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  1. Thomas x Godzilla porn God that's a thought I'm never gonna get out of my head.
  2. *Clears throat* "Breath of the Wild" *Steps away from mic*
  3. Remember old retro games? They had no saving at all, you'd have to restart from the beginning everytime you turned the console off.
  4. "Hey Billy we should be pretty close." Eric said. "Yes, I see the barn." Billy said pointing towards the landmark. The two brothers had been sent there on orders from their boss. It all had started a while ago when one of their spies brought back information about the joining of two powerful families. Eric and Billy were sent to Genesaris to intercept the emperor. The two had been there for quite some time waiting for more intel on the whereabouts of the group. When they finally got that information they were on the move. Now all they had to do was to figure out where the group was, they didn't have information on how far the group was from the barn, just that they were there. "Get the binoculars out." Billy said. "One step ahead of you." Eric responded. He scanned the horizon for anything that would seem promising. His eyes darted back and forth. "Found something, its a forest." Eric said. "You think there's something there?" "Only one way to find out." Eric responded. Billy had no plan when they would reach the forest. He would just have to improvise his way through. He was OK with it but his brother Sam was loads better at it than him. Maybe he would just think of something on the way there.
  5. interest check

    When does a season end or begin?
  6. interest check

    I just woke up and one of my blankets is on the other side of the room and I'm trying to figure out how it got there.
  7. interest check

    So anyone can post on this, right?
  8. I wouldn't last 4 days without sleep. Props to you
  9. Name: Poseidon God/Goddess of: The Oceans Origin: Greek Age: 22 Alignment: Good Gender: Male Career: Marine Biologist Physiology Eyes: Blue Voice: Deep Build: Strong Skills: He can drink salt water and he’d be fine. He can also talk to any marine animal or horse, but they don't talk back. Personality N Stuff Personality: He’s nice but can get a little too obsessed with the ocean Talents: Making ice sculptures. Likes: Marine animals, ice sculptures, swimming Dislikes: Goals/Ambitions: Strengths: Working under stress Weaknesses: Seeing ocean animals die Fears: Ocean animals going extinct, Sexuality: Heterosexual Brief God Backstory: Poseidon is the god of the oceans (and some other stuff I can’t name off the top of my head).He got the Oceans after Zeus divided up the property and stuff. Zeus got the Heavens, Poseidon got the Oceans, and Hades got the Underworld. Yada yada yada. Modern AU Backstory: Poseidon grew up in New York. He went to Duke University on a scholarship. He moved back to New York after graduating with a degree in Marine Biology. Now he works as a marine biologist. Pictures (If you want):
  10. interest check

    im still here
  11. I'm interested. Btw, do you play Smite?
  12. So has that rate topic thing been there forever or is it new?
  13. So has that rate topic thing been there forever or is it new?
  14. k just making sure im not going insane
  15. k just making sure im not going insane