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  1. Blairville [civil war]

    Oh heck I completely forgot, my bad. I'll whip something up before tomorrow ends
  2. General Chatter [18+] Violence always permitted!

    Yeah, its a newer thing with laptops. I wish it was around sooner ago so i could turn my shitty laptop into a monster
  3. General Chatter [18+] Violence always permitted!

    If your laptop has thunderbolt three, it looks like the USB type c port, you can hook up an external GPU
  4. General Chatter [18+] Violence always permitted!

  5. Blairville [civil war]

    Who's turn is it now?
  6. General Chatter [18+] Violence always permitted!

    Care to share some with me?
  7. Ruto o Torimasu | Taking Root - Laying the Foundation

    A scream. The sound pierced Billy’s ears. “Someone is hurt.” It was his job as a medic to heal people, and a scream usually meant a wounded person. He rushed to the area where the sound originated. On the floor was a woman, laying in a pool of her own blood and with countless burns on her skin. His eyes widened on seeing her condition. This was right outside of the harem tent, something terribly wrong had happened. A lady he'd only seen a few times stood far away. "Do you know how this happened." He asked. Pulling his book out of his bag, he didn’t say a word. He kneeled down in front of her and held his hand a few inches above her skin. Magic flowed out of his fingers as he muttered incantations in a long lost language that few people could understand. The wounds closed up and the burns started to fade. The hair that had been stained red went back to white. He felt her pulse, her heart rate started to normalize. He walked into the tent and addressed everyone in the room. “We should move her to a bed, she'll need rest. When she wakes up, she'll feel immense pain. I'll have to administer this to her,” He pulled a vial out of his bag, “You can have it tested for any poisons." @Chappu
  8. Blairville [civil war]

    you can skip me
  9. Blairville [civil war]

    was writing out a post and it deleted the entire thing, ctrl + z couldn't fix it. There's something wrong with pressing the enter key in the editor
  10. General Chatter [18+] Violence always permitted!

    *drinks wine* *throws caviar*
  11. General Chatter [18+] Violence always permitted!

    Ooh I'll bring the Chardonnay
  12. General Chatter [18+] Violence always permitted!

    pS dOnT GEt dRuNK
  13. Blairville [civil war]

    fucked with some guards @whoever is next
  14. Safeguard, Or: How I learned to love the calm

    "Ok, ok, sorry man," Lor lowered his voice so only himself could hear, "guns blazing is fun though." He listened as Gygax laid out of the map of the back of the building. "...without being seen will come in handy..." Lor started to grin. If there was one thing he was better at than magic, it was his ability to hide. He studied the map for a few minutes. The entrance was a double door that swung inwards, he could open it up just a crack and then hit targets with his bow. "Alright, let's do this!" Lor said. Kelcius was a rad guy. Lor watched in awe as he animated a dead body and caused the wall of a building to collapse. Someone definitely died because of that and Gygax told them to keep murder to a minimum. He sneaked along the edge of the building. When he got to the edge, he slowly popped his head to count how many guards there were. There were three, not the estimated one or two. Turns out the building was more defended then they thought. He pulled his sword out of its scabbard and turned it into a bow, he muttered a spell and three arrows appeared on his outstretched hand. He nocked one arrow onto the bow, leaned out and aimed for the calf. One guard down, two to go. This time he'd have to be much faster because now the guards were more alert. He nocked the second arrow and released. That one hit a little too high, in the quad, but the guard still fell down. He nocked the last arrow, the last guard rushed towards Lor. The arrow grazed right past the knee. The guard had his club out and brought it down above Lor's head. Lor's bow quickly turned back into a sword and met the club in the air. While Lor pushed the club with his sword, the other two guards started to get up. Now there were three guards on Lor's sword and his strength would only hold out for so long. He pulled his sword away and rolled backward, the clubs hit the ground and Lor sliced at the guards hands "That doesn't look so good," Lor turned to Ethen, "Get over there and blow the circuit, I'll hold them off for a few minutes Angered, the guards decided to use some magic. Lor's sword had flown away from his hand and let out a clatter when it hit the ground. "So you wanna play dirty then?" Lor said. He enlarged his staff and hit the ground with it, the ground beneath the guards began to shake and they fell to the ground once again. The little shenanigans went on for a couple minutes. Hopefully, the power was taken out.