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Found 676 results

  1. [SIZE=3][FONT=Garamond][B][U]Description:[/U][/B] [CENTER][IMG]http://i6.photobucket.com/albums/y222/lesbia_09/Photo-from-Againn-Tavern.jpg[/IMG][/CENTER] [SIZE=2][RIGHT]This is not an exact picture of what the tavern looks like, for one bar in this picture is located as a central island. However, I would like to use the picture as an example of decor and ambiance.[/RIGHT][/SIZE] The Broken Chant Tavern is located in the heart of Orisia’s capital, with breathtaking views of Atitlan Lake to one side and the DuGrace castle rising majestically out of the mist to the other. Its close proximity to the great market place and the main wharves of the city make it a convenient location for the seamen and travelers alike. However, this is not your normal run of the mill establishment—immediately upon abandoning the beautiful cobbled streets and stepping through the threshold, all patrons will perhaps be astonished to find an elegant and clean environment. The main floor of the tavern is a large square space, dimly light by carefully crafted glass oil lamps that produce a smokeless flame. There’s a striking massive fire pit opposite to the main door, where the smell of fresh burning pine releases a deliciously inviting smell into the atmosphere. The room is littered with strategically placed tables, all carved of rich dark wood with matching chairs. Two of the tables, near the fire pit are actually surrounded by large soft-leather wing chairs and on each tabletop a chess set is laid out, offering any patron a chance to unwind. Also, on either side of the fire pit two magnificent pool tables stand, expertly carved with intricate designs, offering yet another opportunity to any patron wanting to relax over a friendly game. The left wall is dominated by large inviting booths—and to the right a tall bar extends the entire length of the room. Behind the bar a mirrored wall with shelves boasts bottles of all shapes and sizes, with brilliant warm and bright colors. This is where you’re likely to catch your first glimpse of the large behemoth known as Frank. Totally at ease behind his bar, Frank is quick to smile to his patrons, and quicker still to ask what your poison is. The absolute perfect embodiment of a barkeep, he adores mingling with his patrons, listening to their joys and sorrows, and of course collecting his payment. He prides himself with running such a fine establishment and has little tolerance for messy and belligerent drunks who disturbed the enjoyment of the rest of his patrons. For this reason he keeps four rather mean looking guards posted at all times—these men are paid a hefty sum to keep their wits about them. Should a drop of alcohol touch their tongue’s they’re quickly be out of a job. Beyond the bar, in the corner a set of wide stairs lead to a second floor where private rooms are located. These rooms are just as beautifully decorated, but offer his more wealthy patrons a bit more luxury and privacy. He’s had the pleasure of playing host to Orisia’s royalty, as well as a number of other highly important guests. If you want to see these rooms, you’ll have to pay. On the third and fourth floors, a number of suits are available. Always the accommodating host, Frank has made the third floor into a more affordable section, with smaller but still comfortable rooms (14 rooms available, all with private baths). The fourth floor is again strictly reserved for his more wealthy customers, with only six available suites—all with a private bedroom, sitting rooms, balconies, and large bathrooms (with beautiful four-footed porcelain tubs). [B][U]Rules:[/U][/B] 1. The Broken Chant Tavern is subject to all of Orisia’s laws. 2. The Broken Chant Tavern is strictly neutral ground—all are welcome, but physical altercations (within the public sphere) will not be tolerated. All fights or acts of violence that take place in the private sphere must not damage the foundation of the tavern in any way. 3. The Broken Chant Tavern is open to all. [I]I can’t think of anymore rules—but I’ll add them as they come to me. <3[/I] [/FONT][/SIZE]